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Submitted by Sue Brown

Obituary Notice

Nov. 16th 1842 In Harpersfield, Delaware Co., NY of consumption Daniel Lindley aged 58 years.

When we attempt to draw a picture of the character of and who for thirty years has been favored with the priceless treasure of Heavens appreciation and who for 20 years has enjoyed the blessing of perfect love, we feel wholly inadequate in our attempt represent anything like a correct likeness of his many virtues.
Brother Lindley was a shining luminary in the spiritual skies and the Heavenly radiance which he has thrown upon the circle in which he moved continued to brighten until he set in Glory.

He was imminently a man of faith. For 12 years a classleader and always a strong advocate for the doctrine and discipline of Methodism. The wicked could bring no charge against him, except for his faithful admonition and his Godly reproofs and the solemn deathlike stillness which attentive audience whilst the whispering accents of grace and merry ..........from his life was most lively evidence of his Christian influence.

For 12 years Brother Lindley was deprived of the use of his voice. As his life was one of practical holiness so his death was one of unusual glory. On discovering that the extremities of his body had become swollen a sure ......................he shouted aloud for joy knowing that his redemption was drawing nigh and he also said a short time before he died that the happiest moment of his life was that on which he took his bed with the full impression that he should rise no more until mortality was swallowed up of life.

May his afflicted widow who mourns not without hope and the children he has left behind, following the example of a pious husband and the instructions of a Godly father be prepared to join the Heavenly concert with him who has gone before singing Hallelujah to the Lord.

A. Lee (Rev. Addi Lee)

NOTE: According to the will of a Daniel Lindley of Harpersfield, NY on file at the Surrogates Office at the Delaware County Courthouse dated March 27, 1843, his heirs were Polly Lindley, wife, daughter Eliza Lindley, daughter Aurrella Lindley, and son Almond D. Lindley.

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