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I have found a few newspaper clippings from the 1960's. One in particular is about the Walton Bank which was destroyed by fire in January 1964. The other clippings are obituaries, a write up about the Fancher Hook & Ladder veterans (1967), and my great-uncle and great-aunt's Golden Wedding anniversary. --Mary C. Morgan

Walton Reporter, dated 3 January 1964

Walton Bank Totally Destroyed Friday Morning; Three Costly Offices Razed in $300,000 Blaze

Bank, Professionals in New Sites

"We have no control over it. We have to be in business."

That was the statement of ROBERT D. GRIFFITH, president of the NATIONAL BANK OF DELAWARE COUNTY, Walton, when someone remarked that it was amazing the bank was able to open business almost as usual after the fire. The bank accepted the offer of New York State Electric & Gas corporation to use its offices temporarily until a new location was found. "We are going into the Vail building (formerly WALTON AUTO SALES) just as soon as we can get that set up. We hope to be in there by the end of theweek or the first of next week." MR. GRIFFITH said that the contractor, ROLAND TWEEDIE, has recommended that the shell of the bank building be razed. "We are building a shelter over the entrance to the vault," continued the president. "We are using it to store our records." Examinations have revealed that the vault, night depository and furnace in the destroyed building can be salvaged.


Getting ready for business the first day was an imposing task. MR. GRIFFITH said that cash was obtained from the Franklin and Andes branches of the bank from the FIRST NATIONAL BANK in Sidney. Many business people received bank statements after the fire. Although charred at the edges, they were mostly decipherable. Some of the bank records were removed the morning of the fire, while the remainder were extricated the next day. MR. GRIFFITH had nothing but praise for the nearly 25 employees of the bank. "All have been very wonderful. They worked all Saturday and Sunday. They really have done a good job."


DR. FRANK SABBIA said that he, DR. E.O. BUSH and DR. WILLIAM SMITH, dentists, have taken temporary office space in the SUSAN STERN building, which has been used as Democratic headquarters. "Our suppliers have promised us four chairs. They will be here Monday and we should be in business Wednesday of next week." Front of the building will be used as a waiting room and will be partitioned off by TWEEDIE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY from the back, where there will be four more partitions cordoning off the operating rooms. It will take two days to install the dental equipment. On the west side of the building there will be an X-ray room, while a laboratory will be made in the rear. As he was interviewed, DR. SABBIA had a patient upon whom he was going to work in the office of DR. CRAWFORD B. DUMOND. "This is strictly temporary," said DR. SABBIA of his new surroundings. "I hope when the bank has its new structure that we can have office space in it." DR. MAX STALL, optometrist, is already back in business. "I have my office at home, starting this (Tuesday) morning," he remarked. He said the laboratories with which he deals brought all his equipment almost immediately. He was fortunate they had most of the equipment in stock, allowing him to return to work in a short time. Attorneys PAUL F. EATON and CARL MUGGLIN have already located temporary office space in the former Public Loan offices in the H.M. ROBINSON building across the street from the bank.

Faced with a perplexing problem is JAMES KENT of KENT'S DEPARTMENT STORE, interior of which is coated with a smoky brown film. He lifted up a box in his second-story store room to show the extent of the smoke damage. Area beneath the box was several shades lighter than that exposed to the smoke. "We will be closed for an indefinite period. I just hope it isn't too long," he remarked. Even merchandise enclosed in plastic bags did not escape the smoke invasion, he noted. Estimates by insurance adjustors are being awaited. The damage is extensive.


"It was just as if someone had taken and sprayed a coat of plastic," said EARL V. MERRITT, optometrist located above the KENT STORE in the MASONIC building. He said he made an attempt to clean up the film with a cleanser. After 15 minutes of scrubbing he had made a small hole in the surface upon which he was working and had given up the task. His plans are indefinite. Also in a state of limbo are the plans of the WALTON MASONIC LODGE. Its rooms are permeated with smoky odor and the sooty substance. DR. STALL, who is master of the lodge, said meetings will be held in Downsville. Willowemoc chapter, OES, will hold its installation meeting in the First Methodist church next Tuesday evening.

Walton Reporter, dated 8 June 1967


The CLARK FUNERAL HOME of Walton wishes to announce the incorporation of its business. MR. IVAN P. CLARK, who has operated the business for the past twenty-seven years and MR. ROBERT C. KNORR, who has assisted him for the past seven years, have formed the CLARK and KNORR FUNERAL SERVICE, INC. The CLARK FUNERAL HOME will continue under the management of the Clarks at the present time. This arrangement has been made in order to allow Mr. Clark to spend some of the colder months in Florida and still serve the people of this community and the surrounding area, with the same prompt, courteous and efficient service that has come to be expected of this firm. Sincerely, IVAN P. CLARK ... ROBERT C. KNORR

Walton Reporter, dated 16 November 1967


Veteran members of FANCHER HOOK & LADDER CO., WALTON FIRE DEPARTMENT, were honored at a dinner meeting Saturday evening at ROUNDUP RANCH. Left to right are CLIFFORD L. DENNIS, 53 years; C. WILLIAM WEBB, 37; D. WESLEY PARSONS, 23; SAMUEL BOLLES, 25; IVAN P. CLARK, 26; CARL BEARDSLEY, SR., 28; J. RICHARD KINCH, 25; FOWLER FINCH, Sidney Center, president of NEW YORK STATE VOLUNTEER FIREMEN'S ASSOCIATION, speaker of the evening, and CAPTAIN ALBERT BARBER of the company. Honored posthumously were HARLAN WOOD, 30 years, and AUSTIN BRUDEGE, 29 years, both of whom have died in the last four months. Others whose service was recognized at the dinner attended by 54 persons were: FRED DUMOND, 20; RALPH BOYD, 26; THOMAS W. COULTER, 29; GEORGE WINSOR, 48; GUSTAVE MUGGLIN. Others attending besides wives and guests of the members were CHIEFS B. JAMES OLMSTEAD, BRUCE BUDINE, and LAVERVE SCHREHER. Honorary members not present at the meeting have been invited to the company's annual meeting Dec. 11. MR. FINCH spoke about the modern truck manned by the company and also described the workings of the association of which he is president. Other officers of FANCHER HOOK & LADDER are RAYMOND BALDI, lieutenant; ROBERT LANG, secretary; MR. CLARK, treasurer; WILLARD VAIL, steward.

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