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Stephen and Mary Ann (Brown) Whitman

These are very early tin-type photos of Stephen Whitman and his wife Mary Ann Brown - both of their families (Elijah Whitman and Collins Brown) were early settlers of the Masonville area. I have known photos of the older Stephen and am positive that the tin-type photo of the man is him, however have no photos of Mary Ann, but since these were together as a pair, am pretty certain that the woman's photo is Mary Ann. She died in 1877 just as photography was taking off.

Below is some background info about Stephen and Mary Whitman that was gleamed from this wonderful site, and family stories:

Stephen Whitman's father Elijah Whitman (1784 - 1864) moved from Ballston, Saratoga Co, New York to Masonville, Delaware, New York around the early 1800's with his wife Mary Young and large family. Elijah was an early settler of Delaware County and the 1810 U.S. Census shows that he was living in Sidney, Delaware, NY. He settled in the Masonville area where he raised his family and made a living as a farmer.

Stephen was born on May 1, 1808 in Ballston Spa, Saratoga County, NY and moved to Masonville with his family when he was only a year old. He married Mary Ann Brown (born on March 22, 1812 in Masonville) on July 3, 1834 and raised a large family in the Masonville area.

Mary Ann Brown's father Collins Brown (1770 - 1840), along with his wife Margaret Chapin (1776 - 1841) was another early settler of the Masonville area. Collins was one of eight founding members of the first Baptist Church in 1810. Mary Ann Brown was born in Masonville, NY on March 22, 1812 and died on May 1, 1877 while still living in Masonville. Stephen out lived his wife and passed away on February 4, 1894.

Stephen and Mary Ann (Brown) Whitman raised 6 daughters and 4 sons: Marie E. (1835 - 1906), Louise C. (1837 - 1906), Sarah Ann (1839 - 1896), James F. (1841 - 1883), Rufus S. (1843 - 1914). Harvey W. (1843 - 1912), Bertha E. (1848 - 1890), Samantha A (1851 - 1919), Emma Francela (1853 - 1933), and John E. (1858 - 1924).

Elijah Whitman's brother Ichabod also settled in the Masonville area and his second wife, Patty Brown, is Mary Ann Brown's oldest sister. Ichabod and Stephen's families had double family ties. For a number of years well into the mid 1900's there were Whitman/Brown family reunions.

submitted by Louise Chen, August 8, 2008

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