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Obits submitted March 30, 2001
Submitted by Bernard Ozinga

William Flansburg Family of Otsego and Delaware Counties

William Flansburg was born in 1813 in Otsego, County, New York. He married Mary Follett, born 1819 before their daughter Esther A. was born in 1842, (probably about 1840/41), in Delaware county, New York. Although I have not been successful in finding any clues about who William & Mary's parents might be, I thought I would tell a little bit about their migration & lives.

William & Mary had their second son, John D. Flansburg in Delaware County, New York on Sept 5, 1843, so they must have continued to live in Delaware County, near Mary's parental home, for at least two years after marriage which was about 1840. Their third child, Frances C. Flansburg was born in Otsego County, NY, perhaps near William's parental home. Then William & Mary Follett Flansburg moved to a place near Dunkirk, (formerly Pomfret), Chautauqua county, NY, before son Arthur was born, Sept 25, 1849. Their daughter Lydia Louise was born there April 6, 1851, & daughter Alice Isabella was born there July 4, 1855.

Another big move for the family to Knox County, Illinois in 1856 when Alice was only 1 year old. Youngest Daughter Elva D. Flansburg was born July 14, 1860, near Galva, Henry County, Illinois. William & Mary remained near Galva & Lynn, Henry County, Illinois until after the 1880 census, but then moved west again, to Washington County, Kansas, where Daughter Mary Jeanette Flansburg, wife of William H. Emery, had moved in 1872 in order to teach school.

Mary & William's other children, Arthur, John D Flansburg, Lydia Louise & her husband Charles Decker; & Frances C who was the wife of Civil War Veteran, John Herr Decker moved to Washington County, Kansas along with their parents. Washington County, Kansas was the rural frontier in those days - Indian Country to those in the east. Life must have been good for the Flansburgs there, since most of the family stayed for the rest of their life!

William Flansburg died there in 1891, his wife Mary Follett Flansburg died there at almost 100 years old, in 1916. Their single son Arthur died there Sept 25, 1905. Oldest daughter Ester A. Flansburg Mallery, now the wife of Civil War Veteran D.E. Mallery, died there in 1908.

Sister Frances C. Flansburg & her husband, Civil War Veteran from the 89th Illinois Infantry, John Herr Decker, moved on to the "Indian Nation" state of Oklahoma, from Washington County, Kansas, in the early 1900's. Frances C. Flansburg Decker probably passed away in true Cowboy Country, "Pond Creek", in Grant County, Oklahoma, sometime between her sister Alice Flansburg Whipple's death at her Anoka, Minnesota home, in 1918 & 1927.

Oldest son John D. Flansburg married Mrs. Delong in 1897, (no children) & passed away in Washington County, Kansas, December 16, 1927. John D. Flansburg was a Civil War Vetern serving 2 years & 11 months, wounded twice, marching through Georgia with General Sherman.

Youngest daughter, Elva D. Flansburg Johnson, wife of William D. Johnson, (hardware & implement business), passed away almost exactly two year later, in Morrowville, Washington County, Kansas Feb 7, 1929 & her sister Lydia Louise Flansburg Decker, wife of Charles Decker, passed away almost exactly 1 year later, Feb 8, 1930 in Lovelock, Nevada where she had lived for a few years with her daughter, & was buried back home in Washington City Cemetery, Washington County Kansas.

Mary Jeanette & her home builder husband William H. Emery had several children in Washington County, Kansas, two of them Dr's (Dr Edmund Wilkes Emery & Dr. Alpheus Lewelin Emery). They celebrated their 70th anniversary just a few months before Mary Janette Flansburg Emery passed away in Washington County, Kansas, December 15, 1943.

The Flansburg name was ended with this family, in this family, because the two Flansburg sons', John D. Flansburg & Arthur H. Flansburg had no children. We are still searching to find out who the parents of William Flansburg & Mary Follett might have been - (all clues are welcomed). This is a story of a Delaware & Otsego County couple, whose family experience is representative of millions of pioneers in this country, who moved West & lost ties with home & family, but who became successful participants in the "American Dream!"

Washington Republican Oct. 16, 1891

William Flansburg was born May 22, 1813, in Otsego County, near Cherry Valley, New York, died Oct. 4, 1891. Moved to Ill. November 1856, was married to Mary Follet in 1838 who with eight children, 6 girls and two boys are left to mourn their loss. They were all at his bedside to administer to his wants during his sickness except one girl in Iowa. Everything was done that medical skill and loving hands could do, but there is a limit beyond which human help can not go, and despite the care and love that surrounded he passed away but not without giving us the assurance that all was well with him.

He confessed his Savior in 1879, and was immersed by Elder Dinsmore, and received into the Freewill Baptist church. Three years ago father and mother celebrated the anniversary of their wedding, being married 50 years. The following February they moved to Kansas, Washington county leaving a good home, old neighbors and friends. He learned to love Kansas, and he often expressed his joy in living so near his children in his old age, but he is gone--like a sheaf of wheat ripe for the harvest; he has been taken home. For over fifty years he walked life's journey with his wife. He was so tired, Gods finger touched and he sleeps.
Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep
From which none ever wake to weep
Husband, father, friend, farewell until
we meet beyond the river

Mrs. J. H. Decker

Davenport, March 3,

Miss Caroline Davenport Clarke dies in Albany, Services this Noon:

Mrs. Caroline Davenport Clarke, formerly a resident of Davenport and well-known here, died Wednesday morning at her home at 400 A Madison Avenue, Albany. Mrs. Clarke who was 74 years of age, suffered a stroke of paralysis about ten days ago, and owing to her advanced years failed to rally. Prayer services were held at the Albany home tonight and the body will be brought to Davenport tomorrow (Friday). It will arrive in Oneonta on the 10:35 trains and be brought here by a motor hearse and funeral services held at the local United Presbyterian church at noon. Rev. R.R. Irwin will officiate & Burial will be in the village cemetery.

Mrs. Clarke was born in Davenport, a daughter of the late John and Catherine (Flansburg) Davenport. Her father as one of the prominent early settlers of the township and the old Davenport farm, about a half mile below the village is on e of the principal landmarks about this section.

When a young woman she was married to Charles Clarke and they made their home in this village for several years. He was a cooper by trade and later conducted a store here. About 30 years ago, Mr. & Mrs. Clarke moved to Albany where they had since resided, he dying about 12 years ago. Mrs. Clarke had been a member of the local United Presbyterian church since girlhood and was a woman held in high esteem by all who knew her.

Mrs. Clarke is survived by three daughters and three sons, all residing in Albany. They are Mrs. Margaret Bradt, Mrs. Harriet Hotaling, Mrs. Emma Welch, Charles R. Clarke, George W. Clarke and Clifford E. Clarke. Three brothers, James Davenport of Davenport, John Davenport of Delhi and Frank Davenport of Kortright also survive.
Frank Davenport Dies at Delhi Hospital at 81: Sept 14, 1941


Frank Davenport, lifelong resident of the town named for his great grandfather, John Davenport, died late Sunday at Delhi hospital after an illness of ten days. Death was caused by cerebral hemorrhage. He was 81. Funeral will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at the McCall funeral home here by Rev. Dr. Marvin J. thompson, DAvenport. Burial will be in the Davenport cemetery.

Mr. Davenport, a painter & paperhanger was born at Davenport Oct 13, 1860, son of John Davenport & Catherine (Flansburg) Davenport. His great grandfather was that community's first supervisor in 1817 its' first postmaster & donated the land for the First Presbyterian church at Davenport. Frank Davenport spent his entire life in the town of his ancestors, He never married.

Surviving are three neices, Mrs. Hugh Adair, Delhi; Mrs. A.M. Hotaling, Delmar; Mrs. William Welch, Albany; and two nephews Charles & Clifford Clarke of Albany.
Washington, Kansas, Palladium Dec. 29, 1916 - OBITUARY

Mary Follet was born Nov. 8th, 1819 at Roxberry, Delaware County, N. Y. , where she grew to womanhood and was married to William Flansburg, Oct. 7th, 1839. From this union eleven children were born. Her husband and five children preceded her to the better land. She became a Christian in childhood and lived such a life as was true to the teachings of the Christ, and those coming in contact with her daily life could not help but be made better. Never in any way did she bring reproach upon the cause she had espoused. In her extreme age, when nearly all else was forgotten, she never forgot to quote passages of scripture from her Bible and was hourly in communion with her Savior in prayer.

Sixty years ago she removed with her husband and children to Henry County, Ill. and from there to Kansas twenty-eight years ago, where she united with the Christian church at Washington in its early days wherein she still retained her membership. The children left to mourn her loss are: John D. Flansburg, Washington, Kansas; Frances C. Decker, Enid, Okla.; Lydia Louise Decker Hollenberg, Kans.; Alice Isabella Whipple, Elk River, Minn.; Mary Janette Emery, Washington, Kansas, and Elva D. Johnson, Morrowville, Kans., with whom she made her home the last eighteen years of her life.

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