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This letter was written by Ada (Rivenburg) Holley to Milo Smith in Benton, PA. It starts as a condolence to Milo at the loss of his wife Gertrude (Ada's cousin). The letter continues with information about the Simmons family of Walton starting with Gertrude and Ada's grandparents Andrew Simmons and Catherine Rosa. Milo sent this letter to my father Norman Simmons, (Gertrude's nephew) in Jan. 1973. I found it stuffed inside of a book in 1997 and started digging for information about my family name. --Cindy Simmons, February 17, 2000 - CLICK TO SEE UPDATE of Nov 14, 2019

Dec. 21, 1972, Maryland, NY

Dear Milo

Thanks for writing me. I'm so sorry about Gertrude. Late years - hadn't seen her much but when I was 12 and she was 5 or 6 months old, I adored her. That was when Aunt Dora wanted to adopt me but I wasn't for sale. It seems she had so much to live for, one wonders the why for it.

I should have written before but Gertrude asked me to send what I knew of the Simmons Family. (My hands are so stiff - not out of shape - nor painful just stiff that I hate to write.) So as I had lots of evening gowns to make for girls for their Christmas parties. I kept putting it off. I'm mortified at the writing. Now you can pick out the highlights to send on or do as you wish but I knew lots of them and as you knew - they all came to my folks when they got in a jam even tho' they all felt we didn't have the money they did. There aren't many of them left.

Gertrude and Pearl were the two beauties of the family. The rest of us could get by in a crowd. I know the Holidays won't be happy for you and I'm sorry. Love, Ada

Andrew Simmons (married twice first wife died and then he married . . .an arrow points to Catherine's name.)

Catherine Rosa (They had 12 children) 5 girls - Mattie, Julia and 3 Mary Anns, who died when infants. 7 boys - Charles, Nelson, George, Clarence, Jim, Alonzo, William

Charlie - had his parents mortgage their home so he could go out West. He married - (had) 1 son: Earl - 2 daughters: - Pearl (and) Carol. When they were teenagers he came back to NY State. Located his family in Walton, hired out as a carpenter to Wood____ (looks like Woodburn) Bros. in Long Island (and) finally took his family there. Earl and Pearl married. In 1948 or so Earl Simmons' address was Brooklyn 7, 1_ _ (looks like 69) Schaefferest (sp.), NY. Pearl and Carol died about that time. Charlie died at 97.

Nelson - married - (had) 2 daughters Irma and ? Brother Clarence took his (Nelson's) wife and daughters and left N.Y. State and the family didn't contact them again. Nelson went to Alberta Canada, took up a track of land. In digging a well injured his back as years went by the injury grew worse so he sold and came back to N.Y. State. His money lasted for his board at his brother Alonzo's (and) his doctors and funeral expenses.

George - married - (had) 3 daughters: - Mabel, Iva, Leona. (When) they were older lived in Walton, N.Y. (Don't know any more about them.) HE left and went to Canada.

Jim - WORKING for someone - sick - Scarlet Fever (I think about 1882) he died.

Alonzo - married Minnie France - (had) 1 son: Floyd married Jennie Christian - (had) 2 daughters: Elizabeth and Marian. Marian died about aged 3 years and Floyd soon after (pneumonia). They always lived in Walton, N.Y.

Mattie - born 1859 - married John Frink - - twin girls died (Scarlet Fever). -Eva married Earl Dunbar - (had) one daughter Irene who, in about 1950 after her parents died went to Salt Lake City, Utah. -And Frink had 1 son Ray who married, had 2 sons and 2 daughters - lived in Norwich, N.Y. about 1955 (the last I knew).

William - married Eudora Atwell - went to Clearwater, Minn. - (had) 2 sons: Ross (who died in infancy) (and) Ward - (died) as a young man - 1 daughter - Gertrude - married Milo Smith - (who had) 1 daughter.

Julia - born 1866 - married John Rivenburg - (had) 2 sons: Bert (and) Leon - 2 daughters: Ada and Hazel-Maude. -Bert married Elizabeth Lake - (had) 2 daughters: - Edna (and) Ruth (and) 1 son: Claude. - Edna married Kenneth Aikens - (had) 2 sons: Richard and Raymond. Richard is a pharmacist - Ray manager of Grand Union Store. They live in Delhi N.Y. - Ruth married George Clark - (had) 2 sons: Steven and James. Steven married - 1 son and 1 daughter. Live in New Berlin, N.Y. James not married. -Bert's son Claude - wife died - (had) 1 son - live in Delhi, N.Y. Son Russell. -Leon never married - died 1967. -Ada - married Floyd Holley - (had) 1 daughter who died - aged 2 years. -Hazel-Maude married Reuben Thompson lived in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. - had 2 sons Reuben and John. Reuben now in Florida - John in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y.

There were only 2 male children in the second generation by the Simmons name - Floyd and Ward.

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