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Corrections to SWART family information as shown in the Historical Sketches by Lincoln R. Long.
- submitted by Carol J. (McCune) McCraw, April 17, 2003

I am 82 years old and have been chasing my Delaware Co. NY ancestors since I was eighteen years old when my paternal grandmother Lida Scott (Terry) McCune in 1938 gave me a small history of the Terry family of Delaware Co. which had been compiled by her cousin Anna (Terry) Tripp for a Terry family reunion. My Dad, Stanley B. McCune, was a Naval Officer and was stationed, except for two years in Annapolis, on the west coast and overseas where I grew up. We visited my paternal grandparents one week a year and I was so overawed by all of the relatives I had in Delaware Co. When we went there, there were all sorts of reunions in honor of my Dad.

Anyway, it has only been in the last two years when I started to sort out my Swart, Beaman, Freer, etc. ancestry. Mostly, because they were included in so many history books, I thought they would be easy. My fourth great grandfather Tunis Swart and his wife Lena DeGraff moved from from Ulster Co. to Delaware Co. Tunis was the son of Samuel Swart and Aajgen Roosa. This Samuel Swart served in the Revolutionary War from Ulster Co. NY. This Samuel Swart about whom Mr. Long wrote "Samuel was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and with him everywhere he went, went also a colored man as sort of bodguard or companion. The colored man was shot in the leg, causing the loss of that member, but as soon as he secured a wooden one, he returned to his place with Mr. Swart." Mr. Long went on to state:
"Now I understand that this same Samuel Swart settled on Beaman Hill on the farm now owned by Lydia Faulkner. His wife was a Beaman and came from Connecticut..."

Mr. Long was given incorrect information. The Samuel Swart who served in the Revolutionary War was the grandfather of the Samuel Swart who married Anna Beaman. The RW Samuel Swart was my fifth great grandfather and father of Tunis Swart who was the father of Samuel Swart who married Anna Beaman. And also father of my fourth great grandfather Wilhemus Swart who married Polly Beaman, sister of Anna Beaman, and they were the daughters of Deborah Goldsmith and Solomon Beaman. I will set out below the information proven about Samuel Swart who served in the Revolutionary War. Then following that from my Swart compilation, will include Helena Degraaf and Tunis Swart and their children. Then following that the information regarding Anna Beaman and Samuel Swart son of Tunis Swart and grandson of Samuel Swart, who served in the Revolutionary War from Ulster Co.

*11518 SAMUEL SWART bp 30May1730 Kingston Old Dutch Reformed Church Kingston NY d between 10Apr1817 when he executed his Will and 24June1826 when Will was recorded in Ulster Co. NY on the presentation of a license [ODCK #1437] on 13Nov1762 married (1) AGGJEN/EGHJE ROSA /ROOSA* bp 17Sept1738 Kingston Reformed Church, sponsors Aldert Roosa and Aagjen Krom [ODC] d after 11Mar1764 when she and Samuel were witnesses at the baptism of Antje Janssen daughter of Catharine Swart and Cornelis Jannsen at Old Dutch Church of Kingston Ulster Co. NY #7185, d/o JANNETJE FREER and HEYMAN ROOSA ; on 28Mar1777 Old Dutch Reformed Church Kingston Ulster Co. NY Samuel Swart, widower, born and resid. under the jurisdiction of Kingston [ODCK #1622] m (2) HELTJE DeWITT j. d. born in Wisaik and residing under the jurisdiction of Kingston. Banns published but dates not given. *For her ancestors see Roosa compilation.

Known children by Aggjen Roosa: 115181 Jannetje Swart *115182 *Theunis Swart 115183 Annaatje Swart 115184 Adam Swart [probably not. Cjmc]* Children by Heltje DeWitt: 115185 Aagje Swart 115186 Sarah Swart

*115182 THEUNIS/TEUNIS/THONIS * SWART bp 12May1765 Old Dutch Church Kingston Ulster Co. NY, sponsors Egje Swart and Wilhelmus Swart, d 15Mar1849 Hamden Delaware Co. NY Served in Revolutionary War according to his obituaries in the Delaware Gazette and The American published in Dutchess Co. NY but never proven bur Goldsmith Cemetery North Hamden Delaware Co. NY on 15Feb1787 m HELENA DeGRAFF/DeGRAAF b ca 1766 (ts) d 24 December 1845 aged 79 years (ts) buried with husband in Goldsmith Cemetery, North Hamden, Delaware Co. NY *Spelled Thonis in ODCK

Their known children:
1151821Annatje Swart
1151822 Heltze Swart
1151823 Agje Swart
1151824 Samuel Swart
1151825 Rebecca Swart
1151826 John Swart
1151827 Maria Swart
*1151828 Wilhelmus Swart
1151829 Dirk Van Vleit Swart
115182(10) Abraham Sleight Swart

"15Feb1787 Tunis Swart j.m. and Lena DeGraaf j.d. both parties born and reside under jurisdiction of Kingston Banns published." [dates not given.

1151824 SAMUEL SWART b Esopus NY bpt 1Feb1795* Old Dutch Church Kingston Ulster Co. NY Sponsors: Samuel Frere and Janneke Frere ODCK #9286 p. 446, died 3Oct1868 age 71 years 9 months 18days buried Margarettville Delaware Co. NY m ANNA BEEMAN/BEAMAN b Oct 1801 Greenville Albany Co. NY d 4May1884 age 82 years 7 months and 12 days d/o DEBORAH GOLDSMITH and SOLOMON BEEMAN/BEAMAN. Their known children according to Florence Prehn's notes on Bible page in her compilation Lumber, Shingles and Chips:

11518241 Solomon Swart
11518242 William Richard Swart
11518243 Peter Frear Swart
11518244 Attie Swart
11518245 Charles Swart
11518246 Mary Ett Swart
11518247 Orson A. Swart

Mr. Long has named this Samuel Swart as Solomon Swart and wrote, in part: "Right here I seem to be a little mixed, but I think the Swarts who lived in the generation just passed were grandchildren of Samuel Swart, their father being Solomon Swart."

This should be Samuel Swart rather than Solomon Swart.

Samuel Swart and Anna Beaman had a son named Solomon Swart to whom Mr. Long refers to as "Then there was a Solomon also. He had a son Samuel who lives in Mount Vernon and I believe, a daughter, Adelia, who married a Mitchell and lived unil her death in Poughkeepsie, Then there was Agatha, who married Edward Faulner, and Charles, who died some years ago." This son of Anna Beaman and Samuel Swart married Mary Jane Akerly and his grandfather Solomon Beaman is living with him as enumerated on the 1850 Middletown Delaware Co. NY census.

Then Mr. Long also wrote: "Now, I think that completes the family of Solomon Swart. But there was a Tunis Swart, a brother of Solomon, who lived at one time where Henr Ruff now lives. Mrs. Andrew Miller, known as 'Dolly' Miller, was his daughter. There were also two sons Hamilton and George,both of Treadwell, although I believe George is now in Detroit."

Whomever furnished the information to Mr. Long was very incorrect. The father of the children named as Dolly (Swart) Miller, Hamilton and George Swart was Dirk (Richard) Van Vleit Swart, the twin brother of my fourth great grandfather Wilhemus Swart, and Dirk died young. He married Eliza Hewitt who was the daughter of Sally Van BEnschoten and faher in law was John Hewitt. She was the Aunt Sally to whom Mr. Long wrote about in his sketch of "The New Kingston's stone house and the Hewitt family."

1151829 DIRK (RICHARD) VAN VLEIT SWART bapt 15June1804 (twin) Old Dutch Church Kingston Ulster Co. NY sponsors Dirck van Vliet, and Helena Swart [ODC] d 9Oct1843 39 years (ts) buried Archibald Cemetery Thompson Hollow RD. Middletown, Delaware Co. NY m ELIZA HEWITT b ca 1810 NY (c) d 6Apr1889 aged 78 buried Archibald Cemetery Thompson Hollow Rd. Middletown Delaware Co. NY d/o SALLY VAN BENSCHOTEN and JOHN HEWITT* Their known children from notes sent compiler by Florence Prehn. 11518291 Dorothy Dolly Miller Swart
11518292 Hamilton B. Swart
11519293 George W. Swart

*Is this the John Hewitt to whom Tunis Swart and Lena Swart sold their land in 1814? Also, from the Long Papers, Sally and John are buried in the family burying grounds of the Dowie Farm Sally born 1793 and John born 1785. Cjmc

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