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Kortright, New York
ca 1800 and thereafter

Submitted by John Hutchins, 200 Edgewater Dr, Framingham, MA 01702

WORKING Draft by John H. Hutchins of comments on original by Edward O. Harkness in 1940:

Last update: 12/09/00 with apologies to the reader for typos or research blunders.

The HARKNESS Lineage
As transcribed by E. O. Harkness
[with notes and the inclusion of wills, estate administrations and other data by John Harold Hutchins Jr. in 1995 on]

Numerous inquiries have come to me during the past few months in regard to some one along the Harkness line, prompted doubtless because of the fact that there are but few of the name left in this vicinity, and that, with the exception of one Robert L. Harkness who lives some twenty miles north west of Delhi, where I live, I am the oldest representative of the family anywhere in this part of the state. I am not very well acquainted with this Robert L. Harkness, since he moved from this particular section shortly after I came here to live, which is nearly forty-three years ago. However, I did know two of his sisters and one of his brothers quite well, but they are all dead now. Another of his brothers stayed all night with us just before he and his wife departed to go to California where they still live. These Harknesses belong in the line that produced my Grandmother, and so were distantly related.1

However, I have always understood, and believed, that my grandfather Harkness married an own cousin, and that her unmarried name was Letitia Harkness. I have in my possession a record, made about twenty years ago, by an uncle, Ebenezer R. Harkness and given to my son Robert R. This record and my own memory of conversations heard in the family and in family gatherings, is all I have to rely upon in an attempt to convey any information to the inquiring.

According to this record, one James Harkness, wife unknown, lived in County Armaugh, Ireland, in the late 1700's; that he begat sons and daughters, some of whom migrated to America and settled in, or near,
Kortright Center, Delaware County, New York, about 1797. This would coincide with the establishment of Delaware County as a separate governmental unit. I have a very good history of the county which gives the date 1797 as the year in which the county was organized and the first county government set up.2

The record left by my uncle consists of four sheets, size same as the one on which I am writing [8.5 x 11 (jh)], which are divided into perpendicular columns which are headed, 'Generation I, Generation II, Generation III and so on. The writing on these sheets is all done with pen and ink.

In addition to these sheets, there are some smaller sheets written with a lead pencil and bearing, for the most part, the same information. The pen and ink sheets are entitled, Chart I Chart II &c.

On Chart I, in the column headed Generation I, there is written lengthwise of the column, "James Harkness wife unknown," and the words, "lived in Ireland," nothing else in that column.

In the column headed generation II, is written, crosswise, the words, "James Harkness -- Jane Kineer" and immediately under them, "Came to this country from Ireland in 1803". Nothing else in that column.3

The story of Jane Kineer stands out in my memory, I have heard it many times. She and her husband and these seven children, of whom my Grandfather was the youngest, came to this country from Ireland in 1803. They, like most emigrants of that time, had brought such furniture and utensils as they thought necessary across the ocean with them. They then took sloop up the Hudson river to Catskill, at which point they disembarked and purchased a yoke of oxen and a cart and set out on their journey through the Catskills for Kortright. The road would, of course, be but little better than an Indian trail, rough and broken. This journey would require some days with an ox-team and a cart piled high with their belongings. Somewhere near the journey's end, Jane Kineer, who was seated on the cart with her youngest on her lap, was jolted from the cart and either killed outright, or so badly injured that she never recovered.

In either event she was buried at Kortright Center.4

Her husband, the second James, later married a Riddle, first name unknown, to whom two additional children were born - Betty and George.5

In column headed Generation III, is written names that I believe to be the children of James Harkness and Jane Kineer. They are as follows and apparently paired with husband or wife, if such there were. Robert Harkness ---6, Margaret Harkness7 -- Robert Henderson8, Thomas Harkness, did not marry, build and lived in Stonefort, Sally Harkness -- Robert Riddell9, Abbie Harkness, did not marry, lived with Thomas10. Charles Harkness11 -- Peggy Sixsmith12, James Harkness -- Letitia Harkness and under this name James Harkness are the dates of birth and death apparently, 1800-188513 and under the name Letitia Harkness, 1803-1860.14 I well remember when this James Harkness, my Grandfather, died, and know that it was in 1885, so I am assuming that all of those figures are birth or death dates.


Abbie died intestate 28 June 1878, age 7315. The application for a Letter of Administration on her estate was made 9 July 1868 by John Mc Clellon and Joseph A. Douglass and is on file with the Surrogate Court of Delaware County. It was granted the same day and reads:

"To Hon. E. D. Wagner
Surrogate of Delaware County NY.
"The petition of John Mc Clellon and Joseph A. Douglass of the town of Kortright in the County of Delaware N. Y. respectfully showeth that they are the neighbors and friends of said Abigail Harkness, deceased; that they new the Committee of the person & estate before the death; that the said Abigail Harkness died a natural death and died intestate as your petitioners verily believe; that no will was left by the said Abigail Harkness, deceased, or was one made. That your petitioners have to the best of their ability estimated and ascertained the value of the personal property of which the said deceased died possessed and that the same does not exceed in value the sum of One Thousand dollars. That the said intestate left brothers & sisters who are entitled to her estate whose names are: Thomas Harkness; Sarah Riddle; James Harkness Sr.; Margaret Henderson; Robert Harkness, residing in Wisconsin, address unknown and Nancy Harkness and Elizabeth Harkness, residing in California, whose address is also unknown, children of i.Harkness: Robert Sr.;Robert Harkness, deceased, a brother of the intestate; and Robert Mead and George Mead, infant children of Mary Mead, deceased, a sister of the intestate & residing at Kortright, Delaware County, N.Y. & (Mrs. Whitford if allowed to inherit). That said Abigail Harkness was an aged person having no (living) father or mother or children or husband...."16

It took some time to contact all her relatives. August 10, 1868, the court ordered:

The People of the State of New York:
To the Creditors, Legatees, and next of Kin of Abigail Harkness late of the town of Kortright in the County of Delaware, deceased, send Greeting:
You are hereby Cited to be and appear before our Surrogate of our said County, at his office in the village of Delhi, in said County, on the 22nd day of November at ten o'clock in the forenoon, to attend the final settlement of the accounts of the Administrators which shall then and there be presented, and to abide and perform such decree as shall be by our said Surrogate made in the premises.
Given under the hand and official seal of said Surrogate at Delhi, the
10th day of August 1869

and the following dates of contact were given by Joseph A. Douglass in his sworn statement on November 22, 1869:

August 10th 1869 Robert Mead
August 12th 1869 James Harkness
August 12th 1869 Sally Riddle
August 14th 1869 Thomas Harkness
October 2nd 1869 Betsey Whitford
Nov. 1st 1869 Charles Henderson17

Charles also died intestate on 10 April 183318. Application for administration of his estate was made a week later, 16 April 1833 by Thomas Harkness 3rd and Edward Sixsmith19:

"To the Surrogate of the County of Delaware -
The petition of Thomas Harkness 3rd & Edward Sixsmith of town of Kortright in said county showeth -
That Charles Harkness, late of said town & county, died on the tenth day of April instant, a natural death and was an inhabitant of said county at the time of his decease and left estates therein. That he left a widow, named Margarett, and two infant children and the said Margarett declines the Administration of the estate of said deceased, and is desirous that your petitioners should take on themselves the said Administration. That your petitioner Thomas Harkness 3rd is a brother of the said deceased. And your petitioners further say that said deceased left a father, James Harkness, who also declines the said Administration, and also requests your Petitioners to take the Administration of any said. That your petitioner, Edward Sixsmith, married a Sister of said Widow. Your Petitioner further states deceased died intestate, as they believe, no will or testament having been found since his death to their knowledge. That your Petitioners do not believe the personal property of said deceased would be valued at a sum exceding [sic] eight hundred dollars.

Your Petitioners therefore pray that letters of administration may be issued to them on said Estate on their tendering sufficient surety by hand as required by the statute. Dated April 16, 1833.
Thomas Harkness 3rd
Edward Sixsmith"20


The family lived on a range of mountains across the valley of the Middlebrook almost opposite the home later built and occupied by my Grandfather, and still later by my own father and where I was born, as were all of my three brothers and two sisters. As a matter of fact, all of the children, twelve in number, of James and Letitia [Lydia?] were born in that same home. These twelve children were as follows21:
1. Jane E. Born Oct. 6, 1824, died Mar. 4, 1892.
2. Charles, born Mar. 30, 1826, died Feb. 16, 1895.
3. John D.22 born Feb. 17, 1828, died Mar. 18, 1877.
4. Margaret Ann, born Jan. 31, 1830, died May 22, 1908.
5. Letitia, born Feb. 29, 1832, died Nov. 19, 1892.23
6. James Jr. born July 15, 1834, died Oct. 26, 1907.
7. George born June 11, 1837, died Mar. 10, 1915.
8. Eliza, born Apr. 25, 1841, died Jan. 21, 1920.
9. Thomas, born May 1, 1843, died Aug. 11, 1851.24
10. Ebenezer R. born Aug. 27, 1845, died Nov. 11, 1935.
11. Mary Frances, born Feb. 11, 1848, died Oct. 12, 1924.
12. Robert Henry, born Sept. 6, 1851, died Oct. 24, 1860.

Jane E. Harkness married Samuel Sloan and lived at Bound Brook, N. J.25 They had one son, Samuel, who was born about 1869. This was a posthumous birth, the father, Samuel, having died earlier in the same year at his Bound Brook home. Sam. Sloan Jr. was born in the home there maintained by Ebenezer and Eliza Harkness, in which their father also lived.26

Charles and John B. Harkness went to Illinois in 1852, and I think both married wives in Sycamore, Ill. I am sure John B. did, and I am also sure that John B. spent his life there.27 His wife's maiden name was Elizabeth Lewis.28 I do not know whom Charles married, but I have heard her spoken as Bloomey ______, or Aunt Bloomey. They later moved to Michigan and settled near either Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo.29

Margaret Ann Harkness married David Patterson and lived near the "Old Home Place" until after the birth of their children - Sarah Jane, James and Letitia, or Letty, as she was commonly called. In fact, these were all grown up when the family moved to Kansas about 1878 or 79.30

Letitia Harkness married Alex Mc Clintock and lived between Worcester and South Worcester, in Otsego Co., N.Y. all their lives. They never had any children. Sam Sloan Jr. went there to live when he was about two years old and continued to live with them until he grew up.31

James Harkness Jr. married Harriet O'Conner and continued on the "Old Home Place" until his death in 1907.32 Their six children33, all born on the "Old Home Place" are as follows:

1. Edward O. Harkness, born May 12, 1864; lives in Delhi, N.Y. He married Alice Magdalyn Gilbert.34 They have four children:
1. Robert R. Harkness, married Viola Irwin. They have one son Robert, Jr. and live in Glencoe, Cook County, Ill.
2. Ruth H. Harkness married Guy T. Parsons. They have two children, Janet, age 18, and Guy Terry, Jr. and live in Delhi, Delaware County, N.Y.
3. Florence Letitia Harkness, not married, teaches in South Orange, Essex County, N. J.
4. Magdalyn G. Harkness married William N. Mable.35 They have three children:
1. William H. Mable, age 16;
2. Margaret Patricia Mable, age 14;
3. Magdalyn Ann Mable, age 12.
The Mables live in Delhi, Delaware County, N.Y.

2. James Irving Harkness, born Feb. 5, 1866; lives in Denton, Doniphan County, Kans. J. Irving has been twice married, first to Luretta Hall by whom he had one daughter,
1. Helen Harkness, who lives in Minneapolis, Minn.36 She married Carl Trout. They have two children:
1. Jean Trout, age about 18
2. Norman Trout - age about 15.
Irving's second wife was Anna Miller; they live in Denton, Doniphan County, Kans.37

3. Fanny P. Harkness born Mar. 15, 1869; she lives near Oneonta, Otsego Co., N.Y38 Fanny P. married James S. Downie. They have seven children:
1. Dorothy Downie, married Gould Brown. They have one daughter, Barbara Brown, age 10; The Browns live near Milford, Otsego Co., N.Y. Dorothy (31 Oct 1989) & Gould (Aug 1972) in SSI at Lexington Park, Saint Mary's, MD

2. Mary Downie, married Louis Sovocol. They have three children, all small, but I have never seen this family. They live between Franklin and Unadilla, Otsego County.Delaware Co., NY;.
3. Anna Downie married Roy Russell and has three children all small. The Russells live at Colliers, Otsego Co., N.Y.
4. Ethel Downie married Edward Glynn. They have one son, about 5 or 6. The Glynns live in Maryland somewhere.
5. John Downie married Dorothy Rutenber. They have a son, James Downie, and a daughter, Margaret Downie, both small. This family lives near Otego, Otsego Co., N.Y.


13825 Otego, Otsego, NY

20 Jun 1903
Last Benefit:

Nov 1979
NY (1954 And 1956)

6. Gordon Downie married Madelyn Bachelor. They have one son, Bruce Downie, and they live in a house built on the father's farm. Gordon is employed in an Oneonta Bank and also keeps some poultry.
7. Herbert E. Downie is not married, is preparing for the ministry.39

4. W. Grant Harkness, born Jan. 20, 1871; lives near Cato, Cayuga Co., N.Y.40

5. Anna Letitia Harkness, born December 5, 1874, lives in Cobleskill, Schoharie Co., N.Y. She married Carl Pick. They have no children 41

6. Herbert E. Harkness, born Oct. 11, 1881, has also been twice married. First to Lucy Genson, by whom he had one daughter,
1. Lucy Harkness;
the mother died at the birth of this daughter. Second, to Gertrude Kelly by whom he has two daughters,
2. Margaret Alice Harkness and
3. Ruth Jean Harkness, age about 21 and 19 respectively.
This family, including the daughter Lucy, lives near Millet, Alberta, Canada.42

And now to go back into the preceding generation - I see by looking back over my work that I have not named the children of my father's oldest brother, Charles, nor of John B., the next in line from James and Letitia Harkness. This is an inadvertence which I shall not attempt to account for now.

As I have said, I think Charles married in Sycamore, Ill and then moved to Michigan. Charles never revisited his childhood home and I have never seen any of his family. This is a matter of great regret to me as I have seen and, to some extent at least, known all the rest of the grand children of James and Letitia Harkness.

In settling Uncle E.R.'s affairs, I was obliged to get in touch with these cousins, for, of course, they were in the "next of kin" class as were all of the children of the brothers and sisters of Uncle E.R.

I found this family consisted of five daughters and two sons. The sons died in infancy, or at least while still quite young. The daughters all grew up and were married; one of them, Mary Frances, died in 1931. Her married name was Thomas and she left a husband, Fred Thomas, and a son C. L. Thomas lived in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., Fla. The married names of the four remaining are as follows:

2. Lettie Harkness Kellog, address: Ada, Kent Co., Mich. 43
3. Lizzie Harkness Dutcher, address Alto, Kent Co., Mich.
4. Alice J. Harkness Elliot, address Webster St.; Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Mich.
5. Bertha Harkness Canfield, address, 1345 Penn Ave.; Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Mich.44

I think I have given these names in order of birth. My information in this connection comes from correspondence had with these cousins about four years ago; I also think that two of them, Lettie and Lizzie, are older than I am, and the other two, Alice and Bertha are younger than I.

John B., who settled in Sycamore, Ill.45 John B. and Elizabeth had three children: Fred, Florence and Isabelle.46 Fred went to Iowa and died there many years ago; I think he left two daughters. Florence married Hugh Mc Queen47 and they also had two daughters, Jean and Rose, both still living in Rockford, Ill.48

Jean married Ed. Apitz and Rose married Herbert Johnson. The Apitz's have two children, William and Patricia; the Johnson's have one son, Franklyn. These children were all small when we visited there in 1933. 49 Isabelle married Charles Carey (sic)50 and they had two daughters, Eloise and Annabel. Eloise is married 51 and has a secretarial position in Columbia University, New York, NY. Isabelle and Annabel have visited us, but I have never seen Eloise.52
I have already written about Margaret Ann and Letitia, so will pass on to George, who married Isabelle Douglass.53 They had one son, born about 1869. This son's name was George Howard. All trace of Howard seems to be lost. George was a Presbyterian minister, who, after serving several pastorates in New York state went to Illinois and served several years at Paris, Edgar Co., Ill. and then went to Newton, Harvey Co., Kansas where he died in 1915.54

Howard visited here several times after his father's death, but when I addressed him at Miami, Fla. in 1936, the letter, marked "Unclaimed," was returned to me unopened. I made quite an effort to find him, even having a lawyer friend who was staying in Miami at the time institute a search. This lawyer found mail addressed to him still in the post office box, same number I had used, still uncalled for, but no one seemed to know when he had gone, or where.

Eliza the next in the line of the twelve, married Andrew Graig. After living some years near Davenport, Delaware County, N.Y., Graig died. Eliza then spent some time in the West, visiting, and then returned to Delhi, where she died in 1919. They had no children.55

Thomas Harkness died at the early age of eight years, in 1851.

Ebenezer R. married Elizabeth J. Sixsmith. After living a few years on a farm in the town of Davenport, they removed to Delhi where he was for some years a teacher, and later school commissioner and still later as superintendent of a creamery. They had no children.

Mary Frances married James Fisher56

Most of Mary Frances' married life was spent on a farm near Davenport, Delaware County, N.Y. They later removed to Delhi, Delaware County, and still later to Worcester, Otsego Co., N.Y. where she died in 1924. They had five children, four boys and one girl. The oldest boy, Robert H. lives near Laurens, Otsego Co., N.Y. He has one son, George, also employed in an Oneonta bank, still unmarried. The next two Fisher boys died at an early age. Annabel married Ed Kelso. They had two children, Elizabeth and Gerald Kelso. Elizabeth was recently married and Gerald is in Dartmouth College. The Kelso family lived in Worcester. Ed. died some years ago, Annabel still lives there. The youngest of the Fishers is Clarence, who is married and lives in Washington, D. C.

The youngest of the twelve children of James and Letitia was Robert Henry, who died at the age of nine years.

Thus far, I have drawn my information, or made my deductions, principally from Chart 1 of the pen and ink record, which apparently is intended to outline the descent along the line of the male.

Chart 2 of the same record apparently purports to outline the descent along the line of the female. Chart 2 begins exactly as does Chart 1 by having the same, "James Harkness lived in Ireland" written lengthwise in the column headed Generation I; also the words (in parenthesis,) "wife unknown". In the column headed Generation II is written, Thos. Harkness ------ Bell, first name unknown, [based on the will which follows, her first name would be Margaret, however, that may be a second marriage since the North Kortright gravestone of Ann Tailor Harkness, age 2, who died in 1811, shows her as the daughter of Thomas J. and Catherine Harkness (if this Thomas is Thomas J..... There is no stone for a Catherine.] in about the same relative position as James Harkness --- Jane Kineer was written in column headed Generation on Chart I. But near the bottom of the column Gen II Chart 2 is written in fine script, (other children unknown).57

In the column headed Generation III? Chart 2, are names that I believe to be the children of this Thos. Harkness and the unknown "Bell." They are as follows, also paired with husband or wife, if such there were. Esther Harkness --- Thomas Mc Cauley; Jas. Bell Harkness --- Margaret Flemming, moved to Iowa; John Harkness, went to Michigan in early life;58 Thos. J. Harkness ----- Kinmouth, first name unknown, moved to Illinois; Letitia Harkness --- James Harkness; Eliza Harkness --- Samuel Mc Ilwain, moved to Michigan; Mary Ann Harkness, went West and married. This list includes my Grandmother and her brothers and sisters. I never knew any of these, but have heard frequent mention of "Aunt Esther Mc Cauley" or "Uncle James Bell Harkness" or "Uncle John Harkness" or "Aunt Eliza Mc Ilwain."59

[ Some notes on these last comments:
Thomas McCauley's name is probably "Mc Auley" see will following.. Also note, the 1850 Census for Kortright, page 211, line 24, shows: William Mc Auley, age 86, male, N, R. Pres. Clergyman; (land value of) 2,500, born in Ireland and blind. Of this William, The History of Delaware County (Op. Cit.) states on p. 240: Rev. William McAuley was born in Ireland. He was educated in Scotland, removed to America in 1794, and was installed pastor of the Presbyterian church at Kortright in June 1795. He settled on the farm now occupied by Mrs. Moses Stranaghan. He labored at clearing the farm during the week, and preached on the Sabbath. An old acquaintance recollects hearing him say, "I would not give a cent for a minister that could not shake a good sermon out of the straw." He was very successful in his ministry. At one time his congregation numbered over five hundred members. At that time it was said to be the most numerous church society in the State west of the Hudson river. He reared a large family. One of his daughters, Mrs. James G. Blakely, is living in the town. He died in March 1851, full of years and good works.
On the Flemming name, The Kortright Gilchrist Cemetery, Delaware Co., NY: Margaret Flemmings d. 1842 ae 74y. {This might be a relative, perhaps her mother, if we can allow for the 's' on her name - not unlikely since E.R. seems to be doing this from memory (to say nothing of E.O. not being the best typist).}
Regarding James B. Harkness, the 1850 Census for NY, page 213, line 34, lists (and the 1855 Census does not list):

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
James B. 48m . . farmer 1,800 NY
Mary H. 38f "
Mary E. 12f " 1
Margaret A. 10f " 1
William N. 8m " 1 1
James E. 6m " 1
Sarah V. 2f "
Margaret 18f "

James B. Harkness is shown in 1854 in Canaan Township, Henry County, Iowa in Iowa Census Records 1851 to 1859, Volume 1; Editor Ronald Vern Jackson; Publisher Accelerated Indexing System International, Inc.; North Salt Lake, UT

By 1880, James E. is listed in Iowa with his own family in Lincoln Twp., Union Co., IA (E.D. 221, page 5, family 42, taken 25 June by E. Henderson:
James E. Head W M 35 m NY ? ?
Margaret S. Wife W F 30 m IA MD VA
Walter G. Son W M 04 s IA NY IA
Frank E. Son W M 02 s IN NY IA

Then in 1900, the census return for Lincoln Township, Union Co., Iowa (e.d 139, pps. 3 and 4, family 66, taken 19 June) shows:
James E. Head w m Dec 1844 55 m 26 NY NY NY Farmer 0- yyy OMF
Margaret wife w f Mar 1838 50 m 26 3 3 IA MD VA yyy
Frank son w m Aug 1877 22 s IA NY IA Farmer R-F
Stella daughter w f Dec 1880 19 s IA NY IA At school 6yyy
Edwin son w m Mar 1890 10 s IA NY IA At school 6yyy

Then in 1910, the census return for Lincoln Township, Union Co., Iowa (p. 4B, family 71, taken 27 April) shows:
James E. Head m w 65 m1 34 NY NY NY Farmer y y - O F F
Maggie S. wife f w 60 m1 34 IA MD VA none y y -
Edwin D. son m w 20 s IA NY IA Farmhand y y -
Emma E. daughter f w 29 m1 08 IA NY IA none y y -
Edwin may be the Harkness whose death is listed in the SSI as born 16 Mar 1890 and d. October 1966 in CA - Zip 92405

And there is this note from Susan Cowles 514 Fall Creek Dr.; Huffman, Texas 77336 1999) on the History of Union Co.
While reading the old Union Co. queries - you have a question about James E. Harkness and his wife Margaret or "Maggie". On page 631 of the 1908 Union co. History it mentions that James was born in Delaware Co. New York, Dec. 8, 1844. His father was J.B. Harkness was also a native of Delaware Co. J.B. married Miss Margaret Fleming who was also born in New York State. They moved to Barry Co. Michigan, and then in 1858 to Henry Co. Ia. James E. was 14 at the time they moved to IA. If you would like a copy of this - I will be happy to send it to you. The Harkness family is not directly related to me - but my aunt Helen Harkness was descendant from them - or so I was told (she was the daughter of C Elmo Harkness and Bessie Shuab) . Helen grew up in Union Co. and married Eugene Hartman. Both are deceased.

The full text follows from History of Union County, Iowa From the Earliest Historic Times to 1908 by George A. Ide; Published Chicago 1908; pps 631-2.

J. E. Harkness, superintendent of the county poor farm, is one of the well known citizens in Union county, having from an early period in its development resided within its borders. He come to Iowa in 1858, first locating in Henry county. He was at that time a youth of fourteen years, his birth having occurred in Delaware county, New York, December 8, 1844. His father, J. B. Harkness, was also a native of Delaware county, where the days of his boyhood and youth were passed. After arriving at adult age he wedded Miss Margaret Fleming, who was likewise born in the Empire State, where they began their domestic life, residing in New York until their removal to Barry county, Michigan. The year 1858 witnessed their arrival in Henry county, Iowa, where the father secured a tract of wild land and opened up a new farm, converting the unbroken prairie into rich fields which ha continued to cultivate throughout his remaining days.
J. E. Harkness was a youth of fourteen years at the removal of the family to Henry county, where he continued throughout the period of his youth. His primary education was acquired in the common schools of Michigan and of Iowa and later he attended Howe's Academy at Mount Pleasant, this state. Soon after completing his education he accepted a position in the Mount Pleasant Insane Asylum, where he continued for nearly eight years, acting as attendant for one year, after which he had charge of the farm for seven years.
During that period, Mr. Harkness was married on the 28th of October, 1874 to Miss Maggie Roberts, who was born, reared and educated at Mount Pleasant. In 1877 they removed to Union county, settling in Lincoln township, where Mr. Harkness purchased a farm. It was raw land but with rich possibilities of cultivation and improvement. Upon that place he lived for ten years, during which time he brought his fields under a high state of cultivation. He then sold out and bought another farm, which he further developed and improved. He had one hundred and sixty acres but has since disposed of eighty acres of that place. In 1903, he was appointed to take charge of the county poor farm, which at that time had fourteen inmates and now has nineteen, while during the winter months there are usually about twenty-0eight. The farm comprises two hundred and forty seven acres of land and in addition to the cultivation of the fields high grades of cattle, hogs and horses are raised here. Mr. Harkness is very successful in its management and conducts the work with the work with the same thoroughness which he displayed in carrying on his own farm.
Unto Mr. and Mrs. Harkness have been born four children: Walter, who is married and now follows farming in Lincoln township; Frank, who is married and lives upon the home farm; Edwin, a resident of South Dakota; and Stella, the wife of W. H. Peiffer, of Afton. Mr. and Mrs. Harkness and three of their children are members of the Methodist Episcopal church and Mr. Harkness is a Master Mason. Politically, he has been a life-long republican, casting his first presidential ballot for General U. S. Grant in 1858 and for each presidential nominee of the party since that time. He has taken an active part in local politics and in Lincoln township was elected and re-elected until he had served for ten consecutive years' as assessor, while for four years he was township trustee. He has likewise been identified with the schools and for several years served on the school board, being also a delegate to various state and county conventions. He has a wide acquaintance in this part of the state and his substantial qualities of manhood and of business activity and reliability have gained him the favorable regard in which he is uniformly held.

The 1855 Census (NY state) shows two Kenmouth men, John and Hugh, aged 45 and 50, both born in Scotland. Note, however, that the Kinmouth spelling is very clear in the will that follows. No Kinmouth people are in the 1855 Census. Two Thomas Harknesses are shown in the 1850 Census Index for Illinois (261 and 314) both in Galena, Jo Daviess County. The Thomas on page 314 is only twenty years old. The entry for page 261, however, may be our Thomas or a son (given some problems with the dates and the wife's name). It shows in the city of Galena (taken 2 December by John C. Gear in Dwelling 2562, family 2566):

Harkness Thomas 44 M W Teamster Scotland
Jane 41 F W Scotland
Esther 10 F W ?Canada? (illeg)
John 08 M W "
Elizabeth 07 F W New York
Ellen 04 F W "
Isabella 02 F W "

Some years later, The History of Jo Daviess County, Illinois (Chicago, H. F. Kett & Co., 1878, page 748 (County Directory)) includes A] John Harkness, B] James and James Jr. Harkness and C] Peter Harkness. [John and Peter are in Elizabeth Twp.; some Harkness families also end up in Hanover Twp., including James and Hannah] James is shown as emigrating to America in 1843 from Edinburgh, Scotland. James' wife, Hannah Statham, is from England; her parents came from Manchester in 1828, the year after her birth on 18 March 1827. There is no material on John, Peter or James Jr.

The 1855 Census (op. cit.) for Delaware County, NY shows Rebecca Mc Ilwain, age 72; born in Vermont; resident in Delaware County 69 years; widow; mother of Dean Mc Ilwain and living with his family in Kortright. P. 331; #114. Her husband would probably be Burgoyne.
End of notes and back to the original]

I would very readily accept this record except for the fact that one of the pencil sheets spoken of purports to give Grandmother's family but that starts with "John Harkness ---- i.Harkness: Mrs. (Bell);Bell, first name unknown, came about 1798," and then follows a list of children using exactly the same names, though not in the same order, as were used as the names of children of "Thos. Harkness --- Bell, first name unknown."60 I have no way of knowing whether Uncle E.R. intended one list to be a correction of the other or not; however, it seems probable that Letitia's mother's maiden name was "Bell", first name unknown,61 and it is also probable that this unknown "Bell" was an Aunt of the men known as "James, John and Samuel, Bell." By the way, I should have said, "Samuel, James and John Bell," Samuel being the oldest of the three brothers, and John the youngest.62

If it be true that either Thomas or John of the first emigrants about whom we have spoken, married a "Bell" first name unknown, and that one were the father of the Letitia who married James Jr., my Grandfather, then that unknown "Bell" would be Great Grandmother of all of the Harknesses of my generation.63

Betty Harkness, was a half sister of my Grandfather. She married John Whiteford. At the time I attended the old Fergusonville Academy, the Whiteford's lived in that hamlet with their two sons, George and Will; I saw them quite frequently.64

Margaret Harkness, a sister of my Grandfather, married Robert Henderson. Their son Charles, married Ann Tate; their children were Emma, Fannie, Mary, Andrew, Leonard and Anna.65

The foregoing memorandum was prepared in February, 1940 by

Edward O. Harkness

[with notes by John Harold Hutchins Jr. in 1990's and 2000's]

Will of Thomas Harkness (Sr.)66
The last will & testament of Thomas Harkness, deceased, admitted to Probate and recorded June 5, 1838.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas Harkness, of the town of Kortright, County of Delaware and state of New York, Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to wit. I resign my soul to the hands of Almighty God hoping and believing in a remission of my sins by the ______ and mediation of Jesus Christ. And my body I commit to the earth. And my worldly estate I give and devise as follows. I give and devise to my beloved wife Margaret Harkness one third of all my real and personal estate during her natural life. And from and after the decease of my said wife I give and bequeath the said personal and real estate to my youngest son Thomas J. Harkness. To my eldest son John Harkness I give and bequeath five dollars. To my eldest daughter Esther Mc Auley I give and bequeath five dollars; also I give and bequeath unto James B. Harkness five dollars. Also I give and bequeath unto my two daughters Letty and Eliza five dollars each. Also to my youngest daughter Mary Ann I give and bequeath the sum of four hundred dollars, two beds and bedding, one bureau one set of chairs, one side saddle, one carpet, a set of earthen and china ware in the glass cupboard, one table and stand, one set of andirons, one shovel and tongs, one looking glass, one chest, one set of curtains. To my son William Harkness, I give and bequeath the sum of five hundred dollars and if the said sum of five hundred dollars should not be sufficient for his support during his natural life, such other sums shall be appropriated as will give him a good and ample support during his natural life and it is my further will that William shall remain and be supported at my ________ house. Also I give and bequeath unto my youngest son Thomas J. Harkness all the remaining part of my personal and real estate forever after paying _ ______ of my debts, legacies and funeral expenses. And I do hereby constitute and appoint Edward R. Sixsmith and James Bell Harkness executors to this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand and seal the second day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight.

The above instrument of one sheet was at
the date thereof _____ to us by the testator,
Thomas Harkness, to be his last will and
testament and he then acknowledged to each
of us that he had subscribed the same and
we, at his request sign our names hereto as
attesting witnesses:
John Kinmouth ]
John H. Smith ] Residing in Kortright, Delaware County
Wm. Mc Laughley ]


Ebenezer R. Harkness67

E. R. Harkness, a junior member of the firm of Oliver & Harkness, dealers in staple and fancy groceries, provisions, canned goods, and crockery, is a man of superior business ability, and an influential citizen of Delhi. He was born in Kortright on August 27, 1845. He is descended from good old pioneer stock, and is of excellent Irish extraction, the Harkness family having originated in Ireland, whence they emigrated to the United States, settling in Kortright about the year 1800, being among the original settlers of that town. His parents, though both bearing the surname of Harkness, were not related by ties of blood. His father, James Harkness, married Lettie Harkness, and was for may years one of the most extensive land-owners of Delaware County, having a good farm in Kortright, and another in the town of Davenport. He was very successful, financially and otherwise, and a man much respected by all. He was born in Kortright in 1800, and his eighty-five years of life were years of activity and usefulness. Of the twelve children born to him and his wife, seven are now living; namely, Charles, James, George, Ebenezer R., Margaret, Eliza, and Frances.

Ebenezer R. Harkness, fourth son of James, was reared to manhood beneath the parental roof, the major part of the time being spent on the Davenport farm. He was graduated from the Franklin Literary Institute when quite young, and then engaged in teaching, beginning in New Jersey, where he taught school for a year. The following two years Mr. Harkness taught in the town of Davenport, coming from there to Delhi, and for four years thereafter being one of its most successful teachers. He relinquished his position as instructor in the public schools to accept that of School Commissioner of the Second District, Delaware County, an office to which he was elected for a term of three years. The duties of that responsible position were fulfilled so satisfactorily that he was subsequently re-elected to that office for another three years' term. The succeeding year Mr. Harkness was special State agent for the Equitable Life Insurance Company, the agency of which he resigned to embark in a mercantile career, forming a partnership with Mr. Oliver. The firm have since carried on an extensive and lucrative trade, their stock being one of the most complete in every department of any similar store in the county.

A man of Mr. Harkness's intelligence and push necessarily occupies an important place among the citizens of any community, and is often called to positions of trust. Thus he was elected Supervisor of the town of Delhi in 1892, and re-elected to the same office in 1893. He is a man of good judgment and strong convictions, never hesitating to express them freely and frankly, and with all the vigor he can command; and, whatever course he pursues in business or political matters, he is actuated by conscientious motives. When, after mature deliberation, he has found it to be his duty to do or refrain from doing a certain thing for the benefit of his constituents, he has never swerved from his chosen path, as was clearly shown in the recent contest for a new court-house in Delhi. Knowing that his people were already laboring under the weight of a heavy railway tax, and that there was then no imperative need for a new building, he would not impose on them a further burden. Mr. Harkness was somewhat severely criticized at the time for not voting in favor of said new court-house; but that the soundness of his judgment and the wisdom of his action have since been admitted is shown by the outspoken expressions of many of his constituents. That he is a loyal citizen, of true public spirit, is never doubted. These strong points in his character, combined with his may allied commendable qualities, have rendered him very popular and successful in all circles of life, either business, social, or political.

Mr. Harkness was united in marriage in 1876 to Miss Libbie Sexsmith (sic), of Kortright Centre, who is the presiding genius of his hospitable home. Both are consistent and valued members of the Second Presbyterian Church of Delhi, wherein Mr. Harkness has served many years as Elder.

Obituary: "Sycamore True Republican", 21 March 1877:


Died at his home, in Sycamore, on Sunday, March 18th in the 50th year of his age.
The deceased was born in Delaware County, in the State of New York, of a family of high respectability. In 1855 he removed to DeKalb County, Illinois, and took up his residence at Cortland, where he worked at his trade as a Carpenter. In 1857, having accumulated some capital and shown a decided talent for business, he opened a store in Sycamore, in company with Mr. M. S. Hersha. He has been in mercantile business in Sycamore ever since, and his business career has been a very successful one. He was a man of unusual strength of mind, good judgment, keen wit and strong will. He was twice chosen Mayor of this city, and his administration of its business was remarkably successful.
In the year 1859, he married Miss Elizabeth M. Lewis, who is left a widow with three children. His funeral will be attended today, at the Episcopal Church at 10:30 AM.

Cemetery Listings from De Kalb County, IL - Elmwood Cemetery, Sycamore, IL:
John B. Harkness, d. 18 March 1877 49y 1m 0d
Elizabeth Lewis Harkness b. 5 November 1840; d. 13 February 1918.
William Henry Harkness d. 22 Aug. 1866 1y 10m 0d; child of J.B. & E.M.
Libbie Belle Harkness d. 12 February 1872 4m; child of J.B. & E.M.

The following material from Portrait and Biographical Album of Barry and Eaton Counties, Mich.68 follows the family of Eliza Harkness and Samuel Mc Ilwain/Mc Elwain to Michigan:

"Robert Mc Elwain. Barry County has no more highly respected resident than the gentleman above named, the seat of whose agricultural work in on section 29, Barry Township. His home farm consists of one hundred and twenty acres of choice land and he has quite a goodly acreage in other parts of the county. He divides his attention between general farming and stock-raising, and thrives in proportion to his zeal and perseverance. A tasty farm house, substantial barns and other buildings, and the usual garden and orchard plats, meet the eye of a visitor and the orderly arrangement and neatness everywhere noted are significant of the character of the occupants of the farm.

"As the patronymic indicates, he of whom we write is of Scotch lineage. His grandfather, Burgoyne Mc Elwain, emigrated to America prior to the Revolution and took part in that struggle for American liberty. He died in New York, and in Delaware County his son Samuel was born in 1800. That gentleman adopted farming as his life work and continued it in this State from 1846 until old age. Upon removing hither he bought new land in Barry Township and County and built a log house in which his family lived some years. So undeveloped was the section that only an Indian trail led to Hastings and there was a settlement of the red men near his location.

"Samuel Mc Elwain and his wife Eliza Harkness, lived to see great changes in the appearance of the country, and he did much to bring them about. He was Supervisor of the Township and an honored member of the Presbyterian Church, living his religion week days as well Sundays. He died in 1881, having survived his companion many years. Mrs. Mc Elwain, who was born in New York in 1809, breathed her last April 14, 1865. The family consisted of five children, our subject and three others surviving.

"Robert Mc Elwain was born in Delaware County, N. Y., April 22, 1830, and was reared amid the surroundings of farm life. He helped his father clear, improve and pay for the farm in this State, and in the meantime continued his pursuit of his education in his native State. About the time he became of age he clerked in a store in Yorkville a year, after which he took charge of the homestead and the care of his parents.

"In the year 1862, Mr. Mc Elwain was united in marriage with Miss Susan Kelley, who was born in Ohio in 1840 and is a daughter of John and Hannah Kelley. Mr. Kelley was born in Pennsylvania and Mrs. Kelley in Ohio, and in the latter state they were married. They removed thence to Barry County, Michigan, and Mr. Kelley died here in 1886; his widow died March 7, 1891. Mrs. Mc Elwain is an excellent housewife, a judicious manager, and a sympathizing companion and mother. She has borne her husband two children - Alma B. now deceased, and Elwyn R., a promising lad of fourteen summers. On this son the fond parents center many hopes, looking forward to seeing him occupy an honorable position among men.

"Mr. Mc Elwain is well posted regarding general topics and possesses considerable influence in his community. He votes the Democratic ticket and often acts as delegate to conventions but never seeks office himself. For twenty-one years he has been a Mason and he is fully in sympathy with the benevolent and moral ideas of the order. As man and citizen he has a good record, and receives respect and friendship from his fellow-men."


Line of Robert Harkness69

_H1 Robert Harkness born [1797 in Kortright, Delaware Co., NY and married Lydia Leal ca 1810-15 in Kortright, NY. She was born 12 April 1802 in Kortright, NY and died 28 Nov 1887 in Sterling Valley, NY. Their children were:

_H11 Richard Harkness born 1815 in Kortright, NY and married Susan Humeston. She was from Portage County, OH. [See preceding].
_H12 Letitia Harkness who was born in 1817 in Kortright, NY and who married, first, John Cooper and, second, Stephen Oliver.
_H13 Robert Harkness, born 1820 in Kortright, NY and married Mary A. McClaughry.
_H14 William Smith Harkness, born 1825 in Kortright, NY and died in infancy.
_H15 James Leal Harkness, born 1829? in Kortright, NY and married ___ Kinmouth.70
_H16 Martha Ann Harkness, born 27 January 1830 in Kortright, NY, died 12 October 1890 in Leon, IA and married 14 October 1851: William Whitney Parrish. He was born 27 Oct 1822 and died 21 July 1898, also in Leon, IA71
_H17 Mary Harkness, born 17 October 1835 ? in Kortright, NY, died 29 March 1913 in Garden Grove, IA and married John O. Parrish. He was born in 16 July 1831, the son of Hiram and Cyrena (Whitney) Parrish and died 17 February 1906 in Garden Grove, IA. *
_H18 Lydia Ellen Harkness, born 1 September, 1844 in Kortright, Delaware Co., NY, died 1 May 1934 in Leon IA and married: Harvey Henderson.
_H19 Sarah Harkness, born _______ and married Hugh White.
_H1A Agnes Harkness, born ______ and married James Henderson.

(last two may not belong - appear on one of three lists from descendants.)

_H17 Mary Harkness, born 17 October 1835 ? in Kortright, NY, died 29 March 1913 in Garden Grove, IA and married John O. Parrish. He was born in 16 July 1831, the son of Hiram and Cyrena (Whitney) Parrish and died 17 February 1906 in Garden Grove, IA. He served in the Ohio Cavalry and then in the Artillery, serving with Gen. Sherman. He was a newspaper editor and served Garden Grove, Decatur Co., IA as Postmaster and as Mayor.

Mary (Harkness) and John O. Parrish had
_H171 Nancy M. Parrish, who married George W. Moore.
_H172 Ella S. Parrish, a school teacher in Decatur Co.

The following material is from the Biographical and Historical Record of Ringold and Decatur Counties, Iowa, The Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, IL, 1887, page 558:

"J. O. Parrish, proprietor of news stand, and dealer in books, stationery and fancy articles, at Garden Grove, was born in Washington County, New York, July 16, 1831, son of Hiram and Cyrena (Whitney) Parrish, natives of the same State, the latter being of English ancestry.

"Mr. Parrish was reared on a farm, where he remained until he was twenty years of age. He received a good substantial education and when eighteen years old commenced teaching school. For twenty-five years he was an earnest, capable and successful teacher, never shirking his duty, but performing it firmly and conscientiously.

"In the fall of 1862 he enlisted in Company A, Tenth Ohio Cavalry, and was appointed First Lieutenant. He served two years and then resigned. He re-enlisted as a private in Company I, Second Ohio Heavy Artillery, remaining in that company until the close of the war, when he was mustered out August 27, 1865. He participated in most of the battles fought by Sherman's army during the first two months of the Atlanta campaign.

"In 1854 he was married to Mary H. Harkness, a native of Delaware County, New York, and they have two children -- Nancy M., wife of George W. Moore, a resident of Garden Grove; and Ella S., a prominent teacher of Decatur County. During President Hayes' administration she was appointed deputy postmistress and held the position seven years. Mr. Parrish was postmaster during that period. He is now serving his second term as mayor of Garden Grove. Mr. Parrish lived one year in Licking County, Ohio, after the war, and in 1866 settled in Johnson County, Missouri, where he lived nine years. He came to Garden Grove in 1875 and commenced editing a paper called the Iowa Express. In 1881 he sold out to Bryson Bruce, the present proprietor and editor of the Garden Grove Express. In 1865, while in the service, he met with a very serious accident by the cars running off the track, which crippled him for life. Three persons were killed and twenty wounded.

"By his own industry Mr. Parrish is possessed of a nice home and a profitable business. He is highly respected by all who know him. His twelve years' residence has won for him a prominent place among the leading citizens of Decatur County. Politically he is an ardent and influential Republican."

[An as yet unconnected Harkness from Delaware County but in the immediately preceding line]

Garden Grove

"Richard A. Harkness, one of the best educators of Iowa, is a native of Delaware county, New York, where he was born on the 25th of November, 1839. His parents were Robert and Lydia Leal Harkness73, his father being of Irish and his mother of Scotch descent, though both were born in this country. Robert Harkness was a farmer, and reared his son until sixteen years of age in agricultural pursuits; the son then prepared for college at Delhi, Delaware county; entered the junior class of Union College, Schenectady, in 1861, and graduated in 1863. After teaching one year at Cherry Valley in his native state, Mr. Harkness came to Iowa, locating at Garden Grove, Decatur county, in the spring of 1864, and has been a teacher here since that date, building up one of the best graded schools in the state. A high-school department was added at the start, and Professor Harkness pays especial attention to the fitting of students for the State University and other higher institutions of learning. One of his students is now in Yale College; and go where they will his students find no trouble in entering. He has the happy faculty of drawing out students, making them self-reliant and inspiring them with enthusiasm in their studies. He is a man of indomitable energy and perseverance, as well as mental force, and his students seem to imbibe his spirit.

"While Professor Harkness has made teaching his main work, he has done something at farming, and especially horticulture. He is cultivating eight or ten acres of land, five or six of it being devoted to fruit-raising. He has grapes and the smaller fruits, and his orchard is in a fine state of improvement, like everything else to which he puts his hand.

"He is very successful as a conductor of teacher's institutes, and often has more applications for such work to be done during vacations than he can fill.

"Professor Harkness is a Republican in politics, and is a member of the county central committee. His name has been before the republican state conventions as a candidate for state superintendent of public instruction, a position for which people who best know him think he has peculiar fitness. He is, however, no office-seeker, and would be the last man to ask for any position other than the one he now holds. He is active in educational matters and some of the ablest and best papers read at state teachers' institutes were prepared by him.

"The professor is an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and a trustee of Parsons College, which is located at Fairfield, Jefferson county, and is the leading Presbyterian school in Iowa.

"He is an Odd-Fellow, but there is no lodge at Garden Grove, and latterly he has paid but little attention to the meetings of the order.

"His wife was Miss Susie Humeston, formerly of Portage County, Ohio. They were married on the 9th of August, 1865, and have two daughters: Mary L., aged eleven, and Susie A., aged four years. Mrs. Harkness' father is the Hon. A. Humeston, late member of the general assembly from Wayne county, Iowa. Humeston Station, near Garden Grove, was named for him."

[Notes on the folks mentioned in this material:
1. Abstracts of Wills of Delaware Co., N.Y. from Jan. 9, 1834 - Aug. 16, 1847. Copied from the original wills at the Surrogate's Office, Delhi, N.Y. Volume 2. Copied and compiled by Gertrude A. Barber. 1941: p. 171 James Leal of Delhi, dated May 26, 1841 and Probated September 4, 1841. Mentions: Wife: Sarah; Sons: Richard, Robert; Daughters: Ann Clark, Lydia Harkness, Sarah Lawson, Ellen H. Maynard, Catherine B. Leal; Grandsons: James W. Leal and James Harkness; Granddaughters: Eleanor Ann Leal, Martha Ann Harkness (see below?), Margaret McLaughry; Executors: John Clark of Kortright, Robert Leal of Delhi, Ellen Leal of Delhi. Richard A. Harkness may have been left out of this will since he was under two when it was made. James and Martha Ann would have been older siblings.

A note (6/93) from Jack A. Parrish, 2755 Stage Coach Drive; Memphis, TN 38134 (901-372-0521), WORKING on Leal and Harkness families, mentions his great-grandparents: Martha Ann Harkness, b. 27 Jan 1835 and married 14 October, 1951 William Whitney Parrish. W. W. was born in Argyle, Washington Co., NY on 27 Oct 1821. They moved to Sterling Valley, Cayuga Co., NY and had 10 children, 6 of whom were born in Delaware Co. and six in Cayuga Co. The family moved to Decatur Co., IA "in a sort of sequence." He also mentions Mary Harkness, born 27 Jan 1830 in Kortright Co., NY and married John O. Parrish. They moved to Garden Grove, IA where she died 29 Mar 1913 and he had died 17 Feb 1906.

2. According to History of Delaware County, N.Y. W.W. Munsell & Co., New York, 1880, p. 234: "Alexander Leal, sen., was born in Scotland, in the city of Farris, in 1740. He was married to Anna Comyn in 1762. When a lad he witnessed the battle at Culloden Moor. He left Scotland for America in 1773. He had a long and dangerous voyage of seven months, during which time he was exposed to many dangers, and, to use his own language, 'met with many remarkable deliverances.' He was reduced to the greatest extremities; many of his fellow passengers died at sea and at the island of Bermuda, among them two of his sons. When he reached Kortright he settled on lot 53, Kortright patent. The farm has remained in possession of the family ever since, two great-grandsons, Alexander R. and John Leal, being the present owners. Mr. Leal, in the fall of 1779 , with many other settlers, took refuge in Scholarie. He owned a number of cattle, which he could not take with him. His hay was stored in a log barn, and a large opening was cut in one end of the barn to give the cattle access to the fodder. When the snow passed off in the spring Mr. Leal came with a party from Schoharie, and found his cattle safely wintered. He returned with his family in 1786. He was a tailor by trade. He died in Delhi in April, 1813. Six of his sons lived to grow up in this town. James kept a hotel in Kortright Centre, in the house now owned by Mrs. Martin Keeler. He married Sarah, daughter of Richard Mc Claughry, and died in Delhi in 1841."

Biographical Review...Delaware County New York. Boston, Biographical Review Publishing Company. 1895 p. 38 states: "Alexander Leal... was born in Scotland, and there reared to farming pursuits. Emigrating when a young man to the United States, Alexander settled in the town of Kortright in this county, where he cleared a farm, and in the course of time had it comparatively well improved; and there he lived and labored until gathered to his final rest. His wife was born of Scotch parents in the town of Stamford;.... They reared five children, all boys; namely, John, Hugh, Alexander, Jr., James, and Clark." The History of Delaware County, N.Y. lists on page 243, Hugh Leal as a soldier in the War of 1812.

3. The 1880 Census for Iowa, Decatur, Garden Grove Township, on Main Street (E.D. 56, Sheet 23, Line 44-7) lists:

Harkness Richard A. 40 W M NY
Susie 35 F wife Ohio
L. Mary 13 F dau. Iowa
A. Susie 6 F dau. Iowa

A subsequent (1890) article in the Portrait and Biographical Album of Jefferson and Van Buren Counties, Iowa. Chicago, Lake City Publishing Co. 1890. lists three children: Mary L., a graduate of Parsons College, of Fairfield, in which institution she has since taught for five years; Susie A. and Carlton A. are still students (page 309). According to this article, his father, Robert, died when he was 42 and Richard was 5, which would be around 1844; Lydia is shown as having lived until the age of 85. Robert and Lydia are shown as having four sons and six daughters (Richard being eighth in birth order) of whom three sons and five daughters were still living (1890).

CARLTON HARKNESS3 Feb 1908Jun 197519072 (Bala Cynwyd, Montgomery, PA)(No Location Given)193-20-4940Pennsylvania

4. The parents of Susie were Alva and Mary (Northrup) Humeston who emigrated to Iowa in 1864. Portrait and Biographical Album of Jefferson and Van Buren Counties, Iowa. Chicago, Lake City Publishing Co. 1890 p. 309. The 1850 Federal Census includes them in Fowler Twp., Trumbull Co., OH (page 428 taken 29 Aug.):
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Humison Alva 35 M Merchant 1800 Conn.
Mary 31 F NY
Daniel 09 M O 1
Alice 07 F O 1
Susan **** 05 F O 1
Litchfield 02 M O
End of Notes


**** THOMAS ****** [material in italics is pre-printed]74

[ The petition of James H. Harkness of the town of Kortright County of Delaware and State of New York, respectfully showeth:

That Thomas Harkness, late of the town of Kortright in the County of Delaware aforesaid, departed this life on or about the 9th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty one. That the said deceased was at the time of his death, an inhabitant of the said County of Delaware; That he has left a last Will and Testament, which is dated the 28th day of March in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty.
That in and by the said Will the said deceased appointed your petitioner & Barclay H. Harkness & Lois his widow Executors thereof; That the said deceased left the following heirs at law and next of kin, to wit:-

Lois his widow & children. Ezekiel Harkness, James H. Harkness, Letty, wife of Darius Hendrickson, Mary Harkness, Frances Harkness, Barclay H. Harkness, Lois Harkness & Elisa Harkness, all of whom reside in Delaware County, N.Y. and are of full age except Lois and Elisa who are each under twenty-one years of age.

Another daughter of the deceased, Martha, wife of Joseph Rowland, is dead leaving one child, a boy who is under age, named Joseph Rowland. That above are all the heirs and next of kin of the deceased....
(signed) James H. Harkness

Notes on Thomas:
The 1850 Census, stamped page 214, line 15ff, lists :
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Harkness Thomas 67 m . . farmer 3,500 IRE
Lois 57 f . . NY
James 32 m . . farmer 6,500 "
Mary 26 f "
Bartley 21 m . . farmer "
Lois 18 f "
Elisa 15 f " 1
and, on the next farm:
Harkness Ezekiel 37 m . . farmer "
Mary 30 f "
Thomas 7 m " 1
Mary E. 2 f

and on Joseph Rowland:
The 1850 Census, page 217, line 24ff, lists him, perhaps with a step-mother:
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Rowland Joseph 67m . . farmer 600 IRE
Mary 40 f NY
* Joseph Jr. 5m " 1
Agnes 4 f "
Samuel 3m "
Wooten Charles 10m " 1

;**** LOIS (Wife of Thomas) ****** [material in italics is pre-printed]75
[ The petition of William Hadden of the town of Kortright County of Delaware, respectfully showeth:
That your petitioner, the said William Hadden is a creditor of Lois Harkness, late of the town of Kortright in the County of Delaware, now deceased: that the said deceased died on or about the 10th day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy- one: that at, or immediately preceding the time of her death, she was an inhabitant of the said County of Delaware; That she has left no Will, as far as your Petitioner has been able to discover: That the said deceased left next of kin or heirs at law the following named persons, viz.:
Ezekiel Harkness Michigan
James H. Harkness Kortright, N.Y.76
Lettie Hendrickson Meredith, N.Y.
Mary Johnson Kortright, N.Y.
Lois Hadden " "
Nancy Mc Cully Davenport, N.Y.
Elisa Grennell Harpersfield, N.Y. all of whom are the children of the deceased.
That in the opinion of your Petitioner the whole amount of the personal property left to the said deceased, was about twenty-five Dollars.
Your Petitioner therefore prays that Letters of Administration upon the estate of the said deceased may be granted to William Hadden of Kortright in said County:
(signed) William Hadden

**** JAMES H. (Spouse of Sarah H. Harkness) ****** [material in italics is pre-printed]
[ The petition of Sarah H. Harkness of the town of Kortright County of Delaware, respectfully showeth:
That your petitioner, is the widow of James H. Harkness, late of the town of Kortright in the County of Delaware, now deceased: that the said deceased died on or about the 4th day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four: that at, or immediately preceding the time of his death, he was an inhabitant of the said County of Delaware; That he has left no Will, as far as your Petitioner has been able to discover: That the said deceased left heirs surviving your petitioner, his widow

Lois Jane Thompson a daughter residing in Hobart, N.Y.77
Elizabeth T. Harkness a daughter residing in Kortright, N.Y.
George B. Harkness a son residing in Kortright, N.Y.
all of full except George B. Harkness who is a minor 19 years of age.

That in the opinion of your Petitioner the whole amount of the personal property left to the said deceased, was about eight hundred Dollars.
Your Petitioner therefore prays that LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION upon the estate of the said deceased may be granted to your petitioner.
(signed) Sarah Harkness ]
Liber I. Admin. 54. Box 29.

**** BARTLEY ****** 78

In the matter of the Accounting }
& final Settlement of the estate } Del County NY
of Bartley Harkness dec'd.............. } James H. Harkness being duly sworn says that he is one of the Administrators of said dec'ed & Geo H. Edgerton the other. That all the personal property of the deceased was sold for the same amount appraised and that said amount is all the personal property that has come (into the?) hands of the Administrators. That there accounts hereto annexed he believes in all respects (to be?) true. That they have duly charged themselves as such Administrators in said accounts with all the assets both for the real & personal property that have come to their hand or knowledge.
That all the payments in said accounts of Creditors have in fact been actually made by them or one of them. That the time & expense charged in the matter of the sale of the Real Estate is as he believes true & correct. That they are charged with all the interests & (illegible) that should in law or equity be charged against them. That all the debts that existed against said deceased at his death have been fully paid & satisfied, as he verily believes & that nothing remains unpaid except the Surrogate fee not charged in their bill & fees etc. in final settlement. That their percentage should be allowed them according to law.... And deponent says deceased Bartley Harkness was never married. That his mother, Lois Harkness, is living but that his father died before said Bartley did. That he left the deponent, Ezekiel Harkness, Letty Hendrickson, Mary Harkness, Nancy Mc Cully, Lois Harkness, Elisa Harkness brothers and sisters him surviving. Joseph Rowland Jr., his nephew, son of his deceased sister, Martha Rowland as his next of kin.
Dec. 30th 1858 (signed) James H. Harkness Based on the rest of the family, this is the person known as Barclay in the will of Thomas which he Administered with his moth

**** ROBERT ******

[In the matter of the application of }
Lewis Mills & James B. Harkness, }
administrators of the estate of Robert }
Harkness, deceased, for a settlement of }
their accounts on such administration }

Delaware County N.Y. ... Robert Harkness being duly sworn says he notified Ezra T. Gibbs the guardian for Elizabeth & Margaret Harkness, minor children of said deceased, and also James Donaldson, the guardian of Robert & Nancy R. (K?) Harkness, also minor children of the deceased, more than fifteen days since that a settlement of the accounts of Lewis Mills & James B. Harkness as administrators of the goods, chattels & credits of Robert Harkness deceased would be made before E____ Surrogate of Delaware County on the 20th day of July 1850.
(signed) Robt. Harkness]

William Rowland of Kortright left a will dated October 12, 1826 and Probated March 18, 1829.

It mentions:

Agnes Rowland, wife

Ebenezer Rowland, son
Joseph Rowland, son
Samuel Rowland, son

Agnes (Rowland) Harper, daughter
Elizabeth (Rowland) Parker, daughter

Eliza Moore Harkness, granddaughter
Agnes Moore Fox, granddaughter
Agnes Rowland, granddaughter

Ebenezer Rowland, Executor
Joseph Rowland, Executor

John Smith, Witness
William Smith, Witness
Lyon Lawson, Witness

The 1850 Census for Kortright, Delaware County, NY lists, on stamped page 212, as taken on 27 August:
Harkness Thomas J. 33 M Farmer 4000 NY
Catherine 32 F NY
Margaret A. 09 F NY att. school
Peter McC. 07 M NY "
Edmund 05 M NY "
Mary E. 02 F NY
Wolf John 20 M Laborer NY
Rowe Catherine 20 F NY

and, on page 213, taken on the 28th of August,
Harkness James B. 48 M Farmer 1800 NY
Mary H. 38 F NY
Mary E. 12 F NY (att. school)
Margaret A. 10 F NY (att. school)
William 08 M NY (att. school)
James E. 06 M NY (att. school)
Sarah V. 02 F NY
Margaret 18 F NY

Other marriages and deaths:

Harkness: William S. to Hannah Mc Eachron, all of Kortright, 14 Oct. 1857, by Rev. C. Irving

Harkness: Howard, age 4y, May 19, 1883; Little Delaware.

Harkness: Maggie and Frank A. Leal; Nov. 24, 1886 by Rev. F. H. Seeley.

Harkness: Howland William and Ella J. Fraser, both of Delhi, Sept. 29, 1887, by Rev. Seeley.

Harkness: James L. 63y, Nov. 27, 1892, Delhi.

Aliens Authorized to Purchase and Hold Real Estate in this State [NY]:
1797 Harkness, John do 488
1797 Harkness, Thomas do 488

From History of Delaware County, N.Y. 1880. Pub. New York, W. W. Munsell & Co p. 243.
"Mary Kinmouth is a daughter of John and Isabel Kinmouth, and was born in Kortright, in 1849. Her parents were born in Scotland, emigrated to America in 1830, and followed farming; the father died in 1876, and the mother in 1879."


James Henderson is a farmer and son of George Henderson, who came to America in 1811. He was born in 1822, in Kortright, and married Miss N. M. Harkness, of the same town; she died in 1853, and he married Nancy McNealy, of Harpersfield. Mr. Henderson has been a prominent teacher of the county.


From Marriages taken from the Delhi Gazette from Nov. 1819 to August 28, 1844. Delhi, Delaware County, New York. Copied and compiled by Gertrude A. Barber. 1933, p.73:

October 14, 1840: Kortright, on Wednesday, 30th ult. [Sept 30] Rev. Wm. Cochran, JOHN McMORRIS of Davenport, LUCINDA HARKNESS, of former place.


Harkness Records in New York Census

Harkness James Washington Co. 424 10300-00100 00
James " 523 31010-11010 00


Harkness Jonathan Cayuga 040 12110-31.......
William G. " 055 00010-10.......

James Delaware 521 22101-10.......
John " 521 20101-11.......
Thomas " 521 20101-21.......
Thomas Jr. " 521 00100-00.......

Isabella New 123 10000-01.......

Buffom Onta 197 30110-22.......
James " 170 30001-12.......

Nathan Sara 243 20010-33.......

Daniel Wash 446 00010-10.......
Elizabeth " 448 10000-01.......
Jacob " 433 10010-10.......
James " 447 11410-30.......

Harkness Records in New York Census


Harkness Robert Allen 059 Angelica
William G. Cayuga 041 Aurelius

Harkness David Clinton 481 Peru
Harkuess? Daniel " 482 "

Harkness James Delaware 069 Kortright
James " 070 "
John " 070 "
Thomas " 070 "
Thomas " 069 "
Thomas " 069 "

Joel H. Herkimer 006 Fairfield

John Onta 136 Williams
William " 370 Lima

Ruth Sara 171 Greenfield
David Sene 093 Fayette
Abner Tioga 304 Elmira
James Wash 185 Salem

Harkness Records in New York Census


Harkness William G. Capo 347 Springpo

Asa Clint 289 Moders
Daniel " 370 Peru
David " 370 Peru

Charles Delaware 110 Kortright
James " 109 "
James " 111 "
John B. " 111 "
John " 115 "
Robert " 050 Davenport
Thomas " 109 Kortright
Thomas 1st " 109 "
Thomas 2nd " 110 "

David Erie 201 Sardinia
Eri* " 007 Buffalo
Oliver " 121 Eden
Thomas " 199 Concord

William Madison 255 Eaton
James Monroe 365 Riga
Samuel New 253 NYC 5th

Harknes James 2nd Otse 027 Maryland

Harkness Ruth Sara 210 Greenfield
James Ulst 161 Marbleton

Daniel Wash 219 Salem
Isabel (see below) " 212 Salem
Jacob " 247 Granvil

John Wayn 002 Marion

Forrest Yate 332 Middlesex
Hiram " 331 "

Harkness Records in New York Census


Harkness J. Cayu 217 MentzNew York: Mentz
Charles Chen 056 Preston
Daniel Clint 315 Ausable
Nehemiah " 315 "

James Dela 455 Kortright
James Jr. " 455 "
Margaret " 456 "
Robert. " 456 "
Robert H. " 457 "
Thomas " 455 "
Thomas " 456 "
Thomas 2nd " 457 "

Joseph Erie 038 Concord
Oliver " 267 Hamburg
Daniel Gene 621 Alba
James Monr 120 Riga Twp.
Robert " 120 "
James New 263 New York
James Niag 026 Cambria
Daniel Onei 027 Kirkland
Albert St. L 212 Potsdam
Aaron Suff 130 Southamp
Daniel Wash 158 Salem
Henderson " 158 "
Jacob " 158 "
John Wayn 190 Marion

New York in the Civil War.

Harkness, Edson J., Capt. 6th US Colored Infantry; Major, U.S. Volunteers, by brevet, for long and faithful service and gallant conduct in the field, from March 13, 1865.

The 6th U.S. Colored was organized at Camp William Penn, PA.

Harkness, Edson J., age 19 years, enrolled August 8, 1862 at Ontario to serve 3 years; mustered in as a Corporal, Co., B. 138th New York Infantry, subsequently the 9th New York Artillery, August 14, 1862; mustered in as Captain 6th U.S. Colored Infantry, September 30, 1863; mustered out with the regiment 20 September 1865. (page 4184).

Iowa 1860 Census for Springvale P.O., Brown Twp., Linn Co. page 128 taken 2 July by Sam'l Burham shows
897 919 Reneau Thomas 33 m Farmer 1100 345 IN
Nancy 28 f OH
Jesse D 01 IA
Harkness James 67 m Ire. Co. Derry

North Kortright Cemetery lists:
Glen L. Harkness; d. 4 Nov 1944, age 51-0-13
Nellie E. Harkness; d. 21 May 1945, age 77-11-4
Thomas M. Harkness; d 5 Sept. 1834, age 9-7-17
William Grant Harkness; b. 1871 d. 1956
Gilchrist Church Cemetery lists
George B. Harkness; b. 1885, d 1919
Nellie E. (Smith) Harkness w/o George B. Harkness; b. 1867, d. ___
James H. Harkness; b. 1 Mar 1815, d. 4 Jan 1884
Sarah (Tate) Harkness w/o James H. Harkness, sister of William Tate, b 8 Mar 1835, d. 22 June 1913
infant son of James H. & Sarah (Tate) Harkness; b. 1872, d. 1872
Doonan's Corners Cemetery lists'
Anne E. Harkness; b. 1859, d. 1863
Ira Harkness; b. 23 Feb 1872; d. 14 Mar 1872

E-mail rec'd by John Hutchins on 9 Aug 2000 from Lorna McElwain-Ayala
Hello, I am researching the McElwain line. I am a descendant of Eliza Harkness and Samuel McElwain line. I am very interested in finding any information regarding relatives of the McElwains/Harkness families and willing to share any information I have. Please email - See posting on Harkness Family Genforum.

1 see material included later
2 While the main branch of Harkness family with which this deals arrived in 1803, the Gilchrist Memorial Cemetery contains a stone for Jane E. Harkness who died in 1800.
3 An arrival from Newry, presumably the one in County Armagh, Ireland, at New York City aboard the 'Margaret,' Thomas Marsh, Master, on 18 April 1803 lists: James, laborer, 40 years old; Jane, 35; Thomas, 12; Margaret, 10; Sarah, 10, Abigal (sic), 8; Robert, 6 and James, 4. Charles is not listed. "Handbook on Irish Genealogy" by Donal F. Begley] Newry is the small port and market town on Newry Water and Newry Canal 8 miles north of the head of Carlingford Lough. Newry is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop and of St. Patrick's, allegedly the oldest Protestant church in Ireland. The complete list from a post on GenForum, author unknown, follows and includes a Riddle:
List of Passengers on board the ship MARGARET Master- Thomas Marsh
Bound for New York from Newry 18 April 1803.
Elizabeth Brothers - 44; Mary Brothers - 19; Samuel Brothers - 12 Labourer; James Brothers - 10; William Brothers - 7; M Ann Anderson - 30; Matu. Doubly - 12; James Farrell - 3; James Harkness - 40 Labourer; Jane Harkness his wife - 36; Thomas Harkness son - 12; Margaret Harkness daughter - 10; Sarah Harkness daughter - 10; Abigal Harkness daughter - 8; Robert Harkness son - 6; James Harkness son - 4; Eliz. Story - 47; Ben Story - 18 - Farmer; Ann Story - 16; Hugh Alexander - 29 - Labourer; Jane Alexander his wife - 22; Jane Alexander daughter - 3; Sarah Alexander daughter - 2; Robert Goocy - 20 - Farmer; Samuel Douglas - 18 - Farmer; Thomas Haxten - 19 - Labourer; John Rolston - 27 Labourer; Ann Beard - 24; Ann Beard - 2; James McClean - 60 - Farmer; Elizabeth McClean - 60; David McClean - 24 - Labourer; John McClean - Labourer; George McClean - Labourer; William Riddle - 19 - Labourer; Samuel Magil - 21 - Labourer; Samuel Magil - 39 - Labourer; Biddy Enery - 35

4 Gilchrist Memorial Cemetery; Delaware Co., NY: Jane Harkness d. 8 Sept. 1803, ae 31 (34?) y, w, James.
5 The Gilchrist Memorial Cemetery contains stones for: James Harkness, died 4 July 1844; age 90 years and Elizabeth, 2nd wife of James Harkness, died 15 Dec 1849, age 89 and another for: George Harkness, died 1831; age 27 years.
6 While no wife is given, the North Kortright Cemetery contains a stone for: Robert Harkness, died 18 Mar 1845, age 52 years and for: ---Elizabeth Harkness, wife of Robert Harkness, died 13 Feb 1847, age 51 yr. Alternatively, The Braehead Road Cemetery has stones for: Hannah Jane Harkness, wife of Robert, died 1862, age 71; perhaps a nephew or step-son: Robert Harkness, died 23 Jan 1815, age 12 and a later: Robert Harkness, born 23 June 1845, died age 45 years]
7 The 1850 Census, page 204, line 41 and 42; page 205, line 1, lists :
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Margaret 50 f . . NY
Mary 18 f . . NY 1
Jane 16 f . . NY
8 A short biographical note in History of Delaware County, N.Y.... New York W.W. Munsell & Co. 1880 states on p. 243: "James Henderson is a farmer, and a son of George Henderson, who came to America in 1811. He was born in 1822, in Kortright, and married Miss N. M. Harkness, of the same town; she died in 1853, and he married Nancy Mc Nealy, of Harpersfield. Mr. Henderson has been a prominent teacher of the county." These may or may not be the same folks.
9 Note that in Abigail's administration, this is Riddle (Sally Riddle) not Riddell.

Posted by Jeffrey Lee DeHart [] on GenForum (Harkness) : My Sarah was born ca. 1792, in Ireland. She came to America on the "Margaret" in 1803. Her parents are James Harkness and Jane Kineer. She married Robert Riddle. She died in Delaware Co., NY, 30 March 1874. There son Robert was born 12 March 1828, in East Davenport. He moved to Michigan and married Jane Aldrich, 16 June 1856 in Imlay, Lapeer County, MI. The family moved to Iowa. Robert died 14 June 1907 in Dow City, Crawford County, IA.
Posted by Jeffrey Lee DeHart Dec 02, 1999 on Harkness GenForum.

10 Abbie and her brother, Thomas, appear in the 1850 census for Kortright, Delaware County, NY, taken 23 August 1850, page 407 (stamped page 203), next to James, with (somebody's) daughter:
Harkness Thomas 57 M Farmer - Ireland
Abigail 45 F 2,500 Ireland
Elizabeth 16 F NY
Norton Ephraim 70 M Laborer Conn.
11 See Letter of Administration of his? estate which follows Abigail's.
12 The original shows this as 'Sexsmith' in all cases, however, the 1855 Census Records of Delaware County, New York shows this name as 'Sixsmith' with no 'Sexsmith' entries, as do the Harkness wills. Note that Charles' administration includes Edward Sixsmith as administrator and that he (Edward) says his wife and Charles' wife were sisters; their maiden names would probably not have also been Sixsmith unless he means sisters-in-law. See also note on the Sixsmith family in the application for the administration of Charles' estate appearing later.
13 He d. 27 Aug. 1885, age 85. See Marriages and Deaths Taken from the Delaware Gazette Delhi; Delaware County, New York from 1880 - 1895; Copied and Compiled by Gertrude A. Barber; p. 50. Typed MS at NEHGS Library. Additionally, there is a stone at the North Kortright Cemetery listing: James Harkness died 27 August 1885, age 85 years.
14 Actually, these dates may be a bit off, since the North Kortright Cemetery has a stone for her: Letty, w/o James Harkness, died 11 September 1862, age 55.
15 Gravestone in North Kortright Cemetery
16 Liber G, Admin. 205, Box N. Delaware County, NY. pps. 1 and 2 of 4.
17 Photostats of documents furnished (without reference) by the Surrogate's office.
18 The Gilchrist Memorial Cemetery has a stone for him: Charles Harkness, s/o James and Jane, 10 April 1833; age 31 years.
19 According to History of Delaware County, N.Y. W.W. Munsell & Co., New York, 1880, p. 234: "About the same time [1795-1800] William and Michael Sixsmith came to Kortright. Michael settled on lot 65, and William on lot 80, adjoining. They were born at Maryborough, county of Queens, in Ireland. The farm that belonged to William has passed into the hands of other owners, and none of his family remain in town. Edward, son of Michael, was for many years a prominent citizen in the town. He has but lately died. He lived in the town of Harpersfield at the time of his death. His brother William, who recently died at North Kortright, was also a prominent member in the Presbyterian church. The Sixsmiths were the descendants of an ancient Saxon family that served under the Prince of Orange in a war with the French. William III, of England gave them lands at Maryborough, in Ireland, where they settled.
20 Liber E, Admin. 6 , Box N. Delaware County, NY. p. 1.
21 The 1850 Census, done on 23 Aug. 1850, p. 407 and 1855 Census Records of Delaware County, New York. On deposit at Delhi, N. Y. Copied and compiled by Gertrude A. Barber 1946 shows James on p. 237 ( Kortright). The 1855 census gives the number of years in the US.
1850: 1855:
Harkness, James 50 7000 Ire h. 54 Ireland 51
Letty [Lydia] 43 NY w. 49 Del Co 49
Jane 25 NY
Charles 23 NY
John 22 NY
Margaret A. 20 NY
Letticia 18 NY d. 23 Del Co 23
James [Jr.] 16 NY s. 21 " 21
George 12 NY s. 18 " 18
Eliza 10 NY d. 14 " 14
Thomas 08 NY
Ebenezer 07 NY s. 10 " 10
M. Frances 02 NY d. 7 " 7
Robert - s. 3 " 3
22 B. (The typed copy shows the middle initial 'D' throughout, however, records in IL show B consistently so I use B hereafter.)
23 The date of her death is given as November 19, 1882 in Biographical Sketches of the Leading Citizens of Otsego County, New York. Boston: Biographical Review Publishing Co. 1893. p. 792. Her husband was still alive.
24 The North Kortright Cemetery contains a stone for: Thomas Harkness, died 11 Aug 1851, age 8-3-0 (should be 8-3-10?)
25 Bound Brook: Borough in Somerset County at the junction of Green Brook with the Raritan River on Central Railroad of New Jersey and on the Lehigh Valley Railroad. .. Somerville. See: Geographic Dictionary of New Jersey. Henry Gannett. Washington, D.C. Government Printing Office.
26 The 1850 Census for Kortright, Delaware County, NY taken 27 August, shows what seems to be two brothers and their mother on stamped page 212:
Sloan John H. 38 m Farmer 1500 NY
Samuel 26 m Farmer NY
Margaret 63 f NY

The 1860 Census Index for N.J. shows a Samuel Sloan in Bridgewater, Somerset County (934).
27 By 1892, he is dead (obituary follows); the Plat Book for that year shows E. M. Harkness with a 210 acre plot and a 43 acre plot in section #26.
28 They were married 5 July 1859. She was Elizabeth Maria Lewis, born 5 November 1840 at Poughkeepsie, N.Y. and died 13 February 1918. She was the daughter of Alfred Lewis (born 5 March 1805 in the Poughkeepsie area and died 20 July 1840 according to family records or b. 6 Feb 1805 and d. 24 July 1839 per Pioneer Lewis Families #39L4365) and his wife (whom he married 16 October 1830) Mary Kelsey (born 20 Jan 1803 and died 14 Jan 1885 in De Kalb Co., IL.)
29 The 1860 census for DeKalb County, IL, town of Sycamore shows on p. 11, family 79:
Harkness J. R. 29 M Druggist NY
E. M. 21 F Housekeeping NY
Abe 1/12 M IL
Johnson Vestiline 17 F Servant NY*

and on page 16, family 122:
Harkness Charles 33 M Carpenter NY
Bloomy 23 F Housekeeping OH
Letty 9/12 IL

* Mary Kelsey had married 2nd in Sycamore Isaac Johnson, her next-door neighbor, according to the 1871 Plat of Cortland. They are also listed in the 1860 census on page 156:
Johnson Isaac 65 M Farmer CT
Mary 57 F House Keeping NY
Vestilina 17 F House Labor NY
Alfred L. 15 M Farm Labor NY
Lewis Cyrus 26 M Farm Labor NY

In 1870, p. 378, they are still there with Birney Lewis, age 32, a Carpenter, born in NY. and in 1880 Alfred Johnson has married Clary M., age 27 b. in NY as was her father; her mother was born in England. She and Alfred have: Mary E., age 6, b. IL; John W., age 3, b. IL; and Susie M., age 1 and b. NY. [Also Ransom Burleigh, age 43, b. NY, a servant.
30 1855 Census Records of Delaware County, New York. p.307 (Kortright)
Patterson, David h 23 Del Co 23 Carpenter
Margaret A w 25 Del Co 1
Inf. d. 1/2 "
also, second above that entry:
Patterson, David h 54 Scotland 39 Farmer
Sarah w. 55 Wash Co 30
Joseph s. 27 Del Co 27 Farmer
Esther d. 20 " 20
Margaret d. 18 " 18
31 A short article in the Biographical Review (op. cit., p. 792) shows him, "... a general farmer and stockraiser of the town of Worcester, Otsego County, was born April 9, 1832, and is the son of John and Jane Mc Clintock, a biographical sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this volume." The Gazetteer and Business Directory of Otsego County, N. Y. for 1872-3. Compiled and Published by Hamilton Child. Syracuse; 1872, page 265 shows: Mc Clintock, Alexander, ({Mail Address:} Worcester), farmer, 97 {acres}
32 Kortright Gilchrist Cemetery; Delaware Co., NY: James Harkness 1834-1907, w, Harriet O'Conner 1832-1925.
33 Despite marriages and moves, three or four of these seem - based on d.o.b. - to be buried in Kortright North Cemetery where stones read: 1864 Edward 1948; 1871 Grant 1956; 1866 Irving 1945 and, perhaps a misreading of the d.o.d.: 1869 Fannie 1871
34 The 1910 census for Delhi, Delaware Co., NY shows on Wooleston Road in e.d. 10, page 146:
Harkness Edward O. Head m w 45 m 20 NY NY NY . . . Teacher Dist. School
Alice M. wife f w 43 m 20 4 4 NY Can NY
Robert R. son m w 18 s NY NY NY
Florence L. dau f w 14 s NY NY NY
Magdalyn G. dau f w 13 s NY NY NY
There is then a gravestone in the North Kortright Cemetery for Edward O. Harkness who was born in 1864 and died in 1942.
35 See, perhaps, the William N. Mable listed in the 25 Apr 1910 census for Delhi, Delaware Co., NY e.d. 9 page 113, on Federal Hill Road:
Mable George S. Head m w 50 m 27 . . NY Scot Scot . . . Farmer
Margaret wife f w 48 m 27 3 2 NY Scot NY
William N. son m w 16 s NY NY NY
36 (Not indexed in MN in 1920)
37 The North Kortright Cemetery contains a stone for: J. Irving Harkness 1866-1945. James and Luretta appear in Hill City, Hill City Twp., Graham Co., KS in the 1920 census. [ed 55, p. 7B; taken 10 Jan 1920 by Earl Poston (173/178)] Helen seems to be already out of the house.
Harkness James I Head R-mw 51m yy NY NY NY y Superintendent High School W
Luretta M wife f w 42m yy NY NY NY y None

38 There is a gravestone in the .North Kortright Cemetery for a Fanny P. Harkness, born in 1869 and died in 1961.
39 This family appears in the 1920 NY census which shows the younger children on Reservoir Road (Otsego Co., Oneonta, taken 28 Jan by Lida Chapin, ed 217, p 16 (428/435)):
Dounie James Head O M m w 50 m -yy NY Scot (Sc) NY y Farmer Dairy OA
Fannie wife f w 50 m -yy NY NY NY y None
Anna L. dau f w 20 s yyy NY NY NY y None
Ethyl H. dau f w 18 s yyy NY NY NY y None
John son m w 16 s yyy NY NY NY y None
Jay Gordon son m w 09 s yyy NY NY NY - None
Herbert L son m w 06 s yyy NY NY NY n None
40 Buried in Union Hill Cem. in Cato, NY is a W.Grant Harkness(1871-1956) and a Jennie C. Harkness (1870-1952). There is a Harriet J. Harkness listed w/ith year of birth as 1905 but nothing else. There could be numerous reasons for that.
41 There is a grave in the North Kortright Cemetery for an Anna L. Harkness born in 1874 and died in 1962.
42 The North Kortright Cemetery contains a stone for: Herbert E. Harkness 1881-1953.
43 The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New (v. II) by Timothy Hopkins; Sunset Press & Photoengraving Co; San Francisco, CA; 1903, lists on p. 1540: Simon John10 Kellogg, son of Edward John, b. Tyrone, Mich 22 Aug 1855; m. 25 Dec., 1879, Lethie Hannah Harkness, b. Sycamore , Ill., 23 Aug 1859. He is a farmer and a Republican; res. Jamestown, Mich.
Nancy J., b. 5 Jan. 1880 (sic. - See Harry J.)
Orrin Earl, b. 28 July 1882
Hazel Cora, b. 4 July, 1884
John Leslie, b. 6 Nov., 1888
May Gwendola, b. 26 Dec., 1891
Genevieve Zertha, b. 27 Feb., 1893
The 1900 Census gives a slightly different record: Ada Twp.; Kent Co., MI ed 32, p. 8, l. 7; taken 20 June 1900 by Georgia LaBarge
Simon John head w m Aug 1855 44 m 21 - - MI NY MI Farmer 0 -yyy
Nettie Hannah wife w f Aug 1858 41 m 21 - - IL NY OH 0 -yyy
Harry J. son w m Jan 1880 20 s MI MI IL At Sch. 3yyy
Orbie E. son w m July 1881 18 s MI MI IL Frm Lbr 0 -yyy
Hazel Cora dau w f July 1884 15 s MI MI IL At Sch - 6yyy
Lisle John son w m Feb 1888 12 s MI MI IL At Sch - 6yyy
Gwendola May dau w f Dec 1890 10 s MI MI IL At Sch - 9yyy
Genevieve Z. dau w f Feb 1893 07 s MI MI IL At Sch - 2yyy

and, in 1910 Ada Twp.; Kent Co., MI ed 37, p. 18A, l. 11; taken 12 May 1910 and living on Robinson Rd. as family 276 in dwelling 286
Simon J. Head m w 54 m1 30 MI ?? IL Eng Farmer Business Farm oa yy-
Lettie wife f w 53 m1 30 3?3? ILNYOH Eng None

Lettie's obituary appeared in the Grand Rapids Herald of Sun. 12 Aug 1951, p. 16:
"KELLOGG - Mrs. Lettie Kellogg, aged 91 of 416 Lafayette, NE., passed away Friday afternoon at St. Mary's Hospital. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Hazel Boynton, Mrs. Mae Simmonds and Mrs. Gene Doran of Grand Rapids, two sons Orvies Kellogg of Ada and Lyle of Battle Creek; twenty-three grand-children; twenty-seven great-grandchildren; three great-great grandchildren; three sisters, Mrs. Lizzie Dutcher and Mrs. Bertha Canfield of Grand Rapids and Mrs. Alice Tobia of Mancelona. Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Ada Congregational Church. Interment Ada Cemetery. Mrs. Kellogg reposes at her home. Arrangements by Hildreth Funeral Home"

Her death record provides a wealth of information:
Lettie Hannah Kellogg; Date of Death-August 10, 1951; Place of death-Grand Rapids, Kent County, Mich. ; Died at St. Mary's Hospital; Lettie Hannah Kellogg, female, white, widowed; Address-416 Lafayette N.E.; Date of Birth-August 23, 1859; Age-91; Occupation-Housewife; Place of Birth-Illinois; Cause of Death-Senility, arteriosclerotic heart disease; and fracture of the right hip. Operation on August 3, 1951, open reduction of hip fracture. Injury occured-fell of kitchen chair at home. Fathers name-Charles Harkenss (sic); Mother name-Bloomy Call; Informant-Mrs. Gene Doran-Daughter. Burial-Ada Cemetery, Kent County, Mich. Hildreth Funeral Home, Grandville, Michigan

Note that her son Harry had pre-deceased her. His obituary appeared Friday, 14 July 1944 on page 10 of the Grand Rapids Herald.
KELLOGG - Harry Kellogg, sr., aged 64, of Rockford, passed away Thursday afternoon at Butterworth Hospital. He is survived by the wife, Estella; two daughters, Mrs. Leila Spinner of Rockford and Mrs. Ethelyn Critchell of White Pigeon; one son, Harry, jr., of Grand Rapids; six grandchildren; his mother, Mrs. Lettie Kellogg of Grand Rapids; two brothers, and three sisters. Mr. Kellogg was removed to the Erland Hubbard funeral home, where he will remain until Saturday, when funeral services will be held at 2 o'clock. Interment in Ada cemetery.

By 1920, the children are starting to have children, Lettie and Simon John remain in Ada; the boys, at least, are not too sure where their mother was born (1920 Ada Twp., Kent Co., MI ed 1, p. 6B, l. 54; taken 16 January by Grover Hill) Farm 140/140
Simon J. Head OF m w 64 m -yy MI NY MI y Farming General Farm OA
Lettie H. wife f w 60 m -yy IL NY OH y None

Orin, in 1920 is not to be found in the index, though an alternate spelling [Orvies?] may turn him up. The only Orin in the MI census index then is Orin S. in Ward 6, Flint, Genesee Co. (ed 55, p. 2, l. 10) b. in Fenton, MI on 4 Feb 1875 (Certificate of Death ; Local file # 1409).

Harry J. also has moved in 1920 (Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI 36 Colfax St.; ed 39, p. 4, l. 6; family 69 in dwelling 81):
Harry J. HeadOF m w 39 m -yy MI MI NY y Master Barber Barber Shop OA
Estella wife f w 33 m -yy MI CN MI y none
Leila daugh. f w 08 s yyy MI MI MI none
Harry C son m w 07 s y MI MI MI none
Ethelyn daugh. f w 4 9/12 s MI MI MI none

and Lisle (1920 Kalamazoo Co., MI ed 190, p. 8, l. 73; family 196, dwelling 198
Lisle Head R m w 33 m -yy MI NY MI y Farm Labor Farm W
Frieda wife f w 30 m -yy MI * * y None [*Berlin, Ger & Denmark]
Gwendola dau f w 09 s y-- MI MI MI None
Lawrence son m w 06 s n-- MI MI MI
Wallate son m w 1 2/12 s MI MI MI
Mae dau f w 3/12 s MI MI MI

Cemetery records show: Kent Co., MI, Ada Twp. Cemetery, west of intersection of US21 and Grand River Rd. in Sec. 28

Lettie H. 1859 - 13 Aug 1951
Harry J., Sr. 1880 - 1944
Estella 1886 - 1955
Simon John 1855 - 1931 (Sexton Record 1951)

The 'Mrs. Gene Doran' mentioned in the obit as her daughter died 14 March 1989. Her obit provides information on subsequent generations:
Grand Rapids Press
Wednesday, March 15, 1989, page D12
DORAN-Mrs. Genevieve Z. Doran, aged 96, passed away Tuesday morning, March 14, 1989 at her home. Surviving are her children, Caroline Babinski, Katherine Mull, both of Grand Rapids, Evelyn Meyers of Howel, Marie Gahan of Parnell; her grandchildren, Tony and Carla Babinski, Lawrence and Phyllis Babinski, William and Gloria Babinski, Carolyn Mull, Harry and Julie Mull, Mary Jean and Vern Blough; 14 great-grandchildren; two great-great grandchildren; several nieces and nephews. The Funeral Mass will be celebrated Friday morning at 11 a.m. at St. Alphonsus Church, 222 Carrier N.E. with Fr. Jack Dowd, Celebrant. Interment Ada Township Cemetery. Friends may meet the family at the VanStrien-Creston Chapel, from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday. The Rosary will be recited Thursday evening at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Doran was a member of the Royal Neighbors Association for over 55 years; a member of the Altar Society of St. Alphonsus and a member of the St. Alphonsus Parish since 1919. Memorial contributions may be made to the St. Alphonsus Store for the Poor (envelopes available at the chapel).

FROM www dot whitepages dot com in 2000 and's ssi file

Babinski, Anthony J., Jr.
3940 Camelot Dr Se
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-6006

Babinski, Greg
2600 Lake Dr Se
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-3125

Babinski, T
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

Babinski, William
26 Luray Ave Nw
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-5939

Mull, Harold, Jr.
924 Woodland Bch
Battle Creek, MI 49014-7538
Phone: 616-963-9296

Blough, Vernon
4406 Miramar Ave Ne
Grand Rapids, MI 49525-1532
Phone: 616-363-6928


49331 Lowell, Kent, MI -Englehardt Public Library

6 Dec 1907
Last Benefit:

22 Jan 1995
MI (Before 1951)

Donald Meyers
N 4547 Latson Rd
Howell, MI 48843-7792
Augie Meyers
4676 Pingree Rd
Howell, MI 48843-9509
Phone: 734-878-0252


49505 Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

1 Feb 1915
Last Benefit:
48228 Detroit, Wayne, MI

2 Apr 1999
MI (Before 1951)
hello john hutchins,
we have some info. on lizzie harkness dutcher:
clarence dutcher wed elizabeth harkness,a teacher(we don't what yrs.or where she taught) they had two sons alger and minor(who was a realtor) and they had a daughter wila (who was a foot doctor). clarence and lizzy lived in a house (still there) next door to our house. the people who live there now are our good friends & neighbors. can take pictures of the home for you if you wanted them.
let us know just what you need on lizzy harkness and family. We will be researching for more, sure wish you had info on the dutcher line. hope we gave you some new info.
john and diane dutcher...........
12/7/2000 12:19:59 PM Eastern Standard Time

44 Material at the Western Michigan Genealogical Society, filed by Linda Farwell in 1972, gives this line: Linda Farwell, b. 27 December, 1953 in Grand Rapids, MI and res. Wyoming, MI , daughter of: Roger Farwell b. 28 September, 1932 in Grand Rapids, MI; m 17 June 1953 in Grand Rapids, MI: Charlene [adopted] b. 29 July 1933 in Grand Rapids, MI. Roger Farwell, the son of: Laurel Farwell, s. John and Harriet J. (Golden) Farwell, b 5 June 1905 in Grand Rapids, MI; d. 15 Mar 1958 in Grand Rapids, MI; m. 3 July 1926 in Grand Rapids, MI: Maxine Canfield b. 31 July 1907 in Ada Twp., Kent Co., MI. Maxine Canfield, the daughter of Judson A. Canfield b.7 Feb 1865 in NY; d. 31 Oct 1945 in Grand Rapids, MI; m. 7 Feb 1895 in Ada Twp., Kent Co., MI: Bertha B. Harkness b. 2 Sept 1878 in NY d. 23 September 1963 in Grand Rapids, MI.
45 Marriage Records of De Kalb County, IL (Book B): John B. Harkness and Elizabeth M. Lewis - 5 July 1859. The 1871 De Kalb County, IL Atlas Index shows: Sycamore Township - J.B. Harkness in Section 26. and the 1876 Voters and Taxpayers for De Kalb County, IL: Board of Supervisors: 1873, 1874; Sycamore Twp. - John B. Harkness: hardware, Sycamore, from NY; Business Directory - Harkness & Whittemore, dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Stoves.
46 Devotions before and after Holy Communion, Fifth Edition, New York, E. & J. B. Young & Co., Cooper Union. 1884. and given to Isabelle, has this inscription: Dear Bell, Never let the warm love of your confirmation day grow cold. Sincerely your friend: E. L. Cooley. Sycamore, July 16, 1887. The volume in the possession of her grand-daughter, Elizabeth Harkness (Hutchins) Sharland, of Crofton MD in 1992.
47 Marriage Records of De Kalb County, IL: Florence M. Harkness and Hugh McQueen Jr. - 30 November 1892.
48 Abstracted from: Past and Present of DeKalb Co. 1905. and The Biographical Record of De Kalb County Illinois. The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company; Chicago; 1898. pps 492-3. HUGH MCQUEEN JR. - lived in So. Gr. Tp. sec. 21. Born in Ayrshire, Scotland 22 October 1854. Came to America in August of 1867; sailed from Glasgow and landed in New York, N.Y.; came at once to De Kalb County where the parents of Mrs. McQueen had settled some years previously. Married Mary Florence Harkness, daughter of J.B. Harkness. Mr. Harkness was a member of Knights of Templar in Sycamore. Mary and Hugh had three children: Willie Douglas, born 24 August 1894 and now deceased; . Jean H. Elizabeth, born 22 February 1897 and Rosa Mary born 15 August 1899. Hugh's paternal grandparents were Francis and Mary (McMillen) McQueen. His father, Hugh Sr., was born 29 July 1829 in Scotland and married Jane McKenzie, daughter of John and Ellen K. McKenzie. Hugh Sr. was supt. of a brick and tile factory in Scotland and came to the U.S. in 1867.

The 1900 Census (ed. 17, sheet 2, line 72 for South Grove Twp. De Kalb County) shows the Mc Queen family:

Hugh H W Oct. 1856 44 Scotland m
Mary F. W Jul. 1864 35 IL m
Jean E. D Feb. 1897 3 IL
Rose M. D. Aug. 1899 9/12 IL

By 1920, (ed. 176, sheet 13A, line 28 for Rockford, Rockford Twp., Winnebago Co., IL (197/263) They have moved to 206 12th Street in Rockford:
Hugh Head OF m w 65 m (1864 Na) [sic] -yy Sct Sct Sct y Retired Farmer
Florence Wife f w 55 m -yy IL NY NY y None
Jean dau f w 22 s yyy IL Sct NY y None
Rose dau f w 20 s yyy IL Sct NY y None

Her obituary appeared in the local paper: MRS. HUGH MCQUEEN IS DEAD; FUNERAL TUESDAY - Mrs. Hugh McQueen, 206 12th street, succumbed this noon [pencil note: March 30, 1935] at her home to an illness caused by an accident in which she broke her hip last August. The former Mary Florence Harkness, she was born in Sycamore on July 20, 1864, attended Sycamore schools, and married Mr. McQueen in 1892 [pencil note: Nov 30] The couple made their home on a DeKalb county farm until 1913, when they moved to Rockford. Besides the husband, she leaves two daughters, Mrs. Jean Apitz and Mrs. Rose Johnson, of Rockford, and a sister, Mrs. Charles Cary, Birmingham, Ala. a son, William Douglas, predeceased her. Mrs. McQueen's funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday at the first Presbyterian church, of which she was a member, and interment will take place in Willwood.

['Fred's' obituary also appeared, in a local paper:
"JAMES FREDERICK HARKNESS - A Sycamore Boy Born and Raised Died at His Home in Iowa. - James Frederick Harkness, son of Mrs. E. M. Harkness, of Sycamore, died at his home near Clinton, Iowa, on December 31, 1902, after an illness of only six days, of appendicitis and kidney disease. [PICTURE] Fred Harkness, as he was familiarly known to his young friends in Sycamore, was a son of John B. Harkness, a well-known hardware merchant a quarter of a century ago. He was born in this city on May 7, 1860, and was therefore over 42 years of age. He was educated in the Sycamore schools, and at the age of 17 years he went to Iowa, and he had since been engaged in farming near Clinton in that state. -- Mr. Harkness was married on April 12, 1881, to Miss Elizabeth Wimmer. -- There are left to mourn his loss the mother, the widow and his two sisters, Mrs. Florence McQueen, of South Grove, and Mrs. Isabel Cary, of DeKalb. -- Mr. Harkness was a loving husband, a kind and genial friend, a straightforward and honorable man and was liked by all who knew him."

49 In the Apitz family side, Jean's obituary appeared in a local Rockford newspaper:
"Apitz - Jean M. Apitz, 87, formerly of 206 12th St., died at 9:40 a.m., Tuesday, March 27, 1984, in River Bluff Nursing Home after a long illness. Born Feb. 22, 1897, in DeKalb County, daughter of Hugh and Florence McQueen. Lived 71 years in Rockford, coming from DeKalb County. Married to Edwin C. Apitz in Rockford, Aug. 10, 1927; he died in Rockford, Dec. 8, 1977. Employed as teacher at Lincoln Park Elementary School 18 years, retiring in 1962 then did substitute teaching until 1972. Member of First Presbyterian Church and Retired Teachers Association. Survivors include a son, William H. Apitz; a daughter, Mrs. Charles (Patricia) Miller; five grand-children, Catherine and Lawrence Apitz, Mrs. Jane Doran, Melissa and Scott Miller; and two great-grand-children, Christopher and Laura Apitz, all of Rockford; several nieces and nephews.
Private family graveside service at 10 a.m. Friday, March 30, in Willwood Burial Park. Memorial service at 11 a.m. in First Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. W. Kent Clise, pastor, officiating. Arrangements by FRED C. OLSON MORTUARY, 1001 2nd Ave. No visitation. Memorials to River Bluff Nursing Home or Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children, in lieu of flowers. "

The foregoing article was furnished in 1996 with the following by William Hugh Apitz' wife, Joyce Jeanne Totter:
Edwin C. Apitz married 10 Aug 1927: Jean McQueen and they had
William Hugh Apitz, b. Sept 3, 1929, died 12 Mar 1990 and m. 12 July 1952: Joyce Jean Totter. They had:
1. Catherine Jean Apitz, b. April 2, 1954
2. Lawrence Hugh Apitz, b. April 3, 1956, m. 16 June 1979: Patricia Ann Connell. They had:
Christopher Lawrence Apitz, b. 1 Feb. 1981
Laura Ann Apitz, b. 9 Oct. 1983
Mark Joseph Apitz, b. 8 Feb. 1986
Annah Joy Apitz, b. 24 Dec. 1987
Benjamin James Apitz, b.15 Dec. 1989
Bryan Paul Apitz, b. 6 March 1992 (Twin)
Eric William Apitz, b. 6 March 1992 (Twin)
3. Jane Elizabeth Apitz, b. 19 April 1960, m. 21 May 1983, Roger Walter Doran. They had:
Andrew William Doran, b. 25 May 1989
Allyson Jane Doran, b. 24 Feb. 1992
Patricia Jean Apitz, b. _, d. _, m: Charles R. Miller. They had:
1. Scott Miller who m. Ann ___. They had:
Riley Miller, b. 27 Oct 1990 (Twin?)
Tyler Miller, b. 27 Oct 1990 (Twin?)
2. Melissa Ann Miller

The same letter from Joyce T. Apitz of 2612 Revelation Lane; Rockford, IL 61109-3772 also lists addresses for: Mr. & Mrs. Frank Johnson; 3331 Crossings Court, # 202; Bonita Springs, FL 33923 and for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller; 5260 Brookview Road; Rockford, IL 61107

12/5/1999, phone listing shows: Lawrence H. Apitz at 16268 6th St, Pecatonica, IL 61063-9473; Roger W. Doran at 5062 E Walden Rd, Byron, IL 61010-9016 [(815)234-7038 ]

50 Marriage Records of De Kalb County, IL: Isabelle D. Harkness and Charles M. Cary - 2 August 1899
51 to JohnHarold Hutchins Sr. (jh)
52 See also: The Horace Cary Branch of the John Cary Descendants 1634-1934, Cary Memorials by Samuel Fenton Cary, published 1874 and The Cary Family in England by Henry Grosvenor Cary; pub. by Rev. Seth Cooley Cary, Dorchester Centre, Boston; 1906.

The 1910 Census shows them renting a house at 508 Hunter Circle in Joliet, Will Co., IL (E.D. 175, page 19 taken 29 April): He is a warehouse foreman. Both her parents were born in N.Y. while his father and mother were born in CT and IL. Both children attend school. Both he and his spouse can read and write.
Carey Charles M. H M W 37 Illinois married 10
Isabelle W F W 36 " married 10 2 2
Eloise D F W 08 " single
Anna Bell D F W 06 " single

53 The 1855 NY Census lists George's family on page 237, item 170 (see preceding note). Entry 172 is the family of Mary Douglass, age 42, a widow born in Delaware County; in her family are Mary E., age 22; Joseph A, age 20; ,Isabel, age 19, and Sarah, a young sister age 5, all born in Delaware County. In the 1850 Census, page 407, taken on 23 Aug, the father is James R. Douglass, age 43; everyone is born in NY; all three children are in school. The Isabelle above, who was John's daughter had Douglas as her middle name.
54 The 1910 Census for Sterling Twp., Rice Co., KS lists him on p. 8 in house No. 194:
Harkness George head M W 72 m1 43 IR IR NY ..Eng Minister Pres w no 0 yy
Isabelle wife F W 72 m1 43 1 1 NY NY NY .. "
55 The Gilchrist Memorial Cemetery has a stone: Eliza Harkness, 2nd wife of Andrew Graig; no dates are given.
56 But see Abigail's will where she says (perhaps a different?) Mary married __ Mead and died by 1868 leaving (at least) two young sons. The .Davenport Cemetery has stones:
Fisher, Mary F. (Harkness) w/o James H.; born 11 Feb. 1848, died 12 Oct. 1924
James H.; born 9 July 1843, died 1 May 1929
Thomas J.; born 3 Mar. 1875, died 28 Oct. 1893
John H.; born 10 Sept. 1877, died 9 May 1895

There is a James W. Fisher, age 7, listed in the 1855 Census of Delaware County (page 207). Also there are: Enos Fisher, 35, Del. Co., 7, Farmer; Hannah, w, 35; John, s, 15; Julia, d, 13; Austin, s, 11; Prudence, d, 9; George A, d (sic), 5; Ransom, s, 3; Nancy, d, 10/12. All of whom born Delaware County.
57 Abstracts of Wills of Delaware Co., N.Y. from Sept. 1796 to Dec 1833. Copied from the original wills at the Surrogate's Office, Delhi, N.Y. Volume 1. Copied and compiled by Gertrude A. Barber. 1940: p. 219: Samuel Bell of Harpersfield. Dated May 9, 1828. Mentions nieces: 1. Martha dau Wm Smith and 2. Esther & Mary Bell and nephews: Samuel Anthony Bell, James Zankin Smith, William Harkness and James Bell Harkness. Executors: Rev. William Mc Auley, Ebenezer Rowland, James Bell. Witnesses: William Mc Auly (sic), John Stevenson, William A. Hendry.
58 Early MI Census indices, which are sparse, show no Harkness entries through 1830. There is no John through 1850.
59 See material on the Michigan Mc Ilwain/Mc Elwain family following.
60 The North Kortright Cemetery has a stone for "Ann Tailor, d/o Tomas J. and Catherine Harkness." She died 5 Feb 1811, age 2 yrs.
61 Margaret
62 See will of Samuel Bell of Harpersfield, Dated 9 May, 1828 and Probated 18 Sept 1828. It mentions nieces: Esther and Mary Bell and Martha, dau Wm. Smith; nephews: Samuel Anthony Bell, James Zankin Smith, William Harkness and James Bell Harkness. Executors: Rev. William Mc Auley, Ebenezer Rowland and James Bell. p. 219 of Vol. 1. Extracted by Gertrude A. Barber.
63 See the will of Samuel Bell of Harpersfield, dated 9 May 1828 mentioned previously. The 1810 Census index for New York show three Harkness men in Delaware County who are 45 or over:
James 12101-31 . . .
John 20101-11 . . .
Thomas 20101-21 . . .
The #s mean: col 1: males < 10; 2: 10-16; 3: 16-26; 4 26-45; 5: > 45; fem < 10; ....
[Also: Thomas Jr. 00100-00 . . .]
According to History of Delaware County, N.Y. W.W. Munsell & Co., New York, 1880, p. 235: "Thomas, James and John Harkness came from Ireland and settled sometime previous to the year 1800. Thomas settled on lots 50 and 35. James on lot 49, and John on lot 64. These three brothers all raised large families. Many of their descendants have left the town, but some remain."
The North Kortright Cemetery contains a stone for: Thomas Harkness died 6 April 1838, age 75 years. In 1810, he would have been 47 and so may be the Thomas J. who wed Catherine and had the daughter of the stone: Catherine Ann Tailor Harkness, d/o Thomas J. and Catherine, died 5-11-1811, age 2 years.
64 This was spelled Whitford by the administrator's of Abigail's estate. The Surrogate officer also spells it with an 'E', but he also spells Mead as 'Meade'. Whitford does appear to be correct, however; it is the spelling used by Joseph A. Douglass in his deposition.
65 1855 Census Records of Delaware County, New York. p.292 (Harpersville) show:
Henderson, Robt. 68 Ireland 44 Farmer
Margaret w. 62 " 44
Nancy d 28 Del Co 28
Charles s. 19 Del Co 19
Kortright North Cemetery; Delaware Co., NY: Charles Henderson 1836-1913, w, Ann Tate 1836-1899; Leonard Henderson 1893-1947, w, Anna K. 1895- ; Fannie 1864-1950 and Harold Lee 1892-1942
66 Will Book D, entry 22. Delaware County, New York.
67 Biographical Review...Delaware County New York. Boston, Biographical Review Publishing Company. 1895 p. 287-8.
68 Published by Chapman Bros., Chicago, Ill. 1891. pps. 230-231. The 1850 Federal Census shows the family in Barry, Barry Co., Michigan., on page 73B. Enumerated on 2 August are:

MacIlwain: Samuel 50 m Farmer 1000 NY
Eliz A. 40 f NY
Thomas 21 m Laborer MI
Robert 19 m Laborer MI
Henry 17 m Laborer MI
George 15 m Laborer MI

By 1880, the brothers have grown and we see Samuel now living in Robert's home, as is the widowed Jane E. (Harkness) Sloan. The 1880 Census (Barry Township, Barry Co., MI; e.d. 48; page 18; taken 14 June by H. P Sidriam (189/196)) shows
Mc Elwain
Robert w m 50 Head m Farmer NY NY NY
Susan R. w f 39 wife m Keeps House OH PA OH
Alma B. w f 14 dau s At School MI NY OH
Robert E. w m 03 son s MI NY OH
Samuel w m 80 Father w NY Ire Ire
Jane w f 56 Cousin w Housework NY Ire NY
Neury w m 33 Boarder w Day Labor PA MD PA

Several houses further in town (page 22; taken 14 June by H. P Sidriam (239/246)) shows
Mc Elwain
George w m 49 Head m Blacksmith NY NY NY
Rhoda w f (30)[sic] wife m Keeping House MI Can NY
May w f 07 dau s At School MI NY MI
Robert F. w m 05 son s At School MI NY MI
George W. w m 03 son s MI NY MI
Eddie S. w m 02 son s MI NY MI
James w m 23 boarder s Blacksmith MI Ire Ire

Further north, between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, the 1880 Census for Emmet County Center Township, Emmet Co., MI; e.d. 61; page 15; taken 16 June by Charles L. Fraser (158/165)) shows
Mc Elwain
Henry w m 47 Head m Farmer NY NY NY
Amanda w f 41 wife m Keeps House NY NY PA
Murtie w f 13 dau s At School 1 MI NY NY
Adda A. w f 10 dau s " " 1 MI NY NY
Florence M. w f 08 dau s MI NY NY

69 Prepared by Jack A. Parrish (2755 Stage Coach Drive; Memphis TN 38134 on 10/11/1990
70 Marriages and Deaths Taken From "The Delaware Gazette" at Delhi, Delaware County, NY From 1880-1895 issue of November 30, 1892 compiled and copied by Gertrude A. Barber, page 95 shows: Nov 27, Delhi, James L. Harkness 63y
71 For more on this family, see New England Parish Families, Descendants of John Parish of Groton, Mass., and Preston, Conn. by .Roswell Parish. The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc. Rutland Vt. 1938. Also the family of John O. Parrish who wed Martha's sister Mary.
72 The United States Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-made Men. Iowa Volume. American Biographical Publishing Company, Chicago and New York; 1878. pps 754-5.
73 She died 28 Nov 1887 according to the tombstone in Sterling, Cayuga Co., NY. "Harkness Lydia Leal wife of Robert 4/12/1808-11/28/87"
74 Liber E. Will 185.
75 Liber H. Admin. 38. Box H.
76 Note the following will of James who had a daughter Lois.
77 Perhaps Lois's wedding was 7 September 1880, Kortright, Rev. A. M. Smeallie, James Y. Thompson of Hobart to Lois J. Harkness of Kortright. See Barber; p. 7. Typed MS at NEHGS Library.
78 Liber F. Admin. 48. Box N.

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