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UNIDENTIFIED, possibly the Rockefeller house in Meridale

I had this photo in an envelope on which I had written "The Rockefeller house, Meridale, NY, above Grandma's house". I found it with my grandmother's things ... Her name was Mary Belle White and she lived on the street my grandfather, Daniel, always called Shackport Ave. which leads to East Meredith. They had a body of water like this behind their house and they lived just one or two houses from the present post office in Meridale. If anyone can confirm my identification and would like to have this photo I will get it to them.

The following is an obituary of Laura Mae Rockefeller whom I believe lived in that house. The date of 1952 was written on the article by my grandmother, Mary Belle White. I do remember her mentioning the Rockefellers, her former neighbors, many times, but do not remember any particulars about them. My grandmother passed away in 1975 and my mother, Mildred White Pinney had these photos in her possession until she passed away in 1985 and I didn't get them until my father passed away in 1998. --Pat Gray

NOTE: from Harriett Schultz:
Laura May Sterry Rockefeller is my gt Aunt. Jefferson Rockefeller was my Grandmother Alice Rockefeller Cooke Tait's brother. I had no idea she was alive until 1952. This obit will help fill a hole in my records. If there are any other surviving members of their family, would love to hear from them. Harriett Schultz - posted here November 19, 2009

Obituary for Mrs. Laura May Rockefeller 1952
1920 United States Federal Census

Name: Jefferson Rockafellar
[Jefferson Rockefeller]
Age: 57
Birth Year: abt 1863
Birthplace: New York
Home in 1920: Meredith, Delaware, New York
Street: Meridale-Delh State Highway
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Laura M Rockafellar
Father's Birthplace: New York
Mother's Birthplace: New York
Occupation: Blacksmith
Name Age
Jefferson Rockafellar 57
Laura M Rockafellar 50
Census information:
Source: United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:

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