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These are obituaries found in my grandmother Lida Scott (Terry) McCune's scrapbook but newspapers and dates not identified. These obituaries are for three of the four daughters of Mary McLaren and Donald/Daniel Lamont. Unfortunately, the obituary for my grandmother's mother in law Margaret Elizabeth (Lamont) McCune was not in her scrapbook. Neither Aunt Jennie nor Aunt Mary were married. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jane Lamont married Hamilton Joshua Close on 11 Dec 1883 Delhi Delaware Co. NY s/o Lucy Cobb and Dr. Joshua Close. My great grandmother Margaret Elizabeth married Andrew Barton McCune son of Margaret Elizabeth McCune and father unknown. --Carol McCune McCraw

William Taylor Russell died 7 Nov 1905
"Obituary - William T. Russell. William T. Russell died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Joseph Rothensies Sunday, November 27, aged 84. Mr. Russell was taken ill a week before his death with erysipelas. Up to that time he had been remarkably active for a man of his years. Funeral services conducted by Rev. G. W. Nims were held from the Rothensies residence Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Russell was a native of Bovina and spent all his life in Delaware County. He was married three times. He is survived by ten children. By the first marriage, Harvey of Binghamton; Huldah, Mrs. Ferris Terry of Walton and Isaac of Trout Creek. Two of the children by his second wife survive him, Tillie, Mrs. Joseph Rothensies of Walton and Charles of Allegheny, Pa. A daughter, Mrs. David Rothensies died last year. Six children of the last marriage are living, Cora, Mrs. Wm. Stewart of Johnston, N. Y.; Anna, Mrs. John Phelps of Buffalo, N. Y.; Orson and Ferris of Downsville; Nettie, Mrs. George Meritt of Downsville and Georgia, Mrs. Charles Gladstone of Shavertown. Also four brothers, Stephen and John of Meredith; James of Franklin, and Matthew of Deposit. Two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Russell of Rockland and Mrs. Fannie Ingraham of Cortland."

Ida (Gladstone) Hanna sent me the copy of her grandmother's obituary from the local paper of Downsville, Delaware Co., NY (not dated) but Ida has written "1925."

"Mrs. Julia Bresee Passes Away. Mrs. Julia Bresee, who for a few weeks has been in declining health, died early Monday morning, March 9, at about 12:20 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. R. Gladstone, from old age and a general breaking down. She was about 85 years of age, and besides several years spent at Hartwick, had been a resident of this town many years. She was thrice married. By her first husband, she leaves one son, William Bresee of Binghamton, and by her second husband six children, as follows, Mrs. Anna Phillips of Omaha, Nebraska, Mrs. Cora Stewart of Johnsons, N. Y., Mrs. George J. Merritt, Mrs. C. R. Gladstone, Orson Russell and Ferris Russell of this village. Funeral services were held Wednesday, from the home, Rev. William Tatlock, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiating, Interment at Hartwick, where her last husband is buried. Deceased was a highly esteemed and respected resident, and many friends living in distant places who knew her well years ago as well as those nearer her home, will learn of her demise with deep regret. Deceased was a member of the Presbyterian church of this village."

19 Dec 1905
"Mrs. Huldah Russell Terry. Mrs. Huldah Russell Terry aged 53 years died at her home about one and a half miles above this Village Monday evening at six o'clock. She had been seriously ill for several weeks, suffering from a stomach trouble and gastritis, which gradually wore her life away. She was the eldest daughter of William T. Russell and Angeline Swart and was born in the town of Hamden in 1852. At the age of 19 she became the wife of Ferris Terry who was also a resident of Hamden at that time and immediately after her marriage, they went to Pepacton, where Mrs. Terry conducted a large farm, now known as the Terry homestead. About three years ago Mr. and Mrs. Terry moved to Walton and purchased the McLaury farm on the river road above this village where they have since resided. Mrs. Terry was a life long member of United Presbyterian Church and was largely esteemed and respected by all who knew her. Besides her husband, she is survived by three children, Augustus of Pepacton, William of Walton and Mrs. Lydia McCune of Fish Eddy. Also ten brothers and sisters, Mrs. J. Rothensies of Walton, Mrs. William Stewart of Johnson, Orange County. Mrs. John Philips of Nebraska, Mrs. Geo. Merritt, Downsville, Mrs. Charles Gladstone, Shavertown, Harvey Russell of Binghamton, Isaac of Trout Creek, Charles of Canada, N. Y. and Orson and Ferris of Downsville. The funeral was held from the house Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock and burial took place in Hamden cemetery."

14 Feb 1909 "Ferris Terry. Ferris Terry died at the home of his son William Terry near Colchester Station, Sunday, Feburary 14, aged nearly 76 years. Mr. Terry had been in failing health for the past year. The cause of death was abdominal cancer. He was born in Hamden and the greater part of his life was spent in that town and in Colchester. He owned a fine farm at Pepacton. He married Miss Huldah Russell who died three years ago. Three children survive him, Augustus Terry of Downsville, William of Walton and Mrs. John McCune of Fish's Eddy. In politics Mr. Terry was a Democrat and in religion a Presbyterian. He was a good citizen, respected by a large circle of friends. Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church at Hamden, Wednesday. Burial beside his wife in the Hamden cemetery."

Probably 1914-1915
"Isaac A. Russell died Thursday night, February 12, at his home on the D. W. Rothensies Farm, below Delhi, after a short illness. He was 61 years of age. Mr. Russell was a son of William T. Russell, who died in Walton about ten years ago. Much of his early life was spent with his uncle, Dumond Swart, on a farm in McGibbon Hollow, East Brook. For the past five years he was a resident of Middlefield, Otsego County, coming to Delhi last fall to take charge of the Rothensies farm as superintendent. (Paragraph) His wife, who before her marriage was Miss Ella Barnhart, died two years ago. One daughter, Adaline Ingles, survives him. Mrs. J. Rothensies of Walton is a half sister. The funeral was held at the house Monday afternoon at two o'clock. Paragraph Mr. Russell in early life united with the Baptist church of which he was always a devoted member. He was a man highly esteemed in the community."

Obituary from newspaper given to me by Ida Hanna:
"Mrs. David Rothensies died at her home on Platt street, Walton, July 17, 1903 of pleuro-pneumonia in the 43rd year of her age. She had not been feeling as well as usual for several weeks but had been about her household duties until the Saturday before her death, when she was taken ill with pleurisy. Her condition was not such as to cause serious alarm for a few days, but on Thursday pneumonia developed, she grew rapidly worse and a counsel of doctors was called. Everything that could be done to relieve her sufferings and prolong the life so dear to them all, was done by her heart-broken family and friends who watched over her all that night, hoping against hope that she might be spared to them. But medical skill and loving care proved fruitless. Death came Friday morning about 10 o'clock. Mrs. Rothensies was a native of Hamden and her maiden name was Ida Jeanette Russell. She was a daughter of William Russell. In September, 1880, she married David Rothensies. They lived for a number of years in Downsville, removing from there to Middletown, where they resided two years. Eleven years ago they came to Walton where they have since lived. The deceased has one sister, Mrs. Joseph Rothensies of Walton, and one brother, Charles, living at Caneadea, N. Y. Her half brothers and sisters are Mrs. Ferris Terry of Walton, Isaac Russell of Trout Creek, Mrs. William Stewart of Middletown, Orson Russell of Downsville, Mrs. George Merritt of Brooklyn, Mrs. Charles Gladstone of Shavertown, Mrs. John Phillips of Oneida, Ferris Russell of Chester, and Harvey, living near Binghamton. Of this large family, she is the first to be called away by death. Her father, too, is still living and resides in Walton at the home of Joseph Rothensies. Mrs. Rothensies was in every way a beautiful character, and was beloved by a large circle of relatives and friends. Her gentle presence will be missed by all who knew her, but especially by her husband and three young sons, Leo, aged 16, Charles aged 12 and Walter, aged 8 years, to whom she was a devoted and model wife and mother. Rev. G. W. Nims conducted the funeral service at the house Sunday afternoon. It was largely attended. Many beautiful floral tributes were brought among them being three floral pillows, also a wreath sent by friends in New York. The interment was in the Walton cemetery."

[Copy of obituary also sent by Ida Hanna but not dated. cjmc]
"Mr. David Rothensies died Monday night, May 19th, aged 75 years. Mr. Rothensies had been in ill health some time, but was around town Saturday. During the night he suffered a stroke of apoplexy. Sunday afternoon he lapsed in unconsciousness and the end came Monday night. Mr. Rothensies was born in Zwingenberg, Germany and came to America in 1854. He conducted a large store at Downsville for a number of years and later a cigar factory. He was postmaster there under Cleveland's administration. About twenty years ago he removed to Walton, where he was in the cigar business until he retired. His wife died ten years ago, after which he gave up active business. The funeral service was held Thursday afternoon a 2 o'clock at the home of his brother Joseph Rothensies, Rev. I. M. Foster officiating. Burial in the Walton cemetery. Mr. Rothensies is survived by three sons, Leo of Wilmington, Del., Charles at home, and Walter, a student in Hamilton College, at Clinton, N. Y.; also by two brothers, Joseph of Walton, and Aaron, who lives near Frankfort, Germany. Mr. Rothensies was a man of a gentle and kindly nature. He was deeply attached to those nearest him, and his quiet and genuine interest in the welfare of all his townsmen will be long remembered by them. He has left a pleasant memory with many."

About 1913 Walton Delaware Co. NY:
"A Sad Affliction. We are sure that the sympathy of this entire community goes out to the family of Joseph Rothensies in their terrible bereavement, in the death of their little son, Aron Rothensies, who died of cerebral hemorrhage and convulsions on Monday, aged about thirteen years. He went to bed Sunday evening in good health, and at 12 o'clock Monday night death had claimed the once bright, joyous, companionable boy. All that medical skill could do was of no avail; parental love and affection could not ward off the coming blow. The once happy home, made brighter by his presence and companionship, is now shadowed in gloom. The funeral will be held today at 2'clock p.m. from the Congregational church."

2 May 1939 Mary L. Lamont died.

Obituary not dated nor newspaper named.

Miss Mary Lamont, one of the best known and best loved persons in Delhi, died at 9:45 Tuesday morning at her home on Meredith street in this village. She had been ill for many months and was given care by her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Close, and her nephew and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Handy, who was in constant attendance during her invalidism. Mary Lamont was born March [didn't copy on edge cjmc 1861, on Scotch Mountain [word not copied on edge. cjmc] Delhi, and spent her entire life in this town. Her parents were Donald and Mary (McLaren) Lamont both natives of Scotland. She has lived for 50 years in the home where she died, coming with her mother and sister, the late Jennie Lamont, from the Scotch Mountain homestead to the village after the death of her father. Her vocation was that of a cateress and her services were [words not copied on edge. cjmc] demand at weddings and social events. For many years, she served the local fire department as cateress at their suppers and last year they gave a dinner in her honor, presenting her with a bouquet of roses and bestowing upon her the title of honorary chief of the Delhi fire department. In addition to her work as a cateress, she was a trusted and valued helper in many Delhi homes, always bringing with her cheer and good will. Those who knew her best will cherish the memory of her unselfishness, industry, jollity, and hospitality. During her illness her sick room was constantly enlivened by flowers and other remembrances and visitors were many. She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Close, of Delhi, who is the last of a family of seven; and by several nephews and nieces. The funeral was held yesterday at 1 p.m. at her home. The service was conducted by Rev. Dr. [name not printed at edge of paper. cjmc] Thompson, of Davenport, since the First Presbyterian Church of this village, of which she was a faithful member, is at present without a pastor. The pall bearers were George [name not copied at edge of page. cjmc], Gordon Gilbert, Clark Maxwell, Marshall Muir,William Wendler and Frank Hinckley. She was buried in the cemetery at 'The Flats.' There was a wealth of beautiful floral tributes from various organizations, relatives and many individuals".

20 Sept 1935 Jannet Lamont died Delhi Delaware Co. NY

Obituary not dated nor newspaper source named:

"Jennie Lamont. Janet Lamont widely known in our community as 'Jennie' passed peacefully from this life at her home on Meredith Street, the evening of September 20th, aged 87 years and a few months. Miss Lamont held a unique place in our life and was held in very high esteem as witnessed by the throng at the funeral in her late home on Sunday afternoon; also by the great abundance of beautiful flowers. She was the daughter of Scotland-born parents, Donald and Mary (McLaren) Lamont, her mother being a native of Perth and her father of the Isle of Bute in the Scottish Highlands. Born on Scotch Mountain, she was a worthy representative of the many noble men and women who were born and reared in that section of this township and Andes. Her whole life was spent ministering to others with her hands and heart. She was one of seven children, three sons and four daughters. Her sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Close and Miss Mary Lamont, are surviving, with several nephews and nieces. In 1888, year of the great blizzard, she came with her mother and sister to the Meredith Street home, where she resided until her decease. That home which she occupied with her sister, Mary, since her mother's death, has been a place where many people have loved to go because of the welcome they always received. Miss Lamont was pre-eminently social and loved her friends and neighbors most loyally. In spite of weakening body and blindness, these later years, she was always most cheerful and retained a delicate humor to the every end. Everyone was cheered by a visit and never heard a word of envy, bitterness or unkindness, whatever might be her own troubles. She was a most unusual person and manifested a Christian spirit of love and service in full measure. She has been a member of the First Presbyterian Church for forty-five years and none excelled her in 'quiet' devotion to the high purposes for which it stands. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at her late home. In conformity to many of her own suggestions,Rev. James R. Speer, her pastor, and Rev. Dr. Robinson, former pastor, conducted the service, and the pall-bearers were Scotch Mountain men of her own selection. Interment was made in the cemetery at 'The Flats.' The village has lost a quiet person, who really ranked among the greatest. W. C. R."

8 June 1953 Elizabeth Lamont Close died.

Obituary not dated nor newspaper named:.

"Mrs. Elizabeth Close (From Delhi correspondent) Mrs. Elizabeth Close, 86, died shortly before midnight Tuesday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Wilfred Brown, Delhi. Death was caused by the infirmities of age. She had been ill for two weeks. Services will be conducted Saturday at 2 at the McCall Funeral home in Delhi by Rev. Cameron B. Reed, D. D. pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of which Mrs. Close, had long been a member. Burial will be in Flats cemetery below this town. Mrs. Close was born on Scotch Mountain, Delhi, on Jan. 4, 1857. Her parents, Daniel and Mary McLaren Lamont were natives of Scotland. On Dec. 11, 1883, at Delhi, she married Hamilton J. Close. For a few years after their marriage the couple lived at Shavertown. They moved to a farm below this village 35 years ago and 14 years ago retired and came to live with their daughter, Mrs. Brown. Mr. Close died in 1931. Besides Mrs. Brown, a son, Sheldon H. Close, Oneonta, attorney, and four grandchildren John H. and Helen Jean Brown of Delhi, Miss Martrha K. Close of Columbia, O., and Mary G. and Edward S. Close, Oneonta, and several nieces and nephews survive."

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