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section of quilt

This quilt was obtained by my Great Aunt, Miss Martha J. Hotaling of Oneonta, New York, prior to 1975. The following is a transcription of two handwritten pages, penned in 1975, by Martha J. Hotaling. The layout in some instances may indicate relationships among people. For this reason, I'd like to present it in the most meaningful manner. I have made a computer graphic showing a small section of the quilt so people can see what it's like, and understand layout variations. --Ann Roberts Allison, Iowa, July 30, 1998

Notice: 31 July 1999:
The quilt was donated to the Delaware County Historical Association in Delhi. They have promised that it will be made available for viewing with advance notice.

"Quilt - North Franklin Aid Society - Made in 1912

John M. Hotaling        Father
Mrs. John Hotaling              Mother (nee Alberta Munson)
Glenn Hotaling                  Sister,(Roberts)}
Charles Hotaling                Brother         } children of John & Alberta
Florence Hotaling               Sister          } Hotaling
John M. Hotaling  Jr.   Brother         }
Martha J. Hotaling                                      }

Ainer Munson            Grandfather     }Their          Alberta Munson
Mrs. Ainer Munson       Grandmother     }children       Bernice Munson  
                                                                                        Edith Munson
                                                                                        Walter Munson
                                                                                        John Munson

Gilmore Russell                 Uncle by Marriage
Mrs. Gilmore Russell    Aunt, (nee Edith Munson)
Kenneth Russell                 Cousin

William L. Miller               Uncle by Marriage
Bernice M. Miller               Aunt, Mrs. William Miller (nee Bernice Munson)
Maria S. Miller                 Cousin          }  Children of William and
Fred W. Miller                  Cousin          }  Bernice Miller
Edith M. Miller                 Cousin          }

Samuel J. Miller                (Twin brother of William L. Miller)
John H. Munson                  Uncle
Mrs. John H. Munson             Aunt by marriage
Thelma Munson                   Cousin -(now Alexander)

Walter Munson                   Uncle
Mrs. Walter Munson              Aunt by marriage
Seibert Munson (Stotz)  Cousin

Susie Marilla Berray    2nd Cousin - cousin of John Hotaling Sr.

Rev. L.A. Roberts
Mrs. Ellen Roberts, Vice Pres.
Herbert Roberts                                 Married Glenn Hotaling

Jessie Carpenter                                Lifelong friend of Glenn H. Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Munson  He was a cousin of Alberta
Munson                                                                                  Hotaling

B. W. Anderson 
Mrs. B. W. Anderson (Mittie)    Father & Mother of my friend
Nina                                                                                    Anderson

        I was 5 years old when this quilt was made.  My cousins and I think it
was made to raise money for the organ for the Aldrich Baptist Church
which was being built at that time.  I have mentioned the people who
were related to me, and their relationship.
        The lady who repaired it for me, lives between North Franklin and
Treadwell.  Her name is Minnie Tuller Doring and she owns the quilting
frames that  this quilt was made on."   
                                                                Martha J. Hotaling
                                                                May 10, 1975

Transcription of Signatures:
(Names appearing on the same line are on the same quilt patch.  Rows go
from top to bottom and left to right.   In some cases, relationships may
be inferred by the proximity of signatures to each other.  Some names
appear more than once.   Signatures of small children were done by the
parents.  Every attempt has been made to correctly read the signatures,
however, some were very difficult to decipher and are indicated with
question marks.)


Homer Fisher  Mrs. Mary Fisher
Susie Carrington Parks
Warren Parks
E. C. Miller
W. H. Coffin         }  on a
Mrs. W. H. Coffin        }      square
Myrtle Peck
Everett Bisbee  Ralph Bisbee
Mrs. Anna Bisbee  Ruez Bisbee
Frank Slawson  Mrs. Florence Slawson
Orley Sanford
Lizzie Sanford
Mrs. Winfield Stilson
Souesia(?) Tuller
Ephriam & Minnie Tuller}on a square
Andrew Jacobs
Vinna Jacobs
Vera Jacobs
Minnie Dean
Alec Coe   Mrs. Wm. H. McCall
Ruez Georgia  Mrs. Ruez Georgia
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Wolcott
Mrs. S. A. Roberts
Elmer Doane             }       on a
Mrs. Ida Doane  }       square
H. S. Somerville 
Mrs. H. S. Somerville    Mildred Somerville
Mrs. Nowland   Edna Brezee
D.J. Brezee   Mrs. Grace Brezee
G. M. Slawson  Mrs. G. M. Slawson
Forrest Slawson  Mrs. Lena Slawson
Edward Slawson
Edith M. Russell
Gladys Doane}   on a square
D.H. Newton
Alice M. Newton  Helen E. Newton
Emma Coleman  Edith Coleman
William Henry Carr  Ella Carr  Florence M. Carr
Mabel M. Sanford
Mrs. E. L. Miller
Mr. E. L. Miller
Celestia Betts
Mr. E. C. Miller }      on a
Mrs. E. C. Miller}      square
Mr. T. (?) Balentine
W.D.  Heimer
Mrs. W. D. Heimer
B. W. Sanford


Mrs. R. Woodbeck  Florence Willsdon
Mrs. Alice Loree  Mrs. H. J. Elderkin
George Loree
Eliza Conners
Mrs. A. J. Rose}        on a
A. J. Rose         }    square
Mrs. W. A. Pomeroy
Louise Adams
John Smith    F.W. Pomeroy
Mrs. John Smith  Jessie Mayhow(?)
Angeline Bouton
Squire S. Bouton
George W. Green(?)
Jennie Green(?)
Amy Johnson(?)} on a square
LaVern Blanchard
William M. Munson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Munson
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Millard   Herbert Millard
Mrs. Hiram Brown
Mrs. Walter H. Munson
Walter H. Munson
Margaret Sexton
Mrs. S. G. Hoffman}             on a square
Martha J. Hotaling
John M. Hotaling Jr.
Thelma E. Munson
Seibert S. Munson
Frank Miller
Wilbur Slawson
Margaret Slawson
S. E. Slawson
Rutson Miller } on a
Ophelia Miller} square
George Wasson(?)
Adelaide Wasson(?)
Edna Whittaker
Ina Whittaker
John Dean
Mrs. R. Houyck(?)
Mr. R. Howyck(?)
Lena M. Robbins
H. DuMond  }    on a
Cora DuMond}    square
Nick Kuppins
Lena Kuppins
Eva Scofield
Mary Signor


Jessie E. Mc -----------?
Hazel M. Todderkiss(?)
Naomie ( ?amrie) Mc Morris
Nora Judd
Maurice H. Judd}        on a square
Howard R. Judd
Alice Stanton
Robert Reid  Sarah J. Epps
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Judd   Ada Blanchard
Valentine Ott   H. J. Tooley Delia C. Tooley Irving C. Sholes  Clara A.
L. A. Tayer  Nellie L. Sanford  L. G.(?) Sanford
E. S. Newton  Orin L. Ott
Mrs. E. S. Newton
Stephentown Center}             on
June 12-15  1912  }             a square
E. A. Casey
Katie Casey  Freda Tamm(?)
Otilla Dean  Jacob Dean  Martha Brown
Andrew Lapp  Carrie Lapp  Caroline Greenman
Mrs. Elizabeth Slawson
Mrs. C. J. Gates
Mrs. W. A. Lakin(may be Larkin)
Mrs. A.K.(or H.) Denny
Elizabeth Slawson(?)}   on a
Ichabod Wilber      }   square
Rev. A. U.(?) Denny
Mr. W. A. Lakin
Mr. C. J. Gates
Mrs. Jane E. Wilson
Caroline P. Benedict   Minnie (?)Emerson
Mrs. A. B. Nash
Mr. J. K. Lorre
Mrs. Geo. T.(?) Adams
Clifton Park  }         on a
Baptist Church}         square
Rev. Geo F. Adams
Mrs. J. K. Losse(?)
Mr. A. B. Nash
Mrs. Sydney Spicer(?)  Charlotte A. , Ida, Cora A. Kirby
Laura Bond  Julia Armstrong
Adelia Swart  Mrs. J. B. Judd
Clarence Judd
Mrs. Mary Sherman
North Franklin Baptist }        on a
Aid Society 1912           }    square
R. J. Mudge
F. W. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Judd
Dr. O. S. Rich  Mrs. A. L.(?) Norton


Mrs. Mary  Roney
Minley(?)(Shirley?) Roney
Julia Pomeroy
Grover Pomeroy
Mattie Georgia} on a
Delos Georgia } square
Moses Clark
John Miller
E. Knapp
Joe Wescott(?)
Mrs. A. P. Mills  A. P. Mills  Mrs. M. L. Mills
Mrs. Clark Mc Ferson(?)(McLerum?)
Mrs. C. C. Colburn
Mrs. William Morris
Mrs. M. F. Lawren(?) }  on a
Mrs. A. G.(?) Russell}  square
Mrs. C. F. Baylis
Mrs. J. L. Miller  C. F. Baylis
R. W. Miller  Mrs. R. W. Miller
Dr. G. W. Peck  Mrs. G. W. Peck
Mrs. L. A. Norton  Mrs. Mary Anderson  Grace Lindsay
Rev. L.A. Roberts  Mrs. Julia Pomeroy
Mrs. Margaret Slawson, Sec.
Mrs. Ellen Roberts, Vice Pres.
North Franklin   }              on a
Aid Society  1912}              square
Mrs. Ella Pomeroy, Pres.
Mrs. Lizzie Sanford, Trea.
Mrs. Bernice Miller  Mrs. John Hotaling
Helen Mills Miller  Mrs. Ainer Munson  Marcia Judd
Mrs. G.(?) A. Miller   E. Pearl Howe
Carrie Reynolds
Frances(?) M. Miller
R. W.  Murdock
I.(?) E. Emmons}        on a
J. L. Brownell }        square
A. H. Brownell
Mrs. W. B. Mc Morris
A. K.(?) Wing   Mrs. A. K.(?) Wing
C. H. Bowdish (Rowdish?) Mrs. L. S. Ermmons(?)
Mrs. V. F. Epps(?)
Mrs. J. A. Roney
John A. Roney
Geo. Phillips(?)
Belle Hopkins}  on a
Elias Hopkins}  square
R. P. Elderkin
Walter Pomeroy
Barbara Pomeroy
Victor Epps


William L. Miller
Bernice M. Miller
Maria S. Miller
Fred W. Miller
Edith M. Miller}        on a square
Samuel J. Miller
Kenneth G. Russell
Tolia Seifka(?)
Everett S. Bisbee  Anna Bisbee
Maurice C. Woodbeck
Mrs. W. G. Woodbeck
W. G. Woodbeck
Mrs. Charles Jenks
Oneonta Plains}         on a
M. E. Church  }         square
Mr. Charles Jenks
Albert Barnes
Julia P. Barnes
J. B. Adams  Elsie Adams
E. C. Fisher  C. P. Van Hoesen  Anna Carney Mrs. Anna Judd
Millie Fagan  May Van Hoesen  Alice Keeler
Janet  Georgia   E. S. Keeler
L. A. Roberts, Pastor
Aldrich Free  }         on a
Baptist Church}         square
Ella W. Roberts
Ira Georgia
Tracey Wimre(?)  Herbert L. Roberts  Dora Hansen
Alice Alger  Glenn Hotaling  Grace B. Darling
Mr. R. W. Barnes  Mrs. R. W. Barnes  Waldo Barnes
Julia Anderson
Bertha Anderson
Mrs. Mary Anderson
W. Hodge   }            on a square
Mrs. Carrie Bates
Mr. G. Anderson
T. B. Anderson
Luena(?) Barnes Mr. John White  Mrs. John White
Mrs. John H. Munson
John H. Munson
Mrs. Lee Blanchard
Lee Blanchard
Ainer Munson   }        on a square
Mrs. Ainer Munson
Gilmore Russell
Mrs. Gilmore Russell
Kenneth Russell


Harriet E. Stone  William M. Miller  Susie Maria Miller
Izetta Scott  Arnie (Annie?) E. Scott
Nevah M. Fran-----?
Adam H. Brownell(?)
Alisa M. Stover(?)      }       these three
Alice Emmons            }       on a
Bruce(? )F. Murdock     }       square
Richard W. Murdock
S. W. Murdock  Carolyn Murdock
Wm.  M. Mills
Mrs. William Mills
S. C.(?) Miller   Helen L. Miller
Mrs. John M. Hotaling
Susie Marilla Berray
John M. Hotaling
Jesse E. Carpenter
Herbert Roberts    }    on a square
Mrs. H. M. Knapp
Charles A. Hotaling
Edith Munson Russell
Florence M. Hotaling
Myrtle Parmelee  Mrs. A. L. Walling
Beatrice McCammon
N. Schermehorn
H. S. Schermehorn
Belle Vanzandt
Edith Walling  }                on a
B. Ackley          }            square
John Gesell
Hartford Walling
Margaret Crispell
Mrs. C. Taylor  C. Taylor
Lottie Schermerhorn
Pearl B. Schermerhorn  Grace M. Schermerhorn
Mrs. B. W. Anderson
B. W. Anderson
Clarence Haddon
Mabel Reynolds
Carl Bodine   }         on a square
Rose Hewitt
Mrs. Sarah Green
Mrs. L. F.(?) Bishop
Eunice Barnes  Everett Barnes
Mr. Hiram Schemerhorn
Cecil Wricht
Mrs. Ida Barnes
Mrs. Earl Francisco
Sadie Weasel   }        on a square
Clarance Francisco
Mrs. Edward Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. George Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Warnie Anderson

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