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This is a "new" item with an old date. I transcribed it from the Looking Back page of the Oct 6, 2000 edition of the Walton Reporter. --Allan Davidson, November 6, 2000

Note: Permission to use on the Delaware Genealogy and History Site granted by the Walton Reporter, November 6, 2000

100 Years Ago
Saturday, Oct. 6, 1900
Are warmly received and Royally Entertained

One of the Most Successful Reunions in Years
Over Three Hundred Veterans Present

On Thursday of last week, September 27, the 144th New York Volunteers of the war of the rebellion held a reunion in Stamford. The weather was auspicious and on Wednesday the veterans began to arrive and continued until ten o'clock Thursday. Every train on the Ulster and Delaware brought its full quota from the different towns through which that line passes. They came also by livery and by private conveyance until by noon 300 of the surviving members of Delaware county's regiment had gathered together for one more reunion, for one more hand clasp, for one more look into the face of the comrades of the camp, the march, the bivouac and the battlefield.

Besides the veterans of the 144th many veterans from other organizations were present, probably 100. Among the number Col. Comack, J.K. Hood and H.E. Stoutenberg of Delhi.

The reunion was held on the 38th anniversary of the "muster in" of the Regiment into the service of the United States for three years or during the war. It is estimated that the names of nearly 2,000 men have been bourne upon her rolls and when the war was over every man was accounted for on the "muster out." Now it is exceedingly difficult to locate many of them. Some are in California, Colorado, Oregon, in the Philippines, in Hawaii. In fact in almost every state or territory of the union.

There is a regimental organization and the officers try to keep the name and address of every member and sad indeed was the answer in so many cases to the inquiry for members-- dead. The dread reaper has been busy not only with the file but with those holding rank. The beloved Col. Lewis, who met with boys in Walton four years ago, has crossed over and joined the grand army above.

Showers on Wednesday night laid the dust and cleared the air and the day was just perfect. The old soldiers were welcomed in every way right royally. A banner hanging across the street with the inscription, "Welcome to the old soldiers," was conspicuous and the people strove in every way to verify the promise.

Every veteran was cared for by the people from the time of their arrival until their departure. The public meetings were held in the new opera house built this summer, the finest structure of its kind by all odds in the county. A bounteous dinner was served at noon by the young ladies of Stamford. Carriages were provided and all the visiting soldiers were given free rides all about the village and picturesque environment.

Dr. Churchill gave a very fine and patriotic address that was frequently accented by loud applause. M.W. Marvin of Walton responded in a short address and then the president introduced the principal speaker of the afternoon, C.L. Andrus of Stamford, who delivered a very fine address and was frequently applauded by the thousand soldiers and their friends who had assembled to honor the men who wore the blue from '61 to '65. Mr. Andres was vociferously applauded when he said the Spanish war had united the country and those who wore the blue and those who wore the gray and their sons fought side by side in Puerto Rico and Cuba. One of the features of the occasion was the singing of the "'Star Spangled Banner," by a chorus of over a hundred voices with piano accompaniment.

Rev. J. Harvey McKee, now of Aurora, Ohio, has been for years gathering material for a history of the regiment and he announced that he had completed the work and that the manuscript was now ready for the printer. A large book containing the name of every member of the regiment and a descriptive list was presented by and voted by the assembly to be deposited in the county clerks office for preservation. Comrade McKee also spoke feelingly of the associations of camp life, of marches and battles of Fort Wagner, Honey Hill and of the tattered flag, now in Albany, presented by the ladies of Delaware county in all its glorious beauty returned in '65 without a stain of dishonor.

S.B. Champion, the veteran editor of the Mirror, though crippled in body is sound in mind and no jot or tittle of his mental has abated, was greeted by all very kindly for his welcome was sincere. "Boys, I want to see you all," and everybody believed him.

Stamford, the gem of the Delaware. Her enterprising businessmen, her intelligent citizens, her handsome women, her pure air, her environment all make her unique among the villages of the country, north, south, east or west. We all felt that it was good to have been there.

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