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soldier They're in the Service

A scrapbook of WWII clippings from the Daily Star, Oneonta, NY, purchased at a flea market in Reading, PA. by Dr. C. Joseph Waring of Delanson, NY. The articles include releases, marriages and deaths of service people. Their does not seem to be any particular organization of clippings that are from varied months of 1945. I would estimate there are upwards to a thousand clippings here touching upon many Delaware and Otsego county servicemen and families.

Note: To reach photo of soldier, click on highlighted-underlined name.

copy of scrapbook submitted by Lodema Jenkins
electronic text by Joyce Riedinger who also is scanning the photos
permission to use on the Delaware website granted by the Daily Star, Oneonta, New York

This page contains Part 5 of Scrapbook

March 7, 1945
Listing of Soldiers
Worcester - Cpl. Robert Bolt; Sgt. Donald G. Johnson; Lt. Raymond K. Henlely; S/Sgt. Elwin M. Shultis; Sgt. Emerald G. Cutting; 1st Lt. Paul D. Alger; Fly Creek-Pvt. Vanness Waterman; East Meredith - Pvt. Carl P. Shaw; Cpl. Robert J. Collins; F/3 John B. Silliman; Worcester - Pfc. Nicholas Pitt; West Davenport - Cpl. James Hammon; Sea 2/c Genevieve M. Cooper

March 7, 1945
Listing of Soldiers cont'd
Pvt. Thelma J. Osterhoudt; Pvt. John A. Harrington; Francis Van Vranken; Pfc. Warren Houghton; Pfc. Leslie W. Mabie; Pvt. Norman C. Tillson; T/5 Arthur Grass; Cpl. Peter L. Martin

March 7, 1945
Oneonta Sailor Named Instructor
RT 2/c Raymond A. Hughes

March 7, 1945
Oneontans Wed in Ceremony Here
SKV 1/c Paul C.Wenek

Feb. 21, 1945
Walton Boy Home
Pvt. Alfred Howe

Schuyler Lake Soldier Killed In Belgium
Pvt. Bruce Marsh

Sgt. Eggleston of Cooperstown Dies in Belgium
Sgt. Walter Eggleston

Miss Margery M. Desch is Bride of S-Sgt. C.R. Gross at Church Ceremony

March 9, 1945
Soldier Marries SPAR Here
M-Sgt. C.U. Lloyd, Miss Smethurst Wed in Oneonta

Bloomville Soldier Home As Results of War Wounds
Cpl. Lynworth Jacques

Cpl. Stewart Steenrod

Pvt. George P. Teachout

Pvt. Leonard J. Kary

RM 3/c John Pierce

Pvt. Stuart S. Burrows, Jr.

Wins Praise
T/5 Charles I. Beach

Returns to Base
SOM 3/c Carl Holmes

His Task Not Easy - Oneonta Soldier Is Bomb Loader
Cpl. Stewart Fink

2 Area Soldiers Die in Action, 2 Others Reported Wounded
Pfc. Frank Smith; Sgt. Walter Abramski; Pvt. John P. Kennedy; Pvt. Lynn A. Jones, husband of Mrs. Lynn A. Jones, Roxbury

March 15 1945
Home On Leave
Pvt. Robert R. Reeser

March 10 1945
'Don't Let It Get You Down, Sailor!'
ART 3/c Bob Bolton

War Department Lists Two Injured, Third a Prisoner
PFC Walter T. Renwick, Cpl Miles S. VanAlstyne, Pfc Charles Umsted

March 19 1945
Forty Area Men Comprise Latest Induction Group Into the Army
Left to right - front row: Frederick L., Gerald Hayes, Stanley D. Griffith, Robert L. Nelson, Donald A. Wayman, Watson E. Hatton, Parley E. Harris, Ralph L. Raymond, Glen A. White, second row: Everett Pangman, Leonard J. Stanton, Glenn H. Evans, Cecil B. Field, Ingvar Jacobson, George H. Warner, Robert J. Hathaway, James E. Williams, Llewellyn L. Monington, top row: Kenneth E. Fink, John H. Rathbun, Peter Comino, Alton H. Carmin, Harold Gobel, Pasquali Micoroni, Orrin Morgan.

March 19 1945
Enlist in Uncle Sam's Army of Government Girls
Area girls getting late minute instruction from Miss Nancy Kelly, Army Service Forces recruiter, before leaving for war jobs in Washington, D.C. as clerks, typists, and stenographers. Left to right: Miss Kelly Phyllis Swartout, 5 Shepard Ave.; Katherine Fish, Oneonta R.D.1; Beverly O'Kelly, 21 Jackson Avel. Also leaving, but not pictured, were June Gildersleeve, Davenport; Jane Greve, Oneonta; and Eileen Grundy, Delhi

March 19 1945
Back at Camp
Sea. 2/c John Berezansky

March 19 1945
2 Area Soldiers Listed as Hurt
Pfc. Robert J. Harris Is Wounded on Luzon
Pfc. Castle of Mt. Vision Receives Shrapnel Wounds

Sept. 8 1945
Delhi G.I. Wins Praise At Art Show
Commander Staff Sgt. Ralph Cavan

Sept. 6 1945
Miss Frances Face is Recent Bride
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Woolheater, Jr. were married Thursday night at the Main Street Baptist parsonage by Rev. George Thomson. The bride was formerly Miss Frances M. Face, daughter of Mrs. Bert Face, 47 Hudson St. The bridegroom is a discharged Navy veteran.

Sept. 6 1945
South Valley Girl Bride of Soldier
Tech. Sgt. and Mrs. James L. Webster

Sept. 6 1945
Burlington Flats Veteran is Wed in Utica Ceremony
Miss Pauline Paszko and James E. Sitts

Sept. 6 1945
Morris - Staff Sgt. Kenneth Pickens; Cooperstown - Staff Sgt. Ralph H. Osterhoudt; New Lisbon - Cpl. Robert L. Myers, M.P.; Roxbury - Sgt. Harold C. Schuster

Sept. 6 1945
To View Surrender
F 1/c Donald Logan

Sept. 6 1945
Studies Radar
Unadilla - Cpl. Gordon Strain

Sept. 6 1945
Killed in India
Capt. Robert Hoos, Walton

Sept. 6 1945
OHS Graduate Weds Staff Sergeant

Miss Helen R. Shelhamer, Elmira, formerly of Oneonta, and Staff Sgt. Harold El Loomis, AAF, were married in Elmira Aug 8.

Sept. 6 1945
Area Men and Women in the Armed Forces
MM 3/c Paul E. Buckert
Sgt. Donald Reller
Aboard the USS North Carolina Off Japan - Sea. 1/c Donald H. Gannon, 25, USNR
Second Liut John Genberg

Sept. 6 1945
31 Soldiers In Area Get Discharges

Sept. 6 1945
Expected Home Soon and Promoted to Corporal
T/3 Joseph T. Super
William Shields

Sept. 6 1945
Four Oneonta sailors - On Damaged Ship
Sea. 1/c Kenton Earl MacIntyre
Sea. 2/c Leo Alexander McGurl
Sea. 1/c Harold Stanley McMyne
On Damaged Ship - F 1-c Louis Barnes

Sept. 6 1945
Oneontan, Jap Prisoner Over 3 Years, Freed
Sgt. Verner B. Marble

March 19, 1945
Oneonta Sergeant Maintains Radar at English Base
S/Sgt Jack K. Benjamin

March 19, 1945
Brother Chooses Marines, Sister Navy
Sea. 1/c Charla Felter; Pfc. John Felter

March 19, 1945
Prisoner of Japs Gains Freedom
Hugh P. Cooper

March 23, 1945
On Hospital Ship
Pvt. Raymond K. Potter

In Iwo Invasion
Sea. 1/c Melville G. Hay

March 21, 1945
Two Area Soldiers Die In Action; Sailor Drowned
Sgt. William Cargill Killed in Germany
Sea. Victor Ronovech Drowned in Atlantic
Pfc. Mondore, Hobart, Is Killed in Action

March 19, 1945
Killed in Germany
Hobart - Pfc. Gerald Mondore

Dies In West
Ernest Buchert

Receives Medals
Pvt. Frederick Sousa

Hub Sailor Shoots Self on Leave; Finger Amputated
S l/c Kenneth Carson, U.S.N. March 21, 1945
Worcester Brothers in Army
Cpl. Harold Sawyer
Pfc. Raymond Sawyer

Lucaskevge Brothers Are Reunited in Philippines
Sgt. Frank Lucaskevge
MMM 3/c Stanley Lucaskevge

Ainslie Brothers Serve in Army
Cpl. George H. Ainsle
Cpl. Archie A. Ainslie
Cpl. Harry R. Ainslie

S-Sgt. Lattocco Wins Plaudits For Heroic Act
Cited for Bravery - S/Sgt. Dominick Lattocco

On Furlough
Pvt. John Wright

March 22, 1945
Schenevus Flyer Bails Out of Battered Plane
1st Lt. Jacob L. Muehl

March 28, 1945
Wounds Fatal to Oneontan; Former Local Boy Is Killed
Pvt. Alex Basajian

Sidney Soldier Dies, Oneonta Boy Seriously Hurt in Action
Five area soldiers have been reported as casualties in the European and Pacific areas. A Sidney man has been killed in action; Pfc. Irving Lockwood, Oneonta, was serously wounded in Germany, and a Laurens soldier rceived leg and face wounds; a Milford soldier is reported missing and an Otego man, once listed as missing, is now reported as a prisoner in Germany.
Sgt. Adrian Bush, Sidney Is Killed at Iwo Jima
Pfc. Irving G. Lockwood Succumbs to Wounds
Pvt. Donald Hulbert, Laurens, Is Wounded
Cpl. Allen Hoke, Milford, Missing in Pacific Area
Otego Soldier, Reported Missing, Is Prisoner - Ralph Lent

Delhi Girl Weds Sailor
Sea. 1/c and Mrs. George D. Hood

Oneonta Soldier Made Sergeant
Sgt. Howard W. Hontz

March 29, 1945
Pvt. Dwight R. Scutt

March 29, 1945
Donald M. Gibbons

March 29, 1945
M/Sgt. Arthur M. Hansen

March 29, 1945
Richard Lalor

March 29, 1945
Charles O. Shaw

March 29, 1945
Davenport - Pvt. Frederick Graig

November 27, 1945, 1945
Brothers Stay Together in Army Never Separated
Sidney Center - (Special) Two Sidney Center brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Young, who entered the service January 11, have been together during their entire Army career. Both are presently stationed in New Caledonia. Pfc. Everett A. Young and Pfc. Thorton J. Young, after receiving basic training at Camp Blanding, Fla., were sent to Fort Ord, Calif., and from there to Hawaii where they remained for two months. On arrival in New Caledonia, they were transferred from the infantry to the quartermaster corps.

March 29, 1945
S/Sgt. Robert Southern, Army Air Force

March 30, 1945
Serves Overseas
G.A. Terpenning
Sgt. Carroll S. Hand
Pfc. Stanley Barber
Sea. 2/c Howard J. Coons, Jr.
O/C James W. Loveland
TME 2/c W.B. Sargent
Lt. Robert Clapp
Prc. Joseph P. Murray
Pvt. George Williams
Cpl. Carl D. Schulz
Cpl. Thomas E. Reynolds
William Ahnert
Pfc. Robert Lance
M/Sgt. Arthur M. Hansen
T/Sgt. Milton W. Schuman
Sea. 2/c John R. Michael

March 30, 1945
Brothers Serve in Pacific Area
Sgt. William L. Daley and Pfc. Gordon Daley

March 30, 1945
Former Cement Worker Killed in Action in Reich
Pfc. Richard Webb, Jr.

March 30, 1945
Physician in Manila
Capt. E. V. Olmstead

March 30, 1945
On 61 Missions
S/Sgt. Ronald Lints

March 30, 1945
Oneonta Brothers in Europe
Pvt. Donald Hulbert and Pvt. Clifford Hulbert

March 30, 1945
Completes Course
Roxbury - EM 1/c George D. Brower

March 30, 1945
Reports for Duty
William R. Schermerhorn
Roxbury - Sgt. Robert A. Coon
Morris - William Raymond Pickens

March 30, 1945
Dies in Germany
Pvt. R.E. Race

March 30, 1945
In Holland
Schuyler Lake - T/5 Thomas Garbera

March 30, 1945
On First Furlough
T/4 August I. Gardella

March 30, 1945
Robert G. Bolton, ART 3/c,
left last night for assignment at a Naval Air base in California, after spending a week with his father, Ernest W. Bolton, and family, East End. AFT Bolton received a leave after completing his training at the Minneapolis Naval Air station.

March 30, 1945
Area Soldier Is Killed and Two Others Injured
T/5 Millard VanDeusen, Oneonta, Is Wounded
Cobleskill Soldier Is Killed in Action - Covleskill - Pvt Everett Roberts
Sgt. Maxwell V. Baker, Wells Bridge, Wounded

Cobleskill Soldier Is Killed; Oneontan Wounded in France
Sgt. Franklin VanBuren, Cobleskill, Is Killed
Pfc. Ward C. Mackey of Oneonta Is Wounded
Sailor Seriously Ill - Sea. 2/c Richard Collier
Bloomville - Pfc. Fred B. Cleveland
Sgt. Herbert Richards
Donald Jansen
Pfc. Malcom E. Harris

March 30, 1945
Oneontan Only One in Unit To Escape Death When Nazi Shell Demolishes Building
1st Lt. Franklyn S. Lambert

Otego Soldier is Awarded Silver Star For Rescuing Two Men Under Heavy Fire
Pfc. Ralph S. Horton

March 31, 1945
Four in Family in Fighting Forces
EM 3/c Franklin Knapp
Sgt. Raymond Knapp
SC 3/c Oren Knapp
Cpl. Orlo R. Thayer Knapp

March 31, 1945
Lt. Raymond C. Baker Weds Jean Stuck of Indianapolis

March 31, 1945
Pvt. Leon Wright, Pacific Veteran, Given Discharge

March 31, 1945
Oaksville Soldier Awarded Cluster
T/5 Charles S. Rogers

March 31, 1945
F 2/c Earl B. Crawford and Sea. 1/c Donald Wheeler

Three Oneonta Brothers, Sister Serve
Zagatas Serve In Army, Navy
1st Lt. John W. Zagata
Staff Sgt. Francis A. Zagata
MAM 2/c Michael J. Zagata, Jr.
Sea. 1/c Helen Zagata

March 31, 1945
HA 1/c Gerald W. Gillaspie

Reported Safe
Worcester - Pfc. Charles Umsted, reported missing, has written his mother, Mrs. C. V. Umsted, that he is safe.

May 22, 1945
Prisoners of Nazis Liberted
Three Area Soldiers Freed From German Prison Camps
1st Lt. Bernard Strait
Sgt. LeRoy Turner
Pfc. Hogan

May 22, 1945
Miss Tompkins Weds Officer In Church Rites
Lt. and Mrs. Daniel Timer

May 22, 1945
Morris Soldier Died in Jap Camp
Sgt. Donald A. Campfield

May 22, 1945
Oneonta Pilot on Historic Flight
1st Lt. Robert J. Lawson, pilot, Air Medal with cluster, 20 Forrest Ave, Oneonta. (U. S. AAF photo)

May 22, 1945
Lt. Douglas B. Perry Awarded Air Medal

March 31, 1945
Killed in Germany
Pvt. Archibald, Hobart Athlete, Dies in Action

March 31, 1945
Wins Promotion
G. T. Sanly Made First Lieutenant

March 31, 1945
On Furlough ARM 1/c Rodney Johnston

March 31, 1945
Sea. Stanley L. Nordberg Tells of Iwo Invasion

March 31, 1945
T/Sgt. Charles Dykeman

March 31, 1945
Douglas C. Pearson

March 31, 1945
T/Sgt. Paul I. Montayne

March 31, 1945
2nd Lt. Charles F. Wright

March 31, 1945
Pfc. Howard J. Duncan

Wins Bronze Star - Wins Promotion
Marine Staff Sargent John R. Shaw
T/5 Reed Birdsall
George T Sanley
Pvt Gordon C. Webster
Donald McLaud
Sea. 2/c Jackson H. Hoyt
Cpl. Samuel F. Amitrano
Donald Gaughan
Pfc. Richard D. Wood
T/5 Albert Nigro
Pfc. Harold O. Crowe

Oneontan Safe
2nd Lt. Gwendol M. Whitney

Hub Soldier With 127 Points Home
First Sgt. Chester Orlando Bridger

AOM 3/c Otto G. Neidlinger and others
Puget Sound Navy Yard, Bremerton, Wash. - Sea. 1/c Frances Virginia Wilber
Walton - PFC Earl Clark and his brother, Donald Clark
T/5 Orville C. Dean
Cpl. Carl D. Schulz
Davenport Center - Pvt. Richard Morthington

Oneontan Stays With Crippled Plane, Drowns
Dies a Hero 0 Maj. Emerson Dedrick

Freed From Nazis
Returned Delhi Prisoner Says PW Reports True - Pvt. Robert Fields

In California
Worcester - HA 2-c Frank Moak, Jr.

Oneontan, Back from Pacific Tells of Meeting Australian Soldier, Born in This City
James Stewart

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