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I inherited this 1905-96 calendar that was put out by the Bloomville United Methodist church. The calendar has many names of people from the Delaware County area and their friends. --Jill D. (Hunt) Walch. Copyright (c) Bloomville United Methodist Church 1999

Bloomville Methodist Episcopal Church

Souvenir Calendar

Bloomville Methodist Episcopal Church

Published by The Ladies' Aid Society
Reverend D. H. Piper, Pastor

" This calendar is published by the Ladies'Aid Society of the Bloomville Methodist Episcopal Church,
to aid in defraying the expense of building the new parsonage, constructed in 1904."

"The building committee: Rev. D.H. Piper, Wm.B. Peters, Chas. Brandow, E.T. VanBuren,
E.M. Powell, O.J. Butts."

Press of the INDEPENDENT, Hobart, New York

May 1905

        May  1   Mrs. Charles Cowan; Maude E. Noxon
        May  2   W.H. Hickok
        May  3   Mrs. Clark Frisbee
        May  4   Simon Dibble
        May  5   Maude J. Whitney, Albany, NY
        May  6   C.H.Moak, M.D.
        May  7   D.T. Bowker
        May  8   Mrs.E. C. Roberts
        May  9   Mrs Abram Brandow
        May 10   Arthur Henry VanBuren
        May 11   Andrew Every
        May 12   Lucia Adee
        May 13   Mrs. O.W. Hill;  Lewis H. Piper
        May 14   Henry Kerr
        May 15   Freelove J. Hill;  B.C.Noxon
        May 16   Louie Bell Gorse;  (Mrs. Ferris Beken)
        May 17   Mrs Harriet Wetmore;  Mrs. Mary D. Smith;  Laura M. Stoutenburg
        May 18   Mrs. R.W. McArthur
        May 19   Martin Hait
        May 20   Mrs. Cornelia Froman Rexfod; Sarah Peters Hickok; Catherine Frisbee
        May 21   Mrs. E. J. Wheeler
        May 22   Hon. James R. Cowan
        May 23  D. F. Hammond; Walter H. and Margaret A. Davidson
        May 24   Mrs George H. Polley, Sr.
        May 25   Rev. John W.Gorse (Born 1825); Eli C. Roberts; Wm. A. Odell
        May 26   Mrs. Adelia A Shelly
        May 27   Wm. Cleveland
        May 28   D.H. Kimball; Sherman Smith
        May 29   W. D. Ceas; George D Arbuckle; Frank L. Kiff
        May 30   Sophia Murphy; Leslie Gerowe; Robert Rich
        May 31   James Cook

June 1905

        June  1   Grace Cleveland
        June  2    Frank M. Lyon
        June  3   Fanny Melicent Sheldon; Hiram Frisbee
        June  4   Bessie M. Stevens
        June  5   Mrs. Sarah A. Brown
        June  6   Mrs. Evrett Simmons
        June  7   Mrs. Wm. C. Burroughs
        June  8   Samuel Fitch Penfield Delhi, N.Y.
        June  9   James Rich
        June 10   Noyl Nhoj (sic)
        June 11   Hanna Rosalia Hickok; Mrs. Emma A. E. Brown
        June 12   Mary Zeh;  L. Hummel; W. J. Moak
        June 13   Mrs. Celia Boyd; Eleanor J. Swayer
        June 14   Bessie Barker
        June 15   Fred R. McArthur
        June 16   John T. Lyon
        June 17   L. C. Dibble
        June 18   Mrs. Wm. Cleveland
        June 19   Mrs. Marietta Scott
        June 20   Mrs. James R. Honeywell
        June 21   Mrs. Mary L. Ryer
        June 22   Edith M. Bolles
        June 23   Ida M. Sherman
        June 24   Mrs. Ellen Huson; Carolus Stoutenburg
        June 25   O. W. Hill
        June 26   William L. Kiff; Edgar T. VanBuren; W.C. Hill
        June 27   Mrs. Sarah D. Corbon; Mrs. Celia A. Waters; J. W. McArthur
        June 28   Rev. George B. Clark
        June 29   Helen Sackrider Penfield
        June 30   Charles L. Huber Born in Germany, 1841; J. Howard Scott

July 1905

        July  1   J.A. Hill;  Mrs. M. F. Allison
        July  2   John U. Schumerhorn
        July  3   Mrs. Cora Gregory;  E. Agustus Craig
        July  4   Harold D. Joslin
        July  5   Blanche Pickins
        July  6   Mrs. N. C. Moak
        July  7   Mrs. F. Moxham
        July  8   Mrs. J. A. Hill
        July  9   Henry Dibble
        July 10   Fred Moxham
        July 11   Fritz Wenck
        July 12   Mrs. W. G. Johnston
        July 13   Mrs. W. C. Bright
        July 14   F. W. Webster
        July 15   Mrs. J. H. King
        July 16   Mrs. M. Beesmer; Mrs. H. B. Gerowe
        July 17   Mrs. Hannah R. Peters; Ranson Forman
        July 18   Nina Wood
        July 19   Mrs. D. T. Bowker
        July 20   Frank L. Wilson, D.D. Presiding Elder, Kingston District
        July 21   John Sackrider; Howard Peters Hickok
        July 22   Mrs. Candace Murdock
        July 23   Herman Moss
        July 24   W. C. Rhoda; Effie Bright
        July 25   Mrs. A. J. Davis
        July 26   F. M. McLaury
        July 27   Wm. H. Allison
        July 28   T. H. Trelease, Sr.
        July 29   Melvin Tuttle
        July 30   J. T. Higbie
        July 31   Martha Hait

August 1905

        August  1   Allison H. Hern
        August  2   Jas. Tongue
        August  3   Robert McLaury; Mrs. Martin Hait; Horace Gregory, Jr.
        August  4   Mrs. J.T. Higbie; Mrs. L.M.Figger; Winfield Palmer
        August  5    Wm. T. Black; S. W. Murdock
        August  6    W. E. Hennis; Frank Nesbitt
        August  7   Mrs. Lettie St. John
        August  8   Mrs. Ella M. Henness; Jamesena Bright
        August  9   Mrs. Mabel Bouck
        August 10   Emmett Coan
        August 11   Harry Akely; Mrs. W.T. Gould
        August 12   Nellie May Davidson
        August 13   Margaret J. Sherman; L. M. Figger
        August 14   Cook W. St John, Walton, NY; Marshall M. Roberts; Mrs. A. A. Hill
        August 15   Fred R. McArthur; Mrs. J. Whipple; Jas. Gibson
        August 16   R. T. Miller
        August 17   C. B. Hinman
        August 18   Aletha Miller
        August 19   Mrs. M. A. Every; Edith G. Tongue
        August 20   Lottie St. John
        August 21   Mrs. W. H. Beach, Toledo, Ohio
        August 22   Alice E. Bolles
        August 23   Mrs. H. O. Lewis
        August 24   Mrs. Anna E. Butts
        August 25   Nettie Henness
        August 26  Chas. W. Nill, Brooklyn
        August 27   Rev. Robert A. Brown, PhD, Tottenville, N. Y.
        August 28   Mrs. Delia A. Forman
        August 29   Martin Unshey
        August 30   A. E. Ackley
        August 31   Katherine Lucia Adee

September 1905

        Sept  1   Cornelius W. Every, Jr.
        Sept  2   Susan M. Frisbee
        Sept  3   John N. Purvis
        Sept  4   Wm. Stoutenburg
        Sept  5   Lina E. McClelland
        Sept  6   Mrs. D.H. Kimball; Mrs. Homer Gemmel; Mrs. Margaret B. Hern
        Sept  7   Mrs. A. E. Ackley
        Sept  8   Mrs. Julia Forman
        Sept  9   Ferris Edward Beken Jessie Kimball
        Sept 10   Robert C. Maxon
        Sept 11   Mrs. J.H. Arbuckle
        Sept 12   Mrs. R. McLaury; John W. McLean; Andrew M. Forman, Meridale
        Sept 13   Peter Smith
        Sept 14   J.A. Michel Brooklyn
        Sept 15   Mrs. Edith Craig; Joseph McIntyre
        Sept 16   Mrs. Aaron Stern; Clark T. Hillis
        Sept 17   Stephen Hillis
        Sept 18   Mrs. Mary Sackrider Robinson
        Sept 19   Mrs. Winfield Palmer
        Sept 20   W. A. Minor, M.D.
        Sept 21   Mrs. J. W. Shiland
        Sept 22   Ralph Rose
        Sept 23   Mrs. Fletcher Gorse; Ida Olmstead
        Sept 24   Mrs. Carrie N. Wetmore; Emory Roscrans; Mrs. Sarah E. Nichols
        Sept 25   Vern R. Harrison; Andrew J. Davis
        Sept 26   Mrs. H. K. Galloway; John A. St. John
        Sept 27   Mrs. M. M. Roberts; Mrs. J. T. Scott
        Sept 28   Charles H. Cummings; D. J. Ceas
        Sept 29   Hugh K. Rose
        Sept 30   William Clark, Editor Express; J. Howard Scott

October 1905

        Oct  1   Annie Dibble; Charles W. Rhoda
        Oct  2   Mrs. W. Carson Mitchell
        Oct  3   Susie M. Beken
        Oct  4   Mrs. J. W. McArthur;  Dr. Wm. E. Hendry
        Oct  5   Ward A. Wheeler
        Oct  6   Mrs. S. C. Mitchell; Harold Hyzer
        Oct  7   Margeurite Brandow
        Oct  8   John Polley
        Oct  9   Ethel Purvis, Kingston
        Oct 10   Hon. T. Sanderson, Walton
        Oct 11   Jesse Dibble, Jr
        Oct 12   Mabel D. Coan
        Oct 13   Edith M. Whitney
        Oct 14   Ruth M. Tongue
        Oct 15   Rev. M. B. Cummings
        Oct 16   Mrs. Lucia A. Maxon
        Oct 17   J. B. Silliman
        Oct 18   E. M. Powell; James Donohue
        Oct 19   Orson Jocelyn
        Oct 20   Alice Davis
        Oct 21   Rev. William Ackryod, Walton, NY
        Oct 22   J. Arthur Rich; Orson J. Bright
        Oct 23   Ernest A. Whitney
        Oct 24   Willa Mae Grant
        Oct 25   Elizabeth A. Shiland
        Oct 26   Rose B. Sackrider
        Oct 27   Susie Gerowe
        Oct 28   Colon Smith
        Oct 29   Mrs. Charles Gregory; Mrs. James Rich  L. J. Coan
        Oct 30   G. L. Hubbell; M. D. Hobart
        Oct 31   Mrs. C. H. Barker; Frank Sackrider

 November 1905

        Nov  1   Elsie Louise Church; Wilson Barker
        Nov  2   Mrs. Eliza Gregory; E. Sackrider
        Nov  3   Isabelle L. King
        Nov  4   Charles Cowan
        Nov  5   Rev. J. Ackerman, D. D.;  Mrs. Gideon Brown, So. Manchester, Conn.
        Nov  6   A. S. Carroll
        Nov  7   Mrs. William Dibble
        Nov  8   Jeremiah Rosecrans; Ray L. Gerowe; Mrs. Wm. Ryer
        Nov  9   Mrs. Mehetable Roscrans, Manorkill, N. Y.
        Nov 10   Floyd S. Gregory; Simon Frisbee
        Nov 11   Harry Nesbitt Wetmore
        Nov 12   Mrs. R. B. Whitney; Carrie Tuttle; Mrs. Eunice E. Clark
        Nov 14   A Well Wisher
        Nov 15   Mrs. Nancie Buell; Henrietta E. McLaury
        Nov 16   Andrew Dibble
        Nov 17   Nicholas C. Moak
        Nov 18   Mrs. Belle J. Black; Mrs. DeEtt W. Brownell
        Nov 19   Edwin C. Piper; Roy C. Miller
        Nov 20   Wm. H. Trelease
        Nov 21   Mrs. James Stowe; C. Gladys Powell
        Nov 22   J. K. Forman
        Nov 23   Clara Sherman
        Nov 24   Mrs. D. Cunningham; Sarah B. Powell
        Nov 25   Maud Decker;  Reba Hemmel
        Nov 26   Mrs Marshall Ceas;  Edgar T. VanBuren
        Nov 27   Edgar W. Douglass
        Nov 28   C. A. DuBois
        Nov 29   E. Augusta Clauson;  A. E. St. John
        Nov 30   Mrs. J. E. Doing; Mrs. Minnie R. Murdock; J. R. Honeywell

December 1905

        Dec  1   Harry E. Sackrider
        Dec  2   Mrs. Leona Gould VanBuren
        Dec  3   D. Franklin
        Dec  4   Mrs. Ruth C. Phillips
        Dec  5   Arthur Tuttle
        Dec  6   Alexander Palmer
        Dec  7   Bruce R. Burroughs
        Dec  8   Theron L. St.John
        Dec  9   Mrs. A. R. Dibble
        Dec 10   Mrs Alice E. Davis
        Dec 11   Lena C. Forman
        Dec 12   Mrs. John S. Thomson;  R. McLaury, Jr.
        Dec 13   Elizabeth White
        Dec 14   Rev. E. A. Boggs; Wm. H. Trelease, New York
        Dec 15   Susie McLaury; John L. St.John
        Dec 16   Mrs. J. Michel, Brooklyn; Alvah Sowles
        Dec 17   F.S. Lewis
        Dec 18   D. Henness
        Dec 19   John N. Boyd; George J. Gallup
        Dec 20   Mrs. Stephen Rich; Mrs. DeWitt; Richard H. Hern
        Dec 21   A. W. Tongue
        Dec 22   William H. Sackrider
        Dec 23   Mrs. William D. Ceas; O.J. Butts; William B.Peters
        Dec 24   H. E. St.John; Mrs. Wm. Hauvey
        Dec 25   Mrs. Henry Sherman; Mrs. C. B. Palmer; A. T. Maxon
        Dec 26   D. S. Brisack; Daniel Ceas, Sr.
        Dec 27   Ralph Brownell
        Dec 28   Leroy Beesmer; George Allen
        Dec 29   Mrs. Lizzebell Lyon
        Dec 30   Nellie Tuttle
        Dec 31   In Memoriam Alfred Frank Moxam  April 16, 1904 - aged 24 years

January 1906

        Jan  1   Scott S. Silliman;  Ferris Adee
        Jan  2   Lee Buell
        Jan  3   Willis B. Forman
        Jan  4   D. C. Beken; Mrs. Charles Gerowe
        Jan  5   B. H. Nichols, Conn.
        Jan  6   James Rich Peters
        Jan  7   J. Lawrence
        Jan  8   Hannah M. Lamb, Jefferson, N.Y.
        Jan  9   Lucy A. McMorris
        Jan 10   Aaron Stern, Delhi
        Jan 11   Gladys M. Chapman; Lillian C. Grant
        Jan 12   Mrs. Mary A. Odell
        Jan 13   Mrs. George J. Gallup, Hobart, NY
        Jan 14   Ethel J. Rose; Edmund H. Rose, Jr.
        Jan 15   Mrs. Anna O. Kiff; Harvey B. Gerowe
        Jan 16   Mrs. Susan A. St. John
        Jan 17   Elenor, Kingston, NY
        Jan 18   Mrs. J. B. Silliman; Horace L. Brownell
        Jan 19   Mrs. Jane Cowan
        Jan 20   Birdella DuBois, Kingston
        Jan 21   Mrs. C. H. Shelley
        Jan 22   Fred R. Lyon; Mrs. J. S. Dow
        Jan 23   John S. Piper; Ruth Rhoda; Ruth Matthews Swayer, Chicago
        Jan 24   Mrs. Daniel Frisbee; Alice L. Davidson; Marion B. Robinson
        Jan 25   Roy Odell Hillis
        Jan 26   Mrs. Leslie Roberts
        Jan 27   Mrs. Samuel O. Smith
        Jan 28   Charles W. Wetmore
        Jan 29   Mrs. R. S. Loudon; Ferris Lyon; J. Duncan Lawrence
        Jan 30   Merwin C. DuBois
        Jan 31   Mrs. J. A. Hendry

February 1906

        Feb  1   Everett Tate
        Feb  2   Ica VanBumble
        Feb  3   Mrs. M. A. Ackerman; R. A. McLaury
        Feb  4   Mrs. Paulina A. Dean; Margaret Frisbee
        Feb  5   Dr. Ashley Clark Follett
        Feb  6   Archie Roberts; Eleanor Swayer
        Feb  7   Elmer J. Wheeler; Powell M. Grant
        Feb  8   James E. Goodsell, Meridale
        Feb  9   Henry Every
        Feb 10   Ruth Brownell
        Feb 11   D. W. Rothensies
        Feb 12   Lewis B. Sackrider
        Feb 13   Claude Smith; Edith L. Forman
        Feb 14   W.W. Kerr; J. P. Grant, County Judge
        Feb 15   Mrs. James Tongue; Emily Shermerhorn
        Feb 16   Rev. E. A. Robinson, Burlington, N.J.
        Feb 17   A Friend
        Feb 18   Mrs. R. P. McIntosh
        Feb 19   R. T. Johnson
        Feb 20   Mrs. Eugene Stoutenburg
        Feb 21   Mary N. Grant
        Feb 22   Mrs. Kate Keator Lawrence;  Mrs. J. S. Kerr;  Jane Rich
        Feb 23   Mrs. Charles Franklin
        Feb 24   Wm. A. Robinson;  Emily Abigail Silliman
        Feb 25   Mrs. Mary Ellen Cummings;  Marguerite Humphrey
        Feb 26   Harriet R. Trelease, Bridgeport, Conn
        Feb 27   Rev. H. K. Galloway;  W. C. Hotaling;  Lewis Carter
        Feb 28   R. L. Louton

March 1905

        March  1   Mrs. Stephen Ceas; Mrs. J. E. Dow, Unadilla, NY
        March  2   Rev. A. K.Sanford
        March  3   George Aldrich
        March  4   Mrs. James Brownell;  Mary Jane Moxham
        March  5   Fred Whitney; Clara D. Michel, Brooklyn
        March  6   Laura Belle Shiland; Mrs. Elizabeth Hait, Relay;  Gladys Catherine Foote
        March  7   Charles Coan
        March  8   Dorothy Reeves Penfield; Stephen Ceas
        March  9   Forman Schermerhorn
        March 10   E. C. Smyth
        March 11   Marshall Ceas; Tracy Tuttle; Hugh King
        March 12   Mrs. Susan N. Hait; Mrs. Emmett Coan; Raymond Spickerman
        March 13   F. H. McArthur
        March 14   Tessie Corbin, Delhi; W. A. Baker
        March 15   C.H. Barker
        March 16   Lizzie Weber, Brooklyn
        March 17   O.B. Foote, Jr.; Jerome Whipple; James H. Davidson
        March 18   Lawrence A. Mitchell
        March 19   Mabel Ida Miller; Edward Lamb Nighols
        March 20   C. H. Gregory
        March 21   Mrs. Winfield Sheldon; Edward Trelease
        March 22   Blanche Whipple
        March 23   Mrs. C. E. Burroughs
        March 24   Mary E. Reeves;  R. P. McIntosh
        March 25   Mrs. Nettie Odell Squires;  A. Harris Grant
        March 26   Hugh Gemmel
        March 27   Bartley S. Sheldon
        March 28   Wm. G. Johnston, Kingston
        March 29   Mrs. A. C. Follett
        March 30   Frank G. Lyon
        March 31   Mrs. Wm. H. Smith

April 1906
        April  1   Mrs. Wm. Campbell
        April  2   John Smith; Fletcher W. Gorse
        April  3   Mrs. Henry Every
        April  4   James H. McIntosh
        April  5   Andrew M. Lyon
        April  6   Rev. D.H. Piper; Rev. C. W. Kinney
        April  7   James S. Dow
        April  8   Mrs. Lawyer Noxon
        April  9   A. T. Moxham
        April 10   A. J. Champion
        April 11   Sarah J. Porter; Mrs. Henry Forman
        April 12   Mrs. Agnes Craig; Robert Nesbitt, Buffalo
        April 13   James Kelly
        April 14   Charlotte M. Ryer
        April 15   John McNeilly; Mrs. Henry VanBuren
        April 16   Charles T. Wetmore
        April 17   Mrs. Agusta Hinman
        April 18   Fannie Kiff; Martha Chapman; Mrs. W. A. Chapman
        April 19   Theophilus B. Higbee
        April 20   R. McClelland; Harry Sherman
        April 21   Mrs. Mary A. McLaury
        April 22   Mrs. George Butts
        April 23   Ella S. Lamb
        April 24   Mrs. J. J. Andrews
        April 25   William H. Smith
        April 26   Jacob Huson
        April 27   Mrs. Alex. Forman born 1819
        April 28   Wm. Peters Lyon; Omar Ganoung; Mrs. E. A. Robinson, New Jersey
        April 29   Mrs. Grace Dwyer; Donald Rich Lyon
        April 30   Mrs. E. M. Powell; Mrs. E. A. Bolles

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