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My grandmother recently sent me some Horton family documents that had been in sealed boxes for over 50 years. One of them is a copy of handwritten data by my g-g-g-g-grandfather, Ray Horton, written 13 February 1871. I transcribed the notes myself and left the misspellings in them. Sue Dewey, July 10, 1998

Handwritten Notes From Ray Horton (1811-1884)

* * *
Enoch & Esther Knapp Parents of Prudence, Allen, Rachel, James, Charles.

Moved to Colchester, Delaware Co., N.Y. April 1794 from the town of Sumers then Stephentown, Westchester Co. Was 5 days sailing on the Hudson in a sloop from Singsing to Canties Landing and then stayed 1 week at Cantie House with three children. Their mother stayed and their father went to Colchester and came back with their Uncle James Wright. They had this provision with them. James Wright, brother of Esther Knapp, married patty Wolf. Her father's moher was sold for him to pay their passage from Germany. Patty's mother's name aunt Katy Wolf.

* * *

Family of Daniel & Rachel Wright

Daniel Wright, Sarah Frost, Hannah Knapp, Esther Knapp (Wife of Enoch Knapp), Micajah Wright (Master Francis Field), James Wright (Married Patty Wolf. Moved to Colchester in 1791), Millicent Beedele, Rachel Field, Phebe Henland (Sue's note: Last name was somewhat illegible, but looks like Henland...possibly Haviland)

Prudence Webb mother of Enoch Knapp and grandmother Prudence Horton was born of French descent 1740 and died 1835. I heard say he had picked whorlleberrys in _______, N.Y. She spun the wool and wove the cloth for her son Enoch Knapp a suit of clothes after she was eigty years of age. Lived in Stamford, Connecticut through the Revolutionary war. Was acquainted wih General DeLafayette when he stoped recruit his army after peace was proclaimed. Enoch Knapp was born April 11th 1764 and died May 2nd 1854. Esther, wife of Enoch Knapp, born Septmber 1761, died October 1804, aged 43.

* * *

Daniel & Esther Horton Grand Parents of her mother's pride, Esther Knapp. Lived in Yorktown, Weschester County, New York.

Brothers and Sisters Daniel Horton, Elizabeth Wright, Stephen Horton, Rachel Wright, Esther Wright, Phebe Knapp, William Horton (Moved to Colchester in 1784), Milliscent Owen.

William Horton (Born Jan. 17th 1743, Died April 4th 1831) father of John, Henry, James, Sarah (married Jacob Radeker), Micajah, Isaac (Moved to Liberty 1828), Esther (Married John Radeker). Mother Lizzie Covert born Jan. 17th 1743, died June 24th 1831. Moved to Colchester, Delaware County, N.Y. from the town of Stephentown 1784. William Horton was a taner & courier by trade. Taned the first leather that was ever taned in Colchester. Was County Judge of Ulster Co. when Ulster and Delaware was one. Was member of the Legislature before 1800. Grandmother Knapp knit him a pair of mittens before she died in 1804. He wore the mittens to Albany. He had a sister living...(trails off the page)...there was a road cut through the woods from Kingston to...(trails off the page again)...Delaware and they moved some of their goods in canoe. Moved in a big house that had no floor or chimney in it.

* * *

Isaac & Prudence Horton Parents of Homer, Ray, James, Charles. Esther, Clarissa, Ovid, Annis, Webb, Emily.

Moved from Colchester to Liberty April 6th & 7th 1826. Stayed and tended the stock of cows, sheep, and hogs. We had 22 the nicest yews than was in the town of Colchester, most of them 2 years old. They was my delight and drove them all the way. Stayed one night at Dashes on the Westfield flats. The next day David Gardner and I saw a wolf near Mr. Steels in Rockland. We drove the sheep to Liberty Falls and salted them by the house and the next morning the sheep was gone and father and I went up the hill and before we got to the clearing we found a dead sheep. All along the hog fence we found them dead or dying. There was 11 dead and most of the rest bitten by the wolves.
February 13th 1871.
Ray Horton.

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