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My sister, Shirley A. Vicere, and I have been searching the Hancock Herald, Delaware Co., NY for information on our great uncle John W. Snyder. We have found a great deal of information on him, his family and neighbors and friends. The following excerpts are of our interest and by no way complete information that is in those newspapers. --Donna K. Gigliotti

Excerpts from Hancock Herald (Delaware Co., NY)


January 03 Rock Valley -
Libbie HOFFMAN has gone to work for Henry PEAKE.
Myron RICKARD has returned from Oneonota where he has been on a visit.
There has a HARRISON and a MORTON boy come to O. M. HAIGHT's. We believe
they have made arrangements to keep him.

January 10 Rock Valley -
George MILKS has been elected purchasing agent for the grange.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. CALKINS from the Basket were guests at the home
of O. M. HAIGHT's on Sunday.
The officers of the grange were installed Saturday; A. Y. HAIGHT,
master, A. M. CHANDLER, secretary.
Madison HUGHS is very sick with pneumonia. He is attended by
Dr. JOHNSON from East Branch.

January 17 Rock Valley -
A. MILK has killed nine foxes this fall.
Madison HUGHS is gaining health slowly.
Miss Minnie RICKARD had to leave her school a while on account of

January 24 Rock Valley -
Jerome RICKARD has gone to Trout Brook to draw logs.
Mrs. Carrie HUGHS was taken sick last Friday. Her husband just
recovered from a fever.

January 31 Rock Valley -
A. Y. HAIGHT has gone to Downsville.
Mrs. E. Y. HAIGHT is also quite ill. Dr. SMITH was summoned.

February 07
Mrs. M. HUGHS has typhoid fever and is not expected to live.
Carrie HAIGHT has gone to Hankin to work for Mrs. CALKINS.

February 07 South Woods -
W. L. SIMON and Jessie HUGHS went to Bethel for a short visit.
Myron RICKARD is staying at Madison HUGHS at present.
Among those who went sleigh riding last Sunday were; Daniel RICKARD
and Bertha TINKLEPAUGH with a fine horse of M. A. RICKARD's.
Daniel RICKARD got hit with a skid and has got nice black eyes.
James SHEAVER and Vernie HAIGHT re cutting logs for Paul JENSON.

February 21 South Woods -
Daniel RICKARD is drawing logs with his colt.
M. A. RICKARD is in Dehli this week.
A. O. LARROWAY has rented M. A. RICKARD's farm for another year.
Harvey HUGHS, Sr. is living alone this winter.
Warren HUGHS has been drawing logs for Mr. OSTRICH.

February 28 Rock Valley - Belle RICKARD was home to make a short visit Saturday and Sunday.
George BIFFAR also put in an appearance at C. RICKARDS on that day.

OBIT Mrs. Madison HUGHS died on Tuesday. Funeral on Thursday (February 21st). She leaves a husband and two small children, the youngest not a year old.
South Woods - Mr. HUGH's youngest son is at Melvin BRAZIE's at present.
Henry JONES folks are getting along well this winter. Henry PFEIFFER and LaForest CHANDLER each drew him a load of hay the other day.

March 07 Rock Valley -
C. RICKARD starts tonight to go to Dehli on business.

March 14 Rock Valley -
Joseph L. HAIGHT has gone to Sidney on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD went to Hancock on Friday to purchase household furniture. They intend to begin keeping house soon.

March 21 South Woods -
Oris RICKARD has moved to Fish's Eddy.
Mrs. C. RICKARD is working 32 pounds of butter a day.
M. A. RICKARD is boarding at C. RICKARD's at present.
Jerome RICKARD has gone to housekeeping on the Libbie STEARN's farm.
Jennie CLARK is taking care of Madison HUGH's youngest son. She is
a great lover of children.
Charles BIFFAR was in town last Sunday to see his best girl, but she was away and Charles looked very disappointed.
George BIFFAR was in town last Sunday.

March 21 Rock Valley -
Vern HAIGHT has been limping around. If you want to make him mad, just ask him how he got lame.
Libbie HOFFMAN' s many friends were glad to see her as she had been away for some time.
Belle RICKARD returned home after having been gone all winter.

March 28 South Wood -
Sophia PFEIFFER is working for Paul JENSON.
David COON has moved into Daniel RICKARD's house.
C. RICKARD lost one of his valuable Jersey cows last week.
Mrs. William SMITH is going to take M. HUGH's baby.
Will BLACKMAN is working M. A. RICKARD's sugarbush this year.

April 04 South Woods -
M. A. RICKARD is in Dehli this week.
Edgar RICKARD is working for Jerome RICKARD this spring.
Dan RICKARD and Will MILKS both driving new buggies.

Rock Valley - Levi WELTON will move into house vacated by Madison HUGHS.

April 11 Rock Valley -
Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT's 3 month old baby is on the sick list.

April 18 Rock Valley -
Myron RICKARD has brought home another horse.
Little Denzie HAIGHT is better.
Fred RICKARD is working this summer for C. RICKARD.

South Woods -
James M. HUGHS talks of going to Lackawaxan to work this summer.
H. L. HAIGHT's leg is some better.
M. A. RICKARD is introducing the Goodwin washer in the area. Miss Belle RICKARD gave it a test. She washed 90 different garments in one hour and twenty minutes.

April 25 Rock Valley -
Jessie RICKARD intends to teach at LaValley school.

South Woods - James HUGHS is working for Henry PEAKE.

May 02 South Woods -
Charles OSTRICK has bought the Fred RICKARD farm.

May 09 Rock Valley -
Jennie MERREL and her brother from Trout Brook visited at Jerome RICKARD's on Sunday.

South Woods -
George BIFFAR was in town Monday.
Harvey HUGHS is doing a lot of grafting in this place this spring.
M. A. RICKARD is going to Oneonata this week after his little daughter, Nancy, who has been living with her aunt, Mrs. Marvin CHANDLER, since last fall.
MARRIAGE South Woods - Will SEYMOUR and Jessie HUGHS went on their
wedding trip.

May 23 Rock Valley -
Carrie HAIGHT is on a visit home.
Jerome RICKARD killed a rattle snake near the Basket
Mrs. O.M. HAIGHT made a visit to her sister, Mrs. B. E. CALKINS at the Basket on Sunday.
Harvey HUGHS, SR is about to leave as to seek his fortune elsewhere. First going to Montgomery County.
Goulds - The people of Goulds and Rock Valley bought up Mr. HUGH'S land. So now it is a public cemetery.

May 30 Rock Valley -
Libbie HAIGHT who has been living in Brooklyn is now working for W. BATSFORD in Peakville.
Delegates to attend County session were Mr. and Mrs. ROBERTS, Belle RICHARD and A. Y. HAIGHT.

June 06 Rock Valley -
Harvey HUGHS who went away a week ago, is back and has decided to stay among us. Staying with his son Warren.

June 13 Rock Valley -
Freddie RICKARD cut his finger with an axe quite badly.
E. J. HAIGHT is quite busy, he has 100 colonies of bees.

June 27 Rock Valley -
After having been struck by lightening, Mrs. TINKLEPAUGH is slowly recovering.

July 04 South Woods -
Mr. LEGG and Mr. CHANDLER were guests of C. RICKARD last week.
Mrs. ROLIENS from Athens is stopping with her sister, Lucy RICKARD.
Daniel RICKARD has cut his foot quite badly.
Oscar HAIGHT is going to build a new house on the flat across from Mr. PFEIFFER's.
Mr. PARKS and Mr. RICKARD have been in Greene County on business for two weeks.
Frederick RICKARD is going to Pike County to visit his daughter. He is an old man of 85 and is going alone. He is as rugged as some men are at 60 and can still take care of a horse as well as he ever could.

Rock Valley -
H. SLAUSON and family have moved onto the Myron RICKARD farm near John MAY's .
A. Y. HAIGHT begins to carry the mail, Tuesday between Long Eddy and Goulds.

July 11 Rock Valley -
George BIFFAR was over to see his best girl on Sunday.
Miss Maggie BURDEN from New York City is going to spend three or four months at A. Y. HAIGHTS.
Mr. HULSE drives a new wagon.
James HUGHES and Miss RUTZLER were in this place last week.
Sarah and Lucy RICKARD made their sister, Nancy a call last week.
Jerome RICKARD is the first man in this place to start haying.
Mrs. SEYMOUR has been stopping with her father, Warren HUGHS, for this past week.

July 18 Rock Valley -
Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT expects to go to Sidney tomorrow to see her sister who is ill.
Libbie HAIGHT has returned home to stay awhile.

July 25 Rock Valley -
Maggie BURDEN is now working at Jerome RICKARD's.
Fred BIEDEKAPP is now haying for his uncle John.
Miss Belle RICKARD gave a party on Wednesday. Some of the guests were: Mr. WINEGAR from Ilion, Mr. T. BATSFORD and Mr. Arthur LEGG from Long Eddy.

August 01 South Woods -
Charles BIFFAR was at BIEDEKAPP's last week.
Fred RICKARD and LaForest CHANDLER made a flying trip to Acidalia last Sunday.

August 08 South Woods -
Charles BIFFAR and Nettie BIEDEKAPP were guests of C. RICKARD's on Sunday eve.
Frederick RICKARD who has been away for some days has returned to
his home in Rock Valley.
Rock Valley - Arthur GRAVES from Metuchen, N. J. and his sister Lillian are guests at A. Y. HAIGHTS.

August 15 South Woods -
Sophia PFEIFFER went to Acidalia last week.

Rock Valley - Libbie HOFFMAN is working at John MAY's.

August 22 Rock Valley - Carrie HAIGHT has gone to Hancock to work for Mrs. S. WHEELER.
A young man from Honesdale was visiting at H. PFEIFFER's on Saturday
Warren HUGHS killed a large rattle snake near John HOFFMAN's a short time ago.
Silas RICKARD who has been away for a long time, has been visiting
friends in this place.
E. J. HAIGHT was called to Sidney as his mother-in-law is near death.

August 29 Rock Valley -
Sophia PFEIFFER took a trip to Niagara with her best fellow.

September 12 Rock Valley -
Mr. and Mrs. APPLEY and a Mr. SNYDER were guests at H. PFEIFFER's on Friday and Saturday. Sophia PFEIFFER has gone with them to Honesdale.

September 19 Rock Valley -
Libbie HAIGHT has gone to Hancock to work for Mrs. DeWITT.
A man from Deposit was setting some gravestones in the cemetery near Lucy RICKARD's last Friday.

September 26 Rock Valley - Mr. SNYDER from Honesdale was a guest at H. PFEIFFER's.

October 10 Rock Valley - Mr. and Mrs. Henry PFEIFFER, also Mr. and Mrs. Ernest EMRICH went to Honesdale on Saturday.
A Boy, 9 1/4 lbs for Jerome RICKARD.

Goulds - Harry HUGHS, SR has bought a place in Long Eddy. He is digging a cellar and in the Spring plans to build a house.

October 17 Rock Valley - Mrs. William ALLEN has been staying a week with her mother, Mrs. Jerome RICKARD.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT have been summoned to the bedside of her father. It has only been two months since her mother died.

October 24
Charles BIFFAR and his best girl took a ride to Acidalia on Sunday.
Jerome RICKARD has taken a log job for F. A. TINKLEPAUGH.
H. L. HAIGHT took a load of apples to East Branch on Friday.
A. Mrs. FOX and others from Catskill, Greene County, are guests of Lucy RICKARD, Mrs. FOX and Mrs. RICKARD are sisters (Mary FOX)

South Woods -
Joseph RICKARD and wife were guests of Lucy RICKARD Mrs. Amanda WATSON is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Daniel RICKARD in this place.

November 07 Rock Valley -
E. J. HAIGHT has shipped to New York City, 2,000 lbs. of honey this fall.

November 14 Rock Valley -
Myron RICKARD and Steven JONES have gone to Greene County.

November 21 Rock Valley -
Myron RICKARD has returned from Green County, but we have not seen the bride he was going to bring.

November 28
MARRIED October 19, 1889 at Windsor - Mr. Henry HUGHS and Miss Hila Ann CARR of Lonesboro, PA.

December 12 Rock Valley -
Mr. O. M. HAIGHT has bought the old homestead.
Mr. John SNYDER and Mr. LOWMAN are now cutting logs for Nathan MAFFETT.

December 26 Rock Valley -
Mr. Fred RICKARD died on Wednesday morning, he was 86. Son Silas was living at Clermont, McKean County, and his daughter Mrs. William SMITH from the same location attended.
Jerome RICKARD is quite sick with fever.
John SNYDER hit by a tree while cutting logs. Knocked him unconscious but no serious injuries.

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