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Going through a box of old family photos recently I ran across this one. And I love this image.

By the appearance of the uniforms I am fairly certain it is a Treadwell, NY baseball team from the late 19th or early 20th century. But no exact date appears. To find out more information I did some snooping on the web but could not find any organization in the town (village, hamlet?) of Treadwell to contact. So, discovering that Treadwell, NY is in Delaware county I took a chance & contacted your outfit. Just hoped you might be interested and perhaps informative. I cannot identify any of the players but maybe someone using your service can.

On the back of the cardboard on which the photo is mounted is stamped, "Photo by Chas. T. Telford, Meridale, NY". Which is how I figured out that the players were probably from Treadwell, New York since Meridale, Treadwell & Davenport are all close to one another. Additionally on the back, in faint pencil in a very neat handwriting, is written, "Treadwell defeated (undecipherable) 16-1 today". There is also written in pencil in another handwriting an unreadable name. That's it for identification.

If someone can shine further light on the date, location, people or circumstance, please e-mail Joyce Riedinger so additional information may be attached to this photo. Thank you! -- Jerome Nast, Austin, Texas

PS - If Ms. Goodfellow or anyone else responding to the picture would like a higher resolution file, I would be happy to furnish it.

submitted by Jerome Nast - posted to this website 18 February 2013

from Sally Goodfellow Charlotte NC, March 15, 2013
When I saw this photo I immediately spotted my grandfather, John Howard Whitney (front, far left). After graduation from Stamford Seminary in 1893, he taught school at Treadwell and became principal in 1896. In 1898 he married Bertha Wheat, of Treadwell. My brother, John R. Whitney, submitted many items to the dcny website, including a photograph of Treadwell Public School brochure for 1896-97 that lists our grandfather's name as principal. Our father, Howard Erwin Whitney, John Howard's son, was born in Treadwell in 1900. The family left in 1902. Putting these facts together would date the photo to the late 1890s. Many thanks to Jerome Nast for sending it to Delaware County! .....Sally Goodfellow, Charlotte NC

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