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Golden Dawn Poultry Farm

FARM LIFE - SHAVERTOWN - Golden Dawn Poultry Farm - 224 acres

--Jim Kelly, January 22, 2009

Scroll right to view series of 1920s photos from my grand father's (Roy Leonard) archives
Golden Dawn Poultry Farm

My grandfather often spoke about the deep, rich loam soil there along the river. Included here are photos of his corn yield which he has noted as attaining the height of 14.5 feet. He also grew amazing watermelons. The soil was particularly good for the growing of Cauliflower.
Burpee American Wonder Corn

"Burpee American Wonder Corn" - Attained a height of 14 feet - 5 inches. - circa 1921
Filling the Silo

THE SILO - Roy Leonard and Charlie Dodge filling the silo. - circa 1921
Loading the Hay Wagon

LOADING THE HAY WAGON - L-R: Charlie Dodge - Worley Black - Isaac Leonard - Roy Leonard
Hay to the Barn

THE HAY WAGON - Heading to the barn

Wagon Load of Prize Watermelons
Roy Leonard

The Golden Dawn Poultry Farm

FOR SALE - In 1926 Roy Leonard sold the farm and moved to Union Grove.

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