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I just found an undated booklet about Franklin- hotels, the Ouleout, train time tables, etc. and some really interesting pictures of Franklin. It appears to have been a promotional booklet touting Franklin for summer vacations. As far as dating it, I would guess very early 1900's since there is mention of "stage" as transportation and it states that the Franklin Hotel has both stable and garage facilities. It also has a "references" page listing names of people already coming to Franklin. --Dean Hunter, October 10, 2002


On the Ouleout

Franklin as a Summer Resort

SITUATED in the Foothills of the Catskill Mountains at an elevation of 1,500 feet above the level of the sea, Franklin offers ideal inducements to those seeking rest and healthful recreation during the Spring and Summer months. It is 190 miles from New York city by the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad, thence by stage, or livery, four miles to the village; or by the Delaware & Hudson Railroad from Binghamton or Albany to Otego station, thence by stage, or livery, to village.

THE situation of Franklin is unique and beautiful, surrounded by ranges of rolling hills. It is not shut in, but enjoys an extensive outlook in every direction over a country diversified by farm-land, wooded mountains, lakes and streams, The mountains furnish good hunting of partridge and squirrel and other small game. The streams, East and West Handsome Brooks, empty into the Ouleout creek close to the village. Both of these brooks, as well as the Ouleout, are yearly stocked with trout, and these streams are among the best trout fishing waters of the State. The Ouleout empties into the Susquehanna River, a few miles away.

The village itself is of the old New England type, with rows of elms and maples shading the roads and green on the Main street as well as all side streets, where can be found some examples of the old-fashioned New England homesteads. The electric lighting of the town is of the best. The water is taken from the springs on the mountain on the West and piped to the East mountain, about two miles, and re-piped from storage to the village. It is always cool and absolutely pure. There is no dust in Summer, streets being treated with asphalt and oil, dust is impossible.

Franklin Inn - H. W. Church, Proprietor

Franklin has one of the best athletic fields to be found anywhere. Frequent games of base ball are played between a strong local club and clubs from nearby towns. There is also a good tennis court on the field for the use of the public.

Franklin naturally is one of the prettiest villages in the world, and those desiring accommodations for the Spring and Summer months can secure them at a cost of from $ 6.00 per week to $15.00. From $6.00 to $9.00 per week gets good private family and farmhouse accommodations.

The Ouleout - Boarding Hall

Campus of Delaware Literary Institute

View of Franklin looking East

Marching in Parade

The Franklin Inn can accommodate about sixty guests at from $10.00 to $14.00. No better accommodations can be furnished than at this hotel; modern in every particular and first class, having large stables for the accommodation of guests with horses and garage for automobiles.

The "Ouleout" boarding house will accommodate thirty to forty, rates from $10.00 to $14.00. A home-like place in which to spend a few weeks of rest.


Scene near Franklin

Franklin Library

train service

Centre Street, Franklin


The following are names of a few gentlemen who come to Franklin with their families for their Summer outing:

  • Rev. John Marsland, East Rockaway L. I.
  • Rev. N. M. Waters, D. D., Tompkins Avenue Congregational Church, Brooklyn. N Y
  • Hon. J, H. Greener, Assistant Corporation Counsel, New York City.
  • Mr. J. C. Bush, 39 Cortlandt St., New York City.
  • John A. Potter, Esq., 30 Broad St.. New York City.
  • Dr. Frederick L. Brush, 30 Broad St., New York City.
  • Mr. E. I. Edgerton, 601 West 185th St., New York City.
  • Mr. S. B. Devlin, 156 West 13th St., New York City.
  • Wm. B. Parsons, Esq., Equitable Life Insurance Company, New York City.
  • A. T. Payne, Esq., Long Island City.
  • Mr. J. N. Newman, Newark, N. J.
  • Dr, W. R. Tymeson, Metropolitan Building. Orange, N J.
  • Mr. F. S. Smith, Brooklyn, N. Y.
  • Hon. Charles J. Boyd, Middletown, N. Y
  • Dr. Wm. E. Douglas, "
  • Mr. Frank Harding, "
  • Mr. A. J. Parsons, Binghamton, N. Y.
  • Mr. T. G. Rich, "
  • A. S. Barnes. Esq.. "

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