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1855 Census - Town of Roxbury- District # 1

Transcribed by Patty Gaddis

Population census of the inhabitants in the 1st election district of the Town of Roxbury in the County of "Delaware, taken by me on the 28 day of June 1855 R W Baker, Marshall"

"The column headings are dw:fam:type (dwelling #, family #, type). Relationship is for occupation and/or relationship" (The handwriting at times was very flowery. I tried to transcribe initials and names as shown. If I wasn't sure on an "initial I left it out.) I also tried to transcribe as the surnames were spelled, even if different amongst a family."

This film is available from the LDS Family History Centers. There is much more information on the film. "These census records tell what they raised or grew, how many acres of land owned, pounds of maple sugar" "made, gallons of wine made, among others. There are also lists of churches and schools with how many people attended" "each. Marriages and deaths recorded (no names, just a "description" of the person, reason for death, place of marriage.)". "Also, a relative yield of crops and reason for failure (usually drought.)"

dw:fam:type    surname        first          sex  age  relationship        
1:1:frame      BAKER          R W            m    42   farmer              
1:1:frame      BAKER          Nancy M        f    31   wife                
1:1:frame      BAKER          Rozalther M         10   child               
1:1:frame      BAKER          Catherine J    f    6    child               
1:1:frame      BAKER          Lucy A         f    4    child               
2:2:frame      RIKARD         Geo            m    28   farmer              
2:2:frame      RIKARD         Mary J         f    26   wife                
3:3:frame      SHERMAN        Catherine      f    51                       
3:3:frame      SHERMAN        Hellin         f    7    child               
4:4:frame      RUPPLEYE       Cornelius      m    23   farmer              
4:4:frame      RUPPLEYE       Elishebe       f    20   wife                
4:4:frame      RUPPLEYE       Calvin R       m    1    child               
5:5:frame      PEWCOMB        C R            m    36   farmer              
5:5:frame      PEWCOMB        E D            f    36   wife                
5:5:frame      PEWCOMB        Albert         m    10   child               
5:5:frame      PEWCOMB        Rodolf         m    8    child               
5:5:frame      PEWCOMB        Melden         m    5    child               
5:5:frame      PEWCOMB        Francis        f    2    child               
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        James          m    33   farmer              
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Elizabeth      f    33   wife                
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Stephen        m    10   child               
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Charles        m    8    child               
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Clarence       m    6    child               
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Elizabeth      f    4    child               
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Mary           f    2    child               
6:6:frame      WILTSEY        Thankful       f    73   mother              
6:6:frame      CRANK          Harry          m    15   servant             
7:7:frame      MERWIN         David          m    37   blacksmith          
7:7:frame      MERWIN         Betsey A       f    24   wife                
7:7:frame      MERWIN         Charles        m    4    child               
7:7:frame      MERWIN         Osker          m    3    child               
7:7:frame      MERWIN         Joel           m    38   brother/blacksmith  
8:8:frame      BUSH           Nicholas       m    52   farmer              
8:8:frame      BUSH           Lydia          f    45   wife                
8:8:frame      BUSH           Nancy          f    17   child               
8:8:frame      WHITE          Laura E        f    16   niece               
8:9:frame      BUSH           Charles E      m    21   farmer              
8:9:frame      BUSH           Hepsibak J     f    21   wife                
9:10:log       MONDURE        Jeduthan       m    42   farmer              
9:10:log       KNAPP          Matilda        f    20   servant             
10:11:frame    RIKARD         John           m    28   farmer              
10:11:frame    RIKARD         Elizabeth      f    65   mother              
10:11:frame    RIKARD         Elizabeth      f    48   sister              
11:12:frame    LEONARD        Daniel C       m    27   farmer              
11:12:frame    CAMEL          Andrew         m    68   labourer            
11:12:frame    LEONARD        Ester A        f    31   wife                
11:12:frame    LEONARD        Mary E         f    2    child               
11:12:frame    PERSON         Eli C          m    20   servant             
12:13:frame    FULINGTON      Henry          m    24   farmer              
12:13:frame    FULINGTON      Mary E         f    20   wife                
12:13:frame    FULINGTON      Margret        f    62   mother              
12:13:frame    FULINGTON      James          m    2/12 son                 
13:14:log      DECKER         John L         m    61   farmer              
13:14:log      DECKER         Margret        f    57   wife                
13:14:log      DECKER         Cornelia       f    15   child               
14:15:log      DECKER         Lauren         m    31   farmer              
14:15:log      DECKER         Sally A        f    30   wife                
14:15:log      DECKER         Elizabeth      f    7    child               
14:15:log      DECKER         Hammond        ?    3    child               
15:16:frame    LARAWAY        Richard        m    57   farmer              
15:16:frame    LARAWAY        Martha         f    54   wife                
15:16:frame    LARAWAY        Henry          m    15   child               
15:16:frame    LARAWAY        Barney         m    12   child               
15:16:frame    LARAWAY        Catharine      f    6    child               
15:16:frame    LARAWAY        Agnes          f    19   child               
16:17:frame    ST JOHN        Gridley        m    44   farmer              
16:17:frame    ST JOHN        Elizabeth      f    44   wife                
16:17:frame    ST JOHN        Thomas         m    17   child               
16:17:frame    ST JOHN        Mary T         f    14   child               
16:17:frame    ST JOHN        Lydia E        f    7    child               
17:18:log      DAVIS          Williams       m    52   farmer              
17:18:log      DAVIS          Ann            f    45   wife                
17:18:log      DAVIS          Elizabeth      f    24   "wife (yes, two)"   
17:18:log      DAVIS          Abagail        f    15   child               
17:18:log      DAVIS          James          m    12   child               
17:18:log      DAVIS          Prudence       f    10   child               
17:18:log      DAVIS          Angelo         m    7    child               
17:18:log      DAVIS          Merit          m    22   child/farmer        
18:19:frame    BOOTH          Levi           m    65   farmer              
18:19:frame    BOOTH          Phebe          f    62   wife                
18:19:frame    BOOTH          Daniel         m    33   child               
18:19:frame    BOOTH          Louise         f    29   son's wife          
18:19:frame    BOOTH          Elviry         f    25   child               
18:19:frame    BOOTH          Sally          f    22   child               
19:20:frame    TUPPER         Chancy         m    75   farmer              
19:20:frame    TUPPER         Delia          f    70   wife                
19:20:frame    TUPPER         Almena         f    32   child               
19:20:frame    FOLLETT        William        m    19   servant/farmer      
19:20:frame    TUPPER         Horace         m    25   child/collegian     
19:20:frame    CRONK          Nathan         m    53   friend              
20:21:frame    DAVIS          Sanford        m    27   farmer              
20:21:frame    DAVIS          Elizabeth      f    21   wife                
20:21:frame    DAVIS          Sarah F        f    1    child               
20:21:frame    DAVIS          Mary E         f    1/12 child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         Hiram          m    40   farmer              
21:22:frame    CONARO         Phebe          f    42   child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         Isaac          m    19   child/farmer        
21:22:frame    CONARO         Lawrence       m    17   child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         Sarah M        f    15   child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         Henry L        m    13   child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         John G         m    12   child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         Elizabeth      f    9    child               
21:22:frame    CONARO         P J            m    2    child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Ephraim        m    46   farmer              
22:23:frame    DECKER         Eleanor        f    48   wife                
22:23:frame    DECKER         Levina         f    19   child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Sarah          f    17   child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Lucretia       f    16   child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Phillip        m    14   child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         David          m    12   child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Mary           f    10   child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Rhoda          f    8    child               
22:23:frame    DECKER         Julia          f    6    child               
23:24:frame    CRONK          Almanson       m    20   farmer              
23:24:frame    CRONK          Hannah         f    48   mother              
23:24:frame    CRONK          Isaac          m    12   brother             
23:25:frame    CRONK          Lawrence T     m    26   farmer              
23:25:frame    CRONK          Lucy E         f    22   wife                
23:25:frame    CRONK          Elizabeth A    f    3    child               
23:26:frame    DeMONEY        Henry          m    71   farmer              
23:26:frame    DeMONEY        Louisa         f    77   wife                
23:26:frame    DeMONEY        Henry Jr       m    46   child/farmer        
24:27:frame    BLUMBERG       Wilson         m    27   farmer              
24:27:frame    BLUMBERG       Eliza T        f    23   wife                
24:27:frame    BLUMBERG       Adison         m    3    child               
25:28:frame    MORE           Andrew         m    54   farmer              
25:28:frame    MORE           Ann            f    47   wife                
25:28:frame    MORE           Cornelia       f    22   child               
25:28:frame    MORE           Samuel         m    11   child               
25:28:frame    MORE           Agnes          f    8    child               
25:28:frame    HOWELL         Orvin M        m    15   servant/farmer      
26:29:frame    WALLING        Simeon         m    32   farmer              
26:29:frame    WALLING        Louisa M       f    22   wife                
26:29:frame    BRANDOW        Homary         f    30   friend              
26:29:frame    WALLING        Mary           f    3    child               
26:29:frame    WALLING        Chrlot R       f    1/12 child               
26:29:frame    SPUM           Margret        f    21   servant             
27:30:hotel    CRARY          Humpry         m    39   farmer              
27:30:hotel    CRARY          Elizabeth      f    25   wife                
27:30:hotel    CRARY          James R        m    9    child               
27:30:hotel    CRARY          Margret M      f    6    child               
27:30:hotel    CRARY          Loyd B         m    2    child               
27:30:hotel    CRARY          Hellen S       f    4/12 child               
27:30:hotel    LEWIS          Thomas         m    16   servant             
27:30:hotel    CRAFT          Delidah        f    15   servant             
28:31:frame    HANES          Luther         m    47   none listed         
28:31:frame    HANES          Rachel         f    38   wife                
28:31:frame    HANES          Albert         m    20   child/collegian     
28:31:frame    HANES          Omer           m    17   child/farmer        
28:31:frame    HANES          Austin         m    15   child/farmer        
28:31:frame    HANES          Raciel         f    10   child               
28:31:frame    HANES          Hemmons        m    7    child               
28:31:frame    HANES          Luther         m    5    child               
28:31:frame    HANES          Charles        m    4    child               
28:31:frame    HANES          Alfred         m    2    child               
29:32:frame    BRAINARD       Gorge          m    42   none listed         
29:32:frame    BRAINARD       Elizabeth      f    38   wife                
29:32:frame    BRAINARD       Catharine      f    13   child               
29:32:frame    BRAINARD       Dewitt         m    9    child               
29:32:frame    BRAINARD       Mary E         f    2    child               
30:33:frame    WICKES         David Z        m    68   farmer              
30:33:frame    WICKES         Phebe R        f    66   wife                
30:33:frame    WICKES         Hiram P        m    36   child/carpenter     
30:33:frame    WICKES         Oscar          m    25   child/farmer        
31:34:log      CRONK          Edward         m    40   farmer              
31:34:log      CRONK          Betsy          f    28   wife                
31:34:log      CRONK          Sarah L        f    12   child               
31:34:log      CRONK          John M         m    9    child               
31:34:log      CRONK          Cornelia       f    7    child               
31:34:log      CRONK          Lawance        m    4    child (okay)        
31:34:log      CRONK          Lawrence       m    81   father/farmer       
32:25:frame    MORE           John           m    50   farmer              
32:25:frame    MORE           Louisa         f    45   wife                
32:25:frame    MORE           Eleanor        f    24   child               
32:25:frame    MORE           Francis        f    19   child               
32:25:frame    MORE           Ann            f    9    child               
32:25:frame    MORE           John E         m    7    child               
32:25:frame    MORE           Grace          f    3    child               
33:36:frame    GERMAN         Jane           f    56                       
33:36:frame    GERMAN         Charles        m    20   farmer              
33:36:frame    GERMAN         Albert         m    16   child               
33:36:frame    GERMAN         James          m    11   child               
33:36:frame    GERMAN         Amanda         f    9    child               
34:37:frame    WHEELER        Laura          f    48                       
34:37:frame    BABCOCK        Mariell        f    25   child               
34:37:frame    WHEELER        Franklin       m    14   child               
34:37:frame    LARNED         Clarissa       f    71   mother              
35:38:frame    CRONK          David          m    25   farmer              
35:38:frame    CRONK          Francis        f    24   wife                
35:38:frame    CRONK          Jenett         f    2    child               
35:38:frame    CRONK          John           m    1    child               
35:38:frame    CRONK          Willis         m    1/12 child               
36:39:frame    HIRTLAND       George         m    30   farmer              
36:39:frame    HIRTLAND       Elmira         f    36   sister              
36:39:frame    HIRTLAND       Mary Ann       f    38   sister              
37:40:frame    MERWIN         David          m    38   farmer              
37:40:frame    MERWIN         Eliza          f    24   wife                
37:40:frame    MERWIN         John           m    9    child               
37:40:frame    MERWIN         Heman          m    7    child               
37:40:frame    MERWIN         Ester          f    6    child               
37:40:frame    MERWIN         David          m    4    child               
37:40:frame    MERWIN         Mary           f    3    child               
37:40:frame    MERWIN         Irvin          m    2    child               
38:41:log      MONDOR         Ranson         m    37   (black)farmer       
38:41:log      MONDOR         Polly          f    25   wife                
38:41:log      MONDOR         Edward         m    7    (mulatto)child      
38:41:log      MONDOR         Eliza          f    5    (mulatto)child      
38:41:log      MONDOR         Hariet         f    3    (mulatto)child      
39:42:frame    RAPPLEYE       Jerome         m    29   none listed         
39:42:frame    RAPPLEYE       Catharine      f    26   wife                
39:42:frame    RAPPLEYE       Alonzo         m    8    child               
39:42:frame    RAPPLEYE       Melissa        f    4    child               
39:42:frame    RAPPLEYE       John L         m    2    child               
39:42:frame    RAPPLEYE       Madison        m    4/12 child               
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Charles        m    39   (black)             
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Elizabeth      f    39                       
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Caroline       f    16   child               
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Lewis          m    14   child               
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Nelson         m    11   child               
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Mary           f    9    child               
40:43:frame    MONDORE        Alonzo         m    1    child               
41:44:log      RUNNING        William        m    40   farmer              
42:45:log      BEERS          Ebenezer H     m    37   farmer              
42:45:log      BOUGHTON       Betsey         f    60   servant             
43:46:frame    EDSELL         Joseph         m    66   tanner              
43:46:frame    EDSELL         Nancy          f    55   wife                
43:46:frame    EDSELL         Henry          m    22   doctor              
43:46:frame    EDSELL         Lydia          f    19   child               
43:46:frame    EDSELL         Joseph         m    16   farmer              
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Thomas         m    53   farmer              
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Sally          f    52   wife                
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Wallis         m    17   son                 
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Elen M         f    16   daughter            
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Jane E         f    14   daughter            
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Emeline        f    12   daughter            
44:47:frame    HANNAH         Archibald      m    10   son                 
44:47:frame    HANNAH         James M        m    8    son                 
45:48:frame    POWELL         Jason          m    27   farmer              
45:48:frame    POWELL         Emily J        f    25   wife                
45:48:frame    JUDSON         Harley         m    49   uncle/farmer        
46:49:frame    DENT           Thomas H       m    56   farmer              
46:49:frame    DENT           Bettey         f    60   wife                
46:49:frame    DENT           Nancy          f    29   daughter            
46:49:frame    DENT           Melissa        f    21   daughter            
46:49:frame    DENT           Elizabeth      f    19   daughter            
46:49:frame    SULLIMAN       Lucinda        f    16   "niece" teacher     
46:49:frame    CLARK          Samantha       f    19   laborer             
46:49:frame    MARON          Alonzo         m    20   farmer              
46:49:frame    PERSON         Hiram          m    13   laborer             
47:50:frame    VANDUSER       Weasmer        m    26   farmer              
47:50:frame    VANDUSER       Rozina         f    24   wife                
47:50:frame    VANDUSER       James          m    5    child               
47:50:frame    VANDUSER       Stephen        m    73   father              
48:51:frame    CRONK          Hiram          m    28   farmer              
48:51:frame    CRONK          Jemima         f    26   wife                
48:51:frame    CRONK          Augusta        f    5    child               
48:51:frame    CRONK          Mary L         f    3    child               
48:51:frame    CRONK          George         m    3/12 child               
48:51:frame    CRONK          John           m    17   brother/farmer      
49:52:log      WILTSE         Christine      f    46                       
49:52:log      WILTSE         Maranda        f    20   child               
49:52:log      WILTSE         Norman         m    13   child               
50:53:frame    McKEAN         Frederick W    m    69   farmer              
50:53:frame    McKEAN         Phebe          f    66   wife                
50:53:frame    McKEAN         Albert         m    30   child/farmer        
50:53:frame    McKEAN         Loredum        f    25   farmer              
51:54:frame    PECK           Calvin         m    33   farmer              
51:54:frame    PECK           Emeline        f    26   wife                
51:54:frame    PECK           Alice P        f    8    daughter            
51:54:frame    PECK           Ambrose B      m    7    son                 
51:54:frame    PECK           Maria A        f    5    daughter            
51:54:frame    PECK           Anna F         f    3    daughter            
52:55:frame    ROBINSON       William        m    35   carpenter           
52:55:frame    ROBINSON       Harriet        f    25   wife                
52:55:frame    ROBINSON       Havilla        m    5    son                 
52:55:frame    ROBINSON       Lucy           f    1    daughter            
52:55:frame    ROBINSON       Sally          f    72   mother              
53:56:frame    STEVENS        Mary           f    48   wever               
53:56:frame    STEVENS        Eliza A        f    22   teacher/daughter    
53:56:frame    STEVENS        Harriet        f    19   daughter            
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Hector G       m    34   farmer              
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Roxy           f    37   wife                
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Lurancy A      f    10   child               
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Emily J        f    8    child               
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Delia E        f    6    child               
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Marion A       f    5    child               
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Orson          m    1    child               
53:57:frame    TUPPER         Orvis H        m    4/12 child               
54:58:frame    MORE           Solomon        m    45   farmer              
54:58:frame    MORE           Sally          f    37   wife                
54:58:frame    KEATOR         Ommer B        m    17   son/farmer          
54:58:frame    KEATOR         Mary E         f    14   daughter            
54:58:frame    KEATOR         Henry M        m    12   son                 
55:59:frame    CRARY          Archabald      m    66   farmer              
55:59:frame    CRARY          Phebe          f    63   wife                
55:59:frame    CRARY          Archabald D    m    33   son/farmer          
55:59:frame    CRARY          Malinda        f    35   daughter            
55:59:frame    CRARY          Lucinda        f    26   daughter            
56:60:frame    SMITH          David          m    25   farmer              
56:60:frame    SMITH          Lucy A         f    18   wife                
56:60:frame    RUFF           John           m    25   servant/farmer      
57:61:frame    HALTENBACH     Joseph         m    32   shoemaker           
57:61:frame    HALTENBACH     Christina      f    35   wife                
57:61:frame    HALTENBACH     Leobold        m    7    child               
57:61:frame    HALTENBACH     Frederick      m    2    child               
58:62:frame    WICKES         Owen           m    49   farmer              
58:62:frame    WICKES         Permelid       f    43   wife                
58:62:frame    WICKES         Deborah        f    21   daughter            
58:62:frame    WICKES         Julia          f    18   daughter            
58:62:frame    WICKES         Mary           f    15   daughter            
58:62:frame    WICKES         Tophar         m    13   son                 
58:62:frame    WICKES         Alferd         m    7    son                 
58:62:frame    WICKES         Caroline       f    5    daughter            
59:63:frame    WICKES         Jane E         f    93                       
59:63:frame    WICKES         Rebeca         f    60   daughter            
59:63:frame    WICKES         Jane           f    58   daughter            
59:63:frame    WICKES         Smith          m    49   son                 
60:64:frame    GRANT          Mary           f    55                       
60:64:frame    GRANT          John T         m    32   son/lawyer          
60:64:frame    GRANT          Cornelia M     f    23   daughter            
60:64:frame    GRANT          Jane E         f    20   daughter            
60:65:frame    GRANT          Walter         m    60   shoemaker           
60:65:frame    GRANT          Margret        f    54   wife                
60:65:frame    GRANT          Clark M        m    25   son/blacksmith      
60:65:frame    GRANT          Osmer          m    20   son/blacksmith      
60:65:frame    GRANT          Emiline L      f    15   daughter            
60:65:frame    GRANT          Elen M         f    12   daughter            
61:66:frame    HARLEY         Charles        m    34   golddiger           
61:66:frame    HARLEY         Gitty          f    33   wife                
61:66:frame    HARLEY         Saluel         m    10   son                 
61:66:frame    HARLEY         Elmisia        f    6    daughter            
61:66:frame    BERHANS        Margret        f    21   daughter-in-law     
61:67:frame    SQUIRES        Henry          m    29                       
61:67:frame    SQUIRES        Nancy          f    26   wife                
61:67:frame    MORE           Watson         m    5    son                 
61:67:frame    MORE           Sary E         f    4    daughter            
61:67:frame    MORE           John W         m    7/12 son                 
62:68:frame    MORE           John T         m    84                       
62:68:frame    MORE           Rachel         f    66   wife                
63:69:frame    MORE           Wilson P       m    30   farmer              
63:69:frame    MILLS          Betsey         f    41   aunt                
63:69:frame    OSBORN         Maryett        f    15   cousin              
63:69:frame    OSBORN         Ferris T       m    10   cousin              
63:69:frame    MORE           Marcus         m    2    son                 
64:70:frame    GLESON         Nelson         m    40   merchant            
64:70:frame    GLEASON        Catherine      f    26   wife                
65:71:frame    DENT           George A       m    27   merchant            
65:71:frame    DENT           Helen          f    22   wife                
65:71:frame    DENT           Mary           f    3    daughter            
65:71:frame    DENT           Emma           f    1    daughter            
65:72:frame    WICKES         Jacob          m    54   merchant            
65:72:frame    WICKES         Francis D      f    51   wife                
65:72:frame    WICKES         Elsa           f    18   daughter            
65:72:frame    WICKES         Austin         m    16   son                 
65:72:frame    WICKES         George         m    13   son                 
66:73:frame    MORE           Charles        m    26   farmer              
66:73:frame    MORE           Catherine      f    26   wife                
67:74:log      EDSALL         William        m    29   farmer              
67:74:log      EDSALL         Jane           f    30   wife                
67:74:log      EDSALL         William        m    2    child               
67:74:log      EDSALL         Ann            f    7/12 child               
67:74:log      SHOEMAKER      Nancy T        f    14   laborer             
68:75:frame    BLOOMBURGH     Henry          m    58   farmer              
68:75:frame    BLOOMBURGH     Mary           f    50   wife                
68:75:frame    BLOOMBURGH     William        m    24   child/farmer        
68:75:frame    BLOOMBURGH     Liberty        m    19   child/farmer        
68:75:frame    BLOOMBURGH     Lafayett       m    14   child/farmer        
69:76:frame    BLOOMBURGH     James          m    32   farmer              
69:76:frame    BLOOMBURGH     Mary M         f    28   wife                
69:76:frame    HOCKING        Lezotus        m    14   brother-in-law      
69:76:frame    LEWIS          Benjimin       m    14   laborer/farmer      
70:77:frame    IVES           Washington     m    35   farmer              
70:77:frame    IVES           Harriet        f    34   wife                
70:77:frame    IVES           Philo          m    8    child               
70:77:frame    IVES           Mary           f    5    child               
70:77:frame    IVES           Homer          m    3    child               
70:77:frame    IVES           John           m    1    child               
70:77:frame    MAGINNIS       William        m    19   laborer/farmer      
70:77:frame    BARNUM         Mary           f    16   laborer             
71:78:log      GERMAN         Ezekiel        m    46   farmer              
71:78:log      GERMAN         Betsey M       f    45   wife                
71:78:log      GERMAN         Dwight         m    18   child/farmer        
71:78:log      GERMAN         Washington     m    15   child/farmer        
71:78:log      GERMAN         Willard        m    12   child               
71:78:log      GERMAN         Adaline        f    11   child               
71:78:log      GERMAN         Almy           f    8    child               
71:78:log      GERMAN         Samuel         m    6    child               
71:78:log      GERMAN         Edward         m    1    child               
72:79:frame    IVES           Samuel         m    81   farmer              
72:79:frame    IVES           Hannah         f    68   wife                
73:80:frame    COLE           Ahuz           m    37   farmer              
73:80:frame    COLE           Caroline       f    34   wife                
73:80:frame    COLE           John M         m    14   child               
73:80:frame    COLE           Adelbert       m    13   child               
73:80:frame    COLE           Edwin          m    10   child               
73:80:frame    COLE           Edard          m    10   child               
73:80:frame    COLE           Luman M        m    7    child               
74:81:frame    RAPPLEYE       Bennoni        m    59   farmer              
74:81:frame    RAPPLEYE       Betsey         f    56   wife                
74:81:frame    RAPPLEYE       Rachiel        f    17   child               
74:81:frame    RAPPLEYE       Jane           f    15   child               
74:81:frame    RAPPLEYE       Eliphet        m    13   child               
74:81:frame    RAPPLEYE       Betsey M       f    9    child               
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    Samuel         m    46   farmer              
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    Maria          f    39   wife                
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    Mary           f    15   child               
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    Ann            f    13   child               
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    John           m    8    child               
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    Martin         m    6    child               
75:82:log      CHAMBARLAIN    Maria          f    1    child               
76:83:log      PERSON         Ronsilaes      m    44   farmer              
76:83:log      PERSON         Polly          f    34   wife                
76:83:log      PERSON         Edgar          m    18   child/farmer        
76:83:log      PERSON         Gilbert        m    16   child               
76:83:log      PERSON         John           m    14   child               
76:83:log      PERSON         Sarah          f    11   child               
76:83:log      PERSON         Catharine      f    6    child               
76:83:log      PERSON         Adison         m    2    child               
76:83:log      PERSON         Daniel         m    4/12 child               
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Frncis         m    39   farmer (okay)       
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Mary           f    40   wife                
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Nancy          f    13   child               
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Ambrose        m    9    twins               
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Annis          m    9    twins               
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Orlin          m    7    twins               
77:84:frame    WOLCOTT        Orson          m    7    twins               
77:84:frame    ??artin        John           m    19   laborer/farmer      
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       John           m    38   farmer              
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       Barbary        f    31   wife                
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       Barbayry       f    13   child               
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       Adolphus       m    11   child               
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       Loiza          f    9    child               
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       John           m    7    child               
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       Caroline       f    5    child               
78:85:frame    ENDERLIN       Mary           f    3    child               
78:85:frame    HARDING        Andrew         m    24   laborer/farmer      
79:86:frame    BLOODGOOD      Abram          m    55   farmer              
79:86:frame    BLOODGOOD      Auerlia        f    51   wife                
79:86:frame    BLOODGOOD      Julia          f    16   child               
79:86:frame    NICHOLAS       Joseph         m    38   employer (okay)     
80:87:frame    CONINE         Jervis         m    24   farmer              
80:87:frame    CONINE         Mary           f    22   wife                
80:87:frame    DEWEL          Sarah          f    30   laborer             
81:88:frame    RACTMYRE       George         m    49   none                
81:88:frame    RACTMYRE       Frany          f    49   wife                
81:88:frame    HAM            Mary           f    16   child               
81:88:frame    HAM            Silvy          f    16   child               
81:88:frame    HAM            John           m    12   child               
82:89:frame    STURGES        David          m    30   farmer              
82:89:frame    STURGES        Eliza          f    28   wife                
83:90:frame    GLEASON        William        m    70   farmer              
83:90:frame    GLEASON        Lile D         f    64   wife                
83:90:frame    GLEASON        Eliza T        f    28   child               
83:90:frame    GLEASON        Sarah A        f    26   child               
83:90:frame    GLEASON        Franklin       m    24   farmer              
84:91:frame    McDANIEL       Jaclob         m    30   none (okay)         
84:91:frame    McDONALD       Sulky M        f    46   wife (okay)         
84:91:frame    McDONALD       Charles        m    2    child               
84:91:frame    McDONALD       Nancy          f    10/12child               
85:92:frame    BAILY          John M         m    41   mason               
85:92:frame    BAILY          Deborah        f    46   wife                
85:92:frame    BAILY          Caroline       f    17   child               
85:92:frame    BAILY          Jane           f    14   child               
85:92:frame    BAILY          Egbert         m    12   child               
85:92:frame    BAILY          Dellia         f    8    child               
85:92:frame    BAILY          Cornelus       m    5    child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Walter         m    49   carpenter           
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Alise          f    44   wife                
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Alonzo         m    24   child/farmer        
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Ann            f    18   child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Julia          f    16   child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Richard        m    14   child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        John           m    12   child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Elizabeth      f    9    child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Caroline       f    6    child               
86:93:frame    WEASMER        Bruse          m    1    child               
86:94:frame    TERDON         William        m    49   tailor              
86:94:frame    TERDON         Dolly          f    50   wife                
86:94:frame    TERDON         Edward         m    18   child               
86:94:frame    TERDON         Ambrose L      m    16   child               
86:94:frame    TERDON         William        m    14   child               
86:94:frame    TERDON         James          m    8    child               
87:95:frame    NORTHRUP       Henry          m    50   none                
87:95:frame    NORTHRUP       Olive          f    42   wife                
87:95:frame    NORTHRUP       Henry D        m    16   child               
87:95:frame    NORTHRUP       Cyrus B        m    9    child               
88:96:frame    MOSIER         John           m    44   none                
88:96:frame    MOSIER         Ann            f    27   wife                
88:96:frame    MOSIER         Peter          m    16   child               
88:96:frame    MOSIER         James          m    11   child               
88:96:frame    MOSIER         Martin         m    9    child               
88:96:frame    MOSIER         Catharine      f    7    child               
88:96:frame    MOSIER         Calvin         m    5    child               
88:96:frame    MOSIER         Charles        m    2    child               
89:97:frame    CLARK          Jobe W         m    42   none                
89:97:frame    CLARK          Hepsey         f    40   wife                
89:97:frame    CLARK          Charles        m    20   child               
89:97:frame    CLARK          William        m    16   chld                
89:97:frame    CLARK          Marion R       f    9    child               
89:97:frame    CLARK          Sarah E        f    4    child               
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      John           m    48   none                
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      Eunice         f    39   wife                
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      Willard        m    9    child               
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      John           m    14   child               
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      Charles        m    7    child               
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      Mary           f    6    child               
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      George         m    3    child               
90:98:frame    HARINGTON      Margret        f    1    child               
91:99:frame    SIMMONS        John           m    24   none                
91:99:frame    SIMMONS        Elizabeth      f    19   wife                
91:99:frame    SIMMONS        Ida            f    1    child               
92:100:frame   WYCKOFF        John           m    30   farmer              
92:100:frame   WYCKOFF        Jane           f    30   wife                
92:100:frame   WYCKOFF        Violetta       f    8    child               
92:100:frame   WYCKOFF        VanZandt       m    6    child               
93:101:frame   McKEEVER       John           m    37   farmer              
93:101:frame   McKEEVER       Polly          f    27   wife                
93:101:frame   McKEEVER       Marion         f    6    child               
93:101:frame   McKEEVER       Alace A        f    2    child               
94:102:frame   SINES          Philip         m    80   none                
94:102:frame   SINES          Priscilla      f    67   wife                
94:102:frame   SINES          John           m    49   child/none          
94:102:frame   SINES          Peter          m    32   farmer              
95:103:frame   SOWLE          Stephen        m    54   millwright          
95:103:frame   SOBE           Silva          f    51   wife (S SOWLE)      
96:104:frame   PERSON         Albert         m    35   none                
96:104:frame   PERSON         George         m    37   brother/none        
96:104:frame   PERSON         Sarah          f    79   mother              
97:105:frame   ROBINSON       Emery          m    37   carpenter           
97:105:frame   ROBINSON       Elizabeth      f    35   wife                
97:105:frame   ROBINSON       Henry          m    7    child               
97:105:frame   ROBINSON       Charles        m    6    child               
97:105:frame   ROBINSON       Mary           f    4    child               
98:106:frame   BURCHAN        Robert         m    35   farmer              
98:106:frame   BURCHAN        Margret        f    30   wife                
98:106:frame   BURCHAN        Emma           f    10   child               
98:106:frame   BURCHAN        Oliver         m    9    child               
98:106:frame   BURCHAN        Leroy          m    6    child               
98:106:frame   BARKLEY        Frank G        m    6    child               
98:106:frame   BARKLEY        Alace          f    5    child               
98:106:frame   BURCHAN        Barkley        m    2/12 child               
98:107:frame   HARVEY         Tarius         m    32   cooper              
98:107:frame   HARVEY         Ann            f    28   wife                
99:108:frame   DECKER         Wiliam         m    73   farmer              
99:108:frame   DECKER         Hepsibah       f    75   wife                
99:108:frame   MULFORD        Ephraim        m    37   farmer/s-in-law     
99:108:frame   MULFORD        Jane           f    35   daughter            
99:108:frame   MULFORD        Maria E        f    12   grandchild          
99:108:frame   MULFORD        William        m    9    grandchild          
100:109:frame  MULFORD        John           m    30   farmer              
100:109:frame  MULFORD        Maria E        f    30   wife                
100:109:frame  MULFORD        Henry          m    10   child               
100:109:frame  MULFORD        Walter         m    2    child               
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      John           m    48   farmer              
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Betsey         f    48   wife                
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Mary           f    25   child               
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Phebe          f    23   child               
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Hiram          m    21   farmer              
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      George         m    19   farmer              
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Patsy          f    15   farmer (okay)       
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Robert         m    13   farmer              
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      Margret        f    11   farmer              
101:110:frame  DONALDSON      John           m    7    farmer              
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        Catharine      f    58                       
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        Peter          m    32   child/farmer        
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        Betsey A       f    25   daughter-in-law     
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        Julia A        f    26   daughter            
102:111:frame  EDMUNSON       Harriet        f    24   daughter            
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        James          m    21   son/farmer          
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        Jane           f    18   daughter            
102:111:frame  SIMMSON        Abram          m    15   son/farmer          
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        John           m    55   farmer              
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Lou            f    48   wife                
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Abagail        f    27   child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Sally          f    24   child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Mary           f    21   child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        David          m    18   child/farmer        
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Elizabeth      f    16   child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Catharine      f    13   child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Edwin          m    10   child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Thursey        f    7    child               
103:112:frame  SIMMSON        Phebe          f    5    child               
103:112:frame  WOOD           Ruth           f    18   niece               
104:113:frame  CARTER         William        m    49   farmer              
104:113:frame  CARTER         Phebe E        f    53   wife                
104:113:frame  CARTER         Albert         m    24   child               
104:113:frame  CARTER         John           m    21   child               
104:113:frame  BRUSTER        Elizabeth      f    46   sister-in-law       
104:113:frame  BROWN          Elizabeth      f    21   laborer             
105:115:frame  PECK           David W        m    60   farmer              
105:115:frame  PECK           Clarrissa      f    55   wife                
105:115:frame  PECK           Eveline        f    27   child               
105:115:frame  PECK           Clarrissa      f    24   child               
105:115:frame  PECK           Marion         f    23   child               
105:115:frame  FERRIS         Joshua         m    88   father-in-law       
106:115:frame  MORE           Edward H       m    47   farmer              
106:115:frame  MORE           Polly A        f    44   wife                
106:115:frame  MORE           Albert         m    17   child               
106:115:frame  MORE           Luman          m    16   child               
106:115:frame  MORE           Samuel         m    11   child               
106:115:frame  MORE           George B       m    9    child               
106:115:frame  WELCH          Catharine      f    20   laborer             
106:116:frame  MOFFETT        Ruth           f    65   no reltnship listed 
106:116:frame  MOFFETT        Elizabeth      f    35   daughter            
107:117:frame  VanVALKENBURG  John           m    37   farmer              
107:117:frame  VanVALKENBURG  Mercy          f    30   wife                
107:117:frame  VanVALKENBURG  Eleanor        f    2    child               
107:117:frame  WEKS           Colby          m    21   laborer             
107:117:frame  McKENSEY       Mary           f    18   laborer             
107:118:frame  VanVALKENBURG  Dinah          f    64   no relationship     
107:118:frame  VanVALKENBURG  Rosine         f    29   daughter            
108:119:frame  CHOATE         Guarner        m    48   farmer              
108:119:frame  CHOATE         Serlinda       f    42   wife                
108:119:frame  CHOATE         Cerdelia       f    20   child               
108:119:frame  CHOATE         Almina         f    7    child               
108:119:frame  CHOATE         William        m    71   father              
108:119:frame  CHOATE         Ruth           f    71   mother              
109:120:frame  CLARK          John           m    54   farmer              
109:120:frame  CLARK          Ruth           f    49   wife                
109:120:frame  CLARK          Mary           f    17   child               
109:120:frame  CLARK          Whashington    m    16   child/farmer        
109:120:frame  CLARK          John           m    16   child/farmer        
109:120:frame  CLARK          Thomas         m    14   child               
109:120:frame  CLARK          Ruth           f    11   child               
109:120:frame  CLARK          Samuel         m    9    child               
110:121:frame  CONARO         Sanders        m    39   farmer              
110:121:frame  CONARO         Harriet        f    32   wife                
110:121:frame  CONARO         Mary Elizabeth f    14   child               
110:121:frame  CONARO         Gilbert        m    11   child               
110:121:frame  CONARO         Phebe          f    9    child               
110:121:frame  CONARO         Helen          f    7    child               
110:121:frame  CONARO         Julia L        f    5    child               
110:121:frame  THORINGTON     Ruth M         f    15   laborer             
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Tunis R        m    55   farmer              
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Lyly           f    53   wife                
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Liza           f    33   child               
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Lucinda        f    21   child               
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Luman          m    18   child/farmer        
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Augusta        f    11   child               
111:122:frame  SIMONSON       Omer           m    8    child               
111:122:frame  COOK           Marion P       f    58   sister-in-law       
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Whilliam       m    51   farmer              
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Margret        f    48   wife                
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Mary A         f    25   child               
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Gabriel        m    22   farmer              
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         John           m    20   child/farmer        
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Rhenuma        f    18   child               
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         William        m    15   farmer              
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Thomas         m    12   child               
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Eve P          m    10   child               
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Margret        f    7    child               
112:123:frame  OAKLEY         Margret        f    80   mother              
113:124:frame  LAWRENCE       John W         m    32   farmer              
113:124:frame  LAWRENCE       Anna           f    26   wife                
113:124:frame  LAWRENCE       Edwin          m    9    child               
113:124:frame  LAWRENCE       Horace         m    7    child               
113:124:frame  LAWRENCE       Sarah          f    5    child               
113:124:frame  LAWRENCE       Ambrose        m    1    child               
114:125:frame  PECK           David F        m    36   farmer              
114:125:frame  PECK           Nancy          f    35   wife                
114:125:frame  PECK           George         m    13   child               
114:125:frame  PECK           John H         m    10   child               
114:125:frame  PECK           Ferris D       m    7    child               
114:125:frame  PECK           Martin         m    4    child               
114:125:frame  PECK           Mary E         f    3    child               
114:125:frame  HOWARD         Sarah C        f    19   laborer             
115:126:frame  PECK           Hiram          m    29   farmer              
115:126:frame  PECK           Mary           f    24   wife                
115:126:frame  PECK           Monroe         m    6/12 child               
115:126:frame  PAINE          Fredrick       m    19   farmer/laborer      
115:126:frame  MABIN          Martha         f    18   laborer             
116:127:frame  GOURON         Hugh           m    25   farmer              
116:127:frame  GOURON         Nancy          f    24   wife                
117:128:frame  DONALDSON      Hiram          m    53   farmer              
117:128:frame  DONALDSON      Sarah          f    25   sister              
118:129:frame  FERRIS         John           m    55   farmer              
118:129:frame  FERRIS         Mary           f    55   wife                
118:129:frame  FERRIS         Angeline       f    32   child               
118:129:frame  FERRIS         Malvina        f    22   child               
118:129:frame  FERRIS         Betsey         f    20   child               
118:129:frame  FERRIS         Margret        f    18   child               
118:129:frame  MORE           Arthur         m    7    grandchild          
119:130:frame  BURROCHS       William        m    24   farmer              
119:130:frame  BURROCHS       Lydia          f    30   wife                
119:130:frame  BURROCHS       Emmy           f    8/12 child               
119:130:frame  WOOD           Susan          f    20   laborer             
119:130:frame  BURROCHS       Robert         m    17   farmer/laborer      
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     John           m    66   farmer              
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     Fanny          f    55   wife                
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     Hiram          m    33   child               
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     Martha         f    28   child               
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     Sally          f    26   child               
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     John C         m    21   child/farmer        
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     Isaac          m    17   child/farmer        
120:131:frame  FREDENBURG     David          m    14   child               
120:131:frame  CRARY          Ester          f    6    grandchild          
120:131:frame  CRARY          Archabald      m    4    grandchild          
120:131:frame  CRARY          William        m    2    grandchild          
120:131:frame  CRARY          Moses          m    31   son-in-law          
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         William        m    64   shoemaker           
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         Hannah         f    59   wife                
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         Lydia          f    32   child               
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         Cornelia       f    29   child               
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         William        m    21   child/none          
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         Malinda        f    20   child               
121:132:frame  MAYBEY         Isaac          m    6    child/farmer        
121:132:frame  BURROUGHS      Charles M      m    5    grandchild          
122:133:frame  MURRIN         Stephen        m    53   farmer              
122:133:frame  MURRIN         Harriet        f    50   wife                
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Larora         f    22   child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Boint          m    21   child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Lawrena        f    20   child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Peter          m    18   child/farmer        
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Eliza          f    15   child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Joel           m    12   child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Orrin          m    9    child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Elizabeth      f    7    child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Cornelia       f    4    child               
122:133:frame  MURWIN         Sarah          f    2    child               
123:134:log    ROW            Jacob          m    40   shoemaker           
123:134:log    ROW            Jane           f    40   wife                
123:134:log    ROW            Samuel         m    16   child/farmer        
123:134:log    ROW            William        m    14   child               
123:134:log    ROW            Orrin          m    12   child               
123:134:log    VANHORN        Rachel         f    63   mother-in-law       
124:135:log    FINNIGAN       Owen           m    42   ditcher             
124:135:log    FINNIGAN       Ann            f    42   wife                
124:135:log    FINNIGAN       Ann            f    15   child               
125:136:frame  JUMP           Edward         m    75   farmer              
125:136:frame  JUMP           Sally          f    33   wife                
125:136:frame  JUMP           Nancy          f    1    child               
125:136:frame  JUMP           John           m    13   child               
126:137:frame  JUMP           Daniel         m    35   farmer              
126:137:frame  JUMP           Angeline       f    34   wife                
126:137:frame  JUMP           Adelbert       m    7    child               
126:137:frame  JUMP           Sary E         f    1    child               
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Hector         m    29   farmer              
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Ruth           f    28   wife                
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Jane           f    1    child               
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Henry          m    8/12 child               
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Abbagail       f    47   no relationship     
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Amos           m    17   child/farmer        
127:138:frame  HARINGTON      Heryry         m    13   child/farmer        
128:140:frame  MACKEY         David          m    38   none                
128:140:frame  MACKEY         Catharine      f    28   wife                
128:140:frame  MACKEY         Peter          m    10   child               
128:140:frame  MACKEY         Darius         m    8    child               
128:140:frame  MACKEY         Margrett       f    5    child               
128:140:frame  MACKEY         Thomas         m    3    child               
128:140:frame  MACKEY         Rozethy        f    1    child               
129:141:frame  WOOD           Benjamin       m    33   farmer              
129:141:frame  WOOD           Polly Ann      f    28   wife                
129:141:frame  WOOD           Martin D       m    9    child               
129:141:frame  WOOD           Catharine      f    7    child               
129:141:frame  WOOD           William        m    29   brother             
130:142:frame  RUSSELL        James          m    58   preacher            
130:142:frame  RUSSELL        Margret        f    53   wife                
130:142:frame  BURHANS        Matthew        m    60   brother-in-law      
131:143:frame  MORE           William        m    32   farmer              
131:143:frame  MORE           E C            f    28   wife                
131:143:frame  MORE           Thomas A       m    2    child               
131:143:frame  ANDUS          Betsey         f    55   laborer             
132:144:frame  MACKEY         Charles        m    30   farmer              
132:144:frame  MACKEY         Mary A         f    24   wife                
132:144:frame  MACKEY         Antenett       f    4    child               
132:144:frame  MACKEY         Orrin          m    2    child               
133:145:frame  MOFFATT        Isaac          m    66   farmer              
133:145:frame  MOFFATT        Mary           f    58   wife                
133:145:frame  MOFFATT        Adaline        f    33   child               
133:145:frame  MOFFATT        Amanda         f    23   child               
133:145:frame  MOFFATT        Mary           f    20   child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Anson          m    42   farmer              
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Henriett       f    41   wife                
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Isaac          m    16   child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Jane           f    15   child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Henry          m    11   child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Morgan         m    7    child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Delia          f    5    child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       William        m    2    child               
134:146:frame  BOUGHTON       Crary          m    1    child               
135:147:frame  COLBY          Ebe            m    49   farmer              
135:147:frame  COLBY          Elizabeth      f    49   wife                
135:147:frame  COLBY          Crispher       m    20   child/farmer        
135:147:frame  COLBY          Orrin          m    19   child/farmer        
135:147:frame  COLBY          Charles        m    17   child/farmer        
135:147:frame  COLBY          Sally          f    16   child               
135:147:frame  COLBY          Mary           f    12   child               
135:147:frame  COLBY          Tenett         f    10   child               
135:147:frame  COLBY          Loisa          f    8    child               
136:148:frame  MOOT           Peter          m    45   farmer              
136:148:frame  MOOT           Catharine      f    32   wife                
136:148:frame  MOOT           David          m    17   child/farmer        
136:148:frame  MOOT           James          m    12   child               
136:148:frame  MOOT           George         m    10   child               
136:148:frame  MOOT           Salum          m    8    child               
136:148:frame  MOOT           Hiram          m    6    child               
136:148:frame  MOOT           Margret        f    4    child               
136:148:frame  MOOT           Sally          f    1    child               
137:149:frame  CRONK          Harvey         m    23   farmer              
137:149:frame  CRONK          Nathaniel      m    50   father/farmer       
137:149:frame  CRONK          Abigail        f    44   mother              
137:149:frame  CRONK          Laura          f    20   sister              
137:149:frame  CRONK          Alva B         m    18   brother/farmer      
137:149:frame  CRONK          Lyman          m    16   brother             
137:149:frame  CRONK          Dubois         m    11   brother             
137:149:frame  HOUGLAN        Zebadie        m    25   friend              
137:149:frame  MAHAM          Betsey         f    26   friend              
138:150:frame  MORE           John L         m    62   postmaster          
138:150:frame  MORE           Elizabeth      f    62   wife                
138:151:frame  HOWELL         O D            m    37   physician           
138:151:frame  HOWELL         Cornelia       f    36   wife                
138:151:frame  HOWELL         Marion         f    14   child               
138:151:frame  HOWELL         Anna           f    12   child               
138:151:frame  HOWELL         Edwin          m    3    child               
138:151:frame  HOWELL         John           m    1    child               
139:152:frame  MORE           Joseph H       m    48   farmer              
139:152:frame  MORE           Maria          f    43   wife                
139:152:frame  MORE           Antoinette     f    23   child               
139:152:frame  MORE           Irving         m    17   child/farmer        
139:152:frame  MORE           Ann Loisa      f    11   child               
139:152:frame  MORE           Ellen Eugenia  f    11   child               
139:152:frame  MORE           Mary           f    6    child               
139:152:frame  STARLY         Lucy           f    17   laborer             
140:153:frame  GLEASON        Roman H        m    40   farmer              
140:153:frame  GLEASON        Mary           f    39   wife                
140:153:frame  GLEASON        Caroline       f    15   child               
140:153:frame  GLEASON        Reed           m    13   child               
140:153:frame  GLEASON        King           m    11   child               
140:153:frame  GLEASON        Harriett       f    4    child               
140:153:frame  SWUNWICK       Catharine      f    29   laborer             
140:153:frame  CAHAL          John           m    23   farmer              
141:154:stone  HARDENBURGH    Isaac          m    32   farmer              
141:154:stone  HARDENBURGH    Lawny          f    77   slave               
141:154:stone  LARAWAY        James          m    15   laborer/farmer      
142:000:-------SMIDEBURY      Mrs                      Summer Seat ??      

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