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Extract of pension file WC 25092 National Archives
War of 1812. Mary Smith widow of Samuel Smith.

submitted by Nancy Smith, August 29, 2000

8 July 1878: Mary Smith aged 63 years of Roxbury, Delaware Co. Samuel Smith served as a musician in Putman Farrington's regiment (at first Avery Grant's company but later divided) for 3 months in the fall of 1814. He was drafted in Middletown and honorably discharged in NYC. Was a millwright and farmer; 5 ft 8-10 in tall, blue eyes, light brown hair, and was born in Dutchess Co. They were married 19 May 1851 in Middletown by Annanias Ackerly, minister of the Gospel. Mary's previous marriage was to Samuel Gunn who died at Madison City, Indiana in 1850. Samuel Smith's previous marriage was to Rachel Yaple who died at Margettville in 1847. Samuel Smith died at Margarettville on 14 April 1863. NY militia rolls for Capt Anasa Parker company show Samuel Smith served Sep 8-23, 1814

Supporting testimony--Rachel Garrison aged 32 of Griffin's corners and George W. Smith 24 years of Roxbury, state they lived with Mary and Samuel Smith from the time of their marriage until Samuel's death and for 8 years since with the widow.

Matthew Griffin (first settler of Griffin's Corners) and Squire Ten Broeck both "old citizens" of Griffin's Corners state they know Mary Smith who is also a resident of Griffin's Corners.

10 May 1879--Rachel Garrison, 33 and Louisa Garrison 35 both of Griffin's Corners verify Samuel Smith's date of death due to the fact they were living in the same house with him at the time of his death. Notarized that these ladies are both respectable and entitled to full credit and belief.

1 Aug 1878--Morgan Garrison of Griffin's Corners aged 38 years old states he has known Mrs. Samuel Smith for 17 years and she has remained a widow. 21Sep 1878--Geo. W. Smith of Queens, Queens Co. NY letter inquiring about his mother, Mary Smith's pension determination.

29 May 1879--same as above plus " the soldier lived at Margaretville when he obtained the bounty land warrant and he sold it 4 June 1887--letter from Morgan Garrison of Griffin's Corners: my mother, Mary Smith, died at my home May 21, 1887. She was sick some time and required and had medical attendance, nursing, and a decent burial. I should be reimbursed these expenses. Granted pension of $8/mo.

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