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Excerpts from old Walton Chronicles --Linda Ogborn, August 5, 2005

Nov. 17, 1892 - Walton Chronicle
First Frame House Built in Delaware County
On the river road about a mile above South Kortright depot and between that place and Hobart lying on both sides of the Delaware is "Echo Farm", the property of D. C. Sharpe. The farm was first settled about the year 1794, by Samuel Adams, from Fairfield County, Conn., the whole surrounding country being then a dense wilderness. He built there the first frame house ever erected in Delaware County, the frame of which was made from cherry timber cut on the land on which the house stood. This house is still standing on the farm. His wife, Elizabeth Mervin, was a woman noted for energy and courage, and lived to the advanced aged of 90 years and 1 month, dying October 12, 1865. They reared a family of fourteen children in all (12 sons and 2 daughters). Thirteen of whom grew up to manhood and womanhood. DeWitt C. Sharpe, the present owner of this farm, was married in 1865 to Mary H. Andrews, a granddaughter of Samuel Andrews. HE was at that time engaged in mercantile business in Hobart, which he continued successfully until the death of his father-in-law, Daniel Andrews, when he was appointed executor of the estate and moved to Echo Farm, which he has run most successfully since that time.

Oct. 26, 1893 - Walton Chronicle
The Century Mark Passed -
Thursday, October 12, was the one hundredth anniversary of the organization of the First Congregational Church of Walton. It had then 39 members. It was organized by Reverend David Huntington, a missionary in the employ of the congregational association of the state of Connecticut. Below are given the names of the pastors who have filled the pulpit since and of the members enrolled at its organization. Rev. David Harrower, from October 1795 to June 1806
Rev. Archibald Bassett, from June 1807 to October 1810
Rev. Orange Lyman, 1811 for six months
Rev. Isaac Headley, from June 1813 to May 1829
Rev. Alvah Lilley, from June 1829 for six months
Rev. E. D. Wells, from May 1830 to May 1831
Rev. A. L. Chapin, from May 1831 to May 1833
Rev. Jonathan Huntington, from October 1833 for six months
Rev. Fayette Shipherd, from November 1834 to August 1838
Rev. William Clark, from October 1838 to October 1842.
Rev. E. D. Willis, from October 1843 to October 1847
Rev. Andrew Phillips, from November 1847 for six months
Rev. J. S. Pattingill, from September 1848 to 1868
S. J. White for six years following
H. M. Ladd for five years
G. W. Nims up to the present.
The church was organized with the following members, October 12, 1793: Daniel Root, Mindel Root, Isiah Marsh, Jerusha Marsh, Cephas Beech, Dolly B. Beech, William Frasier, Nathan Kellogg, Rachel Kellogg, Ephraim Waring, Gabriel North, Deborah North, Thaddeus Hoyt, Jemina Hoyt, Selleck St. John, Thankful St. John, Elizabeth St. John, Nathaniel Steele, Bethia Steele, James Weed, Sarah Weed, Charles W. Stockton, Elizabeth Stockton, Margaret North, Seymour Fitch, Dinah Fitch, Shubael Johnson, Marshus Marsh, Amoritus Marsh, Sarah Kelsey, Liza Chapel, Ruth Cleveland, Mary Smith, Mary Johnson.

Jan. 13, 1887 - Walton Chronicle
Shaw/Bogart -James Shaw of Hamden, married Mrs. Hannah Bogart at the house of William E. Holmes, in Downsville, last Wednesday by Rev. M. B. Cummings.
Smith/Rowe -Morris Smith married Miss May Rowe.
Smith-Died, at Trout Creek, 6 Jan., Jessie B. Smith, aged about 83y Graham-Died, in Delhi, 6 Jan. Sophronia, widow of the late James H. Graham, 69 y.
Revelle-Died, in Walton, Mary Revelle, aged 21y.

Jan. 20, 1887- Walton Chronicle
Bartlett-Thomas Bartlett and wife, from Nebraska, are visiting the town of their birth.
Bourn/McGregor-Ira Bourn and Miss Jennie McGregor are to be married on Jan. 19.

Jan. 27, 1887 - Walton Chronicle
Cotton-S. L. Cotton, who recently started "The Item" at Stamford died last week of hemorrhage of the lungs.
Howland/Brush - Married, at the home of the bride, South Franklin, 29 Dec., Frank D. Howland and Millie A. Brush by Rev. W. G. Martin.
Beers/Telford - Married, in Walton, 29 Dec., Willis Beers and Margaret Telford, by Rev. W. W. Howie.
Easson - William Easson, of Cassidy, MO, has been visiting his father, Henry Easson, in North Hamden.

Feb. 3, 1887 - Walton Chronicle
Sinclair - Miss Ann Eliza Sinclair, of Delhi, has been judged insane and taken to the asylum at Utica.
Griffin - Analysis of the stomach of the late John W. Griffin showed no evidence of poison.
Kinsey/Houck - Married, in Walton, 31 Jan., by W. S. Sewell, Esq., in his office, James Kinsey, of Rock Rift, and Addie Houck, of Walton.
Feak/Collins - Married, in Walton, 26 Jan., James E. Feak and Anna B. Collins, by Rev. Thomas Park.
Goodsell/Hackett - Married, at the Walton House, Walton, Jan. 25, Curtis E. Goodsell and Ella Hackett, both of Greene, by Rev. G. W. Nims.
Simmons/Houghtaling - Married, at Loomis, Jan. 27, Nelson B. Simmons and Hattie J. Houghtaling, by Rev. W. P. Chipman.
Day - Died, in Unadilla, 28 Jan., James Day, aged 78y. Burial was in Walton Cemetery. He was born and lived in this town until moving to Unadilla about 10 years ago. A wife and two sons survive.
McIntosh - Henry McIntosh is going to Oneida, TN, where he will work for O. C. Frisbee.

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