The 144th Regiment, New York State Volunteers

Delaware County, New York
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144th regimental flag
Regimental Flag of the 144th

More Photographs

The purpose of this project is to collect and provide information about the 144th Regiment of the New York Volunteer Infantry. If you have any information or material related to the 144th, such as web site links, stories, biographies, photographs, old letters, accounts of battles, please contact Gary Myers, Coordinator, 144th NY Enthusiasts Group.

If you are interested in volunteering to help build this web site, I need your help! Please e-mail me.

Colonel Hughston
Robert S. Hughston

Formation of the 144th NY

After heavy losses of men on both sides during the first year of the Civil War, President Lincoln in 1862 issued a call for an additional 300,000 men. Subsequently, New York State Governor Edwin D. Morgan issued a proclamation for volunteers on 2 July 1862. Originally, the counties of Delaware, Schoharie and Schenectady were grouped to form one regiment. On 6 August 1862, a rally was held in Delhi to recruit soldiers. So strong was the fervor that Delaware county raised enough men for an entire regiment. A total of 1,409 men signed up for duty; 852 were from Delaware County. Robert S. Hughston was appointed Colonel.

Selected Links

Companies of the 144th NY A listing of the 10 companies of the regiment with names of towns from which they were formed.

Officers of the 144th NYPhotographs of the Officers of the 144th NY (317k)

Itinerary of the 144th NY A listing of the dates and places of encampments.

1899 Reunion
"The 144th Takes the Town" from the Military section of the Walton House Hotel website

Photographs Kay Nishimura has submitted the first photo. It shows three soldiers; is one of them your ancestor?

Name lookup Bob Taylor has offered to look up specific individuals in James Harvey McKee's history of the 144th.

The Battle of Honey HillThis South Carolina battle was a major engagement of the 144th; this link provides recent color photographs.

A total of 133 men were killed, died from wounds or disease, or were missing in action while the 144th was stationed in South Carolina.

Index to 144th interments at Beaufort
An index to the grave locations for the 88 men of the 144th buried in the cemetery.

Grave locations of all soldiers buried at Beaufort National Cemetery
Not yet available. See above for the 144th NY soldiers.

Beaufort National Cemetery
Most of the 144th who died in the South during the war are buried here; color photographs depict this beautiful cemetery.

Letters of John A. Salton
Three letters written by a 144th NY soldier from the battlefield courtesy of R.C. Dix

Story about Leonard Huguenin
A 144th NY soldier finds a family home burning in South Carolina - courtesy of Julius Huguenin

The Search for Corporal Daniel H. Myers
A story about finding a long-lost Civil War relative in the national cemetery system.

Photos from the Military History Institute
The MHI has 27,000 photos of Civil War soldiers and a searchable database

Locating your ancestor in any U.S. military cemetery
The Veterans Administration will perform research for you.

South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust
This 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization seeks to restore and conserve South Carolina's Civil War sites.

Map of Hilton Head, Honey Hill and Beaufort, S.C.
The 144th was stationed at Hilton Head from June 1864 to June 1865

Fort Walker
A photograph of the main fort at Hilton Head Island.

New York Civil War Regiments Online
A comprehensive listing of links to more than 50 New York Civil War Units

Grand Army of the Republic Posts of Delaware County
The GAR was a multi-faceted organization founded in 1866 by Union Army Surgeon Benjamin Franklin Stephenson.

Other Civil War web site links
There are many good Civil War web sites; try these.

National Archives Records Administration (NARA)
NARA can provide a wealth of military and other historical information.

How to request information from NARA about your ancestors
Bob Taylor has written a "how to" guide on this process

Delaware County Historical Association
The DCHA is well worth visiting if you get to Delhi, NY.

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Copyright 1997, 1998
Gary W. Myers
All rights reserved

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