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I found these two articles tonight while going through my Great Aunt Sadie Raeder's pictures. The dates were handwritten on both articles. I have included a couple of the news items included on the back of the article. --Gloria Rutulante, September 29, 2005

DROWNED NEAR ARKVILLE - (April 22, 1902)

Joseph Dougherty and family live about two miles from Arkville up the Dry Brook road. About one o'clock on Tuesday afternoon Mrs. Dougherty sent her two little girls, Jenny, aged 7, and Jessie, aged 4, to the spring, across the creek, and a short distance from the house, with two little pails, for water.

Not coming back at once, the mother called and meeting with no response began a search. At the spring the little pails were found filled, but the children were gone, and not until Wednesday morning were their bodies found in the creek about a quarter of a mile below the house. How they fell into the water is not known, but it is thought that Jessie slipped in while playing, and in attempting to rescue her Jennie lost her balance also.

Coroner C. J. Hillis of this place, held an inquest at the scene of the drowning on Wednesday.

On the back side of this article: Come to my store and get a twenty-five or fifty cent bottle of Greene's Warranted Syrup of Tar. And I will pay your money back if it does not cure your cough or cold.
John Kelly, Griffin Corners
S. Korn Arkville
Z.F. Searles, Kelly Corners

Mrs. John Shanley has traded the Shanley House in Hancock for the Hotel Jones in East Branch, so long conducted by George W. Jones.

Foley's Kidney Cure if taken in time affords security from all kidney and bladder diseases. E.L. Faulkner, B.L. Hasbrouck.

Card of Thanks - (May the 8, 1902)

It being impossible for me to meet personally all the friends who so kindly rendered me assistance in my recent affliction, during the illness and death of my wife, I beg you to accept my sincere gratitude expressed through the columns of the Herald, for the favors rendered me. Without exception, my neighbors done for me and mine all that was possible. I feel also that a word of commendation should be spoken in regard to the physician, Drs. Keator, Hillis and Baldwin, who assisted in caring for my wife. When the critical point was reached where it was decided that without a surgical operation it was impossible for her to live more than a few days at the longest it was after carefully considering the matter, and consulting with Mrs. Carman that with her consent the operation was performed. Though we failed to prolong or save her life, I wish to take this way of saying to the public 'they done all they could'. God has endued the physician with a glorious gift to assist in relieving the sufferings of humonity, but to save life is beyond their power. ___ diligence, care and attention our local physicians are excelled by none. Always ready, whether the call comes at the midnight hour or just before the morning light to hasten with the greatest possible speed to the bedside of the suffering. Doctors, you done what you could, thank you. My wife fell sweetly asleep on Thursday afternoon, May 8. The Christian's hope of a resurrection at the return of our absent Lord was her's through life, and in death it failed her not. Without a murmur or complaint she bore the pain and suffering, bidding the last farewell to all around her with the urgent admonition, - 'Prepare to meet me at the Throne'. Yours with sincere gratitude,
C. Carman

Halcott Centre, N.Y.

Back side of the article:

The State Fish Hatchery at Margaretville will be under the management of superintendent Herbert ____, formerly of the Rockland Hatchery.

Nector Gavett and wife of Arena have moved to Fish's Eddy, where he has secured better employment.

The Arena creamery has taken the contract to supply the Lake Mohonk hotel with butter during the summer. They will use 60 tubs of butter a month, for which the company will receive a fancy price.

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