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My great-great-grandmother is Mary Ann Grant Dann, who celebrated her 100th Birthday on March 3rd, 1939. Shortly after, she received the following newsy letter from Lucy Brisack Videtto, who was her student in the First United Methodist Church Sunday School, Walton, during the 1870s. Lucy had since left Walton and was residing in Nebraska with her husband, S. Sague Videtto, when she wrote this letter. --Carolee Innskeep - posted to this website February 11, 2011


Addressed To: Mrs. Mary A. Dann, Cobleskill, New York, c/o Mrs. Chas. G. DuMond
Return To: Mrs. S. S. Videtto, Minatare, Nebraska
Postmark: Minatare, March 25, 1939


Minatare, Nebraska
March 24th, 1939

Mrs. Mary Dann
Cobleskill, N.Y.

Dear Friend,

You doubtless will be surprised to receive a letter from me but through The Delaware Express sent to me by a friend I read where you had celebrated your one hundredth birthday. I want to congratulate you and wish for you the best of health and happiness. I was so delighted to hear about your party and what a lovely day you must have had. I often think of you and the nice times I had at your home when I was just a young girl and you were my Sunday School teacher. So many pleasant days the class spent at your home - that was a long time ago. It doesn't seem so long either but it must be for I am 75 years old now. Another day I remember and often think about was the dinner at Jennie Bradley Hanford's the winter of 1906. You and your husband were there - G'ma Dann - my little mother and myself - and you gave me a drawn work doilie that I still have. I also have your picture taken probably 65 years ago. I recall Mother used to say "Mary Ann Dann could do any thing with a needle." It must have been a thrill going to N.Y. City by stage to obtain the latest styles for both hats and dresses for your clients and at 90 still sewing pieces of quilt for your grandchildren. It's very pleasant work I think. Speaking of g'children - we had two - Thomas is an officer in the U.S. Navy stationed at Manila in the Philippines at present. We expect him home for a visit in Aug. His mother Kate (Mrs. E.T. Peters) is our daughter born in Walton. Our other daughter Ruth (Mrs. C.F. Mills) passed away four years ago also her daughter did some later so we now have but one daughter and only one g'child, not a very large family. I have a cousin in Deposit who keeps me pretty well informed as events take place among friends in my generation. It's about the only contact I have now with dear old Walton. I must congratulate you and express my pleasure in hearing about you. My regards to your daughter and much love to you.

Lucy Brisack Videtto

My husband is in very good health and our only dau. and her husband live with us.

[end letter]

Note: On March 6, 1942, the Beatrice Daily Sun of Nebraska (page 3, column 3) reported "Services for Sub Victim. Minatare (AP) - Memorial services will be held here Sunday for Lieut. Thomas Videtto Peters of Minatare. He died when a submarine sank off Panama after colliding with a surface vessel Jan. 25."

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