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Hancock-Chehocton Historical Association

As there was some discussion given the Hancock Historical Assn. recently, I thought it would be nice to include an article from the Hancock Herald, dated February 24, 1999. Judith Present of the Hancock Herald gave permission to post this on the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site. - Emily Homer, March 13, 1999


The Hancock-Chehocton Historical Association needs only $3,300 to reach its goal of $25,325 by April 1st.

The Association has raised about $2700 since mid-November in sales of Town of Hancock quilts and Christmas ornaments, rummage and bake sales, and donations. The total raised to date now stands at $22,027. A raffle is currently being conducted, and the quilts and ornaments are still available at local stores and from the Historical Association. Further fund-raising projects are scheduled for March.

Reaching the $3,300 goal in the next month will bring the total raised to $25,325. This amount will then be matched by a grant from the O'Connor Foundation. Failure to meet the goal by April 1st may jeopardize the matching grant.

"If you have been waiting to be sure the project would be successful, now is the time to give that donation", said Patricia Green, president. "We're down to the wire, and your donations, no matter how large or small, are desperately needed now."

The Association's building project is for an addition of 22 x 30 feet to the log cabin building. The addition, which will match the original in style, will more than double the available space. For the first time, there will be separate areas for exhibits, storage, and work space, separated by the Art Deco doors from the Capitol Theatre.

Costs for the project are as follows: $13,500 for materials from Beaver Mountain Log Homes (this is a sizeable discount if delivery is taken by April 15, 1999); materials and labor for construction and finishing the exterior and interior, $33,500; and $5,000 for electric and heating.

Any funds received above the $25,325 total goal will be used for furnishings for display and storage at the building.

Donations to the Building Fund may be sent to the Association at 61 Wheeler Street, Hancock, NY 13783.

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