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These are excerpts of important events from the actual BLOOMVILLE MIRROR, that I own the original copies of. ~ Tamara Sanford - posted May 24, 2005

Vol. 12.
Tuesday, April 28, 1863
No. 48.

March 13th, in Stamford, by Rev. John Wilde, Capt. Ellis Spear, Co. G, 20th Reg. Maine Vols., to Miss Susie M. Wilde, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

April 8th, in Bainbridge, by Rev. A. Ketcham, Mr. D. A. Gilbert to Miss Amelia H. Bixby, daughter of Charles Bixby, Esq.

April 16, in Croton, by Rev. J. N. Adams, Mr. Walter W. Hammond to Miss Phebe A. Dibble, both of Delhi.

April 23, in Elk Creek, Delhi, by Rev. W. D. Fero, Mr. John L. Wight of Andes, to Miss Sarah Cavin, daughter of James Cavin, Esq. of the former place.

In Delhi on Tuesday, 14th, Willie, son of William H. and Sarah Simmons, aged 17 months and 14 days.

April 17, a Elk Creek, Delhi, Miss Sarah Smith, daughter of John D. Smith, Esq., aged about 19 years.

April 12th, in Pharsalia, Chen. Co., of congestion on the brain, Irby, son of Avery C. and Elizabeth F. Keator, aged 1 year 1 month and 9 days.

February 16, at Hartwick, Otsego Co., Samuel Trimper, aged 36 years.

March 29th, of fever at Fairfax Seminary Hospital, George Y. Meiklehem, of Co. C 144th N. Y. Vols. Son of the late Robert Meiklehem of Hamden, aged 24 years.

April 10, at Vienna, Va., of typhoid fever, J. F. Smith of Cannonsville, a member of Co. G, 144th N. Y. Vols.

April 12, in the Hospital at Alexandria, Va., Caleb Seymour Benedict, aged 21 years, a member of company B, 144th Reg't N. Y. Vols.

March 28th, at Farifax Seminary Hospital, of typhoid fever, Abram O. More, of Co. A, 144th N. Y. V. aged 27 years. Mr. Moore resided near Cannonsville, and leaves two children, his wife having died since he entered the army.

March 28th, at the same place, of fever and diarrhea, David Brown, Jr., of Walton, aged about 30 years, of Co. B, 144th N. Y. V.

March 27th, at the same place, John Davis, of Co. E, of typhoid fever, son of Richard Davis of Andes, aged 21 years.

March 30, at the same place, of typhoid fever, John Reynolds, son of Wm. S. Reynolds, of Lumberville, Andes, aged 21 years, a member of Co. E.

At Jefferson Barracks Hospital, Missouri, in February last, of Chronic diarrhea, Frank Reynolds, youngest son of Hosea Reynolds, formerly of Kortright, aged 23 years. He was in the army as an Iowa volunteer.


This is an actual newspaper ad from
January 3, 1864.


TWO of the finest Farms in Delaware Co. will be sold at a sacrifice at ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Being an old man, the subscriber intends to sell them much below their actual value. They are situated (facing the southeast) on the Catskill and Delhi Stage route, 1 mile east of Hobart, and but 14 3/4 miles from the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad.

Taken together, there are 280 acres, 210 under a fine state of cultivation; 80 acres of meadow, which can be mowed with a machine, cutting ordinarily 125 tons of hay; and 70 acres of wood, which alone, at the market price of stove wood, ($2.50 per cord) will nearly pay for the place. Are free from stone; well fenced with heavy substantial wall in good condition. Watered with living springs at every barn, and in every field throughout. Also, water by lead pipe in both houses.

The large, containing sixty acres, has a large two story dwelling, one wagon house, two barns and sheds, a sugar camp of 160 trees and one orchard. The other of 120 acres, has a good dwelling, barn, &c., a fine sugar camp of more than 300 second growth maples, and 40 acres of flat. These Farms will be sold together or seperately to suit the purchaser. Terms of payment easy.
Jan. 2, 1865

Vol. 14
Tuesday, August 16, 1864

In Croton, N.Y., July 4, Mina A. wife of S. D. Reynolds of Co. C, 14th Reg't aged 25 years.

In Aufhausen (Germany) on the 15th of July, Mrs. Fanny Mendel, aged 75 years, mother of Messrs. A. Mendel & Bros., merchants of Delhi.

At the residence of his Fathers in Roxbury, July 26th Mr. David L. Smith, aged 32 years.

In Davenport July 14th, of Apoplexy, Mr. John Smith, aged 70 years.

At Hilton Head, South Carolina, Daniel Craft, aged 16 years, 3 months and 3 days.

In Delhi, Aug. 9, of diarrhea, Charles Reuben, son of John Liljegren, aged 18 months and 9 days.

In Walton, on the 22d ult., Mrs. Anson White, aged 70.

Also, on the 23d ult., Mary, child of Lewis Osborne, aged 2 years.

Also, on the 9th inst., and from the same family, Mrs. (widow) Ephraim Beers, aged 81 and Mrs. Abel Beers, aged 64.

Killed in battle before Petersburg on the 17th of June last, while defending our flag of our country, Lewis Ritenburg, of Schoharie Co. town of Blemheim Co. D, 109th Reg't N.Y. S. V.

Vol. 16
Tuesday, September 11, 1866

By the Rev. W. H. Mickle, Sept. 4th, at the residence of the bride's father, Samuel C. Maynard to Addie M., daughter of Issac Gregory, Esq., all of Stamford.

At the Parsonage, in Davenport Centre, August 30, by Rev. Wm. D. Fero, Mr. John Beams, Jr., of Oneonta, to Miss Eudora H. Shellman, of Meredith, N.Y.

In Smithboro, N.Y., August 27, by the Rev. J. Madison, Mr. Calvin Johnson, of Walton, Delaware County, N.Y., to Mrs. Abby Denslow, of Burlington, Hawk County, Iowa.

In Kortright, Aug. 16th, Mr. George L. Scott, aged 82 years.

In Stamford, Sept. 4th, Eleanor Lyon, wife of Levi Lyon, aged 72 years.

At Fergusonville, on Monday, Sept. 3d, Mr. Thomas Oliver, aged 79 years. He was father of the Mossrs. Oliver of that place, a native of Scotland, long a resident of Meredith.

At Griffin's Corners, September 1st, of dysentery, Elmer, son of Alanson and Olive Maben, in the 3d year of his age.

At the residence of his daughter in Lackawack, Ulster County, August 30th, Walter Stratton, formerly of Roxbury, Delaware County, in the 82d year of his age.

Vol. 18
Tuesday, September 1, 1868


Aug. 11th, at the Hotel of Brownell & Stevens, in Stamford, By Rev. J. B. Van Hoessen, Mr. Charles. L. Mayham, of Fon Du Lac, Wis., to Miss Rosenith E. Calkins, of Gilboa.

In Maryland, Aug. 19th, by Rev. W. W. Shaw, Mr. Frank L. Lockwood, of Davenport, to Miss Julia M. Becker, daughter of Philip Becker.


In Andes, August 20th, Victoria, daughter of Mr. Benjamin Conner, aged 24 years and 2 months.

In Davenport, August 25th, Sarah Amanda, daughter of the late John A. Olmstead, aged 14 years, 9 months and 10 days.

In Walton, Aug. 8th, Mr. Wm. Gould, aged 72 years.

Vol. 19
Tuesday September 28, 1869

In Meredith, on the 14th inst. By the Rev. Mr. Hugh, Mr. Burton Hine, of Franklin, to Miss Adelia, daughter of Leonard Strong, Esq., of Meredith.

At Walton, Sept. 23d, A. J. McPherson, son of Duncan and Fanny J. McPherson, of Hobart aged 3 years.

In Meredith, Sept. 20th, of Consumption, Margaret, wife of William Mitchell, aged 40 years, 1 month and 27 days.

At Hobart, Sept. 19th, John Ira, son of George B. and Sarah A. McIlwain, aged 4 years, 6 months and 16 days.

In Sidney, Sept. 19th, Watson Bassel, aged about 22 years.

Near Otsego Village on the 20th inst., Mrs. Hannah Baker, aged 103 years.

Vol. 19
Tuesday October 5, 1869
No. 20.

A Great Freshet !
The rains of Sunday and Monday caused the greatest flood known since 1814 in this section. The bridge across the creek in front of our office was swept away. The three bridges across the River opposite Bloomville, were carried off. The Thomas Grist and Saw Mills were carried down stream - a complete wreck.

We hear the Kingston bridge at Delhi and the Sherwood bridge below the village, were carried away. Corn, pumpkins, buckwheat, bridges and lumber could be seen in all directions. Great damage has been done to farms and gardens. The brick kiln, near Beardsley's, is damaged very much. It was ready for burning, and being submerged, has fallen down a mass of mud. Loss $2, 000.


Vol. 19
Tuesday October 12, 1869
No. 21.

In Roxbury, Oct. 5th, by Rev. Mr. Decker, Mr. Orrin A. Meeker to Miss Polly M.; daughter of Mr. Philetus Corbin, both of Roxbury.

In Franklin, September 28th, by Rev. William Addy, Mr. Edward R. Beecher to Miss Fannie M. Noble; only daughter of Charles Noble, Esq., all of Franklin.

In Prattsville, Sept. 22d, by Rev. T. Dusenberie, Mr. Benjamin F. VanValkenburg, of New York, to Miss Mary C. Richtmyer, of Prattsville.

At Andes, Sept. 25th, by Rev. W. H. Smith, Mr. Amasa J. Smith, of Delhi, to Miss Eusera (possibly Euseba) F. Faulkner, of Roxbury.

At Roxbury, Sept. 21st, by Rev. J. K. Rhinehart, Mr. Burrit O. Bouton to Miss Libbie K. Frisbee, all of Roxbury.

At North Franklin, Aug. 29th, by Rev. L. G. Niles, Mr. Daniel Deyo, of Delhi, to Miss Louisa Covert, of Meredith.


In Bloomville, Oct. 7th, Miss Nancy McCune, aged 34 years.

In Roxbury, Sept. 28th, after a long and severe illness, Mr. William Ryer, aged 67 years.

In Meredith, Oct. 3d, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Cleveland Smith, aged 62 years.

In Franklin, Sept. 30th, Mr. Harvey Parsons, aged 69 years.

MISC - John Grant, Esq., died at his residence in Middletown, Oct. 5th, aged about 40 years. He was a lawyer of fair ability and a member of the late Constitutional Convention.

Fire - The large farm dwelling-house of Mr. Robert Scott, in the town of Bovina, in this county, was burned down on Saturday, forenoon, Oct. 9th. Loss heavy.

The Republicans of Delaware County have made the following nominations:
Treasurer - Theophilus F. McIntosh
Sup't of Poor - John B. McNaughton
Coroner - Ferris Jacobs
Session Justice - Lewis Kentfield
Assembly - 1st Dist., Alpheus Bolt; 2d Dist., Roman H. Gleason
School Commissioners - 1st Dist., Isaac J. St John; 2d Dist., Ambose A. Knapp

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