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Stamford Mirror
"The Greatest Good to the Greatest Number"
Weekly Circulation 2,000 copies
Terms, $1.00 a year

The Mirror is the Oldest, the Most Reliable, the Cheapest, and the Best Newspaper in this Locality.

Established in May, 1851 by S. B. CHAMPION

Stamford, Delaware County, New York

The Stamford Mirror is published every Tuesday by Simon B. Champion.

Stamford Mirror Newspaper - Vol. 46, No. 11 - Tuesday, June 30, 1896

This issue has several pages dedicated to the death of Judge Isaac H. MAYNARD.
If anyone needs these pages, please email me and I'll try to scan them. --Terri Kunze

Weekly Receipts for Mirror

         Angie Whitney         Allaben            $5.00
         W.D. Graves           Delhi               2.25
         M. Govern             Gilboa              2.65
         O.A. Swart            Margaretville       2.00
         W.S. Powell           West Cornwell, Ct.  1.00
         Fobert Clist          Brooklyn            1.00
         Mrs. J.H. Wood        Windham             1.00
         I. Pleaslee           Jefferson           1.00
         B. Reynolds           Jefferson           1.00
         O.B. Treadwell        Jefferson           1.00
         J.B. Carrington       Jefferson           1.00
         S. Trotten            Jefferson           1.00
         I.M. Hubbard          Jefferson           1.00
         Albert Hine           Delhi               1.00
         J.H. Hoagland         Harpersfield        1.00
         John White            Hobart              1.00
         Mrs. G.H. Coutts      Stamford            1.00
         Capt. W.M. Patterson  St. Louis, Mo       2.00

The town Sunday school meets at Hobart tomorrow.

Dr. STRAUGHAN, the Veterinary Surgeon, was called to Fleischmanns, Monday.

On Sunday, July 5, Rev. L.E. RICHARDS will exchange pupils with Rev. B.F. HERRICK of Hobart.

Miss Villa OSTRANDER, Miss GRAHAM and Ben PLATNER, of Prattsville, were Stamford visitors last week.

Mrs. PARSLOW, Miss Jesse PARSLOW and brother, of Blenheim, visited Mr. and Mrs. A.M. MARTIN, Saturday.

There will be a meeting of the W.C.T.U. at the home of Miss C. GALLUP, Friday, July 3, at 3 p.m.

Supervisors, town clerks and assessors of towns, will meet July 6, to prepare jury lists for the next three years.

Mrs. BOOLE vice president of the W.C.T.U. will speak for the local Unions of Roxbury, Stamford and Hobart in the near future. Dates will be given next week.

Capt. W.M. PATTERSON, of the U.S. Snag Boat, "Sutter," was a Mirror visitor Monday. His boat had a narrow escape from destruction during the St. Louis tornado.

Floyd P. JOHNSON of Delaware County, has been awarded a State scholarship at Cornell University. The scholarship entitles the holder to a four years' course of instruction, free of tuition.

The ladies of the W.C.T.U. wish to thank all who in any way contributed to the success of their entertainment for the benefit of suffering and starving Amenia. We desire specially to thank the press, "the strangers without our gates," and the kind lady who not only contributed to the American fund but gave $5.00 to the Union also. Receipts of the evening including the $5.00 were $37.50. There were no expenses of any kind, the ladies donating everything.

Children's Day exercises at the Presbyterian Church of Stamford were held in the evening, and about four hundred people were present. The exercises were opened by an organ voluntary played by the church organist, Mrs. Lena WHEELER. The little children seated in the front pews of the church not only looked very pretty in their beautiful white dresses, but were quite vivacious. Rev. L.E. RICHARDS made the opening prayer, then followed singing and responsive reading by members of the Sabbath school. A short address to the children was delivered by Pastor RICHARDS. Sabbath school teachers, Mrs. A.W. TERRY, Mrs. D.K. GRANT and Miss Belle YOUNG had charge of the children. Recitations were delivered by Katie WILLERT, Blanche HOYT, Sarah VAUGHN, Bessie ANDRUS, Helen TERRY. A song by May and Bessie ANDRUS was exceedingly clever. "Dr. WORDEN's letter" was read by Mrs. John P. GRANT. The exercises of the evening closed by the singing of the doxology by the congregation, followed by the benediction by Rev. L.E. RICHARDS.

Laura L. GIBBS, Sec'ry.
We are always pleased to note the progress and success of Delaware County men and boys, especially those who go outside of our boundaries to battle with the world for fame and fortune, almost single handed in the strife. We clip the following from the "Westchester Globe" of June 20, 1896:

A Well-Merited Appointment
Our popular and up-to-date physician, Dr. J. Gorse SIMMONS, who has not yet been a year in our midst, is making his way rapidly to the first position in medicine and practice in the 24th Ward. By strict and assiduous attention to all his calls - serious, urgent or otherwise - and his demonstrated superior professional skill, he has won the love, esteem and confidence of a large clientele, and also the well-merited appointment, on June 15th, as Physician to the German Odd Fellow's Home and Orphanage, to succeed Dr. BILHOFFER, in the face of much competition for the honor and emoluments of coveted position.
DEATH RECORD - The death of James McDOUGAL, aged 88 yr's. and father of Dr. E., Timothy and John McDOUGAL of Oneonta, is announced, having taken place at his home at West Davenport, Saturday, June 20.

J.M. CORNELL of Cornell Hollow, had two cows killed by lightning during a severe storm one night about a week ago. They were valued at $50 apiece.

W.S. POLLEY, well-known about Stamford and Hobart, is now a partner of P.M. HUMMELL at Binghamton, in the cigar business.

SUDDEN DEATHS - Between May 4th and June 13, three ex-Assemblymen of Delaware county died suddenly, while in their usual health and without warning. Jas. BALLANTINE of Andes, represented the county in the Assembly in 1880, Chester H. TREADWELL of Croton, in 1882, and Isaac H. MAYNARD of Stamford, in 1876 and 1877.

A reorganization of the editorial and business control of the Albany Argus has placed Theophilus C. CALLICOT at the head of the editorial staff and James C. FARRELL in charge of the business department. ------------------------------------------

The grasshoppers are sitting on the stone walls earnestly watching the farmers sow buckwheat. When the crop is ready for harvest the grasshoppers will endeavor to save farmers the trouble of reaping the harvest. It is discouraging to see so many grasshoppers and hay but half a crop. Farmers are reducing expenses of the farm as much as possible and trying to economize in anticipation of still harder times. Not much help is hired and wages are low. Many farmers are becoming silverites.

Samuel TATE has a vacant tenement house he wants to rent to some good man willing to work on a farm.

Andrew BLACKMAN has one of the largest dogs in the town. It is a St. Bernard. Andrew has a fine farm with good buildings.

John McARTHUR has the largest barn in the state. He does not expect to fill it with hay but he could fill it with grasshoppers. John has a valuable black horse that is a beauty.

Charlie WETMORE has recovered from a long sickness and is again about the farm - busy as usual. He has a fine farm and is a good farmer. His neighbors are pleased to see him restored to his usual good health.

Harry EVERY is in fine health and seems to enjoy life. He is an industrious farmer and still speculates in cattle occasionally.

Lew AVERY has a fine sorrel horse for sale.

Wm. SHAW has been making road on his street. Will is an excellent farmer and has a prosperous, neat looking home.

Charlie CLEVELAND has sowed a large field with buckwheat. He has a large and a fine farm, is a good neighbor and is prosperous.

Strawberries are plenty and quite large. Large quantities of the berries are being picked and canned. There will be a good crop of blackberries.

Some of the farmers are using the wide tire wagons in drawing their milk to creameries. A sensible wagon to have.

Mrs. George DALES of Bloomville is visiting at Bainbridge, N.Y.

John ROE has nearly recovered the use of his leg. It was broken in three different places and John was confined to the house for sometime. Mrs. WILLIAMSON, his housekeeper, is quite ill.

Andrew CORBIN has a badly bruised foot.

Chas. W. SCOTT clings to the old homestead and seems to enjoy life. He is a Democrat and has for neighbors such thrifty farmers as John McARTHUR, John O. THOMPSON, and Wm. SHAW.

Mrs. Mary SACKRIDER has one of the best farm gardens in the county.

The TOOMER estate supposed to be worth at least $1,600 was only able to pay 9 cents on a dollar. Mrs. TOOMER is now a resident of your "beautiful Stamford."
I.O. of O.F.
On Monday night, June 22, Gem City Lodge No. 756, I.O.O.F., was instituted at Mott's Hall in Windham, by P.V. WASHBURN of Athens, D.D.G.M. It was attended by about 100 members of neighboring lodges. Nine candidates were initiated, and the session lasted all night.

The following is a list of the officers: F.E. KURAU, N.G.; Howard MERRILL, V.G.; Herbert STEELE, Treas.; W.H. HOTALING, Rec. Sec.; Frank CLARK, W. Stephen PELHAM, Jr., O.G.; E.A.WEST, I.G.; A.W. ROACH, C.; Thomas CRYNE, R.S.N.G.; O.H. CASE, L.S.N.G.; Henry BRANDOW, R.S.V.G.; Osborn COLE, L.S.S.; E.J. CLARK, R.S.S.
A musical entertainment and ice cream festival was held at the Methodist Church, Thursday evening, June 25, under the auspices of the Epworth league. The Delphic quartette, assisted by Mr. NEER of New York, a first-class elocutionist, greatly added to the interest of the exercises.

The election of officers for the Epworth league took place Friday evening, June 19th: Chas. EVERET, president; A.D. PINDAR, assistant; Mrs. J.G. LOCKWOOD, Mrs. L. RATHBUN, Mrs. A.D. PINDAR, vice presidents; E.E. METCALF, secretary; Mrs. Fred BURDICK, treasurer; Miss Martha RATHBUN, organist.

Mrs. Fleming Acquitted of Murder.
The jury in the trial of Mrs. Alice Almont Livingston FLEMING, for the murder of her mother, Mrs. Evelina M. BLISS, by poison, returned a verdict of not guilty, at 11:52 o'clock Wednesday morning, June 24, in New York City. The jury had been out nearly 12 hours. According to Seaman H. MILLER, Assistant District Attorney, over 1,100 talesmen were summoned. Of this number, 600 were actually examined. Nearly an even hundred witnesses were subpoenaed, and seventy-two were put on the witness stand. It is estimated that the case has cost the county between $20,000 and $28,000.

Lightning Kills a Lover
Upper New York generally gets a share of it whenever a tornado starts from Jersey up to the Hudson Valley, and it got a-plenty on Sunday, June 21, with a scourging wind, violent lightning and sheets of rain. One freak of the lightning was to strike a pair of newly reconciled lovers as they were kissing each other in an orchard in Tibbett's Brook Lane, Kings-bridge. The man was instantly killed, and the woman stunned and paralyzed. The man was Charles FENNELLY, a big strapping fellow of 33. He met Louisa COSTELLO about eighteen months ago, and they immediately fell in love with each other. Louisa, who is a fine looking girl of 22, worked in the Owl cigar factory, in East Twenty-sixth street. Y.Y. Sun.

In Stamford, June 24, by Rev. J.G. PATTERSON, Chester T. IVES of Fergusonville, to Miss Louisa E. PETERS of Harpersfield.

At East Delhi, June 17, by Robert FULTON, Albert CAREY to Miss Mamie STOUTENBURGH, of Delhi.
In West Davenport, June 20, Jas. McDOUGAL, aged 88 years.
In Tannersville, June 21, Mrs. Sidney CROWELL of Catskill, in her 47th year.
At Gilboa, June 25, Mrs. P.M. STRYKER, aged about 85 years.
At Oneonta, June 18th, Mrs. Alonzo PRATT, aged 89 years.

Pursuant to an order of Albert H. SEWELL, Surrogate of the County of Delaware and according to the Statute for such case made and provided, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Calvin PECK, late of the town of Harpersfield in the County, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, the executors of the said deceased, at their residences on or before the twenty-ninth day of December, next. Dated June 22, 1896. Ambrose B. PECK, Charles V. PECK, Executors, etc.

Pursuant to an order of Albert H. SEWELL, Surrogate of the County of Delaware and according to the Statute for such case made and provided, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against John McCRACKEN, late of the town of Kortright, in said county, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, the executors of the said deceased, at their residence on or before the twenty-first day of July, 1896. Wm. M. McCRACKEN, Margaret E. McCRACKEN, Administrators. Dated December 28, 1895.

Pursuant to an order of Albert H. SEWELL, Surrogate of the County of Delaware and according to the Statute for such case made and provided, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against Fanny L. COAN, late of the town of Kortright, in said County, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, the Administrator of the said deceased, at his store in Bloomville on or before the fifteenth day of August, next. Dated February 3, 1896. Moses F. ALLISON, Administrator, etc.

THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, to Kittie J. TATE, Anna T. GIBBS, Eva ADAIR, Jessie TATE, John K. SEXSMITH, James Lamont SEXSMITH, William SEXSMITH, Taylor SEXSMITH, Thomas SEXSMITH, send greeting: You and each of you are hereby cited to be and appear before the surrogate of the county of Delaware, at his office in the village of Delhi, in said county, on the 3rd day of August next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to attend the judicial settlement of the account of Mary ADAIR, as executrix of the will of Janet SEXSMITH, late of the town of Davenport, deceased, and to abide and perform such decree as shall be made in the premises. And if any of the persons above named be under the age of twenty-one years they are required to appear by their general guardian, if they have one, or, if they have none, to appear on or before said return day and apply to this count for the appointment of a special guardian to represent and act for them in said proceeding; and in the event of their neglect or failure to do so, a guardian will be appointed by the surrogate for such purpose. In testimony whereof, we have caused the seal of the office of our said Surrogate to be hereunto affixed. Witness Albert H. SEWELL, Surrogate of the said county, at Delhi, this 8th day of June, 1896. E.A. CLAUSON, Clerk to the Surrogate's Court. Walter SCOTT, Attorney, Davenport, NY

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