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Delaware Literary Institute

1906 picture of the Delaware Literary Institute

photo submitted by Barbara Grady, 27 July 2012

Delaware Literary Institute Graduates - 1836 - 1908

I was looking through the DLI 150th Anniversary Booklet and realized that it has some genealogical significance. As you may know, the school was incorporated by an act of the NYS Legislature in April of 1835, and formally opened in 1836. The listings of graduates includes students from near and far until it closed in 1902. Then the Franklin Schools used some of the buildings, and in 1930 voters authorized the inclusion of the Delaware Literary Institute into the Franklin schools name which then became the Delaware Literary Institute and Franklin Central Schools. --Bob Taylor

Classes 1836-1849

Charles W. Clapp
Adam Craig
James Douglas
DeWitt Ford
Walter H. Griswald
James H. Johnson
Stephen D. Law
J. Geurnsey Merchant
Samuel F. Miller
James H. Parsons
Philo Stilson
Henry M. Waterbury
William White
Class of 1850

Henry R. Avery
William Townsend Baxter
Edwin J. Buck
Mary Chase
Fred Humphrey
Robert T. Johnson
W. A. P. Morris
Class of 1851

Edward Bush
Ann E. Dann
Marcus N. Horton
Charles F. Ingersol
Allan H. Jackson
L. W. Jackson
Warren Mayo
Joseph Winans
Class of 1852

T. J. Bissell
John Jackson
Arial McMaster
Class of 1853

Adeline H. Chase
Van Buren Dutton
John H. Dillingham
Henry S. DeForest
Benjamin D. Gilbert
Joel M. Manwaring
Henry P. McCoy
Ezra Pratt
Schuyler B. Steers
Seymour Scott
James M. Washburn
M. L. Ward
Annistine Waterbury
Class of 1854

C. E. Baldwin
Loomis J. Campbell
John V. Hilton
Charlotte Hitchcock
Stephen Holden
Edwin D. Ingersol
Leigh R. James
Ferris Jacobs, Jr.
M. T. Kingsley
Charles S. Marvin
L.J. Mattison
George P. Proctor
Ralph Pendleton
Edwon Rogers
Nancy Shaw
George W. Snyder
William H. Steele
Lemira F. Wheat
Class of 1855

Roderick Baldwin
J. Baldwin
Delia M. Bixby
Charles H. Brown
Charlotte M. Earl
Samuel Frisbee
G.H. Gray
Sarah F. Hanford
Mary E. Hyer
Mary M. Jennings
Helen Richtmeyer
Julia A. Sleeper
G. Vossler
Mary A. Wheat
Class of 1856

W. H. Andrews
L. R. Goodman
Class of 1857

William F. Benedict
B. S. Bentley
Charles Easton
J. R. Foster
A.J. Quick
Jennie Quinn
J. M. Scribner
J. Edward Stewart
James Seward
Henry W. Sigler
George Snow
Harden Wheat
Class of 1858

Irving. L. Beeman
Donald Brown
Robert Davis
P.R. Day
Charles W. Gillett
E.C. Hall
Delos W. Hatch
J.A. Holmes
E.L. Holmes
Edward McCarthy
J. D. Tucker
F. H. Wakely
Lizzie Worman
Class of 1859

Henry Abell
Lina R. Brown
Augusta R. Comstock
Lizzie A. Downs
Cornelia M. Furman
Mary R. Grant
Mary A. Holmes
Sarah J. Woodruff
Class of 1860

Fanny Chamberlain
S. Elizabeth Edgerton
Edwin O. Gates
Arthur Goodenough
Manetho Hilton
Bina E. Humphrey
George W. Morris
R.C. McElwaine
S. Montgomery
Addie E. Noble
Amelia B. Proctor
Martha G. Robie
Lucinda M. Robinson
George B. Sennett
Marion L. Thrall
John W. Teal
Moses H. Tuttle
Class of 1861

John R. Arrison
Eben M. Betts
Fannie A. Barnes
Jennie Brewster
Tuza Bulkley
Orlando F. Bump
Edward N. Bartlett
Henry M. Crydenwise
A. H. Fullerton
George M. T. Johnson
Mary M. Miller
George W. Morrill
Nellie M. Truesdell
Class of 1862

Amelia R. Arms
E. J. H. Beard
Truman S. Betts
Kate Kilbourne
Sarah Lockwood
Joseph H. Sawyer
Lucy M. Treadwell
Joseph P. Vroman
Cranville Yager
Class of 1863

Lucy E. Abell
Frances M. Bissell
Emily F. Blish
Adda S. Halsey
Clark L. Hood
Jenkin Jones
Charles J. Knapp
Mary F. Wright
Class of 1864

Helen M. Parsons
Wilbur F. Saxton
Class of 1865

Elizabeth P. Beach
Class of 1866

Alden J. Bennett
Henry Easson
John M. English
Joseph H. Harper
Frank D. McClure
Charles Y. McClure
George D. Pattengill
Class of 1867

Edwin F. Barlow
Mary H. Goodrich
Elmer A. Holden
Edward P. Rowell
Catherine J. Rose
Ella A. Treadwell
Myron W. Woodruff
Alonzo R. Yeoman
Class of 1868

John M. Chase
William A. Drake
David M. Johnson
Alice C. Hine
Class of 1869

Charles E. Lee
Sheldon Norton
Sarah C. Thomas
Class of 1870

Mary H. Beach
Tremain Calkius
R. Henry Hume
Augusta M. Kingsley
A. Lula Loveland
Charles E. Patten
John P. Silvernail
Hattie A. Shepard
Mary W. Willis
Class of 1871

William Lee
Giles Hubbard
Welling Thomas
Class of 1872

Elnora Adams
Jennie Briggs
Lillie Briggs
Rubie J. Chamberlin
Eliza Frail
Charles Goodrich
Carrie Hine
John Herdman
Ernest C. McGibbon
Class of 1873

Riley O. Allen
S. J. Rowland
Edward P. Saxon
Class of 1874

James A. Davis
Wilfred M. Peck
Scott B. Rathbun
Howard R. Wheat
Class of 1875

Mary L. Abell
Edward L. Briggs
Annie W. Gallup
Addie M. Georgia
Hattie E. Mills
Maria A. Wild
Irving C. Wood
Class of 1876

Nellie C. Bissell
Fannie L. Drake
G. Frank Drake
George E. Gerowe
Lillian Kellogg
Ora E. Moffit
Lucia E. Raymond
Hattie E. Winans
Silas C. Wheat
Class of 1877

Carleton D. Emmons
Nellie B. Manning
Grenville A. Rathbun
Carrie A. Slade
Mary A. Staurt (sic)
Arthur L. White
Class of 1878

Arthur S. Barnes
Willis A. Cooper
Fred L. Dewey
Fannie M. Shattuck
George R. Southwick
Wilson H. VanBuren
Class of 1879

Fred J. Bailey
Lucy E. Benedict
Frank A. Bidwell
Charles T. Brown
Adriel B. Ely
B. Caryl Ely
M. Jennie Pettit
Belle J. Smith
W. Dewey Wheat
Fred C. Wilcox
Class of 1880

Mary L. Baumes
Albert A. Bird
James T. Black
James B. Hastings
William P. Miller
Ida I. Penfield
Millie A. Phelps
Lucinda Stuart
Class of 1881

Julia L. Abell
Mary E. Douglas
Edward A. Dox
Louise Rose
Fred Sloane
Class of 1882

Currence Bostwick
Frank R. Bouton
Cora A. Bush
Gilbert A. Callahan
Emily V. Day
Arthur J. Dibble
Willaim C. Dibble
Sarah S. Frazee
John S. Jackson
James B. Lee
Helen G. Mann
John C. Mason
Mary Ella Mills
Charles E. Nichols
Mary A. Northrup
William D. Ogden
Class of 1883

Mary Ellen Bostwick
Helen C. Day
Arch M. Doig
Leverge Knapp
Jennie B. Munson
Myrta E. Page
J. Verill, Jr.
Frank I. Wheat
George E. Young
Class of 1884

David J. Chrestensep
Elmer G. Frail
John H. Fyfe
Eliha H. Pierson
William J. Pike
Annie E. Southwick
Class of 1885

Ella E. Adee
Phebe C. Day
Lillian M. Douglas
Mary I. Hoag
Carrie D. Hurlbutt
Lizzie M. Phelps
Class of 1891

Alva D. Rowell
Class of 1892

Frederick L. Bush
Class of 1893

Maude Lloyd
Class of 1894

Bertha Eveland
Milton Hastings
Camon VanKeuren
Class of 1900

Charles W. Bryant
Rose Bulon
Alice Cohoon
Cecelia Devonvisley
Max Fromholz
J. Maude Harrick
Chester Luckey
Elmer Sivernell
M. Belle Strangeway
Class of 1901

Bedros Gomrigean
Jennie Mackey
Avis Mulster
Juliet Riddell
Lousea Smith
Earl N. Wattles
Class of 1902

Mabel L. Backus
Ida Louise Eveland
Elmer A. Gillette
Josie Lloyd
Class of 1904

Walter J. Marsland
Class of 1905

Burr Chamberlin
Sarah Miller
Marie Turk
Class of 1907

Isabell Penfield
William A. Rose
Class of 1908

Clyde Chanberlin
Lynn Chamberlin
Elmer Cole
Howard Cook
Edith B. Finch
Christina Miles
Merton Ogden
Howard W. Preston

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