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I ran across the attached while helping another researchers. I'd be curious if anyone can tell me about the folks named other than Harkness and also if there is likely to be a local paper extant which might have more information. --John Hutchins, June 30, 2008

Albany Evening Journal Oct 26, 1853 (from

A Counterfeiter’s Letters – The following are copies of Letters read on the trial of Harkness, in Delhi:-
[No. 3. No signature, (Address) George N. Davis, Esq., Kortright, Del. Co., N. Y.]

Delhi, Sept. 29, 1856

Geo. – Enclosed you will find the things you sent me. It is very much colored and inked over. The reason of its being inked over so, is because I put on the impression once before, and had to take it out. I took it out before the ink got dry, and it washed all over the Bill. I did not get it out clean the first time, so I put on some more and in the meantime was called out, and was out 2 or 3 hours, so that the stuff colored it. I think I have got the measure of the thing so that I can aim straight another time. It is much more difficult than type to get on straight. A copperplate is bright, so that you can see through, but the thing I have got is dark, so I have to go by measure entirely. You wrote about getting some of them to alter; if you get them, you will have to take the ink out. I cannot do it. I have no place, and it takes a great while to take it out of any amount of one’s. You have some stuff, and if you have not enough, get some more of the old man – besides that, I have no stuff; only a little and I dare not get any more in this place. It is only kept in one place, and I have got some twice already; and it is stuff that they must know I have no use for. You will have to get it out some way or other, for I cannot. You must be careful about writing; it is not best to write, only when it can’t be helped, and when you do write, don’t sign any name. I don’t think the Boston, in Vignette, will hurt anything on account of the Bank being at Boston. You had better get Geo to put in the other name, for I have nothing but a steel pen. I think those letters will look better than type, if the paper is not colored as the one’s is; you see that stuff spread down on the top on the N.; if you come, you will probably come in the stage, and not come by the office until after dark.
Yours, &c.,
G. M. Davis Esq.

[No. 4. Postmarked “Delhi, Jan. 12.” (Address) Geo. N. Davis, Esq., Kortright, Del. Co., N. Y.]
Delhi, January 14th, 1853.

Geo.- Enclosed you will find 8 pieces; all I have stuff to fix, and if I had stuff I could not fix them good. I have to work where there is no fire, and can’t work then when there is any one in the office. Perry or Wheeler are in most of the time. I fixed them while Perry was gone to Church, and had to hurry so that I could not do them good. I cannot do them good in the winter, and don’t mean to do anything more, winter or summer. If you want what things I have, come down and I will sell them to you less than you can buy them any where else. I have 4 or five pounds of type; some of them would cost a dollar a pound at the factory; to do anything a person wants a warm Room where there is Light, and no danger of being disturbed. I understand Esq. Nilla will not live. If you want the things come down before long.
Robt. Harkness

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