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My sister, Shirley A. Vicere, and I have been searching the Hancock Herald, Delaware Co., NY for information on our great uncle John W. Snyder. We have found a great deal of information on him, his family and neighbors and friends. The following excerpts are of our interest and by no way complete information that is in those newspapers. --Donna K. Gigliotti

Excerpts from Hancock Herald (Delaware Co., NY)

1887 and 1888

January 06 Married at Davenport on, December 28, 1886, Adam SNYDER and Miss Mary GRAHAM of Oneonata.

March 03 Front Page - FIRE IN HONESDALE. At an early hour Sunday morning the SNYDER opera house building in Honesdale was burned to the ground.

Rock Valley - Supper at C. RICKARD's to benefit the new pastor. Proceeds $35. Rev Mr. MORRIS.

Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT has returned from a visit to her friends at Sidney.

J. RICKARD is going to Dehli where he expects to spend the summer.

March 17 Rock Valley- Silas RICKARD of Westfield, Sullivan County made a few calls at this place on his way to Lackawaxen.

March 24 Rock Valley- H. L. HAIGHT and George ROBERSON have finished their wood job for C. MAY and are now cutting acid wood for C. G. ARMSTRONG on the Mae DUFFIE lots. They anticipate cutting till spring opens.

March 31 Rock Valley - Libbie HAIGHT, daughter of E. J. HAIGHT, has returned from Brooklyn where she has been living this last year.

Mrs. Warren HUGHES is very ill.

April 07 Rock Valley- Dan RICKARD has hired out to his uncle, C. RICKARD for the season.

The party at H. A. Y. HAIGHTS on Saturday was a huge success.

May 05 Rock Valley- E. J. HAIGHT has been engaged in bee-keeping and it is now quite a success. He sold over 2,000 pounds of honey last season.

May 19 Rock Valley- Miss MILES visited at the house of C. RICKARD last week.

June 02 Rock Valley - Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT is very ill and under the care of a doctor.

June 23 Rock Valley- H. L. HAIGHT cut his foot badly while chopping wood.

Some of our young people attended a dance at J. RICKARDS in French Woods last Saturday.

Fred RICKARD, son of Myron RICKARD was kicked by a horse last Friday. It is feared he will lose the sight of one eye.

July 07 Rock Valley- Jerome RICKARD and Vance BARLOW were here on a visit last week but have since returned to their work.

July 21 Rock Valley - Several of our neighbors have new mowing machines, also raking machines. We saw H. PFEIFFER go by with one. Haying is no longer to be a long and tedious job.

August 04 Rock Valley- Frank TINKLEPAUGH is putting up a new barn, also Myron RICKARD.

September 01 Rock Valley- C. RICKARD attended the prohibition convention at Syracuse.

E. J. HAIGHT is now ill and attended by Dr. SMITH.

September 15 Rock Valley- Mrs. E. HUGHS, mother of Warren HUGHS, collapsed and died after being caught in the rain.

Dan RICKARD has been to see Walton.

The Misses MILES and their brother are at C. RICKARDS.

September 29 Rock Valley- The buckwheat is mostly cut. Myron RICKARD is going around threshing for the farmers in this place.

Mr. and Mrs. MAIN, Myron RICKARD and wife are going to the Fair at Deposit.

Belle RICKARD has gone on a visit to Hales Eddy.

Dan RICKARD is going to work for Frank TINKLEPAUGH.

Some people from Honesdale have been visiting at H. PFEIFFER's last week.

October 13 Libbie HAIGHT has returned from Brooklyn.

Belle RICKARD has gone to work for Mrs. LEGG of Long Eddy.

One year old child drowned in a large pail of buttermilk at the home of Myron RICKARD Saturday last.

October 27 Rock Valley- E. J. HAIGHT and wife have gone to visit friends in Sidney Centre.

November 03 Rock Valley - Daniel RICKARD is keeping bachelors hall at his house.

Carrie HAIGHT has gone to Peak's Creek to work for Mr. HAWK.

November 17 Rock Valley - Myron RICKARD is building a new house.

Harrison HUGHES and family have moved to the Basket.

Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT has been on a visit to her brother in Fish's Eddy.

Sophia PFEIFFER has gone to work for one Mrs. PRINDLE at Trout Brook.

E. J. HAIGHT sold 1,500 pounds of comb honey this season and 400 pounds of extracted honey.

November 24 Rock Valley - Jerome RICKARD has come back to home and friends.

A. J. HAIGHT supplies the people of this place with oysters every two weeks.

December 22 Rock Valley - Henry PFEIFFER sold 600 pounds of butter during the last season. All from 4 cows.

December 29 Rock Valley - Belle RICKARD who has been living at Long Eddy has come home.

Jerome RICKARD has gone to Trout Brook to draw logs for Nathan MAFFET.

Miss Jessie HUGHES has gone to the Basket. She will live with Mr. CALKINS and attend the Basket school.

January 12 Rock Valley - H. L. HAIGHT went to North Branch to visit his cousin.

January 19 Rock Valley - E. R. HAIGHT and wife from Washington are expected this week.

February 16 Rock Valley - M. HUGHS, cut his foot very badly.

Jessie RICKARD is going to Barbourville to attend county session of IOGT.

February 23 Rock Valley - Mrs. Enoch HAIGHT is very ill and is attended by Dr. SMITH.

Henry PFEIFFER went to Deposit last week to attend a law suit between himself and Van SCOIT of Deposit. He has now gone to Dehli as a witness on a trial between VanSCOIT and Mr. HUGHS.

March 01 Rock Valley - Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT is some better.

March 08 Rock Valley - Mrs. Warren HUGHS is again ill.

At Circuit Court in Dehli, the case of Cornelius VanSCHOYK and Harvey HUGHS was tried and the verdict was no cause of action.

March 22 Rock Valley - H. L. HAIGHT has gone to work for a man in the town of Franklin.

Mrs. W. HUGHS is no better.

March 29 Rock Valley - The trial between Henry PFEIFFER and VanSCHOIK came off Friday in Fish's Eddy.

Myron RICKARD lost his big horse and now wants to sell the other one which he considers is worth $100.

E. R. HAIGHT from Washington is visiting his mother and his brothers. He spent part of the winter in Colorado where he has mining interests. He will return there in April.

April 19 Rock Valley - C. RICKARD has gone to New York City.

George BIFFAR is working for C. RICKARD.

A. Y. HAIGHT has gone to Walton.

Jennie MERRIT from Trout Brook spent her 16th birthday with us. She is now the guest of Sophia PFEIFFER.

Boarders at O. M. HAIGHT's. - James SHEEDLR, George ROBINSON and Willie GOULD. They are cutting acid wood.

April 26 Rock Valley - Harvey HUGHS, Jr. has cut his foot quite badly.

May 03 Newspaper missing.

May 17 OBIT Mrs. Myron RICKARD died after an illness of three to four days. (May 12). Melvina BRAZIE was her name. Brother Jacob BRAZIE left husband and six children.

Chris RHINEBECK has moved into part of Myron RICKARD's house and is working the place on shares.

May 24 A. Y. HAIGHT is laying the foundation for a new barn.

Libbie HAIGHT has returned to her former residence in Brooklyn.

Mrs. E. M. CHANDLER from Oneonata came to attend the funeral of her sister, Mrs. Myron RICKARD.

May 31 Rock Valley - Mrs. W. HUGHS is worse again.

June 07 Rock Valley - David MILKS has discovered a stone quarry on his property which promises to be of great value.

Miss Libbie THORNTON and Miss Lizzie EMERICK were guest of H. PFEIFFER's on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. McGADY were guests at the house of Warren HUGHS last week.

June 21 Rock Valley - W. MILK and John RANDOLF are working the stone quarry at D. MILK's.

H. L. HAIGHT came home from West Brook where he has been working, for a visit.

July 05 Rock Valley - Mr. and Mrs. DeMELT from Sidney are visiting their daughter, Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT.

July 12 Rock Valley- Miss MILES is boarding at C. RICKARD's.

Myron RICKARD has broken up house. Little Louis is with the R. GOULD's. Beatrice 12, and Nancy 3, are with the George CLARK's. The boys are still with their father.

July 19 Rock Valley - Mrs. W. HUGHS was well enough to visit her sister, Mrs. Z. CALKINS on Sunday at the Basket.

July 26 Rock Valley - Children from the city are boarding with C. RICKARD and A. Y. HAIGHT.

August 9 OBIT Death of Mrs. Warren HUGHS (Sunday, August 5th). Mrs. HUGHS has been ill a long time. She leaves a husband and six children.

August 23 Rock Valley - There is to be a lawn party at C. RICKARD's on Saturday next with ice cream and cake for the benefit of Rev. L. F. PIPER.

September 06 Jessie RICKARD has gone to Oneonata to attend school. She took with her, little Nancy to live with her aunt, E. M. CHANDLER.

September 13 Jerome RICKARD has been on the sick list for the past two or three weeks.

Mr. and Mrs. HARPER and daughter from Sidney were guests at the house of E. J. HAIGHT.

September 20 Rock Valley - Sophia PFEIFFER visited friends in Acidalia last week.

George CLARK and Mr. GROSS are putting up a barn for E. J. HAIGHT.

We understand, Mr. BACH, from Pennsylvania has bought Mr. HUGHS farm, consideration, $1,500.

September 27 Front Page - Tax Listings Henry PFEIFFER - 51 acres, value $250; Cornelius RICKARD - 383 acres, value $1450; Daniel RICKARD - -52 acres, value $130; Lucy RICKARD - 116 acres, value $535; Joseph RICKARD - 76.5 acres, value $200; Heirs of Melvina RICKARD - 465 acres; value $1220.

Rock Valley - Mrs. A. Y. HAIGHT left for Binghamton to visit her brother.

October 25 OBIT Sally A. HAIGHT. In Rock Valley, October 17--Mrs. Sally HAIGHT, aged 80 years. On Wednesday morning, October 17, 1888, occurred the death of Mrs. Sally A. HAIGHT at her old home in Rock Valley, aged 80 years, one month and eight days, after a short illness of only nine days, the effect of a cold that settled on her lungs, which her old age and feeble strength could not overcome. She was born in Albany county, this state, married David A. HAIGHT and moved to this county in the fall of 1849; bought them a farm on which they both lived to see changed from a dense forest to a comfortable home. She survived her husband nearly 15 years. They had five children, one daughter Elizabeth, (Mrs. W. W. MAIN, now deceased) and four sons; Alexander Y., Edwin R., Enoch J., and Oscar M., all of whom were at her dying bedside. E. R. resides in Washington, D. C. The other three live at Rock Valley.

Rock Valley - Harry HUGHS, Jr. has moved to Long Eddy.

Sophia PFEIFFER goes today to go to work for a Mrs. YOUNG in Acidalica.

Carrie W. HAIGHT has returned from Cornwall, where she has been spending the last year.

A Mr. SNYDER and LEAWMAN from Honesdale were guests at H. PFEIFFER's last week. Also at John HOFFMAN's.

November 22 Rock Valley - Belle RICKARD has gone to work for Mr. PEAKE.

Mr. Fred RICKARD fell off the bridge going to his barn and was badly injured.

November 29 Rock Valley - Minnie RICKARD went to Liberty to attend the Institute.

December 06 Rock Valley- Charles MAY and O. M. HAIGHT are today, loading a car of bark to be shipped.

H. L. HAIGHT and J. SHENNA have taken a log job of M. MAFFET and are now at work at it.

Jerome RICKARD is starting logs with a team of oxen he bought from A. Y. HAIGHT.

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