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Transcribed from a November, 1971 Stamford Mirror Recorder (Stamford, New York) --Lodema DuBois Jenkins

From the M-R Files
November 28, 1946

Brignoli & Sons, now owners of Eagle's Nest, Stamford, have sold the hardwood on about 40 acres of their woodland to Abraham Dorfler of Oneonta, who will erect a mill on the former baseball grounds on Railroad avenue, which was also purchased by Mr. Dorfler, including the house occupied by Howard Dennison and family on the Western border of the grounds.

Stamford fire department was called to South Gilboa station about 1:30 Wednesday morning when the old Sheffield creamery burned. The blaze had apparently been underway for sometime (sic) as the main building was almost down when firemen arrived, It was originally the old Catskill Mountain creamery.

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Van Valkenburgh of Westkill celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary with a party in Westkill community hall Oct. 17.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tompkins of Windham celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Nov. 4.

Nov. 18, 1896, Corydon Dibble, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Dibble of South Kortright, and Miss Bertha M. Truesdell, daughter of Mr.. and Mrs. Abram Truesdell of Little Westkill , were married at the home of her parents by Rev. Mr. Vaughn of Prattsville. Their attendants were William Dibble, brother of the groom, and Mrs. Alice Barnum, cousin of the bride. A surprise 50th anniversary party was given in their honor Nov. 18 at the home of their son, Harold Dibble and family, at South Kortright.

The farmhouse and hen house of Gerhard Eisel, Mosham district, Harpersfield, were destroyed by fire Wednesday morning. The hen house, recently built, housed more than a thousand hens.

Anthony Macarato of Long Island has purchased the former Stamford Arms annex on Church street in Stamford, from Max Silberman, who remodeled the building into apartment s last year.

Miss Gloria Miglianti, not to be outdone by her brother, Henry Miglianti, shot a deer on their farm in South Kortright, the past week.

Rev. Raymond B. Downey, pastor of the Church of the Most Precious Blood, South Kortright, for the the past two years, moved to Walton Thursday where he is pastor of the Church of John the Baptist. The Rev. William D. Collins of Albany has come to South Kortright in his place.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith of Prattsville, are parents of a daughter born Nov. 25 at Bathgate hospital, Stamford.

Mr. and Mrs. bruce (sic) Tompkins were given a surprise party at their home in Ashland on their 43rd wedding anniversary which was Nov 18.


The following is transcribed from a newspaper clipping. Some dates are out of sequence in the clipping and so, are transcribed as such.

The large number of Hobart births is probably due to the Maple-Bank Hospital operated by Dr. F. D. Brown. It is safe to assume most of the births occurred there.

Stamford Mirror-Recorder (undated)

Vital Statistics for 1939
Town of Stamford and Village of Hobart

March 6.        William Ames and Ruth Gibson.
April 10.       Donald Post and Helen E. Hamilton.
May 12.         William Canfield and Grace Baker.
June 4.         William S. Divine and Vivian M. Gage.
June 14.        Amos George Bates and Edith Ingram.
June 13.        Harry Monon and Frances Moore.
June 24.        Clarence B. Ackley and Marion Fisher.
August 4.       Harrison E. Goddard and Eleanor Rose Hanford.
September 1.    Richard S. Demarest and Doris Rademacher.
September 6.    Kenneth Addison Merwin and Clarissa Whispell.
September 27.   Olen J. Craft and Marie C. Brand.
October 3.      Samuel Marsala and Rita Frances Bloodgood.
October 19.     George Herbert Kerr and Laura Evelyn Chichester.
October 31.     Bruno Bassani and Ida Grey.

Births of Town of Stamford
April 4.        Mr and Mrs. Chancy Decker, daughter.
April 25.       Mr. and Mrs. Kinglsey Hesberger, daughter
May 30.         Mr. and Mrs. Zackery Leroy, son.
August 8.       Mr. and Mrs. Edward Christian, daughter.
September 12    Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Victor P. Murray, son.
October 8.      Mr. and Mrs. Constant Milewski, daughter.
October 27.     Mr. and Mrs. Howard Mott, daughter.

Births Village of Hobart
January 7.      Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Swart, daughter.
January 6.      Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Coager, daughter.
January 28      Mr. and Mrs. Wesley  C. Wycoff, daughter
February 15.    Dr. and Mrs. F. D. Brown, daughter.
February 18.    Mr. and Mrs. Ceceil H. Travell, son.
March 10.       Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ostrander, son.
March 22.       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Place, daughter.
April 2.        Mr. and Mrs. Louis Consiglia, son.
April 20.       Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert McMullen, daughter.
April 21.       Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Whispell, daughter.
April 28.       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Meeghan, daughter.
April 30.       Mr. and Mrs. John Tryon, son.
May 5.          Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Champlin, daughter.
June 10.        Mr. and Mrs. Earl G. Many, daughter.
June 27.        Mr. and Mrs. James E. Decker, son.
July 7.         Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Kearns, daughter.
July 31.        Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Howard, daughter.
August 4.       Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Louden, daughter.
August 6.       Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smith, son.
August 12.      Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Mattice, son.
August 17,      Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fuller, daughter.
Auguest 22.     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Humphrey, son.
September 5.    Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Irish, son.
September 9.    Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Kelsey, daughter.
September 10.   Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Oliver, son.
September 16.   Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Burriss, daughter.
September 18.   Mr. and Mrs. John J. Donofrio, daughter.
September 20.   Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Clark, son.
October 11.     Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dibble, daughter.
October 20.     Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Dubois, daughter
November 7.     Mr. and Mrs. Barney Lefkowitz, son.
November 16.    Mr. and Mrs. Louis Collins, son.
November 20.    Mr. and Mrs. James S. Cowan, son.
November 19.    Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Clark, daughter.
December 6.     Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Hanford, daughter.
December 8.     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Dayton, daughter.
December 14.    Mr. and Mrs. Parker Utter, son.
December 18.    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Merwin, daughter.
December 22.    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davis, daughter.

Deaths Town of Stamford
May 7.          Charles Leo, age 43.
May 31          Maretta Puffer, age 74
August 8        Inez T. Burdick, age 7.

Deaths Village of Hobart
March 7.        Emily Aisthorp.
March 9.        Anna Baker, age 80.
May 5.          Edson B. Hoag  age 64.
July 27.        Walter H. Craft, infant.
Aug. 17.        Ramson Hollenbeck, age 82.
Oct. 3.         Frank Simmons, age 75.
Nov. 15.        Nancy J. Vrooman, age 86.
Dec. 13.        Charles Krieger, age 27
From the same undated Stamford Mirror-Recorder clipping: (after December 22, 1939)

From Margaretville Cor.
Miss Milla Etts, duaghter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Etts, all of Margaretville, was united in marriage to Louis Harrison of Tampa, Florida Christmas eve in the Episcopal Church at Tampa. The wedding was attended by relatives of both bride and groom. They were given a reception at the home of the bridegroom's mother, after which they departed for St. Petersburgh for a wedding trip. They will reside at 197 Cardy Street, Tampa, Fla. Mr. Harrison is a civil engineer. The bride is a graduate from the Margaretville High School in 1938, and is a person much loved by all who know her. Congratulations are extended.

note from Patricia Wright, September 29, 2005 - I have an interesting story....Milla Etts was a very dear and close friend of my mother, Florence Howland Cable and her twin sister, Frances Howland McGrail...the picture shows, first Milla Etts with the portrait she had painted of my mother and Aunt Fran, when she (Milla) was about 16 or and Aunt Fran were also around that age; second in the photo is my mother and Aunt Fran with the same portrait.
Milla has done many portraits and other paintings. In fact, I have one that she did of a windmill. She signed it and dated it Sept. 12, 1935. (she was around 15 years old.)

Prattsville Man Shot Bear
Cecil Morse of Prattsville, who was in Pepacton a few days ago, is reported to have shot a bear near Oliverea which weighed 300 pounds.


Transcribed from a November 1971 Stamford Mirror-Recorder. (Stamford, New York)

From the M-R Files

November 30, 1901

A combination of Oneonta milkmen to raise the price to six cents was short lived and one dealer has cut the price to four cents.

At the store of J. C. Orr, West End, Stamford, may now be found the finest and most complete holiday assortment of crockery, china and glassware to be found outside the large cities.

An assessment of fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars insurance, has beenlevied and is being collected by the Stamford town insurance company. Thistax covers the company's losses for one year from Nov. 1, 1900 to Nov. 1, 1901. The principal loss sustained was Charles D. Nichols' house by fire,Feb. 13, 1901

F. F. Craft of New York, was in Stamford, Thursday, on his way to Jefferson for a visit at his home. He reported that there was no snow in the city and did not see a flake of snow until he reached West Hurley, some distance this side of Kingston. Mr. Craft was much surprised to find sleighing in Stamford.

Earl H. Miller of Bovina Centre entered Hobart high school this week.

Professor J. D. Seeley contemplates starting a singing class at North Harpersfield.

The once fine maples used for sugar purposed, are being cut into stove wood at quite a rapid rate in the area.

Truant officer C. H Heywood has been looking after truants of late. Parents seem to be inclined to keep their children from attending school. The late school law is a good one if enforced.

The door of the safe in the Stamford post office, wrecked by burglars, has been rebuilt with a lining of chrome steel, supposed to be proof against further efforts in that line.

Johnson Hamilton has purchased the Chaplin building on East Main street in Stamford.

W. D. Halstead has opened a lunch room in the rear of his barber shop in Stamford, and is serving oysters, sandwiches, coffee, etc.

Henry Grube of Brooklyn, is to build a handsome residence upon his property inGranthurst Park, Stamford.

Born, Wednesday evening, Nov 27, to Mr. and Mrs. John Beggs of Stamford, a daughter.

P/ H. Mitchell has opened a carriage and sleigh repository in the Champlin block, under the charge of L. J. Champlin. First class wagons and sleighs, robes, fur coats and whips will be constantly kept on hand.

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