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Diary of Sarah Jones Dan Signor
transcribed by Alan Malz, January 9, 2002

First Januray after we moved to Walton, I commenced keeping a diary in this book.

Commencing January 1st, 1890
Sarah J. D. Signors diary
New Years day, George and I were invited and went over to Brother Andrews, with Willards folks and Mr. Ramsy, Minister and his Wife and 3 Daughters. All of our Brothers and Sisters were invited there, but for some reason did not come. Julia too was invited but she went over to Lucys with other company for a visit. It was a little unpleasant out, raining a little, and quite hard winds most of the day.

2d. Thursday some rainy, but part of the day pleasant sunshiny and warm. I called to see Allie Dan she was sick abed. Pa worked cutting wood on Tacy. I carried Allie some grout, she thought it tasted good, also Mary, a mess of rootabagoes.

3d. Friday. To day I recd a letter from Darius. Julia came home from Lucy's today to dinner. Alex Tweedie eat dinner with us. Its been a pleasant day. Tonight Pa has gone to the village with some eggs for me.

4th. Saturday. A very pleasant day and warm. Mrs. Haverly and her children have been here for a visit. 5th. Sunday a rainy day, warm. I at home.

6th. Monday a rainy day, warm. I washed.

7th. Tuesday pleasant, warm. Julia sick - not go to school. Alice and Cora are sick, I have been over to see them. Mary gave me some sweet milk and buttermilk. I made some pumpkins pies, 2 apple pies. Alice White called to see Julia. In the evening, Pa, and Julia went to see Lavern White he is sick.

8th. Wednesday pleasant forenoon, but cold and snowy in the afternoon. an inch perhap before dark. I have written to Charley.

9th Thursday has been quite cold, snowed a little. I made bread, wrote to Darius. Received a letter from him. He is sick with the Grip. Finished reading John Halifax book through. Made fried cakes

Jan. 10th. Friday has been warm, snowed a litle. I called to see Mrs. White as Lavren was sick, then called at Brothers to see the sick, all are poorly, that is the girls, and Mary. Julia has gone to the village to stay the night so as to go on the train to Sidney to the Teachers examination. I wrote to Gertrude Hotchkiss.

11th. Saturday rather cold with rain and hail.I have been here with Pa, alone only Brother Willard called in the evening. Pa fixed the outside door to the woodshed and carried eggs to the village for me.

12th. Sunday. Very warm and pleasant. Pa and I went to church. Julia came home to dinner with us. I called Ellen Tacy, she is sick.

13th. Monday very warm and pleasant. Washed and dried our clothes. rec'd a letter from Darius, he is some better but not out of danger. rec'd a letter from Lucy and Winifred Called at Brother Willard to see the girls, and Mary who is sick; are some better. Julia came home to night sick she rode up with G. Tacy

14th. Tuesday cold all day but pleasant. Julia is better to night, how glad we are. Ellen Tacy had the Dr. and is not better.

15th. Wednesday rained most all day. Pa drawed with the Pony some wood from Willards, an old rotten Maple tree he had cut.

16th. Thursday cold, and windy, snowed some.

17th. Friday cold but pleasant. Frank Dan fetched our quarter of Beef to us, a hind quarter. Fred Hubble ate supper with us.

18th. Saturday. A very pleasant day but quite cold sunshining. Uncle Eliphalet and Wife and Samuel Hotchkiss and Wife and Daughter here visiting and Horace Smith here to dinner.

19th. Sunday a very pleasant day no snow to be seen.

20th. a rainy day, cold.

21th.. Tuesday. a very bright pleasant day. we washed and dried our clothes

22d. Wednesday a very cold day though pleasant. Charley Signor came from home here this morning before we had our breakfast. came to fetch the Wagon Pa bought of him. charged us $2 for fetching it over. So it cost us $10 ten dollars.

23d. Thursday a very cold day, snowed some. I have made a pair of fine Pillows cases put wide edging on them. Pa has been for the first and drew a drag of wood here with our Pony. Carrie Sines came home with Julia to stay the night

24th. Some warmer, Snowed some to day. Snow is 3 inches deep. Pa chopped some wood here that he drawed with the Pony. I have made a fine sheet, and done some mending, and baked bread, besides the daily routine.

Jan. 25th. Saturday. a very pleasant day, and some warmer, so its some muddy. Pa and I went over to see how Andrew folks were, and then made a visit to Uncle Darius Dans. got a letter from Darius. He is better, and has gone to work. Flora Frost visited us, and eat supper and stayed till bed time. Willard and Mary was here in the evening

26th. Sunday. What a warm pleasant day, quite muddy to-day. Pa, Julia and I went to church, stayed to class, had an excellent sermons by Rev. Ramey and after a good class meeting. Ida Smith came home with Julia to dinner. I sent D. a letter by Frank Dan. Brother Andrew amd Wife were in the class, the first I ever saw them there.

27th, Monday. a rainy morning, but afterwards pleasant so we washed and dried clothes out of doors. Julia had been home all day indeed its a treat for me. I baked bread, and we got our ironing done. She is here with me to night, while Pa has gone to the Post. Received a Postal to night from Lucy. Julia went to the village after the mail, and for other errands.

28th. Tuesday. A pleasant day.

29th. Wednesday. A pleasant day. I fixed my minced meat 10 cans. Sister Lydia has been here to day. She eat supper with us.

30th. It has been quite a warm, pleasant day, though sprinkled some.

31st. A very pleasant day, warm

Feburary first. A beautiful day, and Saturday George and I went over to Lucys in the afternoon .

2d. was pleasant, but cold.

3d. was pleasant, only rained in the morning and George and I went from Hanfords to Levis.

4th. Tuesday was a rainy day, we were at Levis.

5th. Wednesday was pleasant, we came over to Alstons to dinner: To Uncle Eliphalets to supper, and stay all night.

6th. Thursday we went to Nathans awhile, up to the Hanfords to dinner with Reverend Champlin and Wife and Sister and Loretta Sister

7th. Friday visited at Samuel Hotchkiss with Hanford, Lucy, and Freddie and Uncle Solomon, Aunt Lucretia, Jonah Hotchkiss and Wife. Stayed at Platts all night, went to Alston,

8th in the morning Saturday, stayed all night, came home Sabbath morning.

Feb. 9th. Sunday. Snowed in the morning. Seemed good to get home after being away for 9 days, glad to come and see Julia, feeling to say in the language of the Poet. Be it ever so homely, theres no place like home.

10th. Monday. Brother Willard called in the morning. A pleasant day, and we washed, and dried clothes. Julia went to the village got a letter from Chamberlain School Commis- sioner; and wrote to Com. Hartness, and Mr. Howland about it. About 5 oclock a team came for her to go to an oister supper

11th. A pleasant day, and Town meeting. I went to the village with George. called at Ada Whitcome, and stayed to Sister Asenaths to dinner. George eat dinner there with us. Lilly Hubble eat with us. we had a pleasant time. came home about 3 oclock.

12th. warm and pleasant, in the evening Julia and Tweedie came from their trip and Laverne White and Alice came calling also Frank Dan and his sister, all passed the evening with us, we had butternuts passed around, and had a very pleasant evening

13th. very warm and pleasant. Flora Frost came to call on Julia before she went to teaching. Mr. and Mrs. Mc Laury made an evening visit; Julia went to the vllage and so passed the day

14th. Friday. Calamus day, very rainy all afternoon. In the morning cloudy and windy. Julia went and had Dr. Harris fill her teeth, eat dinner with the girls in the village.

15th. Saturday quite cold; and little snow flying in the air. In the evening we, Pa, Julia, and I were invited to Mr. Haverleys to Oister supper. had a very pleasant time indeed.

16th. Sunday. A very pleasant day some cool. Pa, Julia and I all stayed home as Pa was feeling bad with a cold, and Julia needed to rest Brother Willard called here awhile. I wrote to Brother John Dan, and Cousin Sarah Fassett.

17th. Monday. A pleasant day. We washed and dried our clothes; and ironed them. Washed two bed-spreads, and my shawls. Julia went to the village. We helped Pa unload a wagon load of feed he got at the mill.

18th. A rainy morning, then warm and pleasant.

19th. cold, and snow flying all day some all night cold, very windy, and snow filled every place it could blow through. In the afternoon Julia went to the village and got a letter from Etha Russell, and received a postal from Mrs. Bull saying Hanford, Lucy, and Winifred are all very sick with La-Grippe. Ruby is some better. Pa drew home the wood from Willards, split it, and got it in the Woodshed. In the evening we went over to Willards for an evening visit. had corn, and Apples passed--Allie White and Laverne were there. We had a very pleasant time

Feb 20th. cold windy snowy day. Pa hooped our washtub. Julia worked on her rug. I worked some on embroidering my checked apron. To night all are quite well, thank God.

21st. very cold, and snowy some. I have worked some on my apron. Julia has gone to the village. To night Pa and I are here alone. Alice White called on us.

22d. very cold all day, and pleasant. Pa and I are here alone, good night

23d. Sunday. A very pleasant day. Julia has been up to Mr. Hodges. She came down to church with them to day, came home after church. Will Thompson was here awhile this afternoon. Julia has gone to meeting this evening with Mc Lauries folks. To day recd a letter from Darius, written the 20th.

24th. A rainy day. We washed and done several different things. Put a hen setting in the barn.

The Wyandot

25th. A rainy day, warm. Julia went to the village stayed all night.

26th. very warm, and pleasant. Julia has come home. I sewed up a fine sheet. George and Julia rode with Frank to the village, and carried 12 dozens eggs; got some window shades. Julia has cut some piece work. I fixed a new chair cushion..

27th. a very pleasant day. I called in Brothers Willards. Julia went to the village.

28th. Friday. pleasant, but cold. Mr. and Mrs. Hodge were here visiting from on the mountain. eat dinner, after they went away. Flora Frost came with horse and wagon for Julia to go home with her. Flora came home and staid a night with Julia, and both went to church with Mc Lauren Sabbeth morning

March 1st. Saturday..cold and pleasant.

2d. Sunday. cold and pleasant. I wrote to Darius

3d. Monday. cold but pleasant. I washed. Julia was sick. We had callers, Melissa Signor, Mrs. Haverly, Cora Dan. Pa took 5 dozens eggs to the village and he was going to the Post

4th. Tuesday. One year ago to day we moved to Walton. this now has been a very cold day with raw winds. No snow to be seen. Pa has gone up to Colchester station with Mr. Haverly to unload a car of feed. Juia gone to the village to the Teachers Drill. I have been alone all day, only Flora Frost called here. I have baked bread, cake, and made some Pickles, and put in carrots, cucumber, and Tomatoes Julia stayed down, and went to a social, stayed all night with the girls. snowed an inch through the night.

5th. Julia came home, and 3 girls with her stayed to dinner. A very pleasant day. snowed 6 inches through the night.

Mar. 6th. a cold snowy day. Pa cut down the old Apple tree over by the railroad. Julia put up the bedroom curtains, new ones. I made minced Pies. We are here alone to day, all of us alone. Received a postal from Lucy. Yesterday a letter from Ruby. Stopped snowing, and a pleasant night.

7th. a very pleasant day, sunshines, warm but very cold air. last night was the first time water frozen in our pantry this winter. just a little part ice in a dish, and a thin ice over the tub of water. wrote and sent a letter to Lucy, and Ruby, got their yesterdays. Tweedie was here to tea to-night and gone to the village with Julia to the exercises the last day of school in the evening. J. P. Hews made us a call to-day, an hour or two or three.

8th. Saturday. Very pleasant day. Pa has been chopping for wood the old apple tree in the Hen Park. Pa, and Julia went to the village towards night; took 5 dozens eggs, and got some paper, and paint to use around this kitchen

9th. Sunday. We have been here all day Pa reading and resting. Julia has been sick, has not been dressed to day. I carried her food to her, also heated irons to put around her. Doing the work, and feeding hens, doctoring a sick hen, etc, has given me little time to rest, read or write. Pa written a letter to Brother Jonah Signor, and he wrote some to send to Darius. Its been a very pleasant day. We saw most every body go to church.

10th. Monday. Very pleasant day. done a little of everything, didn't wash. Pa drawed up his apple tree wood, and some others. I made a pair of pillow cases and done coloring. Julia finished cutting blocks for her worster quilt.

11th. Tuesday. We washed. It was a wet day. Warin Hanford, and Lucy came to dinner. Hanford fetched Ada and the children over at the same time. Willard and Frank called in the evening. Hanford went home the same day.

12th. A very pleasany day. We dried, and ironed our clothes, and painted over the kitchen. In the evening all of us went over to Willards, had a very nice visit. Lucy with us. Got a letter from Darius.

13th. Thursday. A warm pleasant day. Lucy has been with us, and she, and Julia have been painting and papering. We all the time have such a nice time visiting. Pa has fixed our book case up and trimmed Apple Trees.

14th. A very pleasant day and warm. Lucy is with us, and we finished papering our kitchen, done some painting, and put down our carpet. I sent a letter to Darius.

15th. Saturday. A very pleasant day, warm. Lucy and Julia went to the village, took dinner at Ada's. got our Border Paper, and Hall paper. In the evening Brother and Wife, and Cora Dan came over a little while.

Mar 16th. Sunday. A little cold; some squially. Hanford came this morning. Julia and Lucy went to church. After dinner they went home. Oh how much we have loved to have Lucy here with us since she came on Tuesday, and what a fine time we have had with her to talk to, and with us. Will Thompson has been here a while to day since they went away home.

17th. a little snowy, not cold. We put up the borders up around the kitchen, commenced in the bedroom. Ida Smith called a while and Frank Dan called on us.

18th. A very pleasant day. We have painted and papered my bedroom. Flora Frost visited us in the afternoon, took tea with us.

19th. quite a snowy day, and fell 6 inches. We papered and painted Julia and I got a letter from Darius.

20th. We finished papering. Pa went to the mill after some things in forenoon, and after dinner drove to Downsville. Its been a very pleasant warm day, and night finds Julia and I, usually well.

21st. Friday. Its been a rainy day, but quite better this afternoon. finished painting and Julia put down the stair carpet.

22d. A very rainy day but warm. George Y. Signor eat dinner with us. Pa took Julias Trunk and Julia to the Dapot to take the train to go to her Rockland Teaching School, and oh how lonely the house seems since she had gone away seems as if I can hardly live without her. May God be with her, and us and may we have health, and all meet again when her School is done. oh how I love her.

24th. A cold raw day, but pleasant. I have baked bread, and pies, and done a good many little things. am feeling badly today.

25th. pleasant in the forenoon, and then rain.

26th. A pleasant day, only snow flying in the air a little. Pa went on the train to Delhi in the forenoon be examined. I whitewashed my little trees, and boiled sap on the stove; in the afternoon went up to Archies. George Tacy started on the Train with Sherry Peak for Colorado Tuesday morning or monday night midnight the twenty fifth. At night Pa came home from Delhi.

27th. A very pleasant day. I went to Willards a while with my work, came home at four. Pa has gone to the village with four dozens of eggs. A letter recd from Lucy and Darius and Freda.

28th. A cold nasty rainy day. I have been here alone mending.

29th. A cold unpleasant day, with some snow, and windy. George has gone to the village. The church seats are being sold.

Mar. 30th. Sunday. cold and snow flying. Pa went to church. I sent D. a letter by him. Wrote Lucy one to day.

31st. A very pleasany sunshiny day. I washed & dried clothes, and ironed them. am tired to night. Pa took his dinner; was chopping wood. I was alone all day.

Apr 1st. Tuesday. Very pleasant, sun shine - but cold air. Pa has been up to the hollow chopping took his dinner. I have been alone alone, baked bread, and cake, and fixed the curtain to the Book case, and put it up, finished ironing. Boiled sap, and made some molasses. In the evening Willard and Mary came in. recd a letter from Julia, Ruby and Darius.

2d. A very pleasant day. I took my work and went up to Mrs. Whites a while. Pa commenced to saw for Dave for 10 shilling a day. We let Mrs. Haverly have a mess of Parsnips. She sent me a pail of new milk.

3d. A lovely day; sun so warm its hot. Lilly Hubbell visited us, eat dinner with us. I went over to Willards with her after dinner; we had a nice visit. I got the dirt, heated it, put it in the cans and sowed Tomato seed; fetched my other cans out of the cellar. George is 60 years old to day. He has gone down to the P. O. I have filled a can with Maple Molasses and boiling sap to day

4th. A warm rainy morning, and to night rains again. Thundered some. All day I have been alone. Willard fetched me a pan of Apples and got a mess of Parsnips of us. I have written a letter to Darius.

5th. A litter cooler, but a pleasant day. recd a letter from Julia. Pa has been to the village, took down 4 dozens eggs.

6th. Sunday. A very pleasant warm day, beautiful day. Pa and I were alone all day. I wrote to Ruby and Julia and sent them by Verne White.

7th. A rainy day. I cut carpet rags. Pa worked in the mill.

8th. warm, forenoon dried cloths later in the day rainy. I cut carpet rags.

9th. some rainy all day, and such a fog, and mist all the time over the skies. I cut carpet rags, and baked bread. recd a letter from Lucy.

10th. A cool wind, but pleasant. I recd a letter from Darius, wrote to Lucy, sent it by stage.

11th. very pleasant lovely April weather. I have been here alone all day. cut carpet rags. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. White came and passed the evening.

12th. A beautiful day, sun very hot. Sent D. a letter.

Apr. 13th. Another very hot pleasant day. Pa went to church, heard the new minister. Willard came over for a few minutes.

14th. A warm day, with a few sprinkles of rain. I commenced painting the Pantry. cut carpets in the forenoon. how the grass greens up.

15th. Painted and puttied some. A cool pleasant day. cut some carpet rags.

16th. very pleasant day warm too. old Mrs. White has been here visiting. Got a letter from D and Julia. Also Ida Smith called for a while. Short time I have had, have knitted and stitched.

17th. A very pleasant day. Every one around are sowing oats. Pa has been in the mill. I am doing a little of everything and painting, and puttying.

18th. another cool pleasant day. I sent Darius a letter by Jenny Terry when she went to school. I washed, ironed, and painted finished the first coat in the Pantry. am very tired to night.

19th. Saturday pleasant nice day. I have written a letter to Julia and Ruby. been up to Mr. White for a pail of milk; they fetched me a pail of butter milk.

20th. A very pleasant day. Pa went to church. I sent a leter to Julia and Ruby.

21st. A very warm pleasant day. washed, ironed made applesauce. Pa burnt the brush on the garden. Heard of Mrs. Enoch Youngs death.

22d. A very pleasant day, dry and dusted. To day fixed my -posy beds. Willard and Mary went to Saproria funeral. George and I called after they came home.

23d. Another beautiful day.

24th. Warm, a little misty and sprinkles of rain. Alex Tweedie made us a call.

25th some rainy in morning, then pleasant.

26th pleasant morning but cool afterrnoon rainy and snow some. Mary came in, fetched me a pail of Apples, and Fuschia slips. I gave her 2 Petunia slips, took two off and set in dirt fore. Sent a letter by stage to Darius.

27th. An April shower day, Sunday. she has been sick all day. I wrote to Lucy and Freddie.

28th. A very pleasant day. Washed, Ironed, and called on Mrs. White. Mary called here. Wrote and sent a letter to Charley. Pa has gone to the Post. Mrs. Haverly sent me a pail of new milk. Mrs. White gave me a pail of butter milk.

Apr 29th. A pleasant day. Painted Pantry overhead.. Flora Frost visited us, took tea. Willard called on us.

30th. A lovely pleasant day. I called at Willards. Willard took our horse and wagon and took S. Jennings home.

May first a rainy day

2d very pleasant. I wrote and sent a letter to Darius. Painted Pantry floor. called at Willards. Willard and Mr. White called here in the evening.

3d. A very pleasant day. I recd a letter from Darius.

4th. Sabbath, some rain. Pa went to church. sent a letter to Charley.

5th. A little sprinkle, but a good time to dry cloths in the afternoon.

6th. A rainy growing time, warm. I recd a letter from Darius. Pa went over to Andrews, and eat dinner, fetched home 3 Plumb trees, and some cluster Pear to plant. George and I called over to Willards in the evening for a few minutes.

7th. Very cool, some rainy. Sister Lydia has been here all day.

8th. A cool pleasant day. Brother Willard came awhile in the evening. We love to have him do so.

9th. A very pleasant day. recd a letter from Darius. I wrote a letter to Darius. went to Willards to do a peice of mending.

10th. Some rainy. Hawk took two of our small chickens. Pa took away the banking, and nailed screen over the windows. Pa has done sawing logs this Spring

11th. Sunday. A very pleasant day. Pa went to church.

12th A very pleasant day. washed and dried clothes and ironed. Willard draged our ground. Pa planted the Pototoes and Cluster Peas

13th. A very pleasant day, but to night sprinkles. Pa helped A. Tacy this afternoon. I made my onion beds and set them out also fixed a bed, and sowed lettuce and Radishes. Mary gave me 10 posy roots

14th A rainy day. I went to Mrs. Haverlies and got some sweet milk, and made 8 lemon pies. Pa is in the mill again. Solomon Signor stoped here over night with team.

15th. warm, some rainy growing times. recd a letter from Jonah Signor, one from Darius, and Julia and a few words from Loretta. I finished reading Broken to harness.

May 16th. some rainy, warm. Sent a letter to Julia. Had a mess of greens for dinner.

17th. Cool some rainy. I recd a letter from Lucy; Hanford, Lucys, and Winifreds Pictures. I rec'd a letter from Lucy, I sent one to Darius. I went up to Mrs. White for butter. mended, and cleaned the Robe and pair of shoes. Pa got me what a nice Birth day present, and how much I think of those Pictures.

18th. Sunday. pleasant day; cool. Pa has been home all day resting.

19th. some rainy. And Elbert Signor came here from Kansas, and Minnesota, and Iowa, stayed all night. Next day Willie stopped to dinner and Elbert went over with him to Olies.

20th. cool, wet day. I sowed Cabbage seed in Pan with sage and went out in the ground.

21st. Pleasant day, washed,and Ironed. Pa and I went and sowed Peas in the garden Maravats .

22d. A fine day. Willards horse and colt died. recd a letter from Darius. Sowed Parsnips and Carrots.

23d. quite cool, a little sprinkle. Pa planted Pototoes on Willard. A few in our garden. Sowed our Rootabago and Beet seed. hepled Pa fix the screen fence,

24th a very nice day. Pa helped Willard plant in the afternoon.

25th. Sunday cool and pleasant, but windy. Pa went to church. I wrote, and sent a Postal to Lucy; not well to-day. Pa has gone to church to night.

26th. A very rainy day. I washed, dried and ironed clothes.

27th. very pleasant. Charley came home in the morning to dinner. In the evening, we went with him to Willards. he stayed with us over night, now has gone to the Hanfords

28th. very pleasant day.

29th. Thursday. A very pleasant day. I went to Downsville and over to Rubies, with Alex Tweedie; soon after we got there Charley and Lucy came.

30th & 31st. All of us stayed all night, and came to Downsville to decoration. went up to Lucys stayed all night, next day came home Saturday. Charley came home Friday night. What a nice time we had. I eat dinner with Charley at Alstons last Friday.

June 1st. Sunday. At home, all well. I fetched a peice of Bridal orase bush from Lucys, put each side side of gate. A very pleasant day, been so nice ever since we went over the hill Thursday. Pa has gone to church.wrote a letter to Darius.

June 2d. A very pleasant day. I washed, ironed, and done several other things. Called at Haverlys on an errand. Cousin Ellen and Jenny called here. Willard plowed, and dragged our garden. Sowed it to Millet.

3d. some rainy. Charley Dan was here for dinner. He got some tomato plants.

4th. Very warm; some showy. In the morning I called at Willards with knitting work. Afternoon Mrs. Vanakin called here.

5th. A pleasant day. Sensus taker was here. Seventh Sensus taker was here again.

6th. A very hard rain with thunder and lighting.

7th Quite pleasant, and cooler. I sent a letter to Darius.

8th. pleasant. We were home all day.

9th. pleasant. Winifred came with M. Signor. I washed , Ironed, and baked, and got a mess of greens for dinner.

10th. very warm and pleasant. I called at Mr. White with Winifred. I sent Ruby a letter; also Julia one.

11th. warm and pleasant, shower at night. Recd a letter from D., and Julia. Winifred tried Regents examination in spelling and Physiology.

12th. A rainy day. Cora called here.

13th. A rainy evening; pleasant day. I called at A. Tacys with Winifred. Tonight we went to the village with Pa. Pa took down eggs 5 dozens.

14th. Cora Dan eat dinner with us to day and stayed until after Winifred went away on the stage. Then Cora Benedict came awhile, and went home with Cora Dan. I have written to Darius to day.

15th. pleasant day. Pa went to church.

16th pleasant, washed, ironed worked in the garden some. I set out 25 cabbage plants and six Tomatoes plants. cleaned lamps too.

17th. Very pleasant and hot. I worked in the garden until noon.

18th. very warm. I went down with Willards folks in the eve to the exercises of the graduating class at the Town Hall. Recd a letter from D. and Julia at night.

June 19th Very pleasant. I write to Julia. I went to the village with Willard to the exercises of the graduating class. Was very fine, interesting, instructive, and profitable.

20th. very pleasant. I wrote to Darius.

21st A rainy day. Hannah Smith visited us.

22d. Sunday. Pleasant. Recd a postal from Lucy.

23d. Went on the stage to Downsville. rode up from the village with Uncle Eliphalet called here a few minutes. Eat supper at Nathans. walked up to Sam Hotchkiss and they carried me up to the Hanfords. Thursday, Gertrude came up there visiting. I went strawberrying there, got 2 ----. Lucy gave me a can of currants. I called at Mr. Bulls. came home June 30th, Monday on the stage; Had a very nice time.

July First,Tuesday, washed, and went up in the Barn, and mowed away hay for Pa

2d rainy all day. Mrs. R. Bates was buried. Willard came over in the evening.

3d. a rainy day. I made wagon cover for Pa, to put over his wagon.

4th. pleasant. Pa mowed his grass. Mrs. White called here.

5th. pleasant. Mrs. White came, and fetched me a pail of buttermilk. Darius came in the night, and we didn't know it until he came out of the Parlor door when I was getting breakfast Sabbath morning

6th. Pa and Darius went to church. it was very pleasant

7th. .Monday, very pleasant. Darius, Pa, and I were invited to dinner at Willards. Darius went on the stage to Downsville. I went up to Mr. Whites a little while.

8th. pleasant. I washed and ironed.

9th. pleasant, cooler. I kill a hen, and dressed it. Melissa Signor made me a call.

10th. Darius came on the stage home from Downsville, and I went with him up the road, where he got a boat, and crossed the river, and eat dinner at Brother Andrews, came home at 3; and in the evening Mr. Whites folks, and Willards came in for a pleasant call before Darius went away from us again.

11th. George Downs came to see us and eat dinner with Darius, and then he, and Darius took the train at the milk station, and went to the village, Darius to N.Y. and now my heart is sad to part with him so soon. May God bless him and guard him from every harm. Its a nice day for him to go.

July 12th. Saturday, Julia came home; from her school on Russell brook. The same night Ida Smith came here, stayed all night, until after dinner Sunday. We are all glad she is home with us again. Its been very pleasant good hay week, but its getting very dry.

13th. Sunday afternoon begin to rain but its only a mere sprinkle.

14th. pleasant. Julia and I called at Mr. Haverlies. recd a letter from Darius.

15th. Julia went with Mrs. H. after Raspberries, got 4 lbs. made 2 cans. Frank, Alice, and Cora called here

16th. Wednesday. we washed. very pleasant. I sent Darius a letter.

17th. Thursday. pleasant. I set out some cabbage plants.

18th. pleasant. Julia called at Willards. I sent Lucy a letter.

19th. quite a shower, but short. Recd a letter from Lucy.

20th. Sabbath. Pleasant. Julia and Pa went to church. Walter Elwood eat dinner and supper with us, and went down to church with Julia in the evening.

21st. pleasant, we washed and ironed. Julia cut her Basque.

22d. pleasant, and Julia went Raspberrying. I wrote to Charley.

23d. sent a letter to Lucy, and Ruby. very pleasant, looks like rain. Willard finished haying. Julia is quite poor To-day.

24th. sprinkle of rain, once in awhile.

25th. a few sprinkles of rain.

26th. rained in the morning.

27th. pleasant. Julia and Pa went to church.

28th. pleasant, washed and Ironed. Pa went to help Andrew in haying.

29th. Julia went on the train to Hamden and bought a Bed room suit and Couch, and Bed springs. John Hulbert is to deliver them here.

30th. Julia and I went up to McLauries visiting. stayed all day. Recd a letter from Darius. Pa finished helping Andrew in haying.

July 31st. Julia and I went to Mr. Whites visiting, Pa came to tea. we took up our carpet up stairs and cleaned clothes press. Quite a little sprinkle of rain. Alice White called.

Aug. 1st. pleasant Friday. Julia furniture came from Hamden.

2d. very pleasant. Brother Andrew and family; and Willard and family visited and eat dinner with us. All had a fine time.

3d. Sunday. Julia and Pa went to church.

4th. Pa went to Downsville, took a letter to Lucy.

5th. Carie S. Jennings was here all day sewing for Julia. We had a nice rain.

6th. Julia and I picked my sage. I sowed Pink seed in the garden

7th. Carie Jennings was here all day again, sewing for Julia. I called at Willards to see a Cousin few minutes.

8th. Julia has gone up to Jennings to get Carie to help her finish her dress. Frank Dan is helping shingle our barn.

9th. some rainy. Mrs. Haverly and children made us a call.

10th. Pa, Julia and I were home all day Sunday, some rainy.

11th. washed, and ironed. baked bread; and Tillie Elwood came here in the afternoon. I Picked cucumbers.

12th. pleasant. Recd a letter from Darius, and Ruby, and Lucy. Archie Tacy and Wife called in the evening. Julia got answers from several schools asking her to teach without asking for them. Tillie Elwood stayed another night with us, after going to the village with Julia.

13th. very pleasant. Tillie Elwood went to day over to Willards. I too went over there a little while to drink tea with them. Julia went with Alice Dan, and White, Cora Dan, Mary Dan, and Jessie Andrews up to the McLauries visiting. A. Tweedie was here in the evening.

14th. Thursday. pleasant. Alice White, and Dan called here. In the evening, Aunt Mary and the girls and Eva Elwood.

15th. pleasant. Flora Frost was here all day and a pedler eat dinner.

16th. pleasant, except a book agent we are alone.

Aug. 17th. Sunday, and the first time I have been to church this summer. Alice White came to ask Julia and I to go with them; so Pa, and we all went, Pa walked. To night at 5 P.M., we are having a lovely shower for which we are very thankful to God.

18th. very pleasant. We washed, ironed, baked, and at 2.30 Alex Tweedie came after Julia to go to Mr. Hodges to tea. In the morning Cora Dan and Jessie Andrews made us a call.

19th. Had a nice rain afternoon. Pa went berrying in the rain and got enough for 3 cans. I commenced my carpeting rag sewing this afternoon. Recd a package from Darius last night.

20th. A pleasant day. Pa went berrying so I canned 8 cans black berries husked, cut off, and canned 8 cans of corn, and filled 4 platters to dry. Recd a letter from Darius.

21st. very windy. I dried some corn, trimmed the Tomatoes, called at Mr. Whites. Enoch Youngs called here. I picked our cucumbers.

22d. hard rain towards night. Alex Tweedie fetched Julia home and eat dinner with us. Pa picked 22 lbs of black Berries.

23d. quite rainy. Julia and I sewed 4 lbs of carpet rags. Willard sent us a nice treat a peice of Watermellon, all we could eat. A. Tacy goes on the night train to Colorado to see George.

24th. a cool day. Seth Hoyts widow is buried in Walton cemetery. Emma, her daughter came with the corps last night. Pa went to the church. I sent Darius a letter.

25th. pleasant. Pa picked 15 lbs of berries. Julia washed and done several other things. Then went over with Melvin Signor to Downsville. I made bread; canned berries; and ironed some besides other things.

26th. pleasant. I made berry pies; ironed, gathered herbs. Mrs. Haverly called.

27th. sewed carpet rags 1 1/2 lbs. been near sick all day. I made and hung the new barn door.

28th. pleasant. Pa went and got 25 lbs berries with Mr. Haverly. I sewed 1 1/2 lbs carpet rags.

29th. I look over the berries, and cooked and put in jar, made pies; besides very many other thing, mending, etc.

30th. some rainy. Pa went berrying, got 3 1/2 lbs. I put them in 2 cans. I sewed carpet rags what time I get.

31st. Sunday, cool and cloudy. Hanford, Winifred, and Lucy came to fetch Julia home, staid to dinner. Pa went home with them. I sent a letter to Darius to day.

Sept. 1st, Monday. Pa came home with a horse, bought of Mr. Bull for $75. Julia and I sewed 4 lbs of rags. We had 3 call. Julia went up to Mr. Whites to get help about stamping a table cloth

2d Tuesday, pleasant. Julia and I sewed rags, took up carpet, and cleaned Parlor, bed- room, emptied tick, and filled, also put some straw in mine. baked for Pa to take to a Picnick. Mrs. Haverly called on us.

3d. very pleasant. We all went down to the soldiers Picknic down on Island Park. Had a very pleasant time. Julia and I made a short call at Willards to-night after getting home.

4th. very pleasant; we washed and ironed.

5th. some rainy. Pa went berrying got 23 lbs. Frank Dan, and Alice called in the evening. Alice White in the afternoon. We canned our Pears which Lucy gave us; 2 cans full.

6th,. 1 P.M., Mr. Miller came for Julia to go to her school up at North Hamden. A term of 16 weeks at $5 per week, and board. We shall miss her all the time, in every place so much. I rode to the village with George to do trading.

7th. Sunday. pleasant, Pa, and I went to church, communion to day. Ida Smith called to-night.

8th. Julias first day at school very pleasant. Pa has dug Potatoes and put them in the cellar. Dr. Harris called here. Pa went this morning and helped lay out Vanakin. I picked my sage and cleaned cellar. Picked and put down my cucumber. Went out and got all the sweet corn and cut off and dried.

9th. some rainy. Pa finished digging the garden Potatoes. Towards night I rode with him to the village. I washed ironed, etc.

16th. Pa, and I have been to Downsville, been gone one week tomorrow. We have been over to Rubies; also visited at Daniel Hotchkiss, Ruby with us; then back to Lucys, and Mr. Bull came home to-day. have had a very rainy time.

17th. Pa, and I went in afternnon to the Fair. At night had company, Arthur Russell, Alex Tweedie, Will Sines, George Griffin, Libbie Hodge, Mary Balentine. they all stayed all night.

18th. very pleasant. We all went to the fair. Uncle Eliphalet stopped with us all night and Ida Smith also Julia is with us; we are pleased.

19th. very pleasant. All went to the Fair. Mr. Neff, and Alice Landfill from Deposite, and Uncle Eliphalet stopped with us all night. We enjoyed it very much. Charley Signor called in the morning and we visited with him on the grounds.

20th. We washed, ironed, etc.

Sept. 21st. Pa took Julia up to her school. I sent a letter to Darius and Penjie S.

22d. I done mending, picked pickles, baked Pie, and cookies.

23d. I sewed 2 lbs carper rags. Pa dug Potatoes planted on flat. Its very cool, and pleasant.

24th. pleasant. I sewed 1 1/2 lbs carpet rags. in the evening rode with Pa to the village. Alice White called, and fetched me a pail of buttermilk.

25th. very pleasant. Ida Smith made me a nice call. I washed and picked some Tomatoes.

26th. some rainy. I baked, and ironed and sewed carpet rags. I Wrote a postal to Ruby.

27th, some rainy, cool. I cut, and stewed a Pumpkin, our first, and made 4 pies. George is cutting up the Pop corn.

28th. We went to church.

29th. very pleasant. I sewed a pound ball, and dug some roots, called at Willards.

30th. very pleasany. I called at Haverlys and sewed a pound ball.

Oct. 1st. very pleasant. I sewed 1 1/2 lbs, and mended Pas pants.

2d. We went over to Brother Andrews, sewed 1/2 ball.

3d. pleasant. Sewed 1 lbs rags,and very many things.

4th. sewed - 3/4pounds rags.

5th. Pa, and I went to church.

6th. very rainy. I fixed my Tomatoes, grated pickles. Pa went and had a tooth out. I can and drawed up these poles for wood of radish, sewed some rags.

7th. rainy. I washed, ironed, made cookies and sewed 1/4 lb rags.

8th. very pleasant. I called at Mr. White. Platt was here for dinner. Willard and Mary called in the evening. Platt stayed all night. I worked some at rags, fixed Pas shirt and my dress.

9th. pleasant. Pa set out Straw Berries plants. I made Pickles, and fixed Crab Apples, stewed Pumpkins and made pies.

Oct. 10th. some rainy. I have done a little of everything besides sewing some rags. Pa with Frank to help, drew our hay. Mrs. Haverly made us a call.

11th. pleasant. Julia came home on the stage. I cleaned woodwork some. We, with Andrews folks were invited to Willards to dinner. Belle Elwood was there with us.

12th. Sunday. Pa, and Julia went to church. I stayed home alone.

13th. We washed and ironed and it was the first day of the institute. Marion Elwood, and Wife, and son eat dinner with us.

14th very rainy. Ruby came. Pa met her with horse and wagon at platform. how glad we are to have her with us again, and the Baby too.

15th. very pleasant. In the evening A. Tweedie, Will Sines, and Libbie Hodge were here to tea, and all with Rubie had a very pleasant time. Baby stayed with me, and Rubie went to the institute all day. In the evening Willard and Belle Elwood came here awhile.

16th. Ruby has been with me all day and I have enjoyed it very much. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs White and Alice visited us, and took tea. We had a chicken supper 2 night now, the first of the season.

17th. pleasant. Pa took Ruby, Baby and I over to Mrs. Mores visiting. Julia was at the Institute, But came over there to dinner.

18th. Ruby went to Dr. Harris and had 10 teeth taken out. Julia went with Ruby; and afternoon Julia had to go to her school. Now got 10 weeks to teach at North Hamden.

19th. a very rainy day. Ruby suffered very much from having her teeth out. We have all been here at home this Sabbath day. To night Mrs. Haverly called to see how Ruby was. She is very kind.

20th. Monday. Levi came from home. stayed 2 nights making it Wednedsay.

21st. (Tuesday, blank)

22d.. Wednesday. We stayed all night at Haverlies. I came home and cut cabbage.

23d. Thursday. I came home a while.

24th. At Haverlies.

25th. Saturday. We, with Brother Bowlman and Wife, and Sister Rhebe, and Nathan were invited to visit at Willards, and eat dinner.

26th. At Haverlies.

Oct.. 27th. cold. Had our first snow, so the mountains tops were white.

28th, Tuesday. Mrs. H. came home at 9 P.M. after we were in bed.

29th. we came home in morning.

30th. Snowed some but not to lay on any. Pa put my Holllyloch roots leaves around them, and on any of my Rose bush, and Peony and pink roots, and Sage. Pa helped Andrew butcher and fetched home Raspberry bushes. we set out our Goose berry bush. I sewed some rags. Mrs. H. called here. Willards folks have a social to-night.

31st. A very cold - disagreeable day. A little snow, and the mountains tops are white to night.

November 1st. Saturday, Pa gathered our Rootabagoes and Cabbage.

4th. Tuesday 10 A. M. Pa and I started for Downsville. eat dinner at Platts, stayed to Alstons all night. Got our interest of Platts. Payed for our horse to Mr. Bull. Wednesday, eat dinner with Lucy, stayed all night. Thursday we went to Uncle Eliphalets to supper, and stayed all night with Sister Phebe. Friday morning started home eat dinner at Mr. Shaws, and came home the seventh of November, Friday.

8th. Julia came home on the stage. we were very glad to see her.

9th. Sunday. Pa took her home again.

10th. I sewed a pound of rags. Our Pork came, and in th evening we cut and salted it. I scalded the brine, cleaned the barrel, etc. How tired I am to night.

11th. Took care of the fresh meat, and made sausages in the evening. Mrs. Ambrose Young visited here.

12th. Wesley Signor and Wife eat dinner here. I took care of fresh meat.

13th. finished making, and taking care of our sausages. Tonight Pa fixed a shelf to put it on. made 50 lbs.

14th. This has been a beautiful day. Melissa Signor called a little while. I wrote to Lucy, and Darius,

15th. very pleasant.

16th. Sunday. I wrote to Ruby. sent her thimble.

17th. Very rainy day. I worked at rags.

Nov. 18th. quite pleasant. I sewed rags, 1 pound.

19th. very rainy day. I washed. Willards folks went to Viola Spragues. A man cleaned, and tuned our organ.

20th. A cold raw day. done a little of everything. Got our butter from Hanfords.

21st. Very pleasant

22d. Lucy and Winifred came to dinner with us. How pleased I was. Melissa Signor came up from church staid all night so as to go to church in the morning, and to the feast.

23d. quite cold, and the first snow which has lain on all day. this morning it snowed hard for an hour after daylight and to night its two inches deep. Pa, Lucy, Winifred, and Melissa Signor all went to Quarterly meeting to day. Lucy came home at bedtime. Freddie stayed all night.

24th. Lucy has been here with us all day and I enjoyed it very much. We called at Tacys; and in the evening over to Willards.

25th. A pleasant day. Lucy and Winifred went to the village this morning to stay until tomorrow. I have washed, Ironed, baked mince Pies. mended some.

26th. pleasant. Lucy came home.

27th. Thursday. Thanksgiving. Lucy, and Freddie, Willard, and Mary, and Frank, and Cora eat dinner with us. We had such a nice time.

28th. very pleasant. Lucy. Freddie, and I called a while up to Archies. Saturday, Winifred visited Mr. White, and in the evening Mr. and Mrs. Whitcomb and their children, and Lucy. Freddie and Julia (for she came home Saturday), George, and I were invited over to Mr. Millard, and had such a grand time.

30th. Sunday. Hanford came over after his folks, eat dinner with us, then went home. Pa went and took Julia to her school. So I am left alone again.

Dec. 1st, Monday. Very pleasant. I washed, ironed. To- night Pa has gone to the Post.

2d. A very cold day, but pleasant. Pa helped McLaurie butcher. The first day Pa has had out of the mill in a good while as its all frozen up.

3d. A very cold day, but however got warmer, and rainy. Pa has been helping Mr. Car drive a well. I fixed his vest, and coat.

4th. Very pleasant. Pa has been home fixing his barn some. I made 4 shirt sleeves.

Dec. 5th. A snowy day. Pa has worked at Mr. Carrs. I called over to Willards. Fred Hubbell came here to get me to make him some collars. I was pleased to do it for him.

6th. very cold. Pa home all day only went down and got our horse shod.

7th. Very cold. Pa and I have been alone all day being Sunday, and read a good deal. A good many people went to church with cutters. Oh how lonely I am to day, and night.

8th. A very pleasant day. Washed; Ironed, mended. Mrs. Haverly made me a pleasant call.

9th. Very pleasant. In the evening Pa went to school meeting; I went down and stayed with Mrs. Haverly: We changed Roosters.

10th. Some snowy. I made a large mess of Molasses cookies; dressed a Chicken so as to have it ready for company. Pa finished putting in windows; and fixing his barn, and went Suckering

11th. Pa, and I went to the village. I visited Mrs. Robert Hitt. In the evening we called on Mr. White. They had been to the funeral of his mother. Pa went to the Farmers grange meeting.

12th. very cold. Pa has been at the mill unloading a Car of oats. I have been mending all day.

13th. Very cold; and pleasant. This morning Julie, Libbie Hodge, Alex Tweedie, and Will Sines came here; took dinner and went away about 3 Oclock. We have a very pleasant visit with them. They played on the Guitar, and mouth organ, and organ so it was all very nice.

14th. Sunday. Very pleasant. Pa went to church last night.

Frank Sprague died 1890, Dec. 14th.

15th. I washed and ironed.

16th. Pa and I went to Frank Spragues funeral at their house. It was very cold, rode in our wagon.

17th. A snowy day; not very cold. Pa helped Carr drive a well.

18th. Pa went in the morning and fetched Adelia Weed here; and tonight went and took her home. It has been a real snowy day.

19th. pleasant. Pa worked at Mr. Carrs. Charley was here to dinner.

Dec. 20th. very pleasant, and cold. Charley was here again to dinner he came from Marion Elwoods. He has gone home now this afternoon. Pa went to the village with him, and took the pail of Rubies down to have Etha take it home when she goes Xmas day. Oh how glad I was to see Charley.

21st. Some rain and snow most all day. Pa and I have been here alone all day. I have written Julia: Sunday.

22d. washed, Ironed. etc. pleasant day.

23d. very pleasant both days. Pa has worked for Mr. Haverly. Mrs. H. called on me.

24th. Very pleasant. I have been getting ready for company Xmas day.

25th. A very nice day. We had a large company home with Julia, Her Trustee, and Wife; and A. Tweedie. we had a very pleasant time, and they went home at 3 oclock and we went and called on Brother Willards in the evening.

26th. A very snowy day. Julia and I have been here alone all day. I mended. Julia sewing carpet rags. Pa has been helping Mr. Carr drive a well. Oh how nice its seems having Julia here.

27th. A very snow day. Pa has been helping Mr. Carr. Julia has been with me. In the evening Mr. Haverly family were all here visiting, also A. Tweedie. Alice White made us a nice call.

28th. Pa, Julia, and I was here all day, Sunday.

29th. A very snowy day. Julia and Pa have gone to the village on errands, Monday.

30th. Pa, Julia, and I were invited with Mr. Haverlys folks up to Mr. Whites. Had supper, and a fine time. came home at nine in the evening. Also Jenny Bradley made us a call in the morning.

31st. A pleasant day. In the evening we visited at A. Tacys.

January 1891

1st, We went up Mr. Hodges to dinner, and to Mr. Tweedies to supper, and staid all night.

2d. In the morning to Mr. Sines to dinner with Mr. Tweedies folks, then home. In the even- ing Mr. McLauries folks were here visiting; in the evening A. Tweedie came home with Julia, and staid all night.

Jan. 3d. A pleasant day. Alex went from here at two oclock to go home. Julia is suffering with a sick head-ache. I wrote a letter to Darius, Julia helped me. Pa has gone to the village in the cutter.

4th. A pleasant day. Hanford came after Julia to commence here school there Monday morning. Sister Lydia came here and staid all night.

5th. A snowy day. I washed, and ironed. Lydia is with us yet. George has gone to Post . 6th. Some snowy. I have baked, and mended.

7th. Some snowy. George and I went to Uncle Darius Dans visiting, enjoyed it very much.

8th. Very pleasant. Pa worked for Haverly. I sent Ruby a letter.

9th. pleasant. I sent Julia and Lucy a letter.

10th. pleasant. I went to Asenath, Sarah sick there. I have had a very pleasant day.

11th. Sunday. It was very rainy. I wrote to Darius. Pa and I was here all day alone.

12th. I washed and Ironed, mended some.

13th. Baked Bread, Cake and Mince Pies. It has been very cold; but pleasant.

14th. put on a quilt; and quilted some. Charley came home in the afternoon, and stayed all night with Pa and I. We had a good visit. Willard and Frank came over in the evening.

15th. Very pleasant. I have quilted some. Platt Hubbell eat dinner with us.

16th. Very pleasant. quilted what I could. Mary came to help me for a while. Mrs. Haverly called, and fetched me a present of 3 yds of gingham for an apron; a can of crout..

17th. very pleasant; but afternoon stormy. I have been quilting. Plat stopped here. Pa went suckering in forenoon. took down our Potatoes to sell afternoon to the store. got 10 cts trade, 10 cts cash and some Rootabagoes.

18th. A very snowy day. Pa and I have been here alone all day. We have written to Brother Ebenezer.

19th. Monday. I took my quilt off of the frame.

20th. I washed, and ironed, cleaned all the lamps, and lantern, and trimed, and filled them.

21st.. Willard had the Dr. I called to see him. Marion Elwood was there, came from Delhi being examined. We called over this evening. Mr. White was there to see Brother.

Jan. 22d. I quilted. It was very rainy.

23d. Very pleasant. Brother Andrew and family were here visiting . 23d Friday night on the train Darius came home

24th. Saturday afternoon George went with him to Downsville; to Hanfords

25th. we were all at the Hanfords; Julia too.

26th. we came home; had a pleasant time. Tuesday, 27th, after dinner Darius went home. Yes, left us again to go to New York. How glad we were to have him here with us a short time; and sorry to part with him this afternoon.

27th. George worked drawing stones for Haverly. I called at Willards for Brother and Wife are both real sick.

28th. I washed, Ironed; called at Brother.

29th. Pa went to Andrew after Ella Dan. She is with us to night.

30th. Ella Dan, and I have enjoyed the day very much. We called at Willards. They are very poorly. Alice came home from teaching. Her school is now out.

31st. Pa worked at Willards because they were very sick: in the evening Abram and Viola Sprague came here and staid all night. Ella Dan was here too.

Feb. 1st, Sunday. A. Sprague and Wife were here - also Ella Dan. mist of rain.

2d. Very pleasant. I made minced Pies. quilted some; called at Willards. Mary is very sick: Willard is better.

3d This has been a disagreeable rainy day, with a little snow. I called at Willards. Mrs. H. called here. I have washed, Ironed, and wrote to Darius.

4th. A cold, pleasant day. I called at Mrs. Haverly - also at Willards.

5th. A cold, pleasant day. At night Sister Lydia came from A. Tacys here. We all called at Willards in the evening. Mr. Hughes eat dinner here. Also Ella Dan.

6th. Very fine sunshiny day. In the morning Ella and Cora called on us. afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Bowlman. In the eve we called on at Willards. Recd a letter from D., Lucy; Ruby and Julia and Feddie.

7th. afternoon commenced snowing very hard. Came 6 inches deep.

Feb.8th. Sunday. A little snowy. Pa went to church. Alice rode with him. I sent a letter to D. have some ready to-day to the girls all of them.

9th. A terrible windy, snowy, rainy, haily day. Pa went with Ella to Downsville. Platt eat dinner with me. and 4 other teams came from Downsville. Platt wondered if he could face the storm and go home that day; so teadious but finally all team went. Sister Lydia stayed that night with me.

10th. Some snowy. Pa, and Ella came back. Charley Signor eat dinner with us. In the even- ing we were sent for at Mr. Haverlies. Fred is sick.

11th. Very pleasant. I washed and Ironed. made Pies, and a loaf of cake.

12th. We had company. Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and in the evening we were asked down to see Sick Fred Haverly. George set up there. Lydia staid with me.

13th. A very pleasant day. Pa got word from Washington to go to Oneonta to be examined.

14th. Very pleasant. I called at Willards and at Mr. Haverlies to see the sick.

15th. Very pleasant. I called on Asenath. Pa and I went to church. Ella Dan went away to go home.

16th. A very wet nasty day, rainy. I put on my Irish chain quilt. Pa went for Haverly, after Tillie Elwood, to help them in the measles

17th. A rainy day: quite warm. Lew Hoyt stayed overnight, so as to go with Pa to Oneonta to be examined.

18th. Pa went to Oneonta to be examined. rainy in the morning. Both came home at night. I stiched, and took quilt of the frame ---- --- --- quite.

19th. Very pleasant. Pa sawed shingles. I done quilting.

20th. pleasant. Alice White called on me, and I enjoyed it very much. A. Tweedie called, on the way to Downsville. I am trying to make it nice for Julia comming tomorrow, but am about sick.

21st. A rainy day. I am sick

22d. Stormy. A. Tweddie called comming from Downsville. Said are folks are well.

23d. A very pleasant day. Lydia came to stay with me because I am sick. Alice Dan called, game me a lemon.

24th. Very pleasant.

Feb. 25th. rainy. Cora Dan called on me.

26th. Commenced snowing at night. Alice Dan came with something very nice for my dinner. So kind of her.

27th. Lydia and I washed, etc. In the evening Willard came over. Platt eat dinner with us. Mrs. White called in the morning.

28th A very cold day, some snowy. Pa drove to the village with eggs, got sack of flour.

March 1st, 1891, Sunday. Very pleasant first but very cold.

2d. Very cold, and pleasant.

3d. Very cold, some snow in the air. Sleighs running.

4th. some warmer, some snowy.

5th. quite a cold day. Recd a letter from Julia, Ruby, and Darius. I sent a letter to Ruby and Darius. A postal to Lucy..

6th. Very pleasant. Lydia washed, Ironed, etc. Mary called to see me because I dont go out of doors yet.

7th. George and Frank drew our wood from the flat; part of it.

8th. Very pleasant.

9th. A rainy day. 10th. A very pleasant day. Platt eat dinner with us.

11th. Wednesday. Very pleasant Frank tapped their Maple trees.

12th. A very rainy day.

13th. A rainy day.

14th. Very early at 3 oclock this morning Darius came and knocked at our door. How glad we were to welcome him home once more. To-day he has gone to Downsville. Its been a cold raw day, with very hard winds; also all night. Mary called awhile to see me. 15th. Sabbath. A very pleasant day. All at home all day. Mr. Haverly and children called a while.

Mar. 16th. Darius came home from Downsville and to-night has gone down to stay at Mr. Whitcoms, so as to take the early 3 oclock train to go to New York. It has been a squally day some how.

17th. A very pleasany day. Ruby came home, without Baby.

18th. Very pleasant. St. Johns lecture. George Bull came and fetched Julia home eat supper and went with her to lecture in the evening. Ruby staid with me. Recd a letter from Darius.

19th. Very pleasant. A. Tweedie came and Julia went home with him.

20th. misty. Pa went to the top of Walton mountain after Lucy. She, and Ruby are with us to-night. how good it seems to me to be with them. to-night its rainy.

21st. some rainy. Pa took Lucy, and Ruby to the village to get Rubys new teeth, and one filled for Julia. Then Pa went after Lucy before dinner. Alex fetched Julia home, and eat dinner. He staid until night. The girls, and he gave us music, and singing, so we had a nice day. In the evening we all went to Willards for supper, and had a nice visit.

22d. Pleasant. Pa took Lucy up to Calder Terrys, then he walked over the hill to meet Hanford at the Russell farm. Ruby is with us yet, and what a pleasant time we all having, Julia too is with us, and how much we do all enjoy being together once in awhile. Ruby is now sufering with a headache and I am very sorry for her. Pa has got back. We eat dinner at Calder Terrys; and rested the horse.

23d. Pleasant. Ruby went home, Julia went with her to the Depot.

24th. Some rainy. Julia washed for me. I have enjoyed being here alone with her. I have been binding my new quilt.

25th. Very pleasant. Julia went to the village. Carie Sines and Minnie Russell came and staid all night with her. I finished my quilt.

26th. Very pleasant. Julia and I visited at Mr. Haverlys. Took tea; Pa eat with us.

27th. Julia and I took the horse and wagon and went over to Andrews, had a very pleasant visit. got home early and to-night has gone to a party up to Mr. Hodges with A. Tweedie.

28th. Very pleasant, warm Spring weather. Platt Hubbell eat dinner with us. Julia rode with him over the hill going to commence her school Monday.

29th. Pa and I went to church. What beautiful March we are having.

30th.. Very pleasant. I washed, Ironed, etc.

Mar. 31st. In afternoon some snowy. Mrs. Haverly came up a while.

April 1st. Wednesday. Pleasant. Recd a letter, and sent one to Julia, also to Lucy.

2d. Pleasant afternoon: Later cooler, and snowed. I set out some brier bushes.

3d. Snowed 3 inches in the night. To-day was cold, and full of snow. Wrote a letter to Charley, and Darius. Sowed Tomatoes seeds.

4th. Cold and snowed some. Recd a letter from Brother John.

5th. Very pleasant, but cold air. Pa and I have been here alone all day. I have written to Brother John Dan.

6th. Very pleasant, but cold. I washed and Ironed. Platt eat dinner with us.

7th. Very pleasant. I piled wood most of day.

8th. Very pleasant, beautiful day. In the eve. Pa and I went to town. Got letter from D.

9th. Very pleasant. I called at Willards. Lydia came here from over the river, stayed all night. I made me an Apron.

10th. Snowed all forenoon, then colder. Got butter from George Jenning.

11th. A cold rainy day. Put a hen setting. Lydia had been with us 3 day and night. She is about sick with a cold.

12th. A cool rainy day. Pa, Lydia, and I have been alone all day. To-night Lydia went over to Willards and then up to A. Tacys.

13th. Very pleasanat. Elbert eat dinner with us. I went to Willards; and got buttermlk. I finish- ed Julias quilt. Pa set out brier bushes.

14th. Very pleasant. I went to the village with Pa. I washed, Ironed, baked, etc.

15th Very pleasant, I looked for moths. took up some carpet; cleaned the press.

16th. Very pleasant, been cleaning Julias room. brushing carpets, etc., baked bread.

April 16th, 1891 - Mrs. Covil was buried: about 6 weeks or 2 months ago, her son was buried. She lived with them and he had 4 children with an wife.

16th. Hanford and Lucy drew writtings, as signed term between themselves and Wendall Holmes, for the old John R. Radicutt farm. Traded theirs, for part payment on the dear home we have all loved so dearly has now gone into the hands of stranger. Will let it go, Hanford wasent able to work so hard a place.

Apr. 17th. Very pleasant. I am cleaning house.

18th. pleasant forenoon, but awful windy and hail and rain storm towards night..

19th. Very pleasant. Pa and I am alone all day.

20th. Very pleasant. I washed and Ironed.

21st. Very beautiful day. I sewed cabbage seeds. Transplanted Tomates we had sowed.

22d. Very pleasant all day until night, snowed and blown. I made soap but didnt empty it. Willard came over after some of my old soap. 4 qts to dr. a horse. I sent the girls a letter by Jimmy Tacy.

23d. Pleasant. I emptied, and cleaned up from making soap. Scalded Pork brine and cleaned barrel, and got down celllar. Got a letter from D., and one from the all the girls in Downsville.

24th. Got some horseradish and grated; Took up my Sage roots, and set out gain, as Frank Dan ploughed the garden. Then I went and made a bed and sewed Onion seeds, Beets and Lettice. This is a fine, but cool day.

25th. quite cold, snow flying in the air. Pa took the day to fix the Hens Park. I wrote to D. and the girls in Downsville.

26th. Very pleasant. Pa and I were here all alone. Colt came to town.

27th., Monday. Very pleasant. I washed and ironed and made a towel, mended a shirt.

28th. Very pleasant; in the afternoon windy. I have been puttying, and cleaning yard.

29th. Very pleasant. I baked, and done a little of everything.

30th. A very pleasant day. I cleaned the chamber pans, Whitewahed, and painted it.

May 1st. Very pleasant. Planted Potatoes, early ones. Sowed cluster Peas. Set out ------

2d. Saturday. very pleasant day. George and I went over the mountain. called at Platt, found Charles, Platt, and his wife all sick abed. Went down to Hanfords to dinner; stayed.

4th. Monday. There over Sabbeth, came home Monday. Called at Alstons to dinner. Loretta is sick. To-night Pa has gone to the village with eggs. Lucy Rose is there with her Parents. Recd a letter from D. and Julia.

May 5th. Cold. Several snow squalls. I washed, Ironed. Mrs. H. called. Mr. Mifs Murphy came here afterwards. I sent Darius a Postal.

6th. This morning theground is white with snow, and been snowing by spells all day, but to-night it some warmer, and bare grounds. I sent Julia a few lines, and a package on the stage.

May 6th. 1891 - Platt Hubbell died.

7th. Very pleasant. Pa planted our Potatoes.

8th. Very pleasant. We went over to attend Platt Hubbells funeral:, and the next day, May 9th, 1891 - Charles Hubbell died.

10th. Sunday, he was buried, so we stayed over. Six years ago to day, 1885, Sister Esther died being 51 years old. She was the wife of Charles Hubbell.

11th. Very pleasant. I made Pumpkin pies. Wrote to Darius and Charley. Had a caller and called at Willards.

12th. Very pleasant. I washed and Ironed, worked some Pumpkins seeds out in the garden. Sent a package to Hanfords.

13th.. Very Pleasant. I have worked some in the garden. Made beds and sowed Parsnip seed, Carrots, and Radish seed; and beets seeds Hanford gave me. My first mess of greens.

14th. Very pleasant. I have been puttying. Pa left the mill because of lameness, and gone fishing ---- -------.

15th. Friday. Very pleasant. Pa has gone over to the mill again. I have been mending

16th. A rainy day. How revived everything looks. A letter from Julia. Ditto Frank Ringley again, one from Darius.

17th. Cool, afraid of frost. Very pleasant. George went to church this morning. Lydia came awhile, eat supper.

18th. Very plasant, some cool.

19th. cool and pleasant. I have worked upstairs now 2 days. Had a mess of greens to day.

May 20th. cool and pleasant, I washed, Ironed, mended several pieces; baked cake, etc. Pa has gone with Willard to-night to help fight fire on Mr. Leonards. He is burning fall leaves.

21st. A little sprinkle of rainy now, otherwise warm and nice. Willard fetched our sugar bbl from the village right to our door with his horse and wagon. I have transplanted some beets and lettuce.

22d. Cool, and some sprinkles of rain. I have been mending and painting.

23d. Very pleasant. I have been painting. I called at Mr. Tacys a few minutes.

24th. Sunday. pleasant Pa and I here alone all day. I wrote to Lucy and Winifred. In the evening Pa went down to the post.

25th. I washed, Ironed, Stewed apples,etc.. To-night-am very tired.

26th. I worked in the garden awhile washed Strawsberries. Sowed over onions beds, done quite some, then papered clothes Press, and patching around kitchen. Called at Mrs. Murphys and Willards. Pa went to a raising, Robinsons. It sprinkled some in a while.

27th. Very pleasant. I called at Willards. I wrote Asenath a Birthday letter. Pa and I planted late Cluster Peas, and Cucumbers, Winter Squarsh, and Beans. I got a recipe and made coffee. Opened, and commenced to use out of our sugar barrel

28th. sewed rags, and mended some. Very pleasant. Ida Smith Wakeman called.

29th. I cleaned the front Porch. It rained some. I set out 30 cabbage plants.

30th. A little sprinkle of rain. I went with George to the village, called at Adas, and we both eat dinner at Asenath. When we started home, drove over to the cemetery saw my parents graves.

31st. Very warm and pleasant. I wrote to Winifred. Pa and I have been alone all day.

June 1st. Washed, Ironed, Baked Pie, etc.

2d. Killed our Rooster, and dressed it. had it for dinner. Some rainy. Got our little Leghorn chicken cooped out there. Got a letter from Darius saying he has left Lajngs, and got a new place at $55 per month.

3d. Some Rainy. I set out Tomatoes.

4th. George went over to Downsville to see Delia about the place. Very pleasant. I mended some, then took knitting and called at Willards. Wrote to Winifred.

June 5th. Very pleasant. I have done a little of everything. Cut and sewed rags, etc. George came home at night. Couldnt do anything with Delia on business.

6th. Very pleasant. I baked Bread, and Pies, also Cookies, besides doing a lot other work. A. Tweedie eat dinner with us.

7th. Very pleasant. Pa, and I went up to the Quarry, the first time since we lived here. Mrs. Haverly called on us.

8th. Very pleasant. Washed, Ironed, etc.

May 8th, 1891 - died - Norris Bull.

9th. Very Pleasant, getting very dry. Wm Whitcomb called on his way to Mr. Bulls funeral. He wll be buried tomorrow 11 oclock. Funeral will at the house. He, Norris Bull died May 8th, 1891. We wanted to go over to the funeral but Pa work at the mill prevented. another warning voice to be prepared -----. Our stay here will be only be short at the longest.

10th. Very pleasant; very dry. Pa is drawing wood he got from Haverley, and some he gave him. Water is low to saw.

11th. I went with George to the village.

Willie Elwood was married June eleventh.

12th. We went to Andrews. Some rainy.

13th. Very pleasant. Mrs. White called. Julia and Winifred and Alex Tweedie came and Wil Sines; all took tea with us. How glad I am to have Julia home again and Winifred too.

14th. Very pleasant; very dry. Winifred and Pa went to church. Julia and I stayed at home.

15th. Very peasant, and dry.

16th. A little sprinkle this morning. Whitewashed the chamber Parlor, and commenced paper- ing. Julia and Winifred went to he village, and got Pa and I some Ice Cream. I enjoyed it very much.

17th. A nice rain to-night. Julia and Pa went to the village. Julia got me a nice lace vail for a present, and lace to trim my hat, and trimmed it to-night. She is fixing the chamber parlor.

18th. We expected to go over the hill but its rained all morning. Julia is papering my clothes Dresser. Pa and I went in the garden, and set some Rootabago plants, some cabbage. We did go at 3 P. M. Stayed overnight at Stanfords. Went over to Rubys Friday stayed until Monday. Came over to Lucys stayed all night, and came home on Tuesday, June 23d.

June 23d, 1891 - E. Elwood little Cora was buried. oh such a lovely Child.

June 23d. We found the girls well. I fetched home a setting of eggs. Just under the hen ------ -------.

24th. Wednesday. Very pleasant. Pa went to Downsville on business about this place after seeing the Judge. Julia finished in my room and press, got it very nice.

Sylvia Horton buried June 24th 1891.

25th. Very pleasant; very dry. Robert Russell came here visiting. We baked 7 loaves of bread for the Fireman Parade for tomorrow. Pa came from Downsville been to see Delia about this place. Pa has gone to the village with eggs. Julia and Winifred has gone with Alex Tweedie to commencement exercises. I am here alone as usual. I shall have a good time, and I hope the rest will.

26th. All of us been down and enjoyed the big day. Soldiers Tournament, all of us were tired, but I had a good time. Rob Russell stayed here last night also Alex Tweedie. Winifred too is with us. Pa got me some Ice Cream to-day, I think so much of it.

27th. Very pleasant. Winifred went home. Julia pasted some. Gilded the crazy Bottles. I sewed up Darius new Comforter.

28th. Very pleasant Sabbath and we all here. Pa, Julia and I stayed home to rest. Willard called a little while,

29th. Very pleasant. Julia washed, Ironed. I baked Bread, Cake, Cookies, etc. Lucian Clifton visited, and eat supper with us. Pa, Julia and I called at Willards.

30th. Very pleasant. Tacked Darius Quilt. Julia took a lesson in dress cutting. Mrs. McLaurie called here.

July 1st. Wednesday. Julia took another lesson. We all called at Mrs. Haverlies in eve. I made Ds quilt.

2d. Thursday. Pa, Julia and I visited Mr. McLauries got Rootabago plants. We had a nice rain. Rained hard last night. We have set Rootsabagos plants, ------ plants.

3d. Friday. Rained hard all night, cut our garden very badly. We called at Haverlies in evening.

July 4th. Julia washed, Ironed, went to the village and got Pa a present of fine Slippers. She too got oil cloth, and fixed our chamber windows nicely. Tonight she is very tired. Its too bad. Mrs. Haverly and children called awhile.

5th. Pa went with Julia to the top of the mountain this morning. Julia was awful sick all the way. A pleasant day, mostly; quite cool. I can hardly stand it to have Julia gone. I feel like crying all the time. oh I wish I could always be with her. wish I could know how she is to-night. Well may God be with her all the time. I wrote to Darius while alone to-day.

6th. Quite pleasant. Sent D. a letter. Pa cut his grass. Willard commenced with the machine. someway its been lonely for me thinking so much about Julia.

7th. A rainy day. Pa and I went to Charles Howards visiting, had a very nice time. Got a Postal to night from Julia.

8th. Sold Pickles 370 Amt 2.98cts. Picked and canned a can of cherries. Brother Andrew, and Frank Dan called on us. Quite pleasant. I done my washing. Pa has gone fishing. I've been and picked a good mess of Peas and shelled them for dinner tomorrow. Willard has just been in a few minutes. Cora Dan called a few minutes.

9th. Pleasant. George got in our hay. I have patched his wrapper, and shirt. To-night carried Mary a White Fish. Commenced using our Keg of Fish.

10th. Very Pleasant. George commenced WORKING in haying for Willard. I called over for a little while..

11th. Very pleasant. Pa is WORKING for Willard. He went to the village this morning and got medicine of the Dr. Holley. I was invited over to Willards to dinner. In the afternooon called at Mrs. Whites then finished writing D. and Ruby. I've been now and picked, and shelled Peas for dinner tomorrow, Sunday.

12th. A very pleasant day. Pa went to church fetched home a letter from Julia, Lucy, and Winifred. I sent a letter by him to D. and Ruby. I have been here alone all day when Pa went to church.

13th. Very Pleasant, hot, good hazy day. I washed, Ironed, etc. Mrs. Murphy called for eggs. -------------------------

14th. A very hot, and pleasant , and hazy day and then rain. picked the sage and done many other things.

15th. A little sprinkle of rain. George and I went to the village, saw, and spoke to Dr. G. Basset. Got Lucy a little medicine.

16th.. Very pleasant. I called at Haverlies.

July 17th. Very pleasant. Cleaned the cellar. Sold Mrs. Murphy 1/2 bushel Potatoes.

18th. A rainy day. Pa and I were invited over to Willards, to dinner. Got a letter from the Girls in Downsville. I went into Willards patch and picked a pan of Peas.

19th. Sunday. A very pleasant day. Pa and I have been alone all day until towards night. Lydia came in a little while. Fred Hubbell to come a little while. I have written to the Colchester girls to-day.

20th. Very pleasant. A hard rain storm, some hail. I washed, Ironed, and mended some. Recd a letter from Darius.

21st. Very pleasant. George and I went down to Rubys, and had a nice time. Girls were both home.

22d. Very pleasant. I picked a pan of Peas on Willards patch..

23d. Some rainy. Carie Jenning came here visiting, George came to supper. Reverend Bowlman, Daughter and Wife called and drank tea with us. Pa went to the village, and fetched me a basket of cherries. Carrie and Pa helped me pit them, so I got the sugar on them the same night. Its been a very pleasant time I guess for all.

24th. In the morning I canned my Cherries. Its was quite rainy. Then Pa and I went up to Samuel Terrys visiting. Had a nice time.

25th. quite a hay day. I called at Whites and Tacys.

26th. been quite pleasant. Pa went to church.

27th. quite a good day. I washed, dried and ironed clothes. Baked Bread. Sent a letter to the Colchester. Got our first mess string Beans.

28th. I went down to Mrs. Haverlies in the afternoon, staid to tea. She gave me a bowl of Raspberries to fetch home. Its been a very nice hay-day.

29th. Very good hay day. Ive been WORKING at rippng up a dress, and cutting rags.

30th. A rainy afternon. Pa cut the Island in the morning. Went to the village later. Got a letter from D. and one from Ruby.

31st. Very pleasant. George, and Willard both got in all their hay. I sewed a lb of rags; and lots else. Mrs. Haverly called here. I sent D. and Charley a letter.

Aug. 1st. A pleasant day. I baked; cut and sewed rags some. And in the afternoon, George and I went over to Andrews, staid for tea. They gave us a pail of Peas to fetch home. Recd a letter from Julia and Winifred.

Aug. 2d. Sunday. Pleasant. We are here alone resting, and reading and writing; Postal to Lucy.

3d. I washed, Ironed. Emptied my Straw tick and washed and Ironed and mended it.. Cleaned my bedroom generally. Scrubbed the wood shed nicely.

4th. A very rainy day. Pa went down in the morning, and had his Pension papers made out, then he has been here most of the day. To-night we had Pudding and milk for a treat.

5th. Some rainy. Pa worked for Haverly. Julia came over home on the stage. oh, how glad I was to see her.

6th. Very pleasant. Julia and I called at Willards. Julia has been fixing her flannel dress and Organ treadles., etc.

7th. Very pleasant. Julia has gone to the village.

8th. Very pleasant. Brother Andrew and Jane and Charley and Mary visited us. We called at A. Tacys and in the evening Perry Andrews. Flora Frost, and Alice Thompson made us an evening visit.

9th. Some rainy. Pa went to church. Sister Lydia called awhile in evening. I wrote to D. and Ruby, Julia and Lucy.

10th. Very pleasant. Julia washed and Ironed. Went to the village and had a lesson in Gar- ment Cutting. I done some about my ---------. Picked Peas for dinner, a pan of dry ones.

11th. Julia washed, Ironed. I made Bread. I write a letter to Lucy, to send. Pa going to Downs- ville afternoon. Julia went and took a lesson in Garment cutting at the village. Pa started at 3 and went to Downsville. Julia fixed the Bedstead in Parlor Bedroom. Got Frank Dan to helped her towards night. In the evening Mrs. Haverly and Mr. Murphy, and all the children came up for a while.

12th. Pa came home, been some rainy. Julia went down and took her lesson. Picked out paper to fix the house. To-night Pa drove to the village and got the paper and oil bottle. Took down eggs. Pa sold our farm to Levi Russell to-day.

13th. Very pleasant. Pa went to the Picknick. Julia and I staid home. Julia has gone for her lesson in Garment cutting.

14th. Very pleasant. We finished fixing our Parlor Bedroom. Pa went and got us a pail of Blackberries; and in the afternoon, Pa helped Willard in his Oats.

Aug. 15th. Very pleasant. Pa has drawn Muck from the pond; Towards night gone to help Archie rake Oats. Julia and I pasted the paper overhead in Parlor. Bake 2 Black Berry Pies, Cakes, and Bread. besides an hundred other things.

16th. Very pleasant. Pa, Julia, and I went to church the first time I have had a chance to go this summer, Rev. Mr. Dean preached. An old minister who used to be in Walton. Flo Frost called for Julia to go to church with her to-night. Julia isent able.

17th. Very pleasant. We papered. Julia papered the Parlor overhead, and put the boarder around. I made 2 Blackberry Pies. Brought -- --- ----- of ---- -----.

18th. Some rainy. finished straighting in the parlor. Pa went Blackberrying and I preserved them. Haverley called here.

19th. Julia washed; and went and took her lesson in Garment cutting. N..Pedler stopped with us. In the eve, Alex Tweedie came down here to spend the evening. Pa went Blackberrying.

20th. Very pleasant. Pa went Blackberrying. Julia has had headache very hard to-day, is better; and gone to take her lesson in Garment cutting. I am WORKING jellying all the time I can get. I ironed to-day.

21st. Very pleasant. Julia took her lesson. Alston and Loretta came to visit us, to dinner, stayed all night, and until after dinner next-day. What a good visit we did have. In the evening Willards folks came over.

22d. Abe Vanvalkenberg and Julia came to dinner with us. Then we took the Alston folks to the village; and went up to Brother Andrews, with Abes folks and Willards. Drove to Uncle Darius Dan for a call. When we got home called at Archies, and Whites. Put in a full day. Aug. 22d, 1891, Got a letter from D. that his wedding is postponed.

23d. Forepart of the day pleasant, but towards night rainy. Written to Lucy. Pa, Julia, and I have been here all alone all this Sabbeth. I have written to D., read my Bible; The Witness.

24th. A rainy day. Pa worked for Uncle Darius. Julia went to take her lesson in Gar. Cut.

25th. Pa helped Uncle Darius 1/2 day. Julia took ger lesson in Gar. Cut.

26th. Pa went to Hancock. Jonah Hotchkiss came here, stayed all night. Flo Frost called on us. We washed, Ironed, Baked. killed 2 chickens and fixed for the Picknick

27th. It has been rainy, there was no picknick to-day. Mrs. Murphy called a while. I picked Cucumbers.

Aug. 28th. Very pleasant. Carie Jenning called. Pa went Black Berrying, got 35 lbs. This even- ing Perry Andrew, Seynour Frost and Flora called awhile. In the morning Mr. P. Andrews departed for the west.

29th. Very Pleasant. Perry A. has gone on-- --- me------ Seynour; his mother and sister went on the train with Mr. Andrews. Pa has been gathering corn, commenced to dig up Lettuce. Has gone over to work for the Haverly the first since Spring. Mary Dan came here visiting. I took care of my Plumbs 7 cans and a bowl of Plumb jelly.

30th. Pa, Julia, and I went to church. Pleasant till we got home; Then rained.

31st Very pleasant. Julia finished her Flannel dress, and took up the kitchen carpet . I killed a chicken and dressed it for dinner, had Cabbage. We cleaned Julias room ready for the carpet. In the morning we called to see Alice before she went off to school. She started this morning

Sept. 1st. Some rainy. I caught, and killed a chicken, and dressed a chicken. I washed , Ironed, and Julia straightened her room. I made nice Bread, etc.

2d. Very pleasant. Darius came home in the night. Julia has been poorly all day. Darius has been with us and we have had a pleasant time. He; and Julia have played, and sung together. To-night Darius, George Tacy; Flora Frost, and Julia all went to Hamden for a ride, and good time.

3d. Tuesday noon we started to over the hill, and Julia and G. Tacy, Darius went on the stage. Friday, Darius, and Julia went over to Rubys, came back Saturday. So we didnt come home until Sabbeth day. We have had nice time at Hanfords. Glad to get home again..

Now its the 6th of Sept. when we got home. Julia has gone down to meeting with Alice White afoot expects to come home with the McLauries folks. Darius came over the mountain with G. Bull. Julia rode with Pa, and I in our carriage.

7th. Very pleasant. We have visited with Darius. Julia went over to Willards with him to play croquet. Pa has gone with him to the village this eve. We have sewed our old carpet, so its ready to be put down. Julia has gone with Frank Dan up to Archies to play croquet this eve.

8th. Very pleasant, and cool. Darius started for home on the noon Train. Julia went to the village with him; then she took her lesson in Gar. Cutting before she came home. She got a letter from Laura McDougal. I called at Willards a little while.

9th. Very pleasant. We washed and ironed. In the evening Mr. Thomas was here. Julia played and sung for him.

10th. Very pleasant. Julia took her lesson in Gar. Cutting. She finished her room.

Sept. 11th. Very pleasant. Julia has been fixing her Black dress. I done the work baked Bread, cake, cookies. --- got cabbage, Turnips, Pork, and Potatoes for dinner.

12th. Very pleasant. Julia and I fetched a crate of Peaches, made 12 qt cans and some jelly of the skins, and done Cooking.

13th. We all went to church, and what a sermon we did hear by a strange Minister. The subject, or theme was prayers. exhorting us to pray often, and in great faith. Julia rode up with Mc Lauries and went home with them.

14th. pleasant with one little sprinkle. I have canned Plumbs got of Willard. Sent Lucy and Darius a letter. Brother Andrews fetched us a Sap Bucket full, and gave to us, lovely ones. Julia washed, done something on her silk dress.

15th. quite unpleasant, some rainy on the first day of the Fair. We put down the kitchen carpet, with our new Oil Cloth. Baked bread, and Pumpkins Pies, the first we have had this fall. Done lots on everything.

16th. Very pleasant. We went to the Fair, had a nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson came home with us, and stayed all night.

17th. Very pleasant. We went to the Fair. Charles came home in the morning and eat breakfast. had lunch on the grounds at noon; came home at night, and had lunch, and quite a visit. Aunt Lucretia, and Hannah Smith called awhile at night. Wil Sines, Libbie Hodge, and A. Tweedie came home with Julia to supper, and stayed all night.

18th. Very pleasant. We attend the Fair. I got very tired; so an about sick. Julia has gone home with Libbie Hodge not comming home till Sunday.

19th. Very pleasant. Pa went to the village. Pa got is second crop of grass and got his Picture taken. I went with him. done some mending Saturday.

20th. Sunday. Very pleasant. Julia went to church, and came home with Pa, and stayed home all day. I wrote to Lucy, and Darius, and Harry McDougal.

21st. Washed, Ironed, Baked. Julia made a hat. Julia went to the village. Frank Dan called. Mrs. White called an hour or so; she fetched me a pail of Buttermilk. made an apple Pie, etc.

22d. Very pleasant. Julia drafter my wrap - her pattern, and my wrapper.

23d.. Very pleasant. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews was here visiting. Chrissie Hodges is staying all night.. Daniel Hotchkiss stayed all night. Pa finished digging Potatoes.

Sept. 24th. Very pleasant. Julia took the horse and wagon and went to the top of Walton mountain after Lucy. After dinner, Lucy and Julia went to the village. got home after dark In the evening Mrs. Murphy and Mrs. Haverly with their children came and spent the day.

25th. Very pleasant. Lucy, Julia, and I went up to Carrie Jenning visiting. Carrie came after me; Julia; Lucy and took our horse and wagon. We are home all night again, and Lucy gone calling over to Willards.

26th. A nice shower early; then dried. So people threshed Buckwheat; after dinner Julia, Lucy and I drove over to Uncle Andrews to visit, had a nice time..

27th. Very pleasant. Julia and I went and took Lucy to the top of Walton mountain; we met Hanford. We visited there 2 hours then came home, and they went home.

28th. Some rainy. Very pleasant. Julia went to the village. Washed; Ironed; baked Bread, and Cake.

29th. Some rainy. Julia went to the village, besides we have done quite a bit of sewing.

30th. Very Pleasant. Julia finished my dress and worked on hers a good deal.

Oct. first. Thursday, and very pleasant. Brother and families, Andrews and Willard visited us; and Rob McLauries in the evening. had a very nice day altogather.

2d. Very pleasant. McLauries folks all came in the eve. Lilly Hubbell, and Marie Powell in afternoon to get tea for.

3d. Very pleasant. Julia packed her trunk, went to the village after hers and Pas Photographs. In the evening she called at Mrs. Murphys, and Haverlies. She fixed my dress, and does a little of everything to be good to everyone. Alice White called here.

4th. Sunday, Pa, Julia and I went to church. McLauries folks stopped for Julia to ride with them. Comming home Flo. stopped to dinner with us. Sister Lydia did come to see Julie after dinner. also Frank Dan came over awhile. In the evening Mc Lauries folks all came in awhile, also Mr. Haverly came up. Mary was sick so the rest couldnt come.

5th. We got up early; Washed, Ironed. Made minced sauce 2 cans. Julia and me the Quinies. Julia called at Willards. Julia started for Wisconsin. Pa took her Trunk to the depot; then had dinner, and took Julia down and see her off on the train. Oh how lonely it seems without her here. She is the sunshine of our home, every body loves her. It rained so I didnt got with them to the depot.

6th. Very pleasant and cool. I picked out Tomatoes, wrote to Ruby etc. the cucumbers.

7th. Very rainy day. I baked Bread, cut, and stewed Pumpkins, made into 4 Pies. Cut a pan of apples, and and put drying done some mending.

Oct. 8th. Pleasant. Alonzo Scovil came to visit us, stayed all night. Mrs. Murphy called. Her girls came for apples. Gave them some Beets, and onions.

9th. Very pleasant. Mr. Scovils folks went away about 9 oclock. Then I done my work with that time I had besides writing to Laura. I cut apples to dry.

10th. Very pleasant. Sent a letter to Darius, cut apples to dry. No letter from Julia.

11th. Pleasant. Pa and I home all day only Pa went to see Rob Mc Laurie. He is sick. In the eve. Mr. Haverley and family were here for a call. He came to see his sick horse.

12th. Very pleasant. Got a letter from Julia. She got there safety Wednesday on time. They were at the Dapot waiting for her at Packwaukee. Today I washed, Ironed, and cut some apples. Done some everything.

13th. Very pleasant. Cut apples and a little of everything. Heard that Mrs. Champlin, M. E. Preachers Wife had died. Was usually well when Mr. Chamblin went into the garden; When he came in found her dead and laying on the floor. I gathered several bushels of apples. Made 4 Pumpkins pies. Picked our sage.

14th. Made my Pies. Its very pleasant.

15th. Very pleasant. I made some calls to see Mr. Dickerman who is sick. Also called at Mrs. Haverlies, and Murphy. Baked Bread, cut a good many apples.

16th. Some rainy. All forenoon I helped Pa gather apples. We have got in center of the bushes and as much as 5 in the Woodshed beside we have a bushel of dried ones. Mrs. Murphy made us a call. made a nice loaf of cake.

17th. Very pleasant. Pa fixed fixed Parlor Stove blackened and fixed the room nice. I made 2 Pies; cleaned up generally. Lucy sent me some quinces by Seymour. I was real pleased with them.

18th. Sunday. Very pleasant. Pa and I stayed home all day. We wrote to Ebenezer and D. and Lucy.

19th. Very pleasant. I washed, Ironed, and cut lots of apples, and some in the evening. Got a letter from Julia. Seymour fetched it.

20th. A rainy day. I mended Pas Pants, wrote to Julia, and sent it by stage; sent Jellies to Lucy; cut lots of apples. Got a Postal from Lucy.

21st.. Cut apples. Fixed so much to eat every day.

22d. Fixed Quince sauce, 2 cans, and a bowl.

Oct. 23d. Cold raw wind, really cold out, freezing. I stewed Pumpkin, and done, and got the seeds from our Cucumbers and Tomatoes; and attended to drying apples; sewed the edging on the dress and neck by night.

24th. Very pleasant. finished drying apples. Picked up some apples, Baked and done lot other, etc.

25th. Pa and I went to church. Very nice pleasant day. I wrote to Lucy, and Darius, and Julia.

26th. Pleasant.until I got apples dried. I done ironing.

28th. Wednesday. Pa and I went in the afternoon over to Downsville. To Lucys, the same day, Anna Elwood was maried.

29th. We went to Shaver Town to Uncle Jonah Hotchkiss, and Alex Hulbert.

30th. we went to Beaverkill to Uncle Channcey Hotchkiss.

31st. to Uncle Daniel Hotchkiss and Jehiel Races, and so to see all of our cousins over there. Came back to Rubys Wednesday night, November 4th. The same day we eat our dinner with Lucy Rose Reckland. Stayed with Ruby 2 nights. Came to Hanfords Friday to dinner. Home Saturday.

Nov. 7th. Saturday. Pa went to see about hay on our farm. Eat dinner with Julia and then came home. We have had a very pleasant time, been gone eleven days. Had pleasant weather all the time, and a good visit. We has a letter waiting for us from Darius and Julia when we got home and Cramberries they sent us from Montello

8th. Very pleasant, warm sun like summer. Pa and I went to church. I have written to Julia, and Darius.

9th. Very pleasant. I washed, Ironed, and pieced a block. went up to Mrs. White for a visit, and drank tea. George worked for George Jennings. I pieced a block in my piece work.

10th. Pleasant, but a hard south wind all day. and mountainious roar as if coming on a storm. In the evening, George and I went over to Brother Willards. I picked up my pop corn, cleaned the room brushed, and swept the side rooms.

11th In the night it commenced to rain. held on all forenoon. Then came off warm. I cut a pumpkin and cut somepeice work, besides lot of other things which have to be done everyday. Pa got his pension to night, $24. Plaster quarters fell down over the stove.

12th. Rained until noon, then came pleasant, and warm. Hanford came over with his firking of butter, got breakfast here, fetched us a fine Leghorn Rooster for a present. Mrs. Murphy called to-day. I was very sick last night, feel poorly to day.

Nov. 13th. Very pleasant, beautiful and warm. I sent Ruby a letter. Painted the house. Made 4 Punpkins Pies. Pa heard from Darius.

14th. Very pleasant. Ours hog came to day from G. E. H. I went over to Brother to get him to unload it. I baked bread, and cookies. Called to see Mary Haverley. She is sick, fetched home ---- ------ ---------.

15th. Very pleasant, cooler. Pa and I went to church, had a good meeting.

16th. Windy all day, and towards night a little sprinkle. I cleaned souce, and hogs head, and got things ready for the sausage. We made it in the evening.

17th. A rainy, Windy, cold day. Some snow. I have taken care of our sausage meat got it ready in Jars to put up. boiled the pieces, and bones, and made head cheese. had a very busy day. Mrs. McLauries called. To-night am real tired.

18th. Very cold, and pleasant all day. I made 3 pumpkins, and one berry pie. Marion Elwood was here for dinner. I fried some of our new sausage. I cleaned both windows, and part of the wood work in this room.

19th. Very pleasant, cold freezing weather. I washed, and baked bread, and cake. I went and called on Mary Haverley as she is sick. Took Mrs. H. a mess of suasages. Got a letter from D. and Julia.

20th. Very pleasant. I made cookies, finished ironing, mended some.

21st. Very pleasant, quite windy. Wrote to Julia and sent it, mended some.

22d. A pleasant day, except for a little sprinkle about 11 oclock. Home all day. Hanford and Winifred came early before I got my work done. Winifred ----- NY Regents examination, which will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

23d. A very rainy day. I cut and stewed a Pumpkin, canned some. I wrote to Lucy.

24th. A cold raw wind with a few flakes of snow, but none to lay over. I patched Pas pants, and my dress, stewed the other half of my pumpkins.

25th. Pleasant, but cold.

26th. Thanksgiving day. A little snow little lay on at all. Winifred is with us yet. We are all, Pa and I, and Winifred invited over to Willards for dinner, and Andrews family and Marys sister, Cinthia was there. The first she has been home in 8 years. She lives in Steubon county. I had a very pleasant visit, all together. Winifred went home with Andrews folks.

Nov. 27th. I have washed, and Ironed. Winifred came from Andrews this morning. Pa helped Andrews butcher this forenoon, then came home and put course manure on our Straws berry bed, and sage bed. Winifred has been to the village after her umbrella. Pa has gone to A. Tacy. This has been a cloudy; but not stormy day.

28th. Cold and some snowy. One inch of snow on the ground to-night. Wiinifred went from here and helped her carry her satchel. She was going to cross the river to Andrews. Charles was going to carry her home this afternoon with their horse and carriage. I called to see Mary Haverley. Willard and Mary came over here this evening.

29th. Very cold, but pleasant. Pa and I have been home all day alone. I have written to Darius.

30th. Very pleasant, and cold. been cleaning the wood-work. Recd a letter from Julia. Pa telephoned over to Mr. Whites in the eve. He said he would have the deed ready Monday.

Dec.1st. We sent a letter to Levi.

2d. Very pleasant, some warmer. Levi, and Ruby came home at dark. In the evening Hanford was here with his Brother, went to the village with a load, and came back here for dinner.

3d. Levi and Pa has gone to Franklin to settle all up with Dr. Foot. Comming home tomorrow we expect. Ruby fixed my wrapper. It was very pleasant to-day. Ruby has now gone to the village. Pa and Levi came home from Franklin. Ruby and I made Sourkrout. In the eve we went over to Willards. Recd a Postal from Julia.

4th. Very rainy, and windy.Levi, and Ruby have been with us all day and we had a nice visit. Ruby fixed my foot stool..

5th. Very pleasant. Levi and Ruby went away this morning, to go to Marion Elwoods. I have baked 4 Pumpkins Pies; and Bread. Went over to Uncle Darius Dan and drove up to Brothers just to speak. I was glad to get out of the house just a few minutes so pleasantly.

6th. Very pleasant. I wrote a letter to Darius and sent one to Julia when Pa went to church. Sent Darius Monday by stage on our way to Downsville to do business about the farm. Lawyer White made out our Deed, and Mortage, and we all signed them.

7th. Eat dinner, and supper at Alstons, Levi, Ruby. Pa and I, then we all went down to Hanfords to stay all night.

8th. Tuesday we came home and they went home. We went up to M. Elwoods to dinner.

9th. I washed, Ironed, and called over to Willards to see Mary; Ebenezers wife. She came over here a few minutes. Oh what lovely, pleasant weather we have had since monday morning.

Dec. 10th. Very pleasant. I have mended a shirt, 2 pairs socks; my skirt; and commenced to fix my brown dress. Hanford was here to dinner. He came after a load. Got a letter from Julia. Mrs. Murphy called me, and get some more eggs.

11th. Very pleasant. I finished fixing my dress. Sent a letter, and Papers to Julia.

12th. Very pleasant. I mended Pas coat. In the evening went with Pa down to see Mary Haverley. Sent Ruby a Postal,a and a letter.

Dec. 13th, 1891 - Daniel S. Hotchkiss died about 12 oclock

13th Very pleasant. Pa and I went to church. I called to see Mary H. and Sister Asenoth.

14th. Very pleasant, so I washed, and Ironed, But towards night had a sprinkle of rain. Its very warm. Made Cake, and cookies. Pa fell in the mill, and hurt him quite badly.

15th. A rainy day, with some hail. Scott Gregory came here to dinner because they are all sick at the Haverleys. I sent Ruby a Postal, and sent to Dr. S. P. B.

16th. A snowy, windy day. Snow one inch deep to night. Scott G. here to dinner today, Monday and Tuesday.

17th. Cold, all day. Got a letter from Julia. Scott G. eat dinner with us. I made 2 minced Pies, and Bread, Rice Pudding.

18th. Pleasant, and cold. Scott G. was here for dinner to day. Received, and wrote and sent Julia a letter. Sent Darius a Postal. Mended Pas pants, cut out a Night cap. Scalded the Pork brine.

19th. Very pleasant, some warmer to-night. Ida Smith came down with George this morning and stayed until she had to go take the train to go home. We had a nice visit. After dinner I sewed some. Finally Alex Tweedie came, and I had a good visit with him.

20th. Very pleasant. Pa and I went church. I wrote a Postal to Lucy, her Birth Day, letter to Darius. Pa and I have been down to see Mary H., found Mr. Haverley sick .

21st.. Geo. Jennings is sick. Pa is in the Grist mill. A beautiful day. I have washed and Ironed and mended two garments.

22d. Pleasant. Charley came from Franklin, got here to eat dinner with us. oh how glad we were to see him. He came to pay my note; and Darius note. In the eve. we went with him to Willards. had a nice visit. Got a letter from Darius.

23d. A rainy night, and morning a very rainy day. Charley staid with us till after dinner. I sent D. a Postal. Got one from -----. Pa worked part of the day; came home sick, is bad off, and I have been doctoring him to night. Soacked his feet, and put on drafts. soaked him all over in Saleratus water.

Dec. 24th. A rainy day. Pa has been very sick all day, could sit up a few minutes. I sent Lucy a Postal to come over. Brother Willard , and Fred Hubbell called.

25th. Xmas day. Pa has been sick abed all day. We sent by Brother Willard and got crackers, and Oysters for christmas. Pa got up and eat some. I sent by Frank Dan and got 2 lemons for Pa. Alice came came and fetched them to us. So kind of her. I'm not well to night.

26th. had a bad night, last night. been real sick ever since.

27th. Pa and I are both so sick. We had Dr. Holley come up. Willard comes everyday and does so much for us. We recd a nice package from Darius, day before christmas. Me some new shoes; Pa a cap. And a day after recd a letter from Julia, in which was a $5 bill for Pa and I, a Xmas present. so nice to be remembered by them.

28th. Rainy. George and I both sick abed.

29th. Pleasant, both sick abed, and had the Dr. both days. Lucy came over on the stage to help us a few days in our sickness.

30th. Not very cold, a few flakes of snow in the air, but none on the ground. Pa and I had a bad day. Its so nice Lucy is with us.

31st. Pleasant day, lovely.

January 1892. 1st, quite pleasant.

2d. A rainy day.

4th. Ruby came.

5th. Pa was taken worse.

6th. Lucy went home and fetched Lydia back.

7th. Snowed some everyday all the week. Pa & Ma are gaining. Darius came home on the night line.

13th. Julia came home on the night line from Wisconsin.

14th. Snowy. D. went to Downsville. Both seem a little better to night.

Jan. 15th. Telephone for H. and Lucy to come home. They got here about two oclock. Dr. Bassett and Holley both here. Lucy went home. Had lots of callers.

16th. Rainy most of the day. Dr. came here from Downsville.

18th. Snowy. Two members of the G. A. R. were up to see Pa.

19th. Marion called to night.

20th. Julia taken sick with the Grippe.

21st. Dr. came to see Julia.

22d. Julia better.

23d. Ruby went home on the train.

The Post got Pa box of grapes, oranges and lemons.

27th. Cold but pleasant. Alice Hunter and Letta Whitcomb were here for dinner.

28th. Julia took the horse and drove down to the village alone.

29th D. and Lucy went to Downsville.

30th. Aunt Lydia came here to work. Dr. Holley was up here this morning.

31st. Ellen Tacy called here this afternoon.

Feb. 1st. Julia and Lydia washed

3d. Mr. Leonard drew his first load of wood. He came from Downsville and brought Mrs. Bull. She staid all night.

4th. Julia and Darius went up ro Rob McLaurys awhile to night.

5th. Aunt Lydia and Julia washed. Just a lovely day. D. staid at Ada's all night and will take the early train in the morning and go to N.Y.

6th. Pa went to Downsville. Very nice day.

7th. Sunday. Pleasant day.

8th. Lydia and Julia Washed. Mr. and Mrs. Russell came over and hired Julia to teach across the river. Give her $5.00 a week.

Feb. 9th. Town Meeting. Pa came home from Dowsville.

10th. Pa and Julia went to the village.

11th. Very stormy all day.

12th. Hanford came over. Julia went with him to Downsville..

13th. Very cold. Aunt Mary was here.

Feb. 13th, 1892 - Alfred Twaddell died last night

14th. Valentine day. Willard came over.

15th. Julia came home from Downsville.

16th. Hanford got over here before we got up this morning. Beautiful day. Mr. Twaddells funeral..

Feb. 16th, 1892 - Monroe Rowland and Lucy Young were married.

17th. Lydia and Julia washed. Libbie Hodge and Mary Ballantine called..

18th. Pa went over to Abe VanValkenburg to stay all night. Mrs. Haverly and Mrs. Murphy called this eveing. Flo was here for dinner. Dr. Holley was here to-day.

19th. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jane were here for dinner. Mrs. Murphy and children called this P.M.

20th. Julia finished her brown dress. Received a letter from Lucy.

21st. Julia and Pa went to meeting.

22d. Washed. It was a nice day.

23d. Nice day. Julia went down and took tea with Heatie Haverly.

24th. Asaenith was here. Pa went after her and took her home at night. Mrs. White called. Also Willard in the evening.

25th. Lovely day.

26th. Pa went to Downsville and took the feathers to Ruby.

27th. Nice day. Julia sewed some.

Feb. 28th. Pa came home from Downsville.

29th. Libbie and Chrissie Hodge staid with all night with us to-night.

Mar. 1st.. The girls took the Teachers Examination. Very snowy all day

2d. Levi came after tea, and eat dinner with us; took home their can. Flo and Seymour Frost called, also Willard. Pa went to a soldiers funeral; Mr. Hill. got home at night, and Frank being sick, he helped Willard milk. Mr. White folks finished moving and Mr. Liddles folks moved in.

3d. Pa, and Julia went to the village; and took Eggs, and got Julia calico for her dress. Levi came after a load, and eat dinner with us.

4th. Pleasant. Pa went Suckering for the first after being sick. Brother Andrews called. Frank Dan taken sick yesterday. 5th. A little flurry of snow. Pa and Julia went to the village.

6th. Pa and Julia went to church, to hear Reverent Mr. Park preach. Its snowed some, been cold and windy, but the sun has shone; and the Sun of Righteousness has shown in my poor heart. I have written to Darius and some to Cousin Laura Mc. Julia has been here to cheer our house as she always does when here.

7th. Monday. Lydia and Julia went and washed a quilt. Except not everything gets dry. Its been a very pleasant drying day. Pa and Julia went to the village. received a letter from Ebenezer and Elima Hodges.

8th. A nasty wet day, cold with some snow and hail. Rob Liddle died Monday night. Pa went to the village to see Marion Elwood about Pension. Julie went to help Flora F. to sew. Frank Dan came in awhile. Lydia is with us yet.

9th. Pa fetched home our large chair from the shop, got it fixed nicely. A nice March day. Pa has been over the river to see Russell. He eat dinner with Joseph Fitch. Yesterday Julia helped Flo Frost. To-day she is fixing Lydias dress.

10th. Very rainy, and snowy. Rob Liddle was buried. Sent Lucy a letter. Lydia sorted our apples. Opened a jar of Plum sauce. I canned 3 cans of Apples for spring use.

11th. Very cold, and very windy. I canned 5 cans of Apples, helped pare them.

12th. canned 8 cans more. Very cold, snowy, and windy. Walter Elwood visitied us, and stayed over night.

Mar. 13th. cold, but very pleasant, sunshing. Pas and my 40th; anniversary wedding day. Lydia, Julia, Pa and I have been alone to day, had a very pleasant day; only Julia not well. I wrote to Ruby, Thought of all the rest.

14th. Awful cold. Winifred and Susie Warren came over on a lumber wagon with G. Warren, and they about froze. Pa went in the morning and took Lydia over to Andrews. He staid all day.

15th. Very cold. Pa went and caught a mess of Suckers. Winifred and Julia too feeling poorly to-day. Pa too went as well. All grunt together. Girls have gone to Willards to a young folks gathering; took a cake.

16th. Pleasant. Melissa Signor came here, staid all night. Julia and Winifred called at Mr. Haverlies, and Mrs. Murphies to see the children.

17th. Julia and Winfied took the horse and wagon and took Melissa home in the morning. They both have gone this evening to the village to exercises at the hall.

18th. Julia and Winifed were here. Winifred went to Adas. Pa worked half a day for Haverley, the first he had done since Hollidays.

19th. Julia washed, Ironed, and nearly noon, Levi, and Ruby and Baby came here. Were all nearly frozen as its a terible day; with snow and wind. They got dinner, and went home. Left Sadie here as we were afraid she could suffer going home. It snows and blows day and night for several days in succession.

20th. Sunday. Cold, and snowy, hasent been any such a time before this winter. About the time Suns crossing the line; and its been north east and north west several days. 21st. Very pleasant. Julia commenced her school. Pa started to take her, but met Russell coming after her. Charley Dan visited here in the evening. Willard, Frank, and Cora came here for a call in the eve.

22d. pleasant. Andrew came and fetched Lydia here after she had been for with me. Julia got home the second day of school . She has 10 scholars, and all lovely.

23d. Very rainy all day. Pa took Julia to school and fetched her to night. Winifred rode with him to the village, and stayed at Ada all night instead of coming home.

24th. Very pleasant. Winifred went home with G. Warren in a good sleigh, I think very comfortable. Julia is home to night.

25th. Pa took Sadie home. Lydia is with me. Its very pleasany, and Lydia has washed and ironed. Julia stayed at Andrews because Mary is sick.

Mar. 26th. Very pleasant. Julia is home. Andrew fetched her about two oclock. Mary is sick. Pa came from taking Sadie home. He had a hard time to get through the bad roads.

27th. Sunday. Very pleasant. Pa and Julia went to church.

28th. Very pleasant. Lydia got the rotten apples out of the cellar for me. In the morning before going to school, Julia washed. In the afternoon Lydia ironed. Pa has worked in the mill.

29th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. letter from D.

30th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Julia came to stayed all night with Mrs. Haverleys. I've put linings in Pas coat sleves. Pa and Julia went to the village with eggs.

31st. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Hanford and Lucy came over. Lucy stopped, Hanford went to the village after his new wagon to take home. Julia went to Mr. Russells. Hanford and Lucy expect to sit with her to night. Willard came in awhile to-day noon Mary came over in the afternoon. Got a nice package from Darius yesterday showing somethings he had at the dinner at Saynes

Mar 31st, 1892 - Susie Warren died yesterday afternoon, to-day she was taken home in the Hearse

April 1st. Very pleasant. Pa worked in the mill. Julia taught all day, came home and went up to Hodges. She took the horse and wagon, and went alone. I made 4 apple Pies with Lydias help.

2d. Some rainy. Pa has been in the mill. Lydia washed some, dried clothes by the stove. I made bread, and a layer cake. I bound a quilt, and peice a star.

3d. Very pleasant. Pa went to the U. P. Church as our minister has gone to conference, and Julia would come home from the Hodges and want him there to take the horse. Julia came and she expected after going to Franklin with them to the examination.

4th. Monday. Very pleasant and Brother John came to day with his Wife and child. We were glad to see them as I hadnt seen them in many years. Julia came home with Andrew, and he took Lydia home with him.

5th. Very pleasant. Pa is in the mill. Brothers Willard and John and their Wifes visited here, and too supper with us. We had a nice time.

6th. Very pleasant. Pa is in the mill. Willard and John went to Colchester visiting. Maggie and Margie stayed with me until after dinner, then went over to Willards. They came back and stayed all night.

7th. Willard and John drove to Hamden. Willard had to go there to a lawsuit. Pa worked in the mill. Maggie and Margie went to the village visiting. Juila came home sick. Cezmour fetched her. It has been a lovely day. Farmers are plowing. Dr. came up to night to see Julia. She has diphtheria. Pa went up stairs to sleep. I took care of Julia. 8th. Very pleasant. Pa is in the mill. I wrote Lucy a card. Recd a letter from Darius. Sowed Tomatoes seeds. I fed the hens corn and went to the Barn after and fetched in the eggs for the first time since I was sick. Julia has been in bed all day. She got up to night, so I could fix her bed, oh how tired I am to night. Pa sleeps up stairs again to-night.

9th. Very pleasant. Pa has been in the mill. Julia very sick all day. Mr. Marvin got setting of eggs. Mrs. McLaurey sent Julia beautiful flowers. I made Oat meal cookies.

10th. Snowy, and blows, and sun shine. Cold air. Julia is sick in bed. Pa is here all day. Willard called awhile; how we love to have him do so even sabbath day.

11th. Pleasant. Pa worked in the mill. Julia sick abed; but some better. Mary Hillard called and fetched us some butter milk.

12th. Cold, and air full of snow. Mrs. Murphy called. Pa worked in the mill. Brother John and Mary called. Julia no better. She got her certificate. Second, 2d, grade from Mr. Conlon. Pa sowed cabbage and Tomatoes seeds. A picture from Emma Biggar and a letter from Chrissy Hadie.

13th. Very pleasant. Pa worked in the mill. Julia sick, no better. To-night some better. I washed for the first since sick. Brother John, Andrew called in morning John and family start for home. We had a very pleasant visit.

14th. Very pleasant. Pa is in the mill. Julia is better. To-day some girls came to see her. She popped corn, and has apples. how I love to have Julia here with me.

15th. Very pleasant. Pa been in the mill. Willard called. Murphy girls called. Julia is I guess, some better

16th. Very pleasant. Pa worked in the mill. Julia is some better. We have been sewing some fixing her dress, my skirt, and different things as needed.

17th A little sprinkle towards night. Pa and Julia went to church. Easter day. We wrote to Darius, Lucy, and Ruby, and Laura.

18th. Very pleasant. Julia taught school, then came home and washed. Pa is in the mill. Uncle Eliphalet came over here after 3 bushels of Potatoes, stayed all night.

19th. Julia rode to school with Uncle Eliphalet. Its very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Tom Murphy came here with his trunk, wants to board with us. Eat dinner with us. I cut apples and made two pies, and cake. finished ironing, and done lots more. now sponged bread, got everything fresh.

Apr. 20th. Very pleasant. Pa worked in the mill. I done some sewing, and in the afternoon trimmed our little Cherry, and Plum trees. Baked bread and had everyting in shape for our boarder.

Apr. 20th, 1892 - Old Mrs Grant died.

21st. A rainy morning, rainy day. Pa in the mill. Arthur and Etha Russell visited us and eat dinner, I made a mess of cookies, made Apple sauce.

22d. Very pleasant. Pa in the old mill yet. I made apple pies, and done a little of every- thing. called at Willards, first I have been out in 3 1/2 weeks., saw Mr. Glass and spoke to him.

23d. Very pleasant. Pa is in the old mill. Julia has been cleaning her room. I'm making bread, and cake. I have been doing a little of everything.

24th. Very pleasant. Pa and Julia went to church. I read my Bible, and Talmager sermon, and the Reporter. Sister Lydia came over for a minute. Wrote to Darius. All togather we had a pleasant day. Murphy has been here all afternoon.

25th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Julia washed, I ironed some, and lots more. Taught school and was so tired she came home at night sick. 26th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill yet. I have done lots of everything alone to-day and called on Brother Willards. Seymour came after a hen to set.

27th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Julia is with us. I baked bread, cake and done a little of everything. I sent a letter to Wisconisin.

28th. a little sprinkle in the morning. Pa in the mill. I've been patching Pas pants. am nearly sick to-day. Went to Willards and got 15 plants of sprouts and set out. it turning pleasant before it rained.

29tth. pleasant morning. Pa in the mill. I went to Willards and sorted a bushel of apples to have given me, and fetched home a pail. been canning some to-day, got a letter from D.

30th. Very pleasant. Pa is the mill. Recd a letter from Lucy. Julia been cleaning her room; Washed and Ironed, and filled her bed. Alice White called on us.

May first, Sunday. All staid home, not able to go to church. Laid down to rest. quite rainy day. Grass grows like everything. I wrote to D. In the eve, Julia plaid ------.

2d. A rainy day. Julia washed the white clothes after school, and the colored ones in the morning..

May 3d. A little sprinkle, so I fetched in most of my clothes. McLaurie came for our horse, and Julia went with him. Poor little girl is so tired. Julia came home, and we got our ironing done, supper over, and work done. Once again we all are glad to sit down to rest for the night.

4th. Very pleasant. oh how glad to have Julia come home to-night., though didn't help her. I have made 2 apple pies. Pa is in the mill. this morning he went down before breakfast to have pension papers made out. I transplaned tomatoes. Got a lettter from Uncle Ebenezer. Pa, Mr. Murphy and Julia played dominoes.

5th. Some rainy. Pa in the mill. Seymour Frost got a bushel Potatoes. I read the news. I mended what I could. I called at Willards to-night. Julia isent comming home, oh how lonely it will be.

6th. A rainy day. Pa is in the mill. Julia got home half past 3. I'm glad too. Have been mending 2 days all I could.

7th. Julia cleaned the chamber. Pa worked in the mill. Very pleasant, some cooler, and windy.

8th. Very pleasant. Pa and Julia went to church. Murphy came home to dinner, and about 3, Marion, and Tirla Elwood came here, and staid for tea.

9th. Very pleasant. Pa was in the mill but 1/2 day. Andrew came to plough the garden. Willard came over and talked awhile. Martha Hotchkiss came over and staid all night., in the morning took the noon train and went back home to Lew Beach.

10th. Very pleasant. Pa is in the mill. I've been making apple pies. Wrote to Laura Mc. Wrote to Darius.

1th. quite rainy. Pa worked in the mill. Murphy wasent well, and didnt work. I cleaned yard some, cleaned cellar.

12th. quite rainy. Pa in the mill. I've washed some, and ironed. Julia is home again, and I'm so glad. I wrote to Ruby.

13th. Very plaeasnt. Pa was in the mill. I cleaned cellar cupboards, and lids, and jars, and cellar stairs; done lots of mending. Julia came home since it was Friday night. We're always very glad to have her come

14th. Very misty, not rain. Pa in the mill. Write to D. Recd one from him last night and one from Wisconsin. To-day made Bread, and Pies. Julia went down and got her new Sague and hat and velvet to trim her light flannel, to fix over. Pleasant most of the day. Pa was to tired, and Julia all ---------------------. All but me; Mr. Murphy laid down and slept for several hours, then had dinner. Julia got a letter from Ella Dan

May 15th. Very pleasant, but windy. Pa is in the mill. got our first mess of greens for the season. Julia has gone to her school. I made sour Pork brime, and put it in the cellar again. Commenced writing to Lucy. made oat meal cookies.

16th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill.

17th. how glad I was to see Julia come to-night when we not expecting her. I fixed the screen in the cellar window, and cleaned some in the cellar.

18th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Polly Barlow and Sister Mary called awhile. I sent Lucy a letter.

19th. pleasant, but very hard wind. Pa in the mill. Lydia came over to stay all night, because Willards folks went to the village. Pa is most done of planting Potatoes. I went out and sowed the Peas for him. Julia didnt come home to-night.

20th. pleasant, only a shower in the morning. Pa in mill.

21st. A very rainy day. Pa is in the mill. I made Bread, and Pies, and made button holes in a skirt Julia ------, and made, and I put on the ----. Lydia called over. Towards night Libbie Hodge, and Mary Balentine came. Staid all night.

22d. Sunday. all went to church but me. Its been quite pleasant. I wrote to Darius.

23d. A rainy morning, Cloudy all day and misty. Pa is in the mill. Grass grows quickley. I washed the colored clothes.

24th. I baked bread. Got a mess of greens, puttied, and painted some. Pa in the mill. Sent a letter to John, and Ebenezer.

25th. Rainy. I sprouted Potatoes, and washed. got 3 meals for company, done up in ---- nicely. read some, and lots more. Pa in the mill.

26th. Very pleasant., just a shower in the morning. Pa in the mill. Julia went to the ------ ----- ------- ----.

27th. Pa in the mill. Quite wet.. I wrote Sister Asenath a Birthday letter. Made bread and cake. called at Willards. Set out 2 Maple Trees.

28th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Its Saturday and Julia's been home. She took up my bedrom carpet, mopped the floor. We made 2 custard pies, and a layer cake. got Murphy an extra supper so he could get to the village early to get his pay.

29th. Sunday. A little showry. Pa, and Julia went to church. Carie Sines came home with them. Julia has gone a foot with her to the exercises to the village this evening. Julia was sick and had to be fetched home. Carie came with her.

May 30th. quite a good day. Only Pa went from here. Julia and I put down the kitchen carpet, and done lots more, baked bread, etc. In the evening Willard and Mary came over.

31st. Very pleasant. I have done washing, and Ironing. To-night Julia dont come home, goes to Ruby. Its lonely without her. I sent Ruby a Postal. I emptied, and washed my Strawstick and have it ready for Pa to fill at night, turned a sheets.

June 1st. Wednesday. pleasant only a shower at night. Pa in the mill.. I have just puttied and painted in Julias room. Julia came home, and washed now has gone to the village with George.

2d. Pa in the mill. I made 2 lemon pies.

3d. Rainy. Pa unloaded a car in the forenoon, and afterwards didnt work; rested on the lounge. Warren Signor, and Wife, and child came here to tea, staid all night. Pa in the mill to-day.

4th. Rainy morning. Cousin went with Julia when she went to school. Julia drove around, and is going over to Downsville after school. Thursday her last day day this term I sent Ruby a present and also ribbon.

5th. Sunday. Some rains. Julia went to Downsville last night, so its quite lonely to day in our house. Mr. Murphy is home all day.

6th. Monday. It showed this morning. I have washed, ironed, turned a sheet, had a caller and made pies.

7th. Julia came from Downsville, fetched Sadie with her. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. I washed, Ironed, and putted and painted Julias bedroom floor, besides lots else.

8th. Julia has a Dressmaker here. I have been baking Cookies, Pies, and bread. To night am awful tired. Pa in the mill. Julia had the Dress Maker another dress.

9th. been quite rainy. Pa in the mill. I have done some mending besides all other work, so to let Julia sew. Andrew callled.

10th. Very pleasant. Pa in the mill. Julia has been fixing my dress. Mrs. Haverley and Mary called awhile.

11th. Very pleasant. Julia washed, and cleaned Mr. Murphys room, took up the carpet, and all. We got the ironing done, and she packed her trunk, and we done some baking bread, pies, and cake. Pa worked in the mill; and been and took her trunk to the Depot; now gone with Julia to get her ticket; and to the store. Sadie went with them. Its lonely here.

12th. Very pleasant, Sunday. Julia wasnt able to get to church, so we all staid home.

June 13th. Julia, and all of us were up at 12 Midnight and Pa went and took Julia to the Depot. She is now far away from us all. Sadie has had a very nice day here with me. I have washed, Ironed, and mended, besides a great deal of everything else. Sadie went to sleep in Aunties bed alone.

21st. We have been to Downsville; Returned to night, had a very pleasant time. Visited the girls; and Hannah; and Loretta; and Sister Phebe. ---- ---- Showers to-day.

22d. Some showers. Pa ploughed Potatoes, and hoed them; hoed a good deal more. I washed, Ironed, and lots more. Mr. Murphy came here again to-day. Philo Hotchkiss came here to stay the night, going to Norwich to be examined.

23d. Pleasant. I went with Pa, and trimmed all out the Strawberry bed; Then picked a mess of greens for supper. finished ironing and helped Pa pick 14 hen to sell. I singed all of them got 3 meals; and the the 4th one. Philo came at 9 P.M. from Norwich to have his supper. I'm quite tired. Pa took down te hen; got 12 cts pound. Got a letter from Julia. Good newy.

24th. A hard rain, and wind. We went over to Andrews for the first time since I was sick; and a storm came when we were there. Had our first mess of Straw Berries for our supper here at home.

25th. Very pleasant. Pas helping Marion Elwood about Jans cellar digging. I made cake, and cookies Cup pudding. Sam Hotchkiss, and Son called, and had dinner with us. I picked Strawberries in our garden, 2 quarts.

26th. Very pleasant. Pa worked for Marion E.. I cleaned the side room of of Julias room. cleaned out several boxes, puttied and painted. Baked bread; and everything.

27th. Sunday. Very pleasant. All home all day. I wrote to Darius, and Lucy. Melissa Signor was here to dinner, and Pa went and took her home. Sister Lydia called awhile.

28th. Rainy. Pa worked for Marion amt .50 cts. I have been very busy doing everything. Horace Smith came for his dinner.

28th.. Pleasant. Pa worked for Marion E. I have picked 6 qtrs of Straw Berries. Made 2 cans of sauce. Took 2 qts to Mrs. Haverly, the first I've been there ----- ---- .

29th. I washed, Ironed. Pa worked for Marion E.

30th. Some rainy. Pa mowed our grass. Sister Lydia called awhile.

Friday, July 1st. pleasant, only a shower.

July 2d. pleasant. Old Mr. Close and Mrs. Liddle called on us, fetched me some Goose Berries. Levi was over after a load. We gave him one Straw berries. He eat dinner here.

3d. Pleasant all day. Pa got our hay in the barn. I picked 4 qts of Strawberries which we do often, baked Pies green apples. Made cake.

4th. Very pleasant. Pa is on the hill cutting and pelling logs for Mr. Haverley. Ive baked bread. Picked, and filled 5 1/2 lbs of berries. Canned 2 cans; and one of Goose berries. finished painting. Put down a peice of oil cloth. I have wanted to do this a long time. Swept Mr. Murphys room and finished sprouting Potatoes. Gathered Elder blown.

5th. Washed, Ironed. Picked 3 qts of berries, and pulled them. Made 3 cans of sauce, etc. Pa worked peeling again to-day..

6th. Very pleasant. Pa was peeling bark again to day. I've been writing some to Lucy and Ruby. Done up some papers to send to Julia. I picked some Straw Berries and made Straw Bery short cake. Canned some. Mrs. Vanakin ---- her sauce.

7th. Very pleasant. Pa is still peeling park. This has been a busy baking day for me. Pa got hurt. I sowed Parsnip seed, and Radish, and Lettuce seed.

8th. Very pleasant. I picked 3 qts of berries, and pulled them, then got our dinner. Mended my dress. In the afternoon went to the village; in a store be first time since we were sick last Holidays. Had a pleasant time and squared up with Meads. I got my glasses fixed. Called on Sister Asenath.

July 8th, 1892 - Maggie and Russell were married 2 days ago.

9th. I done my work and Pa and I ----- ----- then to Willards for diner. We came home early, and I went with George to the village. We drove to Mrs. Montieth ------ ----- -----. Recd a letter from them all, Darius, and ----- -------.

10th. Sunday. pleasant but we were in all day. Mr. Haverley family called a little while.

11th. Very pleasant. Pa has been spreading compost on our meadow this forenoon. I washed; and washed for Mr. Murphy too. done all of the ironing; picked cherries, enough to make a can of sauce; picked some Straw berries.

12th. Very pleasant. Pa picked some cherries and I made 2 cans of sauce; done the mending. Went after some Elder Blowd. Pa fetched home our bbl Sugar.

13th. took up stair carpet so they can put Sugar bbl up stairs. Swept the room up there; made a cake, turned a sheet, besides many other things. put new paper in our cupboard, and cleaned it.

15th. Pa and I went after dinner over to Rubys.

July 17th. came home. Called to see Ida Signor. She had a little girl Babe born on the 16th. Murphy has staid here alone, and says its all right, ----- . We bought 4 and a quarter lbs of butter of them.

18th. I washed, and washed for Murphy. Ironed and read a letter from Lucy, and Freddy. Pa is feeling poorly because he cant work. I went to the village with him in the evening, saw the electrict lights lighted.

19th. Today I have baked bread, cookies, pies, and made cup pudding. recd a letter from Darius.

20th. Very pleasant. I called at Tacys for the first since I was sick last winter. Pa is so he cant work much, he has been so most of 2 weeks. To-day I wrote, and sent a letter to Lucy.

21st. Very pleasant. Willard finished mowing. Pa thinks the days are long when he cant work I've had another baking day. We sold 14 hens awhile ago, now 12 more, making 26.

22d. Very pleasant. Willards finished haying. At night dark it rained, and blowed to beat all. We needed the rain.

23d. Very pleasant. Pa drew the sand, and stones for our step at the front door, and walk to the road. Pa is some better of his lameness. Alice White, and, Mrs. Blakey has just called on us. Alice wanted her book Julia had borrowed.

24th. Very pleasant. Pa walked home, our wagon is being painted at the Shop. I wrote and sent a letter to Julia and Lucy.

25th Very pleasant. Pa worked on our walk. I called at Mr. Haverlies to see Mary. She is sick. Saw Dr. Holley and shook hands with him.

26th. I washed, and Ironed, and baked.

27th.. I called down to Haverleys, and eat dinner. Mrs. very sick.

28th. I wrote to D. and sent it by stage. Very Pleasant, good dry day. Pa commenced work for Haverley.

29th. pleasant until towards night. Recd a letter from Julia and Darius. Pa has been WORKING for Mr. Haverly helping the Carpenters, has a good place.

30th. pleasant. I set out some Strawberry plants.

31st. Sunday, wrote to Ebenezer and Julia. A Postal too Ruby.

Aug. 1st. Monday. Pleasant. I washed and ironed in the evening. Pa and I drove over to see Uncle Darius Dan. He being poorly.

2d. pleasant. Pa is WORKING for Haverley. I sent Lucy a letter. Baked bread.

3d. pleasant. Mrs. Liddle got her Straw Berry Settings.

4th. Pa get up at break of day and went to get his papers made out. He has put in 15 --------. I picked our sage, got string beans; Made pies and was too tired, so my head hurt.

5th. Pa and I went to Hamden, and saw lots of folks. Mary Smith was buried. It was a large funeral procession. I shook hands with a great many. Sarah Briggs Umpstead for one, and She introduced me to her husband. When we returned home; we found a letter here from Julia.

6th. Pleasant. Brother Andrew and Wife came here to visit. Eat dinner, and we had a pleasant time. I baked bread, Pies, cookies, and Bread, and soft cakes. blacked our stove, wiped up around the Quddint, etc..

7th. Very pleasant. I have written D, and Julia, recd a letter from Ruby.

Aug. 8th, 1892 - Mrs. Berry died in halfour after a Honey Bee stung her.

8th. Very pleasant day. I washed, Ironed, and baked a Puimpkin pies.

9th. pleasant but terrible hot. I done my mending.

10th Rained and nasty and terrible hot. Cora Dan came over here after tomatoes. Cousin Harvey Dans daughter from Delhi came with Cora. George and I have just returned from Mrs. Steve Barys funeral at their house There were many present, and Mr. Patengill preached the sermon from the Text. "It is appointed into man once to die". Mr. Patengill married them too.

11th. Rains again to-day as it did yesterday. Got a postal from Lucy; wrote to Ruby. I made bread, and done some mending. Pas gone to the village in the rain because he had to. Murphy went with him.

12th. much cooler after so much rain. I wrote, and sent by the stage a postal to Lucy. got a letter from Brother Albert Signor. Pa has been feeling poorly, and didnt work, but been doing something about our barn shed. I too am quite poorly, but have done a deal gathered Smart weed, set some Straw Berry plants, and a good many Raspberry bushes, and mended a good deal, besides taking care of 2 messes of fresh meat.

13th. Some rainy, and water in the River high. Sister Lydia called to be company while George has gone to the village.

Aug. 14th. Sunday, pleasant. I wrote to Darius.

15th. pleasant. I washed, Ironed, etc. Sent Lucy a postal.

16th. Darius came home. Pleasant day. Recd a letter from Lucy and Winifred.

17th. pleassant. My baking day; and visiting with H.

18th. Very pleasant. Darius has gone back to Dr. Harris to have his teeth repaired. Pa has gone to the village; then he joined the Soldiers and takes dinner with them. Darius came home to dinner, cleaned the horse, oiled the harness, and etc.

9th. Friday. I went down with D. and eat dinner with Pa at the Armory where tables were set for 500. Came home and went with D. to Downsville. Pa was sick and couldnt come home with him

29th. Monday. Pa came after me. We came home, and I was very tired.

30th. I have cleaned Murphys room, and baked bread.. Emptied and filled the straw tick, and cleaned all the wood work, glass, etc. made the room and bed clean and nice.

31st. I washed, Pa helped me. Then I done my ironing. Baked Cake, and Pie. Jamie Liddle came for more Strawberry plants. Mrs. McLaurie and Flo called. Got a letter from Julia..

Sept 1st. I ironed. Pa has been Black Berrying. Haty Grant called on me. I have trimmed our Tomatoes plants and weeded the Straw Berry bed.

2d. I have then can of our berries 20lbs, and written to Julia, and sent it, also Ruby, and Lucy.

3d. Very pleasant. Pa finished digging our Potatoes and placed them in the cellar. I called on Mrs. Liddle; also Jeanny Tacy. I went to the village with Pa, and got a new Slop Pail. Called on Sister Asenath.

4th. Sunday. Pa and I went to church, and then went up to Uncle Darius Dan and then went to Brothers to dinner.

5th I have canned 6 cans of corn. Pa has worked at his shed, been to the mill drawing. Pa mowed all of the grass, here in the yard, and over in the meadow.

6th. Pa, and Frank Dan have shingled our shed. I have washed, ironed, etc. Washed the pillows and dark quilt. Got shell beans for dinner.

7th. I've done some mending. Made an apple pie, and bread. cut apples and canned, a can of sour green apples; and 2 qts corn, sweet ones. Fetched in several pans of chips where Pa has hewed them off, fixing the shed.

Sept. 8th. A pleasant day. Pa got in his late hay. I've done a little of everything.

9th Very pleasant. George has dug Potatoes for Mr. Haverley. I went there in the afternoon and we both eat supper there.

10th. I have done baking for the Fair and if we had company. In the eve, Pa and I drove to the village. Got a orate Peacher and took care of him. It was after 12 when we got home.

11th. Sunday. Very pleasant all day. We went to Uncle Darius Dans funeral over at their house, quite a good many were there.

12th. I picked cucumbers for pickles. Washed, Ironed, made 2 berry pies; 2 cans of apple sauce, picked and shelled beans for dinner, and lots of other necessary things. besides writing to Lucy, and sending her a birthday package by the stage.

13th. pleasant, but terrible winds all day and near 5, then commenced raining. Hurts a good day though for first day of the Fair. I picked dried beans, and ripe Tomatoes.

14th. Pa and I went to the Fair in the afternoon, Its been very nice cool day, pleasant. The rain last night laid the dust nicely. I've canned my Tomatoes, staid home. I have written D. and Ruby. Edgar Young stayed all night with us. Winifred came over with him and stayed with us, going to the Fair; and be here until Saturday.

15th. Mr. Hogan, and Wife came in the evening and went to the Fair, then stayed with us all night. Ed Sprague and Wife was here for tea and awhile in the evening.

16th. All have gone, I'm alone again. At night Warren Hodge, and Wife, and child and Sister Lydia, and Winifred were here all night. We had a pleasant time. We cut a large Water- mellon Pa bought.

17th. I have made 2 cans of sauce and all the necessary work. Winifred has gone to- night up to Uncle Andrews, and tomorrow Charley will take her home. The Fair is all through, and we are all alone again. I hated to part with Winifred, its now lonely.

18th. Sunday. Very pleasant. Pa and I have been to church. drove up to see old Mrs. More. Got a letter from Darius.

19th. pleasant. I washed, Ironed, made sauce of our Watermelon. Flo Frost called on her way from school, also her friend, Perry Andrews called at the ------.

20th.. Tuesday. Very pleasant. I called at Willards. Got a letter from Julia, made my Tomato sauce with Horseradish.

21st. Very pleasant. I've been mending, made pies out of dried pumpkins stewed. Mrs. Liddle came in awhile, fetched me some apples.

Sept. 22d.. A rainy day. Rubys Baby girl born Sept 19th, 1892. I just heard of it. The 22d, Mary Liddle fetched a letter from Lucy telling about Ruby and her little Baby girl..

23d. I sent Julia a letter, Ruby and Darius a postal. recd a letter from Darius. Perry Andrews and Flo Frost visited us, and eat supper.

24th. Saturday, rainy morning. Afternoon Pa and I went to see Ruby with her new Baby. Lucy was there. Hanford and Winifred came to dinner while we were there.

25th. Sunday. Pa and I are home again, and it seems good. Thank God for all we enjoy, and our house.

26th. I have washed, Ironed, picked Cucumbers and laid down, picked all the Tomatoes, and been down to see Mrs. Haverley and picked her Cucumbers, and gathered all the Peppers vines, and hung them up.

27th. I've done a little of everything, pounded putty, and fixed -----, and the windows some, picked apples, sweet patatoes, mended, etc.

28th. I was invited to Willards with Sister Aseneth to visit, and George, and I both to supper. Aseneth came along with us, and stayed all night, and after dinner the next day, I was glad to have her come, had a good visit.

29th. I made our Chow-chow of Cabbage, Tomatoes, and Oninons; with mixed spices, vinger and Sugar.

30th. Very pleasant. Willard has thrasher there. I have been out under Willards trees on our land, as he told me too, and get 4 pans of apples. Written to Ruby and a postal to Lucy. I cut up the rest of our green Tomatoes, and got in brim. Oh what a beautiful weather we are having.

Oct. 1st. Pa hasent worked this afternoon, and he drove to the village with me, and got me cloth for a dress, 21cts a yard.

2d. Sunday, Pa and I here alone. Pa had tooth ache and didn't go to church. I wrote to Darius. Lydia called over.

3d. I cut out a night gown, and sewed on it. Lydia called over. I sent Julia and D. a letter.

4th. Sewed some more and made Catsup. Lydia called over. I'm always glad to have Lydia come over. I cut a pumpkin She fetched to me, and stewed it.

5th. sewed some and make pumpkin pies. got up in the barn and moved away straw for Pa just because I want to. got a nice letter from Lucy.

Oct 6th. Old Mrs. Howard a cousin came out by stage, stayed until next morning; then George took her to the village to her sons. Alston and Loretta came too the same day after dinner. ------; and Charley Signor, and Willard and Wife and Frank Dan and Sister Lydia with us to dinner. We all had a nice time I'm sure.'

7th. After all had left Pa helped me wash. Charley Signor; our Charley went to Lucys.

8th. Some rainy though I dried clothes out doors, canned my lemons, some ironing and mending, baked cakes, and got things in shape for Sunday. got a letter from Darius and Julia.

9th. Sunday. I read in my Bible some and wrote to Julia and Darius. Pa and I both are quite unwell, and my eyes had so we didn't go to church.

10th. I went over to Rubys to help her. Pa took me over. I staid 3 weeks. I came home Nov. 1st. Pa and I visited at Lucys over sabbath. Monday we went to George McDonalds to dinner. Staid all night to Davids. Went to Horaces to dinner; and came home.

Nov. 1st. Tuesday, had a pleasant time.

2d. I have washed. made layer cakes, and cookies. Belle Edwood and Cora Dan, and Brother Willard have called on us. Before we got home we drove to Hamden to look at the stores, and to Walton and we bought us a new stove at Walton.

3d. Mr. St John came and fetched our new stove and set it up, and fixed all the pipes good. I stewed pumkin, and made pies. Brother Willard and Wife called over in the evening, to see our new stove and set awhile.

4th. I washed bbl, and scaled the brine and done a little of various things. I set up leech, and went down after salt. Its been a rainy day. Got a card from Julia; a letter from Darius. .G. E. H. sent us a hog. We cut it up, and put it in the bbl. the same eve: made Sausages the next day, 3 pans. 5th. Frank Dan fetched us a bbl of Apples. George went to the Republican lecture in the evening and Sister Lydia staid with me.

6th. pleasant. Pa and I have been here all day alone, only Sister Lydia caslled to see how I was. I have written to Julia and Darius. Pa wrote some to Julia saying we wanted her company.

7th.. I've done a good deal to-day besides making our Bbl of Soap. Gathered our Cabbage , the rest to the cellar.

8th. Election day. finished making my soap. I washed and ironed, went to the village and got me a new sacque. got a letter from Lucy and Winifred.

Nov. 9th. worked all day at various things tonight its snowing a little. Flo Frost called.

10th. Fixed all I could for company. Brother Andrew was with us for dinner. A wet nasty day. Tonight Lucy Hulbert Rose came here for tea, and staid all night. We met them at the Depot. We enjoyed their visit and their prayers too. Oh how good they both prayed with us, and talked too.

11th. a bright clear, but cold morning. Mrs. Liddle called on me. I called at Willards. Pa fetched a sample sack of flour to try the flour. Mr. Dickerman, and Wife, and Mr. Wilber came and made an evening visit. oh how tired and sleepy I was before they went away. I sent Lucy a letter.

12th. Some snowy all the time. got a letter from D., wrote to Lucy.

13th. Sunday. Pa and I went to church. I wrote to Ruby and Darius.

14th. I washed, Ironed, mended Pas pants and socks. Sent Julia some papers.

15th. I finished ironing, mended some. Pa sent his papers to Washington. Sent Rubys package off by stage.

16th. I brought Cabbage in the cellar, and fixed up the rest. Made bread. had callers.

17th. A pleasant foggy morning and a nice sunshiny day. I cut and stewed pumpkin.

18th. Made 4 pies, Cookies; and cut, and made George a white shirt; I read my Bible every day. It blows hard all last night, to day is rainy.

19th. done my work for Sat. Sent Lucy a letter.

20th. Sunday. Pa and I here alone, pleasant. We both wrote to Jonah Signor. I wrote to Julia and Lucy. Pa fixed his Pension papers.

21st. I washed, Ironed, and Pa fixed the cellar windows. Sam Hotchkiss to dinner. In the eve, we called over to Willards. A letter from Lucy. Pa had the papers made out, and sent to Washington; From Wm. W. Dudley.

22d. Brother Andrew fetched our horse home. He called a few minutes. Pa made his new shed doors. Went and got our horse shod.

23d. Willard just got Lydia new stove, Table, Chairs, Dishes, and what she needs so she can keep house in her room he had fixed up for her. real nice.

24th. Thankgiving day. George and I went over to Levis, met Hanford and Lucy and Winifred. Had dinner together. We stayed there all night.

Nov. 25th. we went up to Geo. Bulls to dinner, and to Sam Hotchkiss all night, had a nice time.

26th. we eat dinner to Alfred Knox, and went down to Hanfords to stay over Sabbath. We called at N. Elwoods; and E. Hotchkiss.

28th. we took dinner at Enoch Youngs, and Hanford, and Lucy with us. Had a nice time.

29th. We came home, and got a letter waiting for me from Darius.

30th. I have washed, ironed, baked bread and cut out some carpet rags. Pa has been fixing his horse blanket here in the house. He has sent papers again to Washington. an answer to Mr. Dudley. Lydia called.

Dec. 1st. Insurance agent came, and insured us, House and whats in it.; The barn, the same. Pa has been after a load of coal to burn, got ten hundred in the Woodshed. I made some fruit cake.

2d. Pa got home the rest of the Ton of coal. I have fixed Sadies Skirts, and made a layer cake, and many other things. Haverley spent the evening with us.

3d. Written to Ruby, and Darius, and a postal to Lucy. Recd a letter from Julia, and wrote to her the same evening. Got word that Horace Smith is dead, and funeral will be at their house Monday next. Sister Lydia came over here and to tea.

4th. Sabbath. Pa and I have been here alone, all day. Its quite cold, and snow has been flying.

5th. Horace Smith was buried, 69 years and Pa went to the funeral. I staid home. Levi, Ruby and Baby were here, Alston, not Loretta.

6th. Some storms. I have done a little of various things.

7th. I called at Mr. Haverleys, and also at Mr. Whites with Mrs. Haverley. We called to Willards in the evening. Sherman Williams died in Nov. 1892, at age 80 years.

8th. a dreary rainy drizzley day. recd a nice letter from Darius.

9th. quite pleasant. I sent Lucy a letter. I have washed, ironed, and sewed carpet rags.

10th. We went to Andrews visiting. Coming home we went into Hendersons Store and traded. After we came home George put in the fixtures for burning Coal; and so this is our first expeience. While we were away our beef was fetched and put in the Wood Shed.

Dec. 11th. We drove over to Rubys in the afternoon because George had to see about some business on Monday.

12th. We came home.

13th. We are thinking of driving over to Charleys at Franklin. Pa is writing a letter to Geo. Turk We went to Charleys; staid all night, had a nice time. Mr. W is sick a bed.

15th. We came home.

16th Aunt Almeada Dan came here and stayed all night. Its been quite pleasant all the week. Got a leter from Winifred Bull.

17th. Sat. I washed, Ironed, mended, put new sleves on Pas shirt. Sister Lydia came after some Potatoes.

18th. Sabbath day and were here alone. Laying down I'm sewing some. I have written to Darius, and a letter to Winifred, and Cousin E. Young.

19th. Flo Frost stopped and stayed all night. fetched us a letter from Lucy, and Darius.

20th. Darius birthday. Pa got a letter from Turk.

21st. yesterday, and today I sewed a pound of rags. Pa sent his Affidavit to Washington.

22d. Cold, but not much snow at all. Got a postal from Julia. I wrote to Lucy. I called on Alice Dan. Lydia called here. I made our first mess of Mince pies, 5 of them.

23d. I washed, ironed, etc. Pa went to the funeral, Mrs. George Marvin was buried. I sent Lucy a letter.

24th. made layer cake, and fried cakes for Homes. Pa went to Dr. Harris and had his under teeth extracted. Got a letter from Br. Ebenezer. Pa got word about the Affidivait that they were received, and filed.

25th. cold, some snowy. Pa and I all alone.

26th. 3 in the morning, Julia came home from the West, and knocked at our door. oh how glad we were to see her. Its dreadfully cold. This eve Willards folks called over. Julia and I sent letters to Ebenezer and Darius.

27th. Julia unpacked her trunk. In evening we all with Willards folks; and Brother Bowlmans were invited to Mr. Whites, in the village.

28th . We went up to Mr. Glosch in the evening, yesterday Mary Liddle visited and eat dinner with us. To-day Lydia eat dinner with us.

Dec. 29th. George took Julia to Downsville. Sister Lydia come over to stay with me all night. Keeps very cold, but not but a inch of snow.

30th. George and Julia came home, fetched Sadie home with them. I made cakes; and got ready for company tomorrow .

31st. We had company. Brothers Andrew and Willard, and their families. We had a nice time visiting. tonight Julia has gone to McLaurie with the young folks to a party.

January 1893.

1st. Sabbath day. Some snowy, but soon rained off most all of it. Pa and Julia went to church. Julia wrote some letters. I wrote to Darius.

2d. Monday. Levi and Ruby and Lucy and baby came here. Julia colored

3d. We have all been here. Levi went home in the evening. Julia cut out my dress. the girls had her sew on it. Ira Mease and Fred Pine called here.

4th. Very pleasant. All of the us; With Uncle Andrew folks were invited to Uncle Willards to-day to dinner. After we got home Seymour and Flora Frost came here for an evening visit, and to supper. I'm having a very good time with all of our girls.

5th. The girls have washed; and we have had callers all day. Mrs. Liddle and Mamie Haverly children. Mrs. McLaurie, Flo and Seymour, and in the evening Walter St. John and his Sister Ruby came and took supper, and visited the evening and went home. all gone tonight.

6th. Lucy and Julia went down to Ada Whitcomes. Pa took them in the cutter and they made several other calls. staid till night when he went after them. Flossy Dan called here to see Julia. Ruby and I had a pleasant time with the children.and visiting together. I popped corn, and made candy for Sadie.

7th. early morning Hanford came after them all. Julia went with them to her school to teach in Huntley Hollows at $6 per week and board. I've been straighting up the house since they have left. Pa and I here alone and loney. Pa and I drove to the village with the cutter after the Mail in the New Building. God be with all of our children to night, bless and help them in every trying time is my earnest prayer. I have enjoyed their visits with us very much. Now I leave them in care of our Heavenly Father. oh how I love them all, every one, and the little baby.

8th. Sabbath day. oh how cold and windy; much more than yesterday. likely its better they went than have waited till to day. Pa and I alone didnt even go to church.

Jan. 9th. oh so cold, some snowy. Pa cut down an Apple tree on Willards flats chopped some. We expected Julia has taught school to day, her first in Huntley Hollow.

10th. George and I visited Ray Howards, and had a very pleasant visit. Received a letter from Darius, also some sermons.

11th. We visited C. Howards, and got very cold going down there came home and found a cold stove. coal all went out.

12th. I washed, and Lydia called a while. Levi came after a load, and eat dinner here. he fetched us a can of buttermilk. I sewed some fringe on some pillow cases.

13th. Elbert Signor came a visiting. I was up cleaning Julia room. I finished, and and put down the hall carpet, and then in her room and the stair carpet and swept the Chamber parlor, and press.

14th. Keeps cold, snow some every day. Elbert went home after dinner to-day. Lucy Dan called here awhile to-day. Pa got another letter from Julia to-night.

15th. cold, some snowy. We have written to Darius, Julia, Lucy, and Albert Signor.

16th. I washed and ironed. Willard called in the evening, also Mrs. H. and Fred Haverley.

17th. I fixed some Pillow cases, mend mittens.

18th. our cellar has frozen some, and I covered the potatoes with bags, and put some hot coals in there.

19th. Mrs. White came and her Husband in the evening and had supper. with us.

20th. Melissa Signor visted us had dinner and Sister Lydia came over ------ ------.

21st. Very cold. ------ ------ Julia ------ ---.

22d. We went to church, then drove up to Andrews. Erion Elwood came after we got home and staid the night.

23d. some warmer but very cold yet. I washed, Ironed and to-night Anna Elwood Francisco with baby is here. George has gone to the post. I sent Lucy and Julia a letter.

24th. I sent D. a letter. Cold and good sleighing. Hanford and Levi both eat dinner ith us.

25th. Dudley sent Pa papers to go to Binghamton to be examined. Geo. Tacy married to- night. Pa drew up his Apple Tree wood yesterday,and to day, I fixed Pas vest.

26th. Geo. Bussey and Wife visited us. I stewed pumpkin and made 4 pies, mended some.

Jan. 27th. worked hard all day. my rheumatism. I made Ginger Molassas Cookies. Brother Andrew and Wife had a shock last Sat.

28th. Sam Hotchkiss and Wife came here visiting, staid over night, and went home in the rain.

29th. Sunday. Rain all forenoon. Willard called.

30th. been pleasant. I've washed and dried clothes but to-night its snowing.

31st. peasant. Ellen Tacy called and asked us there tomorrow nighty when George and his Wfe will be home from their wedding trip. Mr. Brisony called and got a bushel of Potatoes.

Feb. 1st. George has gone to Binghamton before to a Board of examining physicians before he came home. Waiting for him to come; so writing to Ruby this eve.

2d. Pa isent very well. We drove to the village and up to see, and talk with Mr. More. I 've sewed a pound of rags to-day. Pa sent his card back to Mr. Dudley.

3d. Levi eat dinner with us. I'm at rags and make 4 pies. Pa is WORKING on his wood. He fell a tree down on Willards place.

4th. Cold. Recd letter from D., Julia and Lucy and Winifred.

5th. Sunday. We're here alone all-day. Pa and I've written to Darius, Lucy and Winifred.

6th. Pa got a paper from Mr. Wm. D. Dudley

7th. the ice has gone out of the river. Julia came home with Mr. Balantine both stayed here all night.

8th. Julia and H. have gone to the mountains to Will Sines and Libbie Hodge wedding. Levi was over after a load. Eat with us.

9th. Julia came home at noon, had a fine time. Balantine eat dinner with us all. Levi was over again, eat with us. Willard finished drawing our 20 cords, and Fred Pine, and Flo Frost called on us.

10th. Julia is with us. Men have been WORKING and got a passage for the water under the bridge, but it is awful dammed up in the village. We fear harm. There is a great ice jam in the brooks.

11th. Julia has done our washing. put ruttle curtain clean in her room. Fred Pine visited us in the evening.

Feb. 12th. Sunday. Fred took Julia over to her school. I wrote to Brother Ebenezer, and Huldah, and Eliza. Pa and I are alone again. oh how lonely, since Julia has left us again.

13th. I was real sick all night and dont get up at all. Levi called but didnt eat. Mary has been over.

14th. I'm some better, and dressed, but very weak and down a good deal. Pa has gone to the Town Meeting. Levi called: and will stop for dinner. Pa took down 2 1/2 dozen eggs at 28cts a doz. Sam Hotchkiss came on business; Staid all night.

15th. Pa got me some clams and we will have them for dinner to-day. Yesterday Pa got his upper teeth out so he can now have 2 new plates.

17th. Pa and I went over to Rubys. Its been an awful time, snow and blowning and we have been snow bound couldnt get back because no roads were broke over the hill until to-day. 4 days the stage couldnt get over. We have been gone eleven days.

27th. We came home. Found everything blocked with the snow all around and the house. Levi was over for a load, and helped us get through into the house. never saw any such drifts over the mountains. a good deal of the way it was shoulder high so were over the horses back.

28th. We washed. Levi was over again, eat dinner. It was a fearful windy, snowy day, but a great many teams were covered after loads, 30 teams the men said. Willard called in the evening. I'd recd a letter from Darius.

March 1st. A beautiful bright day. At 8, eight in the evening we witnessed the marriage of Frank Dan to Alice White, both of Walton, at the house of Mr. White, by Reverend John Bowlman, Methodist Protestant Minister.

2d. A very cold windy, snowy day. never saw such drifts as here is around here. I have written to Julia and Darius.

3d. cold, some snowy. The reception at Brother Willards for Frank, and Alice, very nice time. We attended with a large number of others.

4th. cold, cold. snow some every day and night. Awful drifts all around here. Never saw such.. To-day President Grover Cleveland has been inaugerated at the White House at Washington. 4 years ago to day; we moved here. Yesterday, Alston Hulbert visited us, and eat supper yesterday. Its Saturday, God is very kind to us.

5th. Pa and I ahve been alone all day. I have read through Gates Ajar and Sommerlys Bible..

6th. I washed, Ironed and mended some.

Mar. 7th. George and I went to Brother Andrews and they couldnt let us come in their house. Mary has Scarlet Fever. Jane has now sat up 4 nights with her. I am so sorry for her. We got three postals and went to Riley, Julia, and Frank Washburn as Andrew, and the Boys can get out. I stopped to Sisters A. to dinner, called on Tacy; and Willards wives; then towards night, George came after me and I came home with him. Sister is quite poorly. got a letter from Lucy.

8th. This has been a winter longed to be remembered for the severe cold, and very deep Snow, and Ice jams,.3 different times. What awful drifts making roads impassable for several days at a time. I sent Lucy a Postal, recd a letter from Julia. I made 4 mince pies, and 2 loaves of bread.

9th. Pa been sick but cut apples, and made 10 cans of sauce.

10th. sick with a cold. Sent Ruby a letter. There is an ice jam from Dickerman down to Island Park, Pa says, and many are fearing bad results. Water is high and still raising.

11th. I didnt do much, read some. Reading Barier Burned Away.

12th. the water still keeps raising. I've written to Darius and Julia.

13th. The water has fell some, and ice jam partly gone out. Pa put his Pig hams soaking, so I couldnt wash; I wasnt able either. I commenced a little crazy patch work.

14th. quite pleasant, till towards night commenced to rain. I've written to Charley, and (Laura) McDougal.

15th Washed, Pa helped me; mended some. Its very cold, and windy, and a little snow.

16th. Darius came home. We went over to Willards a while in the evening. Mary Liddle called here.

17th. Darius went to see how Andrews folks were and on the 3 train went to Franklin to see Charley. Its very pleasant.

18th. Levi came and fetched us a tin of Buttermilk. he has to go back to the other side of the river. Ruby sent a line.

19th. Darius came back from Franklin. he was home to dinner fetched Pa and I some candy. Then he took our conveyence and drove to Downsville. It seems so good to know he is around somewhere. recd a letter from Lucy.

20th. Darius came from Downsville. he ate dinner with us, took tea with Geo. Tacys. he was here with us and Willards family in the evening ----- at our house. They came over. Darius has gone to -------- to stay the night so as to be hand to take the train towards morning. how lonely it always seems when he leaves us to go back to New York to his nice home, but we have enjoyed a nice visit with him, and must now give him up again hoping the God will take care of him.

Mar. 21st. Tuesday. Pa and I washed. Pleasant day 22d. we visited Geo. Busseys. Pleasant morning but snowed 6 inches in all through the night.

22d. snowed some most all day. got postal from Julia.

23d. looking for Julia. I wrote a line to Ruby.

24th. Friday. To-day Julia came over on the stage. Pleasant.

25th. we all visited at McLauries in the evening. Eat supper with them.

26th. we all went to church, Sabbath day.

27th. we washed. Julia is fixing her clothes. Levi was over. eat with us.

28th. I sowed Tomatoes seeds the second time because it didnt come up. We are having a nice pleasant time, but a cold air, and plenty of snow on the ground. Freezes nights. In the mornings when the sun shines bright. We sent a letter to Darius. We are invited up to Mr. Glass this afternoon to tea and visit. we enjoyed our visit very much.

29th. Very pleasant all the time. We put our cotton in the mattress 20lbs.

30th. finished our Mattress. Julia and I were 3 1/2 hours tacking it. Willard folks have all moved to the village and left Frank and Alice on the farm.

31st. Very pleasant all the time. Julia and I went up to Will Sine visiting. Aunt Lucretia Hotchkiss died last night. We heard to day.

Apr. 1st. Pa and I went to Rubys, stayed the night.

2d. Sunday went to the funeral of Aunt Lucretia at the M. E Church. Then went to the Alstons to dinner and down to Hanfords to stay all night; and home Monday noon. The roads were terrible, but we had a safe voyage, and returned in safety.

3d. Monday. Pa's Birth day.

4th.. Pleasant afternoon. Mrs. Liddle called on us. Julia has sick head ache. I have washed some. My bed tick and some more. Got our new Mattress on now to try to-night Had my feather bed out airing put the thick paper under the Mattress.

5th. Snowed 5 inches in the night. We called on Alice and Frank. Pa and I drove to Andrews.

Apr. 6th. Mrs. Haverley and children visited us, and Mr. Haverley came up for supper. Levi was over after a load, had lunch with us.

7th. Pa, Julia, and I have been alone all the day. Its been a cold snowy day. A letter from D.

8th. Some rainy. Mrs. McLaurie called. John Vanvalkenburg and his Mother was here to dinner. He wanting board for himself and a team. Julia is quite poorly.

9th. We have been home all day long, Julia, Pa, and I are writing to Darius and Lucy and Winifred. Julia is sick, has been all day.

10th. We cleaned our bedrooms, and had callers.

11th. We papered overhead in the bed room. Pa got help and moved the Hen house. We had company, Will Sines and Wife.

12th. Mrs. McLaurie, Flora, and Seymour visited us. Mr. Mc came to supper. All stayed in the evening, and had supper. Pa moved our Water Closet up here.

13th. Flo. Stayed with us last night. Julia has gone to the vilage. I have just sowed Cabbage Seed.

14th.. We washed, ironed, and many other things. Mr. Close, Mrs. Liddle, Mary, and Charley visited here and had supper with us.

15th. Pa and Julia went to the village and we all visited at Mr. Haverleys had supper. It was a cold rainy day.

16th. pleasant. Pa and Julia went to church came back in time for dinner. I wrote to Darius. Alice White Dan called to see Julia a little while.

17. Julia has gone back to school up East Brook. Mr. Howland came after her. She feeling very cheerful. This Monday morning quite pleasant. After we were in bed nearly asleep, John Valkenburg came (our boarder). Pa got up, lit the lantern, and went out with him to take care of his team. I went up stairs and fixed his bed.

18th. Tuesday. John commenced boarding here. recd a letter from Lucy, Ruby, and Mortello, 2 postals from Wisconsin.

19th. pleasant; Pa and I drove up to Marion. Got butter at Mr. Marvins 2lbs, 7 oz 25 cts lb. Pa made an onion bed; and sowed it.

20th. Pa has gone down to get our wagon fixed.

21st. Pa fetched Julia home from her school.

Apr. 22d. We cleand both side rooms, and then after dinner, Julia went to have dental work done. Pa set out 2 Maple trees, and fixed up our Raspberry Bushes; set out some Goose Berry and Currant Bushes.

23d. We all went to church and heard our new minister. Some stormy. John staid home. Julia came home with us, and Pa took her to her school monday morning.

24th Pa went down to the Downsville to pay Charley $60 which Julia let him have. Pa eat dinner before he started.

April 20th,1893 - Aunt Sally Hotchkiss died, buried Sunday the 23d. Uncle Jonas died 3 days later.

25th. A rainy forenoon. I patched Pa coat. Pa came home stayed with Ruby over night, and when he got home, he drove to the village with me. got him something checked for shirts; me an calico apron and one dozen bone hair pins. Julia called down home.

26th. Very pleasant. Pa helped me wash.

27th. I finished ironing, done baking. Very wet day.

28th. Very pleasant morning. John gone home. Sent a letter to Lucy.

29th. Julia ceiled the side room with buiding paper. Washed, ironed, baked bread etc. Julia got us some Pansy plants of Alice

30th. washed, ironed, baked bread, etc. She has now gone to the village afoot. Pa got a Shirt and 2 pairs of pants, Julia her bonnet fixed.

May 1st. Monday we went over the hill.

4th. we came home all the way in the rain. Lucy gave us a setting of Leghorn eggs to set. Ruby for 2 qts of new milk. Since we got home I have made our new Pillow Ticks, fixed Pas pants a good deal.

5th. Made bread, and 3 pumpkins pies. made me an apron, filled the new Pillow Ticks; sewed trimming on a pair of pillow cases, besides lot of other things, and am tired. We put 3 hens setting.

6th. Pa made wax and done grafting. Pa cut down the old tree, set out 2 Pear trees. recd a line from Julia, by Will and Libbie.

7th. Very pleasant, but cool. We went to church and heard an excellant sermon, then called up to see how Libbie Elwood was. They have a babe born May 1st. all are pretty smart. Mr. Haverley has called a little while to-night.

May 8th. We sowed peas; had garden ploughed. Washed and ironed some, fixed my posy bed. Sent D a letter.

9th. Very pleasant 2 days. Pa planted all of our Potatoes, I sowed Cabbage seeds. the second time and some more tomatoes seeds. I set some Currant sprouts here by the house. John Van Valkenberg has come, the first since he was married, Apr. 30th, just to have supper, then stay.

10th. Very pleasant, nice to do planting. I've cut Pa 2 shirts, worked on them some. Pa is WORKING for Mr. Haverley. I sent Lucy a postal and that money to Sidney for Julia.

12th. 2 days very pleasant. I sowed Carrot, Beet, and Asparagras seed, and cleaned the cellar, tarred the trees and an hundred unmentionable things. Julia is home again with us to-night. Seems so good its 2 weeks since she was home.

13th. Some rain this afternoon. Thought it been a very pleasant, very good time to get in crops. Today I finished sowing Carrots and Lettuce, and Radishes, and Beets. Tonight Archie Robinson is here.

14th. We've been to church, and heard an excelent sermon, Luke 23d, 37v. Very pleasant day. The text, "The ------ concerning me have an end." Mrs. McNee came last Friday from Nebraska. .

15th. St. John and Wife came to dinner. We had our first mess of greens. We took Julia to her school; got bricks for the chimmey in the shed. .

16th. I sent Ruby and Lucy a postal. It has been a rainy day. Seymour fetched us some Tomatoes plants. Wm. Hotchkiss stayed here last night. Thank God I got though this day very well. It a great thing that all have been pleased with me and that I still have my reason, and some strength this evening. Thank God we are usually well.

17th. Pa has built the chimmey over the Wood Shed. It rained some west of the time. Got a postal from Lucy.

18th. Thursday. Rainy. I finished Pa's shirts.

19th. Friday, I washed, ironed, and baked bread. Jenny is sick and I have been up stairs to wait on her several times when my limbs ached badly. very pleasant. Will Sines and Wife; and Will McDonald and Wife, and Ruby St. John visited in the evening, and Ruby staid all night. They all eat supper with us.

20th. very pleasant. Ruby St. John visited and 3 P.M. Julia went to the village with her. She got a flower for my bonnet, and trimmed it.. I took up the carpet and cleaned it in Minnie room, cleaned the floor. Sowed Parsnip seed.

May 21st. We all went to church. Julia didn't come come with us, she went to her school. Its a very pleasant day, but windy. I wrote to Darius, and Lucy.

22d. I have washed, ironed some, baked bread; blacked both stoves, cleaned some in the shed. Pa put another hen setting. I went to Franks and changed eggs. a very pleasant day

23d. Very pleasant.

24th. Pleasant. got our kitchen stove in the Woodshed running. I fixed pickles; and papered around the stove here in our kitchen, and done a bunch of other things. Our new minister and Brother Willard called and Frank and Alice called later.

25th. Very pleasant. I've baked bread and 2 kinds of cake, some mending, and 3 P.M. Jonah Hotchkiss Wife and child came here a visiting. I've make 5 cans of Pickles to-day

26th. Julia came home. been a rainy afternoon. We're enjoyed a pleasant evening in the parlor.

27th. Julia and I went to Downsville to Ruby's.

30th. Tuesday, we came home. Saw a good many we knew. Attended Deckaration over there. Eat dinner with Mrs. Thompson son; and Ruby eat there with us. Winifred came home with us, found John and Minnie here when we came. They got home first.

31st. pleasant, until 5 P.M. then rained. Pa set out our Tomato plants. I sowed some flour seeds, and some Lettuce.

June 1st. pleasant. I baked, and washed, ironed, etc. and some various things.

2d. pleasant. Julia came home with Winifred.

3d. pleasant. Julia cleaned our Clothes press. Swept the Parlor, and bedroom. Washed, ironed and went with Winifred to get her teeth filled and cleaned. John and Wife went to Little York.

4th. John was sick; Minnie staid with him and the rest of us went to church; after dinner Minnie and Julia went with our conveyance and took Winifred to the top of the mountain to meet Hanford. it rained hard, and the girls got quite wet.

5th. I rode to the village when George went to take Julia to her school. I called on Sister, and her Children. She is very sick. I went to the store and traded some. I've done a good deal at home to-day.

6th. pleasant forenoon. I set out my geraniums, and sowed Julia's Flax seed. Afterward rainy.

7th.. Very pleasant. I washed, ironed and worked some in the garden.

June 8th. pleasant. I mended some.

9th. pleasant. Julia came home from school. Larrie Jennings called. Also Mrs. Haverley.

10th. Elbert eat dinner here. Its pleasant, John and Wife went to Franklin.

11th. We went to church, Sacrament day. we had a nice shower afternoon. Julia came home with us.

12th. Pa took Julia to her school. I washed, ironed, and worked 2 hours in the garden and baked. John and Wife came home at bed time.

13th. plesant forenoon; then a shower. A postal from Lucy. Mif's Miller called and I paid her $2.25 for Julia.

14th,. pleasant. Charley and Frances came over here to dinner, then went home. In the evening, Pa and I drove to the village. made bread; cake; and Pudding, and a Pie to-day and we had a good visit.

15th. pleasant. George went to Downsville to pay G. E. Hulbert $40 which Julia let him (George) have, stayed all night.

16th Pa came home, and Ruby, and her children with him. Julia came home and Mif's Day with her. Its been a pleasant day, getting very dry. Winnie been sick all day. We need rain.

17th. Pleasant. Ruby and Julia done what they could on my dress. Ruby cut it out.

18th. we didn't attend church. Pa had to take Ruby home and try to see Dr. George Bassett about his Pension business. Mr. Dudley wrote to him, got it last night. Grace and Sadie are lovely chidren. I've hated to part with them and Ruby soon. Julia went home to her school from church.

19th. pleasant, and getting very dry. Pa came home to-day 2 P.M. got Bassett affidavit. Afternoon commenced mowing our grass in the yard. We've got 60 chicken real nice. Got a nice box from Darius, and carpet samples.

20th. pleasant. Pa is mowing. I've washed, ironed and baked.

20th . very pleasant, very dry.

21st. A rainy morning; and we set some Cabbage plants

22d. A rainy morning; then more pleasant. John and Wife went to his Fathers. Pa went up to Mr. Elwoods, then called at Andrews then, with Pa have gone to the village, some pension business for Pa. Pa got some Rootabago plants at Marion's, we will set them to-day. I picked picked 3 1/2 qts of Strawberries for the first time this year, made one can. Julia called up home to-day a few minutes.

June 23d. cool, cloudy, but only a sprinkle of rain. I finished my calico dress at last.

24th. pleasant, Cool. Julia has been with us to-day. We picked 10 qts of Straw Berries. Caned 4 Cans of them. Washed, ironed. Pa put the hay in the barn with the help of Mr. Close, and Charley.

25th. Sunday. Pa, Julia and I went to church. Very pleasant day. Second Sabbath church has been held in the hall, thorough first time we have been. Pa then had to take Julia to her school. He is home again, and we are alone. I have written to D., and a postal; to each of the girls.

26th. worked a while in our flower bed. a rainy morning, then peasant. John and Minney came back, had supper with us. I picked some, had 10 lbs of berries after they were hulled. Had 12 lbs before hulled.

27th. pleasant. John has been sick all day. I went over to Frank's and Alice gave me some Pansy plants. I set them out.

28th. pleasant. I white washed the entire Hen House and picked 8 qts Straws Berries and hullen. John and Minney have gone to his father's because He, John is sick, so they wont be with us any more.

29th. Sister Lydia helped me this afternoon. wash the wool we have bought for a mattress; Pa got a letter from Dudley calling for more evidence.

30th, Very pleasant.

July 1st. Very pleasant. We picked 12 qts of Straws berries. Lydia has been over here to help me pick wool. sent Will Sines , and Libbie a pail of Berries.

2d. Sabbath day. We went to church, and heard our Elder Mr. Coone. A very good sermon. We drove over to Brother Andrew. He is very sick.

3d. A nice rain. Julia drove up to school, and to-night came home again. Lydia has been back helping me pick wool. Mrs. H. called, fetched me some maple syrup.

4th. pleasant. Julia has gone back to her scoool. Lydia has been helping me pick wool. Tom Thompson eat supper here to-day. We had Beet Greens for dinner

5th. A hard rain and some hail towards night. Lydia has been here helping me puck wool to-day. picked 8qts of Straw-Berries and canned them. .

July 6th. pleasant. Harry and Alice called. Lydia helped me. Mr. Liddle sent me a few Goose Berries.

7th Julia's school closed up East Brook. She came home, and we had Green Peas for our supper, then went and eat Berries. Pa drew in the hay he cut a long the road.

8th. recd a letter from Winifred, and picked 6 qts of Straws Berries, and some Cherries. John and Winnie was here to dinner. It rained some in the afternoon hard. Pa, and Julia went up to Hamden and traded some. Got a bbl of Mackerel, Bed Springs, woven Mattress.

9th. Sabbath day, we went to church, and heard an excellent Sermon by Rev. Roys. I wrote to Darius, Charley Mc Dougal, and a card to Lucys.

10th. pleasant. We, Pa, Julia and I, picked our Cherries, canned eleven qts. oh how nice they are.

11th. pleasant. We washed, ironed some. Julia made a new Feather tick for the parlor bed and bedroom. we emptied the feather into it.

12th. Showery. We washed, dried, and ironed the tick for our mattress. I picked 2 qts straw Berries. made 2 cans of Currants, One of Raspberries.

13th. quite, a hay day. Mr. Liddle and Mary called. We made our Wool Mattress, picked 10 qts of berries, got a leter from Darius, and Ruby. Julia went to the village.

14th. pleasant. We have canned 6 qts of Cherries. Julia was invitited with Flo. Frost to Franks, and have gone this afternoon.

15th. pleasant, until night, then rainy.

16th. all staid home because our horse is gone to help Andrew in haying.

17th. Julia made Oatmeal cookies.

18th finished picking and canning Cherries, also made 2 cans of Raspberries. Sister Lydia and Alice White Dan called. Mr. Brownell eat dinner with us. He was around in the interest of the Orange County Farmer, said he would send it to us free 3 months.

19th. pleasant, good hay day. I got a mess of Beets Greens, Julia had finished painting her Picture. This is when we worked at Rags some.

20th. We called last night on Mrs. Liddle, to night at Mr. Haverleys.

21st. pleasant. another good hay day. Julia and I worked at Rags. Canned some Raspberries.

July 22d. pleasant day. Julia is taking up the parlor carpet. I've baked Bread, Pies, and ot Turnips for dinner. Julia has gone up to Hamden on the train. Joseph Fitch came to visit us, staid all night.

23d. Sabbath day. Pa and Julia went to church this morning. I satyed home. I'm going this P.M. to Dr. Kelly's funeral at the Armory.

24th. Washed, Ironed, and Puttered. Mr. Oglaston cut our our double doors which made much work cleaning up after it was done. Julia and Pa went down and got paper to paper the room.

25th. pleasant. We've painted the Parlor.

26th. Julia commenced papering the the bedroom, and finished the painting; also over the porch. Had a nice rain. Alice White Dan called over.

27th cool and windy. I picked some dry peas for seed.

28th. Julia put down Parlor and Bedroom carpets. Carrie Sines eat dinner with us.

29th. cool, some rainy.

30th. I was sick so couldnt go to church. Julia and Pa went.

31st. Mifs Balantine came to sew for us. My black dress was made first.

Aug. 1st. Howard Alexander was here all day.

2d. pleasant. Mrs. Liddle and Mamie a while.

3d The girls sewed all day.

4th. They finished 2 dresses, and some on another, Julias Blue Silk, my Black one and we washed in the afternoon.

5th. Mifs Balantine went home. Julia went with H. Alexander to Downsville. Harry Dibble died being 77 years old a few weeks ago. Now Jake McDonald Wife, and James Mc. Wife; and Wills girl Jerry about 15 years old; going to be buried tomorrow. Pa got his 2 sets of teeth to day. I got our last mess of Peas.

6th Sunday, Pa and I are alone. We didn't go to church, the horse being gone. I've finished reading my Bible through the 5th Verse. I wrote to Darius.

7th. George, Willard and Frank gone over to give Andrew their days work to-day. Mrs. Haverley called on me this morning and I'll go and stay with her to night. Julie didnt come home.

Aug. 8th. Pa has gone over to Andrews again to day; he came home used all up. Julia came home to day. She went down and stayed with Mrs. H. to-night.

9th. Pa was sick all day.

10th. He worked for Mr. Close in the Oats. Brother Andrew came over, the first since he was sick. Julia and I went over to Franks awhile. Julia wanted to see Alice's pattern to work on her Table Spread.

11th. Pa is helping Mr. Close in Oats again to-day. Julia has gone to the village. I've worked on what I could on my Rug.

12th. Pa helped Willard some in his Oats, then it rained towards night. Pa and Julia went and got our Door and the cover for the Parlor stove.

13th. We went to church and stayed to Class meeting.

14th. pleasant. Mrs. Liddle and Mary called awhile. Pa worked on the road. Julia and I washed, cleaned the wood-work and windows around the room, Bedroom, and Pantry. made cake, dressed a chicken, Ironed, and done a lot more.

15th. Pleasant. Alston and Lorretta; Willard and Mary; and Rev. Roys and Neice visited us and eat dinner, and supper. We all had a fine time.

17th. we all went down to the Harvest Festival in the Hall. We had our dinner; then came home, fed the horse; and drove to Downsville. We stayed with Ruby all night. Next day after dinner we went over to Nathans, had a nice viisit, called at Philos; and went back stayed at Ruby again over night.

19th. we stayed with Lucy; had a nice time.

20th. we all went to church in Downsville.

21st. we drove up to Levis and He paid us our interest for the year; then we drove up to Wesley Signors to dinner and had a pleasant visit; then drove home, the twenty first, been gone 4 nights. We got a letter from D sending Passes for Julia and Winifred to come to New York; and home again.

22d. we are all home; going to wash.

23d. Julia and Will Alexander went over to a social at Hanfords in the evening and they came home the same night.

Aug. 24th. Pa came home from settling with C. E. H. and paid him all up. Pa fetched Winifred home with him. yesterday, Pa and I scrubbed the pieces of carpet that Darius sent home. Oh how tired I am to-night. Mary Liddle stayed with me last night.

25th. A pleasant day. Julia cleaned the chamber nicely, put down the hall, and stair carpets, and done all she could for me this morning. Julia and Winifred took the 2:30 train for New York to visit Darius. I sent him he money to pay for our carpet. I've been out and cut Julias Somery Savory.

26th. pleasant. Pa helped Frank thresh in the forenoon, then went and got 6 pts of Black Berries.

27th. Sunday, Pa and I went to church and stayed for class. It rained some afternoon.

28th. George was sick all day.

29th. we visited at Brother Willards.

30th. I washed. George drew hay for Dickerman in the forenoon, and afternoon went Black Berrying. Miss Melissa Signor called awhile also Sister came over awhile.

31st. In the afternoon I mended carpet, in the morning we went to Mr. Haverleys a little while. Got 4 1/2 lbs of cheese

Sept. 1st. I've done what I could, Its quite cool. Yesterday Frank Dan came with the machine and mowed our second crop of grass. its quite light.

2d. We drove over to Andrews to dinner then came home so Pa could get in our last crop of hay. I went to the store and got us a new Wash Board and a new pair of shears. Ours got broken.

3d. Pa and I went to church. It was the sacrament administered. 2 extra ministers were there. Pa and I stayed to Class meeting.

4th. Pa finished digging Potatoes today, we had 30 bushels, and put them in the cellar; and then went and got 10 lbs of Black B

5th. In forenoon, Pa worked for Haverley. Lydia and I called up to Archies awhile. In the morning I cleaned around some, blacked the stove. I gathered Smart weed at night, fixed posys some.

6th. I stayed all night with Mr. Haverley. Julia and Winifred came home from New York on the night train.

7th. Pa took Winifred home, going to stay all night; and to the Soldiers Reunion and come home Friday afternoon.

Sept .8th. Pa came home tonight. Julia and I have been papering ther Kitchen. Julia has now gone with Mrs. Liddle over to Frank Dans to a social this evening.

9th. We finished papering the Kitchen. Will A. has bought the Frank Robinson farm, called and told us about it. Mrs. Jenkins and her daughter came to here Julia to teach School; and eat dinner with us. Pa fixed the house roof with tin.

11th. We went to church. I wrote to Darius.

12th. We washed; Ironed; baked bread; picked cucumbers and put them down, took up the kitchen carpet, and Pa brushed it, cleaned the Oil-cloth; washed several pieces of carpet; besides a lot more. done some mending.

13th. Levi and Ruby came over and we all went to the Fair. Willie A. came up and eat supper, and visited awhile.

14th. We went to the Fair. Lucy and Hanford, and Winifred came over, Charley too, came over, and all of us and Levi and Ruby; and the children all eat to-gether on the Fair-grounds. Lucy and Winifred stays all night with us. Hanford and Charley went home to do barn chores and see to things.

15th. We all drove down, but it rained so we didnt go on to the Fair-grounds. The children eat dinner with us, and then Charley went home; Hanford drove to the village to get new Separator then they went home, and Will A. went home.

16th. Yesterday, and to-day it has rained, yesterday very hard day. Julia washed some, and colored a dress. I done baking for over Sabbath. got a letter from D. saying he couldnt come home as he expected because Mrs. Laprys is sick. I sent a card to each of the girls.

17th. We didnt go to church because Pa didnt want to get the carriage muddy. Julia has now gone to her school. Will took her this evening. oh how lonely I am without her. May God be with her until we meet again. my precious darling little girl Julia. How hard she has tried to get everything done for me before she left me alone.

18th. I've washed, and made Chili sauce, 3 cans, and a bowl very nice. Sent Darius a letter; and one to G. McDonald.

19th. Darius and Jenny came on the P. M. train.

20th. They have gone to Franklin. Went over to G. Tacys to dinner. I've been gathering Dandelions for winter.

21st. Darius and Jenny came home to supper.

Sept. 22d. They went to Uncle Alstons awhile, then home to supper. Julia and Will was with them.

23d. Darius and Jenny, and Will and Julia have gone to Downsville to be gone over night. I've been lonely; so with my work, called over to Sister Lydias while Pa was gone to the village.

24th. Sabbath. We couldnt go to church as our horse and wagon Darius had to Downsville, so we rested, and read. Tonight Julia and Will came back; eat supper, and Will took her to her school.

25th. I washed, Ironed, and baked cake. Pa killed 2 chickens, we dressed them.

26th. Darius and his girl came home from Downsville and Marion and Tillie Elwood was here in the evening to supper with us, and Sister Lydia with us too.

27th. To-day Wednesday, Darius and Jenny went on the P. M. train to go home again. We enjoyed their visit very much.

28th. Pa and I went to a great show in Walton. first we saw the street parade; then came home and had our diner, and went to the show. Frank McDonald and his two brothers stopped here to supper, James, and Harry McDonald.

29th. Pa went after Julia; and W. came too.

30th. We washed, Ironed, mended; had company and Julia went up to Mrs. Liddles.

Oct 1st. Sabbath day. We all went to church. Will Alexander took Julia to her school. I have written to Darius, and Ebenezer, Huldah and her family.

2d. I have washed, Ironed, and baked bread. Pa made the bed; and set out the Straw- Berry plants for Mrs. Haverley.

3d. Vey pleasant. Pa fenced their Straw berry bed.

4th. I have taken care of a pail full of Pears which Frank Dan gave me. I had picked.

5th. I went with my work down to Mrs. Haverley a little while. In the afternoon Lydia came.

6th. finished Knitting or footing a pair of a legs. Julia came home, Pa went after her. She and Will have gone over the hill.

7th. In the P. M. Pa picked up some Buttermilk. In the P. M. Pa and I went to the village. Called to see Mr. Ray Howard, and Mrs. Geo. Bussey. Enjoyed it much. Eat supper at Busseys. We took down 7 1/2 dozen eggs, got 23 cts doz. got 6 yds calico, a peice of factory and 2 spools thread, a box of cloves.

Oct 8th. Sabbath day. Pa and I went to church. Oh what a beautiful autumn day. We went to hear Mr. Park preach

.9th. I made grape Jelly; cut and stewed pumpkins, and made 3 pies; and took care of a good many things. Lydia fetched me some milk and peice of pumpkin.

10th. I washed, Ironed, and mended some.

11th. Pa and I, Willard and Mary went up to Alstons visiting. had a nice pleasant time.

12th. George and I went to Downsville.

18th. We returned home after an absence of 7 days. We have had a pleasant time visiting the girls. We went to Long Flat to visit Viola Sprague and her family. We picked up Butternuts at Hanfords, 5 bushels. had a nice time all around and found them all usually well.

19th. I made bread, 3 pumpkins pies, and picked up and carried in the cellar 10 bushels of apples. A nice cool day.

20th. washed, Ironed, and picked apples. Julia came home late in the evening.

21st. Mrs. Liddle, and Mary came in a while and in the evening we went up there. Mr. Roys called awhile.

22d. We all attended church. Its been a very pleasant warm day. Julia has gone with Will to evening service.

23d. quite a wet day. I have baked some, and sewed some dresses; dressed 2 chickens; stewed pumpkins.

24th. Julias birthday, so she came home tonight. We had company, Mr. and Mrs. Haverley and their children, and Mr. and Mrs. White, and Frank Dan, and Alice. We all eat together and had a nice visit. I gave Julia $100 for a birthday present.

25th. I have covered Pas chair-cushions. Will fetched us a gallon of new cider, so we could have a taste of the beverage.

26th. With the rest of my work, I have put some roots in a box, and put them in the cellar. Pa helped Mr. Close butcher a hog.

27th. Will fetched Julia from school and stayed all night because it rained. he fetched us new cider, 2 galons.

28th. Brother Andrew and his family came here visiting, all had a good time.

Oct 29th. We all attended church, and heard a minister who preached here 59 years ago, by name, Joseph Hartwell. Then only 18 years old.

30th. We washed, Ironed , and made 5 pumpkins pies. Julia attended Institute in afternoon. Will A. drove his cattle up to his new house.

31st. pleasant day, all well, and happy. Julia is here with us.

Nov. 1st. A nice day, pleasant Wednesday. I have done several needfull things, several peices of mending folded. Sister Hannah Smith moved to Walton.

2d. pleasant, and company nearly all times. Alexander was here to supper and before I got to work done. Sam Hotchkiss came for me to get his supper, and stayed all night, but its all in life, and doing good.

3d. pleasant. I cut off the tops, and fetched in our 2 bushels of Beets and Carrots.

4th. . Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Bull visited us, and eat dinner, and Mrs. Shaw went over on the Stage; and Mrs. Bull stayed., and Ada and Min came up in the evening, and all eat supper with us; had a nice time. Pa went in the morning and had his papers made out. Julia and Will went to Franklin the 3d.

5th. We went to church, and was benefitted. Julia and Will came while we were away. recd and wrote a letter from and to Darius and Lucy.

6th. A pleasant day. We gathered Cabbage, and Rootabagoes, put them in the cellar. Julia came home to-night, because tomorrow is election, and she will vote.

7th. Election day. I went down with Julia and Pa; after we had washed, got me a muffler, and black stove. Will came up here and cut Pas hair.

8th. pleasant, I mended what I could. Julia gone to her school again.

9th. very pleasant all the time.

10th. very pleasant. I took a walk up Marvin hollow because I wanted too then. I went up and got Mrs. Liddle to stuff a chair cushion and tell me how to work it. In the evening Pa went to a great republican meeting and Lydia stayed with me. I worked on my chair cushion.

11th. I made bread and cake, and worked on my chair cushion cover some.

12th. Sabbath day. We all started for church, but I went and stayed with R. Howard wife while Pa and Julia went to church. Then we came home and read in my bible and Dr. Talmager sermon.

Nov. 13th. wheeled 2 Barrows of manure and fixed my flowers, Rose Bushes, etc. Then picked and dressed a chicken for dinner; then piled wood most of the afternoon, only cut, and stewed, and filled a whole pumpkin out, and filled 4 cans of it. So goes Monday; and I'm tired too.

14th. Very pleasant. I made 4 pumkins pies.

15th. I washed, Ironed, mended some, and baked bread; and cookies.

16th. Pa and I visited with Eva Elwood up to the Marions

17th. I finished WORKING my Chair Cushion, Julia has gone to Hamden with Will to a social, got a letter from Huldah and her Daughter.

18th. I done some baking; and in the P. M. went with Julia, and George to the village and got something for a jack to make for the Church Fair middle of next week.

19th. Sabbath day. We all went to church and heard an excellant sermon by Brother Roys.

20th. A Pig was sent from C. E. Hulbert and we cut and salted it.

21st. I put on my new Pink Jack, made for the Church Fair. Lydia has been over. I have written Darius, sent Lucy a parcel.

22d. finished my Church Jack, and its pretty. I worked it button hole stich around the edge: with blue woolen yarn, tied with the same.

23d. pleasant. In the evening, Charley Liddle called also Will Alexander both stayed here.

24th. pleasant morning.

25th. cold, and some snow flying. Mc Larrie and family came here for an evening visit and to supper. Yesterday Cousin Ellen Tacy and Auntie visited us, and had supper. I lined the Robe. Will was sick and stayed all night.

26th. went to church. It was a fine day.

27th. cold and windy. Pa landed the horse, fell and hurt his wrist quite badly Monday afternoon.

28th.. George and I drove to the village, and was at Brother Willards a little while. got the mail, etc.,

29th. George went after Julia, and I went with them down to Mrs. Mores until he came back with Julia.

Nov. 30th. Thursday. we, and Julia, and Will went over to Rubys to Thanksgiving dinner.

Dec. 1st. we all went down to Lucys. We drove up to see Sister Phebe and Nathan. Nathan cant stand it long.

2d. we came home in the morning, got home at two P. M. We have had good weather, and a nice time, cold coming home.

3d. Found 6 inches of snow this morning, and cold, and windy, but turned warmer and rained most all day. Julia was sick so she couldnt come until Sunday morning. I have written Darius and Jenny.

4th. Cold, and pleasant. Our boarder has come, Mr. More fetched his trunks and horse, and going to tend Grist Mill for Haverley and board with us, keeps his horse here. Mrs. Haverley called on us a little while. Archie Tacy came for an evening call.

5th. Snowed some. We washed. Pa helped Archie butcher in the afternoon. It hurt his wrist so its worst.

6th. quite cold, but pleasant. Pa got his cutter out, and drove to the village for the first time. I make Pumpkin Pies. We have breakfast every morning, before daylight now when we have a boarder.

7th. Very pleasant.

8th. We got word at night Nathans death, and went over the hill to-day to the funeral in a wagon. Willard and Mary went with a cutter. Nathan was buried in Downsville cemetery December 8th, 1893, Aged 76 years. He died on the 6th. Living around a ----- -----.

9th. Saturday. Very pleasant, have washed and had dinner. Hanford came over, and Julia has gone with him to try to get hired help; an old countryman in the district where she teaches and went home the same night. She had dinner with us.

10th. Sabbath day, we went to church and heard an excellent sermon. I've written to Darius.

11th. Very pleasant. I fixed the cellar window.

12th. I made our first Mince Pies for the season, made Molasses Ginger cake.

13th. We took down the stove pipe and cleaned it, and oh what a nasty mess it made, and I cleaned it up, and then washed my clothes, and Georges socks, and ironed, made cake, and everything a must, some mending; and am very tired. oh what a cold snowy, blowy day.

14th Rainy, snowy and nasty the first day for the Church fair,

Dec. 15th. just a stormy, wet day, to come and made the Fair a success. raise $800. and we went took dinner there.

16th. quite pleasant. Julia colored.

17th. Pa, Julia, and I went to church. It is cold and snows some.

18th. Mr. More come back to-night after being gone since Sat. morning. I have baked bread, stewed apples, etc.

19th. We have fixed minced-meat for Hams pies, and cracked Butternuts, and made Nut Cake.

20th. Very pleasant, and cold. More has boarded here 2 weeks. I went to the village with Pa in the cutter, and called at Aunt Hannahs.

21st. I washed, ironed, and made Minced Pies; and called over to see Alice Dan White. Pa went and got a good mess of Suckers. More paid me for the second week he did.

22d. Julia came home from her school.

23d. Will A. came up here after her. Mr. Roys called up awhile. We got a Pck from Darius.

24th. Sabbath day. We all went to church, and heard a good Xmas sermon Text "Where is he that was born king". I have written to Jenny, and Darius.

25th. a beautiful warm day, Xmas day. Charley and Frances, And Ruby and Levi, and their Children, And Julia are all home. Will A. was here with us. We had homemade candy; and Pop Corn after dinner. We enjoyed a pleasant day, which will not soon be forgotten. Charley and Frances stayed all night.

26th. cold; and windy. Charley went home. Julia to her school.

27th. I made Pillow Ticks, and emptied feathers.

28th. we washed, Ironed, made cookies.

29th. rainy. Rained yesterday. Henry Hawley was here to dinner yesterday. He has hired to work hay for Frank Dan commence work Apr. 1st, if he wants him sooner, he will let him know. Will is here to-night, always when Julias here. My first tapioca pudding for supper tonight, first I ever made

30th. Snowy to-night. Will A. and Julia took our horse and wagon, and went to Downsville, not coming home till Monday.

Dec. 31st. Sabbath day. Came 3 inches of snow but its quite a moderate day. Water runs from the eves parts of the time. I wrote to Darius. I have been writing to Sarah Jane Runcorn Stillwell.

January 1894.

1st.. I have washed, Ironed, cleaned Julias room thoroughly; and filled the bed tick; washed the spread. Will and Julia came home, and we have Oysters for supper. Lucy sent me a handsome Tablet; and sent us a large nice piece of sausage meat and me some cracked Butternuts. Hollidays are past, Julia gone again to her school. We to our home duties. Pa took her to her school this Tues. morning.

2d, Very pleasant. The Wheeling over the hill is fine. Pa and I went to the village with some eggs and went up to see Mrs. Howard; got some calico at Fetches store.

3d. A beautiful day. Pa and I went up to Hamden found Alstons folks gone, and visited at Mr. Griffins; had dinner there. But Alstons, and Loretta came before we went away. Charley Signor came over awhile this morning before we went away. Charley and Frances came over to Willards last night.

4th. Very warm, and pleasant. Our Beef came this morning. Lydia called. I cut and made a calico dress shirt.

5th. quite rainy. Pa went after Julia. and Sammy Nichols came home with her. Brother Andrew called on us. Mary Dan has been sick 4 weeks over to Downsville. Fred is there taking care of her. Got a letter from Darius with $2. bills for Pa and I each a New Year present.

6th. We were all; with Marions folks, were invited to Franks to dinner, and to Mr. Haverlies to supper, and for the evening. We had a very nice time. Snow came, an inch this evening.

7th. We all went to church; Its been pleasant. Mr. Rosendale preaches to-night, and Julia and Will have gone down a foot. Sammy Nichols came home with Julia Fri. Pa wrote to Mr. Dudley to-day.

8th. Very pleasant. Pa helped Andrew butcher a cow. I have cut my new calico wrapper.

9th. pleasant. Pa went after suckers, got some.

10th. Snowed some 2 inches. We visited at Nelly Weeds. took 3 1/2 dozen eggs down to the store.

11th. quite cold. Hanford fetched Lucy over; and stayed to dinner with us.

12th. Cold, and windy. Pa, Lucy and I were here all day until Will fetched Julia home from her school. We had a nice tme to visit.

Jan.13th. Saturday, quite, pleasant. Lucy went to the village with Julia on business. Lucy had some teeth filled; one out. Julia got herself a cashmere dress. Lucy got me some cough drops, gave them to me. In the evening, Flo Frost visited us. Seymour called awhile. I finished my new calico wraper.

14th. We, Lucy, Julia, Pa and I went to church, heard an exceeent sermon. They stayed till evening, Pa and I came home.

15th. we washed, or Lucy did. I had a stitch tax me in my back, and ended flat in bed. Lucys doing our work. The Dr. came to see me. Its dreadful.

16th. Dr. Holley came againts beautiful weather all of the time. Mrs. Liddle called to-night. Yesterday, Frank Dan and Wife called.

17th. Very pleasant, beautiful day. Lucy waits on me, and does the work.

18th. Very pleasant. Alice called again. Lucy is with me all the time.

19th. Very pleasant. Lydia and Lucy have gone to the village calling, and to the stores. I am improving, but slowly. Pa has gone after Julia. Lydia is with me. George got an answer from Dudley yesterday. Pa, Julia, Lucy all went to the Banquet at the Hall, or the Lord of Creation, so called. I suppose it was something fine, and the amount raised for the church $60 clear. Its such a lovely weather for anything.

20th. Another perfect day. The girls have been to the village to the great sale. They got me flannel for a skirt. a new Table cloth very fine.

21st. Sabbath day. Pa has gone to take Lucy home. Julia has gone with Will to see if she can leave out school a week because I am sick. Lydia is with me.

21st. quite cold; Storms some.

22d. Very warm, and pleasant. Pa came home. We rode over home with him.

23d. Pa went in the morning to help Andrew butcher, in the P. M. worked for Haverley. in the eve. Mrs. Alexander, David, and Will all called. Brother Roys called, and prayed with us. Andrew Thompson called, and Mrs. Liddle, and Charley in the evening.

24th. Very windy, some rainy. Julia made Oat meal Cookies. Julia called over to see Alice Dan.

25th. Very pleasant. Julia washed and let her clothes hang out all night. Will came up in the evening. He and Julia played Dominoes.

26th. cold raw day. I've been up awhile. Jenny Bradley called on us.

Jan. 27th. warmer this morning, and pleasant. Pa dont work; so he went and got some poplar bark for me a tea; strengthen my bitters. Julia fixed it. Julia has made 3 apple pies. Marble Cake; Bread; and Tapioca Pudding for dinner; and cooked Potatoes, Turnips; and boiled Beef; besides doing everything else. Its wonderful. Julia went with Pa to Town; and got White Serge for a dress; and linings, skirt, binding, etc. A letter from D.

28th. Sabbath day. Pa and Julia went to church. Will has been here, and He, and Julia have gone with our horse and wagon to church this evening.

29th. cold and Windy; Snows some. Will called up at noon.

30th. Last night it snowed 4 inches; this morning it snows and blows; and is cold. A letter from D. David Alexander felched his mother up here right, after dinner; and the 4 boys came up in the evening; and eat supper here.

31st. George Bussey and Wife visited us. A nice pleasant day; but cold; snows some. Mary Liddle called on us. Its nice to have company, but makes it hard for Julia when she isnt very well.

Feb. 1st. Cold, snowed all day. Mr. Stephen Berray is moving to the village. Julia is making her several pairs drawers. I cant do anything, just be waited on.

2d. Friday, Mrs. Liddle fetched her work and was here for 2 hours. Lydia about the same time. Will came and stayed all night because Pa was over in Downsville after the Butternuts. Its has been a fine day for Pa to go

3d. Cloudy, some warmer. Pa came home, got a box of oranges and lemons from D.

4th. Sabbath. Pa and Julia have gone to church. Lydia stayed with me. Will came up. Marion and Wife came and was here to dinner, and Henry Howard and Julia Howland came up to see me awhile, and Mr. and Mrs. McLaurie were here awhile in the eve. Will and Julia have gone with our rig to church.

5th. A beautiful day. Julia went this morning to her school, after staying home 2 weeks to take care of me. Lydia came over and made my bed to-day.

6th. Another beautiful day. George went and got a mess of Suckers. Will came up in the evening to see how I was, also Frank Dan and Wife came over in the evening. How kind everyone is.

7th. another beautiful day. I've sent a postal to Sarah Jane Runcorn Stillwell, one to Ruby, one to Brother E. Pck of news papers. Lydia came over and helped me again.

8th. Winifred and Rosa Woolcot came over on the stage, was here to dinner.

9th. Pa has gone after Julia, and the girls will come home with them.

Feb. 10th. In the evening it snowed, and blowed but came off to be a fine day. The girls, Winifred and Rosa Wolcot, and Julia have gone to Sidney to the Teachers examinations. They came home at night on the Flyer at 9 P. M.

11th. Henry Hawley came over ealry to take the girls home after dinner. Will came up to dinner. Julia let the soap stone fall on her toe hurting it badly. The 3 went back to Downsville.

12th. quite cold. Pa took Julia to her school. Her toe was butter wam.

13th. Snowed some all day. George went to Town Meeting. Lydia came and stayed with me.

14th. Very pleasant. We got a letter from S. C. R. Stillwell. Mrs. Haverley made an hour call, In the afternoon. Mrs. Alexander, and Sister Hannah called awhile. Pa and I made some Nut, and Raisin cakes.

15th. quite a snowy day. Snow fell to-night.

16th. cold, windy, not stormy. sent Darius a letter. Will took his horse and gone after Julia.

17th. quite cold, some warmer at night, and rained. Julia went to the village and had 3 teeth filled. Julia got me 10 yds factory stepsaged.

18th. Sabbath day. Pa and Julia have gone to church. Its quite a rainy morning and soft. Julia is sick at night; all night. Me too.

19th. Monday, Dr. Holley came to see Julia. Pa went and told her District she was sick. Will come early Monday morning to see her.

20th. Cold, but pleasant.

21st. quite pleasant, lots of callers among with was Viola Sprague from Long Flat.

22d. Very pleasant. Pa got some Suckers and drove over to Rubys with some of them. Callers to-day were Alice White Dan, and Ed St. John from Julias Dist. Will is here morning, noon, and night.

23d. Very pleasant; but cold day. Mrs. Alexander came and staid all day with Julia, done me a good deal of good in helping. Julia had a bad night.

24th. Pa came home from Rubys. Dr. Holley was here in the P. M. and she is some better. Rested good last night. This is a cold pleasant; bright morning. Lots of caller through the day. I made 4 Pumpkins pies. Made Cookies. a pleasant day.

25th. Very pleasant. Julia dressed herself.

Feb. 26th. Monday, had lots of callers. Julia has been dressed all day, but is very tired to- night, and has headache.

26th. Very pleasant. Brother Roys was up here to see Julia.

27th. We washed, and ironed some.

28th. Very pleasant 2 days wonderful days. Rev. Roys was here all the afternoon. I baked bread; Julia made Creamed cake. What a nice time to bleach. We have several peices out to grow whiter.

March 1st. Lucy and Winifred drove over to see us.

2d. Winifred and Julia went to the teachers exams the second Thursday and Friday. Julia had to go. She is very feeble and tires earily. Pa painted our step ladder. What very pleasant weather we have had all this week; so making much bare ground.

3d. Lucy and Winifred have gone home this morning. We have had such a nice visit. The sun shines brightly. Julia went ot the village with Pa; and took eggs and got thread. I have finished my new flannel skirt.

4th. Sabath day. Pa went to church a foot. Will fetched him home after he had gone home with him to dinner. Its a lovely warm day. My cloth is bleched white as snow.

5th. oh how bright, and sunny it is. Pa has gone to take Julia up in Jenking District to straighten up matters she left; and get her things, clothes, etc. She was so sick she had to leave her School of 4 weeks. Now she isn't abe to go. She is so weak. It will be lovely for me to-day. Julia came home feeling badly.

6th. Very pleasant day, but looks rainy. We have washed, and dried clothes. Pa and Julia have gone to the village. Got a nice box from Darius.

7th. Very pleasant. Mifs Robinson has been here sewing. Pa went after her.

8th. Very pleasant, and warm yet. Miss Robinson sewed again to-day.

9th. she was here in the forenoon, cut and made me a black waist out of old, made Julia a red Henrrietta; and helped her about 2 others some.

10th. Some rainy after being pleasant lovely weather 11 eleven days. Pa put our Pig hams smoking in Frank Dan smoke house, finally its very pleasant.

11th. Sabbath day. It has been a windy night but this morning is bright, and pleasant. Julia has gone to church with Frank Dan. Pa and I are not able to go Will came up last eve, and fetched each of us a cake of Maple sugar. What a lovely day it has been and pleasant. Will came up to dinner. I wrote to Darius. We had our first mess of Parsnips.

Mar. 12th. We washed; and in the evening we all went to the Hall to an illustrated lecture, to see 150 California views, cost Pa and I, 50 cts. It was fine.

13th Our 42d aniversay wedding day. I got a letter from Darius and Ruby.

14th. Weather greatly changed so its much colder, a bit of snow in the night. Brother Roys called on us. I boiled the sap from our Maple tree which running 24 hours and it made one pint of nice syrup. We went to the closing exercises of the school in the new school building.

15th. Very Pleasant.

16th. Very pleasant. Julia and Will have gone with our rig to Downsville to visit.

17th. I fetched several pans of apples out of the cellar, cut enough to make 6 qts and canned. Oh how nice and pleasant it is. I have boiled sap all day; got a qt. of syrup.

18th. A beautiful day as we ever saw, so warm; Mrs. Haverley called a while. Pa went to church. I have written to Darius and Jenny.

19th. Oh so nice, and pleasant, and warm. Will and Julia came home to-night, reported a nice pleasant time. I sowed my Tomatoes seeds.

20th. We have washed, ironed, baked bread. It has been a lovely pleasant , boiled sap, etc.

21st. Julia and I have been up to the Elwood visiting. A lovely day. got 24 Eggs to set. had a nice time.

22d. We cleaned the Chambers press; and put out all the quilts to air and done painting and puttying. then cleaned the sideroom from the parlor up stairs. rains this P. M. after all the first of the month so pleasant, and warm for March.

23rd. Rainy morning, pleasant P. M. Julia and I called at Mrs. Liddles. Julia got her card for schooling..

24th. Very pleasant. Edd St. John called here, and Alice White Dan, and Mary Liddle. Will Alexander too. Alice came to sew. Julia went this P. M. to her school at North Hamden. The Trustees came for her. She has hired for 16 weeks at $6.50 per week.

25th. Sabbath day. Pa and I went to church, and hear an excellent Easter Sermon. quite pleasant until the P. M., it snows a little. Mr. Haverley was here a while.

26th. Cold, snowed some. I washed, ironed. Lydia was over a while. Will was up in the eve. Will fetched us some liquorice drops, and showed us a book on Carriages.

Mar. 27th. Cold, and snow in the air, but none to lay on the ground, except the top of the mountains. Pa and I visited at Hannahs to-day.

28th. warmer, and pleasant, I cut out some muslin. In the P. M. Pa and I went over to Andrews; had warm sugar; supper; and a nice time.

29th. quite warm, and pleasant. I've been sewing on new muslin.

30th. Very warm; I've been cleaning some.

31st. pleasant. I've been cleaning some this week. Julia has taught one week; and is home now. recd a letter from Darius and Lucy.

Apr. 1st. Very pleasant. We've been to church and written to Darius, Julia and Will went to see Mary Dan. Now they have gone to the Illustrater lecture at the Baptist church. Julia wont be home in 2 weeks.

2d. Very Pleasant. I have washed, Ironed and had my bed out airing and cleaned the bedstead, and washed a quilt.

3d. Very pleasant. I've cleaned in the parlor, and done our weeks mending. Will was up in the eve, and we had some butternuts.

4th. quite a little rainy, with snow all day but dont make the ground white at all. I've written to Charley, and Lucy, and Julia. Pa is poorly with a cold. I've been Dr. yet.

5th.. Some sprinkling of rain. I've trimmed our Raspberry bushes, and put out one bush where Pa took out that Goose berry bush. Will was up to-night. I gave him a setting of eggs.

6th. Some colder, some snow, enough to be seen. George went to Silas Lions funeral, and I visited at Sisters, and Walters. Pa took tea at Walters.

7th. Some snowy all day, so its fell 2 inches. Lydia eat dinner with us to day. Rena Elwood came here this P. M. from Downsville. She stayed all night with us. A letter from Darius, and Julia.

8th. snow in the air most all day, but warm. Sunday, Pa and I have been here alone all day. I have wrote to Darius. Pa went and took Rena Elwood home. She is very nice child, we love her.

9th. I washed, Ironed, mended some. Very pleasant day. Will came in the eve.

10th pleasant all day, but commenced snowing at night. I took my work and went to Frank, got milk to make Pot cheese over there.

Apr. 11th. oh how it set in and snowed towards night, seemed cold too. I called over to see Alice a little while in the A. M. it was pleasant.

12th. Some warmer, quite pleasant day. Snow is fast melting off; making mud. Got a letter from Lucy, saying they are better.

13th. Very pleasant. I helped Mrs. Liddle 2 1/2 hrs to pay her for doing stamping. This P. M. went to Franks for milk, set out 2 Lilack Sprouts; and put trimming on my night dress. made Pot-cheese, and done lots of little things.

14th. Pleasant. Julia is home. She came Friday night. She washed, Ironed, etc.

15th. Very pleasant, lovely morning. Pa, and I went to church. Julia had head ache so he couldnt go. Will came up after church. Walter Elwood and Wife came up to dinner. I have written to Darius.

16th. I sent Lucy a letter. Very pleasant day. I cleaned out my bureau drawers. Its been lonely without Julia.

17th. A lovely day, so pleasant. I called up to see A. Tacys, done some weeding.

18th. Very pleasant. I cleaned our Clothes Press. Farmers many of them have improved this five times to sow Oats, and Peas. We ought to have put in Onion but Pa has been kept in the Mill so closely we couldnt.

19th. This morning it rained some, though I'm going to wash. It cleared off, and dried, and ironed my clothes.

20th. A pleasant day. Our Grape Vine came, and we set it out.

21st. Very pleasant. Julia rode down with Mr. James Miller. Was home for a couple of hours, and had to go back to her school. Will went down to the village and got our wagon so Pa wouldn't have to go and came back and stayed all night. Will delights in goodness we think. We got a letter from Darius, telling how sick he has been since we last heard.

22d. Sabbath day. Rains so we dont go to church. Pa and I are here alone all day, rainy. I have written to Jennie and Darius.

23d. Monday. Some misty most all day. I took up the Peony, and Honey suckles roots, and set them out. This P. M. made a pair of shirt sleves, besides looking after the hens so much..

24th. quite a little rainy. I hemmed our new Table cloth, beside several other things.

25th Very pleasant. Pa went to Franklin. I have washed, Ironed: set out 2 Cherry trees in the Hen Park. Lydia stayed over night.

Apr. 26th. wrote to Lucy. Very pleasant day. I have done mending.

27th. Very pleasant. I have made 3 Black Berry Pies. Julia came home with Pa when he came home from Charleys Friday night.

28th. quite a rainy day. Julia and I sewed 4 balls of Carpet Rags. Then Pa too Julia to the village and came home; and he and I drove to see Mrs. Alexander. She is sick in bed.

29th. Very Pleasant. We all went to church, heard an excellent sermon. Will came up with Julia after dinner.

30th. finished sowing Onion seeds and sowed lettuce. Pa planted some Potatoes.

May 1st. finished planting Potatoes. I washed, ironed, and made a large cake. Patrick Riley came here to supper Apr.30th, and stayed all night. expects to board here this summer.

2d. Very pleasant, I worked in garden; Mrs. H.. made a nice call. I planted Radish seeds.

3d. Very pleasant. I worked in the yard, and planted Posy, Peas and Pansy seeds. Will came in evening and fetched a package from Darius, of a gallon of Syrup; and a letter.

4th. Friday. Very pleasant morning, then rained some. Will Alexander helped shingle the barn. Pa went after Julia so she came home early. Had our first messy of Greens the 3d of May.

5th. Will helped again to-day so our Barn roof is all done good with ridge pieces on. One week is passed with our boarder, got along very well. Its been so nice to have Julia home with us all day to-day.

6th. We all went to church, and heard a good sermon. Julia came home to dinner, Then Will came up. We had a fine shower; Then Will took our rig and took her down home with him to stay all night; so she would be there to start to school in the morning.

7th. Very pleasant. Had our second mess of greens.

8th. Very pleasant. George drove up to Hamden. I went down to Mr. Haverlies a visiting.

9th. Very pleasant. Pa helped and we washed 2 quilts besides his WORKING. I made 3 green apple pies. Pa tapped his shoes. 10th. Very pleasant. I made cookies and bread, and layer cake. Will came up in the evening.

11th. rained a little in the forenoon. I sewed most 2 lbs of Carpet Rags.

May 12th. A beautiful morning, lovely day. I rode to town with Pa. Julia got home to eat dinner with us. We called on Mrs. Alexander, and Brother Willard. got a letter from Lucy.

13th.. Very pleasant Sabbath day. We all went to church. got home again. Will and Julia have gone walking over to Andrews, Pa up to the quarry. I'm here alone.

14th. Very pleasant. Pa helped me wash, and baked bread; made yeast, etc. Another Mr. Riley came here to board. This morning I had to get him an extra breakfast. So now I have 2 boarders. Pa drove over to Andrew and got 2 Grape vines; and set out.

15th. Very pleasant. Last night had a hard freeze. I went to town and visited Aunt Almeda at Maylon Bresacks with Aseneth, had a very pleasant time.

16th. Very pleasant. I baked bread, set out our geramium and Pinks.

17th. Very pleasant. Alice called over. Will came up and fetched our new hammrock, and hung it for us, on the new post Pa had fixed.

18th. Some rainy. Pa went after Julia. Pa and I went and eat dinner with Lydia. Will came up to night. Harry H. came over. We had a swing; then a nice sing in the Parlor.

19th. washed, ironed, made cookies, Cake; and Julia painted the Pantry. Julia and will have gone to the village with our horse, and wagon. We have just got a bbl of sugar, and going to have it put up stairs.

20th. Its been raining some all night to-night. Sprinkles this morning; Pa and Julia have gone to church. I wasnt able to go.

21st. quite pleasant. I've been painting and baking. Got word that Lucy is worse.

22d. quite a rainy day. We washed, ironed, made cake, beside everything else.

23d. Pa has started for Downsville. He has come home to night.. Martha, Loretta, and baby came with C. Sales to dinner to day. Sister Lydia has helped me.

24th. Very rainy day. They are still with us all day.

25th. Still they are here. We went to see to see the show, but they broke the bridge down and they didnt parade nor show at allI its been a rainy day. Julias home.

26th. pleasant. I went with Pa and Martha to Hannahs visiting. Had a nice time there. Loretta stayed with Julia, here home. We came home, and sowed a paper of Onion seed because our early sowed didnt come up. Its Sat. night again.

27th. Very pleasant. Pa and I went to church, to the Episcopal. To Memorial exercises, then up to Hannahs and got Martha.

May 28th. pleasant morning. George took Martha up to the Alstons. 2 P.M. it began to rain.

29th. Pleasant. I made yeast, 2 green apple pies, took up, and cleaned the room, and carpets in the boys room, planted our winter Squash seeds. Trimed the Goose Berry bushes. Swept a good deal.

30th. Rainy day. Julia came home last night, cleaned the room up stairs to-day, put the carpet down and gone back to her school. Will is here to-day wains Coting on our kitchen got it done, but it rained so he stayed all night.

31st. Rainy, rainy, all the time. I sent a letter and papers to Brother Ebenezer.

June 1st. Rainy. Jessie Smith came here in the P.M. to stay all night.

2d. Rainy, all day. We got our lace Window Curtains at Fitches to-day. Something for Pa checked shirts.

3d. Sabbath day. Pleasant. We didnt got to church, drove over to Andrew folks. They are bad off, Mary out of her head; Julia some better.

4th. I washed, Ironed, and made 3 minced pies, dried clothes, though it rained some.

5th. Rainy morning, though George has been hoeing Potatoes; going now to help raise Closes barn. A letter from Darius. I made cookies, loaf cake, and bread.

6th, quite pleasant, and cool. I made a shirt for Pa; and layer cake. Will called up to-night with our mail for Pa.

7th. Cool, and pleasant. I made another shirt. The work goes on very well day by day and I can get along with it better than I could at first.

8th. Cool, and pleasant. I'm very tired.

9th. pleasant. Julia and I have washed, ironed. She went to the village and had her picture taken with her scholars; I baked bread, 6 loafs of bread; and made log and layer cake; and Julia fetched up a can of paint and painted some besides several other things.

10th. Very pleasant. We went to church. I have written Lucy a Postal, Ruby a letter.

11th. Very pleasant, we have been painting.

12th. Very pleasant. In the morning Martha, Loretta; Baby, and Mr. Whitemore came to dinner; and on the P.M. train Darius came. All but Martha stayed all night. Mrs. Dow Terry buried.

June 13th. Very pleasant. I washed and ironed. oh so warm, and dry.

14th. baked bread, and layer, and loaf cake.

15th. Very pleasant. Darius has been to Franklin. Will went with him. Came back to-day, and fetched Julia from her school. it shower at night.

16th. A little shower towards night. Alston and Loretta visited us, eat dinner. Will, Charley, and Frances were here to-day. Darius being here too, we had a nice time, but oh so hot to cook. Darius has gone to Downsville to-night. A letter from Lucy.

17th. Sunday. We didnt attend church.

18th. a little sprinkle, but very hot all the time.

19th. Some rainy. got 3 window screens. Darius has gone back to the City this P.M. George took our chairs to the shop to have them renewed with paint.

20th. quite rainy. Pa washed for me, my back is as bad. rains hard tonight. I dried, and ironed somethings. rained hard to-night.

21st. Very nice.

22d. Very warm, and growing weather.

23d. Very warm. Mr. Eells and Will papered the Kitchen over head, part around the sides, and Julia helped Will finish it, and Will helped Pa ceil the woodshed the rest of the day. We picked Straws berries ever day. I now 4 cans with 10lbs in them.

24th. Very warm and pleasant. I didnt go to chuch was too tired.

25th. I picked 7 lbs of Straws berries, and done baking, had callers, Mrs. Alexander, and Mrs. Pratt and Mary Liddle, and Sister Lydia.

26th. Washed, dried clothes, then rainy P. M. I made layer and loaf cakes and pies, canned 4 cans of berries. Ironed, etc.

27th. Pleasant P. M. A rainy morning. Pa have gone to the depot with G. A. R. boys. Have worked all day. Picked berries and canned some mending, and everything else. Sister Lydia went down to Abram Van Valkenbergs with him.

28th. pleasant. I picked and cans berries, bake bread, and lots of everything.

29th. pleasant day. Sate Woolcot and Son was here to dinner. Will is up to-night.

June 30th. oh what a busy day, and Julia has been so sick part of the time. Washed, ironed, picked, and canned berries. Julia has been to the village and got herself some glass fruit cans. I gave her all we picked to-day. She made 3 good canns of them.

July 1st. Very Warm and pleasant. Sabbath day. We didnt go to church. Will and Julia went with our wagon. They have gone a foot over to Andrew.

2d. very warm, and pleasant. I baked bread, 2 kinds of cake and pies. Picked and canned berries and done most everything. We had callers, Mr. Haverley, and Mary, Miss Brundage, and Sister Lydia. I called at Franks.

3d. Very pleasant. I got a mess of Beet greens, picked and filled one can of Straws berries. Sister Lydia called. I was real glad to see her. George cut the last of our hay in the barn, our first crop. Seymour, and G. Liddle helped him.

4th. Patrick, and Thomas left us this morning because Mr. St. John wouldnt give them only $2 per day. Nice pleasant. We washed and ironed. I picked 2 qts of Straw berries, took care of fresh meat, etc.

5th. Patrick and Thomas was here to dinner. Very pleasant. Pa finished ceiling the Wood- shed. I cleaned the cupboard, and the boys rooms and all the bed, bedstead. Emptied the straw tick, and filled it, fetched down the springs and cleaned them and the floor.

6th. I went with Pa after Julia, and visited at Walter Millers. It rained up there hard, after we got home, it rained hard here.

7th. I picked and canned one can of Straw berries, picked a few Raspberries. Picked our first mess of green Peas. It rained some to-day.

8th. We went to church Julia, Will, and I. Rev. Gedham preached an able sermon.

9th. Very pleasant. I picked and canned one can of Raspberries, done mending, cut some Carpets Rags; besides the general work. Picked our Sage. Lydia called.

10th. Very pleasant. Washed, ironed, mended. Sent some eggs to get thread.

11th. Very pleasant. I made a can of Raspberries, worked in my posies, etc.

12th. took up the bedroom carpet, cleaned the room. Pa got his hay along the road, down by the mill. Brother Willard called a while. I cut rags some. rained some in the morning; later was pleasant and hay dried, and was got in the barns. Got a letter from Lucy, Winifred and D.

13th. I painted around my room, and put down my carpet, after I ripped it up and cleaned it. Pleasant day.

July 14th. I've been out and picked our berries and a mess of Peas before it rained. I have made our second can of Raspberries this morning. Sister stayed with me last night because George went to work in haying.

15th. George went to Downsville yesterday afternoon. Came back Sunday. We had a nice shower to-day. Will and Julia went to church

16th. Miss Fox came to do dress making for Julia. Very pleasant day.

17th. Very pleasant. Pa went yesterday morning to work for Marion Elwood, in haying. We have Peas all the time.

18th. Very pleasant, very dry. Pa couldnt work, and came home. Alston fetched the furniture for Julia's wedding, and both of us, an extension table.

19th. Very pleasant, dry. Pa got paint, and is painting the front of the woodshed. I put fringe on my chair cushion, besides everything else around.

20th. We washed, ironed, and baked this forenoon before the Dress maker came. Very dry, and hot.

21st. had a little rain this afternnon.

22d. We didnt attend church.

23d. George worked for Andrew in haying.

24th. rainy, and he came home.

25th. pleasant, a hard shower at 10 in the eve. He was here again. Will was here helping about everything. A box of crockery came on the Stage to Julia. She took the bed- stead out of the bedroom.

26th. Very pleasant. Will is here helping cracking butternut, etc.

27th. Pleasant, dry, and hot. George is over to Andrews WORKING in haying. Julia is sick. Dress maker done here. We do all we can everyday.

28th. Julia is better. Pa fetched the horse home to night; and she went with Will to the village to do several errands. Will has been fixing some frames for screens up stairs.

29th. Very dry, and hot, until night. We are having a nice rain. Will has gone to D. after Lucy, coming back tomorrow. Stay with L. to night. I sent Ruby some Mackerel. I'm not well. We didnt go to church.

30th. Very pleasant. We washed, ironed, etc.

July 31st. made wedding cake, and tore up things generally

Aug 1st. Wednesday we had a large company. Julia A. Signor was married to Will C. Alexander in presence of a large number of witnesses at our own home; And gone to the village to stay until the 2 A. M. when she takes the train to New York. It has been a lovely day, and we all had seats in the yard while they stood on the Porch to be married. Guest were 65 in number. Presents amt. to $128. Showing how high Julia was prized by all.

2d. pleasant forenoon, in the P. M. it rained. I have been putting things right. Winifred has been with us. Darius came to the wedding, and has gone home to day.

3d. Rainy morning, pleasant later. so we dried clothes. Pa took Winifred over to Andrews before dinner. Pa went in the P. M. and 8 1/2 lbs of Black berries. I made 4 cans of them. Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Platt called on us, stayed an hour.

4th. Pa got 10 lbs of Black berrys, canned 5 qts. Pleasant day.

5th. Sabbath day. Pa went to church, I wasnt able to go, so read my bible. How lonely without Julia.

6th. Monday, very pleasant. Pa picked up 9 lbs berries in helping Frank Dan in odds, and came home sick; got to tired, and warm.

7th. Tuesday. We attended a reception at Mrs. Alexanders, for Will and Julia.

8th. went to the dedication of our new M. E. Church, 10 Ministers were there. It wasnt dedicated until free of debt or all the payments provided for.

9th. Alston and Loretta stayed all night with us. A beautiful day.

10th. a beautiful morning. Pa and Will have gone berrying up in marvin hollow mountain.

11th. They have gone towards Abe Valkenberght. Yesterday they got 17 qts, to day got 34 qts, or lbs. very pleasant. Julia done coloring carpet rags yesterday. Mrs. Pratt came here yesterday, stayed until to-night.

12th. . Pa and I went to church; It was day communion. Julia and Will stayed home; I went down with them in the evening; and heard Rev. Dean. The one who preached my Pas funeral sermon. He is very smart; gave us an excellent sermon.

13th. Pa and Will have gone Black Berrying, got 47 lbs. had a fine day.

14th. pleasant. In the eve. we all called at Mr. Haverlys.

Aug. 15th. pleasant. Pa and Will have gone after more berries, they got 40 lbs. While they were gone, we were washing; and I had a stich catch me in my back; so I couldnt do anything.

16th. Emma Hartman came here a visiting. She took over my berryies for me.

17th. Keep dry. I keep my bed. Pa too is sick and cant work. Dr. Holley came to see him.

18th. Seats in the new M. E. Church sold. Pa went down, and bought a seat. Uncle Eliphalet Hotchkiss came here, stayed over night. George and I both sick, cant work.

19th. Julia and Will gone to church. Keeps very dry; fearfully dirty. In the P. M. Alice Brice, and George came. We had a nice rain; drizled some, same this morn.

20th. cooler. Uncle E. has gone away .

22d. Cool and pleasant. A letter from Ruby. Will and Julia are moving. Mrs. Liddle called.

21st. Will dug our Potatoes 17 bushels, and put them in the cellar. Pa is sick and cant do anything. Pa had dug 12 bush before this. Both of us are sick..

23d. dry, and very dusty.

24th. about the same. Pa has gone to Hamden. He is putting up plasters for a company house. Will Stevens, and family went home last tuesday the 21st after being sick at Andrews all summer.

25th. Pa went down the river, and to Berston.

26th. Will and Julia went to church. At night Dr. Mowbray came to see me.

27th. Monday. Julia is getting on her Worster quilt to tack, got it done. Charley Hubbell called; made a prayer. George has been out with pasters.

28th. keeps dry. Pa has been out again to-day with paster. George Turk, and Wife came here to-night, all night.

29th. Ruby and Levi came early this morning to go to the show. Ruby went home with sick headache. (Ringling Brothers) Will took another load down, Julia things.

30th. Pa went up to Mr. Elwood and got some sweet corn to can. Sister L. and Julia have been here doing it. We had 5 cans of our own., 4 of that.

31st. Pa went berrying, got 17 lbs. Julia and Lydia and took care of them for me. Put 10 lbs in a jar and made two pies made 2 pies.

Sept 1st. Keeps dry. Will and Julia have gone to Downsville. Julia works hard all day. Started 5 P.M. to go over the hill. Brother Andrew called here.

2d. Sabbath. Mrs. Liddle called; also Frank and Wife. Julia and Will came home from Downsville.

3d. Julia fixed her Plums that she got over the hill 21 lbs after cooking over. Lydia helped her, and she gave her a can.

4th. George went to Downsville for an affident from Elbert, stayed at Hanford.

5th. George came back. Elbert came too. Handford and Mr. Radicar came early and wanted breakfast, and then took the train to go to Syracuse to the State Fair. George Turk and Wife called on their way home.

6th. Still dry. Julia put on a tack.

7th. Still dry. -------- didnt get it off.

8th. A nice rain, quite hard, Saturday.

9th. pleasant. Will and Julia went to church.

10th. Pa helped Julia washed has got clothes dry. We are getting a nice rain towards night.

11th pleasant. Geo. Burnett and Wife visited us.

12th. Levi, and Ruby, Arthur and Etha called on their way to the Fair. Charley Signor came to see me and go to the Fair. Will and Julia, and Pa are gone and Sister Lydia stayed with me. Ruby came back early because she was sick, head ache they had to go home early, and because Sadie was left ----.

13th. Arthur and Etha came over early and said they were all better at Levi's. Lucy and Winifred, and Mary Radiker, Lucy and Winfred drove over this morning., how glad we are to see them.

Wendall Holmes died Sept 8th 1894.

14th. All went to the Fair. I staid alone. Pa got a basket of peaches, Julia staid home this P.M. and canned them. Lucy visited and took tea with Ada W. she came home in the evening.

15th. Lucy and Winifred went home. Lucy was real sick. Charley staid 2 nights with us, and Lucy 2 nights. Its been very pleasant weather, and I think all had a nice time.

16th. Sabbath day. Julia and Will went to church.

Sept 17th. Pa help Julia wash. Mrs. Haverley called. Lydia called. Pa set up a leach to make soap and got the soap bbl out and looped it.

18th. boiled the bones. Pleasant.

19th. Rained all day, cut some apples. Will got down home. Julia made some jelly of the skins.

20th Ebenezer Elwood fetched Sister Phebe over here this day and made a good visit. The Sun crosses the line.

21st. Some cooler, and pleasant. Sister has gone to day to visit Lydia. Julia cuts and dries apples some.

22d. Sister Phebe is with us. Pleasant day.

23d. Pa, Will, and Julia went to church. Sister Phebe stayed with me.

24th. Julia has gone to town with Sister.

25th. Julia cut apples, baked, and tended to the soap. Some frost.

26th. Brother Roys called.

27th. Julia is washing, and making soap. Jessie, and Annie Smith called. Will and Pa went down last eve, and got Wills hens, and chickens, fetched them here so he could tend to them easier than to go so far.

28th. Pa went over the hill to Rubys, going Friday to Uncle Clannens to be there for their Golden Wedding Saturday, 50th anniversay wedding.

29th. Very pleasant. Julia made 3 pumpkins Pies. Tille Elwood called, also Mrs. Liddle.

30th. Sabbath. Will and Julia went to church. Lydia staid with me. Dri Norman called on us.

Oct 1st. Monday Julia Valkenberg came with a team, was here to dinner. Alice White Dan called. I sent a letter to Jenny Maxwell

2d. pleasant. Julia and Alice White Dan hitched up and went to the village. Julia came back and put on a quilt, basted it all, took it off the frame, and quilted it 7 times across on the machine. in the eve, Marion Elwood, and Wife, and family, and Flo Frost visited here.

3d. Wednesday. alone all day. Lydia went over to Andrews.

Oct 4th. Dr. Holley came to see me, and Mrs. Haverley called on us. Julia is fixing Sweet Tomato pickles. Will and Julia, and Day and Jenny visited up to Uncle Andrews Easons in the evening.

5th. Julia and George done washing. in the P.M. George went over to Andrews. Willard called on us.

6th. Julia ironed, and everything else.

7th. Will, Julia and Pa went to church. In the P.M. Wm Whitcome; and Dickerman called, and Win made a prayer, also Mrs. Liddle, and Mary called.

8th. oh so nice, cool and pleasant. .

9th. Julia finished her quilt

10th. Julia sewed carpet some.

11th Will, and Julia went to visit Charley at Franklin.

12th. Children came home from Franklin. Very beautiful pleasant day.

13th. Rainy most of the day. A letter from D.

14th. Some rainy, to-night snows some to lay on the ground. Will and Julia went to church. Pa has gone over to see Mary Dan.

15th. Very pleasant, and quite cold. Julia and Alice White Dan have gone to the village.

16th. Julia and Pa washed in the P.M.

17th. Lucy, Ruby, and baby came to see us.

18th. They went home. We enjoyed the visit very much. Julia is poorly, hurt herself reaching up so high, trying to harness the horse. Sent a package of papers to Minnesota. Brother Andrew called, fetched us a few Pears. I've been writing to Darius.

19th. Friday. Very pleasant. Dr. Holley came to see me. Julia is sick; ought not to be WORKING. Alice White Dan called a little while. Mrs. Haverley called. Mr. Haverley has gone down to the river.

20th. Julia sick all day.

21st. Sabbath. We didnt anyone go to church. David and Jenny called to see us.

Oct. 22d. looks like rain, didnt rain. Georges pension rejected and George writes to Mr. Dudley. Julia went down to the village.

23d. looks like rain.

24th. Julia went to the village, and got a present from Will of one doz. Bone Plates $1. and from me a bush, and tray for the table crumbs. A real rainy day. Butter from Levis 24 lbs tub.

25th. rainy morning. Pleasant P.M. Pa went over to Hanfords, and Lucys wedding annivers- ary 18 years since. Yesterday was Mrs. Platts, and Pinders wedding day. so rainy.

26th. Pa came home; Freddie with him. Freddie going to stay to the Institute, the 3 days of next week. Last days of the month.

27th. Washing, and Ironing.

28th. Sabbath. Will, Julia and Freddie went to church; then to Uncle Andrews.

29th. Monday. Beautiful weather. Will, and Julia and Winifred went to the Haverly. Winifred stayed down.

30th. Very pleasant. Julia went down with the horse and wagon in the afternoon.

31st. A rainy day. Julia and Will are staying down to their home to-night because its Hallow- een night and the witches might upset their house. Winifred is here with us. Lilly Cook; Mr. Cars adopted daughter married to day to Mr. Pierce.

Nov 1st. Very pleasant day.

2d. Pleasant. Institute closes at noon. Winifred came up in the P.M.

3d. quite rainy. Saturday, Pa took Winifred over to Mr Shaws before he met Lucy. Then got his diiner at Mr. Shaws; and fed his horse; and rested 2 hours. Will has been sick in bed all day, his face is swollen badly.

4th. Very pleasant. Flo. F. called, also Lydia. Will and Julia went down to see the Dr. for Wills face. No one went to church. Mr. Haverley, and Fred called a while.

5th Will worked half a day, and because the damp he came home early, and he, and Julia blacked the stove, and pipe, and got to the stove back in the parlor. A real hard job, its snowing so much the ground is white, and quite cold.

6th. Election day. Snowed some, and the ground is quite white to-night. Will and Julia have gone down to see about getting them a coal stove.

Nov. 7th. Snowed some. Julias been sick all day, head ache from her last night job helping over at Franks. The 7th at 5 in the morning they had a Son born. Weight 8 1/2 lbs. F. and Alice. Sent Lucy a letter and One to Dr. Krilmer.

.8th. Darius and Jenny came at 4 A.M. in the morning. Cold and snowy.

9th. Marion Elwood and Wife was here to dinner. Darius and Jenny has gone to the village.

10th. Will and Julia; And Darius and Jenny have gone to Downsville this P.M. Yesterday Geo. put papers to Mr. Dudley.

11th. Sabbath day. Geo and I have been alone. Mary, Willards Wife called.

12th. Jenny went home on the P.M. train and Darius got to Dr. Harris to fix his teeth.

Nov. 13th, 1894 - Uncle Charles Wilson was buried. He was 91 years old.

14th. quite pleasant. Darius went over to Andrews for dinner.

15th. Julia and George washed. Hannah stayed here last night. George is helping the neighbors butcher their pork. We got a hog of Will Close. It weighted 253 lbs. Darius went to Franklin yesterday.

16th. Very nice weather for a few days. We made sausages, 3 jars.

17th. Some rainy this morning. George sent to Mr. Wm. Dudley the affidant of Dr. Mont. Somery. Mrs. John White called an hour

18th. Sabbath. Will and Julia went to church.

19th. Fine weather. Darius came from Charleys. George and Julia washed and dried clothes. Will and Julia went down home to stay and we are left alone. Its very hard for me to have Julia leave for good. oh how lonely I will be.

20th. Darius is with me to keep me from being lonely as I should be

21st. Very pleasant. Julia came up home this P.M., and ironed for me. and made a loaf of cake. She walked up and back. Darius went to Downsville this P.M.

22d. oh what fine weather we are having. Sister Lydia called awhile to-day.

23d. a dark day. rainy a little towards night. Julia came up with Henry for some things. How glad I am to see her every time. I now have a pck ready to send to Brother Ebenezer Dan, papers.

24th. Pleasant day. Pa called to see Julia.

Nov. 25th. Snowed last night some, and all day to-day. Pa and I are alone all day. So loney. Mr. and Mrs. Haverley called this evening, stayed an hour, real good of them.

26th. Monday, quite pleasant.George helped Marion butcher a pig. George bought a Turkey of Marion Elwood. make Pie, and cookies. Lydia called on me.

27th. nice pleasant day.

28th. cold and snowy. Julia came up home; and took up my bedroon carpet, and put it down again after Pa brushed it, and she fixed our window curtain and made cookies. Dear little girl how I do love her. Darius drove from Rubys to Hamden yesterday.

29th. Thanksgiving day. Darius came home from Hamden this morning, and got dinner with us and the day being fine we had an enjoyable day together.

30th. cold, snowed some. D is with us, and helping Pa fix his box stall. A letter from Mr. Dudley and Jenny Maxwell. Julia came up home to pack her trunk. Henry fetched her. She walked back.

Dec. 1st. Pleasant morning. Levi was here to dinner, after a load. Paid his interest to us. Darius eat dinner with us, then drove over to Uncle Andrews. Darius loaded Julias things this A. M. and Pa took them down to her.

2d. quite a stormy day, lonely for us too, Sabbath day. I read a good deal, and written to Lucy, and thought of them all.

3d. quite pleasany. Pa went to town this morning. Paid Dr. Mobray; got Darius; and bought Pa a new over coat $12. and this P.M.; helped Mr. Haverley butcher 2 large hogs. I have made bread.

4th. pleasant. Julia came and helped Pa wash. She walked up. D. came home from Geo. Tacys; and took me to the village for a ride in the cutter, the first time I had been away in 4 months.

5th. oh, so pleasant. Darius has gone to night to take Julia home.

6th. Julia called up with David Alexander.

7th. Very pleasant. D. has gone to-day back home.

7th Its always seems so lonely when Darius goes from us to New York. He sat up all last night with Mary Dan . This morning Pa took him to the village. God be with him until we meet again is my earnest prayer daily.

Dec. 8th. Rainy most all day. Lydia eat dinner wiht us. I made 3 pumpkins pies of dried pumpkin.

9th. quite pleasant, looks like storm. Pa went to church, came home and had dinner; then went over to Andrews.

11th. I went down to Julias, had a nice pleasant time. Pa was with me there to dinner; then we visited and took dinner at Willard; had a nice time.

13th. I am glad to be home to-night again

14th. Very pleasant. Sister Lydia and Mrs. Haverley called on me. I've worked all day.

15th. lovely day. I rode to the gate with Pa, then called to see Alice and baby for the first time.

16th. Sabbath day, pleasant. Pa went to church. We commenced to use our best hardwood today. How much I'm thinking about Julia fear she is sick. Will and Harry A. came up home. Julia is better. I sent Lucy a postal, by them to mail.

17th. Very pleasant. Julia came home with Henry and Pa took her home to-night.

18th. I rode over to Andrews when Pa went to help Edson Dan butcher.

19th. Very pleasant all the time. Pa works getting wood on the hill up in Archies slashing.

20th. Darius birthday, and how warm and pleasant. I've been making cake, and awful tired.

21st. Very pleasant. Pa done our washing, helped all I could and I have made new yeast and ironed some; and done many other things.

22d. Very pleasant. Julia has been home all day and done a lot of things for me. Pa chopped wood on the hill for the first day.

23d. Very pleasant. Pa went to church.

24th. pleasant, but windy.

25th. rainy a little in the morning and some later in the day. Some morning. Will and Julia, And Levi and Ruby came to visit us and eat dinner. We had a Turkey for dinner, and everything else we needed to make it nice and had candy for the table, and a very nice time. Levi went home, and left Ruby and Children here.

26th. pleasant. Ruby, and baby has been here with us, and I have been so pleased to have them here. Cousin Julia Sprague visited us, Phares Spragues wife.

Dec. 27th. oh how snowy. A foot deep fell through the night, and snowed hard all day so we cant go down to Julias. It seem too bad as she is looking for us. Pa took Ruby down to night. Sadie came back with him.

28th. Cold and pleasant. Ruby and Children are with us to night, and they are so cunning, how we love to have them here. Pa cut wood on the hill. Ruby cleaned my cupboard and put new paper on.

29th. cold, and snow one foot deep. In the eve, I wrote to D. Ruby wrote some to him.

30th. Julia and Will came up after church; and Ruby was here, and Levi came towards night, and this eve, they have all gone down to Julia awhile coming back to stay the night. They came back at 9 oclock in the eve.

31st. Levi and Ruby and Children have gone back home. What a nice time we had with them. Pa went to the hill to chop after they left us.

January 1895.

1st. very cold, and pleasant. For the first time in 5 years our pump gave out. George had to go to the village and get a man to fix it. Put in new values and then take him (Mr. Hines) back home. It was said to be the coldest night in many years. Thermometer was 27 below zero. All through the village water gave out, and he had been busy all day fixing water pipes. Recd a letter from Brother Ebenezer Dan. In the eve. Mrs. Olmstead and Lydia called awhile. I have mended Georges, and my mittens, and Georges coat and my chemise besides doing other work.

2d. Pleasant. George has been chopping wood. I have been mending his coat. Towards night he went the village and I went with him to Julias awhile.

.3d. Thursday. Cold and pleasant. George helped Brother Andrew butcher a hog, and a beef. I walked over to Franks, the first since I was sick this winter. I've mending Georges coat.

4th. Snowing some most all day. George has been chopping on the hill. Will and Julia got a livery rig and gone to Downsville. I guess they will get quite cold. Brother Andrew fetched us a quarter of beef this eve, Pa and I are here alone.

5th. cold all the time hard. George works chopping wood up on the hill.

6th. Sabbath day. It has been a dreadful night windy and snowy. yes a real Blizzard and no better this morning. I'm getting a letter ready to send to Ebenezer. Will came back from Downsville, and Lucy sent me some Apples for Mince pies. Pa has been answering Mr. Dudley's letter. I have written to Darius.

7th. Warmer, some rainy. We washed, and boiled beef; and cut apples, and Pa chopped minced meat to-night. Pa went on the hill chopping awhile.

Jan. 8th. quite pleasant day. Pa works on the hill chopping. I ironed, make minced pies, 3 cans of mince meat, and a loaf of cake, besides the general work.

9th. quite pleasant. Pa took me down to visit Mrs. More; I had a pleasant day.

10th. Pleasant day; but rains hard to-night. Pa has been chopping yesterday and to-day. I have written to Jenny Maxwell. make yeast; and Pile Ointiment.

11th. Pleasant. George went and chopped wood. In the evening, Lydia and Mrs. Olmstead called.

12th. Pa went on the hill chopping and Mr. Haverley came after him; and Pa helped him in the P.M. been very pleasant. I sent Ebenezer some papers

13th. pleasant morning. Pa and I went to church. The first I had been in 4 1/2 months. A Lady evangelist spoke good and very smart.

14th. The air is full of snow all day but not much fell. Pa chopped on the hill.

15th. quite cold, snowed an inch in all day. Pa chopped on the hill, I made minced pies 6 of them.

16th. Snowy all day. Julia came up home in the P.M. Henry fetched her here. Pa chopped a cord of wood on the hill. I made fried cakes for the first this winter.

Morgan Dibble of Downsville was buried from the M. E church Jan 14, 1895.

17th. Cold. George went up to Alstons. I rode up to McLauries to make a visit. Loretta sent me 2 boxes of honey, and a nice pail of apples. Pa bought 12 lbs butter.

18th. Snows most all day. Pa cut a 1/2 cord of wood. Sister Lydia, and Alice White Dan called on me.

19th. quite pleasant., but cold, and frosty. George has been on the hill, cut a cord of wood.

20th. Sabbath. We didnt go to church. Fred Hubbell was here to dinner. I wrote to Lucy and Winifred.

21st. Pa got Haverleys bobs, and drew wood from the hill 4 cords. It is raining some to-day; and South wind.

22d. quite pleasant. Pa is drawing off wood.

23d. pleasant. Pa is drawing wood. Julia came up home a foot. Pa took her back.

Jan 24th. cold. Early morning Hanford and Lucy came. Lucy to visit me a few days; H. to draw back a load of feed. What a good time we'll have.

25th. Julia came up home to sit with me.

24th. Dr. T. Dewit Talamage lectured in the evening. Lucy went with Julia to hear him. Pa drove to Franklin the 25th to visit Charley. Pa has got all of his 16 cords of wood drawn before he went to visit.

26th. Sunday. Lucy walked, and went to church. I staid alone, only Lydia came over while.

27th. Very cold all the time. Pa has got home from Franklin. Mrs. McLaurie visited us, taking dinner. Pa has gone with Lucy to the village. Lucy got a letter from home with bad news and got to go home in the morning.

29th. It is snowing fast. Lucy got a ride to the village; and got to go over on the stage, because Will and Julia have our horse, and cutter to got to Franklin to see about buying a place. Lucy finally rode over the hill with Geo. Bull.

30th. Very cold. Pa commenced chopping most at the foot of the hill. Pa went to the P. O. got rejection of pension. Will and Julia came home at noon.

31st. clear and cold. Pa is at his wood. Brother Andrew visited us alone, and eat dinner with us. we enjoyed it.

Feb. 1st. Cold. Pa is at his wood. he got a mess of Suckers.

2d. Pa has gone to caucus. I am alone.

3d. Sabbath day. Some snowy. Will and Julia came home to dinner. Stayed all night. Elbert Signor came yesterday to see us.

4th. Elbert and Pa have gone to get their pensions paper made out. Then Elbert is going to Cannonsville.

5th. Very cold. Julia has been up home and make 3 apple pies, and loaf of cake.

6th. last night was the coldest of the winter. Sister Lydia has been with us and eat dinner.

7th. quite snowy. Pa took me down to Julais.

8th. It kept snowing, and blowing, and was a real Blizzard. oh so cold, and drifted so the trains were stopped about 36 hours, longer in some places.

9th. dreadfully cold, and snowed in. we never had seen such drifts here. I couldnt go home because it was all filled in from the Barn to the road, and to the house so Pa couldnt get out with the horse, and cutter.

Feb. 10th. Will went to church. Julia and I was at home.

11th. Pa shoveled through and came after me and I was glad to be here with him to-night though I had a real pleasant time with Julia and am so sorry for her, she is so sick to-day with a headache. Poor little girl how I do love her; she is so nice, and smart. It is awfully drifted all around here in every direction to the top of the fences.

12th. Cold and snowy. Town meeting day. Pa went to town. I stayed home, got a letter from Ruby, Lucy, and Darius. Pa took to Fitches 5 dozens eggs at 25 cts a doz. and got a sack of White Frost Flour, and 1 lb of coffee.

13th. Cold. Pa chopped 1/2 cord of wood. Pa got his Pension $24. Sam Hotchkiss called in the morning.

14th. Cold, some snowy. I visited Sister Asenath. Pa got new shoes on our cutter; and my old shoes mended. D. sent Pa $20 in a letter.

15th. Pa and I visited at Geo. Busseys; we wrote to D. and Pa sent a note for that money.

16th. 2 very pleasant days. Carrie Jennings visited us, also Sister Lydia was here. I made 4 Mince Pies with the rest of the work.

17th. Sunday. We stayed home. Will and Julia came up home to dinner; We had Oisters.

18th. Very pleasant; our clothers dried nicely. Julia came up and helped me iron.

19th. George Elwood, and Wife, and Son came to dinner Jessie stayed with me until the next morning, then went to the village. George went home.

20th. Pa went to Delhi for examination.

21st. More snow. Pa and I went to the Convention meeting held in the M. E. Church. Winifred called this morning. She is over to the meetings held 2 days. Alice Dan White called to-day. I have been fixing my patch work for a Table Scraf.

22d. Winifred has been with me all day. Its cold, and snowy. In the eve. Charley and Mary Liddle visited with Winifred here.

23d. Winifred went with Pa to the village; and in the P.M. Henry A. fetched her and Julia up here; they stayed 2 hours, then went back. Pa sent his examination papers.

24th. a beautiful day, but cold air. Harry A. took Winifred over home. A man has a Stall in our barn 2 weeks. Paid $1. Pa went to church. In the eve. Mr. Haverley came in a while.

Feb. 25th. A nice day. Pa chopped wood . 26th. Very cold; too cold to chop wood. So Pa had been in the house a good deal. Elbert started for Kansas.

27th. Very pleasant. I have down to visit Hannah Shaw. Saw Julia and Ada, both called to see me.

28th. some warmer. Pa has neen chopping. Lydia has been here, eat dinner with me.

March 1st. Some rainy in the A.M. later it was warm, and pleasant. Pa chopped wood. Julia and Jenny Barton drove up here a while.

2d. cold, and snowed some. Pa went over to see Andrews folks. Riley moved to Franklin yesterday.

3d. Sabbath day. Very pleasant. Pa went to church. Will and Julia came home after church.

4th. Stromy day snow, and rain. George went to Downsville. Sister Lydia stayed with me.

5th. cold, and pleasant. Pa got home to-night. Winifred came over with him.

6th. cold and snowy all day. This eve. Will and Julia; and Henry came up for a visit and Winifred went home with them.

7th. pleasant, only rained a little while. Pa has been sick with cold, all day. He took down some eggs to the village, 3 1/2 dozen got 22 cts a dozen.

8th. Very pleasant.

9th. quite pleasant. This morning Julia and Winfred came up here. This eve. Winifred went up to Mrs. Liddle.

10th. quite pleasant. Moons Eclipse. quite a number called to see Winifred. Winifred went to the meeting in the morning with Grand Pa; In the evening with G. Liddle.

11th. Winifred has gone to the village with Pa to take the stage to go home. She went over with George Bull.

12th. cold, some snowy.

13th. Rains to night, George traded horses with Bob Stewart. Mrs. Vanakin called

14th. Cold, but pleasant. Pa took me behind our new horse down to Julies. Hannah Smith came there to visit with me. we had a nice visit. Pa came after me at-night,

Mar. 15th. cold, snowy some. Pa finished chopping his wood over at the foot of the hill.

16th. cold. Pa and I, and Julia and Will were invited and went to Mr. Haverlies to our oister Supper, had a nice time. Julia and Will came home and stayed all night, and Pa took Julia to church this morning.

17th. cold. Snowed an inch or two last night. Sabbath day. Pa didn't go to church. Our new Book came last Thursday History of our County.

18th. Pleasant. Pa is splitting wood. I've been fixing my scrap book. Make pickles.

19th. pleasant. I was sick a day. We sent a package to Darius.

20th. Darius and Jenny Maxwell are to be married this eve. at 7 oclock. Pa washed for us today. Clothes got dry.

21th. Very pleasant, a lovely day and 2 as cloudless days as we ever saw for D. and Jenny. May their lives all the way be as pleasant. I've finished my new Scrap-Book. Pa took down 5 dozens of eggs. got 13 cts a doz.

22d. Very pleasant. Lydia was here and eat dinner. Frank and Alice came over in the eve. George went up to Hamden to see Loretta.

23d. Very pleasant. Julia came up home and stayed all day. We got a nice letter from Darius and Jenny saying they are in their own house and happy as mortal can be. God bless, and keep them thus always in my prayers.

24th. Sabbath. Pa and I were all day Some alone. I wrote to D. and Jennie and Laura and G. McDougal, a postal to Lucy.

25th. Pa is helping Mr. H. up at the dam this A.M. and all day. We had bad thunder, and lightning; some rain and Snow.

26th. Cold, snowed some, and a real Blizzard again. Pa is WORKING for Mr. Haverley. Mrs. H. sent me some Sour Crout.

27th. Cold raw wind; otherwise pleasant. A letter from Ruby and Lucy.

28th. Cold. windy; just an awful Blizard, Snow too all day the same, an awful day. Pa in the Mill. A letter from Ruby and Lucy.

29th. Pleasant day. I was sick, and Pa went down and got Julia. She doctored me, and done the work.

30th. Very bright nice day. I'm some better

Mar. 31th. Very pleasant. I'm not so well again today. Will and Julia came up to see me instead of going to church. then Flo and Will drove over to see Uncle Andrew.

April 1st.. A rainy day, but cold and icy. Lydia has been with me. I've been poorly.

2d. Pleasant. Will came after our horse. he and Julia are going up to Smith St. Johns this eve to eat warm sugar.

3d. quite pleasant, and cold, Julia has been up home; we finished my Table Scarf. Apr. 3d. This is Pas Birth day.

4th. I've been pasting. Lucy and Winifred came over; so Winifred could go to Sidney to examinations. We got a peck of onions.

5th Julia came up to visit with Lucy and I. Very pleasant. After she went home, 4 P.M. Lucy done our washing

6th Lucy, Pa, and I visited Julia just got home. Mrs. Alexander was there too. all had a nice time.

7th Sabbath. Will and Julia came up with Winfred. Lucy and Winifred went home before noon. Will and Julia stayed to dinner. then I sugared off, pleasant day and popped some corn. had a nice day. Julia played, and Will sang with her some.

8th. A rainy day. I sent a letter to Darius, ironed, mended, and lots of things

9th. A rainy day. A great flood highest water we have ever seen here. water came up within one foot of the planks on the great iron river bridge. I had a stitch take me in my back, and been bad all day. Lydia came to help me.

10th. pleasant. Lydia had been here with me. Pa finished Splitting and piling the the wood by the bam.

11th. Very pleasant. I've been poorly. Willard called to see me. 3 pails of Sap to-day.

12th. Very pleasant. 3 pails of sap to-day. Had 8 pas of sap before. The other freeze

13th. A rainy day. Pa took down 5 1/2 dozens eggs at 12 cts a doz. Pa graded some horseradish.

14th. Pa has gone over to see Brother Andrew. A pleasant day. Sabbath. We've been home alone. I am quite poorly.

15th. pleasant. Alice called a while.

Apr. 16th. Pleasant. Mary and Alice and Lydia called a while.

17th. Pleasant. Julia and Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Liddle came to see me. We had Parsnips for dinner. Julia was very sick; couldn't go home; and Dr. Holley was sent for. Will came up, both stayed all night.

18th. Julia is some better; and Will took her home. Very pleasant. Mrs. McLaurie sent me some nice Tomato plants; I've set them in a pan of dirt. Julia had some of them.

19th. Very pleasant: Alice came over with Baby in his little wagon, so cute.

20th. Very pleasant. Mr. Roys called awhile.

21th. Very pleasant. Pa went to church this Sabbath. Will had the horse and wagon to go up to his Grand Pa's and Pa had fetched it back to-night. I wrote to Brother John Dan and Darius

22d. Rained some. We raked off the yard. Pa went fishing, didn't get any.

23d. Very pleasant

24th. Very pleasant. Pa made and sowed our Onion bed. Pa sowed Peas; and lettuce; a few Radishes; and planted a few Potatoes. I dug some around our currant, and Goose-Berries bushes. Pa took down 7 1/2dozens of eggs 12 cts a doz.

25th. Very pleasant. Julia and Mrs. Alexander came up here. Julia stayed until night and Pa took her home and plowed their garden. Julia fetched me 1/2 a loaf of Maple Sugar and some Onion Sets.

26th Very pleasant. Pa has planted Potatoes. We took our wagon down to get it new tires; and I rode to Julia's at night he went after it. I came home. I have had a nice day with Julia and Mrs. Alex. Aunt Hannah was there a while.

27th Rainy. Pa washed for me. Will and Julia went this P.M. to Downsville. A letter from D. and Lucy.

28th. Sabbath day. Very pleasant. Julia and Will came home; stopped and eat a lunch with. us All usually well over the hill. Pa didn't go to church. He went to see Andrew. Mrs. Haverley called here, and Mary too.

29th. This A.M. Pa planted potatoes. In the P.M. he done grafting for A.Tacy.

30th. Pleasant. Pa planted Potatoes this A.M. In the P.M. he grafted for A. Tacy.

May Ist. Very pleasant. Pa ploughed Mr. Haverley garden; and dragged it. He took 3 dozen egg down.

2d. Very pleasant. Mrs. A. and Julia drove up here just a minute. Alice and Lydia called. Pa has hurt his back, he fears badly.

3d. Very pleasant. I have been in the garden and sowed Beet; Parsnip; and carrots seeds. Pa made a bed and sowed Cabbage seeds. I sowed some Posy Peas, and Radishes seeeds. Julia came up and helped me clean both of our Clothes presses. Pa fell and hurt himself broke his rib.

4th. Pa couldn't work; so he and I drove over to Brother Andrews; on our way back called in on Old, Mr. and Mrs. Hodge.

5th. Sabbath day. We were here alone all day.

6th Very dry we need rain. I'm having quite a time trapping for dorts. Pa fixed the wire front of my flour bed. I sent a letter to Lucy.

7th Very pleasant. Pa got some Pear Brush made a Whiffle tree, and gone to plough Willie Mcs garden. I have worked in my Posy bed.

8th. Some rainy; and we needed it. I finished sowing my Posy Seeds. transplanted some.

9th. Very pleasant. George has gone to Franklin.

10th. Very pleasant. Pa came home from Franklin. Got Mrs. A. and Julia came up here.

11th. Pa came home. Washed in the P.M.

12th. Sunday. A rainy day. Colder. Pa has gone over to Brother Andrews

13th. quite cold, and pleasant. Pa brushed, and hoed the peas nicely. Julia came home fetched me a Resche

14th. A real cold rainy day. Mr. David Alexander and Jenny Barton were married at 9 in the evening at Mr. Barton house. George and I were there, and had a pleasant time. There was a large company

15th. quite cold, and pleasant. Pas broken Rib is pretty bad; he cant work with it.

16th. Very pleasant. Winifred came up at 3 P.M. and Brice came up to tea, and go home with her down to Julias, to-night.

May 17th. Very pleasant - but cold. Last night a hard frost which cut things badly. Today Julia and Winifted; Mrs. Alex. and Mrs. Pinder and child came to visit, and took tea. they fetched me a nice decorated Salad dish for my Birth day present. And My Daughters gave me a nice white skirt and Night Dress. Drawers, and dress chemise. I hadn't thought of getting any present, and was really dumb founded; and had to weep tears for joy. Marsia Chrispell died and is to be at Downsville, interred in the cemetery Sabbath day. Sermon at the M. E. Church. Julia and Will have gone over.

18th. Winifred went over home with Brice A. Pleasant day. Pa planted W. McDonalds garden

19th. Pleasant until night, then rains hard. Will and Julia came home at dark from Downsville Marsias funeral. Pa went afoot to church.

20th. Pa worked in the rnill for Haverley, have a key, the first time since hurt. Pa sent ans. to Dudleys papers. Sadie came home with Will and Julia.

21st. Very pleasant, cold. Pa is in the rnill.

22d. Pleasant. I've been mending.

23d Very pleasant. Julia and Sadie came home. we had a nice day visiting. I sent a card and papers to Brother Ebenezer.

24th. Very pleasant. Lydia came over a while.

25th. pleasant, but windy. Pa took down 4 1/2 dozen eggs.

26th. Pa went to church; and Sadie came home with him.

27th. Some rainy. I have transplanted, some onions and set out some tomatoes.

28th. Pleasant. I had to rest today.

29th. Pleasant. Julia came home a little while. Sadie is with us, and we enjoy it much.

30th. Deckoration day. Pa went all day. Night and mornings he hoes Potatoes. Sadie went with Aunt Lydia. I stayed home and wrote to Darius and Jennie. Is terribly hot. Sadie got some Ice Cream.

31st. another hot day. A nice shower. We had our first mess of Lettuce; and Onions

June 1st. had a mess of Asparagrass for dinner

2d Sabbath. Julia and Will and Sadie were up home to dinner. Its getting pretty dry.

June 3d. Very pleasant. We washed, and Pa went to post, and I went down to Julias. came back in the evening.

4th. dry and pleasant. I mended all day

5th. a mess of greens for dinner. A sprinkle of rain. Sister Lydia eat dinner with us.

6th. Cooler. Last night a nice shower. I worked some in my posy bed. Alice left Baby with me 1/2hour.

7th. At noon Levi, Ruby and Grace came, how glad I was to see them. At night they went to the village with Pa. Next day Sat.

8th. Julia came home, stayed all day. Ruby took her home with our rig, I am invited to go with quite a number to Mr. Beebys rooms and eat Ice-cream and bananas this eve. Julia and Will. Ruby and children. Dave and Jennie and Miss Emma Hartman. Pa and I went to the Entertainment with the rest. had a nice time.

9th. Sabbath. Ruby and children stayed all night at Julias. To-day they all came and eat dinner with us. Then Julia took them to the Old Wood Mill; and Levi met them there, Julia came home. We have enjoyed their visit very much. I'm left alone again; am so lone without the children. It's a dry time. .

10th. Very dry and pleasant. I sent Lucy a letter.

11th. pleasant. Pa finished Haverley wall of the house.

12th. Pa went to the village to cut grass; and I went to Adas to visit. Julia came down there. Ada had a Dress Maker from the village. had a nice Shower.

13th. A nice shower. Pa fetched Lydia up ftom the village. Julia came home and stayed most of the day. oh how I love to have her come. Pa got some plants, and we set out Rutabagos.

June 13th, 1895. George Downs wedding day. He married Alice Gordon.

14th. pleasant. Pa ploughed out our potatoes.

15th. pleasant. Pa hoed the potatoes, and put on Paris Green. Julia came home, took the horse and wagon and she and Will have gone up to Mundale to see Brick and Ella Pomeroy; young folks. oh how tired I am every night.

16th. cool and pleasant. Julia and Will came home. I have written to Huldah Reed.

June 17th. warm and dry. I drove with George to the village. called on Ola McDonald.

18th. Dry and hot. Lydia went to D. on the stage.

19th. Dry and hot. We water some thing

20th. dry and hot. We visited at G. Howards

21th. Early morning rainy. Pa has gone up to Mr. Mc Lauries after Cabbage plants. I've got 2 qts of Straw Berries to hull. rained some all day, and all night.

22d pleasant. hot sun. Pa went to the village and ploughed 2 gardens. came home to dinner. gone to hoeing potatoes. Julia came, and I went with her to see Flo Mc Laurie.

23d Sabbath day. Pa went to church. and Julia came home with him. Will rode upon his Bicicle. After dinner They drove up to Hamden.

24th. pleasant. just a little sprinkle at night. Pa has finished hoeing our potatoes the last time. I get a mess of Beet Greens. Canned 2 cans of Straw berries.

25th. pleasant. I called over to Frank. Saw Allie Dan there.

26th George went to the village to cut grass. I went with him to visit Hannah. Julia came over there, and took tea. George eat dinner and supper.

27th. Some rainy. I went over to the R.R. and picked some straw berries with George.

28th. Rained in the night, Pleasant to-day. Pa cut our grass. Mrs. Aleander and Howard and Julia visited and eat dinner. We had green Peas and Straw Berries and Black Bery pie. Raised biscuit, codfish, and mashed. Potatoes, Onions, and cookies, and Tea. We picked our Goose Berries.

29th We have been down to Aseneths and had supper. Called at Julias. A nice day. Pa drew in our hay, in the P.M.

30th Sabbath day. Pa went to church. In the P.M. it rained hard. I have written to Darius, and Ruby.

July 3d. Pleasant. Watson Signor visited us and eat dinner. Howard came after some potatoes. Pa picked Cherries and I made 2 more cans after pitting them and one can of Raspberries. done our ironing, and made cake. Mr. Rebee, and Brice went to D. this P.M. after their best girl, called here.

4th. We went to the celebration heard the speech by A. D. Peck. It was good. We had young potatoes. I came home at noon, Pa went back. I went down with him in the evening to see the fire works, something grand.

July 5th I got a mess of String Beans and Shell Peas for dinner. had Peas a good while. I made one can of Raspberries, and took care of our few Currants.

6Ih. pleasant most of the day. I got String beans for dinner Sunday. at night I got Pie Plant at Franks and made one pie, and 2 cans. Then fell and hurt me quite badly. most broke my left arm, and hurt all over.

7th. Sabbath day. pleasant. We got young Potatoes to put with our String Beans. home alone all day.

8th. pleasant. I picked 2 qts of Raspberries and later made 2 cans. Picked Peas for dinner. Pa WORKING at the hay, he cut down the road.

9th. Pleasant. Julia and I called at Mr. McLauries as we were on our way to Downsville. Flo was to start for M. Mork at the hospital that P.M. Julia came home first by a few days. I was gone 3 weeks lacking one day in hope the change, and rest would do me good; but don't think I was improved at all in strength. I enjoyed being with the girls very much. Pa came after me the 29h.

30th. I am so tired, but had to do lots of work. Howard came, and Lydia and helped me pick the dry Peas, and a few green ones to cook. Dont know what I should do, or how get along without Julia, she does a good deal for me. Picked and laid down pickles, picked and canned berries, and took home Pas shirt and washed, and mended while I was away. to day Howard fetched it home, and took down some Summer Squashes to cook.

31th. Winifred came, and I was getting ready to go with Pa, and a company to Fairview Pensylvania on an excursion.

Aug. Ist. we went and had a fine tour. Went to Carbondale, and May Villet. I see the Coal Mines; rode on an electric car the Mayville. got home at I I oclock.

2d. oh how tired I am. We washed. Winifred went home

3d. I have ironed, and mended. Pa has commenced taking down the old chimney in the cellar.

4th. Sabbath. Pa and I went to church, the R.P. church. heard Mr. Eason. Then went to Wills to dinner. Home and then wrote to Darius. Ed Shaw called. towards night. Mrs Haverley and May.

Aug. 5th. pleasant. I shelled my dry peas. . 6th Rained hard this P.M. I wrote to Ruby. Pa is finishing up in the cellar. Built the wall across the cellar and fixing the Potato Bin.

7th. pleasant. In the eve Pa and I went down to Julias to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Eason, and others.

8th. I made 2 new green apple pies. Pa has been after stones, and laid hm in the cellar.

9th. Pleasant. Pa went over and help Andrew rake oats. I went with him as far as Julias,

10th. Pleasant. Pa got plant and set out our Straw Berry bed new.

11th. Sabbath. Pa and I went to church, then drove up to see how the sick were at Brothers; then through the river to hear from Flo; Then home. Charley and Jane gone to see Riley. He very Sick. Then home; got dinner; then write to Darius.

12th Mr. Miller came here early morn. a Cousin of Pas. he stayed to dinner. He is a man 76 years old. Pa took him up to Sam. Terrys. I went to the village with George toward night. We got butter with eggs; and got Ruby an Aniversary wedding present.

13th. pleasant. I washed and mended some and made bread, cake, and a green apple pie.

14th George and I went to the G. A. R. Picnick. On our way home called on Julia. Got a letter from Darius and Jennie.

15th. Very pleasant.

16th. pleasant. Pa went to the Depot to meet Jennie, Darius Wife. It is nice to have her with us.

I 7th. pleasant. I enjoy Jennie being with us. Julia and Jennie Barton drove up a few minutes

18th Sabbath. Will and Julia had our horse and carriage to go to Franklin, so we didn't go to church. Pa, Jennie and I took a walk up to the Stone Quarry.

19th. pleasant. Alice, with Baby carne over here; and She, and Jennie went with our horse and carriage to the village. I took care of baby while they were gone.

20th. George Bussey and Wife visited us. Julia and Jennie went in the P.M. to Uncle Andrews, and took tea. We finished Shelling our Brown Beans. Pa went to the village.

21st. Jennie and I drove down to Julias this P.M.; stayed to tea. Saw Olia and her mother.

Aug. 22d. Sister Lydia and Nellie Thompson were here visiting. Nellie eat dinner. In the P.M. Jennie drove down to Julias and I stayed to tea with Davids folks. Had quite a hard frost last night cutting Cucumber leaves badly.

23d. We washed, Ironed some, and made bread. George McDonald and Wife were here to dinner, and Supper. Elbert came in the evening had to have Supper.

24th. Pa and I; and Will and Julia; and Jennie were invited to Olias to tea. Olias Mother; and Wills Mother were there.

25th. Sabbath. We went to church. Saw them all, and Will and Julia, and Jennie came up and eat supper with us. Then Jennie drove down with them part way and came back alone.

26th Pa went early this morning to take Jennie over to Rubys. I made yeast; and got Sweet Corn and cut off and put drying, Gathered mints and called down to Mr. Haverlies.

27th. Pa dug, and picked up 18 bushels of Potatoes. I have done a little of everything. made bread. Had company for dinner.

28th We drove up to Alstons. I visited there. George went on the Train to Delhi to be examined.

29th. Church Picknick day, but we don't go. George worked at his Potatoes. I got com and cut off, and dried.

30th. Pa is digging Potatoes. We drove to the village in the evening. took eggs, got cloth for Pa shirt.

31th. Pa went with Will to look at the Weed farm. Julia and Howard stayed with me. I made an apple Pie, and raised biscuits and when they came home we had supper.

Sept. Ist. Sabbath day. I'm not very well and cold. guess Next will be ftosty. Write to D. and then Ruby a Postal to Lucy.

2d. Pa dug 20 bushels of Potatoes, picked them up, and carried them in the cellar. I cleaned the chamber and dried com and lots of everything around the house, besides getting garden sauce and 3 meals, and do the work. Sent a letter to Etha, and Darius, and a book to Enoch,

3d. George helped Andrew cut com. I have been drying corn, washing and cut out Pa shirt, and work on them

Sept. 4th. I finished Pas shirts. Pa has been digging Potatoes. Now has dug I 00 bushels of Potatoes.

5th Lucy fetched Jennie over home. Pa finished digging potatoes. this evening Will and Julia are here. they stay all night so as to visit with Lucy; and Jennie. how nice it is.

6th Julia went down in time to get Will dinner. Pa took Jennies trunk and Box and had them checked. Then we had dinner and Lucy and Jennie had to go. Lucy alone. Pa took Jennie to the train. Julia and Will saw her there and kissed her good by. oh how much we all love her; and love each other.

8th I have canned 3 cans of Tomatoes. Shelled the dry beans, and took care of them dried com all day with everything else.

7th. Pa and I went to church. Enjoyed a good meeting. came home, had dinner. Then Will and Julia pleased us with a call. Pa went and took them home.

9th. Pa dug potatoes for Andrew. I washed, ironed, dried com and made cake for the Fair.

10th. Pleasant. A hard shower last night. I baked bread, and fixed Pas shirt.

Sept 10th, 1895. - Harison Terry buried today. Father of Mrs. C. Landfield. Baxter and Mrs. Scot Sprague and Rena called. D. Anderson and T. Williams buried.

11th. Levi, the children and Ruby came over to the Fair. We all went. Levi went over home, Will with him.

12th. Levi came over this morning and all of them went home tonight. Lucy and Winifred came over this A.M. they have gone to the play to-night. going to stay with Ada. Charley and Frances came to the Fair and going to stay with Will and Julia to-night.

13th. Pa and I went down to Julia to dinner with Charley and Frances, and Lucy and Winifred. Then in the P.M. Pa went and got his Potatoes from the Fair ground; after Charley went home. Now its lonely with them all gone. Its Dear Lucys Birth Day.

14th. Pa dug potatoes for Mr. Haverley. I mended Pas pants, and Stockings; and in the P.M. took my work and went up to see Mrs. Liddle. Jessie Elwood called on me.

15th. Sabbath. Pa and I alone all day. Will and Julia had the horse to go to Franks. A hard freeze last night.

16th. Pa finished plastering the cellar. had a little rain this moniing.

Sept. 17th. Pa went to Hamden and Downsville. I made 4 cans of Mustard Pickles.

18th. Pa came home. quite a rainy morning. I have mended, and read some.

19th. We washed; Ironed; Cut and stewed pumpkins. made a kettle of soap, and done lots more work. Got a letter from D, a postal from Lucy.

20th. Very pleasant; and warm. Julia has been home; Anna Dan Gregory called on us an hour. with her Baby. I made 3 pumpkin pies. and boiled soap all day when able. Oh how I do love Julia, The dear child.

21th. Pleasant. I boiled soap all day. Saturday eve. and I'm thinking so much about the Dear Children in all of their homes to-night.

22d. Very pleasant. Sabbath. I read my bible some, wrote Darius and Will and Julia came up a while. Julia rode up with Frank Dan eat dinner there. Henry A. called here. I wrote to Huldak, and Brother.

23d. George helped peel them; and I took care of a basket of Peaches. I made 14 Cans.

24th. George got wire screen, and made an eel rack. He fixed an apple rack in the cellar and done several chores. I fixed his shirt up good and baked bread.

25th. Pleasant. George took me down to Julia, and in the P.M. he helped Andrew thresh Buck Wheat.

26th. Some rain. I called at Mrs. Liddles. Howard came up, and I picked the Sage and sent it to Julia..

27th. pleasant. George helped Andrew thresh Buckwheat. I went there visiting.

28th. pleasant. George helped Andrew thresh. I made 3 Purnpkin pies. Its been hard winds

29th. Sabbath day. Pleasant until night; then rain steadily, all the evening. Julia and Will came home after church. I wrote to Lucy this eve.

30th. Pleasant, quite cool. I called over to Franks. made Chili sauce. George went to Andrews and got some Pears for sauce; and finished gathering applies.

Oct. Ist. I put up 9 qts of Pears, and 2 jars of Pickles Cucumbers. At night Pa and I drove down to Julias.

2d. Pa went over to A. Vanvalkenberg - had a nice pleasant fime.

Oct. 3d. we returned safely home.

4th. Washed, ironed etc.

5th. George and I visited at Geo. Jennings with Geo. Wilson

6th. Ruby came over yesterday, and stayed all night with Julia, and had her teeth out and she, Julia and Will came up here in the A.M. Stayed to dinner; and went home in the P.M. Sadie was with her.

7th. pleasant. I've mended all day. Howard came after soap. George Alexander, and his mother called. He is just going to work for Hanford and his mother takes him over.

8th. Mrs. A. came home and we went over to Hanfords the same day moves. Been gone 2 weeks.

22d. We came home, after driving up to Alstons to dinner; and a short visit. We Bought an Iron Bedstead, and Springs and Mattress of Alston to day for all $14. Pa finished helping Hanford husk all of his corn; and Lucy and I one day went to the village and called on Uncle Albert Wms; another day went up to Aunt Phebe Elwoods. had a nice time. We went with Ruby and Levi up to visit George Henrys folks. Now home all night.

23d Pleasant. I cleaned house some. Our things came from Alstons. I cut up apples to stew; Some to day.

24th. Pleasant. George helped Andrew husk com. Alice called with Baby. In the evening Willard was up a while. I called on Mrs. Haverley.

25th. I've been alone, and made cookies and layer cake; and made some White Eldes salve and worked hard all day. George worked for Andrew.

26th. George worked for Andrew. I'm cutting and drying apples, all I can. I Sent Lucy a postal.

27th. Sabbath. oh so pleasant. Pa went to church. Julia came home with him.

28th. Pa has gone over after our apples from Hanfords. Howard stops visited me to night.

29th. Pa came home this P.M. with the Apples. George A. has left Hanfords. came over in the day. I sent D. a letter. Pleasant weather.

30th. Pleasant. Julia home all day. We sent Darius a bbl of Potatoes and shirt and with it a few Dried Apples.

31st. This P.M. it snows. Pa finished drawing up his Ties. I've cut apples to dry.

Nov. Ist. Pleasant. Pa went to help Andrew butcher, I went along to see the sick, and help. Jane is very sick. Fred has Typhoid Fever. Andrew first keeps around; and Mary over works all the time. just a good girl.

2d. Pleasant. We washed, and ironed, and made 2 mince Pies. Julia and Will is up home to stay all night.

3d. Pleasant. Julia rode down with Pa when he went to church. Mrs. Haverley and Mary called. Ed Shaw and Wife and Son Called on us. I wrote to Darius and Dear Jennie.

4th. Pleasant lovely day. We have now

5th. Pleasant. Election day. We went over to Charleys and up to T. Hodges. gone 3 nights. Had a pleasant time; good visit

8th. returned home. been good weather. Levi fetched our Tub of butter when we were gone.

9th Pleasant until night, it rains hard. Pa commenced drawing our wood to Willie McDonald, sold it to him. I've cut apples to dry and called over to Frank.

10th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. Same all day. only Pa went to see how the sick ones over to Andrews were. I wrote to Darius, and Huldah Reed.

11th. Pleasant. Have cleaned the kitchen. Pa helped G. Liddle kill 2 hogs, and drawed 3 loads of wood to the village. Pa got a second hand Mattress $2 1/2 for our bed.

12th. Pleasant. I've been cleaning house, and made 3 Pies, and dried apples. Pa finished drawing Willies wood.

13th. Pleasant. I went with George to Andrews to see Fred with Typhoid Fever; Charley with Blood Poison. Jane sick in bed. Andrew around, but so poorly. Mary trying to do for them all; Lydia helping.

14th. Some rainy this A.M. I've taken up our carpet on the kitchen, to put down the old one for winter. I've been mending the old one a good deal.

15th. Mending carpet, and putting it down. rainy all day

16th. Pleasant. Pa went after Julia, and she helped about finishing fixing this carpet and putting down the Parlor carpet upstairs. Our hog came on the stage. Pa had cut it up and salted it. I've got the lard all tried out and fresh pieces soaking; gave Julia a Spare Rib.

Nov 17th. Pleasant morning. Pa gone to church.

18th. Pleasant. We made 50 lbs of Sausage, and cut apples in the evening.

19th. Pleasant. Pa went to Hamden, and got for us to sleep on a new Bedstead, Mattress springs, and Mattress second had. Alston sent me a present of a Paper Rack. I fixed the back of our new chair; and lots of other things.

20th. Mostly wet, some snowy day. I've cleaned house. Pa got us a new Bedspread. I've hemmed it this eve.

21st. We've washed; got most of ironing done. Its very cold, some snowy.

22d. Cold, some snowy. I made cake and cookies, and Pies. George helped Andrew butcher a beef.

23d. I put down the hall carpet, and done several things this P.M. I have fixed my chair cushions with carpet rages.

24th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. Home all day. Mr. Haverley called this evening.

25th. I covered the little chair and made Fried cakes for Julia. Its been a nasty wet day. Howard came on an errand for Julia.

26th. Rainy all day. I made layer cake. put down carpet, and many things.

27th. Pleasant. at night we drove to the village.

28th. Pleasant, but cold. Thanksgiving day at home. Levi and Ruby, and Babies came over to dinner; went home at night. we enjoyed their short visit very much. at night Mrs. Haverley called.

29th. Charley and Frances, and Julia came. Will came up to dinner. We had a pleasant visit. at night, we drove to the village. got me some chimera. been a nice pleasant day.

30th. A little snow. Pa piles lumber. at night we drove to the village. called to see Julia, found her poorly. got a few lines from Darius. Hanford sent us 100 lbs of Buck wheat flour yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving.

Dec. Ist. Sabbath day. Cold, a little snow. my eyes are quite bad; taken cold I guess.

2d. A nasty stormy day. Pa piles lumber 1/2 day.

3d. Pleasant. Pa piled lumber. I made covers and put on our Mattress. Levi eat dinner with us. He paid us our interest money $106.

Dec. 4th. Pleasant, and cold. Pa piled lumber. I called up to Mrs. Liddles. made 2 apple pies, and done several things.

5th. Pleasant. Pa piled lumber. I made Choclate Cake, and patched. Commenced using our Tub of 30 lbs Butter 19cts a lb. got of Levi.

6th. cold, quite snowy. Pa piled lumber, and cut up a hog for Mr. Haverley.

7th. I went down to Julias, stayed all night. Will went to Franklin to find about that place.

8th. Sabbath. He came back, and Pa fetched me home. I've had a nice time with Julia.

9th. quite pleasant. We washed and Ironed.

10th. Pleasant. In the A.M. we drove to the village; and up to Julias. Pa got the horse sharpened. came home and had dinner, then he went to Downsville. Howard is here to stay all night with me.

11th. Pa came home. Winifred with him. I've been making my Baby quilt. Mrs. H. and Mary called. and Mary Liddle. Pa got him new under wraps over the hill.

12th. Cold, but pleasant. I've finished my little quilt to send to Jennie. Pa went and got a nice mess of Suckers. he sawed, and split wood some, and in the P.M. Maylou Bresack was here a couple hours.

13th. very cold. I've been cauking cellar, and bedroom windows and patching. Pa helped E. Tacy butcher a beef and pork. Levi after a load, and called. I fixed a package of papers for Brother Ebenezer.

14th. My work has been patch, patch as it is. To many days, nothing very interesting. a pleasant cold day

15th. cold, and pleasant. Pa went to church. Winifred, Julia, and Will came up home.

16th Pleasant. Roads smooth and dusty. I went to the village with George, got Julia a Soap Stone for Xmas. When we came back, stopped at Mr. Haverleys had an Oister Supper, and pleasant evening.

17th. pleasant. Pa took the bbl of Potatoes to the village to send to Darius. I sent Darius a letter.

18th. Pleasant lovely days like summer. Pa and I drove over to Andrews. carried them a Soap Stone for Xmas present. came back, and called on Julia.

Dec. 19th. Just so pleasant. Pa is WORKING at getting wood on Willards Island and along the bank. I have quilted a Baby quilt for Julia and mended Pas suspenders. Levi came after a load; fetched the qtr Beef. When we were eating after Dark I heard a voice. Lucy had driven over alone after Winifred.

20th. Lucy and I went to the village; called at several places, eat dinner with Julia. Julia came up with us, and went over the hill with Lucy, and Letha Whitcomb. oh what a fine warm day. Lucy fetched me a Xmas present of fine Tablet and envelopes and handkerchiefs.

21th. Warm and pleasant. We washed, and Ironed. Will went to Downsville, Winifred with him.

22d. Pleasant. We are here alone Sabbath. Will and Julia are back all right

23d. Pleasant. I made 2 layer cakes for Xmas. We send Darius a Xmas box.

24th. Warm, pleasant. Fixing for Xmas at home. A letter ftom Albert.

Christmas day - December 25, 1895. Warm, and pleasant fine day. Julia and Will and Sister Hannah visited us and eat dinner with us. Will and Julia fetched Pa and I presents. so good, and thoughtful. We've all had a pleasant day. . 26th. Pleasant. I called up to Archies, and Mrs. Liddles. Terrible windy,

27th Pleasant, fine day. George and I went to Old Mrs. Howards funeral. called at Julia. Got a letter from Darius Saying a Little Daughter was born to them Xmas day and Mother and Babe along well.

28th. Very pleasant. Pa gone to Downsville. Pa has got home tonight. Alice called with Julia.

29th. Pleasant. Pa went to church, saw Julia, She said they have bought that place in Franklin.

30th. We washed, Ironed Some, baked 4 Mince Pies; Its been a wet day; rains hard to-night.

January 1896. 1st New Years day. I started; and met Lucy at East branch, to go to N. York to see Darius and Jennie, and Baby. We were gone 2 weeks, and came home leaving them quite comfortable. Pa met us at the train with cutter.

16th Wednesday. Brother A. Signor came to visit us the day I left home. I was sorry not to see him. He came on the same train that I left on from Owego. I have been to see Julia, and stayed all night with her while Pa took Lucy to Downsville. .

Jan. 17th. Pa got home, and came after me down to Julias. We are here by our cheerful fire to-night. It seems sweet to be home again and nice that all of us are so well, and comfortable. Julia and Will came up home the night we got home to visit all together. Lucy too.

18th. Pleasant. I washed, Ironed some.

19th. Sabbath. home alone all day.

20th. George has gone to Downsville after a little hay or straw of Hanford to feed our horse. gone with Mr. Haverlies Sleight,

21st. George came back successful. Sleighin was thin. Lydia stayed with me.

22d. Pleasant. Yesterday Carrie Jennings called. Mary Willard Dan called on us for an hour each. I made a Mince Pies. Recd a letter from Darius.

23d. pleasant. We went to Willards in the eve. visit with them, and Will and Julia.

24th. quite stormy, rain and snow. Archie and Ellen Tacy, and Aunt Almeda visited us and eat dinner. I think all had a pleasant visit.

25th. We visited at Peter and Johns, and then went to Caiicus.

26th. Pa went to church, quite pleasant.

27th. Winifred and Julia came up about noon and Sister Lydia came over all eat dinner. Julia stayed home all night. Henry A. came in the eve. and went down with Winifred. Frank and Alice came over in the evening. We had corn popped, and Apples, and a nice time.

29th Pleasant. Pa attended the Babcock funeral at the Congregational Church. I've been mending and lining our Robe.

30th. George went this P.M. to Downsville after Sadie. Lydia stays with me.

31st. George came home with Sadie. It snows hard tonight,

Feb Ist. Snowed and rained some to-day. Pa fixed the springs on our lounge in the kitchen. I have washed some, and ironed. Made me 2 aprons out of my old calico dress.

2d. Sabbath. Pa and Sadie went to chuirch.

4th. I went down to Julias; Pa went to Franklin with Will, and I stayed with Julia

Feb. .5th Pa came home I came home with him. Levi and Ruby came over to Wills while I was there. Julia is going home with them to visit.

6th. Very rainy day. they afl came up home.

7th it was colder, a little snow, and Julia went over home with Levi's folks. Sadie stayed with us awhile.

8th Pleasant. I scaled my Black Berries and put them in cans. They was in a jar. Will gone to Downsville.

9th. Sabbath day. Snowed hard all day. Will and Julia came fiom Downsville, and stay over night with us.

10th. quite pleasant. Julia is with us tonight. Will is in Franklin. I washed a little, mended some.

11th. Snowed hard, and blowed all day. George went to Town Meeting. Sadie has been with me. Julia didn't come home tonight and I'm wondering how she is.

12th. Snowy and blows. Julia didn't come home.

13th. Snowy and blows, and tonight rainy. Pa went and got Julia, and she is with us tonight.

14th. Julia is home. Will too came tonight.

15th. Pleasant. Pa has gone to take Julia over to her house in Franklin. Poor child wasn't able to go, and I do feel so sorry to have her leave us. They have just moved over there. Sadie is with me tonight. The dear little girl.

16th. Sabbath. Pa came home, and Charley came back with him. oh! so cold. Charley is going to Delhi as a Juror.

I 7th cold, and pleasant. C. took the train for Delhi. P.M. Pa has gone to take Sadie horne. I have enjoyed her being with us.

18th. Pa came home. he found a good many sick over there. Its been a nice cold day. I made 8 Mince Pies.

19th. Very snowy. Maylou Bresack and Wife visited us, Eat dinner. I made Fried cakes with cream Ruby sent to me.

20th. cold, and snowy. Sister Hannah has been visiting us To-day, Eat dinner.

Uncle Chauncey Hotchkiss died, and is to be buried Friday I P.M. Feb 21".

Feb 21st. cold, and windy. I mended Pas vest.

22d Pleasant. I made double recipe of Cruellers and made Oat-meat cookies; and rode to the village with Pa took 5 dozens eggs at 15 cts a dozen. got calico thread and cotton.

23d. Snowy. We were home all day; wrote to Julia, Huburt, and Aunt Rachal.

24th. Monday we washed, and Ironed some. Mrs. H. and Lydia called. Lydia eat dinner here. Will drove over, and up here.

25th. cold, and pleasant. We have been over to Brother Andrews.

26th. cold, and snowy. George went and got Olie and Baby and fetched them here for a visit and at night took them home. Willie eat dinner with us. I set my little quilt together.

27th. Pa and I went to Downsville. Stopped at Alstons until the next day. we went to Hanfords.

28th. Old Mrs. Bull was buried; funeral at the house. Pa went with Hanford and Lucy up there

March 2d, Monday. we went up to Levis, and stayed until Thursday when we came home. While we at Hanfords it rained until a flood was in the river; we went out, and we couldn't get away. Sunday night it snowed some; so we could go-away to Levis and it grow so cold, and blowed so hard we couldn't come away from there. We have had a good visit and returned home safely.

5th. Nice to go; and nice to come home again.

6th. We went over to Julias, to Franklin and stayed until the night. Tuesday Pa helped Will some, and we had a nice time.

10th. we came home safely. nice day but Snows hard tonight.

11th. Snows hard tonight. I made 6 cans of apple sauce, and a new muslin Sheet. Wrote to Darius; sent a card to Lucy and Ruby.

12th. cold. sorne snowy. Lydia carne over a while.

13th. very pleasant. I finished my little calico quilt. George is sawing tie wood what he can. I wrote and sent a letter to Winifred. A package of papers to Brother E.

14th. clear, and cold. Pa cut wood here. I mended his mittens, and made an apron.

15th. pleasant. Pa went to church. I wrote to Julia.

16th. Snowed all day. I made a pair of pillow cases, washed a little. Pa sawed wood, Tie wood.

Mar. 17th. Pleasant. I made a sheet but have been sick all day. Brother Willard and Lydia called. Got a letter frorn Winifred.

18th. Pleasant. We washed, and dried clothes. Will came over, stayed all night with us.

19th. Snows, and blowd; and turned into rain. I baked some nice loafs of bread.

20th. cold. Snows and blowed all day. A letter from Lucy.

21st. Pleasant. Brother Andrew and family were here visiting. eat dinner with us. George took down 3 1/2 dozens eggs at night.

22d. Sabbath day. Pa went to church. I wrote to Winifred, and Lucy. Lydia called.

23d. washed some. quite pleasant in the A.M. I finished Julias Stool Tidy.

24th Very pleasant. We visited Hannah. We've got best 30 yds of new Factory to bleach. Its being a nice bleaching time.

25th. Pleasant, but windy. We have made Mince Pies, Ironed our new muslin which was bleaching. Lydia helped me. A letter ftom D. Jennie is very sick.

26th. A letter from D. not much change. better if any. Pa and I visited at Fares Spragues, had a nice time.

27th. pleasant day. I made Fried Cakes.

28th. Pleasant. A letter ftom Darius. Jennie dear is no worse.

29th Sabbath day. Some rainy. I wrote to D. and T. Maxwell. Mr. H. was here in the eve. Pa and I read in our bibles; and D. Talmages Sermon.

30th. Pleasant. We washed, dried clothes, Ironed. Pa caught got a mess of fish for dinner. Pa made me a box to set in the window for tomato plants; I fixed dirt in it. Lydia was over.

31st. Pleasant. A letter Datius. He is bad. Jennie no better. Baby is bad. Levi was over. I sent Ruby a letter.

Apr. Ist. We visited at Maylou Bresacks with Willard and Mary. Got our first mess of Horseradish.

2d. I sewed our new muslin, Pa went fishing. got some fish for dinner, then sawed wood. This is a rough night, snows, and blows.

Apr. 3d. A cold windy day. I made George 2 white factory shirts. Sister Lydia is with us tonight.

4th. Cold windy day. this P.M. Geo went to Post. I visited Sister Apanath. We had supper with her. Called on Walter and Wife.

5th we didn't go to church. I wrote to Darius and a postal to Lucy; and took them down to Mr. Haverlies.

6th. I sowed my Tomato seeds in the new box. colored Scarlet; some ribbons for my silk work, and some carpet rags to knit. George has gone in the mill this P.M. for the first.

7th. The Sawyer was here to dinner, we will board him when he don't go home. Mr. Nichols

8th. Very pleasant. I boil Sap every day 8 qts or rnore

9th. Very pleasant. finished quilting my Rug.

10th. Very pleasant. Washed and ironed and mended. Alice was over a while; Lydia too.

11th. Pleasant, nice all the time. I'm nearly sick. I called over to Franks a little while. I'm glad the Boarder is going home tonight,

12th. Sabbath day. Pa went to church. heard the new M.E. Minister. It has been a fine day.

13th. Nice day. Sap weather is done.

14th. Nice day. We got a bbl of Potatoes ready to send to Darius.

15th. Very pleasant. I washed, Ironed. Sent to Darius the Potatoes.

16th. Just so pleasant. I made 2 Pie plant pies, took one over to Alice. Alice filled a 2 qt. can with Maple Sugar and gave to me.

17th. I washed and ironed. In the P.M. rained some.

18th. Pleasant yet. Saturday.

19th. Pa went to church. Rained some. In the P.M. we went to see Mrs. Geo. Bussey. She is sick

20th. Pleasant. I cleaned my Pantry cupboard.

Apr. 21st. in the P.M. a little sprinkle.

22d. Pleasant. I have pieced out a pair of pillow cases.

23d. I washed, and ironed. Nice day.

24th. Pleasant. I cleaned the yard and fixed some posy.

25th. Very pleasant. I recd a letter and wrote to Julia.

26th. Sabbath. Very pleasant.

27th. Pleasant. I cleaned my clothes Press.

28th. Pleasant. Alice called.

29th. Pleasant. Brother A. and Charley ploughed our garden. I took the Pie-Plant and set it in the side of the garden by the Currant Bushes.

30th. Very pleasant, and getting quite dry.

May Ist. Pa planted most of our Potatoes. a nice time to plant. finished next morning.

Sophia Jane Gray died Apr 16, 1896.

2d. Pleasant, and very dry. We washed, ironed, baked bread, worked in my garden. Set out onion sets, and Carrots, Radish, and Lettuce..

3d. Pleasant. Pa went to church. We had a mess of greens

4th. Pleasant and dry. another mess of greens.

5th. the same. I got the second mess of Asparagass.

6th. Pleasant. recd a letter from Lucy and Winifred.

7th. pleasant. I sent Lucy a postal.

8th Very pleasant. I get along through the days with God's help. I sowed Posy Peas, Poppy seeds, and done others.

9th. Pleasant. I got another mess of greens.

10th. Very dry and pleasant. only so dusty. Pa went to church. Lydia eat dinner here.

May 11th. washed, Ironed, and lots more. I'm having an awful time trapping for rats up in the cellar way. Last year they were upstairs in the side room.

12th. I cleaned my clothes Press up stairs and finished sowing Posy seeds. I'm very , tired. I hope I can get rested. Lydia was over a while with little Willard .

13th. Pleasant, and dry.

May 10th, 1896 - died Uncle Albert Wms. aged 86 years.

May 11th, 1896 - Fanny Dibble, Wife of Harry Dibble aged 75 years.

14th. Pleasant.

15th. Pleasant. We went over to Julias, stayed the night.

17th. a little sprinkle. My birth day.

21th George went to N. Y. to see Darius. He came back the 29th. I staid with the girls while he was gone. then he came after me, to Levis. We went down to Hanfords, and Pa went fishing and we came home Tues. June 2d.

June 2d. We have had nice showers lately, so the gardens, and all vegetation is doing nicely. To-day I got a mess of greens.

3d. Lydia helped me and helped eat them.

4th. Mrs. Davis visited us all day. Sent Lucy a postal. I picked our Currants; and Lydia looked them over with Mrs. Davis help. 3 qts.

5th. Nice day. I had done 4 cans of Currants. very dry; we wish for rain.

6th. pleasant. took up the stairs and hall and bedroom carpets upstairs. Brice A. called

7th. Sabbath. We went to church. It was communion services and a feast to my poor soul. then we drove up to Brother Andrews, eat dinner.

8th. we washed; ironed some, to-night it rains some, we need it.

9th. looks like rain all day. I went in to the meadow over the fence and picked a qt of Strawberries. Brice A. called. Will and Julia had a little daughter born but it was dead. oh how sorry I am for them. We'll think of it gone to live with Jesus, where it will never suffer on earth and we'll all have another tie to bind us to the world of light and glory.

June 10th. Ruby has gone over to be with Julia a few days. Brice took our horse, and went after Ruby; left theirs here, and now took theirs and gone over home with Ruby.

11th. Pleasant. cold. I've picked Strawberries over in the meadow and made a can of sauce yesterday. I picked a nice lot so we have them to eat.

June 7th 1896 - Died Maggie Signor, Wife of Augustus Signor, age 60 years.

12th. Pleasant. I picked, hulled and canned one qt can of Straw berries to-day.

13th. Pleasant. I called on Mrs. Haverley. Alice called here with her Baby. George went to Bunfords this P.M.

14th. A little sprinkle. We went to church. It was nicely decorated with flowers, being Childrens day this eve. We will go to-night.

15th. Pleasant. Will came and fetched Ruby. Pa took her over horne. Will stayed here all-night. 16th. Pa came home. I made our third can of Straw Berries; and eat a good many. Solomon Signor eat dinner here.

June 10th, 1896 - Charley Smith died.

17th. Pleasant. I made Straw Berries Short cake.

18th. Pleasant. took care of our Goose berries. one Can.

19th. Pleasant. got a few more Straw berres. Grass Hoppers very thick.

20th. Pleasant. I picked berries some. a letter ftom Julia.

21st. We went to church.

22d. we washed, ironed, and picked berries. picked a mess of greens.

23d. Lucy came over with one of the teamsters to eat dinner, stayed all night.

24th. She and I drove our horse and wagon to Franklin. Stayed one night with each, Charley and Julia.

June 26th. came home, stayed home all night.

27th. Pa took her over home. About half past ten Peter Barlow and Wife and Aunt Almeda came here visiting. Stayed to dinner. Sister Lydia came over and helped me and eat dinner with us.

28th. Pa came home. Pleasant day.

29th. Pleasant morning, later a shower. We have 22 chickens;

30th. Pleasant. Alice called a while. We washed, ironed, etc.

July 1st.. Wednesday. Pa took me over to Julias. I was there 10 days when he came after me.

10th. Friday. I came home. Julia was quite poorly, didn't know how to have me carrry her. I'm so sorry for her. They are nicely in haying. Pa had put up 5 cans of Raspberries for me while I was gone; and the day we came home he and I picked 4 qts, made 4 cans and each had a nice dish for Supper. We got some Rootabago plants on our way home, and set then out at night. got a mess of Beet Greens after we got home for dinner the next day.

11th. very pleasant. George is cutting our Oats. Grass hoppers are so bad. Our garden is fine, good as we have seen. Melissa Signor visited us and eat dinner

Mary Gray, Wife of Ephrain Knox died June 26 Sunday 1896. .

12th. Sabbath. Pa went to church. I wrote to Lucy and a postal to Ruby.

13th. George got in our oats. Fred Haverley helped him. I put up 2 cans of R. Berries.

14trh. It rained hard last night. Pleasant to-day. I picked my Berries yesterday, and gave Lydia a quart to can too. To-day gave Alice as many. I made a Pieplant dumplin for dinner.

15th. A rainy day. We visited at Mr. Elwood. A letter ftom D. telling Baby is sick. 16th. Had our first mess of Peas from our vines. nice pleasant day. We washed, ironed, then ____ a cans of Berries; wrote to Darius.

17th. Took up the old; and put down the new carpet. Lydia helped us. Its been hard for me.

18th. I went with Pa to the village, got some new Oil Cloth for the Pantry, and outside doors.

19th. Pleasant. We went to church.

July 20th. Very rainy day. our first mess of summer Squash.

21th. Jennie carne on the 2 P.M. Train, and Pa met her. 22d, Winifred and Carrie Radiker came over on their Wheels, and was here to dinner. Baby Vera is very sick. Dr. Halley came to see her.

22d. Pleasant. Winifted came over on her wheel, eat dinner with us. Carrie Farber came to.

23d. Dr. has been here twice to see baby. Pa went to Downsville and got butter of Hamden and got 2 Rits of Fish.

24th.. A rainy day yesterday. Rev. Knapp called to see our Sick Baby visited awhile and made a prayer.

25th. Pleasant. Winifred and Carrie Radiker came to dinner and went home in the P.M. on their Wheels.

26th. Pleasant. Pa and I went to church. Jennie staid home with Baby. Henry A. called a while.

27th. Pleasant. Pa went upon the hilI and got a few Black berries.

28th. Pleasant. Mr. Geo. Bussey and Wife visited us. Wm. and Ada Whitcome called a little while after tea. Jennie went to the dentists, had 4 teeth filled. Anna and Lydia was here, and Mrs. Alexander; and Jennie to see Jennie Signor.

29th. We washed, ironed, etc.

31st. Jennie went to Dr. Harris and had 3 teeth filled.

Aug Ist. Julia and Will came home. Julia took our carriage and took Jennie and Babe to the village. Henry A. called, took a pail to get us some lce Cream. 2d. Mrs. Alexander came up and eat dinner with us all. Henry called up and Now Will and Julia has gone home. Jennie is with us with Baby now. We like to have her here.

3d. Pleasant.

4th Pleasant. We visited at Brother Andrews.

5th. A nice shower in the evening. We were invited and visited at Frank Dans.

Dr. Geo. P. Bassett died Aug. 5th 1896. He was born in Downsville Dec 3d, 1837.

6th. We washed, ironed and visited at Frank Dans; had a nice time.

Aug. 7th. Rainy day. made a Blackberry pie.

8th. Pleasant. Mr. Elwood, and Wife visited us. had a nice time all of us.

9th Pleasant. hot. Pa went to Downsville to Dr. Bassetts funeral. A good many went over the hill to that funeral.

10th. Pleasant. We walked home and visited M. Elwood.

11th. Jennie went to the Dentist. In the P.M. Geo. took her to Rubies. I picked all of our Brown Beans and ripe Peas. Beans were ripe. had our last mess of green Peas for dinner and sent Ruby a mess.

12th. Pleasant. I read a book "Womans Heart".

13th. Pleasant A.M. A shower in the night.

14th . Pleasant. I read a book.

15th Pleasant. I put up 2 cans of Corn. my first can of Chilly sauce

16th. Pleasant A.M. hard shower P.M.

17th. We are both home all day, and read.

18th. Pleasant. I put up 2 cans Chili sauce.

19th. Pleasant. Geo. finished digging potatoes.

20th. George went with Frank and Willard after Black Berries.

22d Sat. Lucy fetched Jennie and Baby over here. Darius came home from N.J. Sat. and all stayed until Mon. P.M. Then D. had to go back; and Lucy and Jennie went back to Lucys home. We have had a nice time with them home with us. They are gone, and Pa and I are lonely.

23d. Pa and Lucy went to church Sunday.

24th. Monday all went home.

25th. Tues. Julia and Frances came home.

26th. They went home, took Black Berries they got at Fitches Store. Pa helped Andrew cut com. I was invited, and went up to A. Tacys to dinner with M. Bresack and Wife, and came home early, and called at Haverleys. Mrs. H. gave me a lovely can of Jelly.

Aug. 27th. Pleasant. Pa helped Andrew today cut corn. I have worked on my crazy work alone all day. A nice rain last night, cool today.

28th. Pa cut corn for Andrew. cool and pleasant.

29th. Pa dug Potatoes for Frank.

30th. We were alone all day Sunday.

31st. Monday Pa went to D. after Jennie and Babe.

Sept. 1st. Lydia helped me wash. Hanford came after a load; and fetched me my bed. Tues. pleasant Mrs. H called. Winifred came over. Pa fill the ink in the cupboard.

2d. Pa, Jennie and I went to Olie McDonald visiting. eat dinner there. Nettie there. The New Armory was dedicated. it rained and blowed very hard in the P.M. and all night.

4th. Pa went to church. I was too tired to go. Jennie wasn't well. So we were alone.

5th. We washed, ironed, etc. Winifred came over on her wheel to commence her school Tues.

6th. the Town Fair commenced. Jennie and Pa drove to the Fair grounds.

7th. Wednesday. We all went on the Fair ground. and up on the Grand Stand. Saw the Brownies; and the Mummies in a side show.

8th. Jennie was sick so couldn't go with us. Levi and Ruby and children came over, and we, Pa and I went with them. all eat dinner together on the ground. enjoyed it. Pleasant all through the Fair.

11th. Jennie and I drove down at night, and I got Cretori to cover a quilt at Fitches. Pa got prizes at the Fair; Amt $4.00

12th. A nice rain real hard.

13th. We have been home all day. Jennie went with Annie up on the mountain, where she had wanted to go all last summer. Winifred came over on her wheels, called a few moments. We had a nice crack of Buttemuts.

]4th Pleasant. Pa helped Haverley. Jennie and I made 4 cans, and a bottle of chili sauce. done mending; took care of Babe.

16th. Darius and Jennie went to Downsville and I worked on my patchwork.

Sept. 17th. I covered a quilt; quite rainy. Pa went fishing; he often goes.

19th. finished tacking and putting ruffels on my quilt. stewed pumpkin and made 5 pies. made layer raisin cake and bread. Pa dressed a chicken, all because we expect Darius and Jennie home from Downsville tomorrow with Babe. We shall be glad to see them. They came Sabbath night.

21st. Darius and Jennie went this P.M. to Franklin. Mrs. H. fetched me some Tomatoes; I made a 2 qt can of com. We washed, and ironed Some this A.M.

25th. Pleasant. Pa and Darius went to Hamden. Jennie and I washed, and ironed. In the evening we went to Willards to supper, and visit. had a nice time.

Ella Jakson married to J. Flin - Sept 12th 1896.

26th. Darius and Jennie went home.

29th. Alston and Loretta visited us. Eat dinner, then went to Hannahs; and back here to stay all night. Put up 2 qt cans of ripe tomatoes the last.

Oct 1st. we went over the mountain to Levis; visited all around, and had a pleasant time. Came home.

9th. Friday. all safely everything

10th. I made 3 pumpkin Pies, and drop cakes and picked the sage with so many other things.

15th. Sister Phebe came to Walton visiting

16th. She came from Andrews to see us. Julia came over with Flora Dan a while. Pa stayed with Will. Pa took herover there Thursday. I am glad to see Sister Phebe, Flora, and Julia. They are with me now.

19th. Sunday Julia and I went back to Franklin. a rain day. Pa and I stayed with them nearly 2 weeks.

31th. we came home Saturday. We had a real nice pleasant time. Pa helped Will husk com most of the time. We visited up to Hodges one day. Julia and I drove to Oneonta one day, traded some, and took dinner with Alice Pinder. I got a pair of woolen sheets.

Nov. Ist. We went to church, nice day. Wrote to Darius, and Jonah Signor. Got a letter from Brother Jonah yesterday when we came home.

2d. Enoch Young and May visited us and eat dinner with us. I washed some and colored a blanket.

Nov. 3d. Election day. I made yeast, and , 2 apple pies. been a fine day. had 3 callers.

6th. Sister Lydia came and helped me. We took up the kitchen carpet, and put down the old one for winter.

Nov. 6th,1896. - We just heard that Linnan Hotchkiss is dead.

5th. Very rainy day.

7th. very pleasant. I called to see Alice. made 2 apple pies; mended some. Mrs. Bump called on me.

8th Pa and I went to church though it rained.

9th. Pleasant. Morgan Robinson stopped over night with us. I made cookies.

10th. pleasant. I made cake, and bread, and stewed pumpkin; done mending every day. Yesterday sent Darius Shoes to him, and Brother E. some papers.

11th. made 4 pumpkin pies, mended some.

12th. Our pork came from Geo. Jennings.

13th. we salted the pork, cleaned bbl. Mended

14th. made Sausage. a busy day. quite a snow, so the ground is white.

15th. Pa and I went to church and heard such a good sermon as we always do by Rev. R. Knapp.

Mrs. Charles Wilson died the 14th; and was buried today the 16th.

16th. Pleasant. Pa has been trying to fix our house so it wont leak. bought Cabbage 10 lbs.

18th. Old Mrs. Andrews was here in the P.M.

19th. Hanford was here to dinner and Pa done his plastering. Philo Hotchkiss fetched Haverley a pig, and George has gone to cut it up.

20th. Friday P.M. Ruby and Children came home. How glad we were to see them.

21th. real stormy, but Lucy came home alone. Ruby cleaned our pantry all over. The children both had Hoofing Cough and were bad off a good deal of the time. They went home Sabbath day. Pa went them with our horse and carriage to help them safely home. Nov. 23d. We washed; Lucy came home and in the P.M. we, Lucy and I went over the hill.

25th. Wednesday P.M. Pa and Winifted came over the hilll to Lucys.

26th. Thanksgiving day Levi and family; Pa and I were at the Hanfords. had a very pleasant day.

27th. Pa and I went in the cemetery and selected a plot for our burial place; and drove to Levis for dinner, had a pleasant time.

28th. Sat. came home in the P.M. got Safely home; now here together alone.

29th. Sabbath. Read, and wrote some

30th. pleasant. I made pumpkin Pies and mended.

Dec. Ist. pleasant. I made bread, Colored Green.

2d. Colored Yellow, called at Franks, pleasant

3d. pleasant beautiful morn. Levi was over and paid his interest. Eat dinner here, took back a load.

4th. Cold, and snows to-night. Pa got a mess of Suckers; our first mess.

5th Pleasant. Will and Julia came home got here after dark.

6th Pleasant. we went to church. Geo. paid Julia $ 100 and interest on $200 which we owed her.

7th. We washed. Pleasant.

8th We went to John Doreties by way of Little York; and over to North Walton to Peter St. Johns to stay all night.

9th. came home. Had a pleasant time.

10th. baked. Warren Hodge stayed all night. Its nice weather, no snow.

11th. Pleasant. fixed some papers to send to Brother.

12th. Will and Julia came from their visit at Downsville to stay with us and go to church tomorrow. We called over to Franks a little while this evening. Pleasant but so muddy.

13th. Sunday. Pleasant but so windy. Pa went to church a foot. Will and Julia drove down; comiing to stay with us after services this eve. Yes they carne at bed time. What a nice day. They have had to go home.

Dec. 14th. so pleasant. We washed, dried clothes. Pa helped Andrew butcher.

Brother Ebenezer Dan died December 3d, buried the 5th. Age 75 last Feb. now most 76.

15th. George went to Franklin for Will to take a Sheep over; and fetch back corn. Pleasant day. Lydia is with me to-night.

16th. Pleasant. Pa came home sick. Alice Dan called and fetched me a bowl of Soft Sugar, She gave to me. I went down to Haverlies to dinner.

17th. Pleasant. Pa sawed wood here.

18th. In the P.M, commenced to snow.

19th. cold, and pleasant.

20th. Sabbath. We went to church and heard a Xmas sermon,

21st. We washed, ironed some, and sent a letter to Albert and Darius.

22d. Snowed some.

23d last night snow fell 5 inches with what came yesterday. I mended Pas pants, and finished cutting blocks for a quilt, made a shirt too.

24th. George cracked Buttemuts. I helped pick out enough for a cake.

25th. A beautiful, cold Xmas day. Sister Lydia eat dinner with us. We recd a nice Xmas package from Darius and Jennie. Everything so nice and showing such love for us.

26th. Pleasant. I put down the carpet in the room over this, and Stair carpet. Sent a letter to Darius and Jennie.

27th. Pleasant. Pa and I both stayed home.

28th. I washed, called on Mrs. Haverley. Sent a letter to Leide and Alhadah. got one from Albert, and Ruby.

30th. we drove over the hill to Alstons. took dinner, Lucy Rose was there. towards night we went down to Hanfords.

January 1897.

1st New Years day we went up to Levis with Hanford, Lucy, and Winifred to dinner. Stayed all night, came home Saturday. Lucy came over with Winifred, took her to Adas, and stayed with us all night. She went home to day Sabbath. Pa went to church. Oh what a nice time we have been having; and how nice the weather has been. Good wheeling over the hill, fine weather.

4th. we washed, and ironed.

5th. Pa went and helped Edson Dan butcher. I rode with him down to Mrs. Alexanders. had dinner there with David Alexander mother.

9th. very pleasant several days. yesterday Pa went after Sadie Russell. To-day I have made 2 pumpkin, 3 mince pies and done several things. finished one Rug; put fiinge on it.

10th. Sabbath; very pleasant and warm. Wagon was broken, so we didnt go to church.

11th and 12th. cold; and quite pleasant.

13th. We washed, very pleasant.

14th. We went to Edd Shaws to Dinner. Sadie and I, then called on Abby Pulver; and Sister Asenath. George went to see Brother Andrew. eat dinner there.

15th. Pleasant all the time .

17th. We went to church. In the eve. Mr. H. called.

18th. cold, some snowy.

19th. pleasant, but cold. Lydia and Jessie called. I have made Sadie 2 chimese and a skirt.

20th. tonight it snowed, and blows.

21st. warmer. Hannah Smith and Jessie came up here visiting, had dinner with us.

22d. Pa took Sadie home, and came back home the same night. It snows hard to-night.

24th. cold very little snow. Sabbath day. Pa and I went to church, heard a grand Sermon by Rev. R. Knapp our minister.

Saturday and Monday cut apples to dry; and done mending.

Jan 25th. pleasant, but cold. I done baking and cut apples, and tended to drying them, been drying apples a few days.

28th. cold and snowy.

30th. Very pleasant. We visited at Mr. Geo. Busseys, and had a pleasant time.

31st. Pa and I went to church. A nice pleasant day.

Feb. I st. Eva Van Valkenburg came here but stayed a few minutes.

2d. Lydia was here all day.

3d. Frank Howard and Wife and child visited us. Eva Valkenburg was here all day. Its nice weather all the time. Had a letter from E. M. Day and Ruby.

4th. A beautiful day. Eva Van - has gone away; going home.

5th. pleasant, two beautiful days. We washed a Bed Spread and dried nicely as in summer; and all our washing.

6th. in the P.M. it rains. I have been pounding putty and mending my large white pitcher which froze and broke too-bad, I could have cried.

9th. Town Meeting. A large majority of no license. I went down to Hannahs with George visiting.

10th. been cutting apples to dry for Jennie.

12th. snowed hard as day, fell one foot.

13th. nice, and fair day. Willard was here visiting. we had a nice visit.

14th. nice day. Pa and I went to church.

15th. We drove to Brother Andrews; eat dinner.

16th. George went to A. Valkenburgs. Sister Lydia is staying with me to-night.

17th. George came home.

18th. pleasant all the time. wonderful nice February weather.

Feb. 20th. Pleasant day and days; But to-night the tempest is howling; a windy and stormy.

22d pleasant. washed, dried clothes. In the P.M. it Snows, and rained hard. Snows to- wards morning.

26th. George and I visited at Peter Barlows.

28th. we visited at Charles Howards. had a very nice time at both places. Its nice pleasant weather, all the visits. I

March Ist. A rough howling windy day. Snowed some, but all blowed in heaps.

2d. Mild, and lousy all day until an hour before dark commenced snowing hard until an inch deep.

3d. Lousy; and fine snow; then in the evening commenced raining. rained all night.

4th. A beautiful pleasant day for Mr. Wm. McKinley to take his seat in the Big house at Washington.

5th. Rainy all day. We washed dried clothes in the house, and I ironed them.

Wm. Howard run off the bank up by Brocks Bridge and was killed. his horse wernt hurt much . March 3d, 1897. He was 50 years old. had a Wife and family. lived in Terry Clove.

6th. Pleasant. Cloudy morning. not cold much. Mostly bare ground.

7th. Beautiful warm nice day. We went to church. After dinner George went to Downsvflle. I wrote to E. M. Day, Minn.

8th. Pa came home, and Lucy came home with him. Pa drove right to the village after Winifred so she could come up here. She comes up here nights while Lucy was here. Lucy went back home Thursday. Pa took her to the top of the mountain; and Hanford was to meet her.

11th. Thursday Chrissy Hodge came here to help Julia Dress make. Julia came home Tues. What a nice time we have had with the girls being home together, and Winifred being up home too.

12th. In the A.M. rough. later in the day nice, and pleasant.

13th. Pleasant, and frozen so its rough, hard wheeling. Pa took Julia part way to her home. Will met them, and Pa came back. It's a nice beautiful night, so light. Its lovely now Dear Julia is gone home, we wont see her again in a long while. Nor Lucy either. I do love my girls very much. Chrissy Hodge was here 2 days.

Mar. 14th. Terrible windy with some snow and real cold, Sabbath. We didn't go to church it was so bad.

15th. very nice pleasant day. We washed, and dried clothes.

17th. Very nice, and pleasant, so it was yesterday. two nice days. I went to the village today with Pa. took eggs 8 1/2 dozens I I cts a dozen.

18th. Nice pleasant day.

19th. Very nice beautiful like summer; too warm to be in the sun. Pa tapped our Sap tree.

20th. Cloudy; and rainy- then sunshine; and rainy again. Hard thunder, and sharp lighting. Fred Hubble visited; and eat with us.

Wednesday night, March 17th, 1897 - Russell Stevens died with Heart disease. Age 52 years. Died very suddenly after WORKING in his shop all day until 4 P.M.

21st. Geo. and I attended his funeral in our church. A full house. Text was 2d, Tim. 4th, 7 verse. "I have fought a good fight; I have finished my course; I have kept the faith." We went to the cemetery. It was a nice day. very muddy.

22d.. Pleasant morning. We washed and dried clothes. In the P.M. it thundered and lightened, and rained. George went fishing with Mr. Bresack, got a nice mess, as we ever had.

23d. Nice day; but rainy to-night. Geo. helped Mr. H. get logs down the river.

24th. Rainy, nasty day. towards night it snowed hard; until we had 2 inches.

25th. Cold snowy morning. Geo. gone to help Mrs. Bump move. He sent a letter to Geo. Ray Washington D.C. Cold, and snowy all day.

26th. quite pleasant, cold winds. took a load for Bumps.

27th. lousy morning. George took a load for Bumps again. Pa and I went to the social gathering at the church, had dinner with the rest, bought a seat. I took a nice loaf of cake; but had a free dinner; and a pleasant time.

28th. A nice day beautiful Sabbath day. I wasent able to go to church. Pa drove down, had a good Sermon. I slept some, then wrote to Darius.

29th. A fine day. Geo. took two load of moving goods for Mrs. Bump. two boarders came to- day noon, to be with us this week, Mr. Haverlies, Sawyers. ,

Mar. 30th. Very pleasant. Geo took 5 loads today for Mrs. Bump.

31st. A beautiful day. Geo. finished moving Mrs. Bump. I have all I can do to get along with the work, now we have 2 men boarders.

Apr 1st. A beautiful day.

2d. A beautiful day. Warm and nice. Geo. has gone to Downsville; I have raked off the yard, and cleaned up. I sowed tomato seeds in my box today. Sister Lydia is with me to-night; real good of her.

3d. A beautiful day. I've been cleaning around the back steps - boiling sap all the time. George came home. Ruby sent me a can of maple syrup and a can of Buttermilk. Elisebeth Dan sent me a beautiful cake of maple Sugar, for a present.

4th. Sabbath day nice day. We wemt able to go to church. George has Grippe I guess. he as a bad cough, and sick all over.

5th. Another beautiful day. Geo. is better, and gone fishing. got a good mess for us. I mended, baked bread, and made a block of crazy work, besides the general work of every day. I've hurried all day; and arn tired.

6th Pleasant morning. I've made 4 Pumpkin pies. We got our first mess of Horseradish; and Parsnips. In the P.M. some rainy. Geo. has been in the mill this P.M.

7th. Rained some, but quite nice day.

8th Pleasant; but rains to-night. Geo rooted out the Raspberries, and set some out by the others, and some in here by the end of the house. he drove over to Andrews, and got 3 grape vines, large roots. and set where the berry bushes did set. I'm pleased with it all. got himself a new vest, and Pants.

9th. Very rainy day. We washed some. Fred Hubbell called. I set on lunch Supper for him. He gave me a pretty little case of maple sugar. I'm doing crazy patch work all the time I can get.

I0th. Very pleamt day; some cooler. George is sawing slabs at the rnill. Jessie Eckler made me a nice call. Lydia called a while.

11th. The holy Sabbath day. A perfectly beautiful pleasant day. Pa and I have been alone all day. Pa is bad off with Grippe, he has a terrible cough, and head ache. I have been writing to Darius. He has just moved to Union Hill. Jennies Sister, Lou Maxwell has just come across the water to see them. Arrived in N. York the 5h of April 1897.

12th. A nice pleasant day. Pa went fishing, got a nice mess.

Apr. 13th. Another nice day. windy. I have worked some in my Posy beds. We have lovely Parsnips, now days and we love them well.

14th. nice pleasant day again. Pa finished moving Bumps folks. Pa is sick and cant do much.

15th. A rainy day, all day. Geo. put a hen setting last night.

16th. quite a pleasant day. I cleaned my chamber clothes press. Geo. went fishing, caught nothing.

17th Sunshine, and Showers. Geo. and I went to Brother Andrews, and found Smith St. John and family there visiting. We had a pleasant visit with them; and hearing them play on the Organ and sing. We had a lovely dinner as could be.

18th. A nice day. Pa went to church. I wasn't able to go, had to rest.

19th. We washed. It has been sunshine and showers all day. The grass is nice, and green.

20th. A nice day; colder, last night it froze hard, the ground; and thick ice. I have cleaned my Chamber parlor. took up the carpet, Pa brushed it, and I cleaned the hall, took up the carpet to- day, have turned a sheet, and mended a pair of socks, and Pas shirt and drawers, and much more.

21st.. A nice day. I cleaned each of my Bureau drawers and took out the Bureau into the other room and cleaned it very thoroughly. put terpentine in every place about it. then took up the carpet all along that side and to the door, and cleaned nicely.

22d. My eyes are so bad I cant do as I expected to-day. I expected to finish my room.

22d. A lovely day. I finished my room all around. Pa ploughed our piece of land and then went fishing.

23d Pa sowed our Oats, and dragged them in, and we put in onion seeds and our Peas. I made a piece of Patch work. I sowed a few Posy Peas.

24th. A nice day. Geo. grafted some for ourselves and in the P.M. done grafting for Mr. Haverley. I cut apples and made four cans of sauce, and 2 cans of mince meat, and made 2 pies, and new bread.

25th. A nice day. We went to church. Sprinkles some to-night.

26th. Pa finished grafting, and trimming trees for Mr. Haverley and furroughed out part of our Potatoes ground. I cleaned my clothes press, and made a block of Patch work. Put Helofore on the berry bushes. towards night had quite a Shower.

Apr. 27th. pleasant day; but colder, and a little snow, so it lay and looked white. I've been mending.

28th. Pleasant. I made a block of Patch-work. Pa went in early morming and got a box. We filled it and Pa took it to the Depot for Darius. I sowed our Beet, Lettuce, and Radish seeds.

29th. Nice day. Pa went up to Mr. Geo. Marvins and done grafting, came home and had dinner, then went to the village and done grafting for Mr. Burton. then planted two rows of Potatoes. I took the nails all out of our Parlor carpet, and cleaned all the wood work, after putting poison on the Berry Bushes; and fixing the Asparagrass bed. I cleaned all the Rugs, and all the pictures, and everything.

30th. A fine day, George finished planting our Potatoes. We washed, ironed, made a loaf of cake, cut and stewed apples, made one can of sauce; took of collar, and out sleeves of Geo. shirt and put in new; fixed it up good. to-night I'm tired. Mr. H. came in and set awhile. Lydia too. So goes life; passing pleasantly away. I've read several chapters in my bible. I do every day.

April 24th, 1897 - Walter Bump of Walton was married at Sidney to Gertrude Cole of Walton

May 1st. Some rainy. Early spring.

2d. rainy part of the time. A nice growing spell of weather. Pa went to church, I wasnt able to go.

3d Monday Sister Lydia helped me, and we put down the Parlor Carpet. It rains, and then Sun-Shine. Had our first mess of greens. Geo. caught a good mess of fish.

4th. Lydia helped me, and we cleaned both the side rooms. I trimmed my Rose Bushes; and transplanted tomatoes into quite a number of cans.

5th Nice beautiful day. I washed, Ironed, mended some. wiped the zinc; Oil cloth, and out kitchen nicely; done some patchwork, and fixed my satchel to go to Julias in the morning. lay down and rested and read some. Jessie and Lydia called a-while.

6th. Nice day. We drove over to Julias, had a pleasant visit there and at Charleys. been nice weather.

10th. Monday we came home. Soon after we got home it rained hard. We got some Wood- Bine over there and set out each side of our Front Porch under the windows. Glad of the rain we need it. We just recd a letter from E. M. Day and a small box of Slips like the ones she set on her Fathers grave.

Uncle Solomon Hotchkiss is dead. was buried Sunday May 9th. he was 76 years old this June.

May 11th. Nice day. We washed, and ironed. Geo. went to the village; and a fishing. I've worked hard all day. am very tired. got a nice mess of greens one chore. I sowed Parsnips and Carrot seeds. Geo. Sowed Cabbage Seeds.

12th. I've been doing several things to get ready to go to Downsville. I wrote to E. M. Day. Geo. caught a nice mess of fish.

13th. Thursday Geo. and I drove to Downsville. He stayed until Saturday and came home. I stayed to have the girls make me a dress; and Geo. came over again Thurs. and we visited some places, and came home the 23d which is Sunday.

23d. We have had nice rains the past week, and it's a fine growing time; no frosts to do any hurt, and we have had a nice visit and its nice to be home again. No place like home Sweet home. Geo. got me a handsome Cape at C. E. Hulberts. C. E. Hulbert has just bought Fred Beers, large hardware Store, and taken possession.

24th. Pleasant day. nice day. rained hard last night, in the night. a nice growing time. We sowed over our Onions because they didn't come up good. part of them. Sister Lydia has gone on the train to Franklin; she will be home the last of the week.

25th. A rainy day.

26th. Pleasant. We washed

2'7th. I went to the village with Pa. took six dozen eggs 11cts dozens. In the evening Mrs. H. and Mary called awhile. I made Pie Plant Pies.

28th. Pleasant day. Pa finished hoeing our potatoes. I cut the lining, and lined my new cape. Sister Lydia came from Franklin.

29th. Pleasant day. Geo. got him a new gray suit of clothes at Bums. Price $7. and a pair of fine Shoes $2. and Collars, and 2 pairs of Socks. I made Fried Cakes, and Pie-Plant Pie; and fixed several things. Sewed on all the buttons on his new clothes. Sister Lydia, Jessie, and Alice called on me; and Mrs. Haverley and Mary.

30th. Pa and I went to church, heard an excellent sermon. Its been a pleasant day. After church we drove up to Andrews to see how they were, then came home and had our dinner. No frosts yet to hurt any thing.

31st. Pleasant. I went with Geo. in the P.M. to hear the Speech by Rev. Park on this Decoration day. It was something grand in the Town Hall; and well filled.

June Ist. A little spiinkle of rain. cold tonight. Pa covered our Tomatoes. We have our trunk packed ready to go to see Darius in N. York or rather N.J. he lives now. He works in the Weehawkin Depot.

2d. We have a fine day and go on the noon Train to see Darius and Jennie. Also go to Verona N.J. to visit Brother John Dan, and family. We have had fine weather; and had a nice, good visit. Came home the I8th, eighteenth. We went to see the largest Store in the world- called a city in a city. Called Segil and Coopers in N. York City, eat dinner there. We visited Coney Island and walked along the Sea Beach and picked up Shells, watched the Tide go out, and come in. Saw Some folks in Swiming. bought Small Pail for Baby. Eat our lunch dinners there at a table in the waiting room. Jennie bought each of us a glass of Beer to drink with our dinners. On the way while Sailing on the Boat we were very near to Bedloes Island Island; passed it. So had a nice view of the Statue of Liberty; Also of the large Brooklyn Bridge; and saw several trains crossing on the same. We visited a nice cemetery and Union Hill; and visited Anna Bull Bamharts on the Hill one day. One day Pa, Jennie and I went out to the Stores on the Hill.

June eleventh 11th. went over to Brother John Dans to Verona N.J. had a fine visit. John took us out riding to see the country around there a good deal On one drive to what is called Eagle Rock; the most beautiful place I ever saw; we stopped at one place call Duck Farm where we saw 1900 White Ducks of all ages, and sizes; and 1000 eggs in Incubators just commencing to hatch. I were picking the feathers from some getting them ready, and two Tubs full sat there ready for market. They sell for 25 cts per pound. average 4 1/2 lbs each. We didn't stop there long; but drove on to see the beauties of Mother Nature; and Mans handy work such as I had never seen; and didn't know as was in this world in which we live. We may well say it was immense wonderuly fine to see. We drove through the City of Orange where Lester Dan goes to School every day; and drives the Stage to carry other Scholars, 16 in number, at a salary Of $400 a year. It is a large fine brick building. We drove through the beautiful City of Mont Claire. There is no end to the large business places in each City. and abounds in beautiful sights to please our eyes. We stayed there four days, and nights, and had everything done for our pleasure, and comfort as we did at Darius and Jennies. then came back to finish our visit with D. and Jennie.

While we were down there we had StrawBerries all the time, and Green Peas, Lettuce, Onions, and Radishes all we wished. Bananas were a common treat. We enjoyed Ice Cream at each place; and more than once with Darius. John was selling Straw Berries 25 baskets every other day at ten cts a basket. Theirs is a beautiful home because it is ruled with love. The same with Darius and Jennies. Oh that every home in this world were the same. it would be heaven begun below.

19th Pleasant. I picked a few Straw Berries ftom our vines, just a few, all there is ripe yet. made bread, and worked until 'm very tired. With the weight of the Small Plums on our trees, they are bending, most ready to break. will have to be propped.

June 20th. A nice rain last night. We went to church to day. I wrote to Darius, and John.

21st. We washed, and ironed. Winifred came up this morning and helped me. eat dinner; Willard and Mary called on us. Its cold tonight, No frost though.

22d. Pleasant. Alice White Dan called and Jessie Eckler; and Mrs. Haveriley. I've mended some and weeded some, and picked Strawberries. I made a Pie plant Short cake for supper. Geo. went fishing.

23d Pleasant. Geo, got in some of our hay. We had a mess of greens. a few Straw berries every day. I made one can.

Married, at Walton, Sept. 8th 1898 by Rev. Robert Knapp, Watson B. Signor of Telford Hollow and Miss Jessie A. Smith of Walton. Mr. and Mrs. Signor will reside at Bainbridge.

Sept. 25th., 1898 - died Sabbath, A.M. Mrs. Andrew Fuller of Downsville Age 64 years

Sept. 26th, 1898 - died - Monday. Mrs. Geo. Sickler; or Ann Telford Sickler. Age 71 years.

Sept 3d - Cora Dan died after a short sickness of Hemorage of the lungs, aged 23 next Dec.

Married at the home of the bride in this village on Wednesday evening of last week, by Rev. . S. Oakley, Miss Georgia Signor and Andrew Houck, both of this town. Nov 30th, 1898.

Died - Walton Dec 12. Mrs. Nellie Weed. Aged 84 years old.

Dec. 24th 1899. Xmas eve. at the ministers. Fred Hubbell, to Lizzie Lynx. Her Father is dead. Her mother home is in Delhi. She the oldest of 5 children, and worked out, and worked in the Delhi Silk Mill.

March 25th 1899 - Melvin Signor died. He was buried Monday, the 27th. He was 42 years old.

Uncle Derius Dan died Sept 8,1893.

March 29th 1899 - On Wednesday evening occurred the marriage of Miss Jennie Bradley, at her home on Union street, to Platt M. Hanford. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Robert Knapp, at 8 o'clock, in the presence of but a few of the friends of the family. Mr. and Mrs. Hanford will spend a week's honeymoon in New York city. Both are among our popular young people. Miss Bradley having been for a number of years a successful teacher in the Walton Union School, and Mr. Hanford is a prosperous and well-liked farrner and one of our foremost citizens.

Dann-Cook. Married, August 28, at the home of the bride, Newark, N, J., Harvey M. Dann, principal of the Gilbertsville High school, and Miss Emma S. Cook. The young couple were both graduated with the class of '98, from Syracuse University. Mr. Dann was a member of the class of '92 at Walton High School. They will make their home at Gilbertsville, where Mr. Dann begins his duties as principal this fall.

Nov. 28th, 1899 Tuesday at 6:40 in the morning Frances passed away after being sick two week with hemorhages of the brain. Funeral at the house 1 o'clock Friday P.M. 30th. Her age 49 years. Charleys wife. Frances Josephine Kingley her maiden name.

Jan. 8th 1900 - Uncle Eliphalet Hotchkiss died. Age 86 years. Died with a stroke of paralysis. Our last uncle on both sides.

Eliot Rows Wife too was buried the next day. a young nice woman. No children.

Geo. Uncles ages when they died Daniel Hotchkiss 85 years. old. Jonah was 83 years old. Chauncey 79 years old Solomon 75 years old Betsy Hotchkiss about 90 years old Abigail 59 years old Mother Lucy Hotchkiss 38 years old. Jane 13 or 14 years old Esther Hotchkiss 65 years old. All gone to their reward

Aunt Lucretia Hotchkiss died March 3 1 , 1893 buried April 3d.

John E. Neff of Baxter Mt. and Miss Mary E. Hubbell of this village were married Wednesday evening, May Ist, at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Adelia 0. Hubbell, by Rev. L. P. Tucker. Mr. and Mrs. Neff will begin housekeeping at once on the John B. Neff farm on Baxter Mountain.

Mar 19th 1901 - Died Cousin Enoch Young here in his own home Downsville. Age 83 years.

13th. Sorne raining. Geo. carne back with Sadie and Grace Russell. dried a qt after they were dried of Cherries.

July 14th. Pleasant. I washed and dried clothes and ironed. Geo went on the hill and mowed grass there up.

15th Pleasant. Geo and Fred Haverley got the hay off the hill. We picked Cherries, a good deal, do every day. We got our first mess of string beans and Peas for dinner. Sadie helped me pick them. She and Grace are so nice and good all the time. Flo Frost called on us.

16th. Pleasant. We pick Cherries all the time we can get.

17th. Pleasant A.M. In the P.M. a shower. We picked and sold to-day 25 lbs Cherries. I made a Cherry Shortcake.

18th. Pleasant. Geo went with Sadie and Grace to church.

19th. Pleasant. Geo went to the village with Sadie and Grace.

20th. Pleasant A.M. Geo cut down our Oats in the A.M. In the P.M. he took Sadie and Grace home. It rained hard here towards night.

21st. Pleasant A.M. Rainy P.M. Geo came home from Downsville. We finished picking Cherries. Picked in all 123 qts; lacked 5 qts of four bushels in all. We sold $8 1/2 worth of them. I dried 3 pints, put up 13 cans; made 2 Cherry Shortcakes; and eat a good many in sauce, and everyway. Sold 55 cts worth of Currants; and used a good many. Sold 20 cts worth of Gooseberries; and 30 cts worth of Strawberries. I used all I wanted too.

22d. Rained some. Jessie called over here. Mrs. Haverley and Mary called on us.

23d. We washed and ironed; baked bread. It had rained often all day.

24th. Rainy and hay and Oats being spoiled which are down. I rode to the village with Geo. and got me some 25 cts eyeglasses. We got butter 4 lbs, 14 cts a pound.

25th. Rainy. We got ready for church, but it rained so hard we didn't go. A real rainy day.

26th I got some Beets to cook. One beet measures 16 1/2 inch long; 9 and a half around. I picked a bowlful Raspberries this morning; weed out our Onion bed, finished picking our Currants; a 3 pint basin full, made one can of sauce of them. took up the carpet over this room and the papers; cleaned them and the room nicely. Geo went fishing. he drew the hay from the Island.

27th. Rainy. We visited at F. Howards.

July 28th. Rained hard all day. Pa has been fishing. I worked at my patchwork.

29th. A little sprinkle of rain. I picked my dry peas. Lydia helped.

Albert Signor died July 28th, 1897. Cause of death Rheumatism around the heart. His age 57.7 months

30th. Geo has gone to Owego to Albert funeral. Its pleasant again, so our oats have been got in the barn all dry, and nice after being wet so long . Dickerman and Fred Haverley put them in the bam for us.

31st. Some wet in the A.M. later pleasant, so I opened the 8 heaps of hay, and turned them so they were dry, and Lydia did helped me put it in the bam.

Aug. Ist. Anniversary of Julias wedding day, how much I think of her today, wondered if she wouldnt come home. The dear child has it hard.

2d. Geo came home ftom Owego. Had a good time as he could. They were glad to see him come there. C .E. H. went too, no one else.

3d. Pleasant, nice day.

4th. Pleasant. We drove over to Julias.

5th. At night had a nice rain.

6th. Pleasant, visited Charles.

7th Pleasant. Enjoyed our chat very much at Julias, and Charleys. Came home to-day. Everybody is in Oat harvest. A bunch of them along the road.

8th. Pleasant. Pa went to church.

9th. Rainy part of the day.

10th. Some rainy. Geo went fishing. Alston and Loretta came, stayed all night. They have gone now to Johns.

13th. they carne back, and stayed with us all night, and this

14th. they went home; we will go over the hill this P.M. We have had hard rains the past week so it will cost the town several thousand dollars to make up the loses. Roads badly tom to pieces. This is a nice morning.

Aug. 15th. We went to Rubys. We went to church, heard Geo. McDonald went home with Winifred.

16th. Went to Rubies and Lucy went with us. We had a nice visit all together.

17th. We came home.

18th. Jennie came on the train to see us. Pa met her at the Depot. We are so much pleased to have her come to our home again, and the Darling Baby came too.

21st.. Pleasant today- cool nights.

22d. Pleasant. Pa and Jennie went to church.

23d. Pleasant A.M. We washed and ironed.

24th. Rainy. In the P.M. Pa and Jennie went to Franklin. Alice called over to fetch back my block she worked.

25th. Pleasant. Geo didn't come home.

26th. Pleasant A.M. Pa come home. I sent a letter to Eliza Day. Sent a Postal to Lucy and Ruby. Pa went on the hill in the P.M. got 4 qt berries.

27th. he went with M. Bresack quite aways and got 20 lbs. with our horse and wagon.

28th. I've been canning them, an drying some, made two pies, cake and bread. I trimmed our Tomatoes; got two ripe ones.

29th. Will came over and fetched Jennie. Julia couldn't come because he had to go back the same day, and it would be too hard for her. I was so disappointed not to see Dear Julia,but glad to have Jennie dear and Baby here with us again. Its been the Holy Sabbath day. Mr. H. called a few rninutes.

30th. We washed and Ironed, etc. Pa went Blackberrying. He got 24 lbs beauthiful berrys. Little Vera has been a happy child all this day. How she did love the berries.

31st. Pa took Dear Jeniie and Vera to Downsville. I dried my berries and done Patchwork. Sept. 1st.. Pa came home, Watson Signor with him. He eat dinner with us. Its being a fine day. I went up to the brook and got some Spearmint. It rained hard in the night.

2d. A fine day. Alice Dan White came in a little while ago. She fetched me 4 Lard pails; She has so many.

Sept. 3d. A nice day. Pa commenced to dig our potatoes. He dug, and picked thrash our potatoes. Pa got a nice mess of fish yesterday.

4th Pleasant. Geo helped Andrew. I got a basket of Peaches of a man who came to the door with them, and had 8 canns. Cost .65 cents.

5th Sabbath day, Pa went to church. I was too tired, and stayed home and rested and read in my bible, and read Dr. Talamages Sermon.

6th Pleasant. Geo help Andrew cut corn.

7th. Geo. is helping Frank thrash. I'm busy with my Patchwork when I don't have to do other things

8th Pleasant. We washed and ironed. Pa dug potatoes some. I baked bread, and went up to the brook and got Spearmint,

9th. Pleasant. Pa dug potatoes. P.M. drying plums, now days. done mending to-day

I0th. Pleasant. I dried plums. Pa finished digging our Potatoes, had 24 bushels. We picked our shell beans and shelled them.

11th. Pleasant. Pa has been getting ready for the Fair; and unloaded his potatoes into the cellar. I made 4 cans of Plums; and been cutting and drying.

12th. Pleasant. Geo. went to Downsville. I've been alone all day; only as Jessie Eckler called a little while.

13th. He came back with Jennie. I done washing and ironing.

14th. First day of Fair. Pleasant.

15th. we went to the Fair, and took our dinners. Julia came home on the train Tues.

I 6th. We went to the fair; and Levi and Ruby, and Children came the night before, so went with us and Julia too, all of us eat our lunch on the ground and they drove home at night.

17th. We were all here, and D. and Jennie drove over to Uncle Andrews to visit and eat supper.

18th. Julia and Jennie drove our horse and wagon and went to Julias home. D. went on the train over there. Winifred came on her wheel at night and Irving with her. I'm dreadfully tired every night, God just helps me through with each day.

19th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. We didn't go to church; horse being away. Winifred went down with Frank Dan. She came back here to dinner and later Letha Whitcome, Enalon Peak, and Albert White came up here to go down with her.

Sept. 20th. Darius came with Jennie from Franklin though it rained most of the day. In the evening Tillia Elwood, and Viola Dan Sprague came up to visit with us all.

21th. Pleasant. Pa, Darius and Jennie have gone to Downsville. I've been alone all day. and have cut plums to dry, and canned tomatoes, worked all I could: Such is life:

22d. Pleasant Geo. came home from Downsville. Jennie Barton Alexander came up here and got a pail of plums. Pa cut our second crop of hay. I stewed my first new Pumpkins. Sister Lydia fetched it to me.

23d. Rainy day. I made pumpkin pies.

24th. Some rainy. Darius and Jennie came from Downsville to dinner. In the evening we all visited at Haverlies. had a pleasant time, and eat supper.

25th Pleasant. We all visited. Hand picked D. some plums to take with them and packed a bbl with their sauce, and vegetables for them to take. They went home on the 4 o'clock train. It seems so quiet without them and the Darling Baby. our house is real lonely with Pa and I here alone. I got a pan of plums and cut to pass the time away. Enoch Young came along going home with Irving and Winifred and took two pans of plums of us. Of course we wont see our little Baby again in a long while. She is so nice we love her very dearly, as our own.

26th. Pleasant all day but to-night rains. Geo. and I went to church, this Sabbath. I wrote to Dear Julia in the P.M.

27th. Pleasant. We washed, Ironed, baked cake; gathered the tomatoes. put the onions in cellar, 1 1/3 bushel.

28th. Pleasant. Geo. went over the hill and fetched Phebe home with him. got 8 lbs. butter at Levis. I've been cutting and drying Plums. I made some plum jelly. Sister Lydia comes in often.

29th. Pleasant. Geo. dug potatoes.

30th. Pleasant. Geo. dug potatoes. We dry plums for Sister Phebe today have preserved ajar of them, 2 gal. jar.

Oct. 1st. Pleasant. Geo. helped Mr. Race dig potatoes. Sister Phebe and I do enjoy very much here together drying plums. Sister Lydia comes and helps us pit them.

2d. Pleasant. Sister finished her plumes the best she could, and Geo. took her down to Willards tonight to stay over Sabbath. I hated to have her go away. glad she is coming back.

Oct. 3d. We went to church this pleasant day. It was communion services, and I enjoyed it much. It seemed very solemn celebrating the Lords supper of bread, and wine.

4th. Pleasant. We washed, Ironed etc. Sister Phebe carne up here tonight. I was glad to have her here again. Geo. is husking corn for A. Tacy.

5th. Pleasant. Geo. helped Tacy thresh Buck Wheat. Sister Phebe and I called at Frank.

6th. Pleasant. I cleaned a good deal and made cake, bread, and Pumpkin pie, fixing for company tomorrow. Sister Phebe is with us, and a real comfort.

7th.. Some raining. Had company to dinner. Brother and family, Fred and Mary and Sister Jane. Brother Willard and Wife, and Alice and Frank and Alice and Willard. Sister Lydia. because Sister Phebe is over here with us, and we all wanted to meet together. Its been real nice altogether. 8th. Pleasant, but raining some tonight. Sister Phebe is with us. Brother Andrew fetched her over here this P.M. Today I made 3 Pumpkin pies, and a piece of Patchwork.

9th. Pleasant. We all went to Franks to dinner. Willard and Mary, too, and Lydia and up with Sister Lydia to supper. Irving Young stayed all night with us. He is a nice young man

I 0th. Pleasant Sabbath day. Geo. has gone to take Sister Phebe home. We have had a nice visit with her, but friends here must part. We hope to visit some day where part- ings all unknown. Evening. Sister Lydia with us. I've written a postal to Julia and a letter to Darius, and read a good many chapters in my bible to-day.

11th. Pleasant. Geo. came home. I have fixed the W. C. a good deal and done many useful things, besides a piece of Patchwork.

12th. Rainy. I washed but left the clothes in the tub. Sister Lydia came over and helped me, and I made sweet Tomato pickles; and mustard pickle in 4 cans.

13th. Pleasant. I went with Geo. to the village and got me a pair of shoes, $1.25.

14th. Pleasant. I went with Geo. to the Harvest Festival in the Town Hall and we had dinner; got a pair of Rubbers at Mr. Meads store.

14th. Its been a fine Autumn day. We enjoyed it very much.

15th. Pleasant. I made Pumpkin Pies, a can of Tomato sauce,dug Dandelion Roots, and looked over; carriedAlice some ripe Tomatoes. Lydia and Alice called a while. Geo. finished husking for Willard and in the P.M. dug Potatoes for A. Tacy. I took care of several kinds of seeds. Davids Alexanders Wife was driving a colt, and was thrown from a wagon, and her head struck the stone side-walk. She has lain in an unconscious condition since yesterday.

Oct. 16th. Pleasant. Jennie Alexander's is better

17th. Pleasant. We were home along all day

18th. Pleasant. Lucy came over in the P.M.

19th. Lucy and I drove to Frankliin.

20th. Pleasant.

21st. Pleasant. We came home. Had a pleasant visit.

22d. Pleasant, but to-night rained some. Lucy is with us and to-day, she took up this carpet, and fixed the other one a good deal, and put it down. Pa has been husking for Mr. Race.

23d. Pleasant. Lucy and drove to the village. I called on Henry Alexanders folks, and with Lucy called on Ada Whitcome. We went to the store and got 8 yds of 12 cent dress goods to cover my Wrapper. Lucy got Grace something for a dress.

24th. Pleasant. Lucy went home. Will come over eat dinner here. Orlando Hotchkiss, and Wife, and Daughter called for an hour. Alice called a few minutes. Sister Lydia too.

25th. Pleasant. We washed and Sister Lydia came and done our ironing. I picked up 8 bushels of apples, and carried 6 bushels down in the cellar. It was all we had this year.wanted it done before I went over the hill, and think we shall go tomorrow. Geo set out 3 Cherry Trees in the Hen Park. He has picked up apples; and made cider to-day. Now I can fill my vinegar keg

26th. We drove over the hill to visit the girls and while with Lucy she cut and made me a dress. Covered my old wrapper lining so as to make me a new dress. I went with Winifted and Lucy picked 5 bushels of Butternuts under their trees and been gone 2 weeks. had a nice time

Nov..I0th. We came home. A nice pleasant day for us.

11th. Rainy P.M. I made a gallon jar of Pear Pickles. Sister Lydia fetched them for me. She eat dinner here. Aunt Rachel Hotchkiss, and Safrona came on the train, and stayed all night with us.

12th. Cold and Snowed enough to show white. Mr. Warren fetched over our pork. Safrona and Aunt Rachel is with us yet.. real cold to-day. Alice called on us.

Nov. 13th. Rainy. Aunt, and cousin went on the train today.

14th. Pleasant. We went to church. I wrote to Darius.

15th. Wet.

Nov 15 1897 - David Signor Brother died after a lingering sickness. age 79 years.

16th. Wet and rainy day. We finished making Sausage and Ironed considerable

17th. Cold. Geo. went over to the funeral.

18th. Cold, some snowy. Geo. came home. Hannah rode over with him and eat dinner with us. Fred Hubbell and Sister Lydia eat with us too.

19th. Some snowy. Geo. went down on Willard and cut wood for the first 1/2 day this winter. He went to the village in the A.M. and got him new rubber boots.

20th. quite pleasant. Geo. has been down cutting wood. I cracked butternuts, pitted them out and made butternut cake besides many other things.

21th. Pleasant nice Sabbath day. We didn't attend church. but we read a good deal in my bible.

22d. Washed and ironed. Pleasant day.

23d. It snowed 9 inches through the night. Snows this morning, been a cold snowy day, but looks like a good day. I got a letter from Julia; been answering it.

24th. Nice day. We went over the hill. We stopped at Calder Terrys to dinner, then went to Rubys to stay all night, then went all of us down to Lucys to Thanksgiving dinner and stayed all night. Geo. Bull and family and Levi and family were all there. We had a pleasant visit; and fine dinner. Friday P.M. went to Alstons and stayed all night. G. Hulbert and family were there to supper with us. They had just returned from N.Y. There we all had Turkey Supper. At Lucy we had Turkey dinner. Seems nice to be home again. We have had a pleasant visit all around.

Nov. 24, 1897 - Nathan Purdy was found dead in his bed by Nellie Bundy. She went to see what was the reason he didn't get up, and he lay so still dead

28th. Cold like Nov. but pleasant nice Sabbath day. We didn't go to church.

Nov. 24th., 1897 - Anna Smith was married at her home in Walton.

Nov 25th 1897 - Walter Dan of N.J. was married to Florence E. Williams. He is son of John Dan.

Nov. 29th. Snowy aft day; but melts about as fast as it falls. We washed. I made me an apron.

30th. Pleasant. I ironed and made 3 Pumpkin pies. Sewed 4 hankerchiefs. done some mending. Geo. drew his wood 2 cords from down on the Island.

Dec. Ist. Quite pleasant, but quite cold. Geo. went to Franklin to pay Julia.

2nd Geo. came back from Franklin. Pleasant nice day. I've been WORKING on my old black skirt.

3d. Some snowy. Pa drew some drags of wood up here for the first. I made our first mess of Fried cakes.

4th. quite rainy. Geo. went to the village. I rode to Mr. Haverles to see her. She has been very sick, is better. Got a letter from D. a postal from Julia and Lucy.

5th. Sabbath, some stormy. We were home all day. I wrote to Darius.

6th. Pleasant beautiful day. Hanford and Winifted came to dinner and in the evening Georgia Signor came over to visit with Winifred. Winifred played and sung for us. Geo. went down to Post, we had a pleasant evening.

7th. Some snowy. Winifred went on the train to help Julia. Pa drew up some drags wood on the wagon.

8th. Pleasant. Pa has been drawing wood.

Dec. 9th, 1897 - A Boy Baby was born to Will and Julia Alexander.

9th. Pleasant day. Geo. and I drove to Andrews, found Jane bad off.

10th. Pleasant beautiful day. I have been patching. Geo. has been chopping. I sent a letter to Julia; a post to Darius

11th. Pleasant. Geo. and I visited at Sister Hannah Smiths. Geo. got 5-lbs honey at Mr. Meads and sent to Darius.

12th. Some rainy. Some all day. I'm writing to Laura Mc.Dougal.

13th. Pleasant. We washed, dried clothes

14th. Rainy all day. Stewed Pumpkins and made pies and mended, ironed, etc.

Dec. 15th. Rainy, nasty day. I've patched. In the evening Geo. and I went over to Frank a little while

16th. Pleasant. Geo. has chopped some and went fishing, caught the nicest chub we ever had 15 of them. I made 3 pumpkin pies, and a mess of Graham cookies to take to Julia. done several things to get ready to go.

17th. Rainy some. I made 3 pumpkin pies, and loaf of cake to leave for Geo. when I am gone to stay with Julia. expect to go tomorrow. Georgia Signor called over tonight because we were going tomorrow. There isnt any snow to be seen.

18th. Sat. we drove over to Julias. It was terrible rough, and cold. I had to stop and warm my hands, and feet, though I had the Soap-Stone, and a stone in my hands. I stayed 2 1/2 - weeks with Julia, and done all I could. She ought to have help all winter. She isn't very well; ought not to think of doing alone. Poor Child were I able to do the work there. I couldn't think of leaving her alone. I'm poorly too; and Pa alone at home. Its too bad all around. But Pa came for me, and I came home with him; and we are here togalher to-night. We went to Charley and stayed one night. Julia sent away, and got Pa, and I each a book for Xmas presents. Darius and Jeannie sent us nice presents. Pa cloth, nice, outing for two Shirts, and a package of Tobacco. For me, Outing for one Night Dress; and Embroidery to trim it with thread, and Buttoms, and a beautiful pair of slippers, and package of candies. Isnt it nice to be remembered so nicely-by those loving children of ours. Poor Julia I do love her so much; and am so sorry for her, she is so lonely; but so good. Pa got me a pair of slippers for Xmas 53 cents.

January 1898.

6th Pa and I came home from Julias. Its been a cold day; but tonight it snows, and blows awfully out doors. Here inside Pa and I are warm and comfortable

7th. Quite a good day to work. Geo chopped wood at the door. I made bread and pies, and apple Sauce; and done some picking up being gone, so long.

8th. Comfortably cold. Alice was over two hours to see us. Georgia was over in the evening.

9th. Pleasant Sabbath day. Geo. went to church. Philo Hotchkiss came over to stay with us to attend the Insurance association at Walton tomorrow. I wrote to D.

10th. Pleasant. We washed, I ironed some. Philo is here again to-night.

Jan. 11th. Georgia and her mother eat dinner with us. Geo. went over the hill after our Butternuts. Martha rode over with him. Its some rainy. I made a block of crazywork after he went away.

12th. Pleasant. Geo. came home at night

13th. I cut apples with Lydias help and fixed mincemeat, and made 2 mince pies, and one can.

14th. I cut and made Geo. a shirt with all the rest there is to do every day. Ruby sent me 2 qts of hulled corn, and two gal. cans of Buttermilk when Pa came home. Lucy sent me a bag of Sweet Apples.

15th. Snowy nasty day. I sent Julia a letter in answer to the one she sent to me.

16th. Pleasant Sabbath day.

17th. Pleasant. We washed and dried clothes. I called on Alice and Georgia and Lydia called.

18th. Pleasant. Geo. chopped wood. I made him a shirt, and mended his mittens.

19th. Pleasant. I called up to A. Tacys and carne home and got dinner and half hour before dinner I was taken sick. Geo. drew his wood from the flat.

20th I was sick all night and all day to-day. just got dressed at three o'clock. Alice and Georgia came over a while.

21st. Pleasant day. I am better, but not well. I have been quite sick 24 hours.

22d. Pleasant day. Alice called, and wrote and sent a letter to Safrona Hotchkiss.

23d. Sabbath. Some rainy and snowy.

24th. Some snowy. Geo. work at the wood.

Jan. 17th 1898 - Hattie Bates, Wife of Robert Liddle, died. Age 48 years. She has cancer in the Stomach. Funeral at their house. She left a Husband; and 7 children.

Jan. 19th, 1898 - Died Harry L. only Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Walker of Downsville. Age 25 years. Funeral at the house, Tavern.

25th. Snow in the air all day.

Jan. 26th. Snowy. 3 or 4 inches come in the last 24 hours. Georgia Signor went home because she was sick and had to. We miss her because she would run over here often when she worked at Franks 10 weeks. Got a letter from Julia to-day. Geo. sent D. 12 lbs of Honey. I finished my new Outing Night Dress.

27th. Some snowy. We went to Brother Andrews. had a nice ride, and good visit

28th. nice day, but quite cold. We visited at Mrs. Doris in the village. had a pleasant visit, good dinner. I got at the store 2 molasses cups; and one granite basin- one granite platter. passed a pleasant day altogather.

fixed new leaves in this book.

29th. A pleasant day. Geo. commenced sawing the ties for wood

30th. Sabbath day. I wrote to Julia and Martha.

31th. Snow in the air all day. We went to the store and traded 5 1/2dozen eggs, 20 cts dozen; got rice, Tapioca, and cotton yarn, and prints for Sadie and Grace a dress. I cut, and made me a Dress Skirt with a ruffle around the bottom, and fixed George's shirt. madout quite a day.

Feb. Ist. Snows all day, last night, and today it has snowed 8 inches. A rough day as we have seen this winter. Blows, and drifts. We don't think the Stage came over to-day. We washed Geo. and I.

2d I mended socks. Cold snowy day. Sister Lydia waded through the snow, and came over. I was glad to see her this cold awful weather.

3d Cold, but pleasant. I done mending. Pete Wood was here fixing the clock, and he eat dinner with us.

4th. Pleasant, but quite cold. I baked etc. Geo. went and helped Mr. North kill a Pig.

5th. Quite pleasant. some warmer. to-night snows. Mr. Montieth called on us for the first time. He is our new neighbour of us; above us

6th. Pleasant beautiful Sabbath Day. I've written to Darius and Winfred.

7th. Pleasant. I done patching.

8th. Election day. I went with Geo. down to Maylou Bresacks, had a pleasant tirne. Barlow, and Polly was there too, Auntie is pretty feeble; her broken hip is bad.

Feb. 9th. Pleasant fine day. Geo. went with Mr. Bresack after sucker; didn't get any. I patched 2 pairs of pants and a coat. and then cut out piece-work.

10th. Geo. and I went down to Nellie Weeds. She has been helpless so long, more than a year. Mrs. Luscome is helping Delia and Frank and they all have it very hard. Mrs. Howland has been right in the bed going on 3 years. She is Delias, and Franks Mother. They wanted us to come, and we're pleased. I'm glad we went. Its been a pleasant warm day, so the sleighing is about gone - in many places the ground nearly bare.

11th. A nice pleasant day. Lydia came over here awhile and Georgia too.

12th. A nice day. Such a many nice days. Note the snow is going, so folks run wagons. Its colder to-night. been foggy several days, likely we'll get more snow.

13th. Pleasant. beautiful Sabbath day. Sun shines, and it seems like Spring. Georgia was over in the evening.

14th. Monday. we washed. Its been some snowy. Alice came over with her work and stayed two hours. I was real pleased.

15th. Snowy. Geo. drew his wood ftom the flat. I have done patchwork and piecing. Mrs. Haverley was here a long while.

16th. A terrible day, snow, and blow and is no better tonight, though Georgia came over a little while through the snow. I have set together my Patchwork quilt and sewed up the lining so its ready to quilt.

17th. Pleasant day. In the early morning there were two bright-Sun Dogs, which means another heavy storm. Lydia was over awhile. I wrote a long letter to Lucy, and recd one from Dear Julia. I worked at my piecework.

18th. Some stormy. We took 3 1/2 dozens eggs to the store, at 14 cts dozen and got factory. Then we went down to G. Howards to dinner, and had a pleasant day.

19th. Some rainy. Maylou Bresack was up here awhile. I sent D. a letter by him. We recd one from Ruby and Jennie day before.

20th. Sabbath day. Pa and I have been alone all day. Georgia called tonight.

21st. A rainy day. Eva Vanvalkenburg came up here with Willard this morning, is here tonight. Georgia Signor came over.

22d A rainy day. Eva is with us yet. Georgia came over to-night again. I popped com, and we had singing, and quite a nice interesting evening. Washingtons birthday anniversary, A national holiday. We have had a pleasant day with Eva; and Lydia came over.

Feb. 23d. Cloudy; some snowy but quite warm. I baked bread and a maple sugar layer cake, nice and good. Eva V. went over to Franks this morning; but has been back twice. Geo. went down to the milk mens meeting. I covered our little stool with Red carpet.

24th. Pleasant, but to-night cloudy dark. Georgia Signor went home from Franks. Frank took her over home. Fred Dan came after Eva V. I called at Mr. H., Mrs. H. gave me some pieces of calico.

25th. Some snowy all day.

26th. Some snowy. Geo. has gone over the hill to see the children. Lydia is here with me tonight.

27th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. Fred Hubbell has been here, and eat dinner with me. I thought I was to have a nice time alone, and not have to get dinner. Fred is going away up above Delhi to work, and wanted to visit us before he went away. It is all right. I made it pleasant for him as I could.

28th. Geo. came home from Downsville. It's been quite a good time for him. He stayed over one night with each of the girls.

March Ist. A beautiful day. We washed and I baked bread. Geo. went fishing. I done most of the ironing, and besides I sewed up a sheet over seams, and hemmed it on the machine, and wet it-in suds, and laid it on the snow, read in my bible, and a paper of Sabbath Reading through. Lucy sent it to me. But oh how tired I am to-night.

2d. Pleasant most of the day, and quite warm. I took down 4 1/2 dozens eggs and got tea and a little piece of calico to finish peicing.

3d. Its been another lovely day. I've finished my blue, and light piecework quilt, read in my bible, and Sabbath Reading.

4Ih. A beautiful day. Strange weather for old Moger March. I mended Pas vest - all the time I've had to-day.

5th. Pleasant day. I done our work, and called on Alice. Miss Cable came to Franks to work. I was there when Frank came with her

6th. Another beautiful day. I wrote to Brother John Dan, and family.

7th. Another lovely day, and we washed, and dried clothes, and ironed. Pa finished splitting Tie wood, and piling it. Who ever heard of such March weather.

8th. Nice day. This morning I called on Mrs. Montieth, came home and made Apple Dumplins for dinner; fixed up Pas shirt, mend my Drawers, pieced 3 blocks piecework, and set the blocks together. besides a good many other things. boiled a qt of maple molasses

Mar. 9th. A beautiful day every day is the same. I've been cleaning in my pantry.

10th. Beautiful pleasant day. Our Sap Tree runs nicely. Pa works putting the wood in the Shed. I've been doing a little of everything fixing for the girls coming. I made Maple Sugar cake, and 3 pies; and bread sponged.

11th. Lucy and Ruby and Grace came. it is some unpleasant, and they had an awful time getting over on account of the roads.

12th. Rained some in the night and some rainy to-day. Winifred came on the Flyer to Winifred last night, and up here to-day. oh how we do enjoy the girls being here. Lucy and Winifred have gone to the village, and Ruby over to Franks now. Mr. Montieth and Wife visited us last evening. We all enjoyed it. Ruby has hulled me some corn to-day; and done all she could.

13th. Cloudy, Sprinkles once in awhile. been quite a good time for the girls to go tonight home. All of them went this morning. Winifred on the Flyer at noon. So we are alone again. How glad we were to see them.

14th. Pleasant. We washed, Lydia helped me some. Geo. has been piling lumber for Mr. Haverley for the first. I read through the book "The Sunny Side".

15th. Pleasant, beautiful ever since March came to us. Geo. only piled lumber one day. He couldn't stand it. I have made a nice piece of patch-work large enough for a chair cushion.

16th. done patchwork some, and went to the village with 6 1/2dozens eggs. Mrs. H. called on us.

17th. very pleasant, and warm both days. I cut and made me a dress skirt. and cut a chimese for Sister Lydia.

18th. Still lovely weather. Geo. finished piling our wood. In the P.M. we went over to Andrews. had a good eat of warm sugar, and they gave us a nice cake for Darius.

19th rained some last night. Thundered and lightened. Pleasant to-day. Geo. drew out the manure and put it on the meadow, then went fishing. I mended his coat, two pairs of pants and done some patchwork.

20th Pleasant Sabbath day. Frank and Alice had a girl Baby bom this morning, weight 9 lbs.

Mar. 21th. A little snow, but melted about as soon as it came. We washed. I done some patchwork. Geo. went fishing, didn't get any.

22d. Snowed in the P.M. melted as fast as it came, rained and cold all day.

23d. Some snowy, and rainy, but the ground is bare tonight, and some warmer. I'm nearly sick.

24th. Pleasant warm day. Geo. sent package of Maple Sugar; and can of Syrup to Darius. I sent a card telling him. I've done some patchwork; and baking and called on Alice.

25h. Pleasant beautiful day. Sister Lydia went to the village yesterday to get her a dress, and get it made. She came back to-day.

26th. Pleasant day. Geo. went down to the sale of seats. I went to see Sister Asenath.

27th. A nice day, but rains tonight. Sabbath. Pa went to church. I wasent able to go. I called on Alice. I call on her every day when I can since she is sick, and in bed with Baby.

28th. We washed, and dried clothes. this evening we went up to Mr. Montieths and had a pleasant call. This P.M. Mrs. Geo. Wilson called on us.

29th. Rainy all day, real warm. I've been getting ready to go over the hill.

30th. Pleasant. we went to Rubys, had a nice visit.

Apr. 2d, we went to Alstons, and had dinner, and a pleasant visit. Loretta sick in bed. Dr. there. At night went down to Lucys.

3d. Pas birthday . Sunday we were at Lucys. Snowed hard awhile. melted very soon.

4th. We came home. It snowed some, melted soon. no snow here at home tonight.

5th. Snowed some all day, and is quite cold, ground is white. I've been finishing Veras quilt.

6th. Snow quals in the air all day. We drove to the village with 4 dozens eggs at I0 cts a dozen.

7th. Pleasant. I got Sister Lydia to help me, and put on Veras quilt, quilted some.

8th. Pleasant. We finished the quilt. quilted some, and tied it some.

9th. Pleasant. lovely day. We went down to visit Hannah. I called on Alice after we got home, Mr. and Mrs. Montieth came down in the evening. we enjoyed it very much.

10th. quite a nice day. Geo. went to church. I've been poorly all day.

Apr. 11th. Pleasant, warm. We washed, and ironed. Getting ready to go to see Dear Julia.

12th Tues. We went to Franklins, visited at Julia; and Charlies: Had good weather and quite good roads, and a pleasant time all and togather, and got home safely Saturday. found every thing all right

16th. We came home from Franklin. We recd a letter from D. while we were away. Darius has been moving because the house where he lived (rented) had been sold. I'm sorry for anyone who has to move. I'm afraid he wont find a house as nice and pleasant as where they lived.

Jay Elwoods only child was buried Apr 12th, 1898. It had Scarlet Fever.

Apr. 13th. 1898 - Ira Lindsley died after a lingering illness. Age 70 years

17th. Pleasant, but a little sprinkle tonight. We've been home all day. I wasn't able to go to church. I wrote to Darius.

18th. Pleasant. I cleaned my clothes Press here. washed a few things, and in the eve. Pa and I called up to Mr.Montieths. ----- and Pa made a bed; and sowed the Onion seeds; and Lettuce and Radishes.

19th. Pa ploughed our garden. I made a layer cake and two Pie Plant Pies; and done mending. Canned Pie-Plant I used, though our roots are coming on nicely

20th. Pleasant. Geo. went fishing got us a good mess. I done mending, and patchwork after I got the baking, and other work done.

21th. a little sprinkle of rain this A.M. quite cold. Geo. wants to do grafting for others but it is too cold to use the wax.

22d. Pleasant fine day. In the P.M. it rains. Mrs. Montieth called. I finished patching on my Slurnber Robe.

23d a rainy day. We done a little of various kinds and night comes on again. A letter from D. saying Vera is sick.

24th. A rainy Sabbath day.

25th. A rainy Monday. Geo. and I drove to the village with 2 dozens eggs. I got lining for my Slumber Robe and one lb of ground pepper for I 0 cts, 2 lbs of soda for 3 cts.

26th. quite a good day. Geo. went fishing. I got my Slumber Robe on the ftames and nicely begun. Lydia helped me. Alice called over for the first after Baby came. Mrs. Raymond called.

Apr. 27th. Pleasant. Pa done grafting for Frank this A.M. and for A. Tacy in the P.M. I got my Slumber Robe done and off the frames.

28th. Pleasant in the A.M. so we washed and dried clothes; rained towards night. I ironed too; and made a handkerchief. Pa planted 2 rows of Potatoes and fixed the places; and I went out and sowed our Peas.

29th. Pleasant. I made my Slumber Robe and done other things. Pa went fishing - he got a nice large mess of fish. Miss Cable, and Sister Lydia called on us.

30th. Pleasant. Pa set 20 grafts for Mr. North. Winifreds school closed last night. She came over on the Flyer; and stayed to Wins. This A.M. Irving Young came over with double team after her, and her trunk. They were both here to dinner. This A.M. I made a Pie-Plant Pie; had nice cake; and bread, and Tomato Sauce, and Potatoes; Fresh Fish; Mustard Pickle Plum Sauce. So I got them a nice dinner. Then finished (after they went away) cleaning; and painting my chamber clothes press. So I've had a busy day.

May Ist, Sabbath day. Pa went to church. The sermon was directed to the 33d who were there in abody in the middle slips. They had to leave for war this P.M. Oh how sorry I am for some mothers. Mr. R. Knapp addressed them nicely, yes our Pastor is able to do whatever he undertakes

2d. A nice day. I worked in my posy bed until noon. Julia Van Valkenburg came to dinner. I got slips of Mrs.Montieth and got some dirt-heating to put them in. I trimmed our Rose Bushes. Julia Van. fetched me some Dahlias.

3d. A cold wet day. I was sick all day. Pa went fishing had good luck.

4th. Some wet this A.M. cold air all the time. finally quite a good day. I went to the village with Pa. We took Sister Hannah a nice mess of fish.

5th. I made a Pie-Plant-Pie, then took up carpet, and cleaned my bedroom real nice. Pa brushed the carpet, and we put it-down. I cleaned my Bureau all the drawers. took it out in the wood shed. Mrs. Haverley called awhile.

6th. Pleasant. I ripped up my Drab worsted dress.

7th. I finished fixing my dress, and baked cake and bread. worked in my posy bed some, and done painting in the pantry: Bessie North called, and eat lunch with me. Pa has been up to Mr. Norths all day fitting his Potato ground. I got a nice mess of Asparagras for supper. Its been a fine day, warm and pleasant. Yesterday Alice called over with Norris. Sister Lydia comes every day generally.

8th. Sabbath day. A nice day. Pa went to church. I wrote to Dear Ruby and read in my bible

May 9th. Pleasant. Geo. planted Potatoes up on Mr. North. Sister Lydia helped me and we washed, dried and ironed clothes.

10th. Pleasant. I painted the trees. got our first mess of greens. I called up to Mr. Montieths ;and planted Posy Peas, and Waufron prison plant and Petunias in with the large Rose bush and Bachelor Button seeds.

11th. Some rainy. I sowed Celery seeds, and done mending. Geo. got him 2 pairs of Pants $1.80

12th. Some rainy all day.

May 12, 1898 - Old Mr. Hall was buried at Delhi. Geo. and all the neighbours met at the house with Rev. Parks and had a prayer service; then the Delhi Hearse took him to the Delhi Cemetery. Mr. Hall was most 76 years old. He lived here above us with his Son.

13th. Pleasant. We have done various things and drove to the village. I bought a new Vail, and a cheap cape. Geo. 3 pairs of socks. I took out the old lining; and put in a new lining in my bonnet, and trimmed it new with the same ribbon I have wom 12 years both winter and summer. Darius gave it to me. I called at Mrs. Haverlies.

14th. Pleasant. being Sat. I made bread and cake and getting things ready to go to N.Y. Recd a letter from Lucy.

15th. This morning some rainy. Sabbath day. I commenced the New Testament Feb 7th finished to-day May 15th. I've written to Lucy today in answer to hers of last night.

16th. Rainy all day. We got transportation fare to go to N.Y.

17th. Pleasant. We washed, ironed mended some. Geo. fixed the corn ground. I planted our Sun Flour seeds.

18th. Pleasant. Geo. planted our corn, and Squashes, Cucumbers, beans, etc. I've baked some, and been fixing to go to N.Y. So many things to think of and do.

19th. A rainy day. got our trunk and other things about ready to go. every day is hard for me; so many things to try to think of, so as nothing will be left undone. I'm so nervous too.

20th. A fine morning. We expect to go on the noon train to N.Y. We went as expected. had a pleasant ride and Darius at the train waiting for us when we got to Weehawkin. I wasent well while we were away but enjoyed a good deal visiting at Darius' home, over to Brother Johns; and at Anna Barnhart. We went over to N.Y. to see Central Park with Darius and Jennie and Baby and out on the Trolley Car a few miles one day with Dear Jennie. one day out to the Stores on the hill and enjoyed a good deal, and came back home on June 8th, had another fine ride. Of course glad to get home again. Found things all right. Gone from home 19 days. There had been some rains; and weeds, as well as other things got a large growth while we were away. Yes, we visited at Walter Dans too on our way home. Maggie and Ella went there with us.

June 9th, Thursday at home and got a mess of greens for dinner. made a loaf of cake this morn- ing. We stopped and got a loaf of bread at the Bakery when we came home

10th. Pleasant. Geo. done hoeing. I done weeding.

11th. Pleasant. A Shower early this morning. Geo cut a little grass to make roads, and had nine large heaps; got it in to-day. hail storm to-night.

12th. A pleasant A.M., but a hard rain at night. neither of us were able to go to church.

13th Pleasant all day until night rained. Geo. got Cellery, Cabbage, and Rootabaga plants and set them out. now to-night it rains. I wasent able to help him. A letter from Ruby.

May 25th 1898 - Ella Pierson Wife of Edson Dan died. Aged 47 years.

14th Pleasant. We washed, Ironed, etc. Geo. cultivated our potatoes up to Mr. Norths, and then went for our trunk which didn't come yet.

15th. Pleasant. Our trunk came. Geo. cut our clover meadow over the fence and finished the garden hoeing. I finished weeding Onion bed and done several pieces of mending.

16th. Pleasant. Geo. stirred over the hay and put it up in heaps to-night. mowed all the rest to- day. Bessie North called awhile. I've been doing mending, and weeding.

17th. Pleasant. Geo. took care of the hay. I picked the berries, sleeked up the parlar, and front porch; made a loaf of Angel food cake and one gold cake, and a pumpkin pie besides so many other things which must be done each day. Mrs. Montieth; and Mary Willard called and Mary North was here awhile. Ruby and her girls came at night.

18th. Sabbath day. Dear Julia and Will came with Baby in the morning. They stayed with Davids folks over night. We a had a nice visit. Will had to go right back to do chores. Dear Ruby had to go back Sunday. Julia stayed until Tues. then Pa took her part way to meet Will.

19th. It rained hard Sunday part of the day. Monday it rained hard part of the day. Tues. been pleasant. Mr. and Mrs. Montieth carne down to visit with Julia Monday evening.

22d. Rained hard in the A.M., later pleasant and Geo, and I drove over to Andrews.

23d. Pleasant. We washed and in the P.M. Geo. went and hoed Potatoes. I mended after doing our ironing. Edd Shaw called on us in the P.M.

June 24th. Quite a strong wind but only a sprinkle of rain. Geo. finished hoeing his com here. I done several pieces, and finished footing my stockings. I took up the stitches, and commenced on Georges socks. I called over to see Alice.

25th. Pleasant. Straw Berries we have now, all we wish to eat and sell Lydia some.

26th. Pleasant. Pa has gone to church. I have written to Brother John and Darius.

27th. Pleasant. We washed, and ironed. Geo. doctored his Potatoes with Paris Green, and drew in hay for Mr. Eckler and Dickerman.

28th. Some rainy. We went to Downsville to Lucys. had a nice visit.

29th. Pleasant fine day.

June 29th 1898 - Married - Geo. A. McDonald of Washingtonville. formerly of Telford Hollow and Son of Geo. W. McDonald To Colista B. Dan of Downsville Telford Hollow (Daughter of Matthew Dan of Telford Hollow Downsville) at the Brides home and immediately after dinner started for her Husbands appointment, and some where he is Stationed as Pastor of the church, and has rooms to live. Just the two families were invited. 50 invited guests.

30th. Pleasant. Good hay weather.

July Ist. Pleasant. We went up to Rubys, Friday, and good weather.

2d. Pleasant. Levi is building a small bam to put hay in. Etta and her Aunt and Cousin came to Levis Friday, and home Saturday, the day we came home.

3d. Sabbath day. Pleasant. We had a very warm hot day to come home. But to-day there is a nice cool breeze, with the hot sun. We drove in to see Mrs. North as we came along; the first time I had been in her house. had a pleasant call. Glad to be home again.

4th. Monday. Pleasant. Pa worked in our Pasture.

5th. We washed, and ironed, and washed a large quilt. then Geo. went up and hoed, Geo. Jennings potatoes. oh how tired he was.

6th. he has cut the hay on two islands, and put it up after going to the village with berries, 3 lbs of Gooseberries, at 8 cts lb.and 3 1/2 pounds Currants 10 cts. I made Ruby a can of Gooseberries. wrote a card to Ruby, and Julia. Pa drove up to Andrews and got their gun to keep the birds away from the Cherries and berries.

7th. Pleasant. I dug and set out my Geraniums, picked some cherries; and some berries; wed out our onion bed. Mary H. called a while.

July 8th. Pleasant. I put on my Crazy work quilt. quilted some; then picked the Currants 6 lbs to sell. Pa helped me.

9th. Made a loaf of maple layer cake; and a steamed loaf of graham, and 3 pumpkin pies. done up my work good, and got to quilting when Sister Lydia came. Soon she went home, and Alice and Winifred Russell came for a little while. Soon a knock, and Ed Shaw and Hannah, and their two children came to spend the day, and have their suppers with us. of course we were pleased to seem them. It has been a fine day as all the days are clear, and pleasant, but how dry it is getting and how we do need rain.

10th. Pleasant day. Sabbath day. We have for the first this season young Potatoes, Green Peas, and string beans; though we have some old Potatoes.

11th. Pleasant, dry very dry. Georgia Signor came back to work for Frank Dan. She called on us the same day.

12th Pleasant. I made bread and a nice pudding for supper and finished quilting my crazy- quilt. done it all alone with all the rest of my work, and helping pick berries and cherries every day. Sold cherries to get our sack of flour this week. Pa has gone fishing to-day. I get very tired all the time. Mrs. H. called this morning.

13th. Pleasant. We washed, and finished pickling our Currants. We have sold 14 lbs 1/2 currants at 10 cts a pounds. 145 cts. Sold 4 qts Strawberries 10 cts a pound; 3 lbs gooseberries 24 cts. Raspberries. Cherries 25 lbs 8 cts pound $2. 4 cts.

14th. Pleasant, and very dry.

15th. Pleasant, and dry. (these two days)

16th. Pleasant and dry. I have rnended nicely our large brown quilt, baked; been to Franks to see their sick child. Picked a mess of Peas for Alice and Mrs. Haverley; and carried to them; called on Mrs. Coal; and got Pie Plant and made 4 cans; besides getting garden sauce and cooking for ourself, and having Lydia to dinner with me and every- thing else. Geo. helped .

16th. Saturday. Andrew makes a stack and finish haying. Willard and Frank Dan finished haying to-day. I am picking our Raspberries and drying them. To-night Hattie Elwood came to stay with us.

17th. Sunday. Pleasant day.

18th. Pleasant, only a sprinkle.

July 19th. Rained just a little. We took up the old Carpet, put down the better one. I blacked the stove, baked bread, had Lydia to dinner. Jessie Smith called; and Georgia S. I'm so tired, as I am every night. Willard called yesterday.

20th. pleasant so we washed, and dried clothes. Lydia helped me. Geo. went on the hill helping Mr. Montieth in his haying. I got my ironing done, but was sick all night with diarrhea.

21st. I've been sick to-day; but have fixed me a skirt. Mrs. H. called awhile to see me. Its been a very warm day.

22d. A nice rain to-day. I put a new yoke on my skirt for winter, made cake, and done the work. Geo. raked up some grass. Frank Dan mowed; drew it up home. had a nice jag. he was pleased with it.

23d. A pleasant day. I baked bread, made a new night cap; mended quite some; went to the village; and made a call with Geo. at Mr. Montieth. Cut out 5 blocks of piece work.

24th. Pleasant Sabbath day. I wrote to Darius.

July 7, 1898 - Born to David and Jennie Alexander a Son.

25th. Pleasant, dry. Geo. is on the hill helping Mr. Montieth in his haying, built a stack; finished. At night it commenced to rain. It must have rained most of the night. Rained some this morning of the 26th. I've been sick all day. Sister Lydia been here helping me. Geo. has been fishing.

27th. Pleasant. I'm not well at all. I've made cookies; and been in bed.

28th. Had a nice shower last night. Pleasant to-day. Georgia calls often. . 29th. I went to town yesterday, and got gingham for Geo. some shirts. I've got lining for Dear Julias quilt and got it all ready to quilt. Geo. got him a pair of thin pants. Pleasant to- day; and oh so hot every day. Mr. Montieth cut his oats here by us to-day. Mrs. Montieth sent me a qt of Red Raspberries.

30th. Pleasant so we washed, and dried clothes- to-night it rains. I baked bread, and ironed.

31st. Pleasant. Pa went to church.

Aug. Ist. Pleasant day, but rained hard before dark to-night. I cut out Georges gingham shirts and commenced them. Mrs. H. made a nice call.

2d rained hard last-night. Pleasant. Geo. went over the hill after Sadie and Grace. Lydia was over to-night. Georgia came in a while. I done sewing on those shirts.

Aug. 3d. Pleasant. I finished the Shirts. I made a call with Sadie and Grace over to Franks of an hour.

4th. quite rainy. I fixed Pas pants and knit-some. took time to visit with the girls and amuse them because I ought to

5th. Pleasant. Geo raked oats for Geo. Jennings. The little girls have a nice time.

6th. Pleasant. He raked oats to-day. Peter Barlow and Wife visited us. Mrs. Montieth called on us. I'm so tired to-night.

7th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. I've read a good deal in my bible.

8th. Pleasant, so we washed and dried clothes; but in the P.M. rained hard. Sadie and Grace went down to Mr. Haverlies. Pa got our horse shod.

9th Pleasant. Geo., Sadie and Grace have gone to Franklin. Lydia, Georgia, and Alice came over a while. I called over there a while.

10th. A rainy day; and quite cool. I've been alone, only Mrs. H. called, and in the P.M. Mrs. Coal called. I've written to Darius and Jennie and knit on Geo. sock.

11th. Pleasant. Geo. and the girls came home from Franklin. I've been alone all day.

12th. Pleasant. Geo, helped Mr. H. in his oats. Up to the Weed farm this A.M. and up to the Beagle place this P.M.

13th. Pleasant. Aug 13th, 1898 - Mrs. Geo. Leonard was buried, and Sadie, Grace and Grand Pa went in to the funeral at the house. Mrs. Dickerman; and Mrs. Haddock called on us,

14th. Pleasant, only at night a Shower. Sabbath day. Sadie and Grace here with us. We read; and all passed the day pleasantly.

15th. Pleasant. Geo. worked for Mr. H. in the A.M. and for Willard in the P.M. I done a little of every thing and finished reading Barriers Bums Away.

16th. Tues. Geo. has gone to take the girls home. I have been up to Mr. North. Just got home. I had time to feed the hens before it rained after I got home.

17th. Rained very hard last night. Pleasant to-day. This P.M. Winifred and Letha came to stay over night to supper and breakfast. Dear me I'm so tired tonight.

Aug. 18th. We Lydia and I washed; I dried clothes, and ironed. Geo. cut oats for Geo. Jennings. It rained in the P.M. and

19th. it rains hard this morning. Lightening struck Phares Terrys large bam and full of hay and burned it all up. Last eve 8:30 we saw the fire when H. Hendersons large barn burnt with all its contents. As good a barn as is in the county. cause of fire unknown. been a rainy day. Geo. went fishing; got a good rness.

20th.. Pleasant. Geo. went to cut oats for Jennings.

21th. Sabbath. We went to church. heard an excellent sermon by Rev. Mr. Dean. Something flare. In the P.M. Georgia and Augusta Bennett called a while. Augusta works for Edson Dan. Mr. H. called a little while.

22d. Monday. We washed, ironed and quite a lot of chores. Mrs. Montieth called and fetched us a nice bowl of Black Berries.

23d. Pleasant A.M. Pa went to the train to meet Dear Jennie, and Vera. I had dinner; and Alice, Frank with their children, and hired girl; and Sister Lydia came over to meet Jennie, and eat dinner with us. We all had a nice pleasant time; though at night it commenced to rain about 5 oclock, and thunded, and lighten terribly, and kept it up until eleven.

24th. Pleasant A.M. and in the P.M. about as it did yesterday, it rained, and poured hard again. Some cooler now. Today we set togather Jennies crazy work quilt, and Jennie helped work the seams.

25th. Pleasant A.M. Rainy later. Jennie and Pa went to town and got lining and narrow ribbon, with wadding so we could quilt Jennies Crazy quilt. We finished it, and put it out this P.M. worked some on it.

26th. Pleasant until night. It rains every night. We got off the quilt, and made it. I cut, our second pumpkin. got some ripe tomatoes two weeks ago. got 6 to-night, more are ripening.

27th. Pleasant, and cool. I made 3 pumpkin pies, and a loaf of Butternut cake. We enjoy a great deal each day with the baby Vera, she is so cute and knowing.

28th. Sabbath. Pleasant. Geo. and Dear Jennie and Baby went to church. I've read in my bible.

29th. we washed and ironed.

Aug. 30th. I baked bread, Pumpkin Pies and cookies. Charley and Frances came to dinner. Last night it thundered, and lightened terribly, and rained hard. Pa and Jennie and Baby are gone down town this P.M.

31th. Pleasant beautiful day. Wednesday. We all went to the Fair. took our dinners. Charley eat with us. At night Lucy came with Enoch Young. Stayed all night; and to the Fair the next day.

Sept Ist, Thursday. Pleasant.

2d. Pleasant. Lucy and Enoch went home early as they could get away.

3d. Pleasant every day of the Fair was pleasant. Early in the morning Will and Julia came with Baby.

4th. Sat. Will and Julia and Pa with Jennie went to Downsville. Geo. carne home at night. I've worked all day, all I could. at night Mrs. H. and Mary called. 5th. Pleasant, and hot all day. at night a thunder storm as usual. to-night some hail with it. Georgia came over a while.

5th. Pleasant. Monday. Julia and Will came from Downsville and eat supper with us. Geo. cut up our corn this A.M. and up to Mr. North's digging Potatoes after. Will and Julia have gone down to Davids to stay to-night.

6th. Pleasant day. Geo. went up to Sam Terrys this morning and got 10 lbs of Box Honey for us to use this winter - I0 cts a lb. Geo. has helped Frank dig Potatoes. I made sweet tomato pickles. Alice and Georgia was over awhile. I'm nearly sick for two days. It rains every night.

7th. Rainy. I was sick in bed all day.

8th. Pleasant. I'm better so am dressed, and work some. Geo. is helping Frank dig potatoes again to-day. I've had so many callers. Mrs. White and Alice, Georgia; and Fred Hubbell. Fred is going to stay all night.

9th. Pleasant. I've put up now 22 cans of tomatoes. I expect to stay tonight with Mrs. Haverley because her folks Father, Fred, and Mary went on the excursion and wont be home until in the night. I'm not able to go, but hated to say no.

10th. Pleasant. When we came home this morning Pa found Darius here. he had broken in and gone to bed. he was sick, but after breakfast he drove over the hill to see Jennie. Georgia Signor rode over with him. She wasn't able to work. Geo. is helping cut com to-day for Frank Dan.

Sep-t. 11th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. We are home all day. Mary Liddle came to work for Alice yesterday. Mary called over a little while.

Mary Liddle will be 18 years the second of October 1898. Mary Haverley will be 19 the tenth of October.

12th. Monday. We washed. I fixed six qts of Ripe Tomatoes in cans. Alice called over with her 3 children.

13th. Pleasant. Geo. worked for Frank cutting corn. I ironed, and put up tomatoes.

14th. Pleasant. Geo is digging our potatoes. I made pies; canned tomatoes and lots of other work. I had callers in,

15th. Pleasant. Geo. finished digging our potatoes, and got them home from Mr. Norths. I made bread; and been mending after cutting and stewing apples, and making chocolate cake.

16th. Pleasant. Darius and Jennie came from Downsville. Jessie Elwood and her Mother visited us. Winifred came on her wheel; from her school in the Demelt Dist and stayed one night with us; and went back Sat. the 17th.

17th. Pleasant. we are enjoying our visit with D. and Jennie. to-day Jennie and Baby and I went up by the brook and got Spearmint for Jennie to take home.

18th. Pleasant. Sabbath day. D. and Jennie and Baby have been here with us all day. We have read, and had the hammock to lie in and rest. had a pleasant day of rest.

19th. Pleasant. D. and Baby and Jennie have gone to Franklin to-day. Pa fixed our new clothes line up on new posts; and in the P.M., he husked corn for Willard.

20th. Pleasant. Geo. husked com. Lydia helped me wash. I ironed, stewed pumpkin, besides everything else.

21th. Pleasant. D. and Jennie came from Franklin. Pa husked corn. I made cake and Pies, and mended.

22d. Pleasant, D. is cleaning the wagon and going to take it home to Mrs. Haverlies. D. and J. drove over to Brother Andrews. They are here with us to-night. Sister Lydia eat dinner with us.

23d. Friday. We all went over to Franks to dinner; and to Brother Willard to tea.

24th. We all went over to Brother Andrews to dinner; and in the evening Mr. Haverley and Fred came up here. Everyone wants to visit with Darius and Jennie.

Sept. 25th. Pleasant. Sabbath day. Mr. Mundy, a friend of Darius eat dinner with us.

26th. Pleasant, but rains hard to-night. D. and Jennie went to the village calling this P.M. back home to dinner. Mrs. H. made me a nice call this P.M.

27th. Pleasant. Darius and Jennie cleaned my parlor this A.M. Called at Mr. H's, and on the 4:30 train went home. Its all so quiet without them, and Baby making the home very lonely. God bless them and keep hem from every harm is my prayer.

28th. Pleasant. Lydia helped me wash. Geo. is husking com. Mrs. Montieth called awhile.

29th. Pleasant. Geo. husking com. Alston and Loretta came visiting, stayed to dinner, and after 8 oclock. I sent a letter to Brother John.

30th. Pleasant. Alice called, fetched Geo. and I a piece of cake. I done ironing and mending. Alston and Loretta eat dinner with us.

Oct Ist. Pleasant. Geo. husked com. I made bread, and Pies and done everything,

2d. A pleasant Sabbath day. Geo. and I have been here alone, read and rested. Pa lay in the hammock.

Oct 3d, 1898 - Cora Dan died this morning at 4 oclock of hemorage of the lungs. most 23 years old. Geo. and I went down this A.M. to see Cora and see if they needed our help.

3d. Geo. got his wagon wheel fixed, the tire set to one wheel. I fixed my hat some; and made some Bone Set Syrup.

4th. Pleasant lovely weather The trees on the mountains are loking handsome now in such pretty colors.

5th. A very rainy day. We have been to Cora Dans funeral. there was a large attendance notwithstanding the weather and a large quantity of flowers. Coras casket was imitation of marble, with 6 silver handles. the most beautiful one we ever saw. Cora is at rest. She'l never be tired anymore; neither sick anymore, but she'l sing in the Angel choir. tonight. I've written to Brother John.

6th. Pleasant. Lydia helped me wash. Geo. husked corn, he has now husked 200 bushels for Frank Dan.

Oct. 7th. We went to Downsville. Geo. came home Sunday the 9th and helped Mr. H. 2 days husk com and Wedns. he went over to A. Vanvalken and back Thurs. Sat. he came back to Downsville; and Sister Phebe rode over with him. he visited until Friday the 21st, we came home. We have had a nice pleasant visit with them all, and I got my quilt made so nice at Ruby. Lucy was up and helped get it on the frames, and baste it.

22d it is rainy. We had a nice time to come home yesterday. Levi paid us our interest; and payment on the place. He is always so prompt and honest with us.

23d. Pleasant. Fred Hubbell eat dinner with us.

24th. Pleasant. Geo. dug potatoes for Geo. Jennings. I fixed my hat, and done lots of things to get ready to go to Julias tomorrow.

25th. Geo. and I went to Julias. Pleasant day. Geo. helped Will finish up husking com; and went up to Charleys some night and up to J. Hodges one.

Nov. 2d we came home. had a real pleasant time; and got home safe and found every thing all right. Oct 27th had a little flurry of snow, but not any to make the ground white. the first we had.

3d. pleasant.

4th. pleasant, beautiful weather. yesterday we went down and got a new carpet for our bedroom. to-day I canned some apples.

5th. Pleasant. Geo and I have both been picking up some applies on Frank, so we have plenty for winter. gathered our Cabbage and hung it in the cellar. gathered the beets, and carrots too.

6th. Sabbath. Geo went to church.

7th. Pleasant this P.M. some snowy this morning, so the ground was white, but went off like deer. We washed, dried clothes, ironed. I stewed pumpkin, and made pies. Geo. drew wood for Mr. Eckler, and took two chickens for pay. Geo. got lumber to ceil the side room of the chamber parlor.

8th. Pleasant. I've been cleaning some in the pantry.

9th. Lydia came and helped me, and we made our new carpet.

10th. Rainy. Mr. North helped ceil our side room.

11th. Rainy. Mr. North helped in the A.M. eat cherries. Dursky Elwood visited and eat with us. Walter Elwood fell and broke his arm, and the Dr. sent his rig for Dursky so Geo. didn't go home with him as he expected to do. Nov. 11th that was; and our new room was finished that day.

Nov. 12th. I cleaned the rooms up stairs and put down the carpet in the large room. Geo. helped Mr. North.

13th. Pleasant. Geo. went to church.

14th. Pleasant. I cleaned all the wood work, up stairs. took up the old carpet, cleaned the room, and Pa helped me put down the new one. I baked bread too.

15th. We washed and ironed.

16th. Pleasant beautiful day. Pa fixed henhouse with Tarpaper. I put down chamber, and stair carpets and picked up several pails of apples over to Franks.

17th. Some rainy. we went and see Walter Elwood, who had his arm broken and eat dinner with them. In the evening we went up to Geo. Tacys. had a real pleasant visit.

18th. Some rainy. Geo. worked this A.M. for Mr. Dickerman; and this P.M. helped Mr. North butcher a Pig. I finished cleaning in my pantry; fixed my window curtain, picked up 2 bushels apples on Franks and put them in our cellar. chinked around two windows and a good many other things, besides fixing a pair of socks, and cutting a pumpkin this evening.

19th. Some rainy all day. I finished cutting blocks for my quilt.

20th. Sabbath day. Rainy cold wind.

21s. Pleasant beautiful day. I made Butternut cake, and Fried cakes, made an apron; besides doctoring Pa, he is real bad off with Rheumattism in his knee.

22d. Pleasant.

23d Pleasant. our pork came. Mr. Sykes eat dinner with us. After dark, Pa and I cut it up. tried the lard, got it packed in the bbl. and mess all cleaned up from pork and laid at eight oclock. Yesterday I made fried cakes, today with all the rest I made bread, and 3 nice pumpkin pies.

24th. Set in and snowed all the P.M. The first snow storm of the Season. Our Dear Children all came home Thanksgiving day except D. Charley and Julia from Franklin with their Families. Will and Baby and Frances and Lucy and Hanford and Winifred; and Ruby and Levi and their two little girls. Julia fetched a turkey or dinner and stuffing and had it steamed so it was ready for the table in a little while; Lucy and Ruby too; and Charley all fetched everything for our table. So our table was loaded to groaning. We had a pleasant visit; but it was snowing hard for them all to go home, and made a hard day for everyone of them. Pa and I are left alone again; and it is so quiet, and lonely. I don't know as we can ever forget the pleasures of this day while memory retains her throne.

Nov. 25th. Snowed some most all day. Fell 4 inches yesterday, and night. Today Pa and I made sausage, and packed five pans; two for Darius, 3 for ourselves. We've had a very hard day and about sick to begin with; but its been very pleasant between us; though quite cold, and unpleasant out of doors. Our home is lovely generally.

26th. Snowy all day. I helped clean up things from making sausage, boiled the Hog head, and some bony pieces and chopped and made Headcheese. how glad I am the butchering works are all done. I was tired, but went over to see Alice a little while tonight. Geo. came over to go home with me. So goes this week.

27th. Cold, and snowy. Pa and I have been alone all day; read in our bibles, and I wrote to Julia and Darius.

28th. Washed, ironed and made pumpkin Pies. Its been pleasant

29th. Pleasant. I've been fixing our old carpet ready to put down.

30th. Some snowy. We called at Mr. Haverleys this evening. Today I made Cabbage Salad and finished fixing our old carpet.

Dec. Ist. Pleasant day.

2d. Pleasant. Geo. helped Andrew Pillsbury butcher.

3d Pleasant morning and all day. Mr. Montieth and Wife; and Mr. North and Wife and two children visited us and eat dinner with us. We all had a real pleasant visit allowing me to be judge. two of their children are sick and couldn't come; Bessie and Ruth.

4th. Pleasant all day; but rough tonight. Pa went to church

5th. A snowy, cold day and to-night it is just howling. wouldn't be so cold if it wasent for the wind. We Pa and I took up the good carpet, and put down the one I have fixed up for winter. It looks real good. It has been hard for us; we are both so lame to get down.

6th. quite cold, don't snow much.

7th . quite pleasant. Walter and Dusky was up here visiting. .

8th. cold, some snowy. we washed

Dec. 9th. cold, some snowy.

Dec. 7th, 1898 - Fred, Son of Samuel and May Fine Terry was buried to day. He as about two years old.

I0th. cold, pleasant. I finished Little Charleys mittens, baked bread, and pies; and read some.

11th. Sabbath day. We are home alone. quite pleasant, a little snow in the air.

12th. snowy all day. fine and cold.

13th. cold, quite pleasant. Geo. went Suckering, got 3 largest I ever saw. I've been piecing for two days and reading some times to rest.

14th. Pleasant weather. Geo. went to Franklin

15th. Pleasant nice day. Good winter weather but little snow. Hope more will come. Geo. came home.

16th. Pleasant. Geo. has gone fishing. I've been making Pies, and cake.

17th. Some snowy. Winifred came with Mr. Johnson; eat dinner with us; and now gone to Downsville. Her school closed last night.

18th. Sabbath day. We wrote to Brother Jonah Signor. Pleasant day.

19th. Pleasant beautiful day. We washed, ironed some; cut apples and made 3 rnince pies, my first.

20th. miisty with a little rain all day. We sent Darius a box of Sausage and 21 lbs of honey. I set the blocks together for a quilt, purple and blue.

21st. Warm; misty all day. We went to see Delia Weed, eat dinner. Called at Fitches store. In the evening Frank and Alice came awhile to see us.

22d. Pleasant day, but to-night it rains, and blows. Brother Andrew and Jane, May, Charley and Fred visited at Franks.

23d. A beautiful day.

24th. Sat. we went over to Rubys House.

25th. was with them Sabbath day.

Dec. 26th. Monday came home. Its been so pleasant all the time we were gone and still is now tonight we'er home. We've had a pleasant visit, and returned home safety.

27th. Snowy all day. Fred Hubbell carne here with his wife to visit us. They were married Xmas eve.

28th. Fred H. and Wife have gone away. I'ts cold, and snowy. Tom Thompson came last night, expected Geo. to take him to Franklin; it has been so cold they couldn't go to- day. maybe will go tomorrow. Tom is here tonight. I wrote Darius and Lucy tonight,

.29th Pleasant day. Geo. went to take Tom over to Wills. Lydia is here with me. Mr. and Mrs. Montieth called awhile this evening.

30th. Pleasant. Geo. came home from Franklin. Tom went over the hill.

31st. Snowy all day. Tom came back, and Geo. went and took him part way to Wills then he went on over there we suppose

January 1899

Ist. Pleasant day, but very cold Sabbath. I sent a letter to E. M. Day and one to Laura Mc Dougal.

2d. Pleasant, cold. I done piece work.

3d. Pleasant, warmer. We washed, dried clothes, ironed some.

4th. Some rainy.

5th. Pleasant. This morning the snow is all gone to the South Wind.

6th. A rainy day. Some snow. I'm not well, and only do our common work to-day.

Jan 6th. 1899 - Mrs. Carr is buried to-day. We saw the hearse go up- and the funeral procession go down.

7th. Pleasant, but cold and windy. I'm now well at all, and cant do much.

8th. Sabbath. Pleasant, and cold.

9th. Some snowy.

10th. Pleasant, but coldest we have seen. Geo. helped W. North butcher.

11th. Pleasant. Winifred and Mr. Johnson was with us to dinner. Winifred going to Sidney to try the Teachers examination. Lucy and Winifred came from N.Y. by way of East Branch; home Monday the 9th.

Jan. 12th. Pleasant. I fixed my skirt and Pa went for Suckers- didn't get any. I wrote to Darius.

13th. Some rainy. I rode down to Mrs. Haverlies when Geo. went to the village. The first I had been in the cutter this winter. I got 6 cakes of soap of them from the box. Mr. H. sent and got and a paper of Borapine. All 37 cts.

14th A rainy day. Will came and eat breakfast with us this morning, and went right home. He came to Walton last night to fetch over his beef to sell. He fetched us a nice piece to boil, and a nice piece of liver.

15th. Sabbath day. Pleasant. Pa and I are here alone all day.

16th. Pleasant. We washed and dried clothes. didn't freeze at all, lovely day.

17th. Rainy. Geo. went fishing. got a good mess. Lydia eat dinner with us. Mrs. H. called.

18th. Pleasant day, but cold. I patched a wolen shirt for George and soled my felt shoes.

19th. Pleasant. Geo. and I went to Bro. Andrews visiting. eat dinner with them. After we came home Mrs. Montieth called.

20th. Pleasant. I done sorting potatoes and apples; fixed 2 cabbage heads to cook, baked a squash; got cellery and cleaned; chopped meat, cut apples, and chopped and made 8 qts of Mince meat and canned it. I am awful tired tonight. Geo. went fishing.

21th. Pleasant. Mr. Montieth invited us, and we went up there and eat supper with them. Had a pleasant evening visiting.

22d. quite pleasant Sabbath day

23d. Pleasant Monday. Geo. chopped wood on Willards and fell and hurt him but not so he cant work. I made rnince pies in the P.M. earlier I sewed some.

24th. Rainy day. Geo went to Downsville

25th. he came home. It was quite pleasant.

26th. Pleasant. Fred Hubbell and Wife stayed with us all night, and went to Delhi 26h.

27th. A rough morning Snows some and wind blows a hurricane Friday morning. I'm wondering if Fred and Wife came back yesterday and went to their home.

28th. Pleasant but cold. I went to the village to the store with Geo. when he went to caucus. I called on Darlows. Eat dinner with Ada and Win. called on sister Asenath, she is sick, and called on Jays folks. Eva had headache.

Jan. 29th. Sabbath day. Geo. and I was here alone. Pleasant day, cold.

30th. Pleasant. We washed. Geo. went fishing. got lots of them.

31st. Pleasant. Geo. went to Downsville, to Rubys. Fred and Lizzie came down here in the evening.

Feb Ist. Pleasant. Geo. came home from Downsville.

2d. Pleasant beautiful day. Lizzie is with us. Fred is at Downsville.

3d. A rainy and snowy day.

4th. Pleasant. Fred came back today, and both of them eat dinner with us. Alice called awhile with her work.

5th. It snowed when we got up, snowed all day. Pa and I have read and been alone.

6th. Pleasant. Geo went to Post

7th. snowed all day Tuesday

8th. snowed all day Wednesday.

9th. Thursday. We were invited down to Willards with Andrews folks and went. had a real nice visit and dinner.

10th. Pleasant. We hulled some corn.

11th. Pleasant. I rode with Geo. to the village.

12th. Sabbath day. Snowy all day.

13th. Snowy day as we ever seen and oh dear cold.

14th. Town Meeting. Pleasant, but the wind will blow the snow into big drifts as it can. It isn't .as cold as it was. I commenced a Patchwork guild Monday.

15th. Pleasant day.

16th. Pleasant day, but snows tonight. I washed, and baked bread, going to rain tonight.

Feb. I 7th. Pleasant day. We went to the village. This week I have made 2 patchwork blocks - 36 inches by 20 1/2.

18th. Pleasant. Geo. and I went down to Marions. had a very good visit and lovely dinner, and pleasant cutter ride. Arthur was just home from War and Charley, and Augustine were all home. Winifred is with us tonight. Alice and Mamie called awhile.

19th. Pleasant most all day. Sunday. Winifred has been with us all day. Herbert came after her tonight.

20th. A beautiful day.

21st. A nice day. G. Howard and Wife and grand child visited us, had dinner.

22d. rained in the morning, then pleasant day.

23d. Mr. Montieth and Wife with Geo. and I spent a pleasant eve at Mr. Norths.

24th. Geo and I; With Willard and Wife and Allie visited at Brother Andrews. We all enjoyed it very much.

25th. Pleasant. Alice came over with her work for an hour and half In the P.M. Mrs. Haverley came for two hours. In the evening Mr. and Mrs. Montieth came down for the evening. Real nice I think.

26. A very unpleasant stormy day outside, cold rain. Pa and I are alone this Sabbath.

27th. Pleasant. Tom Thompson came back from Franklin and will stay here all night. I finished patching on the quilt I commenced two weeks ago to-day. Grace quilt sometime. 28th. Pleasant, lovely day. We washed; dried clothes; and ironed. cut, and stewed apple sauce.

Mar. Ist. A beautiful day. I cleaned our front porch and the parlor rugs; and wiped all around the parlor. I got corn and shelled, and hulled a kettle full. I took Lydia a little pail of hulled com

2d. A very snowy day.

3d. Pleasant day. Aunt Almada and Polly Barlow visited us, eat dinner. Geo. went after them; and took them home.

4th. Some stonny. I called at Mr. Montieth. I finished Graces quilt.

5th. Sabbath day. A rainy day.

Mar. 6th. Monday. Pleasant beautiful day. Geo. chopped wood some; he went to the village

7th. A very snowy day. Snow fell 6 inches. I made my new pillow. mended Geo. mittens, done patchwork some. cut and stewed apples.

8th. Pleasant day. I mended Stockings and Geo. vest.

9th. Pleasant and cloudy.

10th. Pleasant. Geo. chops every day all he is able.

11th. Pleasant. Alice called and others

12th. Sabbath day. Eva Van Valkenburg came up to stay with us over night. She has been 2 weeks WORKING; learning Dress makers trade. Geo. and I are alone today. Its quite a rainy day.

13th. We washed and dried clothes, it was such a fine day. I ironed too. In the evening Fred and Lizzie was down, and Mary Liddle and Lydia came over awhile.

14th. Pleasant. Geo. chopped down on the flat and in the P.M. went and caught a mess of fish. I mended in the A. M. later I done patchwork

15th. A cold wind, and some rain and snow. Old Tom came back from Downsvifle, had his dinner here and went to Franklin to Mr. Russells. I've cleaned around a good deal, and made 2 mince Pies and Fried cakes. Geo. cracked Buttemuts and picked out a bunch of meats to make cake. It was real good of him to do it.

16th. Cold windy day. Dear Lucy came over with a teamster, and got oh so cold, almost frozen.

17th. Pleasant. and we asked Uncle Willard and Aunt May, and Alice, and we had a nice time. Uncle Andrews family, and Frank and Alice were invited, but couldnt come.

18th. Rainy and snow, and sleet all day. Winifred came up this morning. Geo. went after her to the village. Tonight Geo, went and took Winifred and Lucy down to Wins.

19th. Sabbath, Rainy, snowy and windy. Geo. went down to Wins and got Lucy. Lucy is with us tonight.

20th. Lucy washed, and ironed for us. Its been a cold windy, snowy day. I've been about sick all day; but around generally.

21st. A pleasant day. A week tomorrow since she came. Hanford came over after Dear Lucy and they went home after dinner. Its been quite a bad time. one day the stage couldn't get through. Hanford says its drifted as badly as he ever saw it over the mountain.

Mar. 22d. Very stormy A. M. Pleasant later. I cut apples and made 3 pies, done mending. Bessie and Mary North visited and eat with us. Sister Lydia helped me some today.

23d. Pleasant P.M. Alice came over awhile and Sister Lydia. Fred Hubbell moved down to P. Sentons his goods; and he and Wife going to Delhi to her Mothers

24th. Pleasant. Geo. chopping wood all he can. Mrs. Montieth came in for two hours to visit us.

25th. Sat. I've only laid on the lounge all the time I didnt have to work. A couple came to have us give them dinner. two who seamed to be needy; so it was our duty.

26th. Pleasant. Geo. and I alone all day reading,

27th. Pleasant. We boiled a tea cup of molasses.

28th. Some snowy, and windy and cold. Geo. went up to chop. Had a poor spell and didn't stay long, being so cold to.

29th. Cold and windy. Some snowy most of the day. Geo. and I have been here alone, about sick all day. my poorest day this winter.

30th. Pleasant. Geo. and I've both poorly, and Dr. Holley came to see us. Alice came over awhile so good of her. I suffered pain all last night, and to day.

31st. Pleasant. I've been sick all day.

Apr. 1st. Squally all day. Geo. went down to the selling of seats at the church and got dinner there. I've been sick all day. Lydias been with me. Alice carne over and fetched a pie

2d. Snowed a little, was windy, squally.

3d. Geo's birthday. Pleasant. Lydia helped Geo. wash, and she got clothes dry and ironed.

4th. Tues. Pleasant. Dr. Holley came again. He said I have Shingles pretty badly. It's a perfect blotch half around me. Geo. has gone to Delhi before the board of examining physicians today. he came home at night.

6th. Pleasant day. Mrs. H. called.

8th. some rainy. tonight snowing some. Geo. got another letter ftom Mr. Dudley tonight, saying his examining papers were placed on file all right.

9th quite pleasant. Sabbath day. Mrs. H. was with us two hours.

Apr. 10th. Pleasant. Mrs. H. called a good while to help us. Dear Jennie came up from N.Y. with Vera to help us. She done washing and everything she could; and took good care of me.

Wednesday. Apr. 12th,1899 - Ellen Dan Tacy died Aged 59 years. J. Tacy died Feb 2d, 1900.

12th. quite nice weather

14th. Friday nice warm weathr. Sprinkled a little.

About Apr. Ist. I was taken sick with Shingles. Its been something terrible. Drs. all say it's the worst case ever knew. The children came and all done what they could to take care of me until June 29th. Darius came up from N.Y. (his home) and took me over to Lucys where I stayed two months. Lucy went with the horse and carriage and took me up to Rubys Aug. 29. I stayed there until Oct 4th when Pa took me to our new home in Downsville. Pa had rented our home in Walton, and bought here the Wardell property in Downsville. It is a lovely home. I do so wish I could get well. Although its now going on seven months since I've been sick. Its something terrible at nights, and days all around me from my back bone to half way in front, it stings and bums and such a deep pain, It keeps me weak, so I cant work much. My feet, and legs, and arm all have the same pains; and my neck and shoulders ache so, and are so tired when I work some. Dear Darius and Jennie, and Ruby went over with Levis horse, and wagon and helped Pa pack our things and helped one day straighten up over here. Now Dear Ruby and Lucy keeps coming to help us get to rights. I cant only get Pa and I something to eat and wash the dishes, make our bed and brush up a little. My folks have all been so good to me; Pa and all. I'ts awful for me, and worse for all the rest. and I have to ask when will the end of it all be. ownless I had a good appetite I couldn't keep up as I do.

8th. This is our first Sabbath in our new home. Brother A. M. Hulbert called to see us. Geo. went to church this morning, and gone again this evening. I do feel so thankful that we have our home together again. I said to Pa I felt like building an Altar like, Old Jacob, and calling upon the Lord. I truly am thankful for life, and every good, although the pain is so hard all the time to bear. God knows it all, and if its right, and best. He will make me get well.

15th. Saturday night again, and we about as usual. Georgia Rhead called last eve. Winifred this morning, and fetched us 2 large pumpkins and 8 winter squashes. Sadie stayed with me Wednes. night when Geo. was at Walton. Levi fetched over a load for Pa Wednesday.

18th. Geo was at Walton and Delia Hubbell and Bell came and Bell stayed with me all night.

23d. Monday, we washed. Geo. and I and tomortow he is going to Walton and I expect to stay alone over night.

Oct. 29th. Ruby and Phena came down. Ruby fetched me a large log of bread, and 4 3/4 lbs of Lamb, very nice; and she took home my washing.

31st. the last day of the month. I've been puttying and painting the chamber stairs. its very hard to work for me as I am poorly. Pa went up to Orlando Hotchkiss and got 24 lbs honey. $2, and 20 cts

Nov. 4th. Sat night has come again

5th. Sabbath day. Pa went to church.

Nov. . 6th. 1899 - Monday - Old Mrs. Alex Shaw was buried to day from the M. E Church. She has a shock of paralasis, and never regained consciouness. It was a large funeral. Geo. said 73 years old.

Nov. 6, 1899 - Dr. Bretatin baby one month old buried Saturday.

9th. Thursday. Geo and I were invited with Rev. Oakly, his Wife and children, H. and Lucy to visit and have dinner at Alfred and Phebe Youngs. We went, and had a pleasant time. Winifred is with us tonight. She and Grand Pa have gone to evening meeting.

10th. I visited at A. Astors; had a nice time. .Mrs. Carrie Clement called this evening.

15th. Geo. fetched Sister Phebe down here to stay with me while he went to Walton, to be gone all night. Dr. Holmes came here to-day to see me.

22d. Dear Ruby and her girls came to see me with Dear Lucy; and she had dinner with us. Yesterday Mr. Rose and Lucy H. R. called. Sister Phebe came again, and stayed all night. Geo. was subpoened to Delhi to-day; so he is away tonight. Mrs. E. Rowe called on her way to church.

24th. Geo. got home from Delhi. Hannah Smith visited us; eat dinner. Mrs. Teed called awhile. Sister Phebe has been here with me 3 nights again this week.

25th. Winifred came awhile when She came up to take her Painting lesson.

.Nov. 27th, 1899 - Tues. 6:40 in the morning. She (Frances, Wife of Charles Signor) died with Hemorage of the brain.

28th. Geo. went to Delhi again, and he wasent coming home until he had been to Franklin to Frances funeral at Friday I oclock at C's house. Today Thursday, Thanksgiving day.

29th. Hanford and Lucy went to Walton.

30th. they are going to Frankfin to attend Frances funeral at GH house. Sadie and Grace came down here to stay with me while Levi and Ruby went over the Frances' funeral. They came Wednesday and fetched me a chicken all dressed for Thanksgiving and a qt of sweet milk.

Dec 6th. We had quite a little snow squall. So the ground was white Dec. 6th 1899 - died John White of Walton, Alices Father. 8th. Got Pork of E. Holmes 315 lbs 5 1/2cts at Beef of Geo. Y. Signor, 114 lbs 4 1/2cts.

15th. quite cold, but rained hard last night,colder this morning. no snow only on the hill.

18th. no snow to be seen. yesterday Lucy came up after church and Levi, and Ruby came down, all with us to dinner. This is beautiful weather for 18 of Dec.

20th. Nice weather yet. I went down to Lucys, stayed all night. Geo. came for me next day and eat dinner.

21st. Geo. went to Waltons. I made mince Pies and Pumpkin pies.

25th. Xmas, Monday. Hanford and Lucy, Levi and Ruby and the little girls came to see us, and eat dinner with us. We all had a nice time.

26th. Tues. Jessie Elwood called on Wednesday. Cora Merrit called. Nice weather - 10 above Zero this A.M. been so nice all the fall. not cold winter weather at all.

30th. George has gone to Wm. McDonalds birthday party this evening. I made a cake for him to take, sent a nice dish of meat sliced. Winifred called awhile - she eat dinner with us. Yesterday Ida Signor called.

31st. Sabbath day cold. Watch meeting tonight at our church.

January 1900.

1st. Cold some snowy. We are going to Hanfords with Levis folks to hold New Years. Had a real nice time, and lovely dinner. 2d. Tues its very cold. not much snow. The ground is just gray so little snow

3d. Wednes. we were alone.

4th. Thurs, we went up to Levis.

5th. Fri. Alston and Loretta were here visiting, and to dinner.

6th. Sat. Mr. and Mrs. Rinch from our place were here visiting, and to dinner. Mrs. E Holmes came calling yesterday, Friday. Its comfortably warm again. Geo. has gone to G. A. R. post to-night.

Jan. 7th. quite rainy.

8th. pleasant, and Geo. has gone to Walton.

9th. pleasant two beautiful days. he came home.

12th. Ruby and Phena Russell visited us, and eat dinner. Sylvie Knox, and Silas Hunters Wife called on us.

14th. Sunday the first real snow storm. Snowed most of the day. though last week cutters run nicely.

15th. Monday A.M. Brice Alexander called. In the P.M. Geo. and I went down to Lucys.

16th. we went up to Phebes in the P.M.

17th. A lovely day. I washed and put out clothes. they didnt freeze and the sun shown hot, and they dried nicely.

19th. Pleasant, but rainy to-night. We went up to Philo Hotchkiss, eat dinner there. had a pleasant time.

21st. Sabbath day. Some cooler, but pleasant.

22d. Another pleasant day. We washed, and clothes didnt freeze, dried nicely, and I ironed them. Alston called awhile. Just recd a nice letter from Julia: "Good news:" Dear Charley went forward with others seeking and found Jesus; and is so happy. he ties to get others to seek and find. No other knew would have been as good to hear. Alston called awhile.

24th. Mary Elwood, and Philo and Sarah visited us. Ruby came down the night before, and stayed all night with us. Levi came after her this morning. And Nettie Olin Purdy, and Mrs. Dana made us a nice call. In the eve, Pa, and I called over to Mr. Whites. So passed a pleasant day.

25th. Geo. has gone up to Levis to chop wood.

26th. oh so cold all of a sudden.

28th. night snow fell 3 inches. Some run cutters, but mostly wagons.

29th. Sadie birthday we went up there; had a nice time.

Jan. 30th. real cold now days.

31st. Wednes, very cold. Sister Phebe come.

Feb 1st. very cold. Phebe went home. Geo. Elwood eat dinner with Phebe yesterday.

2d. so cold, and pleasant all day. Old Bear could see his shadow.

3d. Lucy with us all day. Pa took her home at night. Ruby came for an hour at night. Ruby fetched me a new painting, a Sweet Brier, and hung it in our parlor.

5th. Monday, Winifred came on the stage, stayed all night. A. Braisland was here in the evening, and they played, and sang. had a pleasant time for all.

6th. quite cold, very icy. Pa got creamery milk, and I made 4 pumpkins pies.

7th. we visited, and had dinner at Geo. Elwoods.

8th. it rained in the night, some all day to-day. so its warmer. though its terrible icy. Geo. fell to-day.

10th. Charley, and Julia, and Will drove and stayed all night to Levis. Its warm and pleasant like May weather.

11th. Sunday. C. and J. and Will called here, and gone down to Hanfords for all night

12th. Monday. Charley, and Julia, and Will drove over with Baby; and Ruby and Levi, and Children and Lucy and Hanford and Winifred were all here with us to dinner. We had Oisters, and all other good things we could think of, and had a good time. C. J, and Will stayed with us on account of rain and didnt go home till Wednes. Its been a pleasant, good day for them to go home, and Dear Ruby came down home a while this P. M. Feb. 4th.

16th. a five day cool air, but sun shines. yeterday we went down to Lucys

18th. Sunday.quite cold, but pleasant.

17th. Levi fetched our clean clothes home, and Ruby made us a nice, good, pretty wool cushion for our large chair. Its fine, and sent it by him to us.

19th. I done a little washing.

20th. Lucy called a few minutes. Sadie and Grace came to visit us. Its warm; and pleasant. They went to-night to stay with Ella Thompson, Wednesday night. Mrs. Rhead called to-day.

Feb. 23d. Grace was home sick, and went home.

24th. Sat. Sadie went. Grand Pa took her, and Ruby cut his hair.

25th Sunday, very cold. I was very sick.

28th. been sunny cold weather several days.

Feb. 28, 1900 - Milan Meiser 14 years old son is buried to-day. funeral at the M. E. Church. Mr. Meisner has been the miller here in Downsville several years.

March 1st. Geo. got a stove of Alfred Young to put in our kitchen, paid $4 for it.

2d. I was washing some, and Ruby came and took hold and done it for me; and then made a fire in the new stove, and blacked it, and cleaned up the bad muss the hardware man made fixing it. She stayed with us all day. Pa took her home.

4th. Lucy came and swept our bedroom, and kitchen,and Pa took her home at night. The girls do all they can for us all the time. They do our washing a good deal. I do all I can. Last week I was worse, and couldny do much.

6th. Not cold but snow in the air, and wind makes it quite tedious. In our home we are very comfortable. Yesterday Geo. sold 3 bushels of apples 45 cts a bushel.

8th. we went to Rubys. Friday we were invited to Alstons, had a pleasant visit.

13th. Geo. went with the crowd down to Shinhoffe to a Gar. Soldiers funeral, a Mr. Prinney. Age 64 years.

Feb. 26th, 1900 - Mrs. Catherine McDonald died. Age 61 years, of Philadelphia. Stepmother of Wm. and Geo. and Mack McDonald.

13th. I put on my crazy work, Slumber Robe. Mrs. Shep.Sacket, and Mrs. Geo. Row and Mrs. Oakly called on us.

12th. Mrs. Rhead called on us.

14th. Mrs. White came and helped me and we got off the Slumber Robe from the frame.

15th. I made it; and made apple sauce and cut apples; and boiled meat for Mince Pie and lot of other things. It snowed most of the day.

16th. This morning the snow was about ten inches deep, the most that has fallen at once this winter. this is a nice sunshing, nice day, and the water runs from the eaves.

Mar. 17th. real cold again. I took the cover from my willows chair back, and bottom, and made it all clean; put new cover to the front of the back. one nice job done for the Spring.

20th. Monday Lucy came, and stayed all day with us, made cake for me.

23d. warm, and sunny, but cold March winds. Geo. has been sick all day, unable to go out but does go out and see the horse. Darius and his brother in law came from New York and went to Franklin. Came over here to Hanfords. Charley drove them over.

24th. they went to Rubys to dinner; Lucy and Hanford, and Winifred with them, and back here to stay all night with us. Levi and family came down to supper; and to visit in the evening; all had a nice pleasant time.

25th. Sabbath A.M. they drove to Walton to take dinner with Willards folks, and going home on the night train. it has been good weather for them. Pa has been real sick about a week with Grippe. So have a good many around us.

30th. Pa is better; been fishing to-day. Dear Ruby has been with us to-day; eat dinner.

Apr. 1st. Geo. went to church.

3d. its Georges birth day, 70 years old. Some rainy. Lucy, and Ruby came home; and fetched him presents for his 70th birth day. Ruby gave him a good fleeced Shirt; Lucy gave him good suspenders and a good butternut cake; and Winifred sent him a pretty decorated box of sauces. I gave him a pair of nice shirts; such as he wished; and 2 handkerchiefs. D. sent him a box of cigars

4th. cold, windy day but the sun shines brightly. Geo. trimmed our grape vine.

5th. beautiful day.

Lel, or rightly Ezra Elise Signor died, and will be fetched from Livingston Manor to-day over to Frank Terrys and be buried tomorrow. Lull is about 46 years old. His brother Melvin died about a year ago, two years younger.

7th. we are going to Lucys. The days are beautiful all the time. We had a pleasant time. I stayed all night.

8th. came home.

9th. pleasant, but all the time cold air and ground frozen hard Geo. cant drive a post to hang the kettle to make sap.

10th. cold, some snow in the air, all day. ground frozen hard, but quite pleasant.

Apr. 11th. Wednesday a fine day, some warmer. Dear Lucy came to the dentist; and called up. We washed some; and Pa is drawing compost.this P.M. I sent Darius a letter.

14th. Geo., and I went to Levis this P.M. In the A.M. I got the grass roots out of the Daffadils and other flower roots, and Bleeding Hearts, and fixed them nicely put manure around them; and Geo. got a load of fine manure, and top dressed the yard.

16th. Monday, Belle Elwod and Willie visited, and eat dinner with us. In the P.M. Loretta made a nice call. Geo. finished drawing stones for the underlinning to the woodshed.

17th. Geo. has gone fishing. C. E. H. gave him a nice fishing pole.

21st. oh such nice weather we had for making soap. I've got it made; over a bbl. Sister Phebe came Thurs. is still with us yet. It sprinkled tonight. A letter from Jennie.

24th. Sister Phebe went home.

25th. So nice all the time. Geo. got a load of good wood from Levis. Sister, Geo., and I visited D. Clinton, and had a lovely visited

26th. Such nice weather.

27th. I washed a fannel sheet, and my nice blue calice wrapper and towel. Geo. went with Levis after the last load of Apple tree wood, and grafts from some of their trees, and seep no-farthergrafts from Sister Phebes, and finished drawing the stones for the underpinning to the will be woodshed. Its lovely weather. getting very dry. I finished setting out my Dadlis bulbs.

28th. I done mending; and the other works; then called at Mrs. White; and up to Mrs. Reeds after a slip of Rose Geranium. fixed a neck tie. Geo. has been grafting our trees, and now gone fishing.

29th. I went to church, the first time in more than a year on acct of sickness.

30th. I made pies, and cookies. Winifred came to stay all night here.

May 1st. Geo. has gone fishing, and stayed all night to Solomon Signors. I have painted our pantry to-day. It been hard for me, but I have a good many hard jobs, and if I dont do them, they are left. My rest will come by, and by.

2d. Geo. come home with 16 trouts, we gave to Mrs. Whites a mess, as there were enough he had His basket. The weather is fine.

3d. Friday morning the ground was white with snow, but disappeared like the frost when the sun arise.

May 4th. oh so pleasant as all our days are.

5th. pleasant. Geo, went for a load for H. Wilson to the top of the mountain. Sadie and Grace came to stay the night and get to church.

6th. Sabbath day.

7th. we washed. It was a nice day.

8th. Tues. A golden wedding for Alston and Loretta. We were invisted and went; just their own children and grand children were present, all who could come, and the Methodist Minister and Wife, and their little girl. A nice time. We had dinner, and appropriate verses read by the Minister; and then congratulations by all to the Old Groom and Bride of 50 years.

9th. Geo. went atter Ruby, and she took up this carpet, cleaned the room, and put it down, and blacked the stove, and fixed up the room generally. . May 9th. 1900 - Marian Landfield, Wife of Cob Launt was buried here yesterday. Her husband was buried here a few months ago. Her mother was Lydia Young; my cousin.

9th. Sowed Peas; and Lettuce. sowed onion seeds.

10th. Geo. commenced to plant potates and to-day finished planting potatoes. I took up the carpet, and cleaned the bedroom, took the bed out and aired it, and put in more straw.

11th. Ruby came down, and fixed up the large airy kitchen for us; she cleaned the wood work; blacked the stove, put down the carpet etc., so we cook, and live out there.

16th. I baked 2 Pie plant pies, and 2 loaves of bread.

17th. My birth day annivesary 68 years old. The children came home, all except D. and we had dinner, and a good visit, and pleasant day. Each of them made me pesents; Charleys $1, one dollar, Ruby covers to the lounge, Lucy curtains in our pantry shelves, and one for the read window. Julia fethced me a fancy plate basin, and can of corn, and pound of candy; and Julia and Charley fetched me a dozen oranges and lemons for Lemonade which we had n the evening. and Winifred fetched me a Brush, and Tray for our table. They all done so nicely in remembering me. In the evening Hanford and Lucy came up to see C. and Julia, so passed a nice pleasant day, to be remembered as long as memory retains her throne.

18th. Charley, Julia and Baby went home. It is warm, and pleasant. just a little sprinkle of rain, and we want a long hard shower. Geo. is planting O. Purdys garden.

May 21st. Monday we washed, and dried clothes, then it has been rainy all the P.M. Geo. has planted some for S. Sacket. I put in some Radish seeds.

25th. Fri., we went up to Levis in the P.M. We fixed the wire before the pantry window. Geo. drew a load of ashes from the person, drew stones to finish prinning the woodshed. in the A.M. he finished shingling.

Died Mrs. Myra McFarland, wife of Kester Signor May 17th, 1900, of Bright disease..

Orson O. Ells, one of Walton oldest citizens died May 24th, 1900.

26th. very pleasant.

30th. Decoration day. We went and eat dinner, and went down to the lower church and heard the speech by the new, Pastor Rev. Tucker; the best ever heard in the town. Sister Phebe is with us.

June 2d. Sister is with us yet. yesterday we set out our Tomatoes. Everything is growing nicely. we've had quite a little rain.

3d. Sister has been here one week tomorrow. She gave me a nice birth day present, of a black linnen for a Dress skirt. It rains; last night, and tonight.

Thursday June 7th, 1900 - Augustus Signor and Miss Jessie Fuller were married at the brides home by Rev. W. W. Cole. All of this village

7th. I went down to Hanfords. The next day Geo. went to Franklin. I stayed there until he came home. He came home 13th, and came down after me the same P.M. Its now a nice growing time with frequent showers.

14th. Some rainy. Geo. has been fishing; got a good mess.

20th. Ruby called an hour, and fetched me yeast, and strawberries for Pa and I a shortcake; and a pint of good cream to eat on it.

21st. Pa and I went up there. Pa to help Levi hoe potatoes . We got a jug of buttermilk.

16th. Sadie and Grace came down here and stayed all night, and went to church being Childrens day; and Levi and Ruby came down to meeting in the evening.

22d. David Signor of Michigan visited us, and eat dinner. He is a bad cripple with two crutches

Died - June 22d, 1900 - Flora McDonald Evans from child birth; and complicated disease after a hard sickness. Age 30 years.

June 24th. Sabbath. Hanford and Lucy were up to church, and eat dinner with us; so as to stay up for Floras funeral. Levi and Ruby were down, and came up to-night a little while.

25th. Monday. Geo. fixed the screen doors in the kitchen.

26th. he is hoeing a garden for Jimmy Housefall.

27th. A nice shower of rain. Mrs. White gave me a few straws berries. I made one can of sauce of them.

29th. A nice shower 3 days running. Rev, Tucker called, and Mr. Philander Wms called awhile; and Georgia Rhead.

July 2d, 1900 - Died - Martha Jane Hitt, Maiden lady who had always lived in Downsville, a Dressmaker.

July 2d. Winifred came to school; and going to board with us some. Geo. finished digging our ditch over backside the lot for draining the land.

4th. Lucy came home awhile in the A.M. Ruby and Grace in the P.M. Pa took Winifred home tonight. I set out over one hundred plants Cabbage and Rootabaga. Pa finished shingling our Water Closet; and fixing the air pipe on it.

2d. I bought straws berries and made 3 cans, one can before of berries from Mrs. White. So, 4 cans in all.

4th and 5th, hard rain each P.M.

5th. Geo. has been fishing all day. I've been here alone feeling badly. I couldnt work.

7th. I made 4 pumpkins pies. Geo. went fishing, got 5 fish, enough for him, and me. its awful to cook this weather, it so warm I have such a rash. It rained hard again this P.M., everything is growing so nicely now.

10th. fine rain, and a good growing times. I bought 6 lbs Raspberries, made 4 qts, one pint of sauce.

11th. Wedneday I went up to Julias.

12th. came home. Ruby partly made me a black calico dress.

13th. Winifred went home, took our washing, and a bed spread home to wash.

14th. I set out Carrots between the rows of Potatoes. Dear Lucy fetched me 2 dozen eggs, and a nice mess of Black caps while I was up to Rubys last week.

July 18th. Wednesday. Dear Lucy came home, walked up in the morning with Winifred, and worked all day on my dress black and took it home home to finish. Mrs.Bennett called awhile; also Mrs. White. We had String Beans, and Peas yesterday for dinner; and young Pototes, and String beans again to-day. Dear Lucy fetched some Blackcaps.

24th. very pleasant. I got 5 1/2 lbs Red Raspberries for 6 cts a pond, 33cts. made 4 cans of them. 28th. We went to Levis to Sadie Birth day party of the little girls - had a fine time. Dinner and Ice Cream. tables set out in the yard.

Aug. 2d. Sister Phebe stayed all night with us; and she took the Stage for East branch - then going to Marys.

3d. Loretta called awhile and the same night Sister Lydia came from Walton here on the Stage. It is a good many years since Lydia was at Downsville before. 5 years.

10th. Geo. has draw a load of wood every day this week tonight he has gone to the Post.

11th. Lucy called in the evening.

12th. Sunday. Winifred called. Alston called awhile.

13th. Lydia and I washed, and ironed.

14th. Tues; Geo. took Lydia to Hanfords. She had just gone, when Fred Hubbell and his Wife came, and stayed to dinner. then went on their wheels to Delhi to their home. Monday of this week Geo. drew his last load of the 20 cords of Chestnut wood from up this hollow. Got it from C. E. Hubbard.

10th Jennie came to Walton. Camped out with Willards folks one week, then the 17th, Friday, Geo. went to Walton after her, and Vera. we do enjoy her being with us.

20th. Weve washed, and ironed some.

19th. Mr. White had another attack, is quite bad off. Cant talk much.

22d. Wednesday. Pa took her up to Levis. yesterday Lucy was with us all day, and helped me. Lucy gave us a hen to cook. We had it for dinner to-day all alone. The Big Show, Uncle Toms Cabin is here, going to exhibit tonight. of course we wont go; but a good many will go.

23d. I took ripe Tomatoes and made 2 1/2 cans of Chily Sauce; and saved tomatoes seeds.

26th. Jennie came back here from Rubys; they fetched her.

Aug. 29th. Jennie took the stage and went to East branch, to go home. a long hard ride.

29th. I picked cumcumbers, and put down a jar fill in grape leaves. Picked 42 ripe tomatoes, and canned them. 4 cans of them. Geo. commenced digging our Potatoes put 10 bushels in the cellar.

31st. Geo. finished digging potatoes, and put them all up in the cellar. I have taken care of 80 ripe tomatoes for winter use.

Nettie Purdy moved back to her own house, and home.

Sept. 7th Lydia rode up to S. Jacksons with Geo. when he went back to work for C. E. H. Geo. worked for him 4 days this week on his farm.

8th. Charley came home, and with him Mrs. Brinkman to dinner. Ruby came to help me get dinner.

9th. Sabbath day. C. Pa and I went down to Hanfords to dinner. Came back and stayed with us all night.

10th. Monday, C. went home. we have had a real good visit with him. I canned tomatoes and made layer cakes besides much more I have done.

11th. Tues,. I washed, and ironed.

12th. Wednes. Geo. went to Shaver Town Fair. Lucy, and Hanford, and Winifred; and Levi, and Ruby went. Had a dusty time. Its terrible dry. Keeps being so.

14th. Friday; Geo. went to C. E. Hs farm and helped him. Lydia and I canned two baskets of Peaches yesterday. to day we washed.

16th. Sabbath day. Lucy called. Geo. and Lydia went to church.

18th. Sister Lydia went on the stage over home. Darius just came to Hanfords.

20th. Ruby called awhile.

19th. Wednesday. D. went over to Franklin to see C. and Julia.

21st. I baked bread. Geo. got me 2 yds of Oilcloth 60 cts.

22d. D. and C. came over here from Franklin, stayed with us all night.

23d. Sabbath day. Levi and family, and Hanford and family, D. and C. went to church, and come here to dinner.

Sept. 24th. Pa took C. to Walton. Darius fixed our sink, and all around ready to paint.

25th. D. painted this room; and got the water running in the sink. Sister Hannah was here with us to dinner on Monday. Jennie done her Pears. D. and Jennie went up to Rubys for dinner.

26th. They up to Solomon Signors.

28th. they came back.

30th. we all went to church. It was a great service for old people especially. In the P.M., D. and Jennie drove up to Geo. Bulls, and had supper there, came home in the eve.

Oct. 1st. Monday; Geo. and I, D. and J., and Vera were all invited to Uncle Alstons for tea and a nice time.

2d. D. and J. left for Walton, and then for Franklin, then for home. It seems so lonely now they gone.

3d. We, Pa and I each put on another coat of paint overhead, after D. had put on two coats of paint. I've been painting inside, under the sink, and finishing up today,

4th. Geo. went over with a teamster this morning to fetch back our horse, and the wagon D, took. He came home tonight.

6th. Geo. got sand to make plaster to fix up our cellar wall. Martha, and Loretta Signor Whitemore came from Union. We saw them at church on Sabbath day.

9th. they are coming here, and Alston, and Loretta, and Lucy S. Bull coming with them.

Cora Merrit married to M. Elwood Sept. 24th, 1900 at her home here in Colchester, just a quite wedding.

10th. They went back to Lucys. Pa took them down.

11th. Geo. drove up to Levis after Butternuts and Ruby sent me a bottle of Sweet milk too, and a small pail of Buckwheat flour. we though a little new, would be a nice treat. oh yes, and Geo.stacked the lime to fix our cellar wall.

13th. Fred Dan fetched Sister Phebe over from Walton, and stopped here for dinner. Hanford was here too, yesterday. Geo. and I went up to Rubys with Martha; and Loretta Whittemore and her girls. Sadie and Grace came home with us, and are here to-day. Geo. got of C. E. Hulbart 610 lbs of Straw to feed our horse at $8 dollars a ton.

14th. Sabbath day. Martha, Loretta, and child went to Alviras. Not coming back here before going home. We saw them at church.

Oct. 15th. a nice day. John Wms. is here fixing the top of our chinney.

18th. Geo. finished the cess-pool.

20th. he has gone after a load of edging up to C. E. Hs place. It has frozen quite hard every night this week, but Monday. We have fine days to work. We have had some plaster- ing done, around the walls.

23d. Dear Lucy came for me to go up to Rubys. We had a pleasant visit. Pa finished plaster- ing the outside walls while we were gone; and gathered the Cabbage into the cellar.

Oct 22d , 1900 - born to Will and Julia Alexander a Son. Our Grand Child.

24th. Dear Julia birth day anniversay. Billy Wilson, and Aunt Alineda came here visiting. We enjoyed the day..

25th. Ruby came here to help us make Sour-Crout. Mr. Edward Johnson and Wife made us a call.

26th. I walked for the first time down to Mr. Rev. Tuckers. Made a nice call, and called at Lorettas, and rested by lying down and eat dinner. Lucy Rose and Son were there. I called to see Era Merrit, passed a pleasant day. Geo. went fishing. He got us a good mess for dinner. oh our Sour Crout was cut fine.

27th. Sister Phebe can, and stayed so we all went to church, and until Monday P.M. when Alfred Young came up after her. I like to have her with us, she enjoys it so much.

29th. Anna Signor Wilson and Hayden, Cousin Warren W. Signor Wife, and Daughter called on us. real nice they all are.

30th. A rainy morning. Yester Dear Lucy called awhile. I'm alone, so I will finish canning our Pears Lucy gave to me. Geo. is fixing the stove pipe, got a new joint to make it draw better. fixed the pipes to both stoves, cleaned them. Sister came back Sat. and stayed over Sabbath, when Geo. has gone to take her home, she is sick.

Nov. 1st. I picked a pretty bouquest for a flower pot Petunias, Flox, and Marygolds.

5th. Monday morning Geo. has gone to take sister home. She is sick; and wanted to go. I'll clean some in my pantry to-day.

7th. Go. went to Franklin, and Sister Martha came came to stay with me. I do love to have her here.

9th. Our first snow to fill the air white, and lay on any boards. It seemed hard for me to go to Mr. Shaws this morning after milk and for me to fetch wood.

Nov. 10th. Geo. came home Sat. Martha stayed until Sabbath morning. She went to church. Nov. 12th, 1900 - Monday morning Mr. Page Gregory died of heart trouble, was well as usual all the time until suddenly he died.

13th. Tues. Charley went to visit Darius down to N.Y. how nice he could go.

13th. we got our Pork of C. E. Hulbert. Weight 290 1/2 lbs, at 6 cts a lb. Geo. cut, and packed it, and I tried, and strain the lard.

14th. got our sausages made at the market and got it hacked in pans; and a dish, the pans put up stairs on the table, and our Headcheese made and Screen doors taken off.

15th. Levi and Ruby were down, and eat dinner with us, as it was C.E. Hulberts cattle, and Straw, and hay selling day. Ruby helped clean my pantry.

17th. Levi came and gave us 50 lbs Buckwheat flour. Sadie came with him, and stayed over Sabbath with us.

19th. I washed, dried, and ironed our clothes. Geo. went fishing.

21st. We went up to Ebenezer Elwoods visiting. Its been warm a few days like summer. I cut and stewed pumpkins, canned some, mended Geo. pants, called on a sick neighbor.

22d. Pa went after Ruby, and she came and put down the carpet in the kitchen after she had taken it home and washed it. Lucy called a few minutes. Pa has gone to take Ruby home.

23d. Pa, and I went down to Hanfords visiting.

26th. Monday I washed, dried, and ironed.

27th. two dark days, some stormy.

28th. a bright lovely day.

29th Thurs. Thanksgiving day we went up to Levis for dinner. It was some dark but quite pleasant.

Nov. 30th. Geo. went to Walton;and Sadie and Grace came to stay all night with me; and until Mon.

Dec. 3d. Monday. I washed, and ironed; and made a sheet besides everything else. Its been a lovely day to live, and work. Life is full of trails; How sharp the Rocks lying all along the path. But Jesus tread it in the days gone by.

Dec. 5th. Snows about all day. I think winter has set in now. I've been fixing my skirt, and waist that I washed, and now as I have my Tidys both done; I will foot my stocking. I have crochajed my 2 tides in the evenings. My eyes are so bad I cant read nights but can crochet, and knit.

About Dec. 1st, Georges claim was rejected, and he put in again, got Conlon to write for him.

7th. a lovely pleasant day. I'm toeing out some stockings today and wrote a card to Julia, and done up a package of papers to send to Jonah.

11th. Lucy came up on ther Milk Wagon, and Pa took her home at night. We had a pleasant day. . 12th. Geo. has gone to Walton on Pension business. He came back at night, got Dr. Holings affidavit.

14th. Geo. got a load of Millet of C. E. Hs, 1440 lbs$ 7.40. Its very cold now. Eugene Wright drew it for him for $1.25.

15th. coldest night we had. Temperture 4 Deg. below Zero. I made 3 pumpkins pies.

17th. dont get any warmer. To-day I cut, and stewed, and canned a pumpkins. I am very tired tonight.

18th. We drove down to Hanfords a little while. Its been a lovely day, a little warmer.

19th. We went up to Geo. Elwoods visiting. Its been quite warm, very plesant.

21st. Lucy Dear came for awhile, and remembered us with a gift for Pa, and I.

22d. Dear Ruby and family called awhile in the evening, and made Pa, and I a present.

23d. Sabbath day. Geo. went to church.

24th. we washed, and ironed. Its so warm, and lovely. I made 3 pumpkins pies today.

25th xmas day. A lovely day, but at night it snowed just a little. In the evening the ground was white. Dear Lucy came in the P.M. fetched us a nice Beef, and my white curtains, and put them up for me. I wrote to D. and J. and Vera (since it was her Birth-day anniversary) 5 years old xmas day. I wrote in the evening of the 25th.

26th. It is colder, and snows some. Norris Whitcome came on the stage, and stayed here all night.

Dec. 27th. This is a sunny nice day. I made a pair of Pillow cases, and marked 5 pairs.

28th. I made a sheet, and visited Philo Hotchkiss and on getting home Brother John and Charley were here. They came from Walton. Stayed and went to church on the Sabbath..

30th. Lucy came home with them too. They went to Levis tonight.

January 1901

1st. New Years day we were invited, and went up to Orlando Hotchkiss with Alston, and Loretta. Orlando came after us. Had a pleasant visit. Turkey dinner, and all the good things which was with it to make it nice time at night.

2d. A nice day, and yesterday was a lovely day. I made 4 pumpkins pies, and done some patch work.

3d. Charley came, stayed all night with us. Levi and family came down in the eve., and had supper with us. 4th. Charley went home, and

5th. Sat. I done some patch work.

6th. Sabbath day I went to church. Geo. took the horse, and wagon so I could go Communion Sabbath.

8th. Tues. Geo. and I went to Levis.

10th. We went to Hanfords, had a pleasant visit; both places. Both girls gives us considerable.

11th. some rainy, or misty all day, warmer. I finished patching on Sadies cushion cover.

12th. Sat. Dear Ruby came to sit, and stay all night with us, and towards night Will, and Julia, and the children came all unexpectedly; but we were glad to see them.

13th. they all went to church. Dear Lucy, and Winifred came up home with them to dinner. We enjoyed it so much. Its being so pleasant.

14th. Pa and I went to Hanfords with J. and Will.

15th. We went to Levis with them.

16th. we went to C. Hulberts for dinner, and we went with them in the evening to Alstons, had a fine time.

Jan. 17th. They stayed all night , and with us, and on the 18th to Walton to stop to D. Alexander. Its so icy we were fearful for them to start. Yesterday I made fried cakes and washed before going down to Alstons. 18th. colder, real cold to-day, and night.

21st and 22d nice pleasant, and warmer.

Jan 22d, 1901 - born to Mr. and Mrs R. Bennett a Daughter.

26th. Dear Lucy, Ruby, and Winifred came to see us. Ruby fetched us a nice pail full of new milk; and Dear Lucy fetched us milk, and new canned beef, several pounds. How good they are to us. What an icy time it is, and has been so long: Many have fell, and gotten broken bones. Wills folks got home all right, but found measles in their home. The hired girl. Likely their children will have them.

26th. Sabbath day. Pa has gone to church.

Jan 28th, 1901 - Died - Sarah Ringsley of Franklin aged 50 years.

30th. I have been doing several pieces of Patchwork for Chair Cushions this winter lately.

Feb 2d is a fine pleasant day, according to tradition we used 1/2 our meat, and half of our hay after today. Geo. has gone up to Rubys. I have been making pies, and was too tired to go with him. I had to lay down and rest. Sadie came home with George.

3d. Sunday Geo. went to church. It commenced snowing, and has snowed some each day and night.

5th. Snows, and blows all time. this morning the Stage started and came back, teamsters too couldnt any of them get through. Terrible drifts on the mountain; and the air is full of snow here at all time and very cold. Sadie with us. We are well as usual, though many in town are sick. Alston, and Loretta are bad off

6th. Today the Stage and the teamsters have all gone over to shovel through. It was a bitter cold, bitter last night.

8th. Warmer, and bright sunny. We are washing it is so nice, and pleasant.

9th. Some colder, and cold all the time. Snowy, and winds.

12th. Town Meeting day. Snowy, and cold. Ruby, and Levi, and child came home. Lucy came home too, all had dinner. Sadie has been with us a week, and is staying some longer.

13th. cold, windy, and snowy. Mr. James Clapperton made us a nice call.

Monday, Edna Christman, a young girl 17 years old died and was buried from her Father home. Died from Child Birth, taken to Walton for burial Monday. She claimed before she died that the child belonged to Geo. B. Odwell, a jound man of this place. He denies the charge.

Feb. 16th. good deal warmer to-day. Geo. took Sadie home to-day. She has been here two weeks. Several days it is some warmer.

19th. Geo. went after Sadie again.

20th. Geo. has gone to Franklin. We got around early, so at 8 I had baked bread and he started. It is cold every day, very cold.

23d. Geo. came home from Franklin. He went after a large cupboard for Ruby. He got back safety. 24th. Sabbath day. very cold, and I'm nearly sick.

25th. I washed , and ironed. It was a nice day.

27th. We went down to Hanfords, eat dinner and supper. It was dreadfully cold riding, the wind blow bad in the evening after we came home. Georgia Rhead made us a nice call.

28th. Mr. Ebenezer Lindsley; and Mr. Hillsinger came, and passed the forenoon with us. George Harry Signor has his sale the 27th. I sent a card to Union saying the Box had come. Geo., and I went to Levis visiting

Feb. 22, 1901 - Grandle Rowe, formerly of Downsville died aged 60 years.

Mar 1st. Snowy, and cold. We are here togather; Geo. nearly sick. I'm not better.

Married - Feb. 19th, 1901 - Arthur M. Elwood: of Beerston and Miss Hattie L. Drew of Cooks Falls in Hancock, Del. Co.

2d. Rained some last night, its some warmer. Ruby was here an hour 1/2 this P.M.

4th. A lovely sunny day. I washed.

5th Tues., stormy some, and cold. March 5th, 1901 - Died - Steven Pangbourn of this palce, and buried today. Died 3 days ago.

6th. cold, froze the hardest here of any night this winter. Everything is so frozen, and cold this morning. Temperture 6 degrees below zero. Geo. has gone to Ped-Knox to Dr. a cow. There is an old lady buried from our church to day; and Geo. is to be one of the bearers.

Mar. 5th. yesterday Lucy, and Ruby were here awhile.

8th. Friday Darius came home to dinner, and in the eve we went up to Levis to supper came home to stay with us over night.

9th. he went home. Pa went with him to Walton, and both eat dinner with Brother Andrews folks, and came home that night.

10th. Sabbath morning. Geo. has gone to church. Winifred clled a few minutes.

13th. a fine day. Snows some tonight. A letter from Jonah yesterday.

16th. pleasant. Winifred came with Lucy to have her two teeth out, and was with us to inner. It was hard for Lucy to have her teeth out, two teeth she had pulled.

18th. I cut, and fried our ham.

19th. Geo. and I visited at Hanford, with Mrs Bull. a letter from D.

Mar. 18, 1901 - born to Darius and Jennie Signor a fine Baby Boy, Maxwell.

21st Pleasant, and the 22d Pleasant.

22d. I put my Tomatoe Seeds in dirt. yesterday Mrs. Teed called a nice call, and day before, Mrs. Clements called on us. 22d, today Mrs. Bennett called. Vera eat dinner with us. I called over there, and at Mr. Shaws, and to see Mrs. Blanch, and her Baby.

22d. pleasant. Men are at Mr. Shaws driving a well for them; the same ones who have been driving the one over at the creamery.

26th. Tues, we had the old big stove taken away; and the warming oven taken off and put on our range; and put in the kitchen; and Parlor stove put in our Sitting room. C. Hanford changed the warming oven, and charged us 50 cts for it. All togather its a big job done, and I cut apples and stewed for sauce., and put up 5 cans of them.

28th. Dear Lucy came up to have 4 teeth out, was here to dinner, and until four oclock. I finished clearing the North chamber room.

Apr. 1st. Pleasant. I went to the store. got lining for a quilt, and cotton, and 2 spools tread, paper needles all 99 cts. called on Loretta. came home and sewed up the lining and put it on the frame.

2d. Dear Lucy came and help quilt.

Apr. 3d. Wednes. I finished quilting; and took it off the frames.

4th. Thurs. I made it, and quilted on the machine some; finished Friday.

3d. Geo. went to Walton, came homeThursday. He made a bargain to rent our place to Mr. S. Boice, didnt draw writings.

6th. Dear Ruby came, and spend the day with us. Winifred too was here awhile. She came to have teeth filled; one pulled.

10th. cold, and snowy. snow is deep on the mountain; and snows every day. I've been papering the chinney upstairs in the north room. I cleaned and painted.

12th Dear Lucy came, and helped me.

13th. Sat. Pa and I went down there. Mr. Conlon had their sale to sell off as Hanford has bought them out. We had a nice timetoday with Lucy and H.and Lucy gave us Apples, and Eggs, and Maple Syrup to fetch home.

Apr. 14th, 1901 - Edwin Hitt died with measles. He has always lived in Telford Hollow. His Father bought, and lived there many years. Father has been dead a good many years; and His Mother lives with him. He 35 years old; has Wife, and 2 children.

14th. Sunday. Dear Lucy called awhile, and Pa took her home. She had been staying with Eva and Viola Merrit. They are sick with measles; and Drs say there are 30 case of measles in the village.

15th. Monday morning pleasant.

17th. nice and pleasant. I washed. Geo. went down to Hanfords and cut wood.

19th. Geo. went there and cut wood again. Winifred came home with him; stayed all night with us.; and had some Dental work done Sat, 4 teeth filled; one drawn. Sat. Morning Ruby came on the Milk wagon. Pa went for Lucy; and they took my Parlor Carpet, and cleaned the room nicely, and put it all rights again; also the bedroom. Pa took them home at night, also Ruby swept our Sitting Room, and put in nice order.

That is Apr. 20th, Lucy says it is 10 years to day since they moved down where they live now. Now Hanford had bought out Mr. Conlon; and they, Conlons have moved away. Mrs. Conlon gone to live with her Children.

21st. Sabbath morning. It has rained some through the night, is a warm morning. Grass looks green.

Apr. 22d. Geo. and I went up to Rubys. Rains some.

23d. a rasiny day; and warm.

24th. rainy day. Some cooler tonight.

28th. Sabbath. We went to church' a lovely day.

29th. pleasant. Geo. works on the road.

30th. Tues. Geo. went to Walton, and back. Mr. Boice was moving on our place.

May 1st, Wednes. Ruby came a few minutes. I went over to Mr. Shaws with Ruby to see her mattress, 2 of them she bought. I called on Mrs. White. He is very sick.

3d. Friday Morning, I made two Pie Plant Pies from some I had canned. Geo. fetched from Walton my Thornless Rose Bush when he came home; and set it our yd here. I was much pleased to have it. Sadie came and stayed all night.

4th. Grace came and will stay all night with us.

May 1st. had our first mess of green May 4th. Sowed our peas in garden.

6th. put in onion sets, and a few choice potatoes in our garden.

7th. finished planting potatoes, and the weather is warm, and lovely.

8th. finished planting potatoes. Got our second mess of greens. I got Pie Plant from the garden to make two pies. Geo. is WORKING on the road.

9th. Geo. planted garden for S. Sacket.

10th. Geo. went and helped Levi plant potatoes. I went with him.

11th. Sat. he has gone fishing. Her came home with 7 chubs.

12th. how it did rain, and thunder, and lighten last night. It is Sabbath day. We went up to church. Geo. hitched up and took me. It is a cool lovely day. We heard an excellent sermon.

13th. we washed, and ironed.

14th. Ruby came on the milk wagon, and Geo. went after Lucy. They helped clean the house, and took up the sitting room carpet, and put the other one down; the same in the kitchen; got a new carpet for the spare bedroom; put that one in the kitchen.

May 15th. Wednes. Geo. has gone to Delhi on pension business; to be examined.

17th. my birthday. Dear Ruby came, and helped me all day. Cleaned the Pantry and fixed the room upstairs.

18th. Sat. It rained hard last night, most of the night. Geo. has gone fishing.

May 19th, 1901 - Enoch Young died at his home aged 83 years.

21th. Willard and Alice came over to the funeral. We went.

22d. I washed, and ironed. Geo. planted Truman Teeds garden.

24th. Geo. went to Levis, and got a load of wood he had sawed. In the P.M. he planted E. Wms garden. I made 3 pie plant pies, and graham cookies and made me an apron. It rained towards night. Julanie Roberts called on me.

25th. Sat. Darius and Jennie, Vera and Louie and their baby boy 10 weeks old came here. How glad we were to see them all, and in the evening Levi and family came to eat supper with us. Next day we were all up there to dinner with them, and Monday, 27th, they went to Walton, then home.

28th. after they were gone, it seemed very lonely in our home. It rained all the time they were here; rains still most of the time.

29th. still rains. What a growing time it is for grass.

30th. Decoration day. Ruby, and children were here awhile. Winifred and A. Rriden called at night. Some rainy. Geo. and I visited, and stayed all night at Lucys the 29th of May 1901.

31st. pleasant. We washed, and dried clothes, and ironed. Delia Hubble visited and eat dinner with us. Geo. is sick with Diarhea today.

June 1st. I wrote to Dear Julia. Set out our Tomatoes, and planted Cabbage seeds

2d. Sabbath day. Pleasant morning, and we went to church. This P.M. it thundered, and lightened very hard, shook this house. I've never heard it so before.

June 2d, 1901 - In the P.M. Mr. Tucker preached H. Hawleys funeral sermon. He was drowed while on his way home from the Philippine war.

7th. Winifred called, eat dinner with us.

8th. Geo. went to Walton. it is cold and rains some, came home the same day; the road were rough, so it was hard day for him.

June 10th. he cut hay for Mr. Conklin, drew it home, 3 hundred lbs. went in the P.M. to Levis for a load of wood; took Tomatoe plants to Ruby, fetched me some Petunia plants from Mr. Millers. I washed.

11th. I worked in the garden awhile. It sprinkled some, then I done mending. cleaned the water trough etc.

13th. Thurs. Dear Julia and Will and two babies came down from Franklin their home to visit us, and the Sisters. We were all very glad to see them, had a lovely visit.

17th. Monday morning early they started for home, will be a long ride as Dear Julia has head ache to start with, too bad for her. I washed to-day. Geo. is WORKING in others gardens. I was so lonely to-day after Julia left us.

18th. Tues, had a little sprinkle in the P.M.

19th. rained just a little. I cleaned my bedroom, took up my carpet etc. June 19, 1901 - Mrs. Nancy Wilson, Wife of Hiram was buried from M.E. church today.

20th. Thurs, we went to Phebes.

21st. I put down my room carpet, and straightened my room.

22d. Sadie and Grace came, stayed and went to church Sunday.

24th. washed, and ironed.

26th. Wednes. Ida Signor visited us. I made 2 Pie plant pies. How dreadfully warm, hot it is. getting very dry. Geo. cut Mr. Whites hay. Today put it in the barn. A good many commenced haying.

28th Lydia Ann Gray called on us.

June 29th. Lucy and stayed all day. it rained some towards night. Marie Armstrong came on the stage to board through summer school.

July 3d, Geo. cut Mr. Whites hay.

4th. Levi and family came to the picknick, and Levi helped Pa get in the hay, and eat dinner with us.

5th. Sister Phebe came down here.

6th. Dear Ruby came down with Levi, and stayed with us until Pa took her home.

July 7th. Sabbath. Geo. took Phebe home. Winifred and Marie came at night.

10th. Sadie came, stayed all night.

12th. Mrs. E. Rowe sent me a qt of currants. Lucy came after the girls, fetched me a pint of black Raspberries.

18th. oh so warm all the time.

19th. pleasant. Some cooler today.

22d. a fine shower yesterday, pleasant this morning. Earnest Rowe fetched me 5 lbs currants and gave them to me. I made 4 qt can of nice sauce by putting in 5 lbs sugar, before they sent me two lbs, which made one can of sauce.

25th. getting very dry. Last night we had a fine rain of 1/2 hour hard.

27th. Ruby came down with Levi, Grace came too. Grace stayed all night with me.

28th. Geo. went with Sadie to Franklin, expects to stay four nights.

30th. what a hard rain we had last night, just poured. Today is fine, warm sunny, cool air.

Aug 2d. Friday. Dear Lucy drove up with the lady and child who boards with them. We enjoyed her call. At night Pa came home from Franklin. He had been gone 6 days and nights with Sadie.

3d. Pa and I went down to Lucys visiting; had a pleasant day. Geo. went fishing with Hanford. Geo, caught a Pickerel which weighted 2 3/4 pounds, and 22 1/2 long. how proud he was.

6th. Tues. Geo, went up to Levis to saw wood. Winifred is poorly this morning.

7th. I went up to Philander Wms, called at Mr. Johnsons. Picknick up to Matthew Dans. Ward Signor took Mr. Armstrong, Addie B. took Winifred B.

10th. Dear Ruby came up with Levi, and stayed all day with us. Pa took her home at night. Ruby went with me to both the furniture stores to look at the mattress. I bought of Herman Wilson one for $4.75.

11th. we went to Levis. Geo. helped Levi in his oats.

13th. we washed our mattress covers, and fixed cover on our crew mattress, on our bed.

Aug. 14th. I fixed the cover, and covered the one on spare bed. Am very tired tonight, with the many things I've done. been to the barn and filled a pillow. fixed the tub to put pickles in besides the common work. Geo. has been finishing putting the wood in the shed. Now he has gone for C. B. H. with a load of lumber to Gregory Town.

15th. Geo. got a load of wood from Hanfords. He fetched home a load of wood from Hanfords yesterday too. This P.M. its rains steadily. I put in 15 cucumbers in salt this A.M. for the first this season.

Aug. 16th, 1901 - May Young was taken away to the assilum. Too bad.

16th. I went down to E. Holmes. Geo. went fishing, didnt get any. Dear Ruby called at night. oh what a rain last night.

17th. Sat. I made cake and Pie Plant pie and most everything done today. In the P.M. Dear Lucy and Mrs. Wilson called. Sister Phebe gave me $1 to get me a present. I got one dozen Soup plates with it., fine nice, best white meal.

Aug. 18th, 1901 - Jenny Wms Vosbergs Boy was buried from our church. Age 15 years.

20th. Tues. Geo. went to Walton to see about his taxes. Eat dinner with Mrs. Haverly.

21st. pleasant. Ruby and Grace went over to Ettas.

19th. Monday. Winifred came home from Buffalo, or Pan American Exhibition.

22d. Sadie came to call awhile. Pa cut clover on Mr. White yesterday got it in today. Today has been a Big Day in Downsville. Field Day and a great many were here to see the Ball-Play; and other things. I went in the yard and looked at my flowers and see many go by. Heard from D. and C. by way of Mr. Moffet. gathered our Onion Sets too. Picked Cucumbers, got 70 now in the brime for Pickles.

23d. Geo. and I went to Emory Rowes visiting. Pleasant days but rained hard most of the night after.

24th. Sat, rains hard this morning.

26th. we visited at Alstons, and eat supper.

25th. Mary Dan stayed all nice, went to Shaver Town fair the next day.

28th and 29th. George mowed some grass for C. Bogart. Emery Rowe had our horse and wagon to go to Shaver Town Fair.

Aug. 29th. Mary Dan stayed all night with us again when she came from the Fair. Winifred called this morning.

Sept 3d. Geo. got in his hay here on our lot.

5th. Geo. has gone up to Levi to saw wood. we've had 2 lovely, very warm. Grace came home with him, to stay until Sat.

6th. another warm, pleasant day.

7th. Geo. has gone to Delhi to the Soldiers reunion. Went over on the stage. Got sugar and coffee over to Hamden, 25 lbs sugar, 2 lbs coffee.

8th. Sabbath day, pleasant, but quite cold.

Sept. 7th, President McKinley was shot through twice while at the Pan American Exposition at Buffalo. 2 balls were taken out of him. Shot by a Polander.

8th. Alston called awhile.

10th. Sister Phebe came to visit us.

14th. Sadie came.

15th. Sabbath day, and rainy day.

14th. Geo. drew in his Rowen hay.

Sept 14, 1901, 2:15 in the morn. President McKinley died at Buffalo at the Milburn House. He was shot by an Anarchist. 18th. pleasant day.

20th. Friday, Sister Phebe went home. Geo. came after her. She had been to John Elwoods, and Mrs. Thompsons; and Theoran Scott.

Sept. 25th, 1901 - Charles Shaw and C. Jane Shuffler were married at the brides home here in Downsville, had a large wedding.

25th. Dear Ruby and the girls came to the store, and so home awhile. She fetched us a quarter of lamb, very nice. She gave us 10 lbs of Buckwheat flour a short time ago.

26th. Fine days all the time for everyone to tresh buckwheat. Today Mrs. White called on me. Yesterday I called there, and to Mrs. Bennett.

28th. I called at Mrs. Barbers, and Mrs. Johnsons. She is sick. Mrs. Kidwell fell and hit her hip out of joint.this morning. So much depends on her, all are sorry for her.

Oct. 29th. a fine rain last night.


Nov. 10th. Sabbath day. Geo. went to church. Yesterday Winifred called on me, while Pa was away to C. E. H's sale up river. Today, Vera Bennett came in awhile. James Shaw, and two girls have Hofing Cough.

15th. Pa went up to Levis and got Jennie and the children; and Levi and Ruby and Sadie and Grace all came and visited and eat dinner with us.

14th. Pa went ater Lucy to help us make Sour crout. Solomon Signor and Wife visited, and eat dinner with us. Alston came up and fetched some cabbage, and helped us finish in the evening, so he could have some Crout too.

18th. Jennie and I washed, and ironed.

16th. Sat. Levi and family visited us, and eat dinner. Lucy comes a while. Jennie was here.

19th. Tues. Geo. got H. J. Wms wagon, and took Jennie and Child to Walton where D. would meet them, and take them home. Geo. came home the next day.

22d. Levi came here, and paid his principle and interest payment on his place. He paid us $ 250. two hundred and fifty dollars. Geo. gave him $10 ten dollars present for him and Ruby. all the time the ground is covered with snow; showing it sung cold weather, but its pleasant. Today I made 5 pumpkins pies. This P.M., I've taken up the carpet in the Sitting room carpet. Tomorrow I expect Ruby to help put another down.

23d. Dear Ruby came and helped me nail down 2 carpets and clean the sitting room, then Pa took her home.

24th. Today it has rained all day long. Geo. and I were here alone all day. Sabbath day.

25th. Snows hard, rained some all day yesterday, and night.

Nov. 25th, 1901 - Died Mrs. Edward Johnson, age 83 years. been a lifelong resident of this place.

25th. Geo. has gone fishing. I cleaned, and fixed my blue wrapper, and ironed some; and sewed rips in our carpet on the floor.

26th. very cold. snow in the air all day, but didnt make much. I called to Mr. Johnsons.

27th. Sunshines, but cold air. Mrs. Johnson is to be buried.

Nov. 28th. Geo. and I went to Rubys to eat Thanksgiving dinner. It was very cold, but we had a pleasant time.

29th. I washed, and ironed, mopped and baked bread besides everything else which had to be done. Geo. bought a hog 176 lbs of C. E. H. at 7 cts a pound, $ 12.32 cts. Beef 46 lbs at 5 cts, 2.20, 2 Pigs head 14 lbs, 3 cts a pound, 42 cts. In all for meat $14.92 cts.

Dec. 5th. Dear Ruby came down and helped me, stayed through the day. Pa took her home.

6th. Geo. and I went down to Dear Lucys, had a pleasant visit. Winifred was not well, and was home.

7th. Sadie came down with Grace and Levi to get Graces broken finger fixed by Dr. Brittain, and Sadie came to visit with us. We are always pleased to have her here.

9th. Monday morning. Levi came for Sadie.

10th. We washed. Lucy called in the morning. Elsie Johnson called awhile.

12th. Dear Lucy spent the day with us.

13th. Dear Hanford called, and we used him; so he eat dinner with us.

14th. Sat. Dear Winifred came down to help me because I had company David G. Clement and Wife were here.

17th. Levi and Ruby visited and eat dinner with us. We love all of our Dear Children so much.

21st. Dear Lucy came and stayed all night Saturday night with us, and went to church, and rode home with Mr. Tucker when he went to Gregory Town.

Married Dec. 25th, 1901 - in eve at Solomon Signors the Brides Fathers; Ida Signor and Truman Hannon from Pennsylvania.

25th. Lucy and Winifred attended the wedding. Darius and Jennie and Charlie too were there, and came to see us. We went with them to Lucys Friday, and they went up to Rubys and stayed all night; and home Sat. We enjoyed their visit very much. 29th. fine sleighing, and pleasant.

January 1902

1st. very pleasant and sunshines but cold. We are home alone, Geo. and I. Lena Singor came here for a Carrot, I gave her two, I had 3 left. Lena wanted to make a vegetable soup. She had never been in here before. I boiled pork, and potatoes; and cabbage; and carrots for our dinner. had pumpkin Pie, minced Pie Sauce and cake; and bread and butter; and tea. Such is life; from the first, to the last day of the year; including baking and making; and cleaning; and everything we need to have done unless people have more money then we have, they do it all themselves.

Jan. 2d. Thursday cold. Winifred called. I went up to Mrs. R. Barber with her to see about my waist being made. J. Shaw drew us a load of maple wood. Geo. has split it, and piled it.

3d. Geo. and I went down to Hanfords visiting, eat dinner, enjoyed the day

5th. Sunday. Dear Ruby came in the P.M. and stayed with us till Monday morn. Dear Lucy and Winifred came up Sabbath day to church, came and eat dinner. We enjoy having the girls all home gather again.

6th. Monday eve. Geo. is bad-hennatism 3 or 4 days now. Sister Hannah Smith down in Penn is bad off had a stroke, her girls - Carrie, and Hattie are with her. Hattie has written that mother is better.

8th. Pa went to Rubys, and Grace came home with him. I went to prayer meeting this P.M. at the church, and called at C. E. Hulberts.

11th. We went down to Hanfords so Ruby was there. Winifred home, and we had a pleasant day.

14th. Tues. Will and Julia and the children came over to Rubys.

15th. they came down here at night, and Ruby with them. After chores L and children came and stayed the evening.

16th. They went down to Hanfords, after dinner; came back and stayed all night.

18th. Sat; they went home. Geo. has been allowed aditional pension $2 per month dating back to Dec. 5th 1900. being one year, and one month.

Jan. 18th, 1902 - Died - Mrs. Olengo Tifany age 76 years. Her husband died about 12 years ago.

19th. Sister Phebe come to stay a few days, and visit us.

21st. Geo, has gone to help do chores while Hanford has gone to Livingston Manor to move a man who is going to work for Hanford.

25th. Sister Phebe went home. Geo. came after her. I've enjoyed her visit very much. Dear Ruby came and helped me to put on my quilt, and tack it off. I put in it 6 lbs cotton, then Pa took her home, and I swept the room, and Sisters room, and made new Tack before going to bed.

Jan. 27th. Monday. some rains.

28th. we washed, and dried clothes.

29th. Sadies Birth Day; we went up there.

30th. Geo. Elwood called here awhile, and I sent Sister Phebe some Sour Crout. Geo. has gone to meeting tonight, and as I'm alone, will write to D.

Feb. 4th. Geo. and I visited Geo. Elwood. had a pleasant day.

6th. We went to Alstons a couple of hours, in the P.M. over to Mr. Whites in the evening. It snows again today.

7th. Sadie and Grace came down.

10th they went home. We had a nice visit with them. Today I baked bread, and washed.

11th. Philo H. and Wife, and Geo. Elwood and Wife, and Ruby visited, and eat dinner with us. We had a nice visit, and a good day.

12th. a pleasant day. Dear Ruby visited us, Pa took her home. I rode as far as the store with them. We had a pleasant time with Lucy. Tonight it snows some.

15th. Geo. and I went up to Wesley Signors visitng, and a fine day, and good visit. Saw Ruby on the way.

13th. Geo. and I went down to Abram Spragues visiting. had a nice time.

17th. Snowed all day; biggest snow we've had this winter.

18th. Keeps snowing, and blowing, isent very cold thermomiter isent quite to zero, but its blows, and is cold. Its a cold night. 19th. I've done a little Patchwork, the first this winter, besides I fixed 4 qts of cucumbers pickles.

20th. Dear Ruby came, and stayed all night with us, went home in the morning with Levi. Its snowed 6 inches more today, snows most of the day.

21st. Its been quite a rough day for D. and Jennie to go to N.Y. I suppose they have moved now into their new quarters

24th. Dear Ruby and Sadie came here to see us. Sadie stayed to help me, because I'm sick with Grippe the Dr. says. Winifred is very sick. It rains and rains.

Feb. 23d, 1902 - Old Mr. Shaw died. He was aged 80 years next month, 80 in March 1902.

Feb. 28th. Think I'm some better. It rains. Sat. Shaver Town Bridge has gone off. What an awful cold rain, and a lot another awful flood we'll have.

March 1st, 1902 - Died - Mr. James Bogart age - of this place, in Walton Hollow.

Married: - Mr. Charles F. Signor to Frances Louise Maxwell Wednesday, February twenty sixth nineteen hundred and two at 6 oclock P.M. St. James Church, Madison Avenue, New York City. by Rev. Dr. Warren.

March 5th. Its snowed all day. Geo. says the snow is 10 inches deep. It is cold, and wind blows. Now it will drift on the mountain. Sadie is here to help me make our last mess of mince meat, and made 66 cookies.

March 13th, 1902 Well the aniversary 50th or the Golden wedding is past. The children were all home, with all the Grand-Children and in all that were here, there was 38 which eat with us. Not nearly as many as we expected and fixed for, considering the bad roads, and they left as a token of good will $40 in gold, and $10 in Bills, and one Silver dollar beside two beautiful pictures, and 2 beautiful plates, and one silver spoon from Sister Phebe; and a Door Bell from Winifred, and a Silver cake basket from C. and Laura McDougal Wisconsin/From Minnesota. 2 lovely glasses from E. M. Day, and her son Fred. - $61 in all.

15th. Lovely weather all the time.

Sister Jane - Brother Andrews Wife, Died died March 12, 1902 aged 69 years. 17th. Monday dear Ruby came came down to visit and eat dinner with us because Charles, and Louise were with us yet. So good of her to do so, and help me. The weather is lovely all the time.

8th. colder. Pa was real sick all day. I doctored him, and towards night he was better, and had a good night.

19th. Wednes, we went to Alstons to dinner, and to visit with them. Thurs. they went down to Lucys tonight. Oh how cold last night, and today and the ground is quite white tonight. We had a lovely time today. Friday night they went up to Rubys,

22th. Sat. they expect to go on home. The weather is lovely, so warm.

23th. Sabbath day it is warm, and nice, the roads must soon be settled if it keeps like this. yester. Sat. we went to Lucys; the roads were dreadful.

Mar. 24th. I called on Elsie Johnson.

25th. I called on Mrs. White. I've been making Pa 2 shirts this week, took them and went calling; finished them today. I got dirt for the cellar and heated it, get it ready for my tomatoes seeds.

26th. Sowed tomatoes seeds this morning.

25th. Heard the Peepers for the first time this Spring, the 25th of March.

28th. Pa and I visited at Rubys and Levis and had warm sugar to eat.

29th and 30th it was pleasant.

31st. Snowed several times through the day. Pa and I cut a ham and shoulder.

Apr. 1st. Snows all day. Melts fast as it comes down. I sowed tomatoes seeds the 25th of March.

1st. I scaled, and filled 6 cans of Sour Crout. Dr. Ed. Holmes Wife and Minnie Holmes called on me this P.M. I've been making patchwork. its been a snowy day.

3d. pleasant day. Georges birth day 72 years old. Dear Lucy and Ruby came and spent the day with us. gave Pa a present.

4th. I called on Mrs. Teed, had a nice call and called on Mrs. Philander Wms.

6th. Sabbath day we drove up to Levis, eat dinner with them.

7th. Monday it is some rainy, some cold.

8th. rainy day, quite a cold wind.

9th. rainy all day. I've done different things, and finally some Patchwork. Last eve Mrs. May Young and Irving called.

10th. rainy all day. Betty, Geo. McDonalds Wife visit, and eat dinner with us.

11th. Friday night Sadie came, and went to church Sabbath day, and Pa took her home in the P.M. I sent Huldah Rhead a letter to Bagle Lake in answer to hers,

14th. cold gloomy weather as we have been having this Monday morning.

15th. Tues pleasant. I washed, and dried clothes.

Apr. 16th. Wednes. Loretta came up awhile, and I called in to Mr. White

17th. Thurs. Geo. went to Hanfords for wood, after 2 loads of flood trash.

18th. Fri. Alston came up here awhile, and took home a pail of Sour Crout. This is warm, and pleasant. I fetched up my peanuts from the cellar and set out some Tomatoes peanuts in cans. Geo. finished piling the hardwood in the Wood shed and burnt the trash on the garden. Grace Russell came down to stay over Sabbath.

19th. Dear Lucy called. Its rains.

21st. Monday morn, Grace went home. I washed.

22d. Tues. Ruby can and took up my room carpet, and cleaned the floor.

23d. I've mended carpet. yester, and today and done other mending. Today Geo. ploughed our garden.

24th. Geo. planted 3 rows potatoes.

25th. he worked on the road away up by Smith Fullers; came home, and planted 3 more rows of potatoes.

24th. besides ploughing our garden, he went away with Henry J. Wms, and earnt $1 one dollar.

25th. I put down my bedroom carpet, cleaned all the drawers in the bureau yesterday.

28th. Geo. finished palnting potatoes here.

29th. he went to Walton; and got Mr. Boice to agree to do the work fixing up the house, so he wouldnt have to go over to do it, and he fetched over the Plum tree he took up over there. I put down the carpet up stairs in the bedroom, and put room to right, and I called down to Mac Youngs. Jessie Elwood made me a call.

May 2d. We visited at Lucys, and May Young was there too. Had a nice day. I helped sew up my bedroom carpet.

3d. it is cool, and some rainy.

4th. Monday. I washed, and ironed.

5th. Tues. Geo. ploughed on Mr. Whites, where he plants Potatoes, and next day planted some.

7th. Wednes. Mr. Johnson helped him, and he finished planting Potatoes.

May 8th. Thurs. George ploughed for Mr. Johnson and in the P.M. for Mr. White garden. Ruby came and helped me, took up sitting room carpet after I had the nails out, and she cleaned the floor. Ruby put down kitchen carpet, and put down our new carpet in our bedroom. Lucy called a few minutes. We put out the sitting room carpet and brushed it

9th. quite cold. Geo. has been WORKING for Mr. Barber and Mr. Witt and Mr. Odwell; in gardens. 've been mending, and finishing up pair of socks. I set out a few onion sets, Mr. Barber sent me.

8th. had our first mess of greens. Dear Ruby was here all day. Pa took her home.

12th. pleasant. I washed, ironed, and made soap; got all done, kettle cleaned.

13th. I cleaned our cellar, took out the old celery box, cleaned the racks; and potatoes rotten ones all out; and done sweeping, and brushing, and I lie down and read a good deal. Mr. and Mrs. Rose called Monday eve; and Mr. Haverley called Tues. eve. Its cool, but pleasant all the time.

14th. Wednesday very pleasant. Cousin Julania Roberts, and Hattie Elwood Bush visited. and eat dinner with us; and Nellie, Wife of Frank Roberts, and their child 3 years were here a couple of hours. We enjoyed their visit.

15th. Geo. and I went up to Rubys, and

16th Friday Geo, and Grace went to Franklin. I stayed with Ruby.

22d. they came back, and we came home.

23d. I washed, and ironed. George finished planting our garden. and planted for Mr. White; and some for Mrs. Odwell. Geo. planted today; our corn, and beans, and pumpkins seeds.

Geo. bought a new Covered Carriage and fetched it home. He paid $38 thirty eight dollars for it.

24th. pleasant Saturday. We put in our cucumber seeds, and cabbage seeds, and summer squash.

26th. Monday Geo. and I went down to Hanfords. He went fishing. Sunday night it rained hard. So Monday, and Monday night.

27th. Tues. its been a wet day. Geo. brushed the peas, and fixed the top step. I went in the P.M., and set one row of tomatoes when it didnt rain.

28th. there hs been quite a Snow Squall today, and on the mountain it was white with snow.

May 29th. cool, and pleasant, seems like we might get a frost. Didnt freeze. Today I made two gingham aprons this P.M. out the gingham Julia sent to me, real nice. I made a Pie Plant pie this morning. Ruby called this morning just a minute.

30th. Friday Pa and I drove up on the Cemetery, was there an hour before the procession came, so had a nice time looking around at so many stones to see the markings. It was the first time I ever had a chance to roam the cemetery Decoration day. We came home, and I got our dinners then went down to the lower church to hear the Speech by a stranger. Now I'm past 70 years old.

31st. I washed, ironed, mopped, and set out the rest of our Tomatoes. I've worked real hard all day; getting 3 meals, making bed, getting Pie Plant and stewed for sauce, and a pie. Its nothing new, I work hard every day. Lucy and Winifred went to day to Walton.

June 1st. Sabbath day.

2d. Monday pleasant until night, then rained. I weeded in the garden, and hoed, and made a Pie Plant Pie, mended. I put in some Summer Squash seeds. I'll send a letter to E. M. Day tonight.

3d. pleasant until 3 oclock when it rained hard. We had a mess of milkweed greens, Bennett folks put in their garden seeds yester and some today. It will be a late garden.

7th. so rainy in the A.M. I got my baking bread done, and worked in the garden a long while hoeing, and weeding. Mended Georges pants, then worked at my wool picking for a Sofa Pillow. I got the wool from Ruby, and washed it.

5th. Thursday Lucy and Ruby came, and cut, and fitted my calico dress. Pa fetched me from Walton for My Birth day present. then they took it home to finish it, real good of them.

8th. Some rainy; Sabbath day. quite cool tonight. Alston called awhile, and Henry J. Wms, called on us.

9th. Monday Murray Wms, came and painted our Sitting room. His work was 80 cts. Paint, and Turpertine 86 cts.

11th. Wednesday. Murray came and papered our room, and kitcen. Paper for both rooms cost $1.32, putting it on $1.60. Plastering by John Wms, 40 cts., Adamant 60 cts to plaster with.. All togather $5.58cts.

14th. Sat. Dear Ruby came early, and put down our Sitting Room carpet, and rubbed up the Stove; and put up the curtains; and papered the Water-Closet. oh how good of her. Towards night Dear Lucy for ten minutes to see us. Dear Winifred sent me a good tablet and package of envelopes. Then Ruby went Down Town, and got Pa and I a fine treat of Ice-Cream. They are so kind and good to us. Then Pa took Ruby home.


July 28th. a rainy day Geo. went up to Levis in the P.M. Geo. dug 1 1/2 bushels of our Potatoes, Early Rose. Levi got the hay he had down. I took Ruby a mess of Peas, and young Potatoes. She gave me a piece of their new Pork.

Geo. killed a Black Snake, 4 feet 3 inches long today up to Levis and has gone to the village to show it.

Aug. 4th, and 5th. good hay days.

5th. Tues. Geo. and I went up to Levis. Geo. to help Levi rake with our horse. G. got 5 loads that day.

Aug, 5th, 1902 - 8 in the evening Philander Wms died, aged 81 years.

5th. Geo. and I went in to see him, and he has just died. I gathered Spearmint and Smart weed today up to Levis.

6th. it rained in the night. Rains every day.

9th. Geo. has gone to help Levi in haying. I made cakes, Pies, and yeast, and trans-planted some carrots, and in the P.M. went down to see Nellie Roberts a couple of hours came home and put pepper on the Cabbage for worms.

14th. I called on Mrs. Erastus Miner to see her Father Lewis R. Wms and called on Mrs. Ira Lindley. We had two good hay days.

17th. cold enough to need a fire in the sitting room. Yeterday Geo. and I went with Ruby to Edd Wilsons sale of house hold goods. Geo. bought a fine Rocking Chair for $3.30.

15th. Geo. and I went down to Lucys in the P.M. got a few apples for Pies, and sauce; and a pail of cucumbers for pickle. Winifred and been and got a few ripe Black- berries for the table.

18th. Mrs. Felix Meiner visited us and eat dinner. Then Geo. took her down to Lucys.

18th. Geo. is digging our Potatoes the rest of them in the garden. He got me 3 yds of gingham to make a cushion for our new chair. I had a hard time last night, and not f eeling a bit well today.

23d. Geo. and I went up and called on Clara Hotchkiss, came back and visited and had dinner at Geo. Elwoods, and came over to Philo Hotchkiss, and visited in the P.M., and had tea.

Born to Julia and Will Alexander, Aug. 20th 1902, a Daughter

Aug. 25tth. I washed. Geo. went after some lumber for C. E. H. earned $1. Worked for Mrs. Rhead, 25 cts.

26th. Tuesday. Levi, and Sadie, and Grace eat dinner with us. Levi was down with his New Covered Carriage, and stoppped here. They came to a funeral Vansteinburgh. By the time I got the work done up; Mary Dan came, and had to have dinner. I fixed a cushion on our new chair today; so I had a full day. Yesterday, Monday, Jonah Hotchkiss, and Theoron Scott, and James Merrit all called here.

27th. Geo. went up to the Shavertown Fair, came home at night.

28th. Thurs. Geo. and I went up to Levis all day, at night Nellie Thompson, and Leo Fallon called on us, and Mary Dan came with her horse and stayed all night. oh how it did rain Thursday and made bad work at the Fair.

29th. Mary Dan came again and stayed all night with her horse both times. I called at Mr. White.

30th. Mrs. Meiner-Felix called.

29th. got a letter from Darius saying that Charley is very sick with Typhoid Fever.

Sept. 1st. Frank Roberts moved up in the Philander Wms house.

Aug. 30th, 1902 - Captain Bill Elwood died.

1st. Geo. commenced to dig the potatoes down on Mr. White, had to leave them to Franklin, cause Charley is sick.

3d. Wednesday. Geo. went to Franklin to see Dear Charley because he is sick with Typhoid Fever. Sister Phebe came to stay with me, but the next day she had to go home because Lottie came; and Thursday Dear Ruby came, and fetched Grace to stay with me. So Grace is with me now.

4th. it is cold, and windy.

5th. I sent a letter to Franklin.

9th. Geo. came home from Franklin.

10th we went down to Hanfords. Grace went up home with Levi.

11th. Geo, dug and picked up 5 bushels Potatoes. I washed, ironed, and done many things.

Sept. 12th. pleasant yet, and Geo. is at the potatoes. I made a pie; a can of apple sauce; and a can of Tomato sauce, and ironed the fine clothes that had to be starched; besides all the rest, of the many things there is to do, and wrote to D. and C. and their families. I'm so tired today, and I had to look over all the Cabbages too.

17th. Geo. went to help Hanford fill his Siloe. I went two days down there with him, and done some peeling large Cucumbers, and Potatoes, onions, Peas, and cut some tomatoes, all for sweet pickles; we made Lucys mixed Pickles too. Dress Makers were there.

24th. Orlando Hotchkiss and Wife and Daughter and Lucy Smith nee Springer, from Iowa visited us, eat dinner, and Supper. Dear Lucy was in that day, and so on.

26th. Mr. Alvah Rowell came on the stage, left his packages here until they could send for them the next day.

25th. He and Winifred have called for those Pckges.

Sept 26th, 1902 - Andrew Fuller died. He had a shock. Aged 67 years.

Wednesday Oct 1st, 1902 - Married - Alva Dewitt Rowell and Lucy Winifred Bull at her home amid a large circle of friends. The rooms were artistically decorated; and there was a large display of wedding gifts.

Oct 2d., 1902 - Died Jerusha Wilson nee Lindsley, Aged -.

Oct 4th. I went to the funeral of Mrs Jerusha Lindsley. Geo. took the apple to the cider mill and had to draw in hay for D. Clements, so couldnt go to the funeral. Yesterday, 3d, he went down to Hanfords and picked up the apples to make cider.

5th. Sabbath day Lucy came up after church. Came up here; and as Levi and Ruby were here she put in her horse, and stayed to dinner. It rained some. Pa went to church.

9th. Geo. got a boy, and picked a few apples for Mr. White, 2 1/2 bushles for us, as many for Mr. White. Picked apples and took to the mill, and had 48 gal cider made for Mr. White, and we have our keg, and Ruby filled; about 40 gallons served with sassafras in it to drink.

10th. we went down to Hanfords. Geo. helped H. and I visited. Yesterday I canned my Pears Ruby gave to me. finished the beans, etc.

10th. Friday night we had our first frost.

13th. Monday we went to Franklin. Geo. and I to visit our children, D and Jennie; C, and Louise; and Will and Julia. Had a very pleasant time. Weather was fine; also roads quite good. Charley was so bad off with Typhoid Fever; and Julia had a little young Daughter. Glad we went; all made it nice for us.

Oct. 22d. Came home Wednesday, and found everything all right.

23d. Thurs. we went down to Lucys. had a nice visit. Dear Lucy gave us a Hen to kill, and eat.

25th. Sat. Geo. went down there again and got some sweet apples; and Peas,

.27th. I picked my Peas, put them in 2 gallon jars, sealed them, and Levi fetched us sack full of wine apples to dry. I have been busy drying them the past two days.

28th. Geo. has gone fishing. I've done up a package of papers to Brother Jonah Signor, and used all my sparetime to tend to the apples, besides have done mending some.

29th. We got to making Crout, Pa and I and Dear Ruby happened to come to help us. Frank Dan and Alice came to dinner just our luck. It put us back 3 hours anyway. But we, Pa and I worked late in the evening to finish then had our suppers; and had to finish in the morning.

30th. I cut, and stewed 2 pumpkins, and put it drying. cut off the Beets, and Carrots, after Pa dug them. I fetched them in one bushle basket full. yester. had our first snow it was quite a rough day for Frank and Alice to go up to G. Elwoods.

Nov. 6th. Levi came and paid us interest and payment, totals $150. Geo, sent Mrs. Waedell $183 the same day.

11th. Charley and Louise came over from Franklin. They came just as soon as C. could stand the ride after he had Typhoid Fever. He was taken with the fever Aug, 15th.

12th. Wednesday. they went to Rubys; and Hanford and Lucy; and Geo. and I went there, with them, and Thursday we all visited with them at Hanfords and Sat. they have gone home. Louise gave me 2 and 1/3 yds of nice Oil-Cloth for a table cloth. A lovely present. Dear Lucy ftched me a lovely loaf of cake a few days ago.

16th. I washed, and ironed.

18th. I took out nails alone, and took us sitting room carpet, and cleaned floor, and papers, and the carpet; and put it down.

19th. I cut apples and filled 4 qt cans of sauce, put down the oil cloth, and finished up my room, and 3 calls at our neighbors, besides lots of other things. all Tuesday Geo. has drawn 3 loads of flood trash from nearer; and 2 loads today from Hanfords, 20 cts 9 loads now he has drawn.

22d Pa has drawn 12 loads of flood trash. Dear Ruby came down this morning, took up my kitchen carpet, cleaned it, and put it back down. oh dear what a good job done for me and fixed my curtains windows.

Nov. 29th. Darius and Jennie came up from Franklin to Levis.

27th. Geo. and I were invited, and went up to Levis. Had a good visit, and fine dinner.

Dec. 1st. Monday, Darius and Jennie and Maxwell came back; Wednesday we went with them down to Lucys, had a nice visit.

3d. we had a snow, and quite a Blizzard. Snow fell a foot deep; and its cold.

4th. Geo. cut the hog we got yesterday, and salted it. I tried the lard, and got the bbl and emptied the brime 2 ketties full fetched it up; and scalded it; and cleaned the bbl with hot water, and cold; and smoked it; so it was nice to put the pork in; besides doing ironong; and everything else. I have a good many hard days.

4th. Darius and Jennie have gone up to Ebenezer Elwoods today. I finished one of my stockings tonight and took up the stiches in the leaf. I had 16 1/2 lbs of lard; with the 5 extra lbs we brought in the leaf. yes I made a nice call with D. and J. at Alstons.

6th. Darius and Jennie came here from Geo. Elwood and Ebenezers. Expected to go home; but it was too tedious, so they stayed here.

8th. oh how cold; and windy. We couldnt let them go away until its different. Sleighs are runnung for the first this winter. Snow is over one foot deep, and so cold; frozen; sleigh- ing will last until its warmer. I'm pleased to have them with us. baby is so cute. Monday; and a nice moonlight night; but so cold; and windy. I pity the many who are not as comfortable as we are in our good home.

9th and 10th, it kept so cold, and windy.

11th. Thurs, it was warmer; and D. and J. and Baby Maxwell went from here after dinner: going to Walton. About 2 oclock it commenced to snow, and made very fast. We though maybe they nearly over to Jay Elwoods before that. We all had a nice visit with them. Dear Lucy came up home; and they went home with her. Tues. They came back here today, and stayed to dinner Thurs. Its been a rough time. commenced snowing hard before they were at the top of the mountain. Friday the 12th, they went home from Walton Jay Elwoods.

14th. It snowed hard; and snow is 20 inches deep.

13th. Friday I washed and Lucy Stevens nee Starkweather visited us, and eat dinner.

14th. Sunday Winifred and Alva Rowell came to see us; and we were pleased. they eat dinner with us. Snow 2 feet deep.

15th. I done mending, and cut, and fixed allple sauce to fill 5 cans; and a bowl.

Dec. 13th 1902 - Died - Aunt Thankful Wms, Aged 86 yrs.

Uncle Albert died May 10th 1896 - Aged 86 years making it 7 years next May since he died.

Dec. 15th. Monday quite a good day. clothes dried.

16th. Snowed some last night, today is warmer, and rains. Guess we will loose our snow, and sleighing. We have plenty of wood.

15th. Monday. They say snow now is deeper for the same time than in 20 years.

17th. Wednesday I washed, and ironed, and this eve, I narrowed off my cotton stocking toes, been footing me a pair of home knit legs.

18th. cold, quite pleasant, only a little snow.

19th. very pleasant sunshine. Pa is going up to see Dear Ruby. She is sick with Grippe and in bed. I'm not able, or I would go with him, because maybe I've got Grippe coming on me. I've been making cookies.

21st Sabbath day, rainy day too. yesterday I called up to see the sick Mrs. D. Clements; as Geo. was over to Walton tending to insurance business.

23d. Dear Lucy called, she came from taking care of Ruby most a whole week. Ruby is sick with Grippe; hasent gotten up yet from her bed. Very sick.

30th. We went up to see Ruby who is sick.

31st. We visited at Sister Phebes. Mr. Mc Donald fetched us a quarter of Beef, for which we pay six cts a pound, 91 lbs, $5.46.

January 1903

1st New Years Day. We, Geo. and I went up to Dear Rubys to dinner. had a nice visit, and lovely time.

4th. Sabbath day. Lucy came up home just a little while. We were glad to see her

5th. we washed, and dried clothes.

6th. I finished ironing, done some mending. have been sick.

5th. Geo. put in a new Pension claim. Attorney H..J. Wms.

Jan. 7th. It snows, and blows; though Alvah Rowell came with a load of straw for Geo. This A.M. Miss Minnie Holmes came on foot through the snow to ask us to visit there tomorrow.

8th. Thurs, Geo. and I visited Abraim Holmes with Mr. and Mrs. John Whitney. Had a pleasant time.

9th. Cold down to zero, but sun shines brightly.

11th. Snow has fallen 6 inches. Sabbath, snowed so Geo. didnt go to church. Keeps snowing.

12th. Monday I washed. It was a fine day.

13th. Dear Ruby came, and Levi, and eat dinner with us. We had a pleasant day. I done some mending; and finished ironing. Its been a fine day only cold. I put our Beef to dry, in brine.

14th. Dear Winifred came, and Alvah, and fetched us a Bucket full of buttermilk. they are so good to us. Its some warmer.

15th. A nice letter from Dear Julia saying they are comfortable well.

16th. Geo. and I went to Hanfords visiting, eat dinner. had a nice time.

20th. clear, and cold. Themometer 10 degrees below zero, our coldest weather we hope, things freeze up badly.

21st. such a change; warmer from night, till morning; but it is cold enogh to be slippery . Lucy went to Dentist Knapp; and had all of her teeth out; it was awful, they came so hard. 23d. Friday been a cold tedious day. Arnie Liddle drew a large load of wood for us, 3 cords. For a wonder I have worked some at patch work today. how I like to see my piece grow pretty, when I work at it, and I'm now footing me a pair of stocking for my evening work.

24th. We drew the rest of our 10 ten cords of wood; though its snowing.

25th. Sabbath, snowed all day; been quite cold too. Snow came in all now one foot.

Jan. 26, 1903 - buried today. Uncle Lewis R. Wms, always lived right in this place. 86 years old.

.26th. Monday we washed. Its been a fine day sunny, but cold. Geo. was one of the Bearers. He usually is at all of the funerals.

Jan. 27th. Tues. Geo. and I went down to see Lucy. She is doing well after having so hard a time having her teeth out.

28th. it rained in the night; seems as though we may loose our sleighing. Seems quite warm today. Julia Roberts called on us.

29th. Geo. got a handsome Lamp for us to take up to Sadie, as tomorrow is her 15th anniver- say Birth day. We went up to Levis, and had a nice time. It rained some, but the cutter run very nice. finished footing my stockings up to Levis today, finished tonight. Warm to-day.

31st. Pa went after Grace today. Dear Ruby sent me some of the Party cake and some sausage.

Feb 2d. Calamus day; and rainy, and cloudy, and dark all day. So I think maybe our hardest part of winter is past. We'er glad.

3d. Sunshines; and a lovely day. Sleighing getting thin. Grace it at school today. The children love her so much, they cant leave her.

6th. Grace's Father came after her. We wanted her longer.

7th. Dear Lucy came home; Pa took her back. Mary Ebenezer Elwood visited us the same day. we all had a good visit Saturday.

9th. we washed, ironed some, and done up a package for Brother Jonah Signor. I read some that it snows today and baked bread.

10th. Tuesday a sunshiny day and quite warm. Geo. and I went up to Geo. Elwoods to see Sister Phebe.

Feb. 7th, 1903 - Sat. buried Martha, Wife of young Daniel Hotchkiss. She died of cancer.

10th. when we were coming home from Geo. Elwoods; this side of the bridge; Geo. fell out the cutter and hurt him so badly, the Dr. had bind him up. Dr. Holmes. He broke one of his ribs.

14th. this has been another fine day.

13th. Mrs. Barnhart made a nice call.

15th. Sabbath day. Dear Lucy came with the milk wagon; and stayed with us until Monday morning.

16th. Tues. Levi called awhile. The snow fell in the night 1 foot, one foot.

Feb. 20th. Themometer 10 degrees below zero. Winifred called to see how we are.

24th. we visited at Samuel Hotchkiss.

25th. Geo. and I went up to Levis. Had a pleasant day. before going I made a loaf of cake; and put up 7 cans of scaled Sour Crout, and left the house nice.

27th. Sylvia Knox and Mrs. Herman Wilson made us a nice call; with her litttle boy. I made Pumpkin Pies 4 of them; and some Patch work, and Mr. Peck called, sat awhile; and got one bush.of Patotoes $1 per bush. He got one before; and wanted another bush. glad we have them to sell.

28th. rains hard this day of the month, though we have had several fine days right along and so far have had a fine winter. fine sleighing 2 months; and not much very cold weather. Its been a wonderful winter. We have been quite well.

March 1st, Sabbath day. we were alone all day. 2d. We, Pa and I washed, dried clothes, and ironed. Its has been a lovely day.

3d.. very nice day. we went to Alstons. they were pleased to see us; so we had a lovely time. Alston is very poorly. Lucy is with the; also her son. After we got home, and were eating supper Darius and Charley drove up, and had supper with us; making a full day. how gald we were to see them.

5th. Thursday they are to Hanfords. I've been making Pumpkin Pies as Pa got milk of Levi this morning. We visited at Lucys Wednesday. Lucy gave me a pail of apples, good ones to eat; so we have some to use.

6th. Friday Darius and Charley came to us to dinner, and Lucy came, and Levi and Ruby; all came to be with us, and meet our yearly gathering. Sorry we coldy have Will and Julia with us too. Hanford couldnt leave the lambs the reason he wasnt here. But these meeting on earth soon end. I do hope we all will meet in heaven.

8th. a rainy day. Pa went to church, saw Lucy, Winifred and Alva there. oh how lonely I am now we've alone again.

9th. Monday. I washed though its been quite cloudy all day; looks like rain. We had Mary Ebenezor Elwood call an hour, and Lucy H. Rose called a mice long time. Tonight I'm tired. Geo. went fishing; got us a nice mess for two meals.

12th. Winifred called, eat dinner with us.

13th. we were invited up to Orlando Hotchkiss to eat warm Maple Sugar and we went, had a nice time and called to see Sister Phebe.

Mar. 14th. I'm doing Patchwork my spare time, got 18 blocks 15 inches square done.

16th. Very fine day Monday and we washed, dried clothes, and ironed, and made some Patch work; with everything else. We have sold 7 bushels of Potatoes at $1 a bushel in a few days, could sell more if we had them.

20th. Every day is so bright, and fine, seems like mid summer. Geo. went fishing; got a nice mess. I done 2 pieces of Patch work besides mending his shirt all the forenoon.

17th. Geo. went to Centre Ville before the examination Board came back Wednes 18th. Lucy and Ruby both came and stayed all night with me when he was gone to Centeville.

20th. Harriet came, and eat dinner with us.

22d. Sabbath day. A lovely warm day. last evening Mr. and Mrs. Meiner called. it rained hard.

23d. Monday we cut, and fried our two smoked hams. It was real hard work, and I done up a package of papers for Jonah.

24th. I washed alone; as Mr. White came to fix our house; outside stairs, and floor over the stairs inside; so Geo.had to help him. took him most 2 days; at $1 1/2 a day; Then John Wms came and cut a stove pipe hole though; which cost 50 cts.

25th. we have had a little scale of snow; and been some cold; but today 25th is warm, and bright again. I do some Patchwork most days

28th. Geo. went to Walton to see Sister Hannah Smith. She is crazy as can be. I set togather my Patch work blocks, and marked some on it. My initials; and date of the year; and age. It is a nice piece to get all done.

29th. Sabbath day, and a lovely day. What a lovely March, such as I can remember see- ing before. What a many bright days all along the year of our lives when we'er growing old, yes there is much to cheer our declining years, though we are lame.and tired so much the time. Geo. went to church. been a lovely bright day. We wrote to Jonah Signor.

30th. I washed, and ironed.

31st. I made 2 loaves of Butternut cake, and went down to the Store, and got Creton for cur- tains; and some calico to cover a quilt, and on down to Alstons awhile. Geo. came for me; came home got supper, and the cut off the curtains, and made them. Yes, got dirt, heated it, let it get cool, then put in our Tomatoes seeds. all the last day of Old March 1903. What a lovely month it has been.

And what a purely bright morning this is for Apr. 1st.

Apr. 1st. Wednesday. I made 4 pumpkins pies, and made Butternut cake; got the quilt cover sewed up; and

2d. I put it on the frame. Juliana was here all day

3d. early morning I got a lovely loaf of bread baked; and everything ready, and Dear Ruby, and Lucy and Winifred came to help celebrate Georges birth day. They got my quilt all done, took it off the frame, then put up my curtains, fixed the the stairs to hang clothes. Ruby fetched each of us an Orange, Pa a nice book; and Winifred a nice Bouqut of Spring flowers; and Lucy, Pa a pair of suspenders, and a dozen hooks to hang clohes on; and me a can of new milk, all of them done so nicely by us because they love to do so and we had a good dinner; and a good cheerful, pleasant day. James Evans, and Wife moved in to our upper room April 1st.

3d. the weather keeps fine. We had quite a rain this morning, with thunder, and lightning.

4th. It snowed quite a bit.

5th. Sabbath very pleasant; cool day.

6th. Monday; lovely day. we washed, dried and ironed clothes.

7th Tues, Geo. and I went down to Hanfords. It rained nearly all day. Pa went fishing. he got a mess for Alston. We had a good visit, and good time.

8th and 9th. I sewed some, done mending.

10th and 11th besides the other work, I cut and made me two chimese.

12th. Sabbath. Pa went to church then we went up to Rubys to dinner. Dear Julia has Scaret Fever, also her Baby, both are very sick, and the other two children have come down with the Fever.

14th. Geo. and I went up to Rubys after dinner, came home at four oclock.

17th. I set a great many Celery plants, in all the dishes I could find likely 200 plants. I got them of Anna Bennett. mine didnt come.

20th. lovely day. I washed , and ironed.

21st. Geo. and I went up to Mac McDonalds, had a lovely visit, and dinner; got 21 Trout.

22d. Geo. went to Gregory Town to Dr. a cow; so I went with him to Lucys, before he went he ploughed our garden; then earned $1, so made a good day work. Tonight it is sprin- kling some. I patched a shirt today. In the morning I made 2 Blackberry Pies; tended all my plants, and wiped up around; before going with Geo. to Lucys

Apr. 23d. Thurs. I set out our Onion and sowed some onion seeds and Lettuce seeds. Its been a fine day.

24th. sowed the rest of the onions seedsand planted all of our Potatoes, and some Radish seeds. At night Grace came, and went home Sabath afternoon. Dear Lucy called Saturday.

27th. Monday it has been a lovely day. We washed, dried, and ironed the clothes. Geo. went up to Rubys and got a hen, bought one of Sarah Hotchkiss; and 3 of Jill Terry and one of Lucy, 2 of Odwell, and in all 8 hens.

29th. Mary and Till, and Geo. Henry Wife and Dear Lucy came to visit us. We had a pleasant day; and a good dinner, and the 30th, as it has been a long while was very dusty, and very warm; so all wanted to cast off their thick wrape but today such a difference.

May 1st. real cold, not freezing but snow in the air.

4th. Geo. is quite sick. Heart and lung trouble. I washed, ironed and help sort 5 bushels of potatoes. Now have sold 18 1/2 bushels, 14 bushels in all $1 bush.

5th. Tues. a fine day. Pa is no better. He is quite sick.

7th. Pa is better. This morning I sowed our Beets, and Carrots, and Parsnips seeds.

6th. yesterday Dear Ruby was here to see us, and cleaned our Pantry.

15th. Geo. went to Unadilla to see the boys, and to Franklin to see Julia. The dust is awful. Grace came Friday night to stay with me till Monday.morning.

17th. Sabbath day. Grace and I have been here alone all day. My 71st Birth day.

18th. I washed, and ironed.

19th. I finished my ironing, and finished my Second Patch work quilt this Spring today, besides I mended serveral pieces. oh its terrible dusty, and grass, and everything suffering for want of rain. I'm alone tonight, but God will take care of me.

20th. Wednesay. Dear Ruby came taking Lucy home from up there; and wanted me to go home with her. I went up with Ruby; stayed two nights, came home, she fetched me Friday. We had a sprinkle of rain.

24th. Sunday. We had a sprinkle of rain in the night; just a good Dew.

25th. Monday Pa came home, Vera with him the Dear little girl anyone couldnt help to love her.

May 30th. Decoration day, lovely day. Vera went in the carriage with Pa. and I on the cemetry, took a bouquet for 2 graves, Grand Pa, and Grand Ma Signors of old. Vera thought she had a pleasant time.

31st. Sabbath day. Vera has gone down with Aunt Lucy. So soon how lonely it seems without her. I feel like crying.

June 1st. We washed, and ironed.

2d. Tues. Mr. Haverley was here to dinner. Stayed all night, and dinner next day.

3d. Wednes. Haverley went home. I'm tired to death, waiting on company.

Decoration day Pa fetched home Ice Cream so He, Vera and I had all we wanted. What a nice treat, 25 cts.

7th. Sunday Vera came here from Hanfords; H. fetched her.

8th. Monday eve. Last night we had a nice rain; it has rained some a good deal today Monday. Before everything was so dry, we were suffering for rain. Geo. is complaing a good deal today, he went and saw the Dr. and got medicine for himself.

9th. Tues. we went up to Rubys. Vera went up with Levi on the milk wagon.

10th. we washed, and ironed. In the P.M. it rained hard, real hard.

6th. Sat. we went up to Sister Phebe.

4th. We set out Tomatoes last Thurs, the 4th of June.

11th. Early before breakfast I set in the garden 75 Celery plants, and a good many in a pan to grow to set later. Pa went fishing get a mess for ourselves, gone all day. Thursday, Evans and Wife went to Sidney. They had our house. Harriet Elwood was here, and eat dinner with me alone.

14th. Subatth day. Geo went to Walton after Lou. She was with us until Tues. then She went to Levis. I went with her. Thurs. she went down to Lucy, Ruby with her.

19th. Philo Hotchkiss and Wife visited us. Yesterday Juliana and Nellie Roberts and child visited us. Lou and Vera came here from Hanfords, and Sat. Pa took them over to Walton to take the train to go home Saturday night 20th.

21st. Monday we washed, and dried clothes; looked like rain most of the day, yet didnt rain. Geo. went fishing most of the day.

19th I set out 12 Caulflour plants, I got from Anna Bennett.

June 22d. Tues. we went down to Lucys, had a nice visit.

25th. We were invited, I went to Frank Robinson visiting and eat Straw-berry Shortcake had a lovely day, and visit. I called at Mr. E. Meiners. Jonah Hotchkiss called on me up to the Roberts.

July 2d. Harriet Elwood, and Willard, and Wife came here to visit, and eat dinner, then they went to Phebes to stay all night. We went to Alston awhile. He is so poorly it is hard for Loretta and Lucy to take care of him.

3d. I worked 1 1/2 hours in the garden; done the work good in the house; mended my skirt, and Geo. vest a good deal; and cleaned it. fetched dirt, and put around my flour plants.

4th. Geo, and I were invited, and went down to Hanfords in the P.M. and stayed in the even- ing to see the fire works where 100 gattered togather for a good time; and had Ice Cream, and several kinds of cake. It was a nice lovely time.

6th. we washed, ironed, and mended some; not really all. Early morning I transplanted 62 , beets and Carrots; weeded some.

11th. fine day. Levi and Ruby and Grace visited and eat dinner with us. Yesterday Geo.and I went to Levis and had a nice time. Eat dinner 10th and eleventh.

13th. Monday we washed. It was very pleasant.

14th. Tues. We had a nice rain.

15th. The Chronicle man called on us. Geo. had an Add put in the paper.

July 18th, 1903 - Alston W. Hulbert died, he was 77 years old first day of last December. There was a large funeral; of course we as a family all went. Rev. Harrowmore, Pastor.

24th. Geo. drew 2 loads of trash for wood, one from Philos, and one from Levis way. Then drew a load of hay for George Odwell.

30th. We went to see Phebe. had a pleasant afternoon.

Aug 5th. Wednes. We went to Hanfords; had a pleasant day. I finished setting togather my worsted quilt yesterday, .Brick work, 4th of August.

16th. Will and Julia came with their children, and Will got word from home, and had to go home Tues morning. Julia stayed over till Friday morning of the 21st. Geo. took her to Walton, and Will was to be there to Frank Dans, and to take her home. Geo. would stay all night, Sister Lydia is with me. We all attended the Downsville Fair togather, and had a nice time. Seems lonely now Dear Julia is gone from us to be gone so long again but we must part.

Aug. 27th. Geo. has gone to Walton

Aug. 26th, 1903 - Died Shep. Sacket - Tues. he was in the C. E. Hulberts store clerking. Wednes, he died at ten 10 in the evening. He died with cancer of the stomach, It broke, and discharged, so killed him.

Sept. 3d, Thurdsay. Lucy and Ruby came and helped me tack a quilt, my waisted quilt.

9th. Geo. and I started to go to see our children in Unadilla, and Franklin. Stayed first night at Mr. Haverleys, dinner at Andrews,

10th Thursday we went to Unadilla. The weather, and roads were fine.

14th. Monday, we went to Julias. had a nice visit in both places; and started home

21st. Monday. Stopped at Mr. S. Armstrongs for dinner, then came to Walton, and called at our old home, where H. Hotchkiss lives; and up to Mr. Monthieths; and back to Willards all night. Had such a good time all around; good as I could feeling poorly all the time.

22d. Tues came to Rubys and had dinner; and rested. Then home towards night. It seems good always to go back home; after being away. Theres no place like home.

Died - John S. White, our neighbor here in Downsville Sept. 13th, 1903 with cancer. Age 69 years. sixty nine years.

Oct 7th, 1903 - Died Eddie Signor, son of Melvin, and Olia Signor. Aged 13 years.

Oct. 3d. Peeled, and pickled 14 cans of Pears. Grace was here to help us. Lydia was up to Sister Phebes. Harriet Elwood, nee Bush called, and eat dinner with us.

6th. Tues, Will and Julia starts to go to Jim Beebes to visit for a week.

12th. Sister Lydia takes up the carpet, and has it cleaned, and cleans her room up stairs.

13th. Tues. I put down the carpet and get it fixed to rights, and I fetched down stairs all of our good quilts, and put on the line to air. She cuts a pan of apples; and I stew, and can them. get our washing, and ironing.

14th. Hanford and Winifred went to Walton with Winifreds things which would needs to go in the light wagon. Winifred called as she went along. She is moving to Walton.

20th. Lucy went over on the stage to help her. Lucy came back.

Oct. 24th. Sat, stopped here to supper, and Alva came for her.

16th. Geo. and I went visiting up to Frank Terry, and eat dinner. had a pleasant time. Got a long letter tonight from Dear Julia telling of their visit out to Jim Beebes.

Oct 19th, married Lillian Hulbert, Daughter of Willis Hulbert to Emerson Shaver, Son of William Shaver Oct 19th, 1903. all of Downsville.

23d. Lydia helped me take up the sitting room carpet; clean it; and the room; and put it down. Got the room to rights.

24th. Harriet Elwood eat dinner with us. In the P.M. Geo. and I drove up to see Ruby. She is very sick. Lucy came up from Walton on the stage. Stopped with us to supper, and in the evening Alva Rowell came up for her in the evening, Sat. eve.

27th. Lydia took up the tacks from the kitchen carpet, I cleaned the floor, tomorrow we expect to fix carpet, and put it down

26th. yesterday we had our first snow storm, the ground was white, and snowed again today; snows tonight. Geo. got the Hen house fixed, good and warm, put on tar paper and ceiled over it.

Nov. 1st. Sabbath day. Geo. and I went up to see Dear Ruby. She has been sick, very bad off more than a week.

2d. Lydia and I washed, and ironed, baked bread, and many more things. Lydia has been with us, and helping me do everything more than two months.

3d. Harriet eat dinner with us. Lydia went home with her.

4th. I've been mending my good Sack, cleaned the grease off of my Blue wrapper and mended a pair of pants.

6th. Pa and I went down to Lucys. Alva Rowell went away that P.M. not to come back there to work. All were feeling sorry. Hanfords new man Packs had just moved there, and his Wife to work for them.

12th. Geo. went to see to children at Unadilla, and Franklin, and our next Bake and Darius who has been so sick, is now

10th. Tues. Lucy came to help me sour crout; after we were through, she and I drove up to see Dear Ruby, who is sick in bed.

11th. Geo. started to go to Unadilla and Franklin to visit our children, Darius who is sick, and Lou with her Baby girl, and all the rest which we hope are well. Sister Lydia stays with me.

Nov. 16th. Monday it rains, and snows, so we couldnt wash, so Lydia sewed rags. I done machine work, and wrote.

17th. I made a pretty piece of patchwork for our new longe pillow.

20th. Geo. came home from Unadilla, and Franklin.

Nov. 19th, 1903 - Died - Irma Louise, Daughter of Charles, and Louise Signor. Aged 16 days, our Grand Daughter.

Nov.17th, 1903 - Died Old Aunt Mary Signor Age 83 years.

24th. Levi finished making his payment on the place $132. He is always ahead of time. All the time it is cold disagreable weather, with a little snow in the air.

27th. Lydia went home on the stage with Mr. Silas Hunter. Darius came home.

28th. Lucy called. D. went with her.

30th. Darius helped Pa put in a window and fix up the barn. At night he went went to Hanfords

Dec. 2d. He went up to Levis, fetched Sadie home, both staid with us all night.

3d. Thursday. Darius started home, took Sadie home.

4th. Friday Pa and I went to Levis..

5th. Sat. I done a piece of Patchwork.

8th. Tues. Dear Lucy was with us 2 hours, eat dinner. Pa took her home.

Dec. 9th 1903 - Earnest Rowe was shot badly, dont know if he can live.

9th. in the night our first big snow 1 foot deep.

10th. Thursday Mr. White came to fix, cut our door through into the woodshed.

11th. Got it done so he could set the door up; and today didnt come.

Died - Dec 7th 1903 - Died Viola Signor, Wife of Wm. Mc Donald, aged 35 years. They lived in Newburgh sometime. She was brought here for burial.

13th. Geo. is poorly all the time. cant lie in bed, has to sit in his chair to breather and sleeps most of the time, and has a terrible cough.

Dec. 16th. Geo. is some better. Mary Dan, and Gerimmion Elwood and Wife were here to dinner. Mary stayed over one night with us, was here the net day to dinner.

17th. Hanford was up to the Farmers meeting and eat dinner with us.

24th. Sadie down to the Christmas Tree, here to supper; and all night.

25th. A very pleasant day we are all enjoyed here at home. Dear Lucy; and Levi; and Ruby and their two girls, Sadie and Grace Russell. Had dinner, had a good word for every- one, and days being so short, all had to part and go to their own homes in hope as sometime to meet where we will part no more.

26th. Sat. Charley and Louise came.

29th. Pa and I went down to Hanfords to visit with them. It was cold and snowed most of the day. Geo. and Alice Bull, and Son was there. All had dinner, and a very good visit, fine time. cold, and Snowy.

31st. C. and Lou went up to Solomon Signor, came back here New Years eve to Supper.

January 1904

2d. Charley and Louise went over the hill. It snowed hard all day, but they thought they must start home. Sadie Russell came here New Years day and stayed until today. She helped Pa grind our sausage. We had 25 lbs. Well all of us have had a nice pleasant time, long to be remembered. Very snowy day.

Jan 2d, 1904 - Old Mrs. Larcum right across the way here was buried today, Aged 85 years.

2d. It has snowed here all day. It is cold too. Thank God we have plenty of wood so we can keep quite confortable. We are alone to night, so quite. Jan 5th, 1904 - Died - Mrs. Ellen Thompson, Jessies Mother, of a lingering Cancer. been sick a long while years. Aged 60 years.

4th the coldest night Old People ever saw in this place. Therometer stood 22 degrees below zero here; and in some places here it was 30 below in Town. Dreadfully cold.

7th. keeps very cold. Since the 5th its been the coldest all over the U.S. Not it ever been known by Old people cellars feel it very much.

9th. Dear Lucy and Hanford were with us for dinner. Lucy stayed most of the day.

8th. Charley, and Darius came nine in the evening; they had been to Solomon Signors to see cows. Went home in early morning, Saturday morning.

Jan. 11th. We washed. It was a nice day.

12th. We went up to Levis visiting.

13th. Wednes, we went to Sister Phebes. It snowed most of the day, tonight it rains some.

15th. Friday. I did a piece of Patchwork. In the evening We called in to Mrs. Whites.

18th. Monday night the coldest of the winter. Thermometer 31 degrees below zero at C. E. Hulberts store.

18th. Mr. Naramore Pastor of M. E. church called on us.

29th. Geo. and I went up to Levis. It was Sadies Birth day aniversay.

30th. Sat Sadie and Grace came here stayed and went to church on the Sabbath, stayed to Sabbath school. Geo. and I visited at George H. Signors. had a nice time.

Feb. 1st. Mrs Barnhart called.

2d. Mrs. Bennett with her 2 children called for an hour.

3d. Mrs. Erastus Meiner, and J. Evans visited and had dinner with us. James Evans and Wife came home from being in Penn through the winter about Feb 1st.

2d. I finished my 4th quilt of Patchwork, of calico.

7th. Sunday it thundered several times and lightened sharp several times. it was warm; but now its cold.

8th. Monday cold, and sharp winds. .

9th. a cold night very cold all the time.

11th. 10 below zero, awful cold.

17th. very cold. Geo. commenced to put wood in the woodshed, split, and piled a rank.

11th. Thursday. Evans had a load of wood come here.

9th A fire at Unadilla, and our boys market burned, quite a lost.

13th. Sat. C. and Darius drove over, and went back Sabbath day.

Feb. 20th. Dear Lucy came up, and stayed through the day with us. cut me a Dressing Sack, and took it home to finish. Pa took her home.

26th. Friday Geo. and I went down to Lucys.

27th. we went up to Philos. had a nice visit at both places.

Mar. 3d. Dear Lucy called a few moments. Feb 29th 1904. Mr. A. W. Doan of Unadilla placed in our Cemetery a handsome Monument for us $90.00 - Mr. and Mrs. George A. Signor

2d. we were invited, and went to visit Sister Loretta.

5th. we were invited up to Levis. He is sick - one week ago.

March 5, 1904 - Wat and Lem Twist brothers both died within a few days. both Old men, both have Wifes. good respected citizens.

8th. Geo. and I and Lucy visited and had dinner at Reverend Mr. Naramore, our Pastor.

March 5th, 1904 - Sat eve. at the M.S. Parsonage Married Goldie Fuller to Erwood Dana, both of Downsville. (late entry below above notice) Quick work, had a son born Aug 17, 1904

10th. Thursday Dear Ruby came here to dinner. We were pleased. a fine day. Father took her home. I was sick most of the night.

19th. Geo. sent the horse and cutter after Dear Ruby because he was real sick. She came, and stayed until Levi came with the milk Sabbath morning and after dinner when they had to go. Grace came down Monday morning to stay with us 2 or 3 days because Pa was sick, short of breath, and bloats all over.

22d. Lucy Baker, and Sylvia Knox made a long call. we have a good many callers to see George

24th. Loretta visited us and eat dinner with us. Harriet Elwood Bush too was here to dinner.

25th. Mr. Naramore called, and prayed with us.

Born March 22d 1904 to Alva Dewitt, and Lucy Winifred Rowell of Walton; a Daughter Weight 8 lbs. Our Great Grand Daughter.

25th. I made 2 loaves of bread and 2 Apple Pies; as we often do have some to eat with us, more since George is sick. He seems some better than he was.

Mar. 26th. Dear Ruby came and stayed all night, went home when Levi came down to the creamery.

27th. Pa is poorly enough. It is Sabbath day pleasant.

28th. I was sick all day. Lay in bed some.

29th. I'm better but couldnt wash. Pa for the first in 3 weeks went out, walked to the village, and had his hair cut. I heated dirt, and plant Tomatoes seeds and some in a pan. I put Squash seeds in dirt.

Apr. 3d, Geoges Birth day anivrsay aniversay 74 yeas old; and Easter day too. Levi and Ruby came down to dinner with us. Lucy had been to Walton; since Baby came to Winifred; and H. went after her, so she came home that Sabbath day, called in front of our house.

5th. Pa and I went up there to Levis. Its been a lovely day; and we enjoyed it very much. The first time we had the carriage out, and rode since the sleighing was gone.

Elisebeth Knox, Wife of Lewis Hoyt died March 5th 1904. She was my cousin 68 years old at her home Rock royal. Lewis died in December 1903.

11th. Sunday Dear Lucy came and stayed all day with us. Pa took her home. We were so pleased to have her with us.

10th Saturday Geo. Y. Signor fetched us 3 gallons of fine Maple evaporator Syrup. Price per gallon 90 cts.

9th. Sat we were down to Lucys. She gave me Tomatoes seeds, and I came home, put them in dirt that night, Apr 9th.

Apr 13th, 1904 - Mrs. Laura Knapp, Wife of Perry Radiker was buried from the Presyterian church. Age 76years.

13th. Dear Lucy came with us for dinner, and went to her funeral. Tonight it snows hard so the ground is white. This morning I swept the snow from the steps, both sides of the house and I got in a mere lot of wood today to last tomorrow.

14th. Thurs. night snowed, so made the ground white. Dr. Britain called everyday to see George. We have callers every day

17th. Charley, and Darius came from Franklin, to see their Father. They drove down to Lucys, and up to Rubys, so both the families, and had a nice visit with the boys, so good of them all.

18th. we washed, and ironed. The boys drove home today so couldnt stay only one night.

Apr. 23d. Saturday, Dear Julia came home on the Stage. Stayed one night, went back Monday on the Stage. Lucy, and Ruby was home to see her Sunday. Julia fetched Baby Abrem.

30th. Lucy came over on the Stage from Walton, at Winifreds. Stayed all night. Hanford came in the morning and shaved Pa, and Lucy went home with him. Levi came down, and Ruby with him; Ruby stayed, and Dear Grace had been with us a week, and went home with him. Dr. Britain called this morning.

May 7th. Dear Ruby has been with us one day, and night and went back this morning with Levi. George isnt any better. Yesterday we put in Peas, and onions sets, and seeds. today I put in Lettuce, Radishes, Carrots, Parsnips, and Beets, and our Dahlia Bulbs. Geo. is bad off.

12th. Thursday Fred Miller and Son came and planted our Potatoes for us because Geo. is sick. I came nearly sick. I cut most of the Potatoes. Nice that he would help us, they eat dinner here. tonight Levi and Ruby drove down to see us a few minutes. We got 5lbs Shad tonight.

17th. Tues. I took things out of the room up stairs to let Evans folks have it. It was hard for me to do it alone. Empty a bed tick and all about it.

20th. all four childrens home from Franklin. Next Monday 23d they went home.

23d. Monday night Henry Howard came to sit all night with Geo. Geo. needs care nearly every minute all day, and night.

Yes, Henry came Sunday so he has been here 3 nights.

Henry sat up 7 nights that the G. A. R. Post paid him $7.

Henry has now sat up 6 might more, we pay him $1. a night ourselves.

June 4th. Sat, Willard and Wife came in the P.M. to visit, stayed all night. Andrew and Fred came to dinner. We were glad to see them Ruby was here to help me. Sat. night at 10 oclock Darius drove up, came from Franklin, going to stay a few days to help us.

May 21st. We all sat for our pictures on our front stoop.

June Darius came to help care for Pa; stayed 8 days.

19th. Charley came to care for Pa. one day he took Pa up to Levis, another day we all went down to Hanfords; got too tired.

28th. Charley took Pa up to Levis again. I am here alone, wasnt able to go with is a rainy afternoon. I have lain down and rested.

June 29th. Charley went home this morning. Charley had been here eleven days, and took care of Geo. night and day

We are alone tonight, and how lonely it is. Dear Charley has done all for us he could so long. we are both very thankful than words can express. Geo. thinks he is better, but I dont know.

I know I am tired, and sick al over, but must do just the same, all I can.

Since I wrote Dear Ruby, and Lucy has been here some to help us, most of the time we are alone. I give Pa injections in the arm twice in 24 hours. I must use all my age I can pluck up to do it.

July 4th. Decoration day our girls fetched us Ice Cream, and some for themselves, and sat down, and eat it with us. So good of them. Dear Lucy eat dinner with us.

5th. Dear Lucy had the expression taken for new teeth; upper, and under sets by Lou Knapp.

19th. Sister Phebe Elwood came here. Stayed 2 nights. Rev. Naramore fetched her.and took her home to-day Thursday. most two years since She was here, and fell, and hurt herself. I was so glad to have her come again. She has always been a Dear Sister to me. 8 years older than I am. She was 80 in June.

23d. Charley came over after George; They went back Sunday, George, and Charley. I'm alone.

25th. Monday. I washed, and ironed, and Picked Peas. Matie helped shell them; so I canned 3 cans of them, Matie too put up 3 cans of her Peas at the same time.

25th. I'm here alone tonight. God will take care of me.

27th. Dear Lucy came in early morn, and helped me get my quilt and what a bunch of good she has done for me today. Swept my sitting room, and Pas bedroom when I was so tired, and sick. I had to lie down.

Aug. 1st. Monday Sister Phebe came, stayed with me until the 5th. Juliana, or Marie has stayed nights.

5th. Friday night Sadie stayed with me.

15th. I sent my Silver Knives to be Silver plated, they wil be returned in 2, or 3 weeks.

They came home all right $9.00

29th Sat. Draius came to fetch Pa home, Julia and Baby came with them. Darius went home with Julia and Baby Monday. Geo. was over there 5 weeks.

Sept. 3d. Geo. isnt very well, though he has mowed the yard yesterday; and raked it up today. besides he has been to the store after butter, and shaved himself. It isnt so lonely now he is home with me. I am thankful every hour he is here.

15th. we went up to Levis, and stayed 2 nights.

now we have been home a few days doing our work. George dug the potatoes. we had 9 bushels after he trowed out the rotten ones.

22d. Wednesday we went down to Hanfords, stayed 3 nights. came home Sat morning. they loaded us with many good things. We had a nice time. The same Ruby done with us. Had a hard frost.

22d. we had a hard white frost, and another the next night; another the 24th, 3 nights in sucession; hurt standing corn very much. Hanford had his all in Silo. He gets around in time.

25th. Sabbath day. 29th. Dear Lucy, and Mrs. Horton came, and cleaned Pas bedroom, and our Sitting room which hasnt been done in a year.

Will Alexander came over here and bought a horse - over to Philo Hotchkiss, and took it home. Will got it for $20. Bolt, wheels and all, very cheap. Aug 1st .

Aug 1st. Geo. went up to Levis and picked 6 bushels of apples; and 2d, he helped pick a few more bushels apples at home. Ruby fetched the apples, and George home in the afternoon.

Aug. 2d. Dear Lucy called awhile.

Aug 1st. Mr. Johnson of Walton came and made his payment, and interest to us, for our place there in Walton $227 dollars.

Oct 5th Thursday A.M., C. F. S. came over to take us home with him.

6th. went over to Franklin with Charley. Gone 4 weeks came home Nov. 3d.

Nov 3d. Charles came home with us, Louise came too. We stopped at Frank Dans to dinner. It was fine weather most of the time. At Wills, and Charleys too while we were there they made cider, and we helped them about boiling in a large Brass Rail out doors. Julia had 30 gallons boiled, Charley more than that boiled. all was lovely. We had a fine visit.

6th. While we were there Will bought the Alfred Ogden place, stock 33 cows, and farming tools all for $8,000 to take possession March 1st, 1905, calulated to be the finest home, and farm in town. Charley, and Louise stayed two nights, and went home Saturday. C. helped get our Rootabagos, and cabbage, and apples all in our cellar; and took our apples to the cider mill, to have our cider made. Our children are all so kind, and good to us. We are usually well.

Nov 6th. Sabbath day. this morning the ground was white with snow. It is cold too. ground is white all day.

4th. Friday. Levi and Ruby, and Lucy, and Winifred with her Baby came for 2, or 3 hours to see C. and Louise, and Pa, and I. Real nice of them.

6th. Pa went to Church today.

10th. I looked over all of our cabbage, cleaned it, and 11th, Dear Ruby came, and helped us make Crout. we got through, and she cleaned my pantry nicely. Sadie came with the carriage after her at night.

22d. Levi made his payment of $100, on principal, and $57 on interest. Levi eat dinner with us, we were pleased to have him.

20th. Sabbathe day. Dear Lucy came up, and went with Pa to church and then came, and stayed all night with us. So good of her

23th. Mrs. Smith moved into our house, at $3 a month until March 1st.

24th. Pa and I went with Lucy and Hanford up to Levis to spend Thanksgiving day. We had a pleasant time. came home at night.

Dec. 7th,. Darius and Jennie came here visiting. Its very cold, they visited at Solomon Signor, Hanfords, Levis, Loretta, Orlando Hotchkiss and went home 16th. W. C. Alexander came over with Julia and children after the things he bought of Pa; stayed one night; and went back home next day D and Jannie with him. Julia stops aa few days to visit with all of us.

It has been snug cold winter weather since Nov. 1st, and now it is only the 18th Dec.

24th. Dear Julia was here with George and Florence; and with Ruby and Lucy one week. She rode over the hill this morning with Hanford. Will came to Walton after her. I do love er so, and her stay was too short. Last eve, Mr. and Mrs. J. Merrit came here to see her, they l ove her so much.

Dec. 21st, 1904 - Died - Alfred Knox, age 93. His wife died May 1887. She was Sarah Young, my cousin - gone to rest.

25th. George gave me a pretty Gold Ring for a xmas present. I prize it highly as a gift from My Husband.

January 1905.

1st. Sat. Dear Lucy came and stayed all night, and went to church with Pa, back and eat dinner with us. again the 5th she called awhile. We are always so glad to see her.

14th. Sat. Dear Lucy came, and swept my sitting room for me, but didnt stay long. Wednes, she called when she and Hanford were on their way to see Dear Winifred in Walton.

14th Dear Hanford and Lucy attended a great Banquet at the Hall, and Hanford joined the Masons. Last week Dear Ruby came down one morning and stayed until the next P.M. when Levi came after her. we were pleased.

17th. George tok down 5 doz eggs got 28 cts a dozen, come to $1.40. layed in salt eggs too, pretty good. we get some new eggs now.

21st. Saturday, Charley and Louise his wife come here visiting. They have been different places; and its been very cold, and deep snow. They were over with the carriage.

Feb. 1st. Today, they went over to Walton. I expected they had a hard time getting through the drifts, they got safety over, as they told us through the telephone when they were at Frank Dans. We were pleased to have them with us. Its nice for us to have the children come home to us. It nice for us to have children come home to see us.

Dear Ruby is sick in bed. I went Jan. 30th with Lou and Charley up to see her.

5th. Sabbath. Dear Grace came down to church, and to see us a little while, and had dinner with us. She walked both ways. We were glad to see her.

12th. Dear Grace came to attend regents and called a few minutes.

13th. oh how it is snowing. Last night it rained considerable now colder.

26th. Sabbath Levi and Ruby came down a little while, and had dinner with us. The first time Dear Ruby was home after she was sick from the fall.

28th. Dear Lucy came, and stayed all day, and had dinner with us. She fixed the red carpet on the chair. Hanford was here a little while.

March 3d. Grace came, went to a meeting. Stayed and went to meeting Sat eve, and Sunday morning.

Alva Rowell and Winifred moved back to Hanfords March 4th; to stay and help them. Winifred called here a little while, when she came on the stage.

7th.. Thursday. It is zero weather all the time. George is quite poorly every day, in the P.M. not as well as usual.

March 4th, 1905 - in Downsville Died Mrs. Ellen McCarter, Wife- - Widow of Elisha Teed, a Soldier of the War of 1812 he was. She was our neighbor 68 years old.

March 5th, 1905 - Sunday eve, died Mr. Daniel White, our neighbor. Aged 68 years, leaves a wife. He is a G. A. R. man. A pensioner.

Mar. 11th. Geo. went down, walked to see Dr. Britain, the first time in a good many months; but he is worst now. When he is quite he is more comfortable. Seems to be trouble in his stomach, then goes in his arms, and all over.

11th. I scalded and canned 7 cans of our Crout.

12th. Sunday, Dear Lucy came, and was with us till 3, when H. came with the horse and cutter for her.

13th. our 53d aniversary. Pa is quite poorly. Dr. Britian came to see him.

19th. Pa is sick. Dr. B. has been here twice to see him today. Pa is so sick, quite a number have been in.

25th. Sat. Dear Lucy came, stayed all night, and Sabbath, and Hanford came to dinner; real treat. And Dear Ruby came Sabbath morning and stayed till Monday morning. Pa is so bad.

28th. Tues. Loretta came, with us to dinner. We had a pleasant visit with her. Had a squiril for dinner.

Mar. 29th. I fixed dirt, and Sowed Tomatoes, and celery seeds, and put Winter Squash seeds in dirt. Last night I sent Loretta 2 bushels of good apples as we had, and this morning sold one peck for 10 cts. George is pretty poorly all the time.

30th. had our cellar door open, and swept it, and cleaned out all the mussing of every kind; and I made soup on the stove enough to last likely 3 months.

this is a busy time every year and Geo. is so poorly; and we we have to fetch the water from Mr. Bennett, and I raked the yard some.

Apr. 3d. Dear Ruby, Lucy, and Winifred and Baby Evelyn came to spend the day. Ruby took up the kitchen carpet, and they cut up Ham for me, so I could fry it the next day. Georges Birth day.

4th. I fried, and packed it in two jars, put it in the cellar; and in the P.M. Mrs. Merritt came over and measured me for a new Black Dress, and I was so tired.

6th. we've been alone all day, and now Dear Father in Heaven, We thank thee for the night. The soft still night. So free from care, and strife; From sound, and light.

Apr. 6th. George is very poorly. He can scarce live, and breathe. I am so glad every day God lets him be here with me for company.

March 1st, 1905 moved. Dear Will and Julia moved, onto Alfred Ogden farm. Brought it for $8,000 dollars dollars. It joins onto theirs where they had been living. It is a lovely beautiful house.

11th. quite cool nights all the time. Mr. Orie Baker came, and made a beginning to put in a new hard Maple floor in our kitchen.and has it finished. It is nice and good. I oiled it 3 coats of oil.

16th. Dear Ruby and Lucy have been with us; each day, and night this past week, and helped me. This is Sabbath day, and Pa and I are here alone since Lucy went home at noon. H. came for her.

17th.. Dear Charley came over to see his father Monday, and went home Wednesday.

18th. Tues: Levi; and Ruby came a while to see Charley and father.

24th. Monday, Dear Darius came home to see Pa. Stayed two nights.

26th. Dear Lucy came, and stayed all night with us.

27th. Lowell Signor, Geo. Y. Boy ploughed our garden.

28th. we sent for Lucy, because Pa was so poorly. She came. Mrs. Merritt came over, and tried on my new dress.

29th. I set out 2 qts of Multifliers; and we sowed our peas. Geo. Y. helped me, because Geo. is poorly.

May 3d. Wednesday, I made a bed, and set out one pint of white sets to grow large onions; and sowed carrots; Parsnips, and Beets seeds; and Radish, and Cabbage, and Rootabago seeds.

2d. Dear Julia drove over with her Baby of 3 years to see us. She cleaed my parlor, Dear Lucy happened to come; so helped her took down; and washed our lace curtains, and ironed and put them up, after the windows, and everything were made clean; and went home Friday. She stayed 3 nights. We enjoyed her visit very much; as we do all the chrildren coming home. She came so far and alone.

7th. Sabbath day Dear Lucy came and stayed with us, with Lucy Evelyn while Alva, and Winifred were at church. At night, Geo. and I are alone, as usual. We had a heavy thunder, and sharp lightning last evening and some rain, so everything is the greener for it.

May 6th. Saturday I transplanted some celery, and tomatoes.

10th. Wednes. sowed lettuce and Sunflower seeds.

11th. Thursday, Lucy and Hanford came for half hour. Saturday H. called, and Loretta came awhile, and Mrs. Barnhart. Geo. is badly.

14th. Sabbath. we have been alone. All the time we have bother to Shut up setting hens. We put them overhead in the barn.

11th and 12th. John Stewart planted our potatoes, I dropped them.

16th. Geo. and I planted our sweet corn, Popcorn, Winter and Summer squashes, and cucumbers, and I set in the garden 30 tomatoe plants. Geo. is too tired, so am I. Last night both of us were so tired, we didnt sleep much. Lovely May time.

17th. My 73d anversary Birth day, and we were alone all day; as both the girls here were sick, so couldnt come home. We finished our plantinin our garden. It rained when we were just through. What a lovely growing time this is, with sunshine, and showers. Lovely May time.

20th. Sat. Dear Lucy came for a few minutes, and went to the store for us. yesterday Levi called. He, and all of them are poorly. Ruby sick in bed.

28th. Wills Birth day. He is 33 years old.

26th. He, and Charley came over to go fishing with Geo. Y. Signor. Didnt get a Shad. They went back, Saturday and Pa went with them.

28th. after they went a way, I washed, ironed, swept Pa room, and sitting room, kitchen and cleaned up generaly. At night set out the rest of our tomatoes plants, blacken the stove, and many things too numerous to mention.

29th. Sabbath day to rest. I'm having a fine rest today. Mrs. Merritt, and Lucy called. This is a fine growing time.

30th. Deckeration day. Dear Lucy, Winifred, and Alvah Rowell were all here. Lucy fetched me some fine Ice Cream. Monday I gave our floor one coat of paint, Tues. another coat.

31st. Wednesday. I went down to Hanfords; stayed 2 nights. Winifred came after me, and took me home, when I stayed 2 nights.

June 2d. Friday. Winifred fetched me home. Dear Lucy had fetched me some Bread, cake, and milk, and some Posy plants to set out. I enjoyed my visit very much. went over to Winifred to dinner Thursday, and had a good time. of course am glad to be home again to see to everything, though its lonely all alone.

6th. I went to see Gertrude.

8th. Thursday I went to Geo. Y Signors. We've been having a fine rain. The under pouring for the new school building is progessing finely with Warren Signor overseer, and workman togather.

Sadie came to the Examination June 13th, stayed 2 nights with me, and went to school when it was necessay. I was so glad to have her here, when I am alone.

24th. Dear Charley came. and fetched Pa home. He went home the next Monday 26th. We've were glad to see Charley; glad to see Pa home, after he had been gone 4 weeks. I stayed alone, and worked my garden. Sabbath all the children here came home; so we have 10 to dinner. They came to see Pa.

27th. Dear Lucy came, and stayed all night, and helped me till noon the next day. She done a bunch of things. I am about sick.

28th. Pa is some better, and he is getting rested from riding over.

29th. Thursday, Firemans Tournament at Walton 1500 fireman parade. Alvah and Winifred went over.

28th. Dear Lucy was with us all day, and done so many things.

July 1st. Dear Ruby was here all night, and until Sabbath morn.

2d. Ruby went home; so we have been alone all day. It has rained hard most of the day, been a dark day. Geo. is bad all the time. we wonder if we will find him alive when we look at him, morning, noon, and night.

Dear Ruby sent me a pan of Strawberries, not hulled. made 3, and 3/4 lbs of hulled. A nice present. Hard for her to pick them.

4th. Sadie and Grace were here. Sadie stayed all night.

6th. Ruby called. She had been down here to Lucys, was going home, took with her Winifred, and Baby Evelyn to stay one, or two nights.

21st. Dear Ruby was down, and had the impression to Kenby Hyser for new teeth.

28th. She got her new teeth.

July 29th. Levi and Ruby, and Hnaford and Lucy eat dinner with us.

Aug. 1st, and yesterday Juliana Roberts came, and I put morphine injections in her arm. She is bad off.

. Monday, and Tuesday, 2d., Mr. Baker made a door, and came, and hung it where the place was cut into the other part. cost altogather $2.10 cts.

6th. Monday Ruby came after Pa to go there 2 or 3 days. Juliana came to stay nights with me.

12th Pa has been to Hanfords two nights. He was fetched home today.

15th. Downsville Fair 4 days.

16 Aug, 1905 - Born to Charley and Louise Signor, a 9 1/2 lb Baby Daughter.

11th. Dear Vera Signor came over on the Stage to our house. oh how pleased we were to have her with us a few days.

22d. Warren Signors Wife came with Ida Signor to call on us. Warrens home is in Sidney, and He, Warren, is WORKING on our new School house building. His Wife is over on a visit.

26th. Sadie came to dinner with us, and we were pleased. Dear Lucy called a few moments.

I took up our Pork, and Scaled the brine, and put more salt in bbl.

The children all come home as often as they can very well. Sadie works to Dr. Holmes.

Sept. 2d, Sabbath day. Hanfords, and Levis folks came to dinner with us beause Darius was here and his children. In the P.M., Sabbath day, He went home with the children.

3d. Monday I put us 3 canns of Tomatoes. Didnt wash because it was too wet. Lucy and Winifred called. Lucy fetched me Some Plums. Pa is quite poorly today. He cant breather very well. A muggy day.

8th. Loretta called awhile.

9th. Miss Weaver called, and got things for us, from the store. Yes, and got a letter from Brother Jonah.

10th. Sabbath. Hanford called to see how Father is; Lucy wasnt able to come to church. They are all so tired, filling the Silo. The same with Will A. at Franklin.

15th. Dear Ruby came, and stayed with us until the next morning. Sadie has gone home from Dr. Holmes to go to school. She was at the Drs. 4 weeks.

21st. Lucy was with us all day. Loretta was here awhile.

Sept. 20th. Burriss Signor was in the place, and called on us. He has been West 21 years.

28th. Thursday Will, Julia, and children came here to dinner, and supper, went to Hanfords to stay all night.

27th. Lucy and Ruby came, and helped me, so many things to make my house cleaner, and much better.

Sept 26th 1905 - Mrs. Rhead Wilson was buried from the M.E church. Age 77 years. Georgia is left alone. Our neighbour.

Dear Lucy done up one of our, Geo. and I, new pictures we just had taken, and sent one to Brother Jonah, Springfield, Oregon; and one to E. M. Day, Eagle Lake, Minn. Sent one of our pictures as to Cousin Laura McDougal, Wisconsin. 30th. got a little boy to help me, and picked up ten bushels Potatoes in the barn, and put in our cellar our winter supply.

I picked up what few apples there was; and carried into our cellar about Oct 5th.

Oct 14th. I picked apples again; so now have 10 bushels in cellar. Such lovely days most of the time. Geo. is very poorly, and must have morphine night, and morning. I give the injections in the arm. though he walks out some everyday; and lies down a good deal.

19th. Brother Willard and Wife came, and stayed over night with us.

20th. Dear Charley and Louise came with their 2 month old Baby.the little Darling girl. C. to buy some cows.

28th. C. and Louise; and Pa and I were invited and went to Sister Lorettas to visit, and eat dinner; all had a lovely time I went in C. H. Store. Sabbath morning they started for home, went to Rubys to dinner, and all night. we went to Hanfords with them.

29th. Sabbath day. What lovely weather we do have all the time.

31st. Charley and Louise got home and it rained tonight.

Nov. 6th. commenced to rain. set in and snows big flakes. once before about a month ago it snowed a little, not to make the ground white. Its so warm, may turn to rain now.

Nov, 8th, 1905 - Died - Rena, Only Daughter of Samuel and Gertrude Hotchkiss, in Downville. Aged 21 years.

19th. Sabbath. Grace and Ruby came to church. Hanford and Lucy came here. Then after church they all eat dinner with us.

Nov. 22d. Ruby called awhile.

28th. Ruby came, and took up the kitchen carpet; cleaned it; and put it down again.

28th November the first snow to make the ground white.

29th. Dear Ruby took us our kitchen carpet, cleaned, and put it down. Dear Lucy came, and went to the store for us, got 3 yds Oil cloth and other things, both eat dinner here and done us lots of good.

30th. Thanksgiving day. we are alone, only Juliana was with us.

Dec. 3d, 1905 - Died - Marshal Johnson, Son of Edward Johnson, who always has both lived in Downsville, and our neighbours, good folks.

Dec 5th. About the water. We've been having a bad time with the water stopping, but have got it fixed again, running out doors. too bad, but cant be helped.couldnt get it to run in the house as its been doing, but must go out from the Woodshed to get it.

12th. Farmer Institute, and Alvah Rowell, Lucy and Ruby came here to dinner. Both girls stayed with us Monday night. We were glad to have them all here. Naramore called on us. Weather fine all the time.

19th. Viola Sprague, and Tilla Elwood was here for dinner; and 20th, Dear Lucy, and Winifred, and Baby was with us for dinner. In the evening Geo. Y. was here an hour.

20th. A load 3 cords of wood came to us today - quite an eventful day.

24th. Sabath. Pa is poorly more so. Marion and Tilla called awhile. They moved to Long Flat Dec. 1st. We were glad to see them, and we were invited to Lucys with Levis folks, but Geo. is so bad we couldnt go for Merry Christmas. Too bad. He lies down a good deal, and its lonely for me, but may soon be worse. Dear old diary I wanted to tell it to you. There no one else to speak to.

27th. Wednesday, George went home with Levi, gone 4 nights. He is no better. One night while he was gone, I went down to Lorettas to stay a night. Had a pleasant visit.

Dec. 31st, 1905 - died - Peter Mason in this village. We had known him many years .

January 1906

18th. Loretta called awhile

19th. Lucy and Ruby were to dinner, and went to the store for us.

Jan. 22d. Levi and Ruby called, and Levi got us some 4lbs meat at the market.

It is roasting warm, some sweat like it was summer. Who ever saw such a warm winter, as good as to be in Califonia.

25th. Lucy and Winifred and Baby came, and were to dinner with us. We had a pleasant day. Geo. went home with them.

27th. Sadie came here to stay awhile, and may be have mumps. She and I are alone here today Sabath, having a pleasant time.

The weather is so warm, and fine all the time.

29th. Monday. Sadies 18th Birth day, and I'm glad she is here. Geo. has gone to Hanfords a few days for a change. Sadie is using my machine, doing piece work for a worsted quilt.

31st. Winifred came to dinner with us.

Feb. 1st. Winifred took Alvah away up hollows. He has gone to see His Mother. Then she stopped, and took Sadie home with her. I'm alone.

There is quite a change in the weather, 3 below zero, first cold this winter.

7th. Wednes. Dear Lucy called awhile. Its very cold 10 below zero yeterday; some places 28 below.

We are both quite feeble.

8th. in the night, and next morning caame 16 inches of snow, the first to amt to anything this winter.

Died - John Stuart 9 month Baby, our neighbours.

Jan.14th 1906 - Darius and Jennie came over to a wedding at Solomon Signors, Celestia Signor to Will Anderson.

Darius and Jennie came to see us the 15th; Went to Winifred the 16th; and back here the 16th at night. Saturday 17th, they took dinner at Rubys, and the over the mountain in the P. M.

19th. Monday. Dear Lucy came while I was washing. She was here 1/2 hour. I got clothes dry, and ironed.

20th. I made cookies, besides everything else.

Feb. 21st. done mending, and got in lots of wood because it was in good shape and it looks like rain. Pa is so poorly he cant help much. He cant even stand and pile wood. I get so tired, and lame, no one seems to know about it.

22d. Thurs. morning didnt rain much, but it warmer. Lucy and Ruby both called.

22d. I laced my old everyday dress around the bottom, and called to see Mrs. Merritt, besides everything else. Its been a rainy day.

Feb. 25th, 1906 - Sunday, Daughter of Cob Wilson died Feb. 23d 1906. Sarah Janette Wilson Wife, Widow of Morgan Dibbell. He Morgan died 11 years ago . 25th. Been a rainy day. Snow all most gone.

March 2d. Dear Charley and Julia came home from Franklin to see us.

4th. Sabbath, Dear Ruby and Lucy and Winifred with Baby was with us all day, and eat dinner; so to visit with them.

5th. Monday they went home. We all had a nice visit, and good weather.

5th. very little snow to be seen, as we have had so much rain, and too it all off. old, windy march weather though the sun shines today.

12th. Monday. this morning 4 inches snow. I'm not well at all. Pa is poorly. I've washed; Sun shone brightly, but cold air, so the snow remains as in the morning, only been swept, and tracked, shovels, and used by drawing. Not enough for sleighing.

13th. Tuesday. Georges and my 54 wedding aniversary. A long time; yet it is only short to look back. Our Dear ones all 5 of them got home nests of thgeir own; and only Dear Lucy and Ruby came home to be with us the 13th, the others are 30 miles a way; so couldnt so well be home and all are doing nicely. we heard from them through the Telephone; as each of them have one. Thank God we are all living and usually well, mother.

14th. Wednesday more snow. Sleighs go for lads over the hill,

15th. sun is bright, snow going.

17th. People go on wheels again. Sat. and Pa is not well. I'm quite poorly all the time.

18th. Sabbath day.

19th. Monday, and Snowing hard all day. Sadie Russell 18 years old commenced teaching in their own District School. She got a 3 years license to teach.

19th. Levi and Ruby came down awhile. we were glad to see them. Snowed hard.

Mar. 20th. snowed all night, and this morn, 18 years ago this time was another such storm. Sun crosses the line today. Equinoctial Storm.

21st. Pleasant, and cold.

22d. Pleasant, and colder. Geo, went to the store, fetched home Oat flakes; 1 lb cheese more than I'm able to do.

24th. Pleasant, and cold. Dear Lucy took eggs 5 dozen and to the store for us, 85 cts.

29th and 30th, lovely sunshing, and the snow is going fast. We two are here as usual doing most nothing.

31st. some snow last night, and colder today. Juliana called. Bowler has moved out of the house. Some things in our barn yet.

Geo. and I are alone 2 or 3 nights.

Apr. 2d. Monday, Charley Campbell and Wife, and Baby moved into our upper rooms.

3d. Geo. Birth day aniversary. Dear Ruby, Lucy, and Winifred, and Baby came to celebrate, and fetched Pa a present and cheer us both, for we are poorly. Its a lovely day, but some snow on, and freezes hard nights. Good sap weather.

Childen would all come home only are so far away, and we hear each day from them through the telephone. so nice we can mother.

5th. Thurs. Pleasant day. I put in our Tomatoes seeds in the dirt heated.

6th. Friday. Geo went on the milk wagon to Hanfords to help them boil sap. It has been the greatest sap-run for years we hear.

7th. Sat. eve Sadie came to stay with me, until Grace came after her Sabbath P. M.

8th. I am alone, and indeed its very lonely, but its all right.

Apr. 5th. 1906, 12 P.M. - Died - Helen, Daughter of Frank and Alice Dan. Aged 8 years. Walton.

15th. we've had quite a rain so there is high water. Easter Sunday. Its quite warm, grass grew real green last night.

15th. just got the New Pipe. Had the ditch all dug up and got a new Faucet, which gives us 1/8 inch of water.

Apr. 18th. Pa went home with Levi. stayed 2 nights. I stayed alone, had a good time.

19th. I baked cake and bread, and boiled Beets, and made a can of Pickles. been sick all day. Its warm, lovely every day.

Pa is smart for him. He went down with eggs, and with wheel barrow. has been putting manure on the garden. He picked up all the trash and apple tree limbs; and burned them 2 days ago.

26th. Dear Ruby Russell came and papered my bedroom. Levi came in the P. M. on purpose and ploughed our garden.

. Dear Ruby took our eggs down and got paper enough for both bedrooms, and will come someday, and paper the other room, Pas room.

27th. Elbert Signor called. He came last night on the stage from the West, where he has been with Dave, 12 years.

Apr. 30th, Monday 1906 - Died - Andrew James Dan of Walton, My Brother. Aged 75 years, and .9 months. His wife Jane Stevens died 4 years ago last March. He was survived by five children, James R., of Sidney, Mrs. Wm Stevens, Fred, Mattie J., of Walton and Charles E. of Coopertown,

May 1st, and Apr. 30th we put in our Potatoes, and all the small truck onions seeds, and sets, Parsnis, Carrots and Beet, and Radish, and lettuce, and Cabbage, and Rutabaga seeds.

The ground is in fine condition to plant. weather warm, and dry.

2d. put in winter squash seeds. Lucy and Ruby came and cut, and commenced making my black calico dress. Lucy stayed all night because it rained hard several hours..

3d. Lucy went home this morning. Levi came, and brought 40 lbs Potatoes. Paid us 50 cts for them. the rain last night wet the ground real good

10th. It snowed in the air, but not whiten the ground.

May 9th, 1906 - Died - Earl Wilson, Son of Billy Wilson. Winifred and Alvah went to their house to the funeral up Wilson Hollow.

14th. Monday. I washed and ironed; and cut, and fried, and packed a 17 lb ham, besides lots of other things, as every women has to do.

17th. Assembled at her home a party of near friends two Daughters, Lucy; and Ruby; Sister Loretta, and cousin, and Nephew from Nebraska, Elbert Signor. All had a pleasant time and a fine dinner, Sarah J. D. Signor 74 years old today.

May. 18th. Friday, Pa, and Elbert Signor went on the Stage to Franklin.

20th. Sabbath morning Grace came to stay with me until tomorrow morning.

30th. Decoration Day. fair, and just cool enough; not too hot or too cold to be nice up top. A larger procession than usual when marching to the music. I heard a good many people were in town on that day. 31st. Thursday I went up to Levi, stayed 3 nights, came home Sabbath morning when they came to church. had a lovely time as I could feeling so poorly.

June 3d. I am home again, and this is a fine day. The Sabbath day. Grace, and Sadie were here awhile.

June 3d, 1906 - Died - Clarence Francisco; Husband of Susan Signor. She Daughter of Clark, and Elizabeth Signor and Sister of Solomon Signor.

6th. A very warm day, and the funeral of C. Francisco at the M. E. Church.

6th. I set out 50 tomatoes plants.and 7th, I set some more tha 100 Cabbage, and Rootabaga plants being rainy so not half the work as when I had to put in water, and they wont wilt at all.

7th. I sowed a paper of yellow Denver onions, because first sewing didnt come up. Ruby called; Levi got me kerosene.

9th. Saturday an awful storm, considerable hail. we thought sure it would break the windows. Everything was much flooded in abou five minutes. I never before saw the henpark all afloat. thumder and lightning terrible.

9th. In the A. M. Mr. Bowker cultivated, and hoed our Potatoes, and corn, and put on our screen doors. Levi was down to a Lawsuit and horse in our barn. I am all alone; Pa at Franklin.

yesterday I sent my Pickle firkin to Mr. Smith to be hooped. It leaked the brine all off the pickles. then fixed new brine,and put them back nice, and good. So glad it is all done. I got Mr. Willard Bowker to take it there at noon, fetched it back at night, paid him for doing it, and had him eat diner here.

11th. Darius fetched Pa home. Pa was gone 3 1/2 weeks.

13th. Darius has gone to Long Flats, with Hanford, and Levis, and Alvah folks to a reunion of the 3 families, Dan, Elwood, and Spragues. Its a lovely day.

14th. Darius went home, Lucy went with him.

June 19th. Tues morning I set in garden 30 celery plants, then transplanted as many more. Its being a wet time, good to set out in the garden. Now Sat. set 40 more, making 70.

Sat. night, June 23d, 1906 - Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Shaw, a little Daughter.

23d. Sat. Charley, and Louise came home about five oclock. Went home Monday morning, on 25th. Hanford and Lucy, and Levi and Ruby and Grace came to see them Sabbath.

26th. I washed, and ironed Tues.

27th. Geo. and I went to Hanfords. Winifred came with the carriage after us. Stayed 2 nights. Had a good time as we could anywhere feeling so poorly all the time.

July 1st. Sabbath day. Pa went to church. Last night we had a hard rain. So gardens were hurt some.

4th. quite a fine Decoration Day with the Martial music, and different bands, or societies in uniform marching to the music; with the Dr. Brittain; president of the day - in front on his Pony; and oration at the Presbytarian church by the M. E. Pastor, Reverend Hunt. Said to be good. Geo. went to hear the speech. He is well enough so he walks anywhere he wishes around town.

7th. Dear Ruby came and helped papered our kitchen very nicely, and cleaned up the mess very nicely.

12th. Mrs. John White, Widow, our neighbour came over and eat dinner with George, and I. Real nice.

16th. Monday. We washed, and ironed. Sister Loretta came 3 hours in the P. M. made a nice call. We were pleased.

16th. Geo. Sowed Turnip seeds where he hoed up the peas. I put in Radish seeds.

17th. Mrs. Bowker, and children, and Mrs Carter made us a nice call.

18th. Marie Shaw eat dinner here.

19th. Clara came down awhile.

20th. Mr. Thomas sat down awhile.

20th. Geo. got the hay in our barn that was cut on the backside of the Nettie Purdy place. Uncle Edd Johnson got what was on the yard front. Geo. paid $1. for what he got. thinks he will have what hay he will want the year for company.

July 21st Dear Ruby came, and cut, and fitted me a waist, and made it except buttom holes and she papered the sitting room overhead, coming later to finish the sides.

22d. Sunday. Ruby and Grace come to church, eat dinner with us; we are pleased to have them here.

31st. Geo. went to Hanfords, stayed two nights. Linda Hotchkiss came, and stayed with me 2 nights. While Geo. was gone I put on a small quilt. Mrs. Barnhart came and helped me quilt 2 days some. So I took it off Aug. 1st. They invited me to dinner with them at Mrs. Whites Aug. first. I went, and had a nice time.

Aug. 2d Linda Hotchkiss is here now the 3d night. I'm glad she like to be with us. Pa came home from Hanfords this morn, was down there 2 nights.

I put on; and quilted my small flatiron quit while he was away. Mrs Barnhart came twice and helped me awhile so I got it off.

3d. Linda was with us to dinner. It is the last day of Summer School.

5th. Dear Ruby and Grace came to church, Hnaford and Lucy were there too. All came home to call; and had dinner with us.

7th. I finished making ruffling my new quilt; or Slumber Robe; and it is quite nice piece of work all done.for me, 74 past. Nice that I can still do some nice things; though am more poorly than they think.

8th. I canned 6 cans of Corn. Pa went in the garden and got it and hushed it, and helped cut it off. It is done nicely, and mess all cleaned up; boiler washed. Corn set on the table.

Dear Lucy sent me this morning a box of Sweet corn, havest apples, ripe tomatoes, Summer Squashes; and maple cake for eachn of us. Good of her.

8th. Just rains all the time so farmers cant get in their hay. Awful bad.

16th. been pleasnt 5 days and Earnest, and Murray Williams has been 3 days putting.

Aug. 15th, 1906 - Died - Elizabeth Telford, Wife of David Signor. Age 81 years old.

Aug. 17th, 1906 - Died - John Elwood. Aged 76 years.

16th. Lucy came and fetched Maggie Dan, Johns Wife, and Daughter Laurie, lame girl. Dear Ruby came, and papered half of our sitting room before they came; then Lucy helped her finish. It was a real hard job. before this Ruby had papered it overhead, and both bedrooms and kitchen. real hard.

Aug. 22d. Winifred came after Pa and I. We stayed there 2 nights; came home Friday night; had a pleasant time as I could being so sick. They did all they could for us.

25th. Sadie came down tonight; eat supper with us.

29th. Geo. cut the grass back side of our lot, been a fine day. I cut the last of our Sweet corn and got it drying.

31st. I put up our first 2 cans of tomatoes.

Sept. 3d. Brother John from N. Jersey came to see us. 7 years since he had been here before.

4th. Dear Ruby was with us all day, and to dinner with Him.

6th. Thursday. Brother John went to Walton on the Stage yesterday morning; and was at the Big Walton Fair Today where he would see so many old friends. Alvah Rowell and Winifred went early this morn; so got to Whitcoms for breakfast.

10th. E. Rowe, and Murray Wms painted our house. Cost us $18.70 cts for theirs and $40 for All lead, and paint, and work for painting this house.

Commenced having water from E. Holmes Spring Sept 8th 1906.

11th. Lucy came and cleaned Pas room Carpet, Bedstead, and all thoroughly.

15th. Weather dry. Pastures feeling the dry weather bad. Another week came, and gone. Yes rolled into eternity, and we are spared, both of us but poorly. We have had Dry Beans shelled 9 lbs of the White Lima so nice. Tomatoes all picked, so we let the hens run and do. No frost at all here yet.

15th. Mother Bull is with Dear Lucy this week, I'm so glad. Alvah Rowell is very sick, better some.

18th. Dear Ruby came, and brushed the lace curtains, washed the windows and put them up again. I can do but little.

24th. Herman Miller took our barn 2 stalls to use at $1. dollar a month, and leave all manure that is made.

24th. at night, Geo. and I gathered our Winter Squashes in a bunch, and put the vines, and leaves over them for fear of frost. no frost yet.

Dear Lucy came today Monday and swept my room and Sitting room thoughly.

29th. Put Squashes in barm, for fear of frost, no frost yet to do any harm. Oct 6th no frost - foliage on the trees are quite green. Some colored.

Oct 6th. Fred Betts took a picture of our house after being painted in colors. Pa and I sat out in the yard; or he sat down, I stood up.

10th. Wednes. Pa and I went with Will to Franklin to Julias and Will to visit. We stopped in Walton for dinner, I to see Sister Asenath, Will and Pa to Willards. Well, we was with Julia 5 nights, then went to C. and Darius. Stayed till Wed. 24th, and C. fetched us home. Enjoyed our visit very much.

22d. Darius and Jennie went to N. Y. Jennie to have an operation at St. Elizabeth Hospital. Its a terrible thing, and we all feel dreadfully over it. Hoping she can get well, and be home again. Leaving it with God.

The weather is fine, no frost to hurt things much yet, for which we are all thankful.

24th. Wednes evening, after we got home, and had our suppers, and work done; Lucy and Hanford came up awhile, and we didnt get to rest until midnight. We wanted to visit altogather awhile. C. went home in the morning.

27th. Dear Lucy called awhile. George Elfrey and Wife came to rent our rooms after Cariel leaves.

Nov.first. They cant come.

Oct. 29th. We put our celery in cellar, also Rutabago, and flat turnips and got the Squash, and Pumpkins in from the barn; the same night.

30th. it snowed, and rained most of the day; but its warmer. I washed some, dried clothes in the house.

Nov. 3d. Dear Lucy came, and helped about many things, and we had a pleasant day. Alvah R. came for her. Its getting much warmer after the thunder of Sat. 27th of Oct.

8th. Dear Ruby came to spend the day with us, and Sadie to dinner. We enjoyd it very much.

the following were written by her Daughter Ruby.

Nov 10, 1906

Mother fell and put her shoulder out of Joint. got out of place and the Dr. had to set it - over again Nov. 13 - it was a hard time agood many days for all of us the first train arrived in Downsville Nov. 17.

My Dear Mothers old Diary

My Dear Mother died Tuesday morning Dec. 4th, 1906 at 1 oclock. age 74 years. She was buried in Downsville Cemetery. her text was (She hath-done what she could), 8th verse, 14th Chapter of St. Mark

She fell and put her shoulder out of Joint, and only lived 3 weeks. She suffered so hard all the time, until she died. I was with her when the end came; also Pa, and Dr. Brittian and Mrs. Stephen Panghorn - it was terible she suffered until she beathered her last. Ruby

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