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From "Landmarks of Steuben County" by Hon. Harlo Hakes 1896. Submitted by Annette Campbell, February 14, 2002

D. S. Drake is a native of Genesee county, and came to Steuben county in 1861 or 1862, and came to Corning in 1870, where he has since been interested principally in the coal mining and lumber trade. In 1872 he married Mary Tillotson of Delaware county, by whom he had two children: George Willis, born in 1876, and Frances, born in 1882. He is a director in the Corning Stove Works, was for two years supervisor, and is a member of the Board of Education. He is also cashier of the First National Bank of Corning.
Samuel Olmsted was born in Columbia county, NY, December 15, 1829, the youngest of six children born to Samuel and Lydia (Wellman) Olmsted, both natives of Sidney, Delaware county, NY, born in 1789 and 1796 respectively. The parents of Samuel, Sr., were Samuel and Lorena (Bunce) Olmsted, he a native of East Haddam, CT, and she of Columbia county, NY. The great-grandfather of Samuel (our subject), Samuel Olmsted, came to East Haddam, CT, in 1767, afterward settling in Columbia county, NY, and received a deed of land from King George of England. He was in the French and Indian and the Revolutionary wars. The father of our subject was reared on a farm at Canaan, where he was engaged in farming until 1857, when he came to Troupsburg (Steuben county, NY-AC), where he died in July, 1872. Mrs. Olmsted died in 1846. Samuel, Jr., was reared on the farm and was for six years engaged in railroading, since which time he has followed farming. His farm consists of 200 acres and he makes a specialty of dairying. In 1859 he married Abigail D., daughter of Henry and Louisa (Bartow) Bates, both natives of Greene, Chenango county, NY, born in 1806 and 1810 respectively. Mr. Bates is one of the pioneer settlers of Troupsburg, having settled here in 1835. Mr. and Mrs. Olmsted have had five children: Lydia L., born October 21, 1859, and died July 3, 1863; Nettie, born September 10, 1863, wife of G. H. Symonds, a farmer of Troupsburg; Emily, born March 27, 1865, wife of Millard M. Paul, a carpenter of Woodhull; Loreno M., born January 22, 1874, and died April 19, 1880; and Phoebe D., born November 20, 1877. Mr. Olmsted has been assessor, and postmaster of East Troupsburg for twenty one years.
Andrew J. Newman was born in DELAWARE county, NY in 1835, son of Francis A. Newman, who was a native of Otsego county, whose father, Rev. Bishop A. Newman, was a prominent divine, and a soldier in the Revolutionary war. Francis A Newman, Jr., served in the War of 1812, and in 1816 married Miss Alger, and remained in OTSEGO county until 1819; there his wife died and left three children; Aseneth, Filinda and William; after which he married his second wife, Sarah Perhamas, by whom he had three children; John W., Peter, and Andrew J. In 1855 he came to Steuben county and settled in the town of Wayland near Loon Lake and engaged in farming. Peter first settled in Cohocton, where he engaged in the lumbering business, and later settled in Wallace. Andrew J. has been for many years an extensive buyer and shipper of live stock, having also extensive farming interests, and for twelve years he carried on a market in Hornellsville. In 1888 he settled in the western part of the town of Cohocton. For nearly thirty-seven years he has been an official member of the Loon Lake M. E. church, and for nineteen years superintendent of the Sunday school. He married Catherine Mehlenbacher, by whom he had five children; Mary (Mrs. Frank Small), Samuel W., Charles P., Gertrude and Floyd W.
John Kniffen was born in the town of Roxbury, Delaware county, October 11, 1838, son of Andrew Kniffen, who came to Steuben county in 1860. He married Lucy, daughter of Gideon Wickham, and in early life was a carpenter and joiner, but in later years devoted his attention to farming. He died in 1861, in his fifty-first year, two weeks after settling in the town of Bath. In 1862 John married Julia, daughter of Harlow Smith, and they are the parents of five sons; William A., Harlow S., John M., Gideon W., and George W. In 1864 he enlisted in Co C, 189th Reg. US Vols., and took part in the battle of Hatcher's Run, the capture of Richmond and the surrender of General Lee, which closed the rebellion.
Calvin Stid was born in DELAWARE county NY, November 26, 1817, son of Frederick and Lydia (Price) Stid, he a native of Delaware county, NY, and she of New Jersey, and they came to CAYUGA county, NY at an early date, and in 1854 located in Tuscarora (STEUBEN county-AC), where he died in 1855, and his wife in May, 1874. Calvin Stid was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools, and followed farming in Cayuga county until 1854, when he removed to Tuscarora and purchased a farm of 100 acres, where he now resides. He has added to this purchase until he now has 184 acres. In politics he is a Democrat. June 27, 1875, he married Elizabeth Newman, daughter of Archibald and Polly (Baxter) Manley. The grandfather of Mrs. Stid, George Manley, was one of the first settlers coming from England. The maternal grandfather of Mrs. Stid was William Baxter, who was born in OTSEGO county and came to Tuscarora at an early day, where he died. Archibald Manley died July 28, 1879, and his wife in December, 1871. To Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Stid have been born one daughter, Beatrice, who is the wife of Alfred Oakden, and they have two children; Leo S. and Luretta M.
Joel S. Goodsell was born in Kent, Litchfield county CT, September 7, 1816, son of Nathan and Polly (Hallock) Goodsell, he a native of Fairfield county, CT and she of Long Island; they had these children; Harmon, who was a merchant at Cold Spring, NY; Joseph, who went to Iowa and was killed in Chicago by an elevator; Nathan, who spent his latter days in CAYUGA county, NY; Eliza, who now lives in Port Byron, Cayuga county, her husband was Eli Sumner. Nathan Goodsell, father of Joel S., died in Connecticut. Joel S. was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools. At twenty-two years of age he went to Cayuga county, and after several years he went to DELAWARE county. He has married three times; In 1838 he married Cynthia Hallock, by whom he had five children: Charles of Buffalo; John of Oneonta, OTSEGO county NY; Franklin, who died in Washington; these sons were in the civil war; Lorenzo of Woodhull (Steuben co, NY-AC); Fannie, deceased. He married second, Louisa Munger, of Delaware county and by whom he had two sons; J. Emmett of Meredith, Delaware county, and Wesley L., who was born in Laurens, Otsego county, NY, June 16, 1860, reared on a farm and educated in the common schools, and who married Cora B. Swan in 1887. From Delaware county Mr. Goodsell came to Oneonta, Otsego county, and where he now resides on his farm of ninety-one acres. His second wife died October 5, 1877, aged fifty-seven years and he married third, Asenath, daughter of John Marlatt of Jasper (Steuben county-AC).

NOTE from Keith R. Goodsell, Silverdale, WA:
I was reviewing the above information regarding Joel S. Goodsell and family. This information appears to have been copied incorrectly from page 380 of the book Landmarks of Steubun County. I have included the correct information from the copy of page 380 that I have below.
"...Joseph, who went to Iowa and was killed in Chicago by an elevator; Nathan, who spent his latter days in CAYUGA county, N. Y., where he was killed by a railroad train; Joel S.; Rufus, who spent his latter days in Cayuga county, N. Y.; Eliza, who now lives in Port Byron, Cayuga county, her husband was Eli Sumner."
I am suspecting that the Joel S. and Rufus that I show listed in red may be the same individual as I have information that Joel S. had a son named J. Emmett Goodsell and Rufus has a son named Judson E. Goodsell. Any help in confirming this speculation would be appreciated.
Gen. W. W. Averill was born in the town of Cameron, Steuben county, November 5, 1832, son of Hiram, a native of DELAWARE county, and a grandson of Ebenezer, who came from Harpersfield, CT, to Delaware county, and from there to Black Rock. Among the laws of 1814 and 1815 may be found an act for his relief for furnishing supplies to General Scott's army. Hiram Averill camr to Steuben county in 1806 and married Huldah, daughter of Thomas Hemingway. He filled various positions of honor and trust, serving as the first postmaster. W. W. Averill was educated at Elmira Academy, and July 1, 1851, entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, being in the same class with Weitzel, Gregg, George Nichols, Alex S. Webb, J. W. Turner, Ruggles and Torbert, and was graduated in 1855, receiving rank of second lieutenent in the Mounted Rifles in 1856, serving on the frontier up to 1858, when he was severely wounded in the night attack by the Indians. Recovering from his wounds, he served in the Civil War from 1861 to 1865, being promoted to brevet major-general of the United States Army, serving in successive grades. His promotion was due entirely to his bravery, and meritous conduct in the field, being one of fifteen to receive commission for specific distinguished service. He was also given the rank of brigadier -general. In 1885 he married Kezia Hayward. For the past eight years he has been on the retired list of the army, being on duty as assistant inspector general of Homes for disabled Soldiers and Sailors of the United States.
Joseph J. Orr was born in the town of Addison,a son of James C. and Orrena (Day) Orr. James C. came here with his father, Joseph, about 1880 from DELAWARE county. Joseph J. was one of five children; James C., Calvin D., Sarah C. Smith, Oliver J., and Joseph J., all residents of the county. Joseph J. married Sarah, daughter of Stephen and Mary Dillon, and they have five children; Edna Robinson, Celia Plunkett, Luna Hill, Clara Mead, and Edwin S. The last named married Josie Ayers. Joseph J. is a member of Addison Union Lodge F. & A.M. No. 118.

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