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Transcribed by Shirley Brownson February 2, 1998 from the originals. Please note that some handwriting was poor. ln addition, it appears that some of the appointees were not particularly concerned about obtaining the correct spelling for every name on their list.

The appointed Overseer of Highways for each road district in the Town of Franklin, Delaware County, New York, received a printed letter from Henry E. Barnes, Town Clerk. The Overseer returned either the letter or a separate piece of paper with his list of road district inhabitants. The individual's name and the road district number were written in by hand. The letter read:

Mr. ___

Take notice that you were duly appointed Overseer of Highways for Road District No. of said town by the Commissioner of Highways.

Also that you are required by law to deliver a list of the names of all the inhabitants in your Road District, who are liable to work on the Highways, and to deliver the same to the Town Clerk within sixteen days from the date hereof.

Town Clerk

In the following lists, the number of the road district is at the top, for example {1}. Additional notes written by the appointee are included. A note that is bracketed with {note} was added by the transcriber. The appointed Overseer, when known, is indicated by an * next to his name.

Franklin March the 7
To Henry E Barnes
Sir the names of men Subject to Highway tax num {?} are as follows
Seymour Birdsall 4
Roger H Hall* 4
Joel Brush 3
John Brush 3
John Bordon 1
R H Hall
Hiram {?}iff*
Abner Loveland
constitute all in my Dist.
Croton Mar 2, 1871
Mr Barnes
Enclosed please find the names of the inhabitants that is liabl to work on the road in my Dist as follows
L Summers
W M Luppes
AA Chisholm*
John Bourne
nonresident of Hill Lot
Respect Yours A.A. Chisholm
John Harvey Barnes*
Elijah White
Smith Parsons
James Parsons
Orrin Bennett
Dist No 4
Ira Ogden
William H Gates
David Penfield
Chauncy Ogden*
Elijah Roe
James Rutherford
Dist No 6
Mark B Pomeroy
Wesley Pomeroy
Clinton Pomeroy
Andrew Treadwell
M Pomeroy
Johnson Mitchell
Edward Mors
Mathey Hitchoack* {on back, this name written in handwriting of clerk's office: Matthew Hitchcock}
Dis. No. 8 Croton
M. S. Kellogg, Pathmaster*
Charles Houghtaling
Richard Houghtaling
Nelson Remington
M. D. Kellogg
E. M. Kellogg
Lyman Power
Charles Warfield 22 year pole tax
Anson Osborn
Chester Warefield
Enos Woolcott
Samuel Tredwell
Edward Pond
Levi Hogaboom
Erastus Hogaboom 22 year pole tax
Chancy Jester
Lyman Smith
Nathan Freer
Charles Freer
James Adams
Widdow, Welton Samuel
Wm. Tiffany
Syrus Wheet
Doctor Garfield
George Remington
Almivon Hawley
Wm. Lawsen & Brother Blacksmiths
Chester H Tredwell stone
Widdow, Rich. Sylvester
M. S. Kellogg & Wife personal
James Vezell
Simeon Parsons
Alpeos Perkins
Mrs Charles Stuart
Homer Stuart
John Bristol
Albert Kellogg 22ond year
Doc Stricklins House & lot
Martin Reynols works for GFR
Hiram Jordon
Croton Feb 28th 71
List of names liable to work Highways in District No 10 Town of Franklin
Andrew Jackson
Orson C Georgia
Solomon Hawley
Alvin J Wolcott
Henry Boyd*
Stillman Bourn
Charles Blanchard
Salmon Jackson
Orrin Chapman
Feb 27 1871
Here you will find the names of the men who are liable to hyway labor
Ithel Bronson
Dewight Ward
Martin Jackson
Charles Knapp*
Gorge Reid
Charles Reid
Silas E Knapp
Austin Allen
Edgar Chamberlin
Edmond Potter*
{numbers following names were written in pencil}
Wesley A. Pomeroy Overseeer*5 1/2
William S Pomeroy 8 1/2
Charles Smith 1
David Foote 10
Eliza McMorris 8 1/2
John A. McMorris 1
Mrs Mary Foote 3
Seymor Pomeroy
Amasa Miller
Ebenezar Handford
Ralph ---
S P Smith*
James Raymond
Brazila Banker
District No 16
Sylvester Felton
John Benidict
Russel Foot
Ezkill Foot
Joel Metcalf
Ezra Miller
C A Bostwick*
Charles Thompson
Jerry Scott
- Potter
Wm Tuttle
{18 1/2}
R McMin
R Anderson
M Miller
H W Houghtaling*
And thank the Lord there ant no more of us
H.E. Barnes Sir
The following are the names of persons liable to Highway tax in this Dist.
Geo. W. Weed*
James Pomeroy
Smith Parish
Andrew Parish
Wm Blanchard
The two last names are not liable to Poll Tax Geo W. Weed
No 28
G. W. Underwood
Dennis Mitchell
Lorin Mitchell
Eli Gibbons
R. P. Burns
Clark Chamberlin
H. O. Chamberlin
S. G. Cowles*
Roa Dist 31
Henry S Edwards
Guy Heashins
Morgan Edwards
Emoy S Abell
Daniel E Abell
Jacob Gillett
George Gillett*
William H Heiden
List of names of inhabitants liable to work on the highway in District No 32
Nathan Clark
Wm Northrup
John Boyce
Stephen Borst
Harvey Mann
Gilbert Mann
Charles Payne
J. Edgar Payne
Mrs Betsey Buel
Abel Buel
Daniel Chamberlin
Joseph Bisell Jr
Platt Bisell
Stephen Murry
Dist No. 34
John Weed
George H Wells
Silas French*
Silas French Pathmaster of Dist No. 34
Dist No 35
Roswell Vergasar
Perry Barnes*
Charles Seely
Myron Barney
Wm Abell
D Brinkmun
N Burnes
S Douglass
A Rathbirn*
H. E. Burnes
Thom Wilcox
E P How
Road Dist 39
{40} Persons liable to do highway labor in Dist of Sherill Edwards
Sherill Edwards
James Goldsmith
George Emerson
Edgar Haragon
The names of persons in District 41 on old rode are
Harvy Scott
Polly Cook
Abial Drake
Dwight Drake
Leroy Emerson
Wm Wolcott*
New rode
George Grant
Ebeneron Widgen
Widow Northrup
To Henry E Barnes, Town Clerk I am all there is on district No 43 - no others, the bridge on this district across Hanson brook wants new planking will require ?00 {probably either 200 or 400} feet of 12 feet please to notify Commishion,
R Hine*
Feb 27th 1871
G. & S. W. Crawford
Squire Engelston
Abram Baker
Smith Baker
Chas Cob
Eugene Schemerhorn*
List of taxable inhabitants liable to Highway for District No 48 of the Town of Franklin
Feb 27th 1871
Names of Road District No 52
Wm Hymes
Robert Middlemast
Coonrod Rada
S. D. Reymolds*
Carrell Rhoda pole
S. D. Reynolds Overseer District no. 52
March 1st 1871
John E Welton
William Wheat
William B. Wheat
No 53 Croton
So. Franklin Mar 6. 1871
Henry E Barnes
Below please find names of persons liable to do Highway labor in our District
M. G. Russell*
Charles Howland
Sylvester Oles
Yours Respectfully
M. G. Russell, Overseer Dist No 55.
District 59 Men liable for highway work
Edward C Smith
Horatio Harigan
James G Rogers
Wm Northup*
Isaac Elderkin
George Benedict
Jeremiah Evans*
Charles K Evans
Erastus Bresee
List of Persons on road
Jerry Lathan* {Jeremiah}
Erastus Jackson
Road district 65
Sylvester Wolcott*
Erastus Bennet
Charles Bennet
John Cobine
John Paterson
Taxable inhabitants
S. M. Wolcott
Croton March 2, 1871
Mr Barns Enclosed you will find the names of Persons on my Beat or in my Dist. as follows
James Millre
and myself G B Hewitt
Almison Marin
Cyrus Winins
William Y Burns
George Palmer
Eugene Palmer Poll tax
Harry Tomptkins
District 76
No. 80
A H Grant
Alanson Strong*
Spencer Shermon
E B Waldin
James W Redfield
Thomas Redfield
Charles Redfield
{numbers after names written in pencil}
Road Dist No 86
Daniel Smith * Overseer 6 1/2
Barnard Rikard 4 1/2
John Shackleton* Pathmaster
Samuel Smith
Dist No. 87

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