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Links to two jpg files of the front and back of an indenture made on 1 May 1820 to Thomas Murphey of the Town of Middletown , Delaware Co., NY from Edward P. Livingston and his wife, Elizabeth of Clermont, Columbia Co. NY . This is a 50 acre parcel on what was the East part of lot number 14 in the Southeast division of the great lot number of the Hardenburgh Patent.

This document was found in the attic of a farmhouse built in 1904 on East Hubbell Hill Rd. and Cape Horn Rd. in Margaretville, NY. The house was built and first occupied by David Sanford and his son, Riley. David is the son of Riley Sanford mentioned in this indenture, but this farmhouse does not sit on this 50 acres. I tracked down the town tax map that still has these old Hardenburgh lot divisions and found these 50 arces to be about 3/4 of a mile away and above East Hubbell Hill Rd. near Sprague Rd. which appears to be above the old Mike Ziola farm.

This document is only a copy of the original and we don't know why it was in the attic, but the owner that bought the farm in 1950, some 20 years after the Sanfords sold it, had some relationship to these Sanfords. This copy was not printed on photographic paper since it was never sold two sided, but this paper was printed with printer's ink with an image from a fine dot screen of approximately 300 DPI. The only one in the area able to copy this with a fine screen and ink print this would be a service like a newspaper. Since the Catskill Mountain News was printed in Margaretville and owned and run by Sanfords, I suspect some one had it copied there and then a copy was given to this farm owner. The Sanfords from this new service are not related to the local area Sanfords since they came from NYC in the early 1900's as per the current owner. We don't know who has the original. --John H. Beach, February 1, 2008

This document is 16" x 20" and the front is the legal description of the lot, people involved in the indenture and the requirements to fulfill the indentureship. It said it was for the farming for Thomas Murphey and his wife, Mary, and his 6 year old son, Hiram. This indenture was also for the sum of 3 bushels of sweet corn, merchantable wheat for the first 4 years and 6 bushels thereafter to be delivered on the first day of every month of May. The spelling of this last name was unique since no other Murpheys were found in this area with this "ey" spelling at that time. There was a Murphey later found in New Kingston area just over the mountain. This might have been him. The back page is a running record of how his indenture was turned from person to person and for how much money. This is quite interesting.

The ownership after Murphey is as follows:

David Scudder of the Town of Roxbury, granting lease to Elijah Travis of Shandaken for $50 on Dec. 26, 1825, witnessed by Nathaniel Mead. Note: normally each new recipient shows the owner that past it on to him, but in this first entry, on the second page, it does not state that David Scudder got this property directly from ThomasMurphey, but I only have to speculate this is true.

Elijah Travis of the Town of Middletown then granted the leased it to Charles C. Sanford of the same place for $200 on Nov. 21, 1838

Charles Sanford and his wife, Mary then leased it to Francis Voorhis, Charles Van Audin and Peter Martin of Kingston, Ulster Co., NY. for $221 on Feb 9, 1943.

Charles Voorhis, Charles Van Audin and Peter Martin then leased it to Nathaniel Jenkins, Jr. for $85 on Aug. 1844, Witnessed by Leiberty P. More. Note: the priced dropped down to $50 again. It is interesting to note that the Anti - Rent Wars just ended and these three probably felt that there would be many such indenture leases tied up in the courts for years and unloaded it quickly.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth Jenkins of Middletown then leased it to Riley Sanford also of Middletown for $250 on May 23, 1848, witnessed by Nathan Earl. Note that Elizabeth was related to Riley's wife and that Riley and other Sanfords owned a lot of land on Hubbell Hill. Riley died in 1899.

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