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My sister, Shirley A. Vicere, and I have been searching the Hancock Herald, Delaware Co., NY for information on our great uncle John W. Snyder. We have found a great deal of information on him, his family and neighbors and friends. The following excerpts are of our interest and by no way complete information that is in those newspapers. --Donna K. Gigliotti

Hancock Herald excerpts January 1890- December 1890



GOULDS- Madison HUGHS is at work for Nelson BRAZIE
John RIDER took the new married couple (David TERREL and Carrie HAIGHT to East Branch today (Monday)
Mrs. E. HUGHS is spending the holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. EMRICH.
Jerome RICKARD dangerously ill.
ROCK VALLEY-Mr. and Mrs. A. J. JACKSON and family from Iowa arrived at A. J. HAIGHTS on Wednesday night.
Carrie J. HAIGHT and David TERREL were married on Thursday night at the home of her father. They have gone to Otsego County where they expect to live.


ROCK VALLEY-George MILK elected purchasing agent fro the grange.
Jerome RICKARD getting around after his severe illness (flu).
Miss Minnie TINKLEPAUGH and Daniel RICKARD married on December 31, 1889.
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT atended wedding of Jennie LeVALLE and Mr. BENNETT on Thursday night last.


ROCK VALLEY-Our winter term of school has been successfully taught by Jessie RICKARD. She has started another term.


ROCK VALLEY-Rose and Blanche RICKARD are both sick today.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICHARD are worse again.
Myron RICKARD has gone to Cannonsville with Miss ALBERTI.


ROCK VALLEY-Jerome RICKARD and family have moved in with C.RICKARD until warm weather.


ROCK VALLEY-Marriage of Henry L. HAIGHT and Laura COLEMAN on February 4, 1890 by Lewis F. PIPER, minister
GOULDS-Mrs. David MILK is very sick with the "grippe"


ROCK VALLEY-Mr. John Snyder went to Honesdale
A couple of young people, Miss Jessie RICKARD and George BIFFAR went on Thursday to attend a ball at Thumanville.


GOULDS-Mrs. David MILKS in on the gain.
W. S. WELTON sold his oxen to A. L. MILK.
ROCK VALLEY- A couple of young ladies are guests at H. PFEIFFER's. Miss SNYDER and cousin.
Mr. and Mrs. COLWORTH, beekeeper at East Branch, were guests of E. J. HAIGHTS last week.


ROCK VALLEY-Jerome RICKARD and family have moved into the CLARK house as he intends to work that place this summer.
Beatrice RICKARD is going to work for Mrs. CLARK.


ROCK VALLEY-Marriage of William MILK and Libbie HOFFMAN Wednesday night last. (March 5, 1890)
A. MILK had a finger smashed with a log last week.
M. A. RICKARD had a sale of a horse and buggy last week. Dan was the buyer.


ROCK VALLEY-Jessie RICKARD went on Friday to Hales Eddy.


April 03-- ROCK VALLEY-Wedding of Charles BIFFAR and Nettie BIEDEKAPP Wednesday night last. Ceremony performed by L. F. PIPER (April 22, 1890). Following is a list of the BIFFAR-BIEDEKAPP wedding gifts: Mr. and Mrs. John BIEDEKAPP, one table spread; Mr. and Mrs. Gustave HINAMAN, one bed spread and pair of towels; Mr. and Mrs.Ernest BIEDEKAPP, one table cloth and tidies; Adam BIEDEKAPP, one table cloth andd towels: Gustave BIEDEKAPP, one dozen plates and pair of towels; Conrad WAGNER, one-half dozen plates; George MILK, one bed spread; Abram MILK one large lamp; Charles BEECHER, one large lamp; E. BEAR, one-half dozen plates and one-half dozen cups and saucers; Mr. and Mrs. A. D. HEMPSTEAD, one pair towels; Mr. and Mr. W. H. VANLUWEGEN, one pair of towels; Lewis SMITH, one-half dozen goblets and syrup cup; Mr. and Mrs. Charles HOFFMAN, one lemonade set and cake stand; continued wedding gifts: Fred and Irvin BIEDEKAPP one dozen napkins; Willie WAGNER, one large lamp; Mr and Mrs. John HOFFMAN, one table cloth and one-half dozen tumblers; Miss Emma HOFFMAN, one pair towels; Mr. and Mrs. H. PFEIFFER, one table cloth; Mr. and mrs. SNYDER , one-half dozen cups and saucers and one pair of towels; Mr.. and Mrs.. William MILK, one bed spread; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest EMRICH, one chamber set; Mr. and Mrs. John SPECHT. one-half dozen knives and fork; Miss Libbie BIFFAR, one bed quilt; Mr. George BIFFAR, one large lamp; Miss Victoria TYLER, one pickle set; Mr. and Mrs. David MILK, one-half dozen plates; Willie NEER, one-half dozen cups and saucers; Mr. and Mr. H. I. HAIGHT, one pair towels.


GOULDS-Mrs. Charles BIFFAAR sick with the "grippe"


ROCK VALLEY- Myron RICKARD has returned from Green County.
Mr. Charles BIFFAR still sick.


ROCK VALLEY- E. J. HAIGHT started in the winter with 110 colonies of bees and now has only 106.


ROCK VALLEY- Myron RICKARD has gone away, no one seems to know where.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles BIFFAR went to Long Pond to visit friends on Saturday last.


ROCK VALLEY- Mr. ROBERTSON and wife were visiting at A. J. HAIGHTS last week.
Silas RICKARD was at Jerome RICHARD's last Sunday
Myron RICKARD has returned home.
H. L. HAIGHT and Mr. ROBERTSON went to Robertsonville on Sunday.
A. J. HAIGHT expects another carload of potatoes. He thinks they will be here next week.
Jessie RICHARD and friends went to teacher's drill in Callicoon on Saturday.


GOULDS- Willie WAGNER is working for George MILK.
William MILK has opened a stone quarry near John HOFFMAN' s in Rock Valley
Dan RICKARD bought a place vacated by Madison HUGHS and is preparing the place for housekeeping.
ROCK VALLEY-Jerome RICKARD's little Harold is very sick.
Miss Jessie RICKARD has closed her school here.
H. PFEIFFER is building an addition to his barn. Mr. COOPER is laying the foundation.


ROCK VALLEY Little Floyd HAIGHT fell srom the upper beam of the hay mow but was not seriously injured.
Little Harold RICKARD, 8 month son of Jerome and Minnie RICKARD died today. Funeral services Wednesday at 1 pm.


GOULDS-A. L. MILK will work for his brother William in the stone quarry.


ROCK VALLEY-The addition to H. PFEIFFER' s barn raising Friday.


ROCK VALLEY- C. RICKARD began buying his hay today.

Silas RICKARD from Peakville was at J. RICKARD's onSunday.
Mrs. George HALE of Binghamton arrived at Adam BIEDEKAPP's on Tuesday of last week.
George BIFFAR got a kick from "old Mike" which laid him up for a few days but we see he is able to get out again.
Mrs. Vol LaVALLA from Fisher's Eddy is visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT.
GOULDS- Mrs. Carrie HOFFMAN and children have picked and sold 97 lbs of strawberries.


GOULDS- Charles MAY sold Dan RICKARD his 3 yearol colt.
Mr. and Mrs. A. MILK and Mr. and Mrs. Paul JENSON attended the wedding of Wesley JENSON of Peak's Brook.
Last week, Warren HUGHS had the misfortune to have a piece of steel fly into his eye. Dr. JOHNSTON removed it for him.
ROCK VALLEY-Jerome RICKARD is helping John RIDER do his haying.
E. J. HAIGHT with over a hundred colonies of bees has not yet had a swarm.


ROCK VALLEY-O.M. HAIGHT is cutting his rye. It is said to be the best piece of rye grown in this section for a long time.


ROCK VALLEY- Mr. John HOFFMAN's horses ran away while working on the road Saturday. They ran nearly a mile but received no injuries.
GOULDS-George MILK intends to ship a car load of lambs to NYC today, Tuesday.
Paul JENSON and Dan RICKARD are doing the widow RICKARD's haying for $50.00


ROCK VALLEY-H. L. HAIGHT took a trip to Walton, Saturday.
Charles and George BIFFAR have been home to do their father's haying.
Lillie HAIGHT came home from Hancock Saturday where she had been living for a year.


ROCK VALLEY- Mr. DEMELT from Sidney is visiting his daughter, Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT.
Ruth BUSH and Jessie RICHARD have gone to Deposit to attend school.
Mr. C. RICKARD went to PA to visit friends last week.
Minnie FINK of NYC is spending a few weeks at A. J. HAIGHTS.


ROCK VALLEY- Charles BIFFAR is on the sick list. Dr. SMITH called to see him Sunday.
Mr. Marshall DEMELT, wife and daughter from Sidney visited E. J. HAIGHT's last week.
Mrs. SMITH has gone to Orleans to keep house for Mrs. E. BIEDEKAPP while she visits NYC.


ROCK VALLEY- Miss Florence SMITH of Walton is visiting her Aunt , Mrs. A. J. HAIGHT and other relatives in this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT and Walter HAIGHT went to Walton to the fair last week.


GOULDS- Little Nancy RICKARD is staying with her aunt, Mrs. C. MAY.
Mrs. M. A. RICKARD is still working for Mrs. Charles COOPER who is still poorly.
Mrs. Charles EMRICH has come home after spending 3 weeks with her daughter, Mrs. E. HUGHS, in Middleton.
ROCK VALLEY- Mr. Charles BIFFAR is still quite ill.
Edgar RICKARD is working for Dan RICKARD
E. J. HAIGHT has gone to Dehli as trial juror.
Mrs. Myron RICKARD is stopping with at present with Mrs. C. MAY.
The Ladies Aid Society met at Mrs. O.M. HAIGHT's Wednesday last.
William MILK, Dan RICKARD, Charles MAY and willie NERR, have gone hunting game at Lackawaxen for a few weeks.


ROCK VALLEY- Mrs. FOX of Greene Co. is at Mrs. Lucy RICKARD's.
Will MILK and Billie NEER have returned from PA with 8 fox skins.


GOULDS-Will MILK and Will ODELL dug four coons out of one hole in the rocks on Wesley GOULD's place.
ROCK VALLEY- Miss Susan SMITH of Iowa arrived at A. J. HAIGHT's on Saturday.


ROCK VALLEY- Helen CLAPPER who is teaching the school in LaValley district was visiting at J. RICKARD's on Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. C. RICKARD went to NY on Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles BIFFAR went to see Mrs. LaValley on Sunday last.


GOULDS- Mrs. Charles BIFFAR went to Lockecton Saturday to see Dr. APPLEY.


FRONT PAGE- Maud HUGHES of Rock Valley runs off with George HINCKLE.---Maud HUGHES -15 or 16 who kept house for her father Warren HUGHES went away on Saturday a week ago.
ROCK VALLEY- Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD, went on Saturday to visit their sister Mr. and Mrs. PIPER at East Branch.
Ruth BUSH and Jessie RICKARD were home for a short vacation. They had been attending school in Deposit.
C. RICKARD and Frank TINKLPAUGH are gaing shipping milk to New York.


GOULDS- Charles HOFFMAN lost one of his oxen last week.
Will MILK has moved from J. HOFFMAN's in Rock Valley into a part of his father's house.
Mrs. Libbie HUGHES returned to her home in Middletown last week. Her sister, Jennie accompanied her.
ROCK VALLEY-- A little Girl came to H. PFEIFFER's house last week. Weight 8 lbs. Mr. and Mrs. SNYDER intend to keep her.

Hancock Herald excerpts January 1891 thru December 1891


22-Jan GOULDS-A. L.MILKS is making it lively for the foxes again.

29-Jan ROCK VALLEY-Mrs. BELLOWS of Long Eddy spent the past week with her sister, Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT.
Three little girls have arrived in this vicinity as of late. One at the house of Mr. BLOOM, one at William MILKS and one at Dan RICHARD'S.
The prospects are that Rock Valley will have a church in the near future.


ROCK VALLEY- Jessie RICHARD began a term of school at LaValley district this week.
Jerome RICKARD purchased a horse off Joe RICKARD.


GOULDS-Mrs. Mary FOX who has been staying with her sister, Mrs. Lucy RICKARD was called home because of the illness of her granddaughter. Little Nancy RICKARD is staying with Mrs. RICKARD at present.


GOULDS- Our old neighbor Harvey HUGHS, Sr. was in this place the other day calling on old friends.
Charles HOFFMAN has sold to Mr. BACH the mate to the ox he lost last winter.


ROCK VALLEY- Peter MARKEY from Honesdale was H. PFEIFFER's guest over Sunday.
Jerome RICKARD and Peter ROBERTS have rented the Lobdell farm for the season.
Warren HUGHS has rented his farm to William MILK for the coming season.
Jerome RICKARD made about 60 lbs. of maple sugar last week.


ROCK VALLEY- Annie STRAIN is now working for Mrs. C. RICKARD.


ROCK VALLEY- H. L. HAIGHT has begun work on his quarry again.
The young people had a surprise party at T. Y. HAIGHT's on Monday night.


GOULDS-Madison HUGHS' boy Ord is now living with his uncle, Dan RICKARD.
Two newcomers last week. A boy at A. L. MILKS and a girl at Paul JENSON'S


GOULDS- William MILK moved on to the Warren HUGHS's farm last week.
ROCK VALLEY--C. RICKARD took a trip to New York City recently.
A. J. HAIGHT took a trip to Delhi and Walton last week.
E. J. HAIGHT started with over 100 colonies of bees but has only 60 left.
Jasper L. HAIGHT met with an accident last week. Went into a saw mill with some other boys were playing with the wheels and got his hand caught between the cogs. Cutting the third finger nearly off and severely


ROCK VALLEY- LaForest CHANDLER and Fred BIEDEKAPP has gone to peel bark off in Pa.


ROCK VALLEY- A little boy weighing 8 1/2 lbs. arrived at the house of Jerome RICKARD last week.
Mrs. E. S. HAIGHT has gone on a visit to her father and other friends in Sidney.


ROCK VALLEY-- A company of people from Honesdale have been visiting at H. PFEIFFER's the past week.


GOULDS -- A. L. MILK has put a new roof on his barn. He is also building a barn at Eminence.
David NEER and his wife were visiting at his aunts' , Mrs. David MILK.
Seven districts in this place and Rock Valley has purchased a new road machine from a man in Walton. It takes three teams to work it.


GOULDS--George MILK is building a barn and Joseph RICKARD of Peak's Brook has reshingled his mother's , Mrs. Lucy RICKARD's barn.
ROCK VALLEY- C. RICKARD cut off the end of his finger on the road machine.


GOULDS--Mrs. Carrie HOFFMAN and children have picked a great many strawberries. They have sold 121 lbs. besides what they have kept for their own use.


ROCK VALLEY- LaForest CHANDLER who has been in Emporium working for the past two months is home.
Two large rattlesnakes were killed on C. RICKARD's farm last week.
Mr. ROBERTS and Jerome RICKARD are cutting hay on the LOBDELL place.
Miss Maggie AURDEN of New York City is staying at O. M. HAIGHTS.


GOULDS- A little son has come to gladden the home of Mrs. George MILK.
ROCK VALLEY- LaForest CHANDLER has returned to Emporium.
Jessie RICKARD is to teach the South Woods School.


GOULDS-- Mrs. Libbie HUGHS of Middletown, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles EMRICH.
Rufus BROUGHTON of Peakville has bought most of the sheep and lambs for sale in this place. George MILK had the largest flock and sold him 90.
E. J. HAIGHT of Rock Valley is buying poultry in this place to ship to New York City.


ROCK VALLEY- Mr. DEMELT from Sidney spent a few weeks with his daughter, Mrs. E. V. HAIGHT.


GOULDS-Harvey HUGHS, Jr., wife and daughters of Long Eddy have been visiting friends in this place.


ROCK VALLEY- Jerome RICKARD is working on his new farm in Eminence.


ROCK VALLEY- Jerome RICKARD is picking and shipping apples for 10 cents a bushel.
Miss Maggie SNYDER of Honesdale is visiting her brother John SNYDER of this place.


ROCK VALLEY-Mrs. Myron RICKARD in once more in the vicinity visiting friends.
Mrs. Charles BIFFAR stands ahead as her boy weighed 10 lbs.


ROCK VALLEY- August SWALLBACK had his house moved to near the lower end of his lot. George MILK taking the job of moving it.
Jessie RICKARD has closed her term of school at South Woods.


ROCK VALLEY- Fred RICHARD is working for his uncle C. RICKARD.
Dan RICKARD's horses ran away- about a mile-- but there was no damage done.


ROCK VALLEY- Jerome RICKARD has gone to Delhi on business.
Dr. SMITH is attending O. M. HAIGHT who is improving.
Mr. John SNYDER has gone to Honesdale to visit friends and relatives.


January 07 Rock Valley- A. L. MILK traded off his old horses with Geo SKINNER for a yoke of oxen.

January 21 Rock Valley -- Little Harry RICKARD, Mrs. Jerome RICKARD's little baby is quite ill. Dr. SMITH was sent for.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT went to Sidney --summoned to the death bed of her father Mr. DEMELT.

March 02 Goulds- A. L. MILK's baby is very sick with inflamation of the lungs.

March 10 Rock Valley- Miss Jessie RICKARD commenced a term of school at Eminence last week.

Mrs. John SNYDER on the sick list.

Trustees for the building of the church, Gustave BIEDEKAPP, George HALE, George CLARK, C. RICKARD and A. Y. HAIGHT.

March 31 Rock Valley- Mrs. David TERRILL from Cooperstown is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT.

April 07 Rock Valley- John SNYDER has cut his foot badly.

C. RICKARD went to Deposit on Saturday.

A baby girl arrived at H. L. HAIGHT's Sunday last, weighing 8 1/2 lbs.

Ernest BIEDEKAPP and family have returned to their place on BIEDEPAPP Hill. All are glad to have them back.

April 14 Goulds- Dan RICKARD goes to Dehli this week as juryman.

William MILK who had a piece of steel fly into his eye, went to Hancock where Dr. ALLEN removed it for him.

April 21 Acidalia and Vicinity-- Married at Basket by Justice MACKEY -- Warren HUGHES and Emma HOFFMAN, both of Rock Valley.

Rock Valley-- Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD and George BIFFAR went to Metuchen, NJ last Monday.

The neighbors and friends of Ernest BIEDEKAPP and family gave them a surprise party on the evening of the 18th. There were 48 in all.

March 17 Rock Valley- Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT went to Franklin, Monday

Ladies Aid met Wednesday at A. J. HAIGHT's.

June 16 Game Protector SNYDER from Davenport was mentioned in Hancock Herald.

June 30 Goulds - Last week Carrie HOFFMAN and children sold 77 lbs. of strawberries.

Rock Valley - Miss Mattie COLMAN of Honesdale, PA is visiting her sister, Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT.

Wedding cards are out for the marriage of Jessie RICKARD and John SHIELDS.

Mrs. Jerome RICKARD has a new loom that is expected to weave carpet at 50-100 yards per day. Get your rags ready.

Mr. Clarence INMAN and Mary SWALLBACK were married last week at Deposit, and are now keeping house in a part of the house with Jerome RICKARD. They were treated to a serenade from the young men in the usual way.

Mrs. Arthur LIDDLE and her sister Victoria TYLER, of Metuchen, NJ, arrived at their sister's, Mrs. Jerome RICKARD's, last week. They will spend a few days visiting friends here.

The marriage of Miss Jessie RICKARD and John SHIELDS, both of this place, occurred at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. C. RICKARD on Wednesday, June 22. About sixty guests were present to witness the ceremony which was performed by Rev. L. F. PIPER, assisted by Rev. Mr. GORSE. After a short time for congratulations and pleasant conversation they were all seated to a table loaded with a bountiful supply of edibles. The bride and groom started on their wedding tour, a ompanied to the station by some of the young people. They were well showered with rice, both on leaving home and on entering the cars. The bride and groom received many beautiful and useful presents, a few of which we will mention: Silver teapot, silver cake dish, silver butter dish, silver milk pitcher, silver soup ladle, set silver knives and forks, two set silver tea spoons, Rochester lamp, two fancy tables, bed room set, crockeryware, four counterpanes, four pair towels, four table cloths, two dozen napkins, two plush albums, table scarf, glass set, water set, two looking glasses, pair pillows and cases, large picture in frame, half a dozen dinning room chairs, five nice rocking chairs, $10 in cash.

July 04 Married at Hancock, NY, July 4th, 1892 by Rev. W. H. KERSHAN, David HUGHES and Lillie M. WILCOX.

July 14 Rock Valley- The voices of city children are again sounding in our ears. They are enjoying themselves hughely. There are between 40 to 50 here at E. SPERBECKS, T. CALKINS and Jerome RICKARD's and A. Y. HAIGHT's.

August 18 Goulds- E. HUGHES was at his father-in-law's, Charles EMRICH last week.

George MILK, director of the Agriculture Insurance Co. was called over to H. LAYMAN's to hold an inquest over a pig killed by lightening.

August 25 Rock Valley - Mr. George MILK is doing quite a business shipping lambs.

Ladies Aid meets on Tuesday with Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT to sew for her.

Mrs. SUTTON from NYC is spending a few weeks with Jerome RICKARD.

Mrs. C. RICKARD went to East Branch to visit with her daughter, Mrs. L. F. PIPER and also to Walton to visit friends.

September 08 Rock Valley - Mr. and Mrs. John SHIELDS are keeping house for Mr. SHIELDS at the Basket.

Why is John SNYDER smiling? They have an 8 lbs. boy.

October 06 Rock Valley - Ed MARTIN is helping Jerome RICKARD pick apples.

A. MILK has been repairing and painting his house.

Ladies Aid will meet on the 12th at Mrs. C. RICKARD's.

Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT and Mrs. B. E. CALKINS have returned from a visit to friends in Sidney.

November 03 Goulds - Charles HOFFMAN had an addition built on to his house.

Dan RICKARD is repairing his house.

A. L. MILK raised over 200 bushels of potatoes.

November 17 Rock Valley - Fred BIEDEKAPP came home on election day to vote and will stay home a while. He had been to Emporium.

December 01 Goulds - Miss Jennie EMRICH has gone to E. HUGHS at Campbell Hall to help care for a little nephew.

December 15 Goulds - Mr. and Mrs. William SIMON of Peaksville spent Sunday with Mrs. SIMON's father, Warren HUGHS.

Charles BIFFAR expects to move into the house that STEWART is having built just below George MEDLAR's.


January 05 Rock Valley - Charles BIFFAR and wife have moved to Peakville

Charles and George BIFFAR were summoned home today as their father died at Acidalia today.

Acidalia - Frank BIFFAR, 86, died on New Years Day at his residence at

Long Pond. He leaves a wife and nine children. To be buried at Long Eddy.

January 19 Rock Valley - John SNYDER and William WAGNER went to PA on a

fishing trip last week.

Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT have gone to Walton.

January 26th & February 2nd papers missing. These two issues of the Hancock Herald were missing.

February 16 Rock Valley - E. J. HAIGHT purchased a fine horse from M. A. SMITH of Fremont.

Goulds - New arrivals at the homes of D. RICHARD, FRANK COOPER and J. ELMORE.

March 09 Goulds - Harvey HUGHS, SR spent Sunday with relatives here.

Rock Valley - Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT went to Franklin last week on business.

Ladies Aid met this week at Jerome RICKARD's.

March 30 Goulds - -Jerome RICKARD is repairing his house, assisted by Julian GOULD.

April 13 Front page - Sherman F. SNYDER, game protector served a supreme writes batches of Hancock, A. & F. SUETERLEIN, for shipping 88 partridges out of the county.

Rock Valley - Ladies Aid Society - President Mrs. Jerome RICKARD; Sec.

Mrs. HAIGHT; have nearly $400.00 to build the church, they would like to

make it $500.00 this spring if possible.

April 27 Rock Valley - Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT is visiting her sister at Long


E. J. HAIGHT and wife have gone to Sidney.

Goulds - Mr. and Mrs. Charles BIFFAR were at her father's, John BIEDEKAPP.

David MILK has made over 700 lbs of sugar this spring.

May 11 Rock Valley - Walter HAIGHT cut his knee while sharpening stakes

for fence.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD will move into their new home in Eminence.

May 18 Goulds - Last winter was a hard one for sheep. Sixteen of George MILK's died.

June 08 Goulds - Mr. and Mrs. Harvey HUGHS, Jr. of Long Eddy called on friends in this place last week.

Mrs. David MILK spent Sunday at John HOFFMAN's Rock Valley helping to care for the sick.

Rock Valley - Miss Libbie HAIGHT who has spent the last 2 years at Cooperstown and other places, was home last week to visit parents and friends. She has now gone to Hancock to live for a while.

July 06 Rock Valley - A little boy about 10 days old is staying at Jerome RICKARD's. Think Jerome will keep him as he needs more help on the farm.

July 20 Goulds - Masterord HUGHS, who has lived the past 2 years with his uncle, Dan RICKARD, has gone to Long Eddy to live with his father, Madison HUGHES, who has married again.

August 10 Goulds - Warren HUGHS has killed a large rattle snake on his


Mrs. Libbie HUGHS of Campbell Hall is at her father's, Charles EMRICH,

where she expects to spend two or three weeks.

Miss Minnie MILK and Mrs. Phillip NEER went to Trout Brook Saturday to

visit at M. BRAZIE's.

August 17 Rock Valley - Will SUTLOCK, who has been living at O. M. HAIGHT's place for the past year or two, has gone to North Branch to work.

Silas RICKARD and his wife from PA are visiting friends in this place.

Goulds - George MILKS expects to ship a car load of lambs this year.

September 21 Rock Valley - Mr. and Mrs. E. R. HAIGHT and son, Arthur, from Washington are visiting friends in this place.

Fred RICKARD was married a week or two ago to Miss Eva SMITH.

November 23 Goulds - A. L. MILK and Billy NEER spent the week hunting near Honesdale, PA.

Charles HUGHS who has been working in Callicoon the past summer, has returned home.

November 30 Rock Valley - O. M. HAIGHT's little boy, Denzil, is sick. Was attended by Dr. SMITH. Is now better.

December 21 Rock Valley - The Grange has elected officers with B. C. CALKINS as master and John SNYDER as purchasing agent for the next year.

Henry PFEIFFER has bought a span of colts from John BIEDELAPP. Consideration $100.

December 28 Goulds - A. L. MILK has killed 12 foxes this fall and winter.

Hancock Herald excerpts January 1894 thru December 1894



ROCK VALLEY- Jan. 1- Fred RICKARD and wife are now at C. RICKARDS.
GOULDS- Mrs. Carrie HOFFMAN, who has had an attack of the grip is some better.


ROCK VALLEY- Jan. 15- John SNYDER is now purchasing agent in the Grange and is getting in more groceries.


ROCK VALLEY-Jan 27- Some two or three weeks ago as George MILK went to his farm one morning, he saw a dog running away and found eleven sheep, which had been killed by a dog.
Abraham MILK seems to be successful in capturing foxes, as he has killed eighteen this season
. Henry PFEIFFER is making preparatioons to build a new house in the spring. He is getting lumber, stone, brick and every thing all ready.
H. L. HAIGHT has gone again to work in the saw mill for J. INMAN.
Floyd HAIGHT celebrated his birthday last week, by inviting in a few of his boy friends. He also received some nice presents.


GOULDS- Feb 27- A. L. MILK bought a yoke of oxen on town meeting day..
Charles BIFFAR and family of Peakville, spent Sunday with relatives in this place.
ROCK VALLEY- Feb 26- Alie MILK's boy, Leslies, accidentally shot both of Charles OESTERICH's oxen one day sat week. We have heard the incidents regarding the affair is so many different ways, that we hardly know


ROCK VALLEY- Mr. and Mrs. Charles BIFFAR from Peakville, were visiting at her father's, John BIEDEKAPP. Their little boy was taken sick with inflammation of the lungs. Dr. JOHNSON was summoned.
Mrs. Jerome RICKARD has her loom home again and is preparing to weave all the carpets she can get.
Mr. SNYDER was around collecting taxes in place of Mr. JACOBS.


ROCK VALLEY- March 20- Mr. and Mrs. Charles BIFFAR have moved in with John BIEDEKAPP's people.
GOULDS- Feb 27- Charles BIFFAR and family of Peakville spend Sunday with relatives in this place.


ROCK VALLEY- Fred RICKARD and wife have moved on the Myron ALLEN farm. Fred has bought A. LARAWAY's horses, so rumor says.


ROCK VALLEY-May 7- Sunday School was organized a week ago with E. BIEDEKAPP as superintendent and H. L. HAIGHT as assistant.


ROCK VALLEY- May 21- A. Y. HAIGHT went last week to Hale Eddy as delegate to county lodge IOGT.
H. PFEIFFER's new house is progressing fast under the management of one, Mr. WALKER, who has three carpenters besides himself.


PURELY PERSONAL- William M. HOFFMAN of Cochecton is in town. For the present he will make his home with his brother, John HOFFMAN.
ROCK VALLEY- June 18- H. PFEIFFER's new house is nearly completed. The painters are putting on the last coat.


GOULDS- Edgar RICKARD and his wife are at his uncle's, Dan RICKARD.


ROCK VALLEY- July 24- Arthur GREEVES from Metuchen, NJ, has been spending a few days at A. Y. HAIGHT's.

August 9

ROCK VALLEY-Aug 7- Miss Maggie BURDEN and Elwood SMITH from Metuche, NJ, are spending a couple weeks at A. Y. HAIGHT's.
Miss Lizzie EHERT from Patterson, NJ, called on Mrs. RICKARD last week. She is married, but we have not learned her husband's name.
Carpenters are just finishing up H. PFEIFFER's house.
Ladies Aid Society will meet on Friday of this week at Mrs. C. RICKARDS.
GOULDS- George MILK is buying lambs to ship to New York.
Miss Beatrice RICKARD of Peak's Brook, has been visiting friends and relatives in this place.


GOULDS-August 14- Joseph RICKARD and wife of Peak's Brook, have been to see their mother, Mrs. Lucy RICKARD, who is very sick.


GOULDS- August 28-George MILK went to New York last week with a carload of lambs. He had gook luck selling them.


GOULDS- Charles BIFFAR had the misfortune to have his house and nearly all of the contents burn while he and his family were at Callicoon visiting friends. They are staying with Mrs. BIFFAR's father, John BIEDEK
George MILK shipped another carload of lambs and calves today.


ROCK VALLEY- September 10- C. RICKARD spent last week at Delhi as juryman.
Jasper L. HAIGHT has been on a visit to Sidney and Walton, also took in the show at Walton.
Mrs. BELL and granddaughter from Lenox County, Pennsylvania, are visiting her sister, Mr. C. RICKARD and other relatives in this place.
Mr. and Mrs. James HOAG from Autumn Leaves, made a visit at C. RICKARD's a few days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. SEELING form Honesdale, were guests at John SNYDER' son Saturday and Sunday
. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD attended the show at Hancock Saturday, also visited friends in that section.
Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. W. BELLOWS at Long Eddy.


PAGE 1- Wednesday last week - Minnie W. CALKINS married Irvin A. BIEDEKAPP of Rock Valley.


ROCK VALLEY- September 24--Mr. and Mrs. WHITNEY from Hancock stopped overnight with Mr. and Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT, last week.
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT attended the BIEDEKAPP-CALKINS wedding at Basket.


ROCK VALLEY- October 10- E. J. HAIGHT has been drawing his honey to the depot for shipment.
Ladies Aide will meet this week with Mrs. A. Y. HAIGHT.


ROCK VALLEY- October 22- Mr. and Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT have gone to Cooperstown to visit their daughter, Mrs. D. TERREL.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT have just returned from Livingston Manor, where they have been visiting friends.
There was a surprise party at the house of John BIEDEKAPP on Thursday night last and it proved a complete surprise, as they kept coming until sixty persons had entered, each bringing some little gift for Mr. and


ROCK VALLEY- November 12- Roscoe RICKARD has gone to Shobola to enjoy a season of hunting.
Mr. and Mrs. SNYDER from Honesdale, visited last week at H. PFEIFFER's.
Little Winifred HAIGHT, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT, fell and broke her right fore arm on Saturday. They took her to Dr. STEARNS, who set it, and it seems to be doing well.
Mrs. Charles COLEMAN from Livingston Manor, visited at H. L. HAIGHT's last week.


PURELY PERSONAL-- C. RICKARD of Rock Valley, registered at the Hancock House Saturday. He looks as happy and contented as a yore.


ROCK VALLEY- November 26-- Miss Helen LEVALLEY from Delhi, stayed a few days with her half-sister, Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT.
Charles COLEMAN from Livingston Manor, is now a guest at H. L. HAIGHT's.


GOULDS- December 3- Miss Minnie MILK who went to Harvard to work was taken sick with diphtheria, is not yet able to return to her home.


ROCK VALLEY- December 18-- The grange elected officers for the coming year. We learn Charles MAY is to be W.M., Irvin BIEDEKAPP, overseer, and John BIEDEKAPP purchasing agent.
Irvin BIEDEKAPP is working at Fishers Eddy.


January 17 Rock Valley-January 14--Samuel RICKARD of Stamford, is now staying at his brother's C. RICKARD's.

January 31 Rock Valley-January 29--Mr and Mrs. Fred RICKARD have now a third party in their family-a little boy, whose age is only a few days. They seem to take quite an interest in him.

Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT is a great sufferer from rheumatism.

Goulds - A new baby boy at Dan RICKARD's.

Last Thursday Will MILK of Rock Valley had five teams drawing ice from the Basket lake.

February 14 Rock Valley-February 11th- Mr. and Mrs. KNORR, also Mr. SNAULEY of Girdland, PA were visiting last week at John SNYDER's.

Mr. John SNYDER, Will WAGNER and Lewis SNYDER, left here Monday for Chiloway to cut acid wood, but the snow got so deep that they started for home again on Friday, and after a tedious time arrived home safely, but came near freezing. Woodcutters will have to wait until the snow settles before they can go to work again.

February 28 Rock Valley-February 22nd- A grandson came to the house of H. PFEIFFER last night (February 21st), a son to Mr. and Mrs. John SNYDER.

There was a surprise party at C. RICKARD's on Wednesday night of last week.

Dr. STEARNS was summoned to visit and prescribe for Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT who has long suffered from rheumatism and she is already improving.

The latest event is the arrival of a little baby girl at O. M. HAIGHTS.

March 17 Rock Valley-March 11th- The LOGT elected and installed H. L. HAIGHT as chief templar and Mrs. C. FURCH as vice templar for the insuing quarter.

April 4 and 11 Papers missing.

April 18 Goulds-March 25th- Mrs. J. T. RYDER and Mrs. Charles HOFFMAN are on the sick list.

The drover that was in this place last week, bought A. L. MILK's oxen.

April 25 Rock Valley-April 22nd- Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT went to Livingston Manor today to visit her brothers.

May 09 Goulds-May 6th- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar RICKARD, a seven pound boy. Neither of the parents having seen their 21st birthday yet, it must be strange to be called papa and mamma.

Samuel RICKARD was visiting old friends and neighbors during the past week. Staying with Mr. MICK Saturday night, and enjoyed a chat with Mr. SHARP, our pastor, and both enjoyed the trout Mrs. MILK knows so well how to prepare so palatable.

May 16 Rock Valley-May 13th- The I.O. of G.T. have elected officers for the insuring quarter as follows--H. L. HAIGHT, C.T.; Lizzie CLARK, V. T. ; Mrs. A. Y. HAIGHT, secretary; A. Y. HAIGHT, financial secretary; Peter ROBERTS, treasurer; Sarah SMITH, chaplain; Mrs. Adelbert SMITH, marshall; Mrs. ROBERTS, guard.

Mrs. Fred RICKARD has been very ill, but through the careful attention of Dr. STEARNS, she in improving some. Her mother is with her.

May 30 Rock Valley-May 17th -C. RICKARD and daughter, Blanche, went to Roscoe for a visit on Saturday.

The funeral of Samuel RICKARD was held at the Goulds schoolhouse on Sunday last. Many from this place attended. The sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. SHARPE. A large congregation was present. Mr. Samuel RICKARD is a brother to C. RICKARD of this place. He came here from Sidney last fall having lost by death his wife and child. He has been around among his relatives since that time. He died after a short illness on Friday last at the home of his nephew, Joseph RICKARD, and s brought to South Woods for burial.

Goulds- May 27th- Mr. MILK came very near losing one of his horses Tuesday, by getting it's leg fast in a defective sluice. It was with difficulty that it was loosened, and as it was, the horse was considerably injured.

Sunday occurred the funeral of Samuel RICKARD. His illness and death was sudden and unexpected, as only three weeks ago he was in this place visiting friends and relatives, and seemingly as well as one of his age could expect to be. Rev. Mr. SHARPE officiated, and took his text from Leviticus 17:11 : "It is the blood that maketh an atonement for the sour". The sermon would have to be heard to be appreciated, as we cannot do it justice. The house was crowded and many stood outside. The in rnment was in the cemetery of this place. And right here we wish to ask if the christian people of this neighborhood do not think the present condition of our cemetery is a reproach to us?

June 13 Rock Valley- June 10th- Miss Ruth BUSH and Walter HAIGHT attended teachers' examinations on Friday at Hancock.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD are the happy parents of an eight pound boy.

June 27 rock Valley- June 22nd- Lucy RICKARD has just returned from Roscoe where she has been on a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD from Eminence were guests at C. RICKARD's on Sunday.

July 04 Goulds- July 1st- Mrs. Nettie BIFFAR is still confined to bed.

Daniel RICKARD and family visited his sister, Mrs. MAY, Sunday.

July 11 Rock Valley- July 8th- A. Y. HAIGHT killed a rattlesnake below John INMAN's today. Peter ROBERTS also killed on today.

August 08 Rock Valley- August 5th- Mrs. QUADLANDER and child from Newark, NJ, and her sister, Mrs. FLITCROFT from Patterson, NJ, are spending a few weeks at C. RICKARD's

John SNYDER and brother Lewis went to Honesdale last week.

August 29 Rock Valley - August 28th- The new church was dedicated Thursday last, August 22. We were favored with a lovely day, and there was a large audience for a place like this. There were between three hundred and four hundred people present. In the afternoon we listened to a sermon by Rev. Mr. WILSON of Middletown, which was also excellent. There were five taken into full membership, and the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. John SNYDER.

September 12 Goulds - September 10th- Daniel RICKARD and family went to East Branch to visit relatives Sunday.

Charles BIFFAR had the misfortune to get something in his eye, whick he is unable to get out. It is feared that he will loose the sight.

Mrs. Nettie BIFFAR is improving.

September 9th- Mrs. Charles BIFFAR has so far recovered as to be able to be brought from Peakville to her father's - John BIEDEKAPP's.

September 19 Rock Valley - Lbbie HAIGHT, daughter of E. G. HAIGHT, was married in Baltimore, MD, August 22, to one Victor Hangaard from that vicinity or near there. Her many friends wish her a life of happiness.

Lucy RICKARD is on a visit to her sister in Hancock.

Walter E. HAIGHT is teaching school in the Eminence District.

Mrs. Charles BIFFAR has been brought to the home of her parents, and we learn she is improving a little.

September 26 Rock Valley- September 23rd- Jasper HAIGHT has just returned from hop picking.

Lewis SNYDER was over to H. PFEIFFER's on Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John HOFFMAN and Mr. and Mrs. H. PFEIFFER started today for Girdland, PA for a visit.

Mrs. Fred RICKARD's baby is on the sick list.

Wayne County- page 4- Benjamin DeGROAT of Uswick, Paupack Township, has been granted a renewal and increase of his pension. He was a private in Co. B. 451st Penna's.

October 10 Goulds - Daniel RICKARD is sick with typhoid fever.

Edgar RICKARD's baby boy died last Thursday and was brought here for burial.

October 17 Rock Valley - October 14th- Mr. and Mrs. MEGRABY from Bethel, Sullivan Co., visited her sister, Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT.

Our teacher, Miss WHITNEY, also the Eminence teacher, Walter HAIGHT, have gone to attend the institute at Walton.

Clarence INMAN's little baby was buried since we last wrote; also Edgar RICKARD's. As near as we can learn the disease was cholera infantum.

Mrs. Charles BIFFAR, who has been to Long Eddy for two or three weeks undergoing treatment by Dr. STEARNS, has returned very much improved.

November 21 Goulds- November 18th- Daniel RICKARD who has had a hard time with typhoid fever and heart trouble went to Long Eddy Saturday.

November 19th- Daniel RICKARD has recovered from his illness sufficiently to go out riding. He went to Long Eddy Saturday.

December 05 Rock Valley- December 2nd- A party of 21 relatives on Thursday last made Mr. and Mrs. Jerome RICKARD's a surprise, caring with them all the eatables necessary for a good Thanksgiving Dinner, such as oysters, chickens, ducks, besides many other goodies. Mrs. RICKARD's first idea was to get possession of the gun, but we were soon masters of the situation, and the ladies soon set out a bountiful repast before us, and all seemed to feel jubilant and happy.

December 19 Rock Valley- December 16th- Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT has been for two weeks confined to her bed and has been ailing and just able to get around all summer. She is considered a very little better. Dr. STEARNS is attending her.

Mr. H. L. HAIGHT is also on the sick list but is a little better.

Mrs. H. PFEIFFER has been quite sick, but is getting better.


January 02 Rock Valley- December 30th- Walter HAIGHT has also finished his term at Eminence, and will teach the next term.

Miss Mattie COLEMAN from Livingston Manor has been staying a week or two with her sister, Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT.

John SNYDER has been re-elected purchasing agent in the grange and A. MILK elected as master.

Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT has been sick three or four weeks but seems to be some what better at present. Her sister, Mrs. WHITBACK, from Franklin, is with her now.

January 16 Rock Valley - January 13th- Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT is still quite low, but we think she is improving.

Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT spent a week or two with her brother at Livingston Manor.

Mrs. WHITBACK, who has been staying with her sister, Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT, has now returned to Franklin.

February 13 Rock Valley - February 10th - Lewis SNYDER visited at the home of his brother, John SNYDER, last week, having left his home at Chilloway. We understand he is now working at Peakville.

Jasper HAIGHT was home Sunday to see his mother who is not yet well, although she seems gaining in strength.

The families of George CLARK, Alma CHANDLER, and H. L. HAIGHT have been suffering with lagrippe, or something similar.

March 05 Rock Valley- March 2 - About sixty friends and guests gathered at the home of A. Y. HAIGHT on the evening of February 22nd, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. They seemed to have an enjoyable time, and all passed off pleasantly. Some very pretty presents were left.

Mrs. C. T. SMITH and sons, Harry and Charlie, are visiting at A. Y. HAIGHT's and other friends of this place.

E. J. HAIGHT went with his wife to Franklin, among her folks, hoping a change might be a benefit to her. Mr. and Mrs. CHASE re keeping house for them.

Mrs. H. PFEIFFER is again quite sick.

April 09 Rock Valley - April 6th- Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT has been very ill but is now better.

The Ladies Aid will meet this week with Mrs. John SNYER..

Jasper HAIGHT made a short visit home.

April 23 Rock Valley - April 20th- H. L. HAIGHT and family will move tomorrow in the LOBDEU house.

Mrs. D. LeTERREL came on Friday from Cooperstown to attend the funeral of her step-mother, Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT.

Lucy RICKARD has gone to Hancock to see a sister who is ill.

OBIT Mrs. E. J. HAIGHT died on Wednesday of last week. The funeral services were held at the church on Saturday. Rev. Mr. WYGANT conducted the services. Her remains were interred in the South Woods Cemetery. Mrs. HAIGHT had been sick a long time and has endured much suffering. She was a member of the church and a consistent christian. She was a daughter of Mr. DEMELT of Sidney, now deceased, and had many friends. Indeed, no person could find aught against her. She leaves ma friends to mourn her loss, but we feel assured that she is basking in the smiles of her Saviour. She will have to endure no more sickness and sorrow, but joy, peace and love.

May 07 Rock Valley - May 4th- Mrs. Ernest BIEDEKAPP went to Brooklyn last week and brought home with her the twin baby girls of her daughter, Minnie, who died a few months ago. She will care for them as her own.

Walter HAIGHT and Jennie CALKINS attended the teacher's examinations at Hancock.

May 21 Rock Valley- May 18th- H. L. HAIGHT had his hand burned quite badly by the explosion of powder in the quarry. He had to lay off a week, and went to Livingston Manor for a visit.

Mr. and Mrs. George BIFFAR of Sullivan County, made a visit to his brothers, C. BIFFAR, on Sunday.

June 04 Rock Valley- June 1st- Will WAGNER and Fred BIEDEKAPP have gone to Lycoming County, PA to peel bark. They write that rattlesnakes are very plenty in that region.

John SNYDER and wife went to Honesdale to spend a few days. The Ladies Aid will meet on the next regular meeting day with Mrs. C. RICKARD.

June 18 Rock Valley- June 8th- Mrs. Helen DODGE from Buffalo and her daughter from Chicago, are visiting her sister, Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT.

Goulds- Mrs. Daniel RICKARD is on the sick list. Dr. STEARNS, of Long Eddy, is attending her.

July 09 Rock Valley- July 6th- Adine social was held Monday night, the 20th, in behalf of the Good Templars at A. Y. HAIGHT's. They realized $3.20 above expenses.

Charles BIFFAR, while plowing, lost his watch and plowed it under. He has not been able to find it.

The Ladies Aid will meet this week at Mrs. A. Y. HAIGHT's.

Mr. SNYDER and brother, Lewis, went to New York on the excursion Friday night.

Will WAGNER and Fred BIEDEKAPP have returned from PA, and are now helping Mrs. MAIN in haying.

Ernest BIEDEKAPP has been very sick. He had an attack of quinsy.

August 06 Rock Valley - August 3rd- Miss Maggie SNYDER and brother, George from Girdland, PA have been visiting at their brother's John SNYDER.

Mrs. Victor HAYGUARD from Washington is now at her father's, E. J. HAIGHT.

J. NEWTON SMITH from Metuchen, NJ, is spending a few days at A. HAIGHT's.

Mrs. C. RICKARD and daughter, Blanche went on Saturday to Roscoe, to visit her daughter, Mrs. SHIELDS.

September 03 Rock Valley - H. L. HAIGHT and family have moved to Norwich, where they will keep a restaurant.

A. Y. HAIGHT went to Livingston Manor last week to attend the Soldier's Reunion.

September 17 Rock Valley- Mr. and Mrs. McGRABY from Bethel, Sullivan County, visited at O. M. HAIGHT's last week.

A. Y. HAIGHT attended the fair at Walton, as did Charles CLARK and Jerome RICKARD. They report a good time.

October 08 Rock Valley - Fred RICKARD has gone to Green County.

October 22 Rock Valley - October 19th- Charles BIFFAR and family have moved into rooms in the lower part of Grange Hall.

John SNYDER has gone to Dehli as juryman.

Mr. Henry PFEIFFER, Ernest EMRICK and wife, also Mrs. John SNYDER went last week to attend the wedding of a friend at Girdland, PA.

December 03 Goulds- December 1st- The remains of the youngest child of Joseph RICKARD of Peak's Brook, were brought to this place for burial.

December 17 Wayne County, Page 1 - George J. KNORR has been appointed postmaster at Girdland, vice Neville HOLGATE, resigned.

December 24 Rock Valley- December 21st- C. RICKARD is now on the sick list.

The Grange has taken a new start, having elected Warren HUGHES as master and John SNYDER as purchasing agent.


January 07 Rock Valley- January 5th- Mr. NORR (KNORR) from Penna. is visiting his cousin, John SNYDER.

E. J. HAIGHT starts tomorrow morning on a trip to Cooperstown, to see his daughter.

January 21 Rock Valley- January 18th- Mr. and Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT from Norwich, were visiting their parents on Saturday last.

Fred BIEDEKAPP went to Norwich on Monday of last week.

Walter HAIGHT went to Downsville on Wednesday.

February 11 Rock Valley- February 9th- Lucy RICKARD has gone to Hancock to visit her sister.

John SNYDER went to Honesdale to see his brother, George, who is very ill.

February 18 Rock Valley- February 15th- Mr. and Mrs. Irwin BIEDEKAPP went to Wartsboro to visit their uncle, Peter BIEDEKAPP.

Dr. STEARNS was summoned to O. M. HAIGHT's as little Fred is quite ill.

A Son was born to Mr. and Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT on Thursday, the 11th. Weighed six pounds.

March 04 Rock Valley- March 1st- Mrs. C. RICKARD went to see her sister, Mrs. J. BRAZIE, last week, who has been very ill for some time.

Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT and children returned to Norwich on Saturday last.

Lucy RICKARD has gone to Norwich to work at H. L. HAIGHT's.

March 25 Rock Valley- March 22- The dime social at Henry PFEIFFER's was a success. There was a large company present. Twenty dollars was realized towards paying the minister's salary.

Jasper L. HAIGHT has finished his work for BURNHAM at Chilloway and is now cutting acid wood with W. C. HAIGHT.

Jerome RICKARD has bought a separator to use in his dairy this summer.

Charles BIFFAR is in the lamp business, selling gasoline burning lamps without wick or chimney.

Fred RICKARD has taken the job of carrying the mail from Acidalia to Long Eddy.

April 08 Rock Valley- April 5th- The sugar party at Jerome RICKARD's was well attended.

April 15 Goulds- April 12th- Charles HOFFMAN has had the misfortune to lose two of his cows.

April 22 Rock Valley- April 19th- E. J. HAIGHT has gone to Walton.

May 08 Rock Valley- May 8th- Mrs. Lucy RICKARD of Norwich is visiting friends and relatives in this place.

Miss Winfred HAIGHT is again with her grandparents.

Edgar RICKARD has moved his household goods in C. BEECHER's upper house. He expects to work for Mr. BEECHER.

Jerome RICKARD and C. T. SMITH are packing apples to ship to New York.

Little Freddy SNYDER was a very sick boy for a few days, but is better now.

May 20 Rock Valley- May 17- J. L. HAIGHT went to PA last week to try bark peeling.

June 17 Rock Valley- June 14th- Mrs. C. RICKARD went on Friday last to see her sister, Mrs. Jacob BRAZIE, who is very ill and not expected to live.

On Sunday last, John SNYDER was agreeably surprised by having twelve of his friends from Honesdale and Girdland, PA visit him.

June 24 Goulds- June 22- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel RICKARD, a daughter.

July 15 Rock Valley- July 5th- Elwood SMITH, son of J. N. SMITH of Metuchen, NJ, is spending a few weeks at A. Y. HAIGHT's.

July 29 Rock Valley- July 26th- Jasper HAIGHT is home again.

August 05 Goulds- August 3rd- Miss Bertha RICKARD of Peake Brook, is working at Charley MAY's.

Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar RICKARD, a son.

August 19 Goulds- August 16th- Charles HOFFMAN had the misfortune to loose one of his oxen. This makes three head of cattle he has lost this year.

Rock Valley- August 16th- Since our last writing one couple of our young people have been united in the holy bonds of matrimony, namely, Walter HAIGHT and Miss Lucy RICKARD.

September 02 Rock Valley- August 29th- A. Y. HAIGHT has gone to spend a few days with his son at Norwich and attended the fair.

E. J. HAIGHT took a trip to Buffalo, NY during the past week to attend a bee convention held by bee keepers.

Mrs. C. RICKARD has gone away to visit relatives.

September 23 Rock Valley- September 20th- The house of C. RICKARD burned to the ground Tuesday morning. The circumstances, as we learn them are as follows: Mr. RICKARD and Clark BUSH, who was working there, got up and went out to do their morning chores. Mr. WOOD got up and after kindling a fire in the kitchen stove, went out to milk. A short time after, when Mrs. RICKARD came into the kitchen, she found it all in flames and gave the alarm. When the men arrived it had got so far that l attempts to extinguish the fire were in vain. They then turned their attention to saving what they could. We understand quite a number of articles were saved. There is an insurance, but we have not learned how much. The family has been staying at orge CLARK's until today. We hear they have fixed their ice house to live in for a time until they can build again.

Miss Victoria TYLER, also Mrs. Arthur LIDDLE and daughter, from Woodridge, NJ, are at present with their sister, Mrs. Jerome RICKARD.

Mrs. William ALLEN has moved in with her daughter, Mrs. Jerome RICKARD.

September 30 Goulds- Mr. and Mrs. J. RICKARD of Pea Brook called on Friends and relatives here Saturday and Sunday..

October 07 Rock Valley- October 4th- E. R. HAIGHT from Washington, visited his brother in this place not long since.

Jerome RICKARD is preparing to build a new house.

October 21 OBIT OBITUARY - RANSON F. COURTRIGHT. Ranson F. Courtright, a life long resident of Hancock, died on Saturday last at 9pm of quick consumption. Mr. Courtright was born on the Benjamin Fauekner farm, about 5 miles west of Hancock, January 11, 1842, as was therefore in his 56th year. For the past 31 years he had been identified with business interests of Hancock in the carriage making business. His first venture was in partnership with Frank LINCOLN. November 5, 1868, he was un ed in marriage with Electra L. JONES, who with three children, Harry, Belle, George survive him. Deceased was a member of the Knights of Honor and Hancock Lodge #552, F. & A. M., the latter organization having charge of the obsequies, which were held his late residence Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Internment in Riverview Cemetery.

Rock Valley- October 18th- H. L. HAIGHT from Norwich, made a short visit home, and took back with him his little daughter who had been staying a while with her grandparents.

M. L. HAIGHT went to Port Jervis last week.

Mrs. O. M. HAIGHT went last week to see her brother, V. LaVALLEY at Fish's Eddy. He died while she was there and the funeral was held Thursday.

Rock Valley - C. T. SMITH is building a house for Jerome RICKARD.

Goulds - October 16th- Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. MILK, a daughter

October 28 Wayne County- page 1 -- Sheriff COURTRIGHT is now entertaining 8 guests at the county boarding house. This number will be reduced by four in a few days, three of them having secured tickets, one way only, to the penitentiary and one to the use of refuge.

November 11 Rock Valley - Charles HOLMES from Rockland, was a caller at A. Y. HAIGHT's one day last week.

November 8- Mr. and Mrs. John SNYDER are happy over a little girl baby which came to their home a few days ago.

Lewis SNYDER is a visitor at his brother's, John SNYDER

November 25 rock Valley- November 22- Mrs. Ernest BIEDEKAPP went for a visit to Walton to her son's , but was summoned home on account of the illness of her husband.

Mr. BIEDEKAPP was some better, but we learn today he was taken much worse.

Walter C. HAIGHT was confined to the house last week through illness.

December 09 Rock Valley- Mrs. H. L. HAIGHT and children, visited her parents and friends in this place last week.

E. J. HAIGHT and wife started for Bern Lard's Bay on Tuesday last, where they will spend the winter.

December 23 KETTLES - HOFFMAN -- Evelyn M. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John HOFFMAN, at their home of E. Main Street, last evening at 8 o'clock, was united in marriage with Walter M. KETTLES. Lizzie KETTLES, sister of the groom, was bridesmaid, Harry HOFFMAN, brother of the bride was best man.

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