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Births - 1848
Delaware County New York

Lists of Births, which occurred in 1847 and 1848 in the various Towns, were filed by the respective Town Clerks in the County Clerk's Office. Lists for all Towns were not filed, or do not survive. Those, which do survive, have been transcribed to the best of our ability.

--Shirley Houck, County Clerk's Office, Delhi, NY - Transcribed and submitted by Delaware County Clerk's Office, Delhi, NY
Electronic Text prepared by Harley L. Miller

In the County Clerk's Office, these records are filed under "Vital Statistics/Births";. The handwriting on many of the Reports is very poor in quality. Information should be used as a guide. No assurances can be given for most of it. Remember - you probably will have to scroll over to access all the data. Name of town is in the last column. Town Clerks listed at end of this list.

SURNAME             FIRST NAME         SEX         BIRTHDATE   PARENTS NAME                                TOWN OF BIRTH

ADEE                Abram               m            May 23    Abram & Nancy Adee                          Andes        
ALLISON             Amos                m            Nov 13    Jefferson T.& Margaret Allison              Andes        
ARMSTRONG           Frances Maria       f            Apr 30    James G. & Helen Maria Armstrong            Walton       
ARMSTRONG           Susan               f            Jan 24    Robert & Marimmey Armstrong.                Walton       
BAILY               Mary J.             f            Dec 04    Samuel & Mary Baily                         Sidney       
BAKER               George W.           m            Mar 03    Harvey & Sally Ann Baker                    Sidney       
BALCOM              not named           m            Dec 28    Ira & Deborah Balcom                        Masonville   
BALLARD             Mary Elizabeth      f            Apr 22    Hosea & Hannah Ballard                      Roxbury      
BALLARD             Phebe Emily         f            Feb 21    Asa & Ann Ballard                           Roxbury      
BARBER              William Henry       m            Apr 03    Edmond & Mariah Barber                      Roxbury      
BARLOW              George Henry        m            Nov ??    Harry Barlow                                Stamford     
BARNES              Sarah               f            Aug 09    Harry & Lucretia Barnes                     Sidney       
BARTLETT            William J.          m            Sep 16    Thomas & Mary A. Bartlett                   Sidney       
BASSETT             Charles B.          m            Jul 05    Benjamin J. & Mary L. Bassett               Walton       
BEACH               George W            m            Apr 17    George W. & Lovisa Beach                    Masonville   
BEACH               Wallace             m            Apr 06    Alfred & Rebecca Beach                      Walton       
BEEBE               Francis Marion      m            May 22    Ambrose & Delia ann Beebe                   Masonville   
BERDSILL            Isaac J.            m            Aug 09    Jeremiah & Oliva Berdsill                   Middletown   
BISHOP              Mima Rebecca        f            Mar 07    Joseph B. & Mary E. Bishop                  Sidney       
BLAKELY             Chas.               m            Feb 01    Wm. Jr. & Hannah Blakely                    Delhi        
BLAKSLEY            James McAuley       m            Apr 03    James & Susan Blaksley                      Kortright    
BLAKSLEY            Margaret Ellen      f            May 17    James & Margaret Blaksley                   Kortright    
BOHLMAN             Elizabeth           f            Jan 14    John C. & Elizabeth Bohlman                 Andes        
BOLT                Seth George         m            Oct 08    John & Phebe Bolt                           Masonville   
BOLTON              Mary Louisa         f            Aug 27    Davilia & Charity Bolton                    Walton       
BOUTON              Morgan              m            May 04    Anson & Eliza Bouton                        Roxbury      
BOUTON              not named           m            Sep 29    Zalmon & Julia Bouton                       Roxbury      
BOWNE               Mame Lousser        f            Oct 27    Norwood Bowne & ";his lawful wife";           Delhi        
BOYD                Robert  S.          m            Mar 21    Hugh & Jane Boyd                            Stamford     
BRADLEY             Mary                f            May 11    Henry W. & Mary Bradley                     Sidney       
BRADLEY             not named           f            Aug 16    Gershom H. & Sylvia Bradley                 Walton       
BRINK               Christina           f            Jul 02    William Constantine Brink & Ellen Brink     Middletown   
BRISTOL             not named           m            Jun 07    ";Lawrence Ludlow & Sylvia Bristol";          Walton       
BROWN               Cyrus Eugene        m            Aug 16    Sylvester & Amanda Brown                    Meredith     
BROWN               Henry Gordon        m            Jul 28    Addison & Elizabeth Brown                   Walton       
BROWNELL            John L.             m            Aug 09    Abraham B. & Maria Brownell                 Stamford     
BROWNELL            Edgar W             m            Jun 16    Robert S. & Angeline Brownell               Kortright    
BRYDEN              Alexander           m            Sep 20    Adam & Catharine Bryden                     Andes        
BUEL                Diana Estella       f            Aug 19    Erastus & Eliza Jane Buel                   Masonville   
BURCH               George              m            Aug 01    Morgan L. & Betsey G. Burch                 Masonville   
BURDICK             Sarah Elizabeth     f            Apr 22    Hiram & Sally Burdick                       Kortright    
BURHUS              Charles Augustus    m            Sep 22    Sherman & Sally Ann Burhus                  Walton       
BURR                not named           f            May 01    Ferris & Henrietta Burr                     Andes        
BURTCH              Andrew              m            Jul 02    Gilbert & Fanny Jane Burtch                 Andes        
BURTCH              Sarah Jane          f            Jan 19    John & Ellen Burtch                         Andes        
BUSHNELL            Joshene             f            Dec 03    Milton & Prudence Bushnell                  Middletown   
BUTTS               James Henry         m            Feb 12    Luther & Sally Butts                        Kortright    
CAIRNES             Walter              m            Mar 05    John Cairns(sic)                            Andes        
CAIRNS               William            m            May 09    John S. & Elizabeth Cairns                  Andes        
CAMPBELL            not named           f            Nov 17    Alaxander & Agnes Campbell                  Andes        
CANNON              Chas. A.            m            Jun 01    Oliver F. & Sophia Cannon                   Delhi        
CARNES              not named           f            Aug 28    Alexander & Margaret Carnes                 Roxbury      
CARROLL             Susan Adelia        f            Dec 31    Henry Lafaette Carroll & Rachel Ellen       Sidney       
CHILDS              James               m            Sep 05    Henry & Rachel Childs                       Kortright    
CLAGUE              John P              m            Dec 17    John & Jane A. Clague                       Stamford     
CLARK               Thomas Henry        m            Oct 31    Thomas & Polly Clark                        Kortright    
CLARKE              William Lawrence    m            Jun 28    Hugh & Mary Clarke                          Andes        
CLEVER              Catharine           f (colored)  Sep 13    Walter & Polly Clever                       Walton       
CLOSE               Mariam              f            Mar 24    William & Sarah Close                       Andes        
CLOSS/CLOUSE        Hester              f            Nov 06    Mary Close                                  Middletown   
CLUMB               Jane                f            Jul 29    John & Abagill Clumb                        Middletown   
COLE                Coroline D.         f            Aug 04    Solomon & Emeline Cole                      Middletown   
COLLER              Jerusha An          f            Jan 18    Asa & Catherine Coller                      Masonville   
COLNEY              Hannah              f            Jan 28    Leonard & Cordelia Colney                   Masonville   
CORNELL             William Hnery(sic)  m            Sep 12    Robert T. & Sarah Ann Cornell               Andes        
COURTNEY            Leapha M.           f            Jan 14    Robert W. & Laura S. Courtney               Sidney       
COUSE               Hellen M            f            Mar 10    Abram B. & Mary Couse                       Masonville   
COVERT              Sarah Augusta       f            Oct 16    Thomas & Jane G. Covert                     Meredith     
COWIN               John Potts          m            Sep 12    Andrew & Isabella Cowin                     Andes        
COWLES              William H.          m            Mar 11    Alanson C. & Jane A. Cowles                 Roxbury      
CRAMER              William P           m            Feb 17    William & Polly Cramer                      Meredith     
CRARY               James R.            m            Mar 21    Humphrey & Elizaheth Crary                  Roxbury      
CRONK               Cornelia Ann        f            Aug 25    Edward & Betsey Cronk                       Roxbury      
CUYLE               Augustus            m            Jul 30    William & Louis Cuyle                       Masonville   
DALE                Alexander S.        m            Jun 22    Alexander & Helen Dales                     Stamford     
DALES               Lucy Amandy         f            Sep 03    Orrin & Angeline Dales                      Kortright    
DALES               not named           m            Oct 25    Miles C. & Elvina Dales                     Stamford     
DAVIS               Clarence            m            May 18    Earnest & Clarinda Davis                    Andes        
DAVIS               David               m            Nov 02    Isaac & Lydia Davis                         Andes        
DAVIS               not named           f            Jun 15    Hiram W. & Abigail Davis                    Andes        
DAVIS               Sarah Jane          f            Oct 04    William H. & Patience Davis                 Andes        
DAVISON             Louisa              f            Aug 24    Chauncy & Louisa Davison                    Meredith     
DELAP               Angeline            f            Nov 14    Jeremiah & Roxana Delap                     Sidney       
DEMOND              Hanah Ellon         f            Oct 25    Anson & Chrity(sic) Demond                  Middletown   
DENNIS              not named           f            Dec 29    William & Adeline Dennis                    Andes        
DESILVY             William Jowet       m            Jan 09    William & Mariah Desilvy                    Middletown   
DINGIE              George              m            Aug 06    Henry & Margaret Dingie                     Kortright    
DISENROTH           Albert S.           m            Apr 04    John & Alice Disenroth                      Stamford     
DlNGIE              Elizabeth Jane      f            Jun 09    Jacob & Christina Dingie                    Stamford     
DORMAN              Thomas H.           m            Apr 10    Tracy R. & Charity Dorman                   Sidney       
DOUGHERTY           Euretha Ann         f            Mar 11    George & Grace Dougherty                    Andes        
DOUGHERTY           Martha              f            uk        James & Ann Dougherty                       Kortright    
DOUGLASS            Isabella            f            Jun 30    Andrew & Christia Douglass                  Andes        
DOWIE               not named           f            Dec 26    Henry & Agnes Dowie                         Andes        
DRAKE               not named           m            Oct 30    Horace & Elizabeth Drake                    Delhi        
EADIE               Jane Murray         f            Mar 20    James & Jennet Eadie                        Andes        
EARLLE              Alice Jane          f            Jul 04    Joel W. & Catharine Earlle                  Andes        
EARLLE              William J.          m            Sep 10    Moses W. & Margaret Earlle                  Andes        
EELLS               Charles B.          m            Jan 05    Samuel 2d & Clarissa Eells                  Walton       
EELLS               Emma Isabel         f            May 08    Stephen D. & Mary Eells                     Walton       
ELIJAH              Esther              f            Nov 25    Abel & Hetty Elijah                         Andes        
ELIOT               Louis               m            Apr 25    Samuel & Mary Eliot                         Kortright    
ELIOT               Lydia               f            Apr 25    Samuel & Mary Eliot                         Kortright    
ENDERLIN            John J. Jr.         m            Feb 11    John J. & Mary B. Enderlin.                 Roxbury      
EVERETT             Harriet Eliza       f            Apr 27    George A. & Harriet M. Everett              Sidney       
FAULKNER            Emeline             f            Apr 15    Morris & Catherine Faulkner                 Roxbury      
FERGUSON            Elizabeth           f            Aug ??    David & Elizabeth Ferguson                  Andes        
FIELD               Jany Ann            f            Jul 25    Henry & Aseneth Field                       Andes        
FITCH               Alice Florella      f            Nov 17    Benedict & Lucinda Fitch                    Walton       
FLEMING             Alvin               m            Mar 25    Henry & Urana Fleming                       Sidney       
FOOTE               Eliza Ann           f            Oct 06    William & Hannah Foote                      Walton       
FOREMAN             Charles Polaski     m            Apr 01    Jacob & Lewisa Foreman                      Kortright    
FORESYTH            Jane                f            Aug 16    John & Jerusha Foresyth                     Sidney       
FOWLER              not named           m            Dec 03    James & Jane Fowler                         Andes        
FRANCE              Esther              f            Sep 06    William & Rachel France                     Walton       
FRANKLIN            Helen Estelle       f (illigitimaJan 02    Ellen Franklin                              Andes        
FREAR               Mary                f            Mar 31    Anthony D & Ellen Frear                     Middletown   
FREER               Edwin               m            Apr 10    Matthias & Sebrina Freer                    Sidney       
FRISBEE             not named           uk           uk        Gideon & Sarah Frisbee                      Delhi        
FROST               Howard              m            Mar 28    Caleb & Mary Frost                          Delhi        
FULLER              Julia Ann           f            Jun 27    Richard & Ann Fuller                        Andes        
FULLER              Robert              m            Mar 12    Wm & Lydia Fuller                           Sidney       
FULLER              Siloma Amanda       f            Nov 13    Lewis & Angeline Fuller                     Roxbury      
FURGUSON            Elizabeth A.        f            Nov 13    Herman & Jane Ferguson                      Sidney       
GAMMELL             William             m            Aug 04    Hugh & Mary Gammell                         Stamford     
GANOUNG             Alfred              m            Jul 25    John R. & Emma Ganoung                      Roxbury      
GARDNER             Cordelia            f            Jul 14    Erastus & Eliza Gardner                     Sidney       
GAY                 Anna                f            Sep 20    David H. & Susan Gay                        Walton       
GEORGE              Catharine Hellen    f            Mar 28    Edweard & Olave George                      Middletown   
GEORGE              Henry               m            Nov 18    Peter & Delila George                       Middletown   
GERMAN              Samuel              m            Sep 05    Ezekiel & Betsey German                     Roxbury      
GIBBS               Anna Maria          f            Dec 18    John & Antoinett Gibbs                      Andes        
GIBBS               Mary Ann            f            Aug 28    John & Mary Ann Gibbs                       Middletown   
GIBSON              Dorth               f            Apr 01    James & Sarah Gibson                        Meredith     
GIBSON              Isabella            f            May 27    Thomas & Jeanette Gibson                    Meredith     
GIBSON              Joseph              m            May 25    Wm & Eliza Gibson                           Kortright    
GILBERT             Ann Eliza           f            Nov 04    George & Ann Gilbert                        Delhi        
GOODRICH            Rosetta             f            Nov 22    Thompson & Hester Ann Goodrich              Kortright    
GOODRICH            Smith               m            Aug 24    Harry & Aramiinta Goodrich                  Walton       
GOULD               Harmon D.           m            Feb 25    Asa & Pamelia Gould                         Masonville   
GOULD               Harriet C.          f            Feb 25    Asa & Pamelia Gould                         Masonville   
GOULD               not named           m            Jul 02    John H. & Mary Gould                        Delhi        
GRAHAM              Caroline Adelia     f            Sep 20    Thoams(sic) & Amanda Graham                 Masonville   
GRAHAM              Hellen Isabell      f (illeg.)   Apr 17    Marjary Graham                              Masonville   
GRAHAM              Maria               f            May 20    John G. & Alma Graham                       Meredith     
GRANSBURY           John Wesley         m            Feb 06    John & Naomi Gransbury                      Walton       
GRANT               Emily               f            Jan 09    Alfred 8. & Maria Ann Grant                 Stamford     
GRANT               Frances             f            Mar 11    Henry & Charity Grant                       Stamford     
GRANT               George Adams        m            Apr ??    Daniel Grant                                Stamford     
GRANT               Laura               f            Apr 05    Alexander T. & Lucia Grant                  Stamford     
GRANT               Oscar               m            Feb 20    Enoch T. & Mary Grant.                      Stamford     
GREEN               Fracis Edmund       m            Jun 01    John R. & Rachel ann Green                  Masonville   
GREENE              Radney              m            Feb 11    Samuel & Elizabeth Greene                   Meredith     
GROAT               Henryetta           f            Nov 04    Nicholas & Phebe Groat                      Masonville   
HAIGHT              Albert              m            Mar 01    Samuel & Mary Haight                        Sidney       
HALSY               Mary Elizabeth      f            Jul 08    James P. & Angelette Halsey                 Meredith     
HAMILTON            not named           m            May 28    Lewis & Beaty Hamilton                      Andes        
HANDLY              not named           m            Dec 26    John & Margaret Handly                      Middletown   
HANFORD             Julia               f            Mar 27    John & Clarissa Hanford                     Walton       
HARKNESS            Mary Eliza          f            May 13    Ezekiel & Mary Harkness                     Kortright    
HARKNESS            Mary Esther         f            Jul 10    Thomas J. & Katherine Harkness              Kortright    
HARKNESS            Sarah Jane          f            Apr 30    James B. & Margaret Harkness                Kortright    
HARLEY              Elmina              f            Oct 28    Charles & Gitty Harley                      Roxbury      
HARRINGTON          Phebe E             f            Aug 05    Robert & Hestor M. Harrington               Roxbury      
HARVEY              John Scott          m            Sep 07    Samuel & Sarah Harvey                       Meredith     
HENDERSON           not named           f            Nov 10    James & Hannah Henderson                    Roxbury      
HENDRICKSON         Louis A.            m            Jun 11    Darrius J. & Letta Hendrickson              Sidney       
HEWIT               Emaly               f            Jul 09    Jacob & Clarrindy Hewit                     Middletown   
HEWIT               Mary Elizabeth      f            Aug 09    Emery & Rhady Hewit                         Middletown   
HEWITT              not named           f            Nov 09    Chauncey & Mary Hewitt                      Delhi        
HIGBIE              Mary Elizabeth      f            Jul 14    Thomas C. & Sarah Higbie                    Stamford     
HILTON              not named           m (2)        May 19    Silas D. & Jane Hilton                      Andes        
HITT                not named           m            Apr 02    Dennis & Lavina Hitt                        Andes        
HITT                not named           m            Oct 09    Richard & Mary Hitt                         Andes        
HOBBS               Ruth F.             f            Oct 02    Joseph & Rachel Hobbs                       Stamford     
HOGABOOM            Cordelia            f            Sep 11    William & Pamelia Hogaboom                  Masonville   
HOYT                Charles Preston     m            Jan 21    Seth & Louisa Hoyt                          Walton       
HUGHS               Rodrick p.          m            Jul 24    Patrick & Eliza Hughs                       Stamford     
HUGHSTON            Caroline            f            Apr 22    Jonas A. & Caroline Hughston                Delhi        
HULL                Margaret            f            Mar 02    Jeremiah & Exsy Hull                        Middletown   
HULL                Neoma Celstia       f            Mar 22    William E. & Electra Hull                   Middletown   
HUMPHRY             Henry               m            Jun 08    William & Harriet Humphrey                  Andes        
HUMPHRY (?)         Infant              m            Jul 16    Robert Humphry  Eneth Darlin                Middletown
HUNT                David C             m            Jun 14    John & Catharine Hunt                       Andes        
HUNT                David G.            m            Jun 15    John & Cathrine Hunt                        Middletown   
HUYCK               George Henry        m            Feb 01    Henry & Hannah Eliza Huyck                  Masonville   
HYZER               Henry D.            m            Jul 05    John Jr. & Mary Hyzer                       Andes        
JACKSON             Emily Elida         f            Aug 05    Richard & Anna G. Jackson                   Meredith     
JACKSON             Henry Burgess       m            Apr 05    Henry & Jane B. Jackson                     Meredith     
JENKENS             Elizabeth           f            Aug 03    John & Jane Jenkens                         Andes        
JERSEY              Jane Ann            f            Mar 22    John & Jennet Jersey                        Andes        
JOHNSON             Addison             m            Apr 25    Addison & Sally Johnson                     Walton       
JOHNSTON            David M.            m            Mar 20    David S. & Ursula G. Johnston               Sidney       
JOYCELIN            Uriah               m            Feb 18    George W. & Maria Joycelin                  Andes        
KEATOR              Maryan              f            Jan 16    John & Mariah Keator                        Middletown   
KEELER              Alexander L.        m            Apr 11    Edmund & Marthy Keeler                      Kortright    
KELLOGG             Theodor             m            Mar 21    Ulyssas & Emaline Kellogg                   Meredith     
KELLY               Elizabeth           f            Jan 20    Edmond & Elizabeth Kelly                    Middletown   
KENNADY             Robert Bruce        m            Nov 23    Alexander & Agnes Kennady                   Roxbury      
KENYON              Peter Jackson       m            Dec 29    George & Marianna Kenyon                    Roxbury      
KEY                 Elen                f            May 25    Arthur & Isabella Key                       Meredith     
KIFF                Ira Pheaice         m            Aug 13    Samuel & Susan Kiff                         Meredith     
KILPATRICK          William H.          m            Jan 20    William & Mary Ann Kilpatrick               Walton       
KING                Isabella            f            Mar 16    John & Sally King                           Stamford     
KITTLE              Elanor              f            uk        Fredrick & Coraline Kittle                  Middletown   
KNEALAND            Weltha ann          f            Apr 06    Abner & Deborah W. Knealand(Kealand)        Masonville   
LAIDLAW             Elizabeth Ann       f            Sep 17    William & Isabella Laidlaw                  Andes        
LARAWAY             Catharine           f            Aug 23    Richard & Martha Laraway                    Roxbury      
LAWRENCE            James Dubois        m            Aug 01    John & Jane Lawrence                        Middletown   
LEE                 Chloey Elizabeth    f            Feb 29    Erastus & Sally Mariah Lee                  Sidney       
LEE                 Joseph Baker        m            Jun 12    George & Eleanor Lee                        Roxbury      
LEE                 Seth Eugene         m            Apr 12    Richard & Sally Hester Lee                  Sidney       
LEMING              Jesse Gould         m            Sep 19    Isaac G. & Eunice Leming                    Roxbury      
LEWIS               Soblem Osterhoudt   m            Feb 10    Aaron & Mary Lewis(?)                       Middletown   
LYNCH               Josephine           f            Mar 05    James & Jane Lynch                          Walton       
LYNCH               not named           m            Mar 25    Albert & Sally W. Lynch                     Masonville   
MACUMBER            Milton              m            Jan 04    Charles T. & Prudence Macumber              Middletown   
MADISON             Elizabeth S         f            May 06    Calvin & Margaret Madison                   Andes        
MARSHALL            Helena              f            Oct 19    Robert S. & Frances M. Marshall             Stamford     
MASON               Julia               f            Jan 08    William & Nancy Mason                       Walton       
Mc KIVER            Marion Augusta      f            Dec 30    John & Polly Mc Kiver                       Roxbury      
MC LAUGHRY          Maria Elizabeth     f            Apr 17    James S. & Elizabeth McLaughry              Walton       
MC LEAN             Hannah N.           f            May 10    James & Felicia McLean                      Walton       
MC LEAN             Hellen              f            Jun 29    Alexander & Sarah McLean                    Stamford     
MC MIN              Elizabeth Ann       f            Jul 04    John & Elizabeth Mc Min                     Stamford     
McAULEY             Mary                f            Aug 04    Wm & Margaret McAuley                       Kortright    
McCAUSLIN           John                m            Dec 10    E.M. & Mary Jane McCauslin                  Meredith     
McFARLAND           George W.           m            Apr 12    Wm & Elizabeth McFarland                    Kortright    
McLAUGHY            John Joseph         m            Jan 14    George & Nancy McLaughy                     Kortright    
McLEAN              James               m            uk        James & Margaret McLean                     Kortright    
McMURDY             James               m            May 15    Joseph & Esther McMurdy                     Kortright    
McMURDY             Nancy               f            Jun 03    Jonathan & Jane McMurdy                     Kortright    
McNEE               Jennet              f            Jan 05    John H.(?) & Lydia McNee                    Andes        
McUMBER             Julia Ann           f            May 08    Elisha H. & Jane McUmber                    Andes        
McUMBER             not named           uk           uk        Gieeon(sic) G. & Sarah McUmber              Andes        
McWILLIAMS          David Clark         m            May 26    William & Debbie Elizabeth McWilliams       Kortright    
MEEKER              Edwin               m            Jun 07    Elehu & Sally Meeker                        Roxbury      
MERWIN              Stephen             m            Dec ??    David & Eliza Merwin                        Roxbury      
MILLER              Sarah               f            Jul 16    Joseph & Margaret Miller                    Kortright    
MILLOR              Mary                f            Jan 20    Andrew & Catherine Millor                   Middletown   
MILLS               Ester Theadocia     f            Sep 18    Asa & Aphias Mills                          Masonville   
MILLS               George              m            Apr 05    Henry & Samantha Mills                      Masonville   
MINARD              Jane                f            Jul 25    Gilbert & Sally Minard                      Andes        
MlLLER              not named           f            Aug 27    James E. & Magdalin Miller                  Stamford     
MONTGOMERY          Emengene            f            Jun 18    Timothy L. & Eliza Montgomery               Kortright    
MONTGOMERY          Quartus John        m            Dec 17    Amos & Martha M. Montgomery                 Masonville   
MONTGOMERY          Susannah A.         f            Jul 25    James C. & Susan Montgomery                 Stamford     
MORE                John E              m            Aug 05    John B. & Lousa More                        Roxbury      
MORE                Mary G.             f            Oct 06    Joseph H. & Maria More                      Roxbury      
MORE                not named           m            Mar 29    William & Lydia More                        Andes        
MORSE               Henry J.            m            Jan 10    Parker & --? Morse                          Middletown   
MORSE               Hiram B-            m            Jul 22    Joseph & Abigil Morse                       Middletown   
MUNN                Edwin A.            m            Nov 09    James & Nancy Munn                          Roxbury      
MUNSON              not named           f            Oct 18    Levinus & Mary Munson                       Stamford     
MUNSON              Peter               m            Nov 08    Peter & Eunace Munson                       Meredith     
NEILD               not named           m            Aug 18    William & Rebecca Neild                     Andes        
NORTHROP            Charles H.          m            Mar 23    Charles P. & Ruth A Northrop                Andes        
NORTHROP            Josiah              f(?)         Aug 26    Moses & Elizabeth Northrop                  Andes        
NYE                 Louisa              f            Jan 19    AAbel(sic) & Betsey Nye                     Masonville   
OGDEN               Charles Benjamin    m            Aug 20    Linus & Clarissa P. Ogden                   Meredith     
OLMSTEAD            not named           m            Dec 21    Jabez & Betsey Olmstead                     Masonville   
ORSBON              William Henry       m            Jun 24    David & Almira Orsbon                       Sidney       
PALEN               Joseph              m            Jun 23    John & Josephine Palen                      Middletown   
PALMER              Caroline            f            Apr 24    Nehemiah & Phebe Palmer                     Stamford     
PANDER              Henrietta           f            Mar 24    Alfred & Catharine Pander                   Roxbury      
PARKER              Hannah Adeline      f            May 07    John Mason Parker & Laura Parker            Masonville   
PARRIS              Elizabeth           f            Oct 28    Crane & Margaret Parris                     Meredith     
PARRIS              Emely Aurelia       f            Jul 28    Benjamin & Betsy Parris                     Kortright    
PARSHALL            Wm. A.              m            May 21    John & Juliett Parshall                     Delhi        
PATRICK             William Henry       m            Nov 25    Richard & Margaret Patrick                  Walton       
PATTERSON           Harriet             f            Jan 14    James B. & Sarah Patterson                  Walton       
PENDELL             Blank               m            Mar 20    David L. &  --? Pendell.                    Walton       
PERSONS             Catharine           f            Oct 09    Van Renselaer & Polly Persons               Roxbury      
PETERS              Susan Frances       f            Oct 03    John & Jane Peters                          Stamford     
POMEROY             Betsey              f            Feb 10    Abner & Esther Pomeroy                      Sidney       
POTTS               Jennet Margaret     f            Mar 22    George & Charlott Potts                     Andes        
POWELL              Elizabeth M.        f            Jan 03    Reuben & Mariah Powell.                     Roxbury      
PRESTON             not named           f            Nov 06    Otis M. & Susan A. Preston                  Roxbury      
RAPELYEA            Deborah             f            Jun 01    Peter & Susan Rapelyea                      Roxbury      
REDFIELD            not named           f            Oct 20    Dickerson & Tryphora Redfield               Sidney       
REDMOND             David D.            m            May 18    Augustus E.& Lydia Ann Redmond              Middletown   
REDMOND             James               m            Jul 30    Pattrick & Pheby Redmond                    Middletown   
REYNOLDS            Delilah Jane        f            Aug 27    Jeremiah & Huldah Reynolds                  Roxbury      
REYNOLDS            Nancy Jane          f            Jul 22    Charles & Phebe Reynolds                    Kortright    
REYNOLDS            not named           f            Sep 08    William & Jane an(sic) Reynolds             Middletown   
REYNOLDS            not named           f (2)        Jan 07    Abram & Almina Reynolds                     Andes        
RICH                Frances             f            Jun 21    James & Roxey Rich                          Andes        
ROBBINS             Fernando Decolo     m            Jan 10    James & Irinda Robbins                      Masonville   
ROBERTS             Henry C.            m            Jul 15    John T. & Virdirine Roberts                 Andes        
ROBERTSON           Susan Jane          f            Jan 15    Thomas Y, & Esther Robertson                Masonville   
ROBERTSON           William M.          m            Jan 23    Collin & Margaret Robertson                 Andes        
ROBINSON            Frances Amelia      f            Mar 14    John & Betsey Robinson                      Roxbury      
ROBINSON            Rutham              f            Aug 15    Ebenezer & Julia Robinson                   Roxbury      
ROCKWELL            George Henry        m            Oct 13    Horace & Betsy M. Rockwell                  Stamford     
ROFF                not named           f            Oct 04    John S. & Pamelia Roff                      Delhi        
ROGERS              Betsey Ellen        f            Feb 13    Isaac G. & Sarah Rogers                     Walton       
ROSE                James H.C.          m            Mar 04    Hugh & Isabella Rose                        Stamford     
ROTERMOND           Harmon H.           m            Jul 15    Harmon & Adelhait Rotermond                 Andes        
ROWE                John Allny          m            Jan 24    Septamus & Orytha Rowe                      Meredith     
ROWLAND             John Skellie        m            Apr 01    Wm & Jame Rowland                           Kortright    
RUNDLE              Eliza               f            Feb 05    Ruben & Solly Rundle                        Middletown   
RUSSEL              Elizabeth E.        f            Nov 13    John G. & Jane Russel                       Middletown   
SANFORD             Ziba                uk           Jul 01    William & Sarah Sanford                     Middletown   
SAWYER              Gabriel Smith       m            Oct 07    Gabriel S. & Mary Sawyer                    Walton       
SCHOONMAKER         James M.            m            Nov 25    Joseph & Amanda Schoonmaker                 Middletown   
SCOFIELD            Hiram Ervin         m            Jul 12    Hiram & Nancy A. Scofield                   Masonville   
SCOTT               Nathan H.           m            Jan 19    Francis & Mary Scott                        Andes        
SCUDDER             Julia Ann           f            Oct 14    Jotham & Judeth Scudder                     Meredith     
SCUTT               not named           m            Oct 19    Hiram & Ann Eliza Scutt                     Andes        
SCUTT               Phebe Jane          f            Oct 24    Hugh & Matilda Scutt                        Stamford     
SEELY               Mary Ellen          f            Apr 07    Seymour & Pamelia Seely                     Walton       
SHAW                not named           f            Jul 12    Alexander & Emily Shaw                      Andes        
SHEFFER             Margaret            f            Jan 07    John & Mary Sheffer                         Delhi        
SHUTTS              Charles             m            Apr 15    Andrew & Deborah (Shutts)                   Roxbury      
SICKLES             Phebe Jane          f            May 13    Peter & Almira Sickles                      Roxbury      
SILLIMAN            Ellen               f            Mar 12    Alexander & Lucy Silliman                   Roxbury      
SIMMONS             Anvestea            f            May 06    Charles & Loiza Simmons                     Middletown   
SIXSMITH            Sarah Agness        f            May 31    Matthew & Mary Sixsmith                     Kortright    
SIXSMITH            William             m            Sep 14    Wm & Mary Sixsmith                          Kortright    
SLOAT               not named           m            Dec 15    Robert D. & Susan Sloat                     Roxbury      
SMITH               Charles Hazor       m            Oct 06    Judson W. & Amamda Smith                    Masonville   
SMITH               Janet E             f            Jul 26    Robert & Janet Smith                        Roxbury      
SMITH               Mary Elizabeth      f            Oct 17    Erastus & Cornelia Smith                    Delhi        
SMITH               not named           m            Dec 21    Daniel & Louisa Smith                       Meredith     
SNYDER              Mortha Elizabeth    f            Aug 29    Renslear & Elizabeth Snyder                 Middletown   
SPEARS              James               m            Jun 12    Alexander & Elizabeth Spears                Meredith     
SPENCER             Lucius              m            Jul 16    James & Eunice Spencer                      Masonville   
SPRAGUE             Isaac               m            Jun 27    Abel & Elizabeth Sprague                    Andes        
SPRAGUE             Mary                f            Nov 09    Gilbert & Hannah Sprague                    Andes        
SPRAGUE             Phebe G.            f            Apr 28    William & Harriet Sprague                   Roxbury      
ST JOHN             Benjamin            m            Dec 10    Isaac H. & Rhoda St John                    Walton       
ST JOHN             Lucy Ann            f            Apr 23    Giles & Lucy St. John                       Walton       
ST JOHN             Lydia Elmina        f            Jan 12    Gridley & Elizabeth St John                 Roxbury      
ST JOHN             not named           f            Dec 24    William L. & Sarah St John                  Walton       
STEAD               not named           m            Aug 22    James L. & Malinda Stead                    Masonville   
STEENBURG           Melville            m            Aug ??    Peter & Mary Steenberg(sic)                 Sidney       
STEWART             James               m            Apr 10    George & Catherine Stewart                  Sidney       
STILLSON            Henry               m            Jul 23    John & Christina Stillson                   Meredith     
STOCKLEY            Mary Alice          f            Dec 17    Thomas & Emeline Stockley                   Masonville   
STOCKTON            Charles Walton      m            Aug 22    Henry P. & --? Stockton                     Walton       
STONE               Jutson              m            Oct 21    Robert & Caroline Stone                     Middletown   
STONE               Rutson              m            Oct 21    Robert & Caroline Stone                     Middletown   
STRICKLAND          Albert              m            Feb 16    Lyman & Esther Strickland                   Meredith     
STRICKLAND          Phebe Cornalia      f            Feb 05    Emory & Cornealia M. Strickland             Meredith     
SURINE              Harriet             f            Mar 05    John & Delia Surine                         Walton       
SURINE              Henry               m            Feb 22    Alanson C. & Jane Surine.                   Walton       
SWART               Not named(still)    m            Dec 02    Henry & blank Swart                         Walton       
TATE                Elizabeth           f            Nov 08    Michael & Jane Tate                         Kortright    
TEED                Alice E.            f            Mar 29    David & Unabulda Teed                       Masonville   
THOMPSON            Ellen Almira        f            May 05    Rufua A. & Sylvia A. Thompson               Sidney       
THOMSON             Hannah Jane         f            Jun 01    Andrew & Jane Thomson                       Roxbury      
THORP               Ross B.             m            Oct 02    William & Mary Ann Thorp                    Roxbury      
TOMPKINS            John B.             m            Jun 10    Martin & Mary Tompkins                      Roxbury      
TOWNSEND            William             m            Aug 22    John & Sarah Townsend                       Walton       
TUPPER              Delia Electa        f            Jul 23    Hector G. & Roxanna Tupper                  Roxbury      
TURNER              Noah                m            Jan 15    Nathan P. & Delilah Turner                  Meredith     
TURNER              not named           m            Dec 30    David & Mary Turner                         Kortright    
TYSON               Jane Candice        f            Apr 14    Benjamin & Lydia Tyson                      Kortright    
UTTER               Sarah Jane          f            Jun 15    John & Phebe Utter                          Middletown   
VAIL                Albert              m            Jun 20    Anson A. & Elizabeth Vail                   Masonville   
VAN DOZER           James C.            m            Oct 02    Madison & Caroline Van Dozer                Andes        
VAN KEUREN          Nancy Carnilia      f            Jun 20    Mathew & Maey E. Van Keuren                 Andes        
VANDERWORT          Sarah Elizabeth     f            Sep 18    Cornelius & Catherine M. Vanderwort         Sidney       
VANSICKLIN          Rheuben Craft       m            Nov 08    Cornelias & Catherine Vansicklin            Middletown   
VANVALKENBURGH      Reading             m            May 01    Francis & Rachel Vanvalkenburgh             Masonville   
WARNER              Angeline            f            Nov 12    Elias & Margarate Warner                    Meredith     
WARNER              not named           m            Oct 05    Matthias & Clarrissa Warner                 Sidney       
WARREN              not named           m            Aug 08    Foyd & Polly Warren                         Stamford     
WARREN              William J           m            Feb 13    Miles & Rachel Ann Warren                   Andes        
WASHBURN            Loretta             f            Sep 23    Seely E. & Louriama Washburn                Andes        
WEBB                Edwin               m            Sep 16    George W. & Mary E. Webb                    Walton       
WETMORE             Juan M.             m            Oct 13    Elisha S. & Louisa E. Wetmore               Stamford     
WHEELER             Duncan              m            Feb 17    Edgar A. & Abigail Wheeler.                 Sidney       
WHITCOMB            Abagail             f            Sep 09    Myron & Christina Whitcomb                  Andes        
WHITE               Anna Susan          f            Apr 06    William Augustus & Samantha White           Walton       
WHITEFORD           John                m            May 01    John & Elizabeth Whiteford                  Kortright    
WHITMAN             Bertha E.           f            Jul 01    Stephen & Mary ann Whitman                  Masonville   
WHITMAN             William S.          m            Jul 14    Francis B. & Dolly Whitman                  Walton       
WHITNEY             Alma L.             f            Apr 15    James M. & Mary Ann Whitney                 Sidney       
WHITNEY             Emerett             f            Sep 30    Henry & Mary Whitney                        Sidney       
WHITNEY             Orson J.            m            Feb 01    David & Lois Whitney                        Sidney       
WICKUM              not named           m            Aug 02    Henry G. & Pheby Wickum                     Middletown   
WILLIAMSON          Andrew              m            May 29    Davie & Helen Williamson                    Meredith     
WILLIAMSON          Mary Agusta         f            Apr 02    David & Euphemme Williamson                 Delhi        
WINANS              Harmon              m            Aug 19    Isaac & Rhoda Winans                        Sidney       
WlLSON              Mary H.             f            Apr 25    Robert F. & Polly Ann Wilson                Stamford     
WlLTSIE             James               m            Oct 10    Calvin & Rhoda Wiltsie                      Roxbury      
WOOD                Alfred              m            Apr 10    Benjamin 0. & Catharine Wood                Walton       
WOOD                Bloomer             m            Apr 12    Joseph R. & Laura D. Wood                   Sidney       
WOOD                Marion Vinning      m            Feb 18    Elijah C. & Louisa Wood                     Masonville   
WOOLHYSER           not named           m            Dec 27    Andrew & Rachel Woolhyser                   Roxbury      
WRIGHT              not named           f            Dec 11    William A. & Emeline Wright                 Andes        
WRIGHT              Robt Henry          m            May 09    Peter P. & Jane Wright                      Delhi        
YAPLE               Delila Adaline      f            Jun 05    John & Sarah Yaple                          Middletown   
YORKY               Henry               m            May 03    Henry & Caroline Yorky                      Meredith     


SURNAME        FIRST          TOWN

Russell        Peter          Andes
Buckley        H.N.           Delhi
McLaughry      Wm. G.         Kortright
Getter         Joseph         Masonville
Covert         Thomas         Meredith
Akerly         David          Middletown
Cowles         A.C.           Roxbury
Thompson       Rufus A        Sidney
McDonald       A.D.           Stamford
Gay            David H.       Walton

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