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soldier They're in the Service

A scrapbook of WWII clippings from the Daily Star, Oneonta, NY, purchased at a flea market in Reading, PA. by Dr. C. Joseph Waring of Delanson, NY. The articles include releases, marriages and deaths of service people. Their does not seem to be any particular organization of clippings that are from varied months of 1945. I would estimate there are upwards to a thousand clippings here touching upon many Delaware and Otsego county servicemen and families.

Note: To reach photo of soldier, click on highlighted-underlined name.

copy of scrapbook submitted by Lodema Jenkins
electronic text by Joyce Riedinger who also is scanning the photos
permission to use on the Delaware website granted by the Daily Star, Oneonta, New York

January 2, 1945
PFC Kenneth J. Pedrone, who received a foot injury in the battle for the German stronghold of Gellenkerdhen last November, is convalescing in a hospital in England, according to word received by his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Anthony J. Pedrone, 117 Spruce St. Pedrone mentioned that his battalion, attached to the 84th division, was awarded the Presidential unit citation for action in this operation. The 84th, formerly a part of the 9th Army, helped the British 2nd Army, helped the British 2nd army in taking Geilenkerchen. PFC Pedrone is a graduate of Oneonta High School, where he was prominent in athletics, and attended Springfield College prior to his induction into the Army two years ago. He has been overseas since last September.

January 2, 1945
Lt. George Traver Sanly, son of Mr. And Mrs. George L. Sanly of 18 West End Ave., recently completed an orientation course designed to bridge the gap between training in the states and combat soldiering against the enemy in Germany. He is stationed at an Air Service Command station in England.

January 2, 1945
William L. Hoffman Made Captain
William L. Hoffman, adjutant of a P-51 Mustang fighter squadron, has been promoted from the rank of first lieutenant to captain at an Eighth Air Force fighter station in England. Capt. Hoffman, son of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hoffman, Oneonta, R.D.1, was formerly associated with his father in business here. His wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Hoffman, lives at 7 Irving Place, Oneonta. As adjutant of a squadron in the 55th Fighter group, the 28-year-old Oneontan is responsible for squadron administrative work. He supervises squadron headquarters personnel and does a job that releases flying personnel from routine duties. Capt. Hoffman entered the AAF in May, 1942, and took his first training at Maxwell Field, Ala. He joined the 55th Fighter group, now commanded by Colonel George T. Crowell, Chicago, Ill., in March, 1943, and arrived overseas in September of the same year. The 55th recently set a distance record for British-based fighter planes by flying a 1,600-mile round trip escorting heavy bombers of the Eighth Rir force to Gdynia, Poland. Capt. Hoffman is a graduate of Oneonta High school, class of 1935, and attended Valley Forge Military Acadmy, Valley Forge, Pal, from 1935 to 1937.

January 2, 1945
East Meredith - Pvt. Carl Shaw, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shaw, East Meredith is home on a three-day furlough, having completed basic training in the infantry at Camp Blanding Fla. He entered the service Aug. 25, 1944. Pvt. Shaw will report to Ft. George G. Meade, Md.

January 2, 1945
S/Sgt. Charles A. Kelsey has returned to Ft. Hamilton after spending 10 days with his family at 23 Elmwood. It was his first Christmas home in four years.

January 2, 1945
Cooperstown-Lt. William D. Clark was graduated Dec. 27 from Officers Candidate school, Ft. Belvoir, Va., after three months' training, with the commission of second lieutenant in the engineers. He arrived home Thursday for a four-days' furlough with his mother. Mrs. Lester J. Clark, 5 Beaver St. after which he will return to Ft. Belvoir for a month's training in construction. A graduate of Cooperstown high school with the class of 1942, he entered military service July 22, 1943 and had basic training with the infantry at Camp Fannlin, tex. He was assigned to ASTP training at the University of Cincinnati, O., which disbanded after three months. His next assignment was at an engineers' specialist school in New York city, from which he was selected for OCS.

January 2, 1945
Pvt. Kenneth Woehrle, Infantry, was wounded in the right leg and is hospitalized in France, according to a letter received by his sister, Mrs. Carson Georgia, 36 Pine St. son of Mr. and Mrs. William Woehrle 28 London Ave., Pvt. Doehrle enlisted Jan. 7, 1944, and was stationed at Ft. McClellan, Ala, and Camp Shelby, Miss., before going overseas.

February 27, 1945
Pfc. Kenneth Wochale, who had been hospitalized in France, has returned to his division and is now attached to the military police, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Wochale, 28 London Ave.

January 2, 1945
Pacific Veteran and Bride
Sgt. Harold Pidgeon and Mrs. Pidgeon, formerly Murial Winslow, who were married Dec. 28 by Judge Joseph P. Molinari.

January 3, 1945
Oneonta Girl Weds Soldier
Sgt. And Mrs. Francis F. Walling were married here Tuesday. Mrs. Walling is the former Miss Esther Gorham, this city.
Walling-Gorham Nuptials Held The marriage of Miss Esther Gorham to Sgt. Francis F. Walling was solemnized in a simple home ceremony by Rev. Charles F. Pendleton, pastor emeritus of the Main Street Baptist church Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ferguson, 42 West End Ave., brother-in-law and sister of the bride. Mrs. Ferguson attended her sister, and Kenneth Walling, Scotia, was best man for his brother. Sgt. Walling is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Walling, 4 Mickle place, and Rev. Mr. Pendleton performed their marriage ceremony 35 years ago this month. The bride wore a street length dress of pastel green with gold sequin accessories. Her corsage was of American beauty roses. Her sister was attired in black crepe with black sequin trim and wore talisman roses. A reception followed the ceremony. Mrs. Walling has been receptionist at Warnken's for a number of years and will continue in that capacity, after her husband returns to Camp Stewart, Ga. He has a 14-day leave. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Walling were the only out-of-town guests.

January 3, 1945
Listing of Nine Soldiers
PFC Joseph E. Wright, son of Mrs. Laura Wright, 18 Fifth St., has been awarded the Combat Infantryman badge for exemplary conduct and skill in action against the enemy. He is a member of the 81st 'Wildcat' Infantry division, which recently invaded the Southern islands of the Japanese-held Palau group, 500 miles east of the Phillipines.
Pvt. Lester H. Ritter, field artillery, of 95 East St., whose wife is serving with the WAC, returned from 12 months overseas in the European theatre of operations on the U.s. hospital ship 'Dogwood'. He is temporarily being treated at Stark General hospital, Charleston, S.C., prior to being transferred to another Army hospital for difinitive treatment. He has been awareded the Purple Heart, Bronze Medal, and three star E.T.O.
Sgt. William Hughes Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes, Sr., 30 1/2 west St., is a member of the 101st (Screaming Eagle) Airborne division commended for its heroic defense of Bastogne.
PFC Charles Stepp has arrived in England, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. Matilda Hoper, 116 Main.
South Kortright - PFC Clayton J. Benedict was recently promoted to that rank in Germany, according to word received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Homer Benedict, this place.
Stamford - S/Sgt. William T. Swartz, who recently returned from 26 months in Europe, spent the weekend with his wife and son, Larry, whom he had not seen in four years. Sgt. Swartz, who suffered a fractured leg in overseas action, had been receiving treatment in an Army hospital in Charleston, S.C. He holds the Purple Heart and Oak Leaf cluster.
Prattsville - Pvt. James Hoffman has returned to Ft. Benning, Ga., after spending a holiday furlough with his family, and with friends in Oneonta. Pvt. Hoffman served at Camp Walters, Tex., and is receiving paratroop training at his present base
Roxbury - Sgt. Lewis C. Higgins was recently promoted to that rank in the southwest Pacific, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. Charles DeMonie, this place. Sgt. Higgins has been awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Infantryman combat badge.
Sidney - AMM Eugene Alley, who is spending a 30-day leave with relatives here and in Masonville, will report back to Naval hospital, San Diego, Cal., for treatment of wounds suffered when his ship was sunk off the Philippines. He has been awarded the Purple Heart. AMM Alley, who spent a year and a half in the Pacific area, took part in several major battles, including Saipan and Leyte.

January 3, 1945
Capt. Jacoby Home After Two Years
Cooperstown - Capt. Ernest H. Jacoby, who has served with the Ordnance division in both the Duropean and Mediterranean war theatres for 29 month, is spending a 30-day furlough with his wife, the former Miss Lucy Anne Schempp, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Haley. Entering the service March 15, 1942, Capt. Jacoby was stationed at Aberdeen Proving grounds, then at Washington, D.C., in the office of chief of ordnance before leaving for overseas duty in England in 1942. Since arriving overseas he has been in North Africa, sicily, and Italy and wears four battle participation awards earned in African, Sicilian, Salerno, and Rome-Arno campaigns. Christmas has meant more than just a holiday after two and one-half years' absence from the United States. The tour of temporary duty which Capt. Jacoby is now performing in the United States will be terminated the latter part of January, after which he will return to Italy. Capt. Jacoby was graduated from Cornell university in 1940 and was employed by Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn., as production engineer of M1 rifles from the time of his graduation until his entrance on active duty in 1942. Mrs. Jacoby, a former home-making instructor in Cooperstown high school, holds the position of emergency home demonstration agent, nutrition program, in Seneca, Schuyler, and Yates counties, with offices in Watkins Glen, Waterloo, and Penn Yan.

January 4, 1945
Portlandville - Pvt. Erwin Brown, USMC, is stationed with a medical unit in the south Pacific, according to word received by his wife here. A graduate of Milford high school, he entered service in June and served at Camp Pendleton, Cal, before going overseas.

January 4, 1945
Sgt. Vincent C. Paparteys was recently awarded the Purple Heart, according to word received by his wife, 17 Ann St. Sgt. Paparteys, who went overseas in August, 1942, is in Germany. A painter before enlisting Nov. 4, 1940, he served at Ft. Hamilton, Ft. Devens, Mass., Camp Blanding, Fla., and Indiantown Gap, Pa., before going overseas.

January 4, 1945
In the Armed Forces
F 1/c Frank Bordinger, Jr., stationed at Key West, Fla, is spending a ten-day leave with his wife and children in Otego, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bordinger, St., 42 Butler St.
Pvt. Burdette W. Gallup, U.S. M.C., has arrived in the Central Pacific area, according to word received by his wife, Mrs. Minnie Gallup, 15 Irving Pl. Pvt. Gallup entered service June 15, 1944.
PFC Raymond Joslin has arrived in England, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Orson Joslin, 170 Chestnut St. He received basic training at Camp Croft, S.C., later being transferred to Camp McCoy, Wis.
PFC Garieth Card, stationed in Panama, has been promoted to that rank, according to word received by his wife and parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Card, West Oneonta.
Pvt. Howard E. Jeffery, 8 Thorn St., who has been spending a short leave at his home here, returned to Daytona Beach, Fla., yesterday.
Air Transport Base in Assam, India - LieGrande A. Beckley, husband of Mrs. Effie Beckley, 26 Columbia St., Oneonta, has been promoted to corporal. He has been in the Army since October, 1942, and is an assistant crew chief WORKING on C-46 Curtis Commandos, which fly the famed United Nations aerial supply route to China over the Himalaya mountains of North Burma. In civilian life, he was a mechanic employed at the General Electric Co. He has been in the India-Burma theatre since December, 1943, serving with the India-China division of the air Transport Command.
Corp. Harry A. Sullivan and Lt. Dennis J. Sullivan, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Sullivan, 38 West St., spent Christmas Eve together in the Philippines. It was the first time they had seen each other in over two years. Dennis was inducted in April, 1941, and was sent overseas last March. Harry enlisted in the Air corps Dec. 13, 1942, and has been overseas 20 months.
Sgt. Herbert W. O'Dell, who was wounded in action on Saipan, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William O'Dell, 35 Otsego St. At the end of a 30-day furlough he will report to Ft. Dix, N.J., for reassignment. Sgt. ordeal left Oneonta over four years ago with Company G and served with the 27th division in the Pacific area. He has received the Purple Heart and the Silver Star.
PFC Clayton Sprague, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Sprague, 8 Grand St., is spending a 30-day furlough with his parents. He was a member of the second draft contingent to leave Oneonta and on arriving at Ft. McClellan, Ala., was assigned to the 27th division, which has participated in major engagements in the Pacific area. He will report to Ft. Dix, N.J., for reassignment.
Pvt. Albert W. Hanzalik has returned to Ft. Benning, Ga., after spending a ten-day furlough with his wife and two sons at their home, 7 Bronk St. He received basis training at Camp Croft, S.C., and is now assigned to paratrooper training at Ft. Benning.
S 1/c J.V. Bagnardi has returned to Portland Me., after a three-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto J. Bagnardi, 16 Maple St.
Otego - Spec. 3/c Richard E. Davis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Davis, Otego, and Corp. Richard H. Bump. U.S.M.C., met for the first time in two years on an island in the Pacific area. Davis traveled 30 miles to visit with his former classmate at Otego Central school, and the latter received his promotion during the reunion.
Maryland - Corp. George M. Dickenson has arrived in Italy, according to word received by his cousin, Mrs. B.G. Robinson. He entered the Army in June, 1943, at Ft. Niagara and served at Tammer Field and Santa Marie, Cal., and Greensboro, N.C.
Worcester - Capt. John F. Campion, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Campion, this place, has arrived at USMC air depot, Miramar, Cal., from the south Pacific. While overseas, Capt. Campion was attached to a Marine photographic unit which took the first aerial photographs of the Jap base at Truk. He has seen service in the New Hebrides, Guadalcanal, and Emirau island. Capt. Campion, who graduated from Worcester central school in 1937 and Siena College, Albany, in 1942, enlisted in the Marine corps in June of that year, receiving his commission the following August.
Sidney - Lt. Douglas Perry, a B-26 Marauder pilot, has arrived in England, according to word received here by his wife and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perry.

January 4, 1945
Leveille Promoted - James R. Leveille, son of Mrs. May Leveille, 37 Academy St., has completed his training at the Navy Amphibious Training base, San Diego, Cal., and promoted from first class seaman to third class gunner's mate. Leveille, who entered service last April and served at Sampson and in Idaho before being transferred to California, is a brother of T/Sgt. Joseph Leveille, who is serving in Italy.

January 4, 1945
Pvt. Harry M. Utter, who served in Hawaii, has arrived in the Philippines, according to word received by his mother. Mrs. Blanch Thompson, 15 Liberty St. Pvt. Utter entered service about two years ago, and served his basic training at Fort Bragg, N.C.

January 4, 1945
Furlough Ends - Sgt. Derwin B. Anderson, 25 U.S.M.C., stationed at El Centr--- Cal., as a navigator, spent a seven day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.R. Anderson, 10 Telford, and returned to his base Sunday. Sgt. Anderson has been in service for two and a half years. He is a graduate of Oneonta High school and Binghamton Business institute. Prior to entering the armed forces he was employed in the offices of the Scintilla Magneto plant in Sidney.

January 6, 1945
Stiefel, McGinley, Walsh, VanDyke and Avery
Sea. 1/c Donald Royce Stiefel returned to Brooklyn Monday, where he will be assigned to a ship He spent an 18-3ay furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stiefel, Oneonta, RD2. Seaman Stiefel entered the service in March, 1944, and has made trips overseas.
Pvt. Francis McGinley is serving with the pack artillery in Burma, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. John McGinley, 15 West St.
A/C Joseph J. Walsh has returned to San Antonio Aviation Cadet center, San Antonio, Tex., after a 15-day furlough, part of which he spent with his wife, Mrs. Eleanor Walsh, Gloversville, and his mother, Mrs. Gene Altier, 29 Dietz St.
Roxbury - Lt. Abram J. VanDyke, this place, has been assigned to Colgate university as an officer in charge of a Navy V-7 unit.
Roxbury - Corp. Wilson Avery, who recently returned from 41 months in Hawaii and the Gilbert Islands, is spending a 23-day furlough with Mr. and Mrs. Eli Finch, Vega, with whom he formerly lived He will go to Lake Placid at the end of his leave.

January 6, 1945
T/Sgt. Joseph F. Evans
52nd General Hospital, England - Combining a War bond campaign with his duty as chief clerk in the payroll section at a United States Army general hospital in England, T./Sgt. Joseph F. Evans, 13 Cozy Avenue., Oneonta, encourages the members of this installation to invest in government savings. "Both officers and enlisted men have cooperated wholeheartedly in our campaign." Said Sgt. Evans. "A large majority of this command purchases a bond each month." In addition to his regular payroll duties, Sgt. Evans takes charge of soldiers deposits, and officers and enlisted men's allowances and allotments. Sgt. Evans, a former assistant service manager of the Philco Radio Corp., New York city, is a graduate of Hastings-on-Hudson high school and Oneonta STC.

January 6, 1945
Capt. Jeanne E. Sisson
Unadilla - Capt. Jeanne E. Sisson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Delmar F. Sisson, Suffield, Conn, formerly of this place, recently attained that rank, according to an announcement by First Service Command headquarters, Boston, Mass. Capt Sisson, a Woman's Army Corp recruiting adjutant, graduated from Unadilla central school.

January 6, 1945
T/Sgt. Terry Parsons
Delhi - T/Sgt. Terry Parsons is spending a three weeks' furlough here after completing 35 missions over Europe.

January 6, 1945
RM 2/c William Bowes
RM 2/c William Bowes, is spending a portion of a 25-day leave at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bowes, 79 Dietz St. He enlisted in the Navy in February, 1943, and has just returned from a ten-month trip to Pacific points. Previously he had been in Scotland and Africa.

Corp. Clifford Gorse Gray
Laurens - Corp. Clifford Gorse Gray has arrived in England, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gorse S. Gray, Laurens. Corp. Gray entered the Army May 5, 1943, and received training in the medical corps, Camp Shelby, Miss.

January 6, 1945
AS Leonard Millias
Worcester - AS Leonard Millias, who had been spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Millias, has returned to Sampson for assignment. He recently completed boot training at that Naval station.

Lawrence Arnold Gilmore
Walton - Lawrence Arnold Gilmore, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold R. Gilmore, 9 Liberty St., this place, has been awarded the silver wings of a pilot and appointed as flight officer in the AAF. He graduated Dec. 23 at Spence Field, Moultrie, Ga.

January 6, 1945
S/Sgt. G.L. VanCuren
Oneonta Soldier Missing in Action On Western Front
One soldier missing and four others wounded comprises the latest War department casualty list for the Oneonta area.
Missing: S/Sgt. George L. VanCuren, son of Charles VanCuren, 8 1/2 West Broadway.
S/Sgt. George L. VanCuren, AAF, has been reported missing in action in Germany since Dec. 17, according to a War department telegram received yesterday by his father, Charles VanCuren, 8 West Broadway. Sgt. VanCuren, who entered the air force on Dec. 1, 1942, went overseas in April, 1944, and was stationed on Sardinia and Corsica. A few days ago, his father received a letter from him, saying that he had been transferred to France. Sgt. VanCuren was attached to a B-27 Marauder group. He attended OHS and was WORKING for D&H before entering the service.
Sgt. VanCuren Prisoner
Charles VanCuren, 8 1/2 West Broadway, was advised yesterday that his son, S/Sgt. George L. VanCuren, who had been reported missing in action since Dec. 17,m is a prisoner of Germany. Sgt. VanCuren entered service two years ago and has been overseas since Dec. 1, 1944.
May 1945
George VanCuren, Oneonta Soldier, Freed in Germany
Staff Sgt. George VanCuren, who was taken prisoner in Germany Dec. 17 has been liberated and is "behind the American lines," according to word received yesterday by his father, Charles VanCuren, 8 1/2 West Broadway. Members of the family said it was the first time they had heard from Sgt. VanCuren since he was taken prisoner. They said he was appreciative of Red Cross gift packages. The Oneonta soldier was inducted into the Army Dec 1, 1942, and had been overseas since May, 1944. He was employed by the D.&H. prior to entering service.

January 6, 1945
PFC George Lambros, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lambros, 12 Roosevelt.
PFC Clayton J. Benedict, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Benedict, South Kortright
PFC Donald C. Reed, son of Donald C. Reed, 80 Beaver, Cooperstown.
Sgt. Ivan Tyler, husband of Mrs. Ivan Tyler, Roxbury
(The War department has kept next of kin informed directly of any change in status of men named on casualty lists).
PFC George Lambros Wounded in Germany
PFC George Lambros, who was wounded in Germany, is now in a hospital in France, according to a letter from him to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lambors, 12 Roosevelt Ave. The letter was written Christmas day. PFC Lambros, who was with the seventh Army, has been overseas about six months. A graduate of OHS where he was prominent in athletics, he later attended Notre Dame university.
South Kortright Boy Wounded in Germany
PFC Clayton J. Benedict has been wounded in Germany, according to word received in South Kortright by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Benedict. He also wrote that he had been recently promoted to his present rank.
Roxbury Aerial Gunner Wounded Over Germany
Mrs. Ivan Taylor of Roxbury has received word that her husband, Sgt. Ivan Tyler, an aerial gunner, was wounded in action over the Ruhr river in Germany on Nov. 30. Mrs. Tyler received a letter from her husband, from the hospital where he was convalescing, shortly before she received the telegram stating that he had been wounded. He suffered a leg wound.
PFC Donald Reed, Hub soldier, Wounded
PFC Donald C. Reed, son of Donald C. Reed of 80 Beaver St., Cooperstown, was one of the 3,059 soldiers listed as wounded in the European area.

January 7, 1945
Plan Memorial Service for Three Walton Soldiers
Walton - a memorial service for PFC George E. Cable, PFC Joseph C. Day, and Lt. Frederick E. Lambert will be held Sunday at 3 under the auspices of the American Legion, Truman C. Tobey post, of which W. Ray Northrup is commander. The service will be in Christ Episcopal church, Gardiner Place, with Rev. Victor O. Boyle, chaplain of Legion, officiating. Members of the Legion and Veterans of foreign Wars will attend in a body. Co. F, New York State Guard, will provide the color bearers, color guards, and bugler. Christ church choir will lead in the hymns, under the direction of Mrs. Jean Clark Boyle, with Mrs. Lora H. Teetsel presiding at the organ. The memorial tribute will be given by the chaplain, followed by a minute's silence. Taps will be sounded by Pvt. Lee McCook.
Pvt. Cable, 21, went out with Co. F in October, 1940, to Fort McClellan, Ala., and was assigned to a service company. His father, George Cable, lives in Norwich. Pvt. Cable died June 30, 1944, as the result of wounds received in action at Saipan.
Pvt. Day, 26, also left Walton in October, 1940, with Co. F, and went to Fort McClellan, Ala. He fought at Guadalcanal and Coral Atoll, and died July 7, 1940, as the result of wounds received in action at Saipan. Two brothers are in service, PFC Charles Day, M.P., somewhere in England, and PFC William Day, Camp Chaffee, Ark. Another brother lives at Central Nyack. His mother, Mrs. Emily Day, lives at 356 West 42nd St., New York city. Four sisters survive him, Mrs. Everett Hall, 92 Mead St., Walton; Mrs. Ernest Hall, 18 Tripp Ave., Walton; Mrs. John Lavine, West New York, ad Mrs. William Pascoe, Brooklyn.
1st Lt. Frederick E. Lambert was killed in action in Germany on Nov. 22, according to work received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lambert, 166 Delaware St., on Dec. 4. He was born Oct. 3, 1918, and received his education in Walton schools, graduating from high school in 1937. He enlisted in Co. F of the National Guard, and when the guard was federalized in October, 1940, he had advanced to the rank of sergeant. He was selected for officer training, and on completion of the course at the Officer Candidate school at Fort Benning, Ga., he was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry. Before going to England, he was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant. He took part in the invasion and liberation of France and Belgium. On Oct. 14, he was wounded when shrapnel from mortar fire hit him in the face and shoulder, but after a short convalescence, he was returned to duty, and was killed in the invasion of Germany on Nov. 22 Besides his parents, a brother, John N. Lambert, survives.

53 Selectees Ordered to Report Jan. 12
A 53-man contingent will leave this city Friday morning, Jan. 12 for the Albany induction station, David Loushay, chief clerk of Draft Board 404, announced yesterday. Of the total ordered to report, 23 will be inducted into the armed forces and the others will receive preinduction physical examinations.
Ordered to report for induction (Oneonta address unless otherwise indicated) are:
Raymond Luthern Eggler, 28 High St; Arthur Charles Hoag, Morris; DeForest Louis VanGorder, Unadilla; Robert Lafayette Stanton, 45 Grove St; David Valentine Seaman, Gilbertsville; Edgar Robert Southern, 433 Chestnut St.; Robert Earl Ellsworth, 30 Fair St.; Raymond Wayland Groves, Jr., Oneonta, R.D.2; Harold Ernest Barrett, Upper East St.; Harry William Knapp, Star Route, West Oneonta; Frank William Beams, Schenevus; James Edison Groves, Oneonta, R.D.2; Richard Edward Collier, Oneonta, R.D.2; Olin sage Angell, Mt. Upton; Augustus Pangman, Y.M.C.A., Oneonta; Joseph Gioachino Marfia, 63 1/2 River St.; Gordon Clifford Webster, Unadilla; Stephen John VanDeusen, 65 River St.; Robert Leroy Youngs, Unadilla; Robert Anthony Alley, 1 Scrambling Ave.; Howard J. Coons, Jr., 74 Elm St.; John Richardson Michael, 89 Spruce St.; Alford Chauncey Packer, Jr., 33 Rose Ave.
Called for preinduction examinations: Gerald Mark McGrath, East Worcester; Robert Marshall Bookhout, 357 Main St.; Carl Morey Osterhoudt, Oneonta, R.D.2; Vernon Benjamin Wilbur, Mt. Upton; Lawrence Archibald Halsey, 118 West Pulteney St., Corning; Felix Lisley Harris, 705 West Liberty St., Rome; John Abram Whiteman, Oneonta, R.D.2; Kenneth Erle Cooke, Oneonta, R.D.2; Lewis Robert Martindale, Milford; David John Hamwey, Oneonta, R.D.2; Gerald Utter Tarbox, New Lisbon; Paul Howard Bruce, Charlotteville; Leslie Robert McMorris, Worcester, R.D.2; Joseph Gerald Monser, 11 Grove St.; Lester Burton Peake, Otego; Marvin Leverne Corsch, 17 Rose Ave.; Richard Charles Mostar, Worcester, R.D.3; William Vance Wetmore, 170 Main St.; Dudley Brown Morgan, Unadilla; James Edward Hammond, Otego; John Harold Bolles, Albany; Donald Austin Wayman, Worcester; Russell E. Sitts, 10 Valleyview St.; Howard Ivan Cornish, Milford; Llewellyn Lynn Monington, 3 Highland St.; Stanley Dewitt Griffith, Milford; Albert Michael Naples, 32 Grand St.; Leonard Harrison Reed, 4 Washington St.; Roger Cavin Dales, 21 Myrtle Ave.; Charles Lester Baldwin, 97 Center St.; Melvin Ronald Crosby, 44 Gilbert St. Harry Clinton Van Buren, Jr., Worcester, R.D. 4; Theodore Paro, Oneonta; Louis George Bailey, Mt. Upton; Walter Allen Beach; Portlandville.

PFC Elwyn Jackson, son of Mrs. A.E. Jackson, 246 Chestnut St. recently was promoted to that rank in England, according to word received by his mother. PFC Jackson was inducted into the Army Jan. 10, 1944, and received his training at Camp Croft, S.C. and Camp Shelby, Miss.

West Davenport - PFC Ralph E. Smith, formerly of this place, has been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in the European theatre. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith, Norwich, PFC Smith, who graduated from Oneonta High school in 1942, entered the Army in January, 1943, and went overseas the following Ocotber. He was sent to France June 12.

John Berezansky, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Berezansky, 63 Gilbert St., enlisted in the Navy Dec. 27 and is now at Sampson. He graduated from Oneonta High school last June.

Cooperstown - FO Harold V. Clark, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harris G. Clark, Whig Corners, graduated Dec. 23 from a bombardier school at Albuquerque, N.M., receiving his commission and silver wings. He has arrived at his home here on an 18-day furlough. FO Clark entered service Oct. 2, 1943, receiving basic training at Greenboro, N.C. He was assigned to a college training detachment at Pittsburgh, Pa., and later to Santa Ana, Cal., for pre-flight training. He had gunnery at Kingman Field, Ariz. and his bombardier training at Albuquerque.

In Sea Bees - Cooperstown - Sea. 2/c Milton Donald Sprague, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sprague, 19 Elm St., since returning to Sampson after spending a Christmas leave at his home here, has been transferred to Naval construction center, Davisville, R.I., with the Sea Bees. Sea. Sprague recently completed his boot training at Sampson.

Oneontan Honored - Corp. Gordon Barnes, serving with the Coast Artillery in Italy has been awarded the Purple Heart. He was wounded in action in October, according to a letter received by Mrs. Barnes, 45 Main St. Corp. Barnes has been overseas 19 months, first seeing action in North Africa. In the spring of 1944, he received the Bronze Star medal.

January 8, 1945 Insertions

T-Sgt. I.G. Rogers On 32 Missions - T/Sgt. Ivan G. Rogers, who has completed 32 missions in the European theatre, and who spent a holiday leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Rogers, 12 Ceperley Ave., has returned to his station at Madison, Wis. He is taking advanced training. Sgt. Rogers is the holder of the Air medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters and two stars and has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. The entire crew of B-24 bomber completed the 32 missions without suffering casualties. Sgt. Rogers is a radio operator. Before being assigned to Madison, Sgt. Rogers spent a 21-day recreation leave at Atlantic City, N.J., on his return to this country last fall. He is a graduate of Nott Terrace High school. Schenectady, and attended Hartwick college. He enlisted in the air corps in March, 1941.

T/Sgt. Richard Signor, Walton, Suffers Wounds - Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Signor, Delaware St., Walton, have received word from the War department that their son, T/Sgt. Richard Signor, has been slightly wounded in action in the European theatre. Sgt. Signor entered the armed service in November, 1942. He went overseas Aug. 1, a944. Before that he was stationed near Los Angeles, Cal., and at Indian Town Gap, Pa. He is a graduate of Walton high school, class of 1940. His wife and son, Gordon, aged one year, are residing near Afton.

Walton Flier Missing - S/Sgt. Walter Hoyt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoyt, East St., Walton. Word has been received that S/Sgt. Walter Hoyt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoyt, East St., Walton, has been missing in action since Dec. 12. Stationed in Italy, he was tail gunner on a B-24 bomber and had completed almost 30 missions. Sgt. Hoyt's wife and three children reside in Walton. He entered the service Jan. 12, 1944, and went overseas in August. A graduate of Walton high school, Sgt. Hoyt was active in sports of all kinds, both during his scholastic career and after. He is remembered especially for his stellar ability as a baseball pitcher. During his high school career he had several shut-out games to his credit. After leaving school he pitched on a local town team and on other teams in this vicinity. Sgt. Hoyt's wife was the former Miss Edrie Ives, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ives, Prospect Ave.

Killed in action: Sgt. J. Ostrander, husband of Elsie English Ostrander, Gallupville. - Sgt. Ostrander was killed Dec. 14, according to a telegram received by his parents,Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Ostrander, of Gallupville. He was serving in the infantry and had been overseas since March last year. He was stationed in England until September, 1944, when he was sent to France. Sgt. Ostrander began his military training in March, 1943, being located at Camp Butner, N.C. Camp Seibert, Ala., and Ft. Bragg, N.C.

Former Walton Boy in Hospital in France - Mrs. Michael Lurenz, Bainbridge, has received word that her nephew, George S. Stilson, Jr., former Waltonian, has been wounded and is a patient in a hospital in France. He attended high school in Walton. Stilson was engaged in the Italian campaign.

9 Listed

Richfield Springs Man Dies of Wounds - Corp. Joseph Sdrewski, 26, reported wounded in action in Holland Dec. 18, has died of his wounds, according to word received from the War department by his wife, the former Miss Betty Jane Skinner, Richfield Springs. Corp. Sdrewski was born in Richfield Springs, the son of the late Martin and Agatha Gorney Sdrewski, and received his education in Richfield Springs school. He entered the ordnance department of the Army March, 1943. Besides his wife he is survived by a daughter, Jo Agatha, 2 1/2 years; two brothers, John Sdrewski, Nelliston, and Leo Sdrewski, in the Army. A MONUMENT/PLAQUE in the Netherlands carries his name
Pvt. Duvel A. Lockwood Is Slightly wounded - Pvt. Duvel A. Lockwood, 22, was slightly wounded in Germany Dec. 18, the War department has advised his wife, Mrs. Virginia Lockwood, 11 Ann St. Inducted into the Army June 15, 1944, Pvt. Lockwood served his basic training at Camp Wheeler, Ga., and Fort George Meade, Md. He was ordered overseas Dec. 7. The Oneonta soldier was employed at Elmore Milling Co. prior to entering service.
Pvt. Mary W. Waide, 387 Chestnut St., who has been stationed at the Third Training center of the Women's Army corps at Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga., has been assigned to the Army Air base unit at Newark, N.J.

Bloomville - Sgt. Everett Gilmour is now in Belgium, Previously he had served in England, Scotland, France, and Holland since going overseas in September.
West Davenport - T/5 F. Earl St. Onge, veteran of 33 months active service in the Southwest Pacific, was transferred from Atlantic City Rest Camp to Camp Lo Moore, Cal, where he will serve as radar instructor. Sgt. Onge, who recently spent a 21 day furlough at his home in West Davenport, has two brothers in service. Corp. Charles St. Onge, Pacific area, and Pvt. Edwin St. Onge, at the AAF at Galveston, Tex.
Worcester - Corp. Herman F. Paulin, son of Mr. and mrs. Anton Paulin, of Worcester, has been transferred to the ordinance department at Camp Chaffee, Ark. He was formerly in the field artillery at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas.
Bloomville - T / 5 James Eathorne, who recently returned from North Africa, is spending a furlough at the home of his sister, Mrs. A. J. Kenyon.
Milford - PRC George S. McCumber, son of Charles H. McCumber of Milford, has been awarded the Bronze Star medal for gallantry in action in the Philippines. A former student at Clarkson Tech, Potsdam, PFC McCumber has been overseas over four months.
Cooperstown - T / 5 Charles S. Rogers has returned to his unit after recovering from wounds suffered in France, according to word received by his grandmother, Mrs. Agnes Rogers. He was recently promoted to his present rank.

List of Four
Grand Gorge - T / Sgt. Louis Hull, son of Urban Hull, has reported to Atlantic City, N.J., where he will spend a few weeks and then be reassigned to duty, after spending a 21-day furlough at his home here. He enlisted in the Army Oct. 3, 1940, and was sent to Fort Slocum. On Dec. 17, 1940, he was transferred to Hickam Field, Hawaii. He was there when the first bomb fell on Pearl Harbor. Later he saw service on Makin Island, Tarawa, Saipan, and many other smaller islands. After being overseas for four years he returned to the United States on Dec. 3, 1944. He brought home samples of the "Rising Sun" money and other souvenirs.
Grand Gorge - Sgt. Harry Draffen, son of Mrs. Myrtle Draffen, has returned to duty after spending a 27-day furlough at his home here. He reported to Lake Placid, where he will remain for a few weeks to rest and then be reassigned. He enlisted in the Army Nov. 15, 1940, and was stationed at Fort Slocum. On Jan. 4, 1941, he was sent to Camp Malakoli, Hawaii, where he remained until July 19, 1941. He was then returned to the United States and stationed at Fort Totten. On Aug. 30, 1942, he started for the Atlantic area, landing first in Scotland and then in England. He was among the first to land in the invasions of Africa, Sicily, and Italy. After seeing much service overseas he returned to the United States Dec. 2, 1944.
Grand Gorge - T / 5 Livio Faoro, son of Tino Faoro, this place, who had been home several days, left Jan. 3 for Fort Thomas, Ky. He has been overseas and had a 30-day furlough after his return to the U.S. He has been awarded the Purple Heart.
East Meredith - S / Sgt. Everett Gilmour is in Belgium after seeing action in Holland and France, according to word received by his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. William Gilmour here.

Oklahoma Girl Bride of Oneontan
Edna Crow Bride of Sgt. Rosher
The marriage of Miss Edna Crow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H. Crow of Walters, Okla., to Sgt Anthony F. Rosher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rosher, 8 Liberty St., was solemnized at 9 p.m. Dec 14 in a candlelight ceremony in the chapel at Will Rogers Field, Okla. The double ring service was performed by Capt. John Jordan, chaplain, before a small group of close friends. Vases of pink and white carnations decorated the sides of the chancel, and tall candelabra with white tapers were in the background. Mrs. Marqua Ditto lit the candles. The bride chose aqua alpaca with sweetheart neckline for her wedding gown. With it she wore a white cameo necklace and corsage with a white camellia center and six pink rosebuds. She carried a beautiful Irish linen handkerchief belonging to Mrs. Harold Ditto, which had been sent the latter from a brother stationed in England. Her matron of honor, Mrs. G.D. Ginder wore a navy blue gown trimmed with pink lace. Her corsage was of pink and white carnations. The best man was PFC Marion W. Ford, Jena, La. A reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G.D. Ginder, where the bride and groom cut their wedding cake. Mrs. Ginder and Mrs. Ditto served. The couple will reside at 912 N.W. 13th St., Oklahoma City, Okla.

Miss Jean McLaury, Portlandville, a Red Cross worker, is shown with PFC Bernard A. Schultz, Pittsburgh, Pa., kibitizing on a game of pinochle somewhere in the Pacific. - (photo not scanned yet) PFC Bernard A. Schultz and Miss Jean McLaury

2nd Lt. Dennis Sullivan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Sullivan, 38 West St., has drawn a picture for a new chapel in the Philippines. The picture is of "Lord and soldier" with the incription "These Men May Live." Lt. Sullivan and brother, Corp Harry Sullivan had Christmas dinner together, the feast including turkey and dressing, fruit cocktail, chocolate cake with icing, apple and pumpkin pie, rolls, coffee and cigarets. Another brother, T/5 Francis Sullivan is serving in France.

Stork Beat Them to Hospital
James Fred Bishop

Honor Memory of Sgt. E. L. Chapman In Bloomville
by Louise Beken Hunt
Bloomville - "He gave his today for your tomorrow," declared Rev. John McNeill of Washington, D. C., in his memorial tribute Sunday for T/Sgt. Ernest Lyle Chapman at Bloomville Methodist church. The church was filled with sorrowing friends and relatives. The American Legion post at Delhi was represented by Comdr. Floyd Mitchell and other members, while Rev. John Egnor, pastor of DeLancey Presbyterian church and chaplain of the county American Legion organization, took part in the impressive service. William Stewart of Delhi, who was home on furlough, and Charles Hafele of Delhi, who has received an honorable discharge following wounds in the African invasion, acted as ushers and color bearers. Following an organ prelude and reception of the colors, Scripture sentences were read by Everett Kaufman, president of the Bloomville Methodist Young People's society. Rev. Aram D. Melconian, pastor, dedicated the gold star on the church service flag. Rev. Mr. McNeill presented the memorial tribute, and Rev. Mr. Egnor the prayer, followed by "The Star Spangled Banner" on the organ. Robert Yost of Lake Delaware closed the service with Taps. The altar was decorated with a "V" of white pompoms, chrysanthemums, and red carnations edged in green and tied with red, white, and blue to frame a picture of Sgt. Chapman, bearing his name in gold. This was presented by Bloomville friends. Unadilla friends sent a large bouquet. Sgt. Chapman was born in Bloomville Sept. 17, 1918, and was killed in action Dec. 7, near Loshan, China.

Pvt. Douglas Speh, Oneonta, Missing On Western Front
Latest War department casualty lists include two area men missing in action overseas.
Missing in action:
Pvt. Douglas Speh, son of Otto Speh, Winney Hill road.
Sgt. William Ceely formerly of Jefferson, son of Seth J. Ceely, New York.
(The War department has kept next of kin informed directly of any change in status of men named on casualty lists.
Pvt. Douglas Speh, 21, Missing in Germany
Pvt. Douglas Speh, 21, has been missing in action in Germany since Dec. 19, according to a War department telegram received by his father, Otto Speh, Winney Hill road. Pvt. Speh enlisted in November, 1942, and trained at Camps Hood, Swift, and Bowie in Texas, in a tank destroyer unit before going overseas.

Hubert Parker Killed in France; Once Lived Here
Former Oneonta Soldier Dies on Western Front
PFC Hubert Parker, Vestal, formerly of Oneonta, was killed in action in France Dec 4. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Parker, Wingdale, Pvt. Parker was attached to the 397th Infantry on the 7th Army front. His parents had been notified Dec. 21 that he was missing in action. Prior to his enlistment in the Army 13 years ago, he served with Co. G., national guard, Oneonta. Pvt. Parker was born in 1911, and lived in Oneonta 17 years with the late Burton Minnie Dailey, Vestal, formerly of 330 Main St. Surviving are his parents, and a brother, James Parker, Sidney.

Former Oneonta Resident Declared Dead by Navy
Mrs. Earle J. Robinson, Carbondale, Pa., formerly of 17 Otsego St., Oneonta, has received word from the Navy department that her husband, Sea. 1/c Robinson, had been declared officially dead. Sea. Robinson, son of Mrs. Rose Robinson and the late Roy Robinson, Honesdale, Pa., was on a destroyer which was torpedoed and sunk in December, 1943. He entered service June 2, 1943, and took boot training at Sampson. He had previously been employed at the D. & H. roundhouse here. Surviving besides his wife and mother is a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Barbara Anne, and four brothers, TM 1/c William F. Robinson, FBM 1/c Joseph Robinson, and ASC 1/c James, in the Navy, and Edward, at home.

Pvt. W. J. Hines, Oneonta, Is Wounded in Germany
Pvt. Wilber J. Himes was slightly wounded in Germany Dec. 23, 1944, according to a War department telegram received Tuesday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Himes, 79 Hudson St. Pvt. Himes, who entered the Army June 15, 1944, and trained at Camp Croft, S.C., went overseas in November. He attended Oneonta High school and was employed by Otsego Iron and Metal Corp., previous to joining the Army.

Former Jefferson Boy Is Reported Missing
Sgt. William Ceely is missing in action, according to word received in Jefferson from his father, Seth J. Ceely, New York. He is in the Air corps. He received his silver wings and was made sergeant Dec. 7, 1942. Sgt. Ceely is well known here as he graduated from Jefferson central school in 1939. At that time, he was boarding at the home of Angelo Bassanni, North Kortright.

Pvt. Huftalen, Meridale, Is Wounded in Arm
Pvt. James Huftalen, Meridale, was wounded in the arm and has been sent to a hospital in England, according to word received by his wife and parents Tuesday from the War department. He was wounded on the Western front.
Pfc. Frank Gomiller, Hub, Wounded in France
PFC Frank Gomiller, Cooperstown, has been slightly wounded while serving in France, according to word received from the War department by his wife Thursday morning. Pvt. Gomiller entered service in February, 1944, and received his basic training at Camp Blanding, Fla. He was sent overseas in August, 1944. Three years ago he married Miss Marie Montayne, Oneonta, and she is now making her home at 433 1/2 Chestnut St.

Milford - PFC Kenneth Swartout, Jr., has arrived in England, according to word received by his wife.

Oneontan Missing; Laurens Man Dead - Continued from page one
Cpl. Reynolds was inducted Feb 12, 1942, and left for overseas duty June 10, 1944. He has served in England, France, Belgium and Holland. He was employed by the D. & H. railroad prior to entering the service.
Sgt. Douglas, Pfc. Brown Killed in War Action
Sgt. Irving M. Douglas, husband of Mrs. Irene M. Douglas, Laurens, and PFC Harold G. Brown, son of Mrs. Hazel Brown, Richfield Springs, are listed among the 1,703 killed in action in the Mediterranean area, the War department announced yesterday.
Cpl. McKown, Franklin, Reported Missing
Cpl. Douglas I. McKown of Franklin has been reported missing in action in the European theatre, according to word received from the War department by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McKown.
Pfc. Albert Lord, Once of Delhi, Wounded Twice
PFC Albert (Bud) Lord, 21, formerly of Delhi and Walton, was wounded twice in December in Belgium, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lord, Middletown, and his sister, Miss Ida Lord, 1 Elm St. He has been in the Army since December, 1942, and was sent overseas about two and a half months ago, where he was serving with the 75th division of the First Army in Belgium. He is now in a field hospital in that country. PFC Lord is a graduate of Delhi Academy, and was employed at the Scintilla plant at Sidney prior to his entering the Army.
Pvt. Rottingen, Seward, Wounded in France
Pvt. Gerhard Rottingen of Seward has been wounded while serving in France, the War department has advised his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Rottingen. He was serving with an infantry division and had been overseas a few weeks. Pvt. Rottingen, who enlisted on June 26, 1944, and is now in a hospital in England where he is being treated for shrapnel wounds in his foot.
Pfc. Perry Ten Eyck, Seward, Wounded
PFC Perry Ten Eyck, Jr. Of Seward, has been slightly wounded in action somewhere in France, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ten Eyck, from the War department. PFC Ten Eyck, who served with the U.S. infantry, was wounded on Christmas day. He had been overseas since November, having entered the service May 6, 1944. He received his basic training at Camp Blanding, Fla.

January 11, 1945 Insertions
Oneonta Soldier Home After Five Major Pacific Battles
A veteran of major battles in the Pacific, Corp. George E. Blanchard, son of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. Blanchard, 8 Mickle Place, is spending a 21-day furlough here before reporting for reassignment at Miami, Fla. Enlisting in the Air corps in February, 1941, he served in Hawaii prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor. He wears the American Defense Service ribbon with bronze star, Good Conduct ribbon, five battle stars on Pacific and Asiatic ribbons for participating in major battles on Guadalcanal, Northern Solomons, central Pacific campaign, and mandated islands campaigns and the air offensive, Japan campaign. He also has the Distinguished Unit badge awarded to the 11th Bombardment group in 1943. Group Is Cited This group was cited for outstanding performance of duty in action from July 31 to Nov. 30, 1942. Opposing the full force of the numerically superior Japanese with all available aircraft, the 11th Bombardment group participated continually in attacking the enemy in his efforts to obtain a stronger foothold on strategic territories. Heavy damage was inflicted on Japanese airfields, storage and supply areas, seaplane bases, docks, troop positions, and other installations. In addition, the action of this group resulted in the sinking of four enemy ships, the damaging of 15, and the probable damaging of nine others. Throughout its operation, the group was faced with extremely difficult problems of logistics, airdrome improvement, and the necessity for long hazardous over-water flights to reach enemy objectives, which frequently were located at extreme flying range of its bombardment airplanes. "The superior courage and devotion to duty shown by combat crews and ground units of this bombardment group is in the highest traditions of the United States Army and will always be worthy of emulation," according to the Secretary of War.

Where Japs Report Action
Japs report great activity on western coast of Luzon where Tokyo broadcasts say 450 U. S. transports are off shore awaiting chance to land on Lingayen gulf coast.

Local Soldier Honored
The Legion of Merit was recently awarded M/Sgt. Hugh I. Sessions, 69 Spruce St. for developing an adapter panel to permit interchangeable use of American and British teletypewriters. The award was made personally by Brig. Gen. Griswold. M/Sgt. Sessions sent the citation to his wife, Mrs. Inez Sessions.

PFC Channing E. Poste, son of Mr. and Mrs. Channing W. Poste, 26 West St., who has been in Italy for 11 months, is serving with the transportation section of a Liberator bombing group in that country. This group was recently awarded the Distinguish Unit badge for a mission on oil refineries in Austria. Pvt. Poste, who entered the Army in December, 1938, attended Otego central school. His wife and daughter of Salt Lake City, Utah, are visiting his parents here and his grandmother, Mrs. Cora E. Poste, Otego.

Wins Promotion
Rev. Gerald Clune, Catholic chaplain, has been promoted from first lieutenant to captain in France, according to word received by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Clune of Upper East St. Capt. Clune is a graduate of St. Bonaventure college and seminary. He served as assistant pastor of a church in Herkimer prior to his being commissioned.
Corp. Frederick M. Lare has received an honorable discharge from the Army Air corps. Prior to his discharge, Corp. Lare was stationed at the Municipal airport at Memphis, Tenn. He has been in the armed forces for two and a half years. Corp. Lare has been visiting his mother, Mrs. Mary Lare, 14 Eighth St., and left Sunday for Riverton, Wyo., where he will make his home with his wife.
T/Sgt. Clarence O. Christensen, Schenectady, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Christensen, 20 Otsego St., was recently promoted to that rank in France. He was formerly employed by General Electric co., Schenectady.
Pvt. Arthur Cole has returned to Camp Barkley, Tex., after spending 15 days with his mother, Mrs. Anna Cole, 87 Hudson St. His wife and son, Thomas Pearl River, were with him here during his furlough. His brother, Pvt. Burton Cole, has been transferred from Aberdeen, Md., to Camp Howze, Tex.
Raymond J. Lewis has been promoted from corporal to sergeant at a base in England, according to word received by his wife, Mrs. Evelyn Lewis, 12 Maple. He is serving as a gunner and assistant engineer on a B-24.
Maryland-Sea. 2/c Harold V. Manzer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Manzer, this place, recently completed a course at Naval Air Technical Training center, Norman, Okla. Enlisting in the Navy Dec. 14, 1942, at Detroit, Mich.., he had been employed by Paramount Engineering Co., Detroit. He attended Oneonta High School and Missouri school of Mines and Metallurgy.

Arrives in France
Pvt. Joseph Guerriero has arrived in France, according to word received by his wife, Mrs. Jennie Guerriero, 41 London Ave. Pvt. Guerriero entered the Army Feb 23 1944. Prior to being sent overseas, he was stationed at Fort McClellan, Ala.
An Eight Air Force Bomber Station, England - Lawrence E. Darlin, son of Mrs. Frances P. Darlin, 12 Pearl St., Bainbridge, N.Y., has been promoted from corporal to sergeant, it was announced by Lt. Colonel Robert W. Fish, commanding officer of this base. WORKING in the headquarters of the heavy bombardment group operating from this base, Sgt. Darlin is charged with the responsibility of taking care of all the records of the men in his squadron. Their service records, pay rolls and furlough applications all pass through his hands for entries and notations. A graduate of Oneonta High school, Sgt. Darlin was employed by Borden's Casein Co. of America at their chemical testing laboratory at Bainbridge before he entered the Army in October 1942. His wife, Mrs. Beatrice Irene Darlin, lives at Wells Bridge, N.Y.
Sidney - Sgt. Hart Patcher, a Signal corps radio technician, has arrived in India, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. W.A. Gould. He was previously stationed at Miami, Fla, and Ft. Monmouth, N.J.
Sidney-T/Sgt. Paul H. Fuller, a clerical instructor at Ft. Knox, Ky., attained his present rank Jan. 1. He enlisted in the Army in August, 1942. A graduate of Hartwick college, Oneonta, and a former member of Gilbertsville school faculty, he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fuller, Rockdale, formerly of Sidney.
Hartwick - 2nd Lt. William B. Croll, son of Mrs. Annette E. Abbattiello, this place, recently completed an orientation course in England. Before entering the Army Air corps, he was employed as a dairy plant operator by Branglebrink farm, St. James.

Inseparable in Peace or War
James F. Monroe Corp. Robert G. Monroe Corp. James W. Monroe
Cooperstown - After 30 months in the Pacific theatre of war, Corp. James W. (Bud) Monroe, and Corp. G. (Bobbie) Monroe, sons of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Monroe, arrived at their home in Edmeston last week for 30 day furloughs.
Edmeston Brothers, Together For 30 Months in Pacific, Return Home on Furlough Some months ago, bobby, 20, and the younger of the two brothers, was one of four men out of 12 in their unit given the opportunity for a leave in the States, the lucky four being decided by the cutting of 12 playing cards, in which there were four aces. Those drawing the aces, of course, got the furloughs. Bobby Monroe drew out an ace, and Bud a deuce of clubs. "We'll wait," said the lucky brother, tossing the card back, "until we can go together." One of their first trips after coming to Edmeston was into Cooperstown to pay a visit to their War Price and Rationing board to procure certificates for gasoline, meats, etc., to which they were entitled. This was done Monday, and the reporter happened upon them just as they made their exit from the board, armed with certificates for 30 gallons of gas, 60 red coupons, 100 blue coupons, and certificates for three pounds of sugar each. This was their first introduction to the civilian rationing program, and they began to realize what a battle their father, the proprietor of the Gaskin House, Edmeston, was fighting on the home front, to keep his clientele fed.
Inseparable Brothers
Known to everyone in their community as inseparable buddies, they have retained that lifelong, one-for-both and both-for-one status right through their combat service. Enlisting in Utica just before Christmas, 1941, Bud, then 19, and Bobbie 17, put it up to the U.S. Marine recruiting officer that they "must go together and stick together". Five months later, after training at Parris Island, the Monroes left the country as members of a gun crew, and were in the first division of Marines which landed at Guadalcanal. They have since shared the same tent and on occasions the same foxhole, and in the steaming coastal jungles and in four major battles, they walked together. Each has had several bouts with gengus fever and malaria. Together they have spent memorable furloughs in New Zealand, their favorite place for "setting down and enjoying life," next to Edmeston, of course. On their uniforms they wear the same decorations, a Presidential citation, the American Theatre ribbon, and the South Pacific bar bearing three indicating major engagements. They are both entitled to some recognition for their participation in the battle of Guam, but that is still forthcoming, when the government decides what the decoration shall be. The brothers will be reassigned to duty at Parris Island at the termination of their furloughs, "and together again - if luck is with us." Said Corp. James Monroe, speaking for the two of them.

Completes Course
S/Sgt. Henry H. Clough, son of Mrs. Helen C. Clough of 5 Fifth St. was graduated last week from the Army Air forces Central Instructors school at Laredo Army Air Field, Laredo, Tex, a member of the AAF Training Command. He is now qualified to become an instructor at one of the nation's seven aerial gunnery schools. He was prepared for his instructing duties by completing a comprehensive six weeks' course in the most modern methods of instruction on aerial gunnery.
Cooperstown - Mrs. Walter Jarvis has received a telephone call from her husband, PFC Walter Jarvis, in san Francisco, Cal. Informing her of his arrival back to this country at Fairview hospital, after several months' hospitalization, following a spine injury suffered last July in Saipan. He was flown in a plane from Hawaii to the Pacific coast, and expects to be transferred in another week to a hospital in the east.
Grand Gorge - Mr. and Ms. Arthur Moseman were recently surprised with a telephone call from their son Pvt. Donald Moseman, who had been a patient in a hospital in England for many months after being wounded in France. He has arrived in this country and is being sent to a hospital in the state of Washington.
Grand Gorge - Pvt. Richard T. Moore has been transferred from Sioux Falls, S.D., to Boca Raton Field, Fla.
Cooperstown - Bombsight Technician Robert L. Kinne, Jr., stationed at Harvey Point, N.C., is spending a ten days' leave with his wife and son, Jonathan, in Cooperstown, and with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kinne, Sr., Prospect hotel, Herkimer. Tech. Kinne had his boot training at Sampson Naval base, following his entrance into the Navy April 1, 1943. He graduated from Ordnance school at Norman, Okla. And afterwards attended an advance bombsight school at Jacksonville, Fla, was transferred to Honeyville school, Norfolk, Va., and finally to his present base in North Carolina.
Grand Gorge - Mrs. William Moore has received word from her son, Sgt. Harley Haynes, that he has arrived in England.
Grand Gorge - Sgt. George Simonson, USMC, son of Marvin Simonson, who had been in Marine hospital, San Diego, Cal, has received his medical discharge and is at his home on the Grand Gorge-Stamford road.

Awarded Medals
PFC Royce Carvin, 21, who is serving with the Fifth Army in Italy, has been awarded the Good Conduct medal, Infantry Combat badge, and Mediterranean theatre ribbon with stars. Inducted into the Army about 15 months ago, the Laurens soldier served at Camp Croft, S.C., before leaving for overseas duty in March, 1944. He is a graduate of Laurens Central school.
Corp. Robert Hooks returned to Fort Jackson, S. C., yesterday after a brief visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hooks, 542 Main St.
Pvt. Richard Fowler, is spending a seven-day leave with his wife and son, 25 Grand St. Pvt. Fowler is stationed at the Canadian army Trade school, Hamilton, Ont.
Miss Frances Wilber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wilber, Gilbertsville, has been accepted into the Waves and will take her apprentice seamanship at Hunter college, New York city. Sea. Wilber is a graduate of Gilbertsville high school and was formerly employed with the Telephone Co. and at the Oneonta Star.

Serves In France - Sgt. Gordon Cox of Morris is now in France. He is a brother of Alvin Cox and the son of Mrs. Lena Cox.

Soldiering is Family Trait of Sissons
Unadilla - S/Sgt. Benjamin F. Sisson, son of Mrs. Harvey Westcott, this place, comes from a long line of soldiers who served their country in most of its major wars. His father, the late Leo B. Sisson, served in World War I as a member of the 301st ammunition train. While overseas, he was a sergeant connected with one of the largest prison camps in France and remained a year in that country following the armistice. Sgt. Sisson's great-grandfather, Francis M. Sisson, was a soldier in the Civil war for three years, attached to Co. G, 152nd New York Volunteers, and his great-great-grandfather, John Sisson, served in the Revolutionary war. Sgt. Sisson, who is an airplane mechanic, serving in the Philippines, studied at Sheppard Field, Tex., Santa Monica, Cal., and the Lockheed plant.

January 13, 1945

PFC Harry D. Boone has been sent to France from Italy, according to word received by his father, Harry V. Boone, 10 Seventh St. PFC Boone, who entered the service in March, 1942, went overseas early the following year and has engaged in four battles. He attended Oneonta grade schools and Morris Central school.

Jefferson - Corp. Charles R. Tomajer, AAF, left Monday for Columbia, S.C. where he will continue his training for radio operator. Corp. Tomajer had been spending a two weeks' furlough, the first since he enlisted Dec. 3, 1943, with his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Tomajer, Summit St. He arrived home the day before his brother, S/Sgt. William J. Tomajer, who had recently returned from overseas, left for a rest camp at Atlantic City, N.J. after spending a 30-day furlough with his parents. Corp. Tomajer has had training at Greensboro, N.C., Cookeville, Tenn., Scott Field, Ill., and received his silver wings at Yuma, Ariz., Dec 10 1944. He was a member of the graduating class of Jefferson central school, 1942, and at the time of his enlistment was employed by Schaffer stores in Schenectady.

Kin of Sidney Residents Safe In Philippines
by Blanche C. Baker - 2196
Sidney - Hugh P. Cooper, son-in-law of Town Clerk and Mrs. H. C. Cole, was among the American prisoners freed from Los Vanos interment camp below Manila, according to a telegram received by Mrs. Grace Cole Cooper, his wife. The telegram came from the provost marshal in Washington, D.C., and informed her that her husband was in fair health. Mr. Cooper was an assistant administrator in the Navy yard at Cavite, outside of Manila, and he had been a prisoner ever since Manila fell to the Japanese. Mrs. Cooper, who resides in Los Angeles, Cal., sent a telegram to her parents informing them of the news. The Cooper family have two sons serving in the war. Cpl. Duane C. Cooper is a photographer in the Air Corps and is in Dutch East Indies. He came to Sidney some time before Pearl Harbor and was employed in Scintilla before entering service. Lt. Hugh M. Cooper is an instructor-pilot at Waco, Tex. He came to America with his mother and sister, Mildred, sailing from Manila Oct 31, 1941. Mrs. Cooper and family resided with her parents for some time after arriving here in December, 1941, and Lt. Cooper graduated from Sidney Central School during that period. Mrs. Cooper and daughter went to California over two years ago.

Unadilla - Capt. Richard Belden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Belden, this place, was recently promoted to that rank at Camp Campbell, Ky. He entered the Army in August, 1942, serving first at Camp Lee, Va., and later attending Officers Candidate school at Ft. Know, Ky. He graduated in February, 1943, and took a special course at Ft. Riley, Kan., before being transferred to Camp Campbell.

Lt. Getman Killed - 2nd Lt. William Getman, son of Mrs. A. A. Getman, Syracuse, and the late Dr. A. A. Getman, was killed in action in France Dec. 11. Sgt. Getman's brother, D.L. Getman, resides at 2 Union St.

Pvt. Leonard J. Kary has arrived in Belgium, according to work received by his mother, Mrs. Stanley Leonard of 89 Center St. Pvt. Kary entered the Army June 15, 1944, and before being sent overseas, was stationed at Camp Wheeler, Ga., and Fort George G. Meade, Md.

Home on Furlough - Pvt. Alma Leib, an Air WAC, stationed at Wright Field, O., is spending a 15-day furlough with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Elias F. Leib, South New Berlin. Pvt. Leib, who entered service in August, 1944, is one of three members of her family in the armed forces. Her brother, PFC Lewis Leib is serving in the South Pacific area, and her sister, Lt. Alice Leib, an Army nurse, is stationed in India.

Unadilla Soldier Earns Battle Star - Unadilla - Corp. Joseph W. Milliken, Unadilla, is authorized to wear an additional Battle Star on his European-Middle East-African campaign theatre ribbon, signifying that he has played a part in the Rome-Arno campaign in northern Italy since Jan. 22, 1944. Corp. Milliken is serving as administrative clerk in a 12th Air force B-25 Mitchel bombardment group which aided the advance of the 5th and 8th Armies by destroying such German-held targets as bridges, airdromes, railroad yards, water transports, harbor installations, beachhead gun positions, ammunition depots, and troop concentrations. In addition to this latest Battle Star, Corp. Milliken is entitled to wear the group's Distinguished Unit badge. Before Corp. Millikens entrance into the service, he was employed in the Unadilla National bank. Mrs. Milliken is a resident of Unadilla and is employed in the law office of Jerome S. Seacord.

Home on Leave - Sea. 2/c Francis Bagnardi is home on a seven-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Bagnardi of 371 Main St. Francis enlisted Oct. 30, 1944, and has just completed his boot training at Sampson Naval Training station.

On Leave at Hub - Cooperstown - Sea. 1/c Earl D. Potter, son of Mr. and Mrs. William L. Potter, Cooperstown, R. D. 3, is spending a 20-day leave with his parents. He recently returned from overseas, having served on a Coast Guard cutter for nine months around England and France. He has two brothers in service. Sea. 2/c Ralph E. Potter, somewhere in the Southwest Pacific, and PFC Harold W. Potter in training at Camp Swift, Tex.

Killed in Action - Sea. 1/c Earle J. Robinson, recently declared dead by the Naval department, is the 31st Oneontan to lose his life in this war.

Pvt. Allen Every, Emmons, Missing in European Area - Pvt. Allen Every, Infantry Co. C, has been reported missing in action in Germany. Since Dec 27, according to word received Sunday by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Every, Emmons. Pvt. Every went into service June 15, 1944 and received his basic training at Camp Croft, S. C. He was sent overseas about Nov. 15.

PFC Hogan, Former Oneontan, Missing - PFC Barney Hogan, former Oneontan, has been reported as missing in Germany since Dec 16, according to a War department message received by his family Thursday night. Hogan was formerly employed by the Associated Electric and Gas Corp., in Oneonta and Norwich. He was reported missing on the same date the Germans achieved penetration of several miles in the American lines, and the fact that he was reported as missing is a strong indication that he was taken prisoner by the Germans. He served with the United States infantry in Europe, entering service in March a year ago, and he has been overseas since Oct. 30.
S/Sgt. Robert Whitney of Roxbury Is Missing - Mrs. Wilma McIntosh Whitney, Roxbury, has received word that her husband, S/Sgt. Robert Whitney, Air Corps, has been missing over Germany since Dec 23. Mrs. Whitney is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Reed McIntosh of Roxbury and the couple have an infant daughter, June. S/Sgt. Whitney is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Whitney of Fleischmanns.
Lt. C. G. Nichols, Oneonta, Wounded in Pacific - Of the 1,979 soldiers reported wounded in action in the Central Pacific and European areas, the name of Lt. Charles G. Nichols, husband of Mrs. Helen B. Nichols, 177 West St., is included. However, Mrs. Nichols has already received word that Lt. Nichols is in a hospital in Hawaii, and has nearly recovered from his wounds. He was a former member of Co. G.

Cooperstown Major Honored - Maj. K. W. Root, Jr. Wins Bronze Star - Cooperstown - Lt. Gen James H. Doolittle, commanding general of the Eighth Air Force, recently awarded the Bronze Star medal to Maj. Kenneth W. Root, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Root, 8 Susquehanna Ave., this village, according to a dispatch from an Eighth Air Force Liberator station in England, received by his parents. Maj. Root is the base engineering officer of that operational ____ bombardment group. His wife, Mrs. Helen Root, during his absence, is residing in Mansfield, La. But during recent weeks she has been a guest of his parents in Cooperstown. Major Root was graduated from Cooperstown High School, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was formerly employed by the Central New York Power Co., as results and test engineer. He entered service in February, 1941, as a private in the Field Artillery, and was commissioned an engineering officer on March 8, 1942. The Bronze Star medal was awarded for his leadership and inventive ability in aiding the successful bombing missions of his bombardment group over Europe. He was a squadron engineering officer of one of the bombardment squadrons and accompanied the group to Africa and the Middle East on special missions wherein he contributed materially to the success of the aerial offensive against the enemy. The presentation was made by his commanding officer, Maj. Lawrence H. Humphrey, Tulsa, Okla. Maj. Root is a cousin of Pilot Edwin S. Bundy, Jr., who was killed in a plane crash at the Greenville, Miss., pilot school Wednesday.

Home From Pacific - Corp. Carl Delberta, who served 18 months in the Pacific area, is spending a brief furlough with his wife, 15 Fonda Ave., before leaving for Camp Upton, L.I., where he will receive reassignment orders. One of the leading professional welterweight boxers in the United States prior to being inducted into the Army about 23 months ago, Corp. Delberta served in Australia and New Guinea. He participated in five bouts in Australia.

Weds Soldier - PhM 2/c Betty Lance, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Lance, 3 Watkins Ave., recently became the bride of Corp. Thomas J. Kennedy, U.S.M.C.

Back From Alaska - Sgt. Harry S. Ditmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie G. Ditmore, 132 Chestnut St., has arrived home on furlough after nearly two years in Alaska.

Married in Franklin - Franklin - PFC Ada M. Foster, daughter of Mrs. Hazel Foster, Nowich, and Ph. M 3/c Alfred Ruling, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ruling, this place, were married recently at the Methodist church in Sidney.

Jan 13 1945
In Philippines - Christmas Dinner Climaxed by Raid - An air raid climaxed the Christmas eve festivities of A. M. Learned, city editor of The Star, on leave, now connected with the press relations section of the American Red Cross, according to a letter received by his wife, 75 Maple. Mr. Learned is stationed somewhere in the Philippines. In a letter received here he told of having dinner with a Filipino family at their home which was just a thatched-roofed shack, although they had electric lights. The dinner consisted of steak, cooked Filipino style, and numerous native dishes, served with modern chinaware and silver. Mr. Learned said the table was covered with a snow-white table cloth which was quite a luxury for them who had been accustomed to standing in a chow line and eating in a hut with the bare ground as a floor. They had scarcely finished their dinner when the red alert sounded, signifying that enemy planes were over. Watching from a window they sighted the first plane and saw it hit. The crowds roared, "They got it!" and the plane burst into white, glaring light as it exploded and plummeted into the sea. All during the raid and above the ack-ack, the American soldiers could be heard singing Christmas carols. Mr. Learned expects to be home soon on leave.

Out of Army - Gilbertsville - Tech. Sgt. Ward Seeman, son of Arthur Seeman, has received his hohnorable discharge from the Army. Entering the service May 15, 1941, he went overseas July 16, 1942, and was attached to the Air corps. Sergeant Seeman saw service in Algiers, Morocco Egype, Libya, Sicily and Italy.

Jan 13 1945
List of Five
Robert G. Bolton, A.R.T., is spending a 14-day leave with his father, Ernest W. Bolton, and family, East End. He recently finished a course of training at the Naval Aircraft Technical School, Corpus Christi, Tex., and has been assigned for further training at Minneapolis, Minn. A graduate of Oneonta High School, he was a student at Hartwick College before entering the service.
Sea. 1/c Harold R. Pattengill is spending a 15-day leave with his wife, 15 Main St., and his mother, Mrs. J. D. Pattengill, 10 West End Ave. Sea. Pattengill, attached to Aviation Ordnance Maintenance, is stationed at St. Alameda, Cal., and returns to duty Jan. 25. Mrs. Pattengill will accompany him.
Pine Camp - Corp. Donald A. Edwards, son of Frank Edwards of Norwich and a graduate of Hartwick college is a potential Army officer since he has been selected to attend the Medical Administration Corps Officer's Candidate School at Carlisle Barracks, Pa. Corp. Edwards will take a four months' course and if it is successfully completed he will be granted a second lieutenant's commission. Entering the service Aug. 8, 1942 at Potsdam, where he was a member of the school faculty, Corp. Edwards was a member of the Albany induction team prior to being assigned to Pine Camp, where he is serving as a classification specialist and stenographer in the 1210th Special Training Unit.
Lt. Col Howard Archer, former commander of Co. F., Walton, has advised his wife by cablegram that he "is well and safe" at a base in the Southwest Pacific.
PFC Myron E. McIlwain, son of Mr. and Mrs. William mcIlwain, 24 Broad, has arrived in England, according to word received by his family. Prior to going overseas he was stationed at Camp Shelby, Miss.

Given Discharge - Gilbertsville - Cpl. Milo B. Hopkins, AAF, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hopkins, received his honorable discharge from the Army September 14. Entering the Army Dec. 19, 1941, he was overseas for 34 months serving in Africa and Italy.

Wins Promotion
Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Morrison, 6 Division St., have received word that their daughter, has been promoted to that rank. Lt. (jg) Morrison, a graduate of STC, taught in Bainbridge Central School three years before entering the service in August, 1943. She is stationed in New York.

Returns to Service - HA 1/c Betty R. Brown has returned to the Naval hospital at Bethesda, Md., after spending a seven-day leave with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Brown, Delhi. She was formerly employed at Flack's Drug store and was active in the A.W. V. S.

Jan 26 - 1946

25 Leave Here for Induction Center at Albany
First row: Augustus Pangman, Oneonta; Harry W. Knapp, West Oneonta; Stephen VanDusen, Theodore Paro, Joseph G. Marfio, Robert A. Alley, Oneonta; DeForest VanGorder, Charles O. Frisby, Unadilla; Robert L. Stanton, Oneonta.
Second row: Olin S. Angell, Mt. Upton; Arthur C. Hoag, Morris; Frank W. Reams, Schenevus; Harold E. Barrett, Oneonta; Godden C. Webster, Unadilla; Richard E. Collier, Oneonta; Robert L. Jones, Unadilla.
Third row: Alford C. Parker, Jr., Robert E. Ellsworth, Howard J. Coons, Jr. John R. Michaels, Oneonta; David V. Seaman, Gilbertsville; Edgar R. Southern, Raymond W. Groves, Jr., James E. Groves, Raymond L. Eggler, Oneonta.
Board 404 Sends 25 For Induction
Twenty-five from local board 404 left Friday for the induction center at Albany. At a farewell ceremony, they heard a short talk by Rev. James Guthrie, United Presbyterian pastor, at the Palace Theatre. Assistant Fire Chief Joseph Scanlon and Edwin Moore also gave short talks.
"What are you taking with you?" Mr. Guthrie asked. "You are limited to the amount of cash you can carry, and the few clothes you take you will send back home.
"But here are some things," he continued, "that you can take with you. A sense of humor which is worth more than any amount of cash. It will carry you along when the going is tough. You can take a store of memories, of your loved ones, your friends, and your community. Cherish those memories.
"Your self respect, too. Be proud of your uniform. Take good care of your self respect and bring it back with you.
"Take God's word with you," "Mr. Guthrie continued, and here he mentioned the Gideon Bible each man would receive on leaving the theatre. "Take the glorious privilege of prayer, and - you can take God with you!"

Pvt. Anthony Drago
PFC Anthony C. Drago Is Reported Missing
PFC Anthony C. Drago, attached to the 106th Infantry division, has been missing in action since Dec. 21, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Drago, 43 Dietz St. He had been overseas since Oct. 15, 1944.

Oneonta Brothers In Army
Pvt. Everett E. Palmeter - Pvt. Burton Palmeter
Two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Palmeter, 83 Center St, are serving in the Army. Pvt Everett Earl Palmeter is serving in the Medical Corps in France. He entered the service Feb. 2, 1943, and received basic training at Camp Pickett, Va., further training at Camp Rucker, Ala., and went overseas Sept. 1, 1943. Pvt. Burton Palmeter entered the service June 2, 1943, and received basic training at Fort Bliss, Tex. He was stationed at Camp Cook, Cal., and Camp McCoy, Wis., prior to going overseas Dec. 1, 1944. He is serving with the infantry in France.

Corp. Potter Home
Corp. Ronald S. Potter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark A. Potter, 10 Watkins Ave., is spending a 21-day rotation furlough with his parents after extended service in India. He will report to the Lake Placid redistribution center for reassignment. Corp. Potter has been in service since April, 1941.

Gurtner - Couch - Duald - Rogers
Sgt. Gurtner, Formerly Of Walton, Missing
Word has been received here that Sgt. Herman Gurtner, former Walton store clerk, has been missing in action on the Western Front since Dec. 25, 1944. Before entering the armed forces in April, 1943, Sgt Gurtner was also employed as a clerk in a market at Sidney. Sgt. Gurtner was transferred abroad about Nov. 1, 1944. Upon entering the Army he received basic training at Camp ?Blanding, Fla., and was later at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Ark. Sgt. Gurtner's wife, the former Miss Grace Finch, makes her home with a sister, Mrs. Irene Henderson, Margaretville. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Finch Vega.
Edward Couch, Roxbury, Is Killed in Action
Mrs. Forrest D. Couch, Roxbury, has received word that her brother-in-law, Edward Couch, was killed in action Jan. 9.
Cpl. R. L. Duald, Roxbury, Missing in Germany
Word is received from Mrs. Thomas J. Riley, Roxbury, who is spending the winter in Bradenton, Fla., that her son-in-law, Cpl. Robert L. Duald, has been missing in action since Dec. 21 in Germany. Mrs. Riley's daughter lives in Columbus, Ohio, and she expects soon to go to Columbus to be with her.
T/5 C. Rogers, Hartwick, Is Wounded in Germany
Mrs. Agnes Rogers, Hartwick, R.D.2, has received word from the War Department, Washington, D.C. that her grandson, T/5 Charles S. Rogers, who was wounded Jan. 9 in the right forearm, is confined to the Hospital Plant Unit, somewhere in Germany.

Says Dog "Bumped" Him From Plane
S 1/c Leon LeRoy, 18 talks with his mother, Mrs. Al LeRoy at Antioch, Cal., upon returning home with a story that he, an Army sergeant, and a Seabee were "bumped off" an Army plane at Memphis, Tenn., to make room for a dog which he said was consigned to Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt (Faye Emerson), daughter-in-law of the President.

Mrs. Roosevelt's Dog
This English bull mastiff recently delivered to Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt in Hollywood is a present confined in a commercial kennel. Seaman First Class Leon LeRoy, 18, told the American Red Cross chapter at Antioch, Cal., he , an Army sergeant, and a Seabee had been "bumped off" an Army plane at Memphis, Tenn., to make room for a dog consigned to Mrs. Roosevelt. (AP Wirephoto.)

'Regrettable Error,' Says White House of Dog Priority
Washington (AP) The White House Thursday stamped the high-priority travels of Elliott Roosevelt's bull mastiff as a "regrettable combination of errors" - but indicated no one will be put in the doghouse.
Stephen Early, Presidential press secretary, said nobody in the executive offices had anything to do with giving the huge pet a rating high enough to get three servicemen bumped off an Army transport plane in Memphis, Jan. 11.
The President's second son, an Air Forces colonel, said in London he had nothing to do with air transportation priority for the dog Blaze which was sent to his bride, Actress Faye Emerson, in Hollywood.
"I should say that somewhere down the line somebody has made a mistake," was the comment of War Sec. Stimson when he was asked about the matter at his news conference.
Maj. Gen. Harold L. George, commander of the Army Air Transport command, said after a preliminary investigation that there had been "an error of judgment," and that procedure would be changed so that there will be no more such mistakes. But he didn't say who made the error nor what sort it was.
Rep. Hoffman (R-Mich) meanwhile brought travels of Blaze to the attention of Congress, reading a letter from a serviceman complaining of long service abroad and commenting:
"I wonder what he would think if he knew that three men who might have been his buddies were put off a plane because Col. Roosevelt's dog was aboard."
Asked whether any punitive action were being considered against any persons who may have put the priority rating on the mastiff's crate, Early answered in the negative.
He added that certainly nothing of that sort is contemplated for Sea. Leon LeRoy, who first disclosed at his home in Antioch, Calif., Wednesday that he and two others had had to get off the plane to make way for high priority freight while the dog stayed aboard.
LeRoy's mother, saying that the matter "sort of frightens us," had expressed concern lest it affect her son's status in the Navy.
T/Sgt. Dave Aks, veteran of the China-Burma-India war theatre, identified himself in Riverside, Calif., as another of those bumped off the plane. Riding on a "C" priority, he was en route to visit his wife, who was ill.
The third man who lost his seat in Memphis had not come forward, but at Granite City, Ill., Mrs. Ola Vee Nix said her husband, Maurice Nix, a navy carpenter's mate, wrote her from San Francisco that his trip back to duty was delayed because he could not board the plane in Dallas. Nix had been home visiting his four children, who were ill.
Mrs. Al Leroy, mother of the Antioch sailor, said her son had been given a five-day extension of leave, now being due to rejoin his ship Jan. 27 instead of Jan. 22. He lost his papers in the Memphis transfer, she said, and it took a telegram from his superior officer to get him out of custody of the shore patrol in Little Rock, Arl, where he was held two days.
Who put the "A" priority rating on the dog crate, which Aks said occupied "almost all of four seats." Was not determined, though Early said it apparently was done here in Washington.
There was no explanation here as to how it all started, but a War department spokesman said it is not customary to carry pets on Army cargo planes.

Ends Training
Sea. 2/c George R. Miller, son of Stephen Miller, Portlandville, has completed boot training. He is a home on a seven-day leave and is to report Tuesday for further assignment. Sea. Miller graduated from Milford High School in June, 1944 and entered the Navy in November.

Jan 14 - 1945
Fesler in New Guinea
T/5 Earl W. Fesler, AAF has arrived in New Guinea, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. Robert Fesler, 30 East. His brother, Corp. Darwin R. Fesler, is in New Caledonia.

PFC E. C. Hayden Dies of Wounds
Cooperstown - A War department message received by Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hayden, Middlefield, Tuesday, brought them the information of the death of their son, PFC Edward C. Hayden, in France, June 17, as the result of wounds received in the invasion. A previous message July 7 had informed them that he had been seriously wounded in action, and that they might send him a short cablegram. The cable had been written, but had not been sent when the message of his death was received.
Requiem high mass will be said for the deceased paratrooper in St. Marys church Monday at 9:30 am, and on July 22 at 9 am a high mass will be offered for him in St. Thomas church, Cherry Valley. All friends may attend these masses.
The young paratrooper, a native of Waterville, had just passed his 20th birthday. The family has had its home in Middlefield for five years, although all were employed in war or activities in Utica until the sons entered military service. PFC Hayden enlisted Nov. 11, 1942.
Surviving are the parents, two older brothers in the Marine corps, South Pacific, Corp. Harold Hayden who enlisted Sept. 14, 1942, and PFC Francis Hayden, who enlisted Dec 9 of the same year. At home remain a sister, Shirley, and a brother, Jack.
The sincere sympathy of a wide circle of friends of the young paratrooper will go out to his fiancée and the members of his family.

Jan 19 1945
List of 10
F 1/c Walter M. Fritts, son of Mrs. Helen Fritts, 12 Richards Ave., has reported to a Naval station in California after spending a seven-day leave with his mother and his two children. F 1/c Fritts has just completed advanced training at Sampson naval Training station. Prior to entering the Navy, he was employed at the Scintilla Magneto plant, Sidney.
ARM 2/c Carey Wilson of West Winfield, formerly of Hartwick, is spending a 15-day leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Wilson, of Leonardsville. He is stationed at Jacksonville, Fla.
ARM 2/c Wilson began his Naval training at Sampson, was sent to Jacksonville for training as a radio aerial gunner. An instructor since March 1944, he received his present rating last August. He is a graduate of Hartwick high School.
Allen Scott, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L. Scott of West Davenport, has enlisted in the Navy, and will report to the Albany station this week to receive assignment orders. Mr. Scott, who attended Oneonta High School, was formerly employed by the Oneonta Dairy Co.
Davenport - PFC Carlton Fancher was recently promoted to that rank in the Philippines, according to word received by his wife. He had been overseas a year and received basic training at Camp Croft, S.C.
Corp. Richard J. Eckert, Fort Monmouth, N.ZJ. is spending three-day furlough with his wife and parents at his home, 68 East St.
Corp. Carl L. Morse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morse, Mt. Vision, is home on furlough. He is stationed at Camp Wheeler, Ga.
Pvt. Thomas Nielsen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nielsen, 5 Telford St., has been transferred from Camp Beale, Cal., to Camp Livingston, La., according to word received by his parents.
Laurens - PFC Clarence Wellman, who is serving overseas, has been hospitalized with a foot injury, according to word received by his wife, Mrs. Betty Wellman.
Roxbury - Ph. M. 2/c John W. Barrus recently received an honorable discharge after six years service. He is visiting his mother, Mrs. Nellie Barrus, and sister, Mrs. Ivan Taylor, Roxbury, for a few days, before going to his home in Florida. It was the first time his sister had seen him in four years. Hew as in the D-day invasion of France.
New Lisbon - Sgt. Ardo W. Coats was recently promoted in France, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Coats. Sgt. Coats entered the Army Dec. 1, 1942, and went overseas in April of last year.

Jan 18 1945
Sgt. James Johnston
Sgt. James H. Johnston, son of Mrs. Florence Johnston, West New York, N.J., is spending a 21-day delay enroute leave with his uncle, Edward R. Johnston, 2 1/2 Grand St. Sgt. Johnston enlisted in April, 1941, and served in Hawaii prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. A veteran of the Marshall Islands invasion, he wears the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon with a bronze star and the Good Conduct ribbon. He arrived in California Dec. 23 and will report to Lake Placid for reassignment.

S/Sgt Irving Doyle
S/Sgt Irving Doyle, arrived here Friday to spend a 12-day furlough with his brother, Henry Doyle, Oneonta R.D.2. Sgt. Doyle went into service with Co. G., National guard, in October, 1940, and was sent to Fort McClelland, Ala. After war was declared he served in the Hawaiian Marshall, and Mariana Islands.

T/Sgt. Flory Scorzafava
Flory Scorzafava has been promoted to technical sergeant, according to word received by his mother, Mrs. Samuel Scorzafava, 105 River St. She also received the Purple Heart which her son received for wounds suffered during the invasion of France July 13. He was inducted March 21, 1941, and was promoted to corporal while on maneuvers in the Carolinas. On April 1, 1942, he received his promotion to staff sergeant. He was sent to a hospital in England after being wounded, and is now somewhere in the European theatre.
Sgt. Flory Scorzafava Wounded for Second Time
T/Sgt. Flory Scorzafava, son of Mr. and Mrs. Santos Scorzafava, 105 River St., was wounded in Germany March 27. This is his second wound, the first being received in France July 13. He entered service March 21, 1941, and has been overseas for more than two years.
Sgt. Flory Scorzafava Wounded for Second Time

Pfc. Frank Saggese Slightly Hurt in Germany
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Saggese, 45 South Main St., have received a telegram from the War Department stating that their son, Pfc. Frank Saggese, was slightly wounded March 26 in Germany. He is in a hospital in Belgium. Pfc. Saggese had been in service for two years and went overseas with a paratrooper unit in August, 1944. He has three brothers in service, S/Sgt. Ralph, in the Pacific, and Ernest and Patrick in the Merchant Marine.

Jan 19 1945
On Way West
(Warnken photo)
Sea. 1/c Edward J. Nolan
Sea. 1/c Edward J. Nolan left recently for California after spending six days with his mother, Mrs. Ruth L. Nolan, and grandmother, Mrs. Margaret Slater, 10 Reynolds Ave. Sea. Nolan recently graduated from the radio school at Northwestern university, Evanston, Ill.
New Lisbon - PFC Roland Goodspeed has arrived in England, according to a letter received by his sister, Mrs. Glenn Saunders.
Pvt. George B. Grant has been transferred from Fort Dix, N.J. to Camp Wheeler, Ga., according to word received by his mother, Mrs. Pauline Loudon, 192 Main St.
Pvt. Donald H. Pratt left Monday night for Sioux Falls, S.D., where he will take a radio engineering and gunnery course. Pvt. And Mrs. Pratt arrived last Wednesday night from Avon Park, Fla. Mrs. Pratt will remain with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Decker, 156 River St., for a short visit, and will then join her husband in Sioux Falls.
Male Ensign
Ens. John L. Baker
John L. Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Baker, 63 Ford Ave., Oneonta, graduated recently from the Naval Air Training base, Corpus Christi, Tex., and was commissioned an ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. He is a former student of Hartwick College.
Sea. 2/c James Mahar, who has been spending a short furlough with his mother, Mrs. Helen Johnson, 280 Chestnut St., returns to Sampson Naval base tonight.
Sidney - Sea 1/c Alfred W. Compton, after spending a ten-day leave with his uncle, Ross Church, this village, has returned to the Pacific war theatre. He has served 16 months on an aircraft carrier.
F 1/c Ernest Johnson, 11 1/2 Pearl St., is home on a five-day leave with his wife and two children. He recently returned from three months overseas duty aboard an escort sweeper in the European theatre. Inducted into the Navy in December, 1943, F 1/c Johnson served at Sampson Naval base and in various camps in the United States before being assigned to overseas duty.

McPhail Assigned
S/Sgt. Russell F. McPhail and others
S/Sgt. Russell F. McPhail, son of Mr. and Mrs. George E. McPhail, 26 High St., who recently returned to the United States after eight months in the European area as a ball turret gunner on a heavy bomber with the Eighth Air force, has reported for duty at the Army Air base, Amarillo Tex. Sgt McPhail completed 25 missions, and was awarded the Air medal and three Oak Leaf clusters.
Sidney - Pvt. Robert Phillips, who has been stationed at Sioux Falls, S.D., spent a few days at the home of his mother, Ms. Anna Phillips, last week. It was his first visit home since his enlistment in March, 1944. He went to Lincoln, Neb., on his return to duty.
Sidney - T/5 Kenneth Palmer of Camp Edwards, Mass., returned to duty Saturday after a three-day visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Palmer.
Sidney - Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pittet have received a letter from their son, RM 3/c M. Louis Pittit., California, mentioning he had spent Christmas in Cuba and New Year's day in Panama, and that his crew on the ship had been dinner guests of Errol Flynn, movie star.
Sidney - PFC Ralph Huyck met a classmate from Potsdam State Teachers College who was directing an Air Force band in Africa at Christmas time. This friend asked Pvt. Huyck to become a member of the band and later, Lt. Charles Brooks of Sidney was surprised when he too recognized a friend of his playing in this band.
Sidney - Sea. 2/c Irene Webb, wife of Andrew Webb, Unadilla, formerly of Sidney, has completed her training at Hunter College and is now at Stillwater, Okla., attending the Yeoman School of A. & M. College. Seaman Webb, with her husband, resided in Sidney for several years, going to Unadilla not long before she joined the WAVES. She was organist at Sidney Methodist Church and active in community circles. Her training at Stillwater will take three months.

Joyce in England and others
Pvt. Thomas Joyce
Pvt. Thomas Joyce, who was a painter and decorator prior to his induction into the Army two years ago, has arrived in England, according to word received by his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. William Joyce, 66 River St. Pvt Joyce received his training at Camp McCain and Camp VanDorn, Miss. His brother, Pvt. Merton Joyce is a prisoner of war in Germany.
2nd Lt. Albert S. DeLong, son of Arthur S. DeLong, Worcester, was commissioned on successful completion of the Fort Benning, Ga., Infantry Officer Candidate School, Lt. DeLong was inducted Dec. 9, 1943, and served at Camp Robinson, Ark., before going to the school. His rank prior to being commissioned was corporal. Lt. DeLong is a graduate of Worcester High School and Hartwick College, where he was a member of AKE fraternity.
1st Lt. Charles J. Brucken, husband of Mrs. Verna A. Brucken, 428 Main St., has been awarded the Bronze Star, it was announced by headquarters of the First Army.
Pvt. Walter H. Stewart, Jr., son of W. H. Stewart, Stamford, has graduated from the gunnery department of the Armored school at Fort Knox, Ky. During the course at the school, Pvt. Stewart learned to repair and maintain all guns used in the armored divisions, including 75 mm. Cannon which are mounted on half tracks and medium tanks.
Corp. Leal M. Ryndes is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Ryndes, 72 Ford Ave. Corp. Ryndes spent 22 months in Panama and is now stationed with a B-29 group at Tinker Field, Okla.
Pvt. Roberta Mills has completed basic training at Ft. Ogelthorpe, Ga. And arrived Monday night to spend a short furlough with her mother, Mrs. R.G. McRorie, 97 Elm St. Pvt. Mills has been assigned to Fitzsimmons General hospital, Denver, Col., where she will study physical therapy. She entered the service Oct. 25
Joyce at Camp VanDorn

Jan 18 1945

Otego Girl Weds Soldier
T/5 and Mrs. Clyde Christian
T/5 and Mrs. Clyde Christian were married in Otego Jan. 14. Mrs. Christian is the former Miss Myra Oliver of Otego.

Nurse, Overseas Three Years, Home
Charlotteville - Lt. Marjory E. Truax, A.N.C., who has been overseas for three and one-half years, is in this country on a 30 day furlough, and is spending some time at the home of here parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Truax, Charlotteville. Lt. Truax spent two years in Iceland, sent there with the first unit going out, an outfit of 75 doctors and nurses. Her next assignment was in England where her hospital was moved to take care of wounded German prisoners of war. Last Christmas day, she was ordered home. She journeyed to Scotland where she boarded a ship carrying 1,700 wounded American soldiers. She said it took three days to get the wounded boys aboard. Lt. Truax said the men were in fine spirits, especially when the ship entered New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty was sighted. When Lt. Truax' leave expires she will awit orders for her return abroad. She expects to be sent to France.

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