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As developer of this Delaware County website, and coordinator and coder of materials for it, I am unable to answer questions regarding Delaware County or to provide personal research assistance. Aside from not having additional volunteer time available (all my time is spent in managing the thousands upon thousands of pages of data contained here), I have never lived in Delaware County and anything I know about its history is already contained here on the website.

If you are inquiring about a specific family, then write a brief query and Submit it to me so it may be placed on the appropriate QUERY Page (put DELAWARE QUERY in the subject line).

The next thing that you can do, is browse through the gigantic collection of materials on this website. The index is set up in an easy to use manner. Keep a little research booklet and record in it all the areas of the website that you have visited. However, visit often, as this is an active website.

Go to the Search Engine on this website, click on 'advanced search' and try various ways of entering name/phrase and various spellings of the name for which you are looking.

Another great place to find assistance is through the Delaware Mailing LIST provided as a service by Rootsweb ( Many of the subscribers are very helpful to those doing their research.

And, when all else fails - there is a link on the TOC page to several 'Professional Researchers'. Also, you may wish to contact domain owner (Delaware County Historical Association). Their website is at:

Visit the site on a regular basis as materials are added several times each week ('new' and 'updated' icons are used on the TOC page to keep you abreast of changes). Enjoy the website and Good Luck with your research! Joyce Riedinger

A note about e-mail addresses: If an e-mail address that you find on this website bounces, check the master addresses page to see if a more recent address for that person is listed.

Welcome Page of the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site . . . | . . . Table of Contents Page . . . | . . . Contact Site Manager

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