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I have purchased the following photos. Most of the subjects are related in some way to the Lakin family - most in Delaware County but others in NYC and Wayne County PA. I'm attaching an inventory. The dealer felt that they should all be kept together, and I agree, since they are obviously one individual's collection. Also included on this page is some historical information on this family. - Ann O'Hara, May 19, 2000

NOTE: See more of the Lakin Family on this website, posted 7 August, 2017

Lakin Family Photos

Group 1 - Here are the first three Lakin pictures. All three are carte de visite size. They are (l. to r.) Porter Lakin, Earl Stimpson Lakin and Wayne Lakin. A note on the back of the Porter Lakin picture says "To Miss F. A. Niles."

Group 2 - The next one is a snapshot, the only non-professional photo in the bunch.Unidentified.
The other two are cartes de visite, labeled as follows: Marve Belle Glenno Winfield. I assume Winfield is the boy, not the dog. Based on the ID of another picture, I think the girl's name was Glenna.
Prudence Lakin, 108 yrs. On the back is printed "Mrs. Prudence Lakin, Widow of Jonas Lakin, Esq., of Hancock, N. Y., aged one hundred and six years July 1, 1880, photographed January, 1881."

Group 3 - Sophia Wheeler Lakin, Aunt Addie's aunt, Thankful Lakin Turner, Joe Riely (crossed out) Realy

Group 4 - Sarah Niles Lakin, A Johnson on Niles side; Capt. Samuel Johnson first an ensign then promoted to Captaincy, Festus Niles (Father of Sarah). All are cartes de visite except for Festus Niles. This Group is printed on regular paper as opposed to card stock or photographic paper. It almost seems to have been cut out of a magazine or newspaper.

Group 5 - All the photos are cartes de visite, described as follows: Arthur Weed. I BELIEVE that this is Arthur Joseph Weed, son of Henry Bearce WEED and Susan Jane SANFORD of Preston Twp., Wayne County, PA. His uncle, Joseph B. SANFORD, married Mary Jane WOODMANSEE. Julius Lakin.

Group 6 - Unidentified woman. Photo taken in Walton. Geo. Yendes., Arad Lakin - Preacher.

Group 7 - An unidentified baby and Eva Lakin.

Group 8 - Harriet Thomas, friend of Ava Lakin, two unidentified young women and Oscar Lakin.

Group 9 - Sarah Lakin Woodmansee and Myron Woodmansee.

Group 10 - two unidentified men

Group 11 - Winfield Lakin and wife Edith (the young couple) and Josiah Martin and wife Aunt Fan. Of course, Aunt Fan is not in the picture, but she shows up in the next group.

Group 12 - Fan Martin" and Curt Martin. Aunt Fan was photographed at a studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Group 13 - A little girl - identified as Mamie Lakin.

Group 14 - This couple is unidentified, but both photos were taken by the same Philadelphia studio.

Group 15 - Bella Lakin Muller and Glenna Lakin Horton Twaddell

Group 16 - Unidentified. Photo by Forshew, Hudson, NY

Group 19 - John Yendes and Aunt Julia Yendes

Group 20 - My Mother Sara Niles Lakin and Evelyn Lakin Elwood

Group 21 - Mamie Lakin Appleman and I (?) J. Elwood

Group 22 - My Father Oscar Lakin and Oscar Marius Lakin

Group 23 - Alice Dann DuMond and Unidentified


Subject: Appleman, Friend J. M.
Photographer: Wanee, Lexington, KY

Subject: Appleman, Minnie Lakin
Photographer: DeWitt, Scranton, PA

Subject: DuMond, Alice Dann

Subject: Eels, Minnie
Photographer: Fredricks, NYC

Subject: Elwood, Evelyn Lakin
Photographer: Sprague, Walton, NY

Subject: Elwood, J. J.
Photographer: Sprague, Walton, NY

Subject: Horton, Alvin
Photographer: Simpkins, Walton, NY

Subject: Johnson on Niles Side, A
Other Names Mentioned: Johnson, Samuel
Note: Capt. Samuel Johnson, first an ensign then promoted to Captaincy

Subject: Lakin, Arad - Preacher
Photographer: E. I. Stearns & Son, Honesdale, PA

Subject: Lakin, Earl Stimpson
Photographer: C. D. Fredricks & Co., NYC

Subject: Lakin, Eva

Subject: Lakin, Julius
Photographer: B. Myers, Hancock, NY

Subject: Lakin, Mamie

Subject: Lakin, Oscar

Subject: Lakin, Oscar
Photographer: Braman, Forest City, PA
Note: My Father

Subject: Lakin, Oscar Morris
Photographer: B. Block, Brooklyn, NY

Subject: Lakin, Porter
Other Names Mentioned: Niles, Miss F. A.

Subject: Lakin, Prudence
Other Names Mentioned: Lakin, Jonas
Photographer: B. Myers, Hancock, NY
Note: Widow of Jonas Lakin Esq., of Hancock, N. Y. aged one hundred and six years July 1, 1880, Photographed January, 1881

Subject: Lakin, Sarah Niles
Photographer: Norman Taylor, Walton, NY

Subject: Lakin, Sarah Niles
Note: My Mother

Subject: Lakin, Sophia Wheeler
Photographer: Norman Taylor, Walton, NY

Subject: Lakin, Winfield & Edith
Photographer: Oxford & Dillhoff, Brooklyn, NY

Subject: Lakin?: Belle, Marie, Winfield, Glenna
Note: Four children and dog

Subject: Lakin, Wayne
Photographer: M. Pooler, Travelling Photographer

Subject: Martin, Curt
Photographer: [Obscured], Walton, NY

Subject: Martin, Fan
Photographer: Oxford & Dillhoff, Brooklyn, NY

Subject: Martin, Josiah
Other Names Mentioned: Aunt Fan
Photographer: N. J. Kinch & Son, Successors to Sprague, Walton, NY
Note: Caption on back says "& Aunt Fan," but there is no woman in photo

Subject: Muller, Belle Lakin
Photographer: Seeger, Port Jervis, NY

Subject: Niles, Grandpa
Other Names Mentioned: Aerio
Photographer: Norman Taylor, Walton, NY

Subject: Riely/Realy, Joe
Photographer: B. Myers, Hancock, NY
Note: Riely crossed out and replaced by Realy

Subject: Thomas, Harriet
Note: Friend of Eva Lakin

Subject: Trusdell?, Glenna Lakin Horton
Note: Young Woman

Subject: Turner, Thankful Lakin
Photographer: Truesdell, Goshen, NY.
Note: Aunt Addie's Aunt

Subject: Unknown
Note: Snapshot of middle-aged couple; 1920's?

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: W. H. Miller, Walton, NY
Note: Young Woman

Subject: Unknown
Note: Infant

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: Quinn & Davis
Note: Young Man

Subject: Unknown
Note: Elderly Man

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: Forshew, Hudson, NY
Note: Older Woman

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: Snyder & Walton, Philadelphia, PA
Note: Young Woman

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: Snyder & Walton, Philadelphia, PA
Note: Young Man with Beard

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: Simpkins, Walton, NY
Note: Middle-Aged Woman

Subject: Unknown
Photographer: Parrington, Delhi, NY
Note: Old Man

Subject: Unknown
Note: Merry Christmas. Young woman in white - bride?

Subject: Weed, Arthur
Photographer: W. H. Owen, Scranton, PA
Note: I believe this is Arthur weed, son of Joseph Bearce and Susan Sanford Weed. He married Effie Simpson.

Subject: Woodmansee, Myron
Photographer: Braman, Forest City, PA

Subject: Woodmansee, Sarah Lakin
Photographer: Braman, Forest City, PA

Subject: Yendes, Aunt Julia
Photographer: Parrington, Delhi, NY

Subject: Yendes, Geo.
Photographer: Johnson, Williams & Co., NYC

From "The Nomenclature of Wayne: A History of Wayne County, PA" by Thomas J. Ham (originally publsihed 1905-1907 in The Honesdale Citizen; compiled and reprinted from the files of The News Eagle by George J. Fluhr 1995)

"Among numerous other settlers in, or in the vicinity of Little York [Preston Township], was Omar A. Lakin, who secured, in February 1881, the establishment of a post office there, which was located at his house, and named Lakin in his honor. He was commissioned postmaster, but his daughter, Ada G. Lakin, had charge of the business.

"Jonas Lakin, father of Omar A. Lakin, was born in New Hampshire in 1765, and on attaining manhood became the husband of Prudence Parks, daughter of Josiah Parks. Josiah Parks was a marine in the British service, but after he retired from the sea and settled on the Delaware river, became a noted scout in the American ranks, and participated in more than a score of battles with the Indians and Tories. He was known later as a famous Delaware river steersman, his earliest experience in that then hazardous calling being about 1765, when he went to Philadelphia as forman for Daniel Skinner on his second trip down the river with a raft of pine masts. This voyage secured for Mr. Skinner the title of Lord High Admiral of all the raftsmen of the Delaware, and for Mr. Parks the prefix of Boatswain, and for the balance of their days these pioneers in what proved to be one of Wayne county's most prominent industries were known as 'Admiral' Skinner and 'Bos'n' Parks. Jonas Lakin was the founder of the town of Hancock, N. Y., and died there in 1848. His wife lived to the extraordinary age of 108 years. Among their family of nine children was O. A. Lakin, mentioned above, who married Clarissa Wainwright, and, after several years residence in Hancock, located in Preston, this county, in 1844. He, like most enterprising early settlers, engaged largely in lumbering and cleared up a fine farm, upon which he resided until his death in 1890. Miss Ada G. Lakin, mentioned in connection with the post office, the eldest child of O. A. Lkin, was born in Hancock in 1834. A lady of superior education, being a graduate of a college at Bryan, Ohio, she devoted her life mainly to teaching, and acquired a fine reputation in that profession in Wayne, Lackawanna and adjoining counties."

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