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Note from Ray LaFever: Carol McCraw, at my request, sent me her compilations on the Russell families of Bovina Center, NY. I am WORKING on transcribing notes created by Fletcher Davidson from work done by David F. Hoy on Bovina Families. Since much of her work is based on the work done by David Hoy, this seemed like a good way to get the information on line (and to save me many pages of transcribing). It has the added advantage of providing other citations and further information that was not provided by Mr. Hoy. If you wish further information about these compilations, please contact Carol McCraw at --posted on this website December 13, 2002

Foreword by compiler Carol J. (McCune) McCraw   

546 McKinley Ave.
Woodland, CA 95695
1Oct1990 and last draft dated 7 August 2002

Dear Readers,

William Taylor Russell was the son of Hester  Taylor and William Russell, son of 
Janet Pomphrey and William Russell, our earliest identified Russell ancestor.

The majority of the information regarding the descendants of Janet Pomphrey  or 
Pumphrey or Pumpry and William Russell has been furnished by Ida (Gladstone) 
Hanna, Edwin Russell, and David F. Hoy from his manuscript entitled Russell 
Family of Bovina, New York.  Ida's picture has been hanging in my parents' house 
as long as I can remember.  The picture is of a Russell reunion which took place 
about 1900-1901 and my father as a lad of about six years is in the front row of 
the picture as is Ida Hanna.  A copy of this picture is being reproduced in this 
compilation and Ida Hanna has been responsible for identifying  many of the 
persons in the picture.  If you can identify someone else, please let me know 
immediately. Ida also furnished the copy of the photograph of William Taylor 
Russell.  If any of you have any pictures of the generations prior to 1900, 
would appreciate having a copy to place in the finalized compilation on the 
Russell family of Delaware Co., New York.

I am using the Henry genealogical numbering system which I find the easiest for 
me to understand.  I am going to assign the generation number of three to 
William Russell, our earliest known ancestor at this time, because I doubt very 
much if we will be able to go back any further than his grandfather if that far 
back.  Therefore, William Russel(l) born 1733 is 3 and his fifth child, my 
ancestor, William Russell is fifth in his generation and  is numbered 35 and 35 
William Russell's first child, about whom we know, is my ancestor William Taylor 
Russell and he is numbered then 351.  Dates are written 7Oct1990 without spaces.  
Periods are eliminated from abbreviations, to wit:  351 WILLIAM TAYLOR RUSSELL b 
4July1820 Delaware Co NY d 27Nov1906 Walton Delaware County NY bur old Goldsmith 
Graveyard on 6Jan1848 Hamden Delaware Co NY m ANGELINE SWART b ca 1820 d prior 
to 1860 d/o POLLY BEEMAN and WILLIAM SWART.     

I am also attempting to set out information in a chronological sequence.  
Abbreviations will be used whenever possible.  There will be an index. When you 
send your additions/corrections, please refer to the person by his or her 
number, as the page numbers will change as I make changes or additions to this 
family history.

As information was obtained regarding the Russell families in  Delaware Co., New 
York, it has become obvious that there were at least three separate Russell 
families living there in the early 1800's.  Linda Lohrum sent copies of the 
Bible records of her grandfather Matthew Delos Russell, descendant of Sarah 
[lnu] and James Russell.  The death dates of James 13 May 1809 and Sarah in 9 
Aug 1813 as relect of James  were the first names recorded in this Bible under 
deaths.  .  David Hoy, early Delaware Co. NY Historian, wrote in 1920 that there 
was another Russell family besides that of my ancestor William Russell who 
married Janet Pumphrey and whose family Edwin S. Russell located in parish 
records in Ayr Co. Scotland.  David Hoy named them as James, Matthew, 
Agnes/Nancy, Stephen and Elizabeth.  Since these names are the same as those in 
the family of William Russell who married Janet Pomphrey, had to make 
concentrated search to identify all of these Russells.  The first chapter 
pertains to my ancestors Janet Pomphrey and  William Russell and their 
descendants.  Chapter Two pertains to Sarah [last name] unknown and James 
Russell and their descendants.  Chapter III pertains to Christian/Christina Reid 
and James Russell b 1790 Scotland.

Then I corresponded with Kim DePew, 2804 Whitewood, Midland, MI 48642 517-837-
9509 e-mail Midland Mom@aol. com., also a descendant of Matthew Russell born 
1774, son of Sarah [lnu] and James Russell died 1809.  Kim shared some very 
important information.  A letter from James Russell in Scotland dated 13 
February 1801 to his sons James, Matthew and Stephen indicating that Stephen 
must have arrived in Delaware Co. later than James and Matthew.  Also stated he 
was planning to come to his sons in April and that Uncle William with his 
numerous family would be coming with him.  This letter asks the question, could 
this Uncle William be William Russell who married Jane Pomphrey.  Kim, wrote in 
" The following records were given to me from Miss Birdsall of Walton, 
Delaware County, NY. Her friend, Mabel Davis had been WORKING on the Russell 
families for quite some time, as she also, was a descendant of the Russell 
family. The Bible pages were torn out of Bibles that she had owned, and given to 
me. Following letter also from Mabel Davis, through Miss Birdsall, her friend to 
me after Mable died.
       This is an old letter addressed to Messrs. James & Matthew Russell in 
Stamford, County of Delaware, State of New York and care of: Samuel Hickt's,  
North America.  February 13th 1801.
       Dear Sons James & Matthew & Stephen;
       I embrace this opportunity of the HURON, an American ship returning to 
New York, to inform you that we are all in good health, as also your concerns 
& acquaintance.
       We rec'd yours both on the 23rd January, the very day a twelve month ago 
that we rec'd your former letter & were made glad by the information of your 
welfare, increase of family, prosperity and of Stephen's arrival.
       As I intend by the middle of April or soon after that to take shipping 
for your place, you need not expect any more notice from me in an ordinary way 
until I bring it myself, I cannot as yet say whether any other of the family 
will accompany me or not, only Uncle William and his family will come and for 
his accommodation he desires you will prepare a temporary habitation for him on 
some convenient spot, as his family is rather numerous. (other side of paper) 
for going in with another family, likewise your friend JOHN ORR will accompany 
       Public matters in this place look no better, Markit's at an exorbitant 
price, Trading declining. I shall do as you directed in your letter as far as I 
can do.
       I now conclude earnestly desiring you make a study to obtain an interest 
in the Covenant of Grace for your happiness in time and eternity and that you 
petition God's correction and protection for me in my Journey to you as 
       I remain in love and affection for you all, Your aged father James 
Russell (at the bottom of the letter we find this note)
       My dear James Russell, My remembrance of you is still fresh and savory in 
my breast, both on your account and on my much respected and faithful friend, 
your father's account(with whom I will be sorry to part) the joyfulest account 
that will ever reach me will be that you are as a member of Christ's family, a 
pattern of sobriety and holiness in your family and might our Lord a zealous and 
unfeigned Christian in personal and social life. My wife desires you to let 
nothing in this world mar the service of the Lord and remember that as the Lord 
has carried you over the seas you must join in ___with ____ of the land where 
you are. We join in our respects for you and your wife, your children and 
       Rob't. and Jannet Cuthberson."

Your compiler has studied and studied this letter and in trying to analyze what 
it might have meant and wonder if 
" Uncle William" was  a brother of the aging James Russell or of his 
sons?  Why would James use the term Uncle if William  were a son of his. 
Let us look at the ages of  William Russell who is supposed to have died at the 
age of 95 years and therefore born about 1733. He married Janet/Janette 
Pomprey/Pumphrey.  His first child according to the parish records was Janet 
born in 1783 so he evidently married late in life and was about fifty when she 
was born and last child Matthew was born in 1795.  According to the Delaware Co. 
NY census, Stephen, son of Sarah and James Russell, was born about 1763 and his 
brother  James about 1772 and we know Matthew was born in 1774.  So if the 
census is correct, and Stephen was the first child of the marriage, James would 
probably be born before 1745 if he were married at the age of 18 but the men 
seemed to marry later in Scotland, so  speculate that he could have been married 
when twenty to twenty five then he would have been born 1738 to 1745 and earlier 
if he were older when he married.  So it is possible that the Uncle William whom 
James wrote about whose family was numerous could be the older  brother of James 
who died 1809 and the William who married Janet Pomphrey.   This is pure 
speculation and more research in Scotland needs to be done to try to find the 
family of Sarah and James Russell in Scotland.  But can be a clue to the 
parentage of William Russell who was born about 1733.

Then Kim sent me her family history pertaining to the descendants of Matthew 
Russell, son of Sarah and James Russell, in which she shows that the father of 
James Russell died 13 May 1809 was a James Russell and his father was Matthew 
Russell.  Your compiler queried Kim as to where she obtained this information 
and on 5 August 2002, Kim answered by e-mail.

"Yes, I have James Russell (d. 15May1809) as the grandson of Matthew 
Russell.  I was shown a book which belonged to Matthew which was passed down 
thru the Roswell B. Russell line.  In it was written that this book was given to 
Matthew by his grandfather, Matthew Russell.  Did I send the copy to you?  
I will do that if I haven't.
5.  This is the source for the 3 sons:  From Don Pratt ( on 9-

Note:  If further research proves that James died 1809 and William born 1733 and 
died 28 July 1828 were brothers then will have to combine Chapters One and Two 
as descendants of James and Matthew.  Have asked Kim to send copies of this 
information. 7 August 2002
Cordially yours,

Mrs. Gene McCraw


b   born
bur buried
d   died
ca  circa - about
c   census information  United States and state census records
m   married
d/o daughter of
s/o son of
b/o brother of
gs  grandson
gd  granddaughter
gc  grandchildren
gm  grandmother
gf  grandfather
g   great
gg  great, great
ch  children
FB  Family Bible
s   son
dau daughter
mo  mother
f   father
si  sister
bo  brother
ts tombstone inscription

DH  David F. Hoy's mss Russell Family of Bovina, New York dated 28Feb1920 at 
Ithaca, New York with a note "These notes about the Russells were taken 
from my records of Bovina and her people to send to one of the Russells who had 
inquired about his people."  We owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Hoy for 
compiling these records.
DR  Delaware County records
IH  Information received from Ida Hanna
ER  Information received from Edwin Russell
FD  Information received from Fletcher Davidson
BR  Bible Records
DCHS - Information received from Delaware County Historical Society
BRD  Biographical Review of Delaware County, NY
MDCH  Munsell's History of Delaware Co. 1797-1880 published 1880
These county histories published by Munsell are invaluable to the genealogical 
researcher. Salesman canvassed the counties and obtained histories from various 
families and historians and then, of course, sold the histories to the county 
residents. The histories give us such an insight into the lives of the early 
KD Kim DePew
LL Linda Lohrum
KB Kathey Barnes
KK Kenneth Kaufman



3 WILLIAM RUSSELL b 1733 "near Glasgow" Scotland d 28Jun1828 Bovina 
Delaware County, New York in Scotland m [presumption as all children were born 
in Ayr Scotland cjmc] JANET POMPHREY (PUMPRHEY, PUMPRY) b ca 1750 Scotland d 
Family legend is that William Russell was a weaver by trade.

Their known children:
31 Janet Russell
32 Stephen Russell
33 John Russell
34 James Russell
35 William Russell
36 Matthew Russell

[The latest letter I have from Ed Russell dated 24May1984 states: "I have 
not been able to extend the William Russell or Janet Pomphrey lines back another 
generation. I found a baptism for a Janet Pumphery 2Dec1758 in Glasford Lanark 
Scotland.  Relationship not proven.  Pomphrey name also occurs in East Kilbride 
parish (Lanarkshire.)  RUSSELL name is very prevalent in that same area east and 
southeast of Glasgow but I have never found anything I could connect."  All 
of the above information was furnished by Ed Russell.  Also, the names, birth 
dates, birth place and marriages of the children of Janet Pomphrey and William 
Russell.  Ed located these in the copy of the parish register for Loudoun, Ayr, 
Scotland on LDS Microfilm. cjmc]

From the Delaware County Biographical Review in a biographical sketch of a 
grandson of William and Janet Pomphrey, we learn more about the emigrant 

"The grandfather of Stephen Russell, and the founder of this branch of the 
Russell family in America, was William Russell, a Scotch farmer who came to 
America in 1800, and settled in Bovina, NY., where a grandson, Andrew T., 
brother of Stephen, now resides.

The two hundred acres of ground purchased by the emigrant was forest land; and 
the abundance of deer, bears, wolves and small game gave food to the settlers 
and furnished skins for traffic in the Catskill market, sixty two miles distant.  
The nearest mill was six miles away from the log house of the emigrant, who 
would shoulder the grist, and walk the distance when the bread supply became 
nearly exhausted and the housewife clamored for flour.  Life in the primitive 
new settlement, though hard and rough, was healthful; and William Russell lived 
to be ninety-five years old.  The husband and wife followed the faith of their 
fathers, and lived and died in the faith of the Presbyterian church.  Their five 
children are all now dead." 

From the Biographical Review - The Leading Settlers of Delaware County, NY in 
the 9th section at page 406 in the biographical sketch of grandson, Andrew 
Thomson Russell, we learn more about this immigrant ancestor:

"ANDREW THOMSON RUSSELL, a Delaware County dairyman of Scotch ancestry, 
occupies the farm in Bovina on which he was born, and which includes the tract 
of land cleared by his paternal grandfather, William Russell, in the early  part 
of the century.  William Russell was born near Glasgow, Scotland; and he and his 
wife, who was Scotch, emigrated to America in 1800, and settled here in the 
primeval forest.  His first work was to cut down the trees whose stout trunks 
were to be fashioned into a rude abode for his wife and children.  The game that 
dwelt about the very threshold of the cabin furnished food for the hungry little 
mouths.  There was at the time no roads cut through the woods, still haunted by 
wolves and bears; and the journey to the mill at South Kortright, now known as 
Almeda, a distance of five miles, which the sturdy pioneer sometimes made, 
carrying the grain on his back, the path being indicated only by blazed trees, 
was both toilsome and perilous.  William Russell died here June 28, 1828, aged 
ninety-five years and four months, leaving five sons ? John, Stephen, 
James, William, Matthew and one daughter.  His wife, Janet Pumphry, was born in 
1750 and died May 30, 1827." 

U.S. 1810 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY enumerated at page 430 and enumerated as 
the 20st person visited:
William Russell with
1 male (10-16) b 1794-1800 (Matthew b 1795)
4 males (16-26) b 1784-1794 (Stephen b 1784, John b 1786, James 1790, William b 
1 male (45+) b before 1765  (William b 1733)
1 female (45+) b before 1765. (Janet b ca 1755)

Note: [There is another William Russel listed in Walton but listed with four 
males b 1800-1810, 1 male b 1794-1800, three males b 1784-1794 which does not 
match our William's family at all. A close neighbor of William's in Delhi is 
listed as Elisha Fuller with a family and the eldest male was b 1765-1784 with 
three other younger males.  A granddaughter Deborah Russell married an Elisha 
Fuller and I wonder if he were a son or grandson of this Elisha Fuller. cjmc]  

U. S. 1820 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY  At page 75 is enumerated William 
Russell with one male born before 1755 and one female born before 1755.

[This compiler has never researched the deed nor probate records for this family 
in Delaware Co. NY as I have not had time to do so.  I plan to do this before 
completing this compilation. 6Oct1990. cjmc]

31 JANET RUSSELL b 29May1783 in Loudoun Ayr Scotland and probably died as an 
infant. (ER)

32  STEPHEN RUSSELL b 7Dec1784 in Loudoun Ayr Scotland d 1866 bur Cannonsville 
NY on 1Dec1814 m JEAN BRYCE b 29Mar1799 Scotland d 14July1864 d/o JANET GILMORE 

Their known children: (DH)
321 William Russell
322 Nancy Russell
323 Thomas Gilmore Russell
324 Jane Russell
325 Margaret G. Russell
326 John K. Russell
327 Elizabeth Russell
328 Mary Russell
329 James Russell

U. S. 1810 census Delhi Delaware Co NY  Listed with father William Russel(l) at 
page 430.

U. S. 1820 Census Bovina Delaware Co NY Enumerated on page 47 as Stephen 
Russell, Jr. with:  [1820 census was alphabetized. cjmc]
Two males under ten years b 1810-1820 (Wm. b 1815 & Thomas G. Russell b 
One male (26-45) b 1755-1784 Stephen b 7Dec1784
Two females under ten years b 1810-1820 (Nancy b 1817 and Jane b 1820)
One female (26-45)  b 1755-1784  [Jean Bryce was born 1799 so this does not 
match her age but I could have misread or census taker or his transcriber could 
have made a mistake. cjmc] 

U. S. 1850 census Tompkins Delaware Co. NY  Page 326 HH#343:
Stephen Russell     65   NY* farmer  $300
Jane Russell        55   NY
Jane Russell        28   NY
Elizabeth Russell   26   NY
John Russell        24   NY
Mary Russell        22   NY 
James Russell       18   NY

*[Birthplace should be Scotland.  Also the birth dates as given by David Hoy do 
not match the order as listed on the census but since David Hoy gave complete 
birth dates, it would appear he had access to family records and, therefore, 
would be correct.  cjmc]

321 WILLIAM RUSSELL b 21Aug1815 prob Delaware Co NY.

[I believe the following is this William Russell as he is listed as living next 
door to Thomas G. Russell, another son of  32 Stephen Russell. cjmc]

U. S. 1850 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY  Page 270 HH#1647
William S. Russell  36   NY   farmer    $2500
Laura(?) A. Russell 35   NY
Sarah J. Russell     8   NY
Rhoda Ann Russell    6   NY
Wm. G. Russell       4   NY
Mariette Russell     2   NY
Howard Russell     1/12  NY
Wm. Johnson         15   NY   laborer
Elizabeth Russell   24   NY

322 NANCY RUSSELL b 10Jan1817 bur Cannonsville NY on 7Jun1843 m WALTER McGIBBON 
b 6Nov1820 Andes Delaware Co NY s/o JEANETTE ???? and 
Their known children:  (DH)
3221 Augusta McGibbon
3222 Forrest McGibbon
3223 Annette McGibbon

From Munsell's History of Delaware Co. N. Y. at page 322 in the section entitled 
Biographical Notices, Town of Tompkins, we learn:

"Walter P. McGibbon, son of William and Jeanette McGibbon, of Scotch 
descent, was born in Andes November 6th, 1820.  In 1840 he became a clerk in a 
store for Peter Cogher, of Oneida county, N. Y.  He was thus employed for three 
and one half years, since which time he has been engaged in farming.  He was 
married June 7th 1843, to Nancy B. Russell, of Delhi.  Their children now living 
are Augusta V. and Forrest L., the latter of whom is farming with his father.  
He was born November 27th, 1847, and married Harriet R. McLaury, daughter of J. 
H. McLaury, of Sullivan county, September 1st, 1869.  Their children are Milton 
J., Walter P. and Jennie A."

Their known children: (DH)
3231 George Weisner Russell
3232 Melissa Russell
3233 John B. Russell (census)

U. S. 1850 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY
Thomas G. Russell   32   NY   farmer    $2000
Marie Russell       44   NY
George W. Russell    4   NY
Melissa Russell      3   NY
John B. Russell    2/12  NY Maria L. Allen      10   NY
U. S. 1870 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY HH#382/428
Thomas G. Russell 50 farmer NY 10000/2000
Maria Russell 50 NY keeping house
George W. Russell 23 NY farmer
Melissa J. Russell 21 NY housekeeper
George Seabort 19 NY hired laborer

3231 GEORGE WEISNER RUSSELL b 17Jan1846 Delhi Delaware Co NY d 19Oct1899 bur  
Sidney NY on 14Jan1874 m FANNY MOORE b 5Jan1846 Triangle NY and in 1920, Mr. Hoy 
stated she was living at 48 Birdsall St. Norwich NY d/o SABA WEBSTER and PETER 
Their children: (DH)
32311 Arthur George Russell
32312 Anna May Russell
32313 Herbert Stanley Russell
32314 Nellie Russell
32315 Jennie Russell

32311 ARTHUR GEORGE RUSSELL b 19Aug1876 Delhi Delaware Co. NY on 21Mar1912 m 

323111 NELLIE GLADYS RUSSELL b 23Dec1912.

32312 ANNA MAY RUSSELL b 1May1878 Delhi Delaware Co. NY d 1Aug1881 and bur Delhi 
Delaware Co NY.
32313 HERBERT STANLEY RUSSELL b 17Oct1881 Delhi Delaware Co NY d 17Jul1913 Rome 
NY bur Sidney NY. Unmarried.

32314 NELLIE M. RUSSELL b 26Jan1883 Delhi NY on 23Jun1910 at Norwich NY m IRA 
ROBB b 14Feb1871 Afton NY s/o ELLEN NICHOLS and JOHN ROBB.
32315 JENNIE RUSSELL b 31May1884 Sidney NY d 26Dec1884 Sidney NY


324 JANE RUSSELL b 12Nov1820 d 26Jun1913 Cannonsville NY m EDWIN HATHAWAY.
Their children: (DH)
3241 Sumner Hathaway
3242 Addie Hathaway
3243 Lois Hathaway
3244 Russell Hathaway

325 MARGARET G. RUSSELL b 29Oct1822 d 27Jun1898 bur Old Stone Church Bovina 
Delaware Co NY.  Unmarried.

326 JOHN K. RUSSELL b 6Mar1825 Bovina Delaware Co. NY on 2Nov1854 m (1) LOIS M. 
MEEKER b 6Apr1830 d 27Apr1873 Delhi Delaware Co. NY d/o ELIZABETH BRYCE and AHAZ 
MEEKER; on 10Jan1877 m (2) MINA MURRAY b 1835 d 9Jan1915 Binghamton NY d/o JANET 
Children by first mrg:
3261 Helen Russell
3262 Elizabeth Russell
3263 Charles Russell

U. S. 1870 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY HH#400/446
John R. (?) Russell 45 NY farmer 4000/100
Lucy A. Russell* 35 kh NY
Helen E. Russell 13 at home NY
Salome E. Russell 10 at home NY
Charles E. Russell 7 at home NY
Patrick White 50 R.R. laborer Ireland
Catharine White 48 kh Ireland

*Note: [The wife's name is not the same as given by David Hoy but the children 
are definitely for this John K. Russell and wonder if the R. was misread as a K. 

3261 HELEN RUSSELL b 1Feb1856 Delhi Delaware Co NY on 1Feb1888 m JOHN M. 

3262 ELIZABETH RUSSELL b 22Jun1860 Delhi Delaware Co. NY
3263 CHARLES RUSSELL b 28Jan1863 Delhi Delaware Co. NY on 3Jan1893 m SARAH BROWN  
Their daughter:
On 1Oct2002, I received the following e-mail from Kathy  
My son is descended from Janet Pomphrey and William Russell through 32631 Sarah 
Isabel Russell.  Sarah was an only child and she wanted a large family.  Sarah 
and Robert had 14 children.  One of the daughters Catharine "Kitty" 
Gemmel first married William Henry Van Wagner.  Both are deceased.  Ey had two 
children, one daughter still living and one son deceased William Clarence Van 
Wagner.  This is my son's father.  My son is the last to carry on this Van 
Wagner line.  My son's father died while my son was only four months old.  And 
by a later e-mail, Kathy sent the following: 

This is what I have on descendants of Sarah Isabel RUSSELL.

Sarah Isabel RUSSELL m Robert E. GEMMEL 05/06/1915 Methodist Episcopal 
Parsonage.  Sarah Isabel RUSSELL b 05/13/1896 town of Delhi, Delaware Co., NY d   
198? Delhi, Delaware Co., NY (possibly buried in the Old Woodland 
Cemetery). Robert Elliott GEMMEL b 05/06/1894-95 d 08/28/1946 Town of Delhi, 
Delaware Co., NY. (Militia Enrollment-WW1 Delaware Co., NY Delhi 5/13). 14 
children from this marriage.  After Robert Gem's death, Sarah I. RUSSELL m 
Arthur GERKIN who is buried in the Old Woodland Cemetery.

Children of Sarah I. RUSSELL and Robert E. GEMMEL:    
1. Sarah Margaret b 03/14/1916 d 04/29/2000 m. Paul RUBYOR (deceased) - no 
2. Beatrice "Betty" Elizabeth  b? (still living) m Kurt STAERKER 
(deceased) - unknown if there were children or how many
3. Robert E. b? d?(deceased) m Mary ? - unknown children
4. Hugh Russell b? d? (not sure if living) m Charlotte ? unknown 
5. Mae Louise b? d? (deceased) m Bernie SITTS (not sure if still 
living) - unknown children
6. Marion Eleanor b 11/15/1923 d 03/18/1999 m 04/12/1944 to Almarion C. GOSS b 
04/06/1923 d 04/10/1998 - several children - 1 son Gerald A. GOSS b 06/07/1957 d 
05/15/1971 age 13 died in farming accident. 
7. Jean Frances b? d? (not sure if still living) m Donald DAVIDSON 
(not sure if still living) - unknown children
8. Catherine Helen b 06/18/1926 Delhi, NY d 07/05/2001 Port Richey, FL buried 
Walton Cem. Walton, Delaware Co., NY m 1st William Henry VAN WAGNER (06/27/1947) 
b 02/17/1906 Walton, Del. Co., NY d 08/17/1960 Walton, NY buried Walton Cem., 
Walton, Delaware Co., NY (Note: W.H. Van Wagner first marriage to Ruth BUDINE 
12/11/1926, she possibly died in childbirth along with the child).Note: Wm H. 
VAN WAGNER CO-owner Delaware-Republican). 2 children from 1st marriage, 1 
daughter still living 1 son b 05/22/1953 Delhi, NY d 03/17/1980 Tampa FL buried 
Tampa, FL.  Catherine's 2nd marriage to Harry KNAPP (still living) b. Oneonta, 
NY, former Delhi police officer.  (Note: Catherine may have been married for a 
short time before KNAPP need to verify).
9. Donald William b ? (not sure if still living) Note: I believe he is 
married but need to verify 
10. Madelyn Ruth b ?  still living - never married - no children
11. Marjorie Isabell b? d? possibly still living - m Algene Johnson - 
unknown children
12. John Tracy b? still living married 1st Sherry ?? 2nd Gina 
?? (1 dau & 3 sons from 1st marriage. 1 son from 2nd marriage)
13. Gerald Thomas - b?  d? died when young - I think farming accident 
- need to verify
14. Francis Irving - b? d? (possibly still living) institutionalized 
as a child- Sarah I. RUSSELL tried to keep him home but as he grew older and 
larger she was unable to take care of him. This haunted her for the rest of her 

I hope this helps.  Will get back to you when I verify the some of the details 
listed above.  Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Thank you so much for your time and patience w/ me.

327 ELIZABETH RUSSELL b 20Apr1827 d 21Mar1853 Cannonsville NY m EDWIN HATHAWAY

[Probably the Elizabeth Russell age 24 b NY listed with brother Wm. S. Russell 
on U. S. 1850 census at page 270 HH#1647. cjmc]

3271 ELIZABETH HATHAWAY b 1Mar1853 Cannonsville NY on 6Mar1872 m ALLEN MOORE
Their children:  (DH)
32711 Charles Moore b 25Oct1872
32712 Merton Moore b 3Aug1878 m Helen Palmer
32713 Orley Moore b 13Jul1879 m Ethel Christian.
32714 Marshall Moore b 21Apr1881 m Isabella Littner
32715 Mabel Moore b 1Nov1882 m Fred J. Turner
32716 Marian Moore b 18Jul1885
32717 Emma Moore b 23Nov1886 m Henry A. Atkins
32718 Frank Moore b 9Aug1890 m Ethel M. Crawford
32719 Howard Moore b 31Jan1892 m Henrietta Leahey
327(10) Del Moore b 6Jun1895

328 MARY F. RUSSELL b 1Dec1829 bur Cannonsville NY m JOHN PATTERSON
Their children:
3281 Agnes Patterson m John O'Brien and lived at Luray KS in 1920 (DH)
3282 Archibald Patterson

329 JAMES RUSSELL b 19Mar1832 Delhi Delaware Co NY d 15Apr1901 on 1Jan1862 m 
NANCY CARPENTER b 15Sept1836 d 1Mar1917 Sidney NY d/o SARAH N. HOAG and BENJAMIN 
Their children:  (DH)
3291 Ulysses Russell
3292 Eva Russell
3293 Hattie Russell
3294 Julian Russell
3295 Edna Russell
3296 Bertha Russell

U. S. 1880 census Hancock Delaware Co. NY HH#170/191:
James Russell 48 farmer b NY parents Scotland
Nancy Russell 43 NY as were parents
Ulysses B. Russell 16 son at home
Sarah L. Russell 14 school b NY
Julian H. Russell 12 school NY
Hattie V. Russell 10 school NY
Sarah S. Russell 8 school NY
3291 ULYSSES RUSSELL* b 19Apr1864 on 1Mar1894 m EDNA DOERNER

*(Of Friendship NY in 1920 according to David Hoy. cjmc)
Their children:

3292 EVA RUSSELL b 14Dec1865 on 15Sept1885 m ELMER LOVE
Their children:
32921 Earl Russell Love
32022 Eunice Love

3293 HATTIE A. RUSSELL b 28Aug1869 Tompkins NY d 1933 bur Riverview Cemetery  on 
26Sept1889 in Hancock Delaware Co. NY  m HERBERT A. ROBINSON b 29Nov1862 Cadosia 
d Apr1943 Sidney Delaware Co. NY s/o HATTIE WILLIAMS and FRANCIS ROBINSON s/o 

I have a copy of an obituary :
April 8, 1945
Herbert Robinson Passes away
Herbert A. Robinson, a resident of Sidney since 1887, passed away Tuesday 
morning at his home on Avery Street. He had been in poor health for some time. 
Born in Cadosia, Nov. 29, 1862, the son of Frank and Hattie (Williams) Robinson, 
he married Miss Hattie Russell of Hancock in September, 1889; who has since 
passed away. Mr. Robinson was a member of the Masonic Order for 51 years and 
also had a lifetime membership in the Odd Fellows lodge. He had served as 
village trustee for 2 terms. He is survived by 1 brother, Miles, of Norwich, and 
a cousin, Howard Robinson of Roscoe, and several nieces and nephews. Funeral 
Services in charge of Rev. Willard B. Sopor of the Congregational Church, will 
be held tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at the Carr and Landers Funeral Chapel, 
Interment in Hancock cemetery.

April 20, 1933
Hattie Russell Robinson
Sidney mourns the death of Hattie Russell Robinson, who passed away at the 
family Avery Street home Tuesday, 18th inst. But few residents of our village 
were better known than Mrs. Robinson. She was highly esteemed by all who knew 
her. During the past several months she had been in ill health, the turn for the 
worst coming the latter part of last week, death followed on day above 
mentioned. Mrs. Robinson was born in the town of Tompkins, near Cannonsville 
August 28, 1869, the daughter of James and Nancy Carpenter Russell. She was 
united in marriage with Herbert A. Robinson September 25, 1889, in Hancock. 
Shortly after they came to Sidney to reside. She was a charter member of Sidney 
Chapter Order of Eastern Star, and had served with credit to her home chapter 
and self as a local and district officer. She was also an active member of the 
local W.C.T.U. unit and the American University Club. Mrs. Robinson was deeply 
interested in civic affairs and had served as a member of the local Republican 
committee for several years. In the immediate family the deceased is survived by 
a devoted husband; three sisters, Mrs. Elmer Love of Cannonsville, Mrs. Bertha 
Fletcher of Union, and Miss Edna Russell of Sidney, also a brother Uylesses P. 
Russell of Friendship, NY. Interment in family plot, Riverview cemetery.
3294 JULIAN RUSSELL b 10Oct1867 and in 1920 of Deposit NY. (DH) 
3295 EDNA RUSSELL b 20Sept1871.
3296 BERTHA RUSSELL b 17Feb1881 on 15Jun1904 m EVERETT FLETCHER
Their children:
32961 Evelyn Fletcher
32962 Esther Lucille Fletcher

33 JOHN RUSSELL b 3Feb1786 Loudoun Ayr Scotland m CATHERINE THORBURN born 
26Apr1801 Hawick Scotland (DH) d 4Oct1837 bur Old Stone Church (DH) Delaware Co 
Their known children (DH):
331 Nancy Russell
332 Catherine Russell
333 Alice Russell
334 Mary Russell
335 Jane Russell
336 Margaret or Elizabeth Russell
337 William Russell
338 Adam Russell
339 John Russell

U. S. 1810 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY  Listed with father at page 430.
U. S. 1820 census Bovina Delaware Co NY  at page 48, John Russell is listed 
One male (26-45) b 1775-1794 (John b 3Feb1786)   
One female (10-) b 1810-1820 (Nancy b ?)
One female (16-26) b 1794-1804 (Catherine Thorburn?)

U. S. 1850 census Tompkins Delaware Co. NY  Page 325 HH#338/9
John Russell        60 Scotland  farmer $300
William Russell   22 NY        laborer        
Abram Russell     20 NY
John Russell        16 NY

Note: [John's age should be 64 and David Hoy has Abram's name as Adam. John 
lives in the neighborhood of his brother Stephen Russell. cjmc 

337 WILLIAM RUSSELL married unknown.
338 ADAM RUSSELL married unknown.
339 JOHN RUSSELL did not marry.

34  JAMES RUSSELL [known as Junior because of the other James Russell who 
married Nancy Richie. cjmc] b 29Jun1790 Loudoun Ayr Scotland christened 6Aug1790 
Loudon, Ayr Scotland d 4Aug1851 Bovina Delaware Co. NY buried Old Bovina 
Cemetery (Butt End) on 14Jan1814 in Stamford Delaware Co. NY m MARGARET BRYCE  b 
5Jan1796 in Scotland (ER wrote probably area around Cormunnock, Lanark, 
Scotland) d 15Jan1873 Bovina Delaware Co. NY buried Old Bovina Cemetery (Butt 
Their children:  (David Hoy)
341 William Russell 
342 Thomas B. Russell
343 James G. Russell
344 Infant son b 9May1820 died unnamed
345 Archibald Russell
346 Stephen Russell
347 John G. Russell
348 Infant son born and died 13 Dec 1829
349 Matthew Russell
34(10) David B. Russell
34(11) Andrew Thomson Russell
34(12) Matthew B. Russell
34(13) Samuel R. Russell (poss)

From the biography of his grandson Andrew Thomson Russell in the Biographical 
Review - The Leading Settlers of Delaware County, NY 9th section at page 406, we 
learn more about James Russell:
	James Russell, the third* of this goodly group, was born in Scotland on 
June 22, 1790, and a lad of ten years when he came to this country with his 
parents. He was educated in the district schools of the locality, and came into 
possession of the farm at his father's death.  He added largely to the estate, 
and became quite a man of property.  He married Margaret Bryce, who was born in 
Scotland, February 5, 1796, a daughter of Thomas and Janet (Gilmore) Bryce, the 
former of whom died February 25, 1813, and the latter, a daughter of John 
Gilmore, July 11, 1829.  The other children of her parents were the following: 
Agnes, born March 19, 1794; Jean, March 24, 1799; Archibald, August 25, 1801; 
John, January  6, 1802; Elizabeth, February 20, 1805; Matthew, born January 
1807; who died in Libby Prison during the Civil War; Mary, September 2, 1809; 
Thomas G., April 4, 1812. The wife of Mr. Russell shared his religious faith and 
creed, both being members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.  He had no 
interest in the political situation of his time, and took no part in the 
national or local issues.  His reasons for thus disfranchising himself, as it 
were, are indicated in the following Synod's Report on National Reform in 1869: 
'Because this nation has steadfastly refused any acknowledgment of the authority 
of God, of his Son, or of his law,' and because 'A Constitution which ignores 
the foundations of all political morality cannot be accepted and approved by any 
Christian people without sin,' and because he holds 'it to be the duty of every 
citizen of this nation to maintain an active dissent by refusing to incorporate 
with a government thus constituted.'
	James Russell died August 4, 1851.  His wife Margaret survived him many 
years, dying January 15, 1873.  Twelve children, all sons, were John, and 
Andrew, are now living. The record is as follows: William, born December 19, 
1814, died February 2, 1892; Thomas B., born August 9, 1816, died April 18, 
1881; James G., born April 21, 1818,  died January 1 1891; an infant, born May 
9, 1820, died unnamed; Archibald B., born August 18, 1821, died February 18, 
1868; Stephen, born January 26, 1824; John G., born January 16, 1827; an infant, 
born and died on December 13, 1829; Matthew, born May 31, 1831, died September 
27, 1833; David B., born August 19, 1833, died February 28, 1892; Andrew T., 
born November 9, 1837; Matthew B., born June 17, 1840, died January 14 1847.  

*According to the Old Parish Records, James was the fourth son. cjmc

From the sketch on Stephen, his son, in the BRD:
"His father, James Russell, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in 1790; and his 
mother, Margaret (Brice) Russell, was also a native of Scotland. James Russell, 
the father of Stephen Russell, grew up in Bovina, and was educated in the 
primitive schools of that early period.  He was a successful and prominent man 
among his neighbors, and a member of the Reformed Presbyterian Church."

From Munsell's History of Delaware Co., New York at page 130 under subtitle 
"The Reformed Presbyterian Church" in the chapter entitled "Town 
of Bovina", we learn:

"...We have been presented with a list of names recognized among the early 
settlers of the town who aided in the erection of the stone-church near Andrew 
T. Russell's (the old Russell homestead.) [Munsell published in 1880. Cjmc]  The 
following minute is from the records of the congregation: 'Bovina, N. Y. June 
13th, 1825.  The male members of the congregation being present, the meeting was 
constituted with prayer.  John McEvers was chosen chairman and James Miller, 
sen., was chosen clerk.  The following items were agreed to: 1st, that a 
meeting-house be built with stone, of the following dimensions: Length, 34 feet; 
width, 24 feet; height, 12, and to have a gallery .  2nd.  James Russell, David 
Ballantine and John Russell are appointed to collect the subscription and 
superintend the erection of the building..."  Some of the familiar names on 
the list of subscribers for church erection, and also for sustaining the 
ordinances were Robert Hamilton, William Murray, James Archibald, Andrew 
Thomson, Thomas Hamilton, James Russell, John Archibald, and John Russell.  In 
1861, a new church was erected in the village of Brushland and David B. Russell 
was a member of the session.  David B. Russell and Andrew T. Russell were elders 
in 1865 and members of the session.    
[I believe the James Russell Jr. enumerated on page 47 in the U. S. 1820 census 
is this 34 James Russell. He could have been designated as James Russell Jr. 
because there was a James Russell Sr. also enumerated in Bovina Delaware Co. NY 
on the U. S. 1860 census. I believe he was the James Russell who married Nancy 
Richie. [See Chapter 2] There are five James Russells listed in Delaware Co NY 
on the U. S. 1820 census.  Four of the James Russells have males born between 
1775 and 1794.  Two in Franklin, one in Kortright and one in Bovina. cjmc]  
U. S. 1820 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY  Page 47 is James Russell Jr. listed 
3 males 10- (b 1810-1820)
1 male 26-45 (b 1775-1794)
1 female 16-26 (b 1794-1804)
2 foreigners not naturalized
1 in agriculture

U. S. 1850 census Bovina Co. Delaware Co. NY HH#1112/1145 pagd 235b
James Russell Jr. 60 farmer 3,000 Scotland
Margaret Russell 55 Scotland
Archibald Russell 28 NY
Stephen Russell 26 NY blacksmith
John Russell 22 NY farmer
David Russell [first name very unclear] 18 NY farmer
Andrew Russell 12 NY
Samuel Russell 6 NY

Robert Scott 70 farmer 4000 Scotland is the next family enumerated as 
HH#1113/1146 and next to  him is Robert Scott Jr. 38 farmer b NY.

New York State Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY #60
Margaret Russell 59 born Scotland widow 41 years Bovina or Delaware Co. NY
Archibald Russell 34 born Delaware Co. NY farmer
John G. Russell 28 born Delaware Co. NY
David B. Russell 21 born Delaware Co. NY
Andrew Russell 17 born Delaware Co. NY
Margaret G.Russell 32 servant
Margaret Nicol 21

U. S. 1870 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#99/100:  Margaret is enumerated 
with her son Andrew Russell as being 74 years of age born Scotland.

341 WILLIAM RUSSELL b 18Dec1814 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 2Feb1892 Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY on 14Feb1846 m JANET or JENETTA ORR.* b 1823 d 1901[kk]
*[My ancestor Samuel McCune, who was probably the immigrant, married Mary Orr 
probably in Ireland and I wonder if possibly Janet Orr could be descendant of 
maybe Mary Orr's brother? cjmc]
Their children: (DH)
3411 James Bryce Russell
3412 John M. Russell
3413 Will C. Russell
3414 Mary M. Russell
3415 George M. Russell
3416 Eliza J. Russell
3417 Margaret Ann Russell

U. S. 1850 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY  Page 227 HH#991/1023.
William Russell     36   NY   farmer  $6200
Jenetta Russell     26   NY
James B. Russell     1   NY
Christina Taylor    15   NY
U. S. 1870 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#10-10: 
William Russell 56 5000/1200 NY farmer
Jeanette Russell 43 NY
James H. Russell 21 farmer
John Russell 17
William C. Russell 14
Mary Russell 12
George Russell 10
Elizabeth Russell 8

1880 census, Bovina, Delaware County, NY at p. 38B HH#15-16
WILLIAM RUSSELL 65 yrs. farmer b NY parents Scotland 
JANNET RUSSELL 54 born NY parents in Scotland
JOHN M. 25 son b NY as were parents 
WILLIAM C. RUSSELL 23 son  b NY as were parents
MARY M. RUSSELL 21 daughter b NY as were parents
GEORGE M. RUSSELL 20 b. NY as were parents
ELIZA J. RUSSELL 17 b. NY as were parents

3412 JOHN M. RUSSELL b ca 1854 (c) NY d Oct1919 Billings MT bur Bovina Delaware 

3413 WILLIAM M. RUSSELL b 25Sept1855 NY on 27Jan1887 m ELIZABETH J. FOREST b 
20Feb1859 Bovina Delaware Co NY d/o ELIZABETH BIGGAR and ROBERT J. FOREST
Their children: (DH)

3414 MARY M. RUSSELL b ca 1859 NY (c)
3415 GEORGE M. RUSSELL b ca 1860 NY (c)
3416 ELIZA J. RUSSELL b ca 1863 NY (c)
3417 MARGARET ANN RUSSELL b 2Sept1847 d 2Nov1847 bur Bovina Center Delaware Co. 

342 THOMAS B. [for Bryce cjmc?] RUSSELL b 9Aug1816 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 
18Apr1881 bur Old Stone Church Delaware Co. NY on 1Jan1846 m JANE/JENETTA  
MURRAY b ca 1826 NY (c) d 1Mar1893 in her 67th year bur Old Bovina Cemetery 
Bovina Delaware Co. NY d/o JEAN BLACK and WILLIAM MURRAY.
Their children:
3421 James Douglas Russell
3422 Jennette M. Russell
3423 William M. Russell
3424 Margaret J. Russell
3425 Thomas David Russell
3426 R. Mulligan Russell
and two infant daughters

U. S. 1850 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY Page 231 HH#11056/1089
Thomas B. Russell        34   NY   farmer    $1000
Jane Russell             24   NY
James D. Russell          3   NY
Jenetta M. Russell        2   NY
William M. Russell        1   NY
Margaret J. Russell      1/12 NY
Joanna (?) Munlay        15   NY
U. S. 1860 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#75/75:
Thomas B. Russell 43 farmer 1600/300 NY
Jane Russell 35 NY
James D. Russell 13 NY
Jannet M. Russell 12 NY
Margaret J. Russell 10 NY
Thomas D. Russell 8 NY
Renwick M. Russell 2 NY
U. S. 1870 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#40-42:
Thomas B. Russell 53 farmer 8000/2000 NY
Jane Russell 45 NY
James D. Russell 23
Jeanette Russell 21
Margaret Russell 16
Milligan Russell 12 NY

1880 U. S. Census, Bovina, Delaware Co., New York at page 34, Household No. 9-9:
THOMAS B. RUSSELL 63 years old farmer b N.Y. parents Scotland
JANE RUSSELL 55 wife kpg hse b NY parents Scotland
MAGGIE J. RUSSELL 34 dau housework b NY as were parents

Living next door to the above family at HH#10-10:
JAMES N. HASTINGS 83 farmer b NY parents in Scotland
He is checked as being married but no wife listed.
JAMES E. HASTINGS 40 son b NY as were parents
MARGARET RUSSELL 50 b NY parents Scotland servant
MAGGIE GOW 18 servant b NY parents Scotland
DANIEL GREEN 18 servant b NY parents Scotland

From Munsell's History of Delaware County, NY at page 132 in chapter entitled 
"Town of Bovina":
"Thomas B. Russell, his brother (referring to John G. Russell  in a 
paragraph above on same page) was born in 1816 on the homestead, where their 
youngest brother, Andrew T., now lives.  His wife is William Murray's daughter, 
Jane, a sister of Judge Murray, of Delhi.  Of Mr. Russell's nine children only 
one son and two daughters are living."

3421 JAMES DOUGLAS RUSSELL b 14Nov1846 d 27Oct1877 bur Old Bovina Cemetery 
Bovina Delaware Co. NY.  Unmarried.
3422 JENNETTE RUSSELL b ca 1848 NY (c) m as his second wife DAVID LOWE THOMSON b 
1Aug1831 d 20Aug1915
3423 WILLIAM M. RUSSELL b 10Apr1849 d 18Oct1854 bur Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY
3424 MARGARET (MAGGIE) JANE RUSSELL b 24May1851 NY d 17Dec1904 bur Old Bovina 
Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY and was listed with parents on 1880 census.
3425 THOMAS DAVID RUSSELL b 17Jan1852 d 19Jan1866 bur Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY.
3426 R. MULLIGAN RUSSELL b 22Feb1859, married and has children. (DH)

343 JAMES G. [for Gilmore? cjmc] RUSSELL b 21Apr1818 Bovina Delaware Co. NY  
d 1Jan1891 bur Old Bovina Cemetery Delaware Co. NY on 27Feb1849 m (1) ELEANOR 
(HELEN or ELLEN) HAMILTON b 2Aug1823 d 29Apr1862 bur Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina 
2Dec1846 d 1925 bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY  d/o HELEN 

Children of first mrg: 
3431 Robert Hamilton Russell
3432 Jane Margaret Russell
3433 Wilson B. Russell
3434 William H. Russell
3435 Arthur G. Russell
3436 James Andrew Russell
3437 John Knox Russell
Children by 2nd mrg:
3438 Erwin Russell
3439 Arthur T. Russell

U. S. 1850 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY Page 232 HH#1069/1103
James T.* Russell   30   NY   farmer   4000
Ellen Russell       25   NY
Robert H. Russell  4/12  NY
Robert Hamilton     27   NY   laborer
Hannah Hamilton     23   NY
Jennie Henderson    20   NY
*[It is a "T". cjmc]

1855 New York State census Bovina Delaware Co. NY #75
James G. Russell 37 born Delaware Co. NY
Eleanor Russell 32
Robert H. Russell 5
James A. Russell 2
Margaret Russell 9/12
U. S. 1860 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH# 112/112:
James G. Russell 41 5000/600 NY
Ellen Russell 36 NY
James A. Russell 7 NY
Margaret J. Russell 5 NY
John K. Russell 2 NY
William Russell 1 NY
Mary Robertson 23 NY servant

Enumerated next is Catharine A. Douglas 64 Lady born Scotland

U. S. 1870 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#61/63
James G. Russell 48 farmer 8000/3900 NY parents foreign birth
Mary M. Russell 23 kh NY
Robert H. Russell 20 at home NY
James A. Russell 18 at home NY
Margarett Russell 16 at home NY
John H. Russell 13 at home NY

U. S. 1880 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY page 31 HH#61:
JAMES G. RUSSELL 62 yrs farmer b NY parents Scotland 
MARY A. RUSSELL 33 kpg hse b NY parents   New York
ROBERT RUSSELL 30 farm worker b NY parents NY
MARGAT RUSSELL 25 housework b NY parents N Y
JOHN K. RUSSELL 21 b NY parents NY

3431 ROBERT HAMILTON RUSSELL b 1Feb1850 in 1880 m (1) JOSEPHINE BAKER b 
24May1857 d 22Apr1881 bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY d/o 
Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY d/o SARAH HODGE and PATRICK DOIG.
Son by first mrg: (DH)
34311 Elmer G. Russell
Children by 2nd mrg: (DH)
34312 Herman Russell
34313 Charles Russell
34314 Cecil Russell

34311 ELMER G. RUSSELL b 4Apr1881 on 30Sept1909 m (1) JOAN THOMSON m (2) BLANCHE 
Son by first mrg: 
343111 ARTHUR A. RUSSELL b 26Jul1910 Kansas City MO.

34312 HERMAN RUSSELL b 15Feb1886 on 24Feb1909 m ETHEL GLADSTONE b 26Apr1886 d/o 
Their children: (DH)
343121 Glenn Gladstone Russell
343122 Jane Margaret Russell
343123 Lawrence Hamilton Russell

343121 GLENN GLADST0NE RUSSELL b 10Dec1909
343122 JANE MARGARET RUSSELL b 12Jan1912

34313 CHARLES RUSSELL d 12July1980 Acton, MASS on 10Nov1915 m HIDRETH TUTTLE d 

34314 CECIL RUSSELL b 1891 d 1985 on 20Sept1916 m ISABELLA IRVINE b 1897 d 1985 
Their known daughter:
343431 Margaret Russell

3432 JANE MARGARET RUSSELL b 23Oct1854 d 17May1907.
3433 WILSON B. RUSSELL b. b Aug1856 d 28Apr1859 bur Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY
3434 WILLIAM H. RUSSELL b 25Sept1859 d 18Feb1866 bur Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY
3435 ARTHUR G. RUSSELL b 28Nov1860 d 6Mar1866

3436 JAMES ANDREW RUSSELL b 21Oct1852 d 28Jan1917 on 24Jan1883 m ROSA DOIG b 
Their children: (DH)
 3437 JOHN KNOX RUSSELL B ca 1855 NY (c)
3438 ERVIN  RUSSELL b 2Sept1876 Bovina Delaware Co NY d 1959 bur Bovina Center 
Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY
3439 ARTHUR T. RUSSELL b 31Mar1873 d 8Oct1873 bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY.

344 ...RUSSELL b 9May1820 Bovina Delaware Co. NY and died the same day buried 
Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY 
345 ARCHIBALD B. RUSSELL b 18Aug1821 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 15Feb1868 bur Old 
Bovina Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY age 46 yrs. 5 months and 27 days.

346 STEPHEN RUSSELL b 26Jan1824 in Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 20Sept1903 bur 
Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY on 12Nov1850 m MARY ARMSTRONG b 
12Nov1827 d 27Jan1902 bur with husband d/o ISABELLA COULTER* and JOHN ARMSTRONG.
Their children: (DH)
3461 James Russell
3462 John A. Russell
3463 Francis (Frank) A. Russell
3464 Margaret A. Russell
3465 William T.. Russell
3466 Edwin D. Russell
3467 Henry George Russell
*Note: [Isabella is enumerated as  61 born  Scotland on 1860 census Bovina with 
husband John Armstrong 63 b NY with family. cjmc]
Quoting from the BRD sketch on Stephen eliminating what has been quoted above 
regarding his father, James, and our emigrant ancestor, William Russell:

"Stephen Russell, of whom this sketch is intended to be a brief memoir, was 
born to his parents in Bovina on the 26th  day of January 1824....Stephen 
Russell received his education from the masters in the district school, and 
lived on his father's farm until he was twenty-one years old.  He then went to 
work for a Mr. William Thompson, with whom he remained nearly two years.  His 
first year's earnings netted him the meager sum of one hundred and eighty 
dollars.  His employer raised his wages during the last nine months of his 
service; but Stephen Russell had decided to learn a trade which would insure him 
a competence, and so became a blacksmith under an apprenticeship with Andrew 
Craig.  As soon as he felt himself sufficiently well skilled in his craft, he 
set up a shop for himself in the village.  Here the stroke of his anvil sounded 
through days of shine and storm; for the smith was an industrious man, and found 
much work to do.  After nine years, however, he sold his shop, and bought a 
small farm of sixty acres, which he has enlarged by recent additions to its 
present proportions, two hundred and nine acres.  Here he has established a 
dairy farm, and keeps a herd of fifty  five cows, whose average yearly weight of 
butter is two hundred and seventy five pounds.  He has the latest and best 
machinery for butter-making, and takes the deepest interest in his dairy, which 
is one of the largest in Bovina.

On November 11, 1850, he was united in wedlock to Mary Armstrong, a native of 
Bovina.  Mrs. Russell's father was born in Washington County, New York and came 
to Bovina when the town was in its first stage of development.  The mother of 
Mary Armstrong was a Scotch woman.   The Armstrongs were members of the United 
Presbyterian church, and certainly fulfilled the Biblical injunction to 
'multiply and replenish the earth'; for out of a family of twelve children, ten 
grew to maturity.  Six of them are now living, namely: John Armstrong, a 
resident of California; Francis, who lives at the old homestead in Bovina; 
Elsie, Mrs. David Oliver; Mrs. Mary Russell; Margaret, Mrs. Walter A. Doig; and 
Ellen J., Mrs. John J. Foster, the latter a resident of Washington County.

To Stephen and Mary Russell seven children have been born, as follows: [Listed 
above. cjmc]. The parents of this family are in the folds of the Christian 
faith, being members of the Reformed Presbyterian Church.  Mr. Russell takes no 
part in politics, but gives his undivided attention to his work.  His 
hospitality and geniality make him a favorite in the locality in which he lives; 
and his butter, cream, and milk are well known to the epicures of Delaware 

New York State census Bovina Delaware Co. NY #63
Stephen Russell 31 born Delaware Co. NY blacksmith
Mary Russell 27 born Delaware Co. NY
James Russell 3 born Delaware Co. NY
John A. Russell 11/12 born Delaware Co. NY
John Miller 19 born Greene Co. NY 3/12 in Bovina Delaware Co. NY blacksmith

U. S. 1870 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#41-43:
Stephen Russell 46 NY 6000/2200
Mary Russell 2 NY
James Russell 18 NY
John A. Russell 15 NY
Francis Russell 12 NY
Margaret Russell 9 NY
William Russell 4 NY
Edward Russell 8/12 NY

U. S. 1880 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY [from Delaware Co. NY website]
Stephen Russell 56
Mary Russell 52
James Russell 28
John A. Russell 26
Francis Russell 21
Maggie Russell 19
William T. Russell 13
Edwin D. Russell 9
George H. Russell 7

3461 JAMES RUSSELL b 5Dec1851 d 1926 bur Bovina Center Cemetery on 17Mar1886 m 
MARY J. THOMSON b 11Apr1848[ts has 1846 cjmc] d 1931 bur with husband d/o 

3462 JOHN A. [For Armstrong? cjmc] RUSSELL b 19Jun1854 d 1910on 20Apr1881 m 
AGNES L. ORR b 17Dec1858 [ts has 1857 cjmc] d 1933 bur Bovina Center Cemetery 
Bovina Delaware Co. NY d/o BARBARA LEAL and ROBERT S. ORR
Their children: (DH)
34621 Henry Remo Russell
34622 Clarence Russell
34623 Everett O. Russell
Note: Kenneth Kaufman has they had seven children.

34621 HENRY REMO RUSSELL b 9Jan1885 d 4Mar1895.
34622 CLARENCE RUSSELL b 3Mar1886
34623 EVERETT O. RUSSELL b 17Apr1890 (Address in 1920 751 Reservoir St. Pomona 
CA per David Hoy)

3463 FRANCIS (FRANK) A. RUSSELL b 26May1858 d 27Jan1910 on 9Feb1898 m ADA 
Their children: (DH) [kk]
34631 Millard F. Russell
34632 Arthur N. Russell
34633 Ernest C. Russell

Their children: [kk]
346311 Millard F. Russell Jr. b 1924 m Clara E. Rabler *
34633 ERNEST C. RUSSELL b 1905 d 1969 m DOROTHY DREW
Their children:
346331 Ronald Russell b 1939-1985
346332 David Drew Russell b 1941 m Ann Edwards *
*For later generations, see family charts at end of compilation from Kenneth 

3464 MARGARET A. RUSSELL b 6Feb1861 on 14Feb1900 m as his second wife JAMES W. 
THOMSON b 6Nov1849.

3465 WILLIAM T. RUSSELL b 7Feb1867 d 1925  bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina 
Delaware Co. NY on 30Jan1903  m MARTHA BERGMAN b 20Sept1904 d 1943 bur with 
husband.d/o WILHELMIA LUPKE and FREDERICK BERGMAN.  An  infant son is buried 
with them born 1906 died 1906.
Their children:  DH and Kenneth Kaufman
34651Edna W. Russell
34652 Edith Russell
34653 Margaret Russell
34654 William Herbert Russell
34655 Infant son b and d 1906

34651 EDNA W. RUSSELL b 20Sept1904 (twin) d 1932 m KENNETH R. KAUFMAN b 1904 d 
Their children:
346511 Everett W. Kaufman
345612 Kenneth R. Kaufman [the descendant who furnished much Russell 
information. cjmc]
345613 Robert Kaufman
346514 Clifford Glen Kaufman 
Their son:
3465111 Everett William Kaufman *
Their children:
3465121 Thomas Shane Kaufman *
3465122 Katherine Margaret Kaufman*
3465123 Barbara Ann Kaufman*
3465124 Russell Francis Kaufman*
3465125 William Paul Kaufman*

346513 ROBERT KAUFMAN b 1929 m (1) MAE ALICE BARNOM b 1933 d 1996; m (2) NANCY 
BIVEN b 1937
3465131 Sandra Ellen Kaufman *
3465132 Robert Kenneth Kaufman*
3465133 Pamela Jean Kaufman*
3465134 Lauri Anne Kaufman*
3465135 Theresa Marie Kaufman*

346514 CLIFFORD GLEN KAUFMAN b 1931 m HELEN HOYT b11932 d 1996

*For later generations of the Kaufman family see Kaufman family sheet furnished 
by Kenneth Kaufman at end of this compilation.
34652 EDITH M. RUSSELL b 20Sept1904 (twin) d 1976 m GEORGE HERBERT GRAHAM b 1898 
d 1990
Their children: [kk]
346521 Marie Elizabeth Graham b 20Oct1929
346522 Doris Cornenia Graham b 7Mar1931
346523 Herbert William Graham b 9Apr1934

Their children: [kk]
346531 Louise McPherson b 1944 d 1980 m William Barnhart Jr.
346542 Andrew W. McPherson b 1944 d 1970
34654 WILLIAM HERBERT RUSSELL b 31July1912 b 1912 d 1975 did not marry

3466 EDWIN D. RUSSELL b 26Oct1869 on 12Feb11896 m LENA MAXWELL
Their children:  (DH)

3467 HENRY GEORGE RUSSELL b 15May1872 on 28Dec?? m IRENE M. REYNOLDS 

347 JOHN G. RUSSELL b 16Jan1827 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 7May1913 bur Old Bovina 
Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY on 19Nov1857 m MARGARET NICHOL b 1834 d 
10Dec1914 buried with husband d/o MARGARET GEORGE and ANDREW NICOL.
Their children: (DH)
3471 Annabelle Russell
3472 Christina Russell
3473 Alice E. Russell
3474 Mary Jane Russell

from: Munsell's History of Delaware County, NY at page 132 in Chapter entitled 
"Town of Bovina":

"John G. Russell, son of James and grandson of William Russell was born at 
the Russell homestead in 1827.  He was married in 1857 to Margaret, daughter of 
Andrew Nicol*.  Mr. Russell is a dairy farmer on the farm settled by James 
Thomson.  His grandfather was among the Scotch pioneers of 1801, and he left 
three numerous and prosperous generations of descendants."

*[My third great grandfather, James McCune or McEwen, married Phoebe Nichol, 
daughter of Andrew Nichol, earlier and wonder if this Andrew Nichol could be a 
brother of my ggg grandmother Phoebe Ann (Nichol) McCune? cjmc]

1880 U. S. census, Bovina, Delaware Co., NY at p. 31 #64:
JOHN G. RUSSELL, 53 yrs farmer b NY parents Scotland
MARGARET RUSSELL 46 wf. kpg hse b Scotland as were parents
CHRISTENA RUSSELL 15 dau. at schl b NY Father NY Mother Scot.
ALICE E. RUSSELL 11 dau. at schl b NY Father NY Mother Scot.

3471 MARGARET ANNABELLE RUSSELL  b 1859 d May1916 in 1879 m WILSON SCOTT b 1848 
Their children: (DH)
34711 Herman Scott
34712 Anna C. Scott
34713 Elma J. Scott m David J. Cameron

Their children:  (DH)
34721 Herbert Russell Thomson
34722 Andrew Clinton Thomson
34723 Lillian Christinia Thomson

34721 HERBERT RUSSELL THOMSON b 11Sept1893 d 28Aug1916 on 14Oct1915 m AGNES 
Their son:  (DH) 347211 Herbert Gladstone Thomson b 12Jan1917.
3473 ALICE E. RUSSELL b 1869 in 1897 m ROBERT DOIG b 1869 s/o AGNES DOWIE* and 

[Listed on the U. S. 1850 Census for Andes Delaware Co. NY  HH#2749 is the 
family of Henry Dowie 42 b Scotland with Agnes 32, Henry 7, Agnes 5 and a female 
Sellias (?) 1. cjmc]
Their children:  (DH)
34731 Russell Irving Doig b 25Aug1898
34732 Arthur B. Doig
34733 Arden W. Doig
34734 Margaret A. Doig

Note: Kenneth Kaufman has her born 1847 died 1929 and married to William Boggs 
born 1844 d 1933.  John G. and Margaret Nicholl were married November 1859. 
3474 MARY JANE RUSSELL d 7Apr1864 aged 1 yr 11 mos 5 days bur Old Bovina 
Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY 

348....RUSSELL b13Dec1829 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d same day bur Old Bovina 
Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY

349 MATHEW RUSSELL b 31May1831 in Bovina, Delaware Co. NY d 27Sept1833 bur 
Reformed Presbyterian Church cemetery Butt End in Bovina Delaware Co. NY

34(10) DAVID B. RUSSELL b 19Aug1833 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 28Feb1892 bur 
Bovina Centery Cemetery on 18Feb1858 m MARGARET B. MURRAY b 9Dec1833 d 10Aug1903 
buried Bovina Center Cemetery d/o HELEN RENWICK and JAMES MURRAY
Their children:  (DH)
34(10)1 Matthew James Russell
34(10)2 Helen Anne Russell
34(10)3 Thomas David Russell
34(10)4 Margaret Bryce Russell
34(10)5 William Renwick Russell

U. S. 1860 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#110/110: Enumerated with mother 
Margaret (Bryce) Russell,  brothers Andrew T. Russell and Archibald Russell 
David B. Russell 26 NY, Margaret Russell 26 Scotland and Mathew J. Russell 1 b 

U. S. 1870 census Delhi Delaware Co. NY HH#489/535
David Russell 35 farmer 7000/2000 NY parents foreign born
Margaret Russell 36 keeping house Scotland as were parents
James Russell 10 at home NY
Helen Russell 8 at home NY
Maggie Russell 6 at home NY
Thomas Russell 4 at home NY
Thomas Henderson 30 Scotland farmer
Nancy Oliver 22 housekeeper NY

1880 U. S. census, Delhi, 4th & 5th district, Delaware Co.NY Page 134 
HH#121-131 DAVID RUSSEL 46 years,farmer b. NY   parents in Scotland
MARGARET RUSSEL 46 yrs., wife born Scotland as were parents
MAGGIE RUSSEL 16 dau. b NY Father NY Mother Scotland
THOMAS RUSSEL 14 son b NY same as above
RENWICK RUSSELL* 8 son b NY parents same as above
ELLA HOGG 22 yrs boarder school teacher with inflamation of the lungs b NY 
parents in Scotland

34(10)1 JAMES MATTHEW RUSSELL b 22Oct1859 d 26Jun1873.
34(10)2 HELEN ANN RUSSELL b 6Nov1861 on 19Aug1891 m REVEREND ROBERT J. GAULT b 
4May1855 d 21Aug1911 s/o MARTHA ADAMS and JOHN GAULT

34(10)3 THOMAS DAVID RUSSELL b 29Jun1866 d 1937 on 16Jun1897 m JENNIE GILCHRIST* 
b 31Aug1867 d 1935 d/o ELIZA SPENCE and ANDREW GILCHRIST.
Their children:  (DH)
34(10)31 David Barton Russell
34(10)32 Helen Spence Russell
34(10)33 Ruth Metheny Russell
34(10)34 Renwick Gilchrist Russell
*Tom Park on 22Sept2002 wrote that Eliza Jane Russell and Thoms D. Russell were 
his grandparents.  

34(10)31 DAVID BARTON RUSSELL b 21Jul1898 d 1967 m ELIZABETH GARNER b 1905 [kk]
Their child: [kk]
34(10)311 Jane Russell b 1927 d 1979
34(10)32 HELEN SPENCE RUSSELL b 21Apr1900 d 1983 m THOMAS PARK
Their children: [kk]
34(10)321 Thomas Park b 1932
34(10)322 Mary Jane Park b 1935
34(10)33 RUTH METHENY RUSSELL b 10Aug1901 d 1983 m G. M. ROBE.

34(10)4 MARGARET BRYCE RUSSELL b 1Nov1863 on 9Mar1900 m ERNEST McKEE b 9Mar1869 

34(10)5 WILLIAM RENWICK RUSSELL b 5Feb1872 d 1941on 30Aug1899 m CHRISTIANA 
Their children:  (DH)
34(10)51 JAMES CLIFFORD RUSSELL b 2Jun1901 d 10Sept1916.
34(10)52 MURRAY RENWICK RUSSELL b 22Oct1903 m OPAL ECKHART [This family is from  
Kenneth Kaufman]
Their family: [kk]
34(10)521 Phillip R. Russell b and d 1942
34(10)522 Joy Dianna Rusell
34(10)522 JOY DIANNA RUSSELL b 1944 m (1) ??? and had Joseph 
????m (2) GRAY YOUNG
34(10)5222 Nicole Young b 1969
Their children from Kenneth Kaufman:
34(10)531 James M. Russell
34(10)532 Marilyn L. Russell
34(10)533 Hartley L. Russell
34(10)534 Renwick S. Russell
34(10)535 Virginia A. Russell
34(10)531 JAMES M. RUSSELL b 1936 d 1963 m BARBARA EHRANN
Their children: [kk]
34(10)5311 Diann Russell b 1963
34(10)5312 Mark Russell b 1961 and has two sons
Kenneth Kaufman has her children as:
34(10)531 Christine M. Russell b 1966 m Pasqual Palmiotti and has a son Kevin b 
34(10)532 Laura L. Russell b 1969
34(10)533 Todd A. Russell 1970
Their children:
34(10)5331 Deborah Russell b 1970
34(10)5332 David Russell b 1968 m RHONDA [LNU]
Their children:\
34(10)53321 Stacy Russell
34(10)53322 Nicole Russell b 1994
Their children:
34(10)5341 Lisa M. Russell
34(10)5342 Jeffrey William Russell.

34(11) ANDREW THOMSON RUSSELL b 9Nov1837 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 9Oct1922 
Oneonta Otsego Co., NY bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY on 
12Jan1865 m (1) ELIZA JANE McLAURY* b 23Apr1845 Delhi Delaware Co. NY d 
22May1906 Oneonta Otsego Co. NY bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. 

*[34(11)232 Edwin S. Russell wrote the original spelling was McClaughry and 
cites Genealogy of the McClaughry Family compiled by Charles C. McClaughry and 
published by Worden Iowa Reformatory, Anamosa, Iowa in 1913.  Edwin, a 
descendant, furnished the majority of the information for this family.  Also, 
some information compiled from David Hoy's manuscipt. cjmc]
Their children:  (DH)
34(11)1 James Joshua Kennedy Russell
34(11)2 George T. Russell
34(11)3 Jeannette A. Russell
34(11)4 Andrew Gilmore Russell
34(11)5 Samuel Wilson Russell
34(11)6 Mary Jane Eliza Russell

From Biographical Review - The Leading Citizens of Delaware County,NY - 9th 
section at page 406 in the Biography of Andrew Thomson Russell, we learn about 

	"ANDREW THOMSON RUSSELL, a Delaware Count;y dairyman of Scotch 
ancestry, occupies the farm in Bovina on which he was born, and which includes 
the tract of land cleared by his paternal grandfather, William Russell, in the 
early part of the century..."  See further information under 3 William 
Russell and 34 James Russell.
	"Andrew T. Russell worked on his father's farm and hired himself out 
for several years during his youth, earning one hundred and fifty five dollars 
for his first year's wages.  He also worked at the carpenter's trade one year. 
He was married January 12, 1865, and bought the farm in the spring of that year.  
The young woman who linked her fate with his was Miss Eliza Jane McLaury, who 
was born in the town of Davenport, April 23, 1845, a daughter of George H. and 
Nancy (Cobine) McLaury.  George H. McLaury was a native of Kortright, and Mrs. 
McLaury of Franklin.  They reared a family of seven children: George, a farmer 
in Iowa: Thomas, who died in the Civil War; David, who lives in Delhi; Mrs. 
Russell; John, a farmer in South Dakota; Samuel, also in South Dakota; and Mrs. 
Sarah A. Terrell, wife of Thomas Terrell, a baggage-master in Oneonta, N. Y.  
Andrew T. Russell has lived at the home of his birth, surrounded by all the ties 
of association and childhood that make a locality dear.  He keeps thirty milch 
cows and has one of the best dairies in the county.  The new buildings which he 
has erected have greatly enhanced the value of the property and the land itself, 
under intelligent tillage, has been vastly improved.
	Six children have blessed the union of Mr. and Mrs. Russell, namely: James 
J. K., born November 5, 1865, who married Miss Tina L. Doig, and has one 
daughter Florence Pearl; George T. born September 19, 1868; Nettie A., born 
October 18, 1870; Andrew G. born March 22, 1872;Samuel W., born July 25, 1873, a 
clerk in Oneonta; Mary Jane Eliza, born December 23, 1875, now at the Normal 
School of Oneonta.
	Both Mr. and Mrs. Russell are members of the Reformed Presbyterian church, 
in which the former has been an Elder for twenty-one years.  He is also the 
superintendent of the Sabbath-school, which latter office he has held for the 
last five years.  Politics seem to have little or no interest for this man, who, 
for the same reasons stated in regard to his father, serves his country by 
settling an example of industry, sobriety, and thrift, rather than by taking an 
active part in State or national affairs."
U. S. 1860 Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH# 110/110: 
Andrew T. Russell 22 farmer 3000/600 NY
Margaret Russell 26 Scotland
Matthew J. Russell 1 NY [deceased by 1870 census? cjmc]
Margaret Russell 65 Scotland [Mother Margaret Bryce) Russell. cjmc]
Archibald Russell 3 NY [deceased by 1870 census? cjmc]
Jennet Gillie 17 NY servant
David B. Russell 26 farmer

Note: Enumerated HH# 111/111 is a Thomas Hamilton 53 farmer b NY with Ellen 
52 b Scotland and Elisabeth Hamilton 8 b NY.  Suspect some tie in with our 
Russells. cjmc 

U. S. 1870 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#99/100:
Andrew Russell 34 5000/2100 farmer NY parents foreign born
Elisabeth Russell 25 NY
James K. Russell 4 NY
George T. Russell 1 NY
Margaret 74 Scotland  [Mother Margaret (Bryce) Russell. cjmc]
U. S. 1880 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#55 page 30b:
All of the following family were born in NY as were parents
Andrew Russell 44 farmer
Eliza J. Russell 35 kpg hse
James K. Russell 14 school
George T. Russell 11 school
Jennet A. Russell 9 school
Andrew D. Russell 8 school
Samuel W. Russell 6 school
Mary J. Russell 4 at home

34(11)1 JAMES JOSHUA KENNEDY RUSSELL b 4Nov1866 Bovina Delaware Co. NY on 
26Nov1890 d 4Apr1940 Bovina Delawre Co. NY m CHRISTINA LEE DOIG b 17Feb1868 d 
1954 bur Bovina Center Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY with husband d/o MARG. 
Their daughter:  (DH)
34(11)11 FLORENCE PEARL  RUSSELL b 29May1892 on 1Dec1917 m HERMAN JOSLIN

34(11)2 GEORGE THOMAS RUSSELL b 19Sept1868 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 12Mar1920 
Milford  (ER wrote may be Colliers) Otsego Co. NY on 9Nov1895 Walton Delaware 
Co. NY m JENNIE ELIZABETH MILLER b 11Dec1870 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 7Sept1947 
Collier Otsego Co. NY d/o ELIZABETH THOMSON HASTINGS b 29Aug1836 Bovina Delaware 
Co. NY d 9Aug1927 Colliers Otsego Co. NY and WILLIAM TELFORD MILLER b 16 Aug1835 
Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 10Jun1900 Bovina Delaware Co. NY
Their children:
34(11)21 Erma Laura Russell
34(11)22 LeRoy Gilmore Russell
34(11)23 Mildred Elizabeth Russell
34(11)24 Paul Telford Russell
34(11)25 Mary Alice Russelll
34(11)26 George Vaughn Russell
34(11)21 ERMA LAURA RUSSELL b 23Jan1897 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 1974  m JAMES 
Their daughter:
34(11)211 Jane Snowden b 17Dec1937

34(11)22 LEROY GILMORE RUSSELL b 28Aug1898 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 20Apr1958 m 
on 21Aug1923 m ANNA L. DOWNIE d 1982. 
Their known children: (DH)
34(11)221 Virginia Russell
34(11)222 Shirley Russell
34(11)1123 Martha Russell\

34(11)221 VIRGINIA RUSSELL b 11Aug1925 Oneonta Otsego NY d 27Feb1987 Dewitt 
Onondaga NY [never married]
34(11)222 SHIRLEY RUSSELL b 8Sept1927 Oneonta Otsego Co. NY on 21June1957 in 
Oneonta Otsego NY m HORACE CHURCH WRIGHT b 28May1927 Oneonta Otsego Co. NY d 
34(11)223 MARTHA JANE RUSSELL b 14July1929 Oneonta Otsego Co. NY m ROBERT TITUS 

34(11)23 MILDRED ELIZABETH RUSSELL b 29July1900 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 1969 m 
Their daughter:  
34(11)231 Sonya Hastings  Hall b 29Aug1935
34(11)24 PAUL TELFORD RUSSELL b 12May1902 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 28Jan1948 San 
Leandro CA on 5Jun1934 m MARGARET EDWINA HILL b 18Sept1908 Dallas Dallas Co. TX 
d/o SHELLEY HAMPTON HILL b 21Feb1882 Elgin Bastrop Co. TX d 11 Oct1949 Dallas 
Dallas Co. TX s/o of MILES HAMPTON HILL b 11Aug1852 Bastrop Co. TX d 13Jun1911 
in Elgin Bastrop Co. TX on 1 Feb1880 m MARY LOUISA REED b 22Apr1854 Chappel Hill 
Washington Co. TX d May1943 Elgin Bastrop Co.TX and MARY FRANCES SHARPE b 
24Feb1881 Weatherford Parker Co. TX d 26 Sept1974 Placerville El Dorado CA d/o 
ELAM HAYNE SHARPE b 2Sept1845 Anderson District SC d 10Feb1897 East Dallas, 
Dallas TX who on 23Apr1876 m MARY ANN COKER b 13May1852  Jackson Co. LA d 
Their sons:  
34(11)241 PAULTELFORD  RUSSELL, JR.  b  5June1935 San Francisco San Francisco CA 
on 26Dec1959 Oakland Alameda Co. CA m JOY ANN FREDGREN b 8Jan1938. Four 

34(11)242 EDWIN SHELLEY RUSSELL b 11Aug1938 Oakland Alameda Co. CA  on 21Dec1963 

*[Edwin Russell's sources were:
1.  Framed ornate "family record" in possession of Mrs. G. Vaughn 
Russell, Oneonta, NY. 2. Gravestones in Bovina and Bovina Center cemeteries. 3.  
Records of Delaware Co. Historian H. Fletcher Davidson by correspondence.  4. 
1850 Census Film #3988 #25 5. 1860 census film  #803744. 6. 
Loudoun, Ayr, Scotland parish records and 7. Delaware Co. History-Biographical 
Digest. cjmc]

34(11)25 MARY ALICE RUSSELL b 8Jan1906 Colliers Otsego Co. NY d 11Sept1981 
Cooperstown Otsego Co.  NY  on 23May1941Sayville Suffolk Co. NY m RALPH 
ARCHIBALD GARRISON b 28July1909 d 29Jan1996 in Cooperstown Otsego NY s/o MATTIE 

34(11)26 GEORGE VAUGHN RUSSELL b 17Sept1909 Milford Otsego Co. NY d 29Nov1964 on 
19July1939 Walter Delaware Co. NY  m BERTHA LOKER b 24Sept1912 Walton Delaware 
Their children:
34(11)261 Gerald Thomas Russell
34(11)262 John Vaughn Russell
34(11)261 GERALD THOMAS  RUSSELL b 4Dec1941 in Cooperstown Otsego Co. NY on 
11July1963 Oneonta Otsego Co. NY m CECILIA JUDD. Two children
34(11)262 JOHN VAUGHN RUSSELL b 15Dec1949 Cooperstown Otsego Co. NY.  Not 
married (2001)

34(11)3 JENNETTE (JEANETTE) RUSSELL b 18Oct1870 Bovina Delaware Co NY d 
10Jan1943 unmarried.

34(11)4 ANDREW GILMORE RUSSELL b 22Mar1872 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 1933 on 
18Sept1901 m EDITH MUNSON
Their son: (DH)
34(11)41 KENNETH GILMORE RUSSELL b 10Aug1902.

34(11)5 SAMUEL WILSON RUSSELL b 25July1873 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 22Jan1924 on 
1Oct1897 m ANNETTE PROCTOR SMITH b 19Oct1874  Cooperstown NY d 22July1952
Their children: (DH)
34(11)51 Francis Proctor Russell
34(11)52 Ormande Wilson Russell
34(11)53 Raymond Smith Russell
34(11)54 Helen Louise Russell

34(11)51 FRANCIS PROCTOR RUSSELL b 20Oct1898 San Francisco Co. CA.
34(11)52 ORMANDE WILSON RUSSELL b 3Jun1900 San Francisco Co. CA
34(11)53 RAYMOND SMITH RUSSELL b 19Sept1905 San Francisco Co. CA d 1June1982 
Pacific Palisades CA on 27July1923 Placerville CA m MARGARET BRADFORD b 
19May1905 Sacramento CA d 15Nov1981 Pacific Palisades CA bur Forest Lawn 
Their daughter:
34(11)531 MARY ANNETTE RUSSELL* b 24July1924 Sacramento CA on 3Sept1946 San 
Francisco CA m NORMAN DENNIS BEEMAN b 14Nov1918 Arlington WA s/o IDA LaVERNE 
Mary Annette (Russell) Beeman is the descendant of Samuel Wilson Russell who 
furnished the information regarding him and his descendant.
Their children:
34(11)5311 Bradford Beeman
34(11)5312 Russell Norman Beeman
34(11)5313 David Rodney Beeman
34(11)5314 Denise Beeman
34(11)5315 Sara Beeman

34(11)5311 BRADFORD (nmi) BEEMAN b3Jan1950 Sedro Woolloy WA on 10Apr1976 El 
Sobrante CA m BECKY JULIENE WEAVER b 9Oct1956 Nellis Air Force Base Las Vegas NV 
Their children:
34(11)5311 Daniel Raymond Beeman b 18Feb1979 Vallejo CA
34(11)5312 Mark Allan Beeman b 19Sept1980 Vallejo CA
34(11)5313 Jeanette Christine b 4June1985 Vallejo CA

34(11)5314 DENISE BEEMAN

34(11)54 HELEN LOUISE RUSSELL b 6Aug1910 Sacramento CA d Mar1995 Sacramento CA.  
Never married.

34(11)6 MARY JANE ELIZA RUSSELL b 23Dec1875 Bovina Delaware Co. NY m (1) JOHN 

34(12) MATTHEW B. RUSSELL b 17Jun1840 Bovina Delaware Co. NY d 14Jan1847 bur Old 
Bovina Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY.

35 WILLIAM RUSSELL b 1Dec1792 Loudoun Ayr Scotland d 17July1873 Meredith NY 
buried Stone-Arabia Cemetery Delaware Co. NY* m HESTER   TAYLOR [Fletcher 
Davidson's information has Esther while Ida Hanna told  me the tombstone has 
Hester. Merritt Russell on 28 April 2000 photographed William and Hester's 
tombstones and definitely is Hester. See photographs by Merritt Russell)] b ca 
1798 d 20Jan1842 bur Stone-Arabia Cemetery Delaware Co. NY* d/o possibly ISAAC 

*Note: Could her  father be Isaac Taylor because of the way William named his 
sons. First son, my ancestor, William Taylor Russell, for the paternal 
grandfather and Isaac Russell for the maternal grandfather? On the 1810 
census Delhi Delaware Co. NY enumerated as the 160th person visited is Isaac 
Taylor with 1 male born 1784-94, one male born 1765 or before, one female born 
1794-1800.  Enumerated as the 201st person on this same census is William 
Russell Also  in Middletown, Delaware County, NY on the 1830 census, at page 157 
enumerated is an  ISAAC TAYLOR with males one under five yrs.,2 males five to 
ten, one male forty to fifty years and one male seventy to eighty who could be 
Hester (Esther) Taylor's father as he could have been born between 1750 and 1760
 Directions to the Stone-Arabia cemetery in Delaware Co. NY sent by Merritt 
Russell.  Starting in Treadwell, in the middle to Treadwell just past Barlow's 
Store, there is a cross road.  You will turn right pass the Fire Hall or your 
left.  Proceeding you are on Roaring Brook when you come to  a bend in the road 
to the left go right on Doug Hall Road.  Then take the 2nd right off that.  The 
cemetery is opposite the Van Blackman farm.  Their phone # is 829-8776 if 
you want to ask about seeing it without big dogs.  It s not far from Treadwell.  

Known children:
*351 William Taylor Russell
352 Jeannette Russell
353 Nancy Russell
354 Mary Ann Russell 
355 Deborah Russell
356 Isaac Russell
357 Stephen M. Russell
358 John P. Russell
359 Margaret E. Russell
35(10) Fanny Russell
35(11) James Russell
35(12) Matthew Russell
35(13) Possibly male on 1850 census b ca 1848 .

*[Order of birth not known and I have tried to deduce the order from the census 
and known birth dates.]

U. S. 1810 Census Delhi Delaware Co NY  Listed with father at page 430.
U. S. 1820 Census Middletown Delaware Co NY  William Russell listed on page 75 
with: One male 10- b 1810-1820 (???)
Two males (26-45) b 1775-1804 (William T. b 4July1820 and ???)
One female (10-) b 1810-1820 (Nancy b ca 1820 according to 1850 census cjmc)
One female (16-26) b 1794-1804 (Hester Taylor b ca 1798)
In the 1830 census in Middletown, Delaware County, NY at page 150, is listed:  
William Russell with: One male (5-) b 1825-1830 (Isaac b ca 1828 according to 
1850 census.
one male (5-10) b 1820-1825 (William Taylor Russell b 4July1820)
one male (30-40) b 1790-1800 (William Russell b 1792)
one male (50-60) 1770-1780 (?)
one female (5-) b 1825-1830 (Deborah Russell b ca 1826 (1850 census)
two females (5-10) b 1820-25 (Mary A. b ca 1825 and Nancy b ca 1823 (U. S. 1850 
one female (10-15) b 1815-20  (Nancy Russell b ca 1820 (U. S. 1850 census)
two females (20-30) 1800-1810 (b ca1798 and ??)

1850 census, Town of Hamden, Delaware County, NY HH#1747-1787:
WILLIAM RUSSELL 60 years  farmer worth $700 born Scotland
MARY A. RUSSELL 25 years born New York
DEBORAH RUSSELL 24 yrs. born New York
ISAAC RUSSELL 22 yrs. born New York
STEPHEN RUSSELL 20 yrs. born New York
JOHN RUSSELL 18 yrs. born New York
MARGARET RUSSELL 15 yrs. born New York
FANNY RUSSELL 14 yrs. born New York
JAMES RUSSELL 13 yrs. born New York
MATTHEW RUSSELL 11 yrs. born New York

*[Query: Could this be George Russell enumerated  with William Taylor and a 
Betsy on the 1860 census as twelve years old?  This name definitely starts 
with an "E" and the other letters could be as above.  Very hard to 
decipher.  If Hester (Taylor) Russell died in 1842, whose son would this male 
be?    It would seem as if Hester Taylor has died in 1842and he has not 
remarried by  1850. Fletcher Davidson has furnished the information as to the 
children of Hester (Esther?) Taylor and William Taylor and the names of 
their spouses and from the above, we can fill in the approximate years of their 
birth and if I can find them in the 1880 or 1900 census, will have their 
definite months and dates of birth. cjmc]

In the 1855 New York State census, is listed:
WILLIAM RUSSEL (and again, spelled with one l) 61 b Scotland farmer  and in 
county 14 years.
ROXA RUSSELL 43 yrs b Conn. wife three yrs. in county.
STEPHEN M. RUSSELL 24 b Delaware Co. farmer 14 yrs. in county
MATTHEW C. RUSSELL 14 b Delaware Co. 14 yrs. in county child
MARGARET RUSSELL 20 yrs born in Delaware Co. 14 yrs in county child

[It would seem as if William Russel has remarried by 1855 to Roxa ?? 
and she has been in the county only three years. But why are those born in 
Delaware Co. NY listed (except for Roxa) as having been in the county only 
fourteen years? cjmc]

In 1860, WILLIAM RUSSELL is listed with his son  351 WILLIAM TAYLOR RUSSELL who  
is listed as the head of the household.  Did I or the census enumerator write 
the name as Betsy rather than Roxy since she appears again on the 1870 census.

1860 Census Delaware Co. NY HH#1286/1371 [Why I did not record the town, I 
do not know!  Will have to find it again. 31January1999 cjmc]
William Russell, Jr. 40 farmer b NY
Catharine A. Russell 24 b NY
William Russell 67 b Scotland
Betsy Russell 49 b NY
George Russell 12 b NY
Henry Russell 9 b NY

1870 United States Census, Meredith, Delaware Co., NY HH#74-76
Stephen Russell 40 farmer $4000/1000 b NY parents foreign birth
Eunice Russell 32 keeping house b NY
Mary Stewart 14 at home b NY
William Russell 77 farmer b Scotland and parents foreign birth
Roxy Russell 61kph hse b Conn

351 WILLIAM TAYLOR RUSSELL was born 4July1820 Delaware Co. NY d 27Nov1905 (ts) 
in Walton Delaware Co. NY buried in the old Goldsmith Graveyard on 6Jan1848 in 
Hamden Delaware Co.  NY (as reported by the Delaware Gazette on 12Jan1848 which 
stated that all parties were of Hamden) m (1) ANGELINE SWART b ca 1820 d prior 
to 1858 [See picture of tombstone taken by Merritt Russell on next page.   Ida 
Hanna, Frances (McCune) Decker and I visited the Goldsmith Burying Ground cjmc] 
d/o POLLY BEAMAN and WILLIAM SWART.   Polly Beaman's mother was Deborah 
Goldsmith; m (2nd) CATHARINE A. (KATE) ROBINSON b 1832 (ts) NY (c) d 22Mar1862 
(ts) and buried in the Goldsmith Burying Ground Delaware Co. NY; m (3rd) JULIA 
PALMATIER as her second husband, b 1Apr1841 Davenport Delaware Co. NY d 9Mar1925 
Downsville Delaware Co. NY bur Hartwick cemetery d/o of ELIZABETH SMITH and 
NATHAN PALMATIER.  Julia m. (1)___________ BRISSEE  and thirdly, on 10 Sept 1914 
[date of filing] m his brother Manly Bresee.  She had one child William Bresee 
by her first marriage and none by her third marriage.

Children by Angelina Swart:
3511 William Harvey Russell
3512 Isaac A. Russell
3513 Huldah Russell

Children by Catherine Robinson
3514 Angelina Matilda Russell
3515 Ida Jeanette Russell
3516 Charles Marshall Russell

Children by Julia Palmatier:
3517    Orson Russell
3518    Cora Russell
3519    Anna Russell
351(10) Annette Russell
351(11) Georgia Russell
351(12) Ferris Russell

In the 1850 U. S. census in Hamden, Delaware Co., NY not too far from both sets 
of parents at HH 1791-1791, are listed:
WILLIAM RUSSELL, JR. 30 farmer born New York
WILLIAM H. RUSSELL 2 born New York

8October1853 Delaware Co. NY Dd Bk43:16:
Ann E. Gould, Executrix and Sherwood D. Gould, Executor of the Last Will and 
Testament of Herman D. Gould, parties of the first part, sold to William T. 
Russell of the town of Hamden Delaware Co. NY, party of the first part,* the 
SE1/2 of lot 42 Great Lot 2 in Bedlignton Patent beginning at southwest corner 
of said lot and stake and stone N 59degrees 30 minutes E 37 chains two links to 
the southeast corner of said lot a large Beech tree marked and numbered  Thence 
North 30 degrees 30 minutes West 26 chains to the middle of said lot a stake and 
stone thence South 59 degrees 30 minutes West 37 chains 25 links through the 
middle of said lot to a stake and stone thence 30 degrees 30 minutes East 26 
chains to he place of beginning containing 102 acres.  
*Neglected to record price. cjmc

2May1854 Delaware Co. NY Dd Bk 44:170:
Ann E. Gould, Executrix and  Sherwood D. Gould, Executor of the Last Will and 
Testament of Herman  D. Gould parties of the first part, sold to  William T. 
Russell of the Town of Hamden, party of the first part, for $325.00 the NE1/2 of 
the SE1/4 in Great Lot #2 Bedlington or Leake Patent lying in the town of 
Hamden  Delaware co. NY formerly occupied b Asicheael [?] Olerland [?] 
and late by Martin Olive, containing 53 7/10 acres.  The Goulds appeared and 
swore that  they signed the above deed.  Recorded 3May1854.

In the 1855 New York state census, Delaware Co., NY, we find:
WILLIAM RUSSELL 35 born Delaware Co., NY 13 yrs. in county farmer
ANGELINE RUSSELL* 25 born Delaware Co.,18 yrs. in county
WILLIAM H. RUSSELL 6 yrs. child
ISAAC A. RUSSELL 4 yrs. child
HULDAH RUSSELL 3 yrs. child

(I do not understand only thirteen and eighteen years in county when they were 
born there?)

*Angeline (Swart) Russell's brother William Swart is enumerated at #1758-

30March1858 Delaware Co. NY Dd Bk51:1:
William T. Russell and wife Catharine Russell of Hamden, Delaware Co., NY sold 
to William Yeomans Jr. of Delhi, Delaware Co. NY for $1,000 the property which 
they purchased of the Goulds in 1853 and 1854.  
Note: Did not find any more deeds for William T. Russell.  Cannot remember if we 
checked all the William Russells.

1860 U. S. Delaware Co. Census HH#1286/1371
WILLIAM RUSSELL, JR. 40 farmer born New York
CATHERINE A. RUSSELL 24 yrs. born New York 
WILLIAM RUSSELL 67 yrs. born Scotland
BETSY RUSSELL 49 yrs. born New York*
GEORGE RUSSELL 12 yrs. born New York*
HENRY RUSSELL 9 yrs. born New York*

Query: Should this have been Roxy or Roxa and George is their son and is this 
the George Russell on the 1850 census with the name which was illegible?   

1870 U. S. Census, Colchester, Delaware Co., NY#392/419*
WILLIAM RUSSELL farmer 54 b NY parents of foreign birth 1800/1500 
JULIA RUSSELL 33 yrs. born NY [I didn't transcribe parents, I guess. cjmc])
ANNA RUSSELL 4/12ths born February

*First cousins Stephen and Robert Russell, sons of Matthew Russell are 
enumerated at 391/418 and Uncle Matthew Russell is enumerated with his son 
Matthew Russell Jr. at 393/420 and Matthew's other son John Russell is 
enumerated at 394/421.  

1880 U. S. Census, Delaware Co., NY HH#210-241:
WILLIAM T. RUSSELL 49 yrs. farmer born N.Y. and now listed parents born New York 
which we know is incorrect and he also has lost some years off of his age.
FERRIS RUSSELL 9/12 b. October and named after his half sister Huldah's 
KNAPP, JANE 65 NY parents NY
*Sister Anna Russell, 10 yrs. is living with brother Isaac supra

"Obituary - William T. Russell.  William T. Russell died at the home of his 
daughter, Mrs. Joseph Rothensies Sunday, November 27, aged 84. Mr. Russell was 
taken ill a week before his death with erysipelas.  Up to that time he had been 
remarkably active for a man of his years.  Funeral services conducted by Rev. G. 
W. Nims were held from the Rothensies residence Tuesday afternoon.
  Mr. Russell was a native of Bovina and spent all his life in Delaware County.  
He was married three times.  He is survived by ten children.  By the first 
marriage, Harvey of Binghamton; Huldah, Mrs. Ferris Terry of Walton and Isaac of 
Trout Creek.  Two of the children by his second wife survive him, Tillie, Mrs. 
Joseph Rothensies of Walton and Charles of Allegheny, Pa.  A daughter, Mrs. 
David Rothensies died last year.

Six children of the last marriage are living, Cora, Mrs. Wm. Stewart of 
Johnston, N. Y.; Anna, Mrs. John Phelps of Buffalo, N. Y.; Orson and Ferris of 
Downsville; Nettie, Mrs. George Meritt of Downsville and Georgia, Mrs. Charles 
Gladstone of Shavertown.  Also four brothers, Stephen and John of Meredith; 
James of Franklin, and Matthew of Deposit.  Two sisters, Mrs. Margaret Russell 
of Rockland and Mrs. Fannie Ingraham of Cortland."

[Ida Hanna sent me a copy of this obituary which she has dated 1906 but 
tombstone has 1905.  Need to find original obituary to check the date. cjmc]

Ida Hanna sent me the copy of her grandmother's obituary from the local paper of 
Downsville, Delaware Co., NY (not dated) but Ida has written "1925."

"Mrs. Julia Bresee Passes Away.  Mrs. Julia Bresee, who for a few weeks has 
been in declining health, died early Monday morning, March 9, at about 12:20 at 
the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. R. Gladstone, from old age and a general 
breaking down.  She was about 85 years of age, and besides several years spent 
at Hartwick, had been a resident of this town many years.  She was thrice 
married.  By her first husband, she leaves one son, William Bresee of 
Binghamton, and by her second husband six children, as follows,  Mrs. Anna 
Phillips of Omaha, Nebraska,  Mrs. Cora Stewart of Johnsons, N. Y., Mrs. George 
J. Merritt, Mrs. C. R. Gladstone, Orson Russell and Ferris Russell of this 
village.  Funeral services were held Wednesday, from the home, Rev. William 
Tatlock, pastor of the Presbyterian church, officiating,  Interment at Hartwick, 
where her last husband is buried.  Deceased was a highly esteemed and respected 
resident, and many friends living in distant places who knew her well years ago 
as well as those nearer her home, will learn of her demise with deep regret.  

Deceased was a member of the Presbyterian church of this village."

3511 WILLIAM HARVEY RUSSELL b ca 1848 m VIOLA HARTWELL and had two sons and one 
daughter. (IH)

3512 ISAAC A. RUSSELL b ca 1851 NY d 12Feb1914 below Delhi NY m ELLA/ELLEN 
BARNHART b ca 1850(c) d 30Mar1912 and both buried Middlefield NY.(IH) possibly 
daughter of ELIZABETH [ ] and GEORGE W. BARNHART who has a daughter Ellen 12 b 
NY enumerated with them on the 1860 census in Colchester Delaware Co. NY   

Their children:
35121 Adaline or Minnie R. Russell

1880 census, Delaware Co., NY Town of Hamden HH#21-22
ISAAC RUSSELL 29 farmer born New York as were parents
ELLEN RUSSELL 30 kh born NY as were parents
MINNIE R. RUSSELL 2 dau. b. NY as were parents
ANNA M. RUSSELL  10 yrs. sister b. NY as were parents.

The obituary of ISAAC A. RUSSELL which I found in the scrapbook of my paternal 
grandmother Lida Scott (Terry) McCune, his niece, is not dated but reads: :  
"Isaac A. Russell died Thursday night, February 12, at his home on the D. 
W. Rothensies Farm, below Delhi, after a short illness.  He was 61 years of age. 
Mr. Russell was a son of William T. Russell, who died in Walton about ten years 
ago.  Much of his early life was spent with his uncle, Dumond Swart, on a farm 
in McGibbon Hollow, East Brook.  For the past five years he was a resident of 
Middlefield,  Otsego County, coming to Delhi last fall to take charge of the 
Rothensies farm as superintendent. (Paragraph) His wife, who before her marriage 
was Miss Ella Barnhart, died two years ago.  One daughter, Adaline Ingles, 
survives him.  Mrs. J. Rothensies of Walton is a half sister.  The funeral was 
held at the house Monday afternoon at two o'clock.  Paragraph Mr. Russell in 
early life united with the Baptist church of which he was always a devoted 
member. He was a man highly esteemed in the community."

35121 ADALINE or MINNIE RUSSELL b ca 1878 d 22Mar1899 Lucoma NY bur Trout Creek 

3513 HULDAH RUSSELL b 6Oct1852 Hamden Delaware Co. NY d 18Sept1906 Walton 
Delaware Co. NY on 7June1871 m JACOB FERRIS TERRY  b 1Mar1833 d 14Feb1909  s/o 
ABIGAIL SIGNOR  and  SAMUEL TERRY [These are your compiler's great grandparents.   
Their children:
35131 Augustus Terry
35132 Lida Scott Terry
35133 William Terry


35132 LIDA SCOTT TERRY b 3May1875 Hamden Delaware Co. NY d 16Jan1957 Livingston 
Manor Sullivan Co. on 25Oct1894 m JOHN BARTON McCUNE b 14Dec1875 Bovina Delaware 
Co. NY d 6June1954 Livingston Manor Sullivan Co. NY s/o MARGARET LAMONT and 

Their children:
351321 Stanley Brittain McCune
351322 Harry Augustus McCune
351323 Mildred Shirley McCune
351324 Frances Virginia McCune

3514 ANGELINA MATILDA (TILDA) RUSSELL b 9Nov1859 Town of Hamden d 11Feb1944 
Binghamton, New York buried in Walton Town and Village Cemetery, Delaware Co., 
NY Section 076 grave 03 ca 1879 m JOSEPH ROTHENSIES  b 8Jan1848 Germany d 
30Jan1918 Walton Delaware Co. NY buried Walton Town and Village Cemetery Section 
976 grave 04. 

Their children:
35141David Rothensies
35142 Aaron Rothensies
35143 Joseph David Rothensies

U. S. 1880 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY [from Delaware Co. NY website]
Joe Rothensies 33
Matilda Rothesies 23
David Rothensies 2
Aaron Rothesies 4/12

35141 DAVID ROTHENSIES b 23Jan1880 Downsville Delaware Co. NY m (1) LOUISE 

35142 ARON ROTHENSIES b 1880 d at thirteen years of age. 
[Copy of obituary furnished by Ida Hanna but not dated. cjmc]
"A Sad Affliction.  We are sure that the sympathy of this entire community 
goes out to the family of Joseph Rothensies in their terrible bereavement, in 
the death of their little son, Aron Rothensies, who died of cerebral hemorrhage 
and convulsions on Monday, aged about thirteen years.  He went to bed Sunday 
evening in good health, and at 12 o'clock Monday night death had claimed the 
once bright, joyous, companionable boy.  All that medical skill could do was of 
no avail; parental love and affection could not ward off the coming blow.  The 
once happy home, made brighter by his presence and companionship, is now 
shadowed in gloom.  The funeral will be held today at 2'clock p.m. from the 
Congregational church."

35143 JOSEPH DAVID ROTHENSIES b 1916 and last Ida knew he was living in 
Rochester, NY.

3515 IDA JEANETTE RUSSELL b ca 1860 Hamden Delaware Co. NY d 17July1903 
(obituary) Walton Delaware Co. NY   in Sept1880 m DAVID ROTHENSIES b February 
1839 Zwingenberg Germany s/o ANNA BLUMENTHAL and LEVI ROTHENSIES 
 Their children:                          
35151 Leo David Rothensies
35152 Charles Rothensies
35153 Walter Rothensies
Obituary from newspaper given to me by Ida Hanna: "Mrs. David Rothensies 
died at her home on Platt street, Walton, July 17, 1903 of pleuro-pneumonia in 
the 43rd year of her age.  She had not been feeling as well as usual for several 
weeks but had been about her household duties until the Saturday before her 
death, when she was taken ill with pleurisy.  Her condition was not such as to 
cause serious alarm for a few days, but on Thursday pneumonia developed, she 
grew rapidly worse and a counsel of doctors was called.
  Everything that could be done to relieve her sufferings and prolong the life 
so dear to them all, was done by her heart-broken family and friends who watched 
over her all that night, hoping against hope that she might be spared to them.  
But medical skill and loving care proved fruitless.  Death came Friday morning 
about 10 o'clock. 
  Mrs. Rothensies was a native of Hamden and her maiden name was Ida Jeanette 
Russell.  She was a daughter of William Russell.  In September, 1880, she 
married David Rothensies.  They lived for a number of years in Downsville, 
removing from there to Middletown, where they resided two years.  Eleven years 
ago they came to Walton where they have since lived.  The deceased has one 
sister, Mrs. Joseph Rothensies of Walton, and one brother, Charles, living at 
Caneadea, N. Y.  Her half brothers and sisters are Mrs. Ferris Terry of Walton, 
Isaac Russell of Trout Creek, Mrs. 
William Stewart of Middletown, Orson Russell of Downsville, Mrs. George Merritt 
of Brooklyn, Mrs. Charles Gladstone of Shavertown, Mrs. John Phillips of Oneida, 
Ferris Russell of Chester, and Harvey, living near Binghamton.        Of this 
large family, she is the first to be called away by death.  Her father, too, is 
still living and resides in Walton at the home of Joseph Rothensies.
     Mrs. Rothensies was in every way a beautiful character, and was beloved by 
a large circle of relatives and friends.  Her gentle presence will be missed by 
all who knew her, but especially by her husband and three young sons, Leo, aged 
16, Charles aged 12 and Walter, aged 8 years, to whom she was a devoted and 
model wife and mother.
     Rev. G. W. Nims conducted the funeral service at the house Sunday 
afternoon.  It was largely attended.  Many beautiful floral tributes were 
brought among them being three floral pillows, also a wreath sent by friends in 
New York.  The interment was in the Walton cemetery."

Walton Reporter 1912 Front page Col. 6



  The grand jury at Syracuse last week failed to find an indictment against 
David W. Rothensies.  Mr. Rothesnsies was charged with having sold $100,000 
worth of stock in a manufacturing concern in which he is interested for $10,000,  
when it was claimed the actual value was known by him to be only about one tenth 
of that amount.
  His prosecutors made him considerable trouble, but he maintained from the 
first that it was an attempt to injure him and get control of the business in 
which he is largely interested, and fought ever step of the proceedings.  He 
brought counter-charges against his prosecutors, but after having done him all 
the harm they could, they discreetly remained out of the state.  
  The company, which has a patent for manufacturing paint from smoke, is located 
at Cortland, where they purchased the plant of the Cortland Wagon Works, paying 
$75,000 for it.  The litigation was a bad blow to the business which was just 
getting started.
  Mr. Rothensies has sold the Meeker farm below Delhi to Archibald Dodds, a 
former Colchester man, who later moved to Delhi and until recently has held a 
government position in New York city.  Mr. Dodds is given immediate possession.
  Mr. Rothensies has paid up all the claims for labor, supplies, etc. filed 
against him at Delhi when the litigation ws started."

[Copy of obituary also sent by Ida Hanna but not dated. cjmc]
"Mr. David Rothensies died Monday night, May 19th, aged 75 years.  Mr. 
Rothensies had been in ill health some time, but was around town Saturday.  
During the night he suffered a stroke of apoplexy.  Sunday afternoon he lapsed 
in unconsciousness and the end came Monday night.
  Mr. Rothensies was born in Zwingenberg, Germany and came to America in 1854.  
He conducted a large store at Downsville for a number of years and later a cigar 
factory.  He was postmaster there under Cleveland's administration.  About 
twenty years ago he removed to Walton, where he was in the cigar business until 
he retired.  His wife died ten years ago, after which he gave up active 
  The funeral service was held Thursday afternoon a 2 o'clock at the home of his 
brother Joseph Rothensies, Rev. I. M. Foster officiating.  Burial in the Walton 
cemetery.  Mr. Rothensies is survived by three sons, Leo of Wilmington, Del., 
Charles at home, and Walter, a student in Hamilton College, at Clinton, N. Y.; 
also by two brothers, Joseph of Walton, and Aaron, who lives near Frankfort, 
Germany.  Mr. Rothensies was a man of a gentle and kindly nature.  He was deeply 
attached to those nearest him, and his quiet and genuine interest in the welfare 
of all his townsmen will be long remembered by them.  He has  left a pleasant 
memory with many."

U. S. 1900 Census Town of Walton Delaware Co. NY
David Rothensies 1839 Feb Germany 61 married 19 years
Ida Rothensies 1861 March NY 39 married 19 years
Leo D. Rothensies 1887 Mar NY 13
Charles N. Rothensies 1890 Dec 9
Walter J. Rothensies 1895 Feb 5

35151 LEO DAVID ROTHENSIES b ca 1887 NY m MARY SLOANAKER at Reading, Pa.
Their daughter:
351511 JEANETTE ROTHENSIES  b 19May1916 at Wilmington, Delaware

35152 CHARLES NATHAN ROTHENSIES b 18Dec1891on 14Dec1916 Delaware Co. NY  m 
His son:
351521 ROBERT C. ROTHENSIES b 23July1917 Indianapolis  IN d 19Aug1943 Sidney NY 

35153  WALTER ROTHENSIES never married.  Ida says that Charles and Walter are 
dead and she doesn't know about Leo.

3516 CHARLES MARSHALL RUSSELL b Town of Walton and d Toledo, Ohio
Their known child:         
35161 GRACHA RUSSELL and Ida doubts if this is the correct spelling.

3517 ORSON E. RUSSELL b 31Mar1866 d 1941 bur Walton NY on 21June1894 m JOSEPHINE 
PANGBURN. b 2Mar1873 d 18Oct1941 at Schnecatady, NY d/o STEPHEN PANGBURN 
Their children:
35172 Julia Russell
35173 Pauline Russell


26June1894 Downsville News Tuesday - Orson E. Russell and Josephine Pangburn 
married at Methodist Episcopalian  Parsonage on Thursday June 21st 1894 by 
Reverend J. S. Graham.

Great Nephew Merritt Russell wrote about his great uncle: "I do not recall 
much first hand about my grandfather's brother but learned a few 'stories' about 
him from his daughter Pauline.
  Orson was a kind, gentle and generous man - never violent in his family 
discipline. Once Pauline took some money (small change) without asking.  
However, Orson only sat her down and talked to her and made her feel very bad.  
Orson would give Pauline money, often a quarter or two, when they attended the 
local fair or holiday parades.  Other children would have only pennies, or no 
money at all, and Pauline would share her quarter with these children."

35171 JULIA ANNETTE  RUSSELL b 15Dec1900 Downsville Delaware Co.  NY d 
31July1954 at Soctia NY 8 March 1919 [date of filing] married CLIFFORD SIGNOR b 

35172 PAULINE RUSSELL b 29Apr1904 Downsville Delaware Co. NY d 1997 married (1) 
PERCY MARSHALL b 29Oct1891 Taunton MA  (2)STEPHEN PRICE  (3) ? and (4) 
HAROLD EVANS .  No children.
Merritt Russell wrote about Pauline: "Pauline was born and brought up in 
Downsville, NY just outside of town, up Telford Hollow.  Her father, Orson 
(brother to my grandfather) owned a small farm at that location.  She died in 
1997 at the age of 93 years of age.
  Pauline graduated from Downsville Central School when she was 15 as one of 
that institutions youngest graduates.  She worked locally for one year since no 
college would take her being so young.  She then attended Eastman Bsiness School 
in Poughkeepsie NY.  She worked for different banks in New York State and later 
moved to Florida where she continued to work in banking.  The bank was located 
across from the 'stock mrket' which she visited every noon during her lunch 
break.  This 'hobby' of buying and selling stock continued until she died..
  As a youngster she and my dad would play a lot together. They would go 
'fishing' and at times would 'finger' trout (catching trout by using their 
hands) under the banks along the small stream located near their home."

3518 CORA RUSSELL b 1Mar1868 d 26Aug1928 m WILLIAM STEWART b 16Sept1857 d 

3519 ANNA RUSSELL b June1870 d 28Nov1936 buried Omaha, Neb. m JOHN B. PHILIP

Their children:
35192 EDNA PHILIP m (1) ROY GREER  Omaha, NE M (2) WAYNE MUNN and they had one 
child who died young.
Their children:

351(10) ANNETTE RUSSELL b 9Jan1873 d 22Apr1966 in Downsville, Delaware Co. NY m 
GEORGE J. MERRITT s/o HARRIETT [ ] and JOHN MERRITT.   No children. 

351(11)1 MINA V. GLADSTONE b 17Oct1893 Downsville, NY d 12May1985 Delaware Co. 
NY on 22Oct1912 in New York City NY m WALLACE ROWE b 25Sept1888 Downsville NY d 
14May1958 Walton NY s/o MARY and GEORGE ROWE 
Their children:
351(11)11 Jack Gladstone Rowe
351(11)12 Janet Marea Rowe
351(11)13 Robert Charles Rowe
351(11)14 Ruth Rowe

351(11)11  JACK GLADSTONE ROWE b 19Nov1913 Downsville NY  Never married

351(11)12 JANET MAREA ROWE b 30Apr1917 Downsville NY m (1) WILLIAM J. MACY b 
22Jan1915 at New Haven, Conn.  Married (2) WALER R. EADEE b 3Apr1915 Equinunk 
Pa.  No children by second marriage.
Their children:
351(11)121 WILLIAM J. MACY, JR. b 7Oct1942 Cobleskill NY m. (1) CONSTANCE SIGNOR 
Walton Delaware Co. NY.  Married (2) JEAN DAVID and no children by second 

351(11)2 IDA GLADSTONE b 2July1896 Downsville, NY d 28Mar1994 Delhi Delaware Co. 
NY bur Paige Cemetery Downsville NY G on 6May1922 at Downsville NY m EARL G. 
HANNA b 31Dec1887 Brooklyn NY d 4Sept1959 s/o NELLIE [ ] and JOHN T. HANNA 
Their son:
351(11)21 Stuart Gladstone Hanna

Funeral services were held on Thursday, 31 March 1994 at ten a.m. at the 
Colchester Community Church, Downsville NY.  Officiating was Rev. Solomon E. 

351(12) FERRIS TAYLOR RUSSELL b 6Oct1879 Colchester NY  d 13Oct1953 on 3Dec1901 
Their son:
351(12)1 William Lockhart Russell
351(12)2 Virginia Russell

Grandson Merritt Russell shares his memories of his grandparents. 


My memories of grandpa are that he was a 'great' pinochle player.  His 
occupations were several during his lifetime.  He was the first manager of the 
Downsville Victory Market Store #90 during the depression.  He was a 
manager at the local creamery and in his later years, was a bartender at the 
Eagle Hotel in Downsville.  He was an avid hunter and fisherman.

My Dad recorded several interesting hunting stories.  When Ferris went hunting, 
he would take a sugar sack and collected chestnuts which were stored in a bushel 
basket in the attic for years.  Grandpa hunted small game such as rabbits and 
partridges.  He taught Dad to make a mating call sound for partridge by patting 
his chest.  He had a rabbit dog called 'Sport' which was one of the best hunting 
dogs in the area.  Grandpa had a ferret which he used to take hunting with him.  
He carried this animal in sack so it wouldn't bite him.  He would let the ferret 
chase the rabbit out of its underground hole.  Grandpa took Dad hunting with him 
at an early age - Dad told me that Grandpa would carry him a lot up and down the 
hills because of his bad leg.

My Dad said that Grandpa summed up the political two party system as follows: 
'If you have to work for a living, be a Democrat.  If you have money, be a 

Grandpa taught my Dad everything about trout fishing as he was one of the best 
in the area.  The limit back in the 'old days' was 40 trout and later it was 
changed to 20."    


  Grandma was home most of the time and since Mom drove Dad around during the 
day in his work, Grandma was responsible for my brother and me during the day.  
She did a lot of baking for local restaurants and made wonderful molasses 
cookies which I just loved - they were so soft and delicious!  I used to like to 
eat the cookie batter before it was made into cookies.  Sometimes when she would 
go downtown, when we boys were younger, she would tie us up to a tree in our 
backyard - I (Merritt) can remember getting loose one day and wandering all the 
way down to the old fire house (actually it was only around the corner and down 
the main street a short distance.)  My rear end got 'blistered' that day for 
  She also cleaned house and 'babysat' for the Johnsons - family up the street 
on the corner - until she died.
  She also loved to play pinochle.  We played several nights a week at home with 
our own family and she belonged to several card clubs.  She played cards right 
up to the time she died.  Matter of fact, during the last card game she ever 
played, she had a heart attack and would not stop playing cards until she 
finished playing the 'hand' she was dealt.  They persuaded her to lay down on a 
couch at which time she said 'I think I'm dying' and then went into a coma.  
Three days later she died at age 89, in Walton Hospital.
  My brother, Lockhart, was very close to Grandma and sat many hours talking to 

351(12)1 WILLIAM LOCKHART RUSSELL b 14Oct1904 d 23Jan1994 m FLORENCE ALDRICH b 
5Aug1904 Meridale NY d 6Jan1964 
Their children:
351(12)11 Lockhart M. Russell
351(12)12 Merritt A. Russell

Son Merritt A. Russell shared his recollections of his parents 


  Dad loved his sports, having played baseball, basketball and football while in 
high school at a private school (Hoosic in Connecticut).  Later he continued 
baseball which he loved most.  In adult life he played town team baseball and 
then coached both Little League and town team ball.
  When Dad was a young boy he broke his leg in wagon wheel accident.  A local 
doctor set it but didn't do a very good job and he ended up with a 'club' foot 
and had to wear a leg brace for awhile.
  A wealthy lady named Miss Gerry, found out about him through the Episcopal 
Church - came to Downsville to his parents' house to offer her help in getting 
Dad's le better.  She said that she would send him to New York City for an 
operation that would restore the use of his leg - send him to school there and 
to a private school (Hoosic.)  She also sent him to Pratt Institute, an art 
school in N. Y. C.  At the age of 21, she wanted to send him to a Texas Art 
School but he refused - had a 'falling out' with Miss Gerry and came home to 
  While at Hoosic School in Connecticut, he played baseball and football. The 
football coach saw Dad throwing a football on the sidelines at practice.  Dad 
was throwing the ball further than anyone else so he 'drafted' him to play on 
the team.  Dad ended up playing quarterback and in 1923, the team had a perfect 
season winning all their games - Dad was given a small 'gold' inscribed football 
which my brother has now.  In baseball, at Hoosic, he pitched a no-hit, no-run 
game.  He was a 'fierce' competitor and hated to loose.

  My Mom and Dad never owned their own home.  They lived with Dad's parents 
Ferris and Martha Russell on Union Street in Downsville.  They did buy a 'lot' 
on the 'Neff' hillside just below Downsville but never built a home there.  My 
Dad was an avid hunter fisherman and took me (Merritt) with him many times.  I 
went fishing the most with Dad although I hated the 'bugs' - I loaded myself up 
with bug repellant and still got bit!  We went fishing a lot at night which I 
didn't like all that well since I was afraid I would fall in, although we fished 
mainly by the small brooks around Downsville.  He caught a 'trophy' size brown 
trout in the Old Mill Dam Pond, just above the bridge downtown.  It was at night 
and took him over minutes to land it.  It is mounted and is still in our family.
  In the Depression, Mom and Dad went across the country to Oregon to find a job 
WORKING in a post office.  That did not work out very well and they came home 
during the winter driving a car.  I can remember Dad saying at tiems he had to 
melt holes in the ice on the window so Mom could see where she was 


Mom was loved by everyone.  She was active in the Presbyterian Church in 
Downsville - loved to sing in the choir (she had a wonderful alto voice just 
like her mother Lulu.)  She ran for town tax collector as a Democrat in a 
heavily Republican area and won several times.  She drove my Dad around in his 
job as federal income tax collector because he could not drive.  Her first job 
was as a bank teller in the Hancock  First National Bank after she graduated 
from Walton High School and then Ridley-Lowell Business School in Binghamton.  
Later on in life she worked in the Walton Bank as a teller until she died.  
  She loved flowers, especially African Violets, and worked in our small 
backyard garden.  She loved colorful costume jewelry and clothes.  Mom and Dad 
loved horse racing and attended the races in Monticello.  She was allergic to 
insect bites - I remember one time she got a bumblebee sting on her leg and it 
swelled up quite a bit.
  Mom died from cancer when she was 59 in Walton Hospital with Dad at her side. 
Dad had to ask for her wedding ring back after it was taken from her hand by 
someone attending her body right after she died. 

Note by cjmc: Merritt has been of invaluable help to me in compiling our 
Russells in Delaware Co. NY.  He has visited the cemeteries where our Russell 
ancestors are buried and photographed their gravesites.  Merritt is the person 
who has done our title pages in his Spencerian Script. cjcm.

351(12)2 VIRGINIA RUSSELL b 7July1910 Downsville NY d Portland Ore m ARTHUR 

352 JEANETTE RUSSELL b ca 1819/20 (1850 census) prob Delaware Co. NY m JAMES 

U. S. 1850 Census Middletown Delaware Co. NY Page 452 HH#2158/6:
James Weaver          36   NY   carpenter
Janet Weaver           30   NY
Emeline Weaver      14   NY
Ransom Weaver       11   NY  (male)
U. S. 1860 Census Middletown Delaware Co. NY HH# 186/186:
James Weaver 46 farmer 1400 NY
Jannit Weaver 42 NY
Ransom Weaver  21 NY
James F. Weaver 6 NY
enumerated with servants and merchants probably boarders.

353 NANCY RUSSELL b ca 1823 prob Delaware Co. MI m JEREMIAH SLITER

U. S. 1850 census Middletown Delaware Co. NY  Page 453 HH#2165/68
Jeremiah Sliter     30   NY   laborer
Nancy Sliter        27   NY
George Sliter        3   NY
Charles H. Sliter    1   NY
John Sliter         26   NY

354 MARY ANN RUSSELL b May1825 Platskill  Delaware Co. NY d 20July1896 Cortland 
NY of Bright's Disease buried Marathon NY [death certificate #543 of 1896] 
m (1) DAVID BROUGHTON; m (2) ORREN/ORIN REED b 15Oct1834 killed in action during 
Civil War 31Mar1865 s/o EUNICE DeLONG and OLIVER REED
Their children:
3541 Melvin Reed
3542 Clara Reed
3543 Sherman Reed

SMITH W. REED, M.D., is among the best-known residents of the village of 
Margarettville, in the town of Middletown, where he has for many years pursued 
his profession, alike with profit to himself and benefit to others. His 
grandfather, William Reed, came from New England, and settled in Pleasant 
Valley, Dutchess County, where he bought a farm, upon which he worked as a 
pioneer. He served in the War of 1812, was a Democrat in politics, and lived to 
be eighty-five. His eight children were Oliver, William, Amos, Aaron, Ebenezer, 
Henry, Lydia, and Esther Reed. 
Oliver Reed, William's eldest son, was born in New London, Conn. He came early 
to Delaware County, and hired a farm in Roxbury, where he married Eunice Dulong, 
daughter of John Dulong, a Delaware County farmer, who lived till the latter 
part of the nineteenth century. During the War of 1812 Oliver Reed did military 
duty for three months at Sackett's Harbor. Later he removed to Cortland County, 
where he died at the age of eighty-four, his wife living to be three years 
older. Both were members of the Presbyterian church. He was at first a Democrat, 
but later became a Republican. They had a large family of thirteen children, ten 
living to maturity. Esther Reed married a farmer named Abram Blumberg, and had 
four children. William Reed died in our Civil War, fighting bravely in the One 
Hundred and Sixty-fifth New York Regiment of Volunteers. John Dulong Reed lives 
with his family in Michigan. Aaron D. Reed became a physician, married Marian 
Hubbell, and died in Cortland County, New York, leaving two children. Lydia Reed 
married Peter Baljea, lives in Cortland County, and has two children. Phebe Reed 
is the wife of Loren Cole, a Michigan farmer. Dr. S. W. Reed is the subject of 
this sketch. Polly Reed is married to Chapman Grinnell, a Tompkins County 
farmer. Orin C. Reed married Mary Ann Russell, and was killed in the Rebellion 
of 1861-65, leaving one child. Sherman S. Reed married Miss Fanny Pierce, and 
lives in Tioga County. 
Smith W. Reed was born in Roxbury, June 21, 1830. He was educated in the Roxbury 
common schools, and in the Delaware Institute at Franklin. In the fall of 1850, 
when twenty years of age, he came to Margarettville, in order to study medicine 
with his elder brother Aaron, and subsequently received a diploma at the Vermont 
Medical College in 1854. After practising in the same town with his brother for 
a year, the young man went to the town of Liberty in Sullivan County, but did 
not stay there long, for he found a stronger attraction in his old field, where 
he was already so well and kindly known; and there he has ever since remained, 
having the largest practice in the neighborhood. In 1890 he opened a drug store, 
one on the finest business places in the village; and in 1867 he built a very 
large house on Walnut Street, where he has since resided. In fact, he built this 
residence in consequence of his marriage, which had taken place in 1865. The 
bride was Harriett A. Dumond; but, she dying at the early age of nineteen, the 
Doctor was again married, the bride being Frances A. Dumond, an aunt of his 
first wife, and the daughter of Cornelius and Sylvia (Wood) Dumond. Of this 
union have come four children, namely: Harriet Amanda Reed, who died young; 
Randolph R. Reed, Emma Dumond Reed, and Smith W. Reed, Jr., who are all at home. 
The doctor is a Democrat, and has thirteen times filled the office of Supervisor 
of the town. 
The present Mrs. Reed was born December 8, 1846. Her grandfather was Egnos 
Dumond; and from him the genealogy runs back lineally through Peter, Egnos, and 
John, to Waldron Dumond, a native of France, who was exiled in the religious 
troubles, and married his wife in Holland. At first the name was spelled de 
Mont, then Du Mond, and finally Dumond. Waldron Dumond settled on Long Island as 
a farmer. His first appearance in the records was on March 28, 1660, as a 
soldier in Netherlandish service, in the company of his noble honor, the 
Director- General, Peter Stuyvesant, then stationed at Esopus (Kingston), N.Y. 
Waldron was one of the Military Council, December 1, 1663. On January 13, 1664, 
he married Margaret Hendrix, widow of Arentsen Hendrix. His son John married 
Nelltye Van Vegden. Egnos, son of John, married November 13, 1725, Catherine 
Schuyler, daughter of David Schuyler and Eliza Rutgers. David Schuyler was Mayor 
of Albany in 1706 and 1707. His son, Peter, born about 1730, married Elsie Van 
Waggenen. Their son, Egnos Dumond, was born in Shandaken village, and married 
Harriett Winnie. Their children were William, Egnos, James, Cornelius, 
Christian, Abraham, Harriet, Mary, Sally, and Anna. The parents were among the 
early settlers of New Kingston, Mr. Egnos Dumond receiving a tract of land in 
recompense for his Kingston house burned during the Revolution, in which he 
patriotically fought. Both he and he his wife lived to a good old age in 
Middletown, and belonged to the Dutch Reformed Church. 
Cornelius Dumond was born in Shandaken, came with his father Egnos to Delaware 
County, and settled in New Kingston, where he bought a new farm of three hundred 
acres. His first wife was born in New Kingston. Her name was Mary Yaple, and she 
bore eight children: Harriet, Jane, John Yaple, Catherine, Mary, Phebe, 
Prudence, and Minerva Dumond. After her death, in middle life, he was again 
married to Sylvia Wood, daughter of Christian Wood, by whom he had one child, 
Frances A. Dumond, who became, as mentioned above, the second wife of Dr. Reed. 
Mr. Dumond continued nearly all his life on the farm now owned by John T. 
Archibald. He built first a log cabin, and then a frame house in place of the 
old building. He lived to be eighty-two, but his wife died ten years younger. In 
politics he was a Democrat, and both husband and wife were Presbyterians. Among 
their children still living are Jane, Mary, Catherine, and Prudence. Harriett 
Dumond married W. Sanford, and, dying, left five children. Jane Dumond married 
William Reynolds, and had ten children. John Yaple Dumond married Priscilla 
Hilton, and had six children. Catherine Dumond married Cornelius Vansiclen, and 
had nine children. Mary Dumond married William Palmateer, and had ten children. 
Phebe Dumond married Caleb Travis, and had three children. Prudence Dumond 
married Charles Macomber, and had ten children. Minerva Dumond married Peter F. 
Swart, and had six children. Both Doctor and Mrs. Reed have reason to be proud 
of their progenitors. The great English physician, Sir Benjamin Brodie, has well 
said, and it is a sentiment embodied in such lives as are commemorated in this 
sketch: - 
"Nothing in this world is so good as usefulness. It binds your fellow- 
creatures to you, and you to them; it tends to the improvement of your own 
character, and it gives you a real importance in society, much beyond what any 
artificial station can bestow." 
U. S. 1850 census Roxbury Delaware Co. NY page 405 HH#1463:
Orrin Reed 15 b NY is numerated with the family of James R. Hull 58 farmer 2000 
b Conn, Phebe Hull 60 b NY, Emily Hull 19 b NY. 

Enlisted 1Sept1864 Armory Co. G 185 Reg. N. Y. Vol. at thirty years old.  
Wounded at Hatches Run VA Died at City Point VA.

3541 MELVIN REED b ca 1853 Cortland (?) NY d 23Jan1926 Cortland NY on 
Their children:
35411 Sherman A. Reed
35412 Bessie Reed

35411 SHERMAN A. REED b 15Dec1895 Marathon Cortland Co. NY d 20Jan1919 Cortland 
Co. NY in 1915 m IDA J. BROW d 1982 CA
Their daughter:
354111 Doris Elisabeth Reed
354111 DORIS ELISABETH REED b 2Nov1917 Cortland Cortland Co. NY d 3Mar1994 New 
Berlin Chenango NY on 17Nov1939 m 11111 JAMES WELLER HONEYWELL
Their son, the descendant who furnished the information on this family who is 
descended from both 3 William Russell of Chapter 1 and 1 James Russell of 
Chapter 3:

35412 BESSIE REED b 20June1882 d 1Sept1978 New Berlin NY bur Marathon NY 
Cemetery on 27Apr1903 m WILLIAM C. Van KLEEK b 26Jan1880 Auburn NY d 1962  
Cortland Co. NY bur Marathon NY cemetery s/o CARRIE BURGESS and JOHN H. Van 

3542 CLARA REED b 7July1861 d 26Feb1947 McGraw Cortland Co. NY m CHARLES B. 
Their children:
35421 Lula May Underwood
35422 Jessie Underwood

35431 Bertha Reed d 1943 married Floyd Bentley

355  DEBORAH RUSSELL b  18Feb1827 d 2Jan1895 m ELISHA FULLER
356 ISAAC RUSSELL b ca 1828 (c) prob Delaware Co. NY d Mt. Pleasant MI on 
27Feb1856 in Hamden Delaware Co. NY  m ISABELLA RUSSELL (first cousin)
Their known children from the census:
3561 Jane Russell
3562 Irene Russell
3563 Rosa or possibly Roxa Russell
3564 Elmer Russell
3565 John Russell
3566 Mary Russell

U. S. 1870 census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#371/398 page 75:  Sister 
Margaret (Russell) Russell, widow of William, is enumerated next to her brother 
Isaac Russell.
Isaac Russell 45 farming and something else which unreadable which might be 
thrashing - 4000/4000 b NY Father foreign born.
Isabella Russell 40 NY Parents foreign born.
Jane Russell 13 NY attending school
Irene Russell 11 NY attending school
Rosa or [possibly Roxa] Russell 9 NY
Elmer Russell 6 NY at home
John Russell 3 NY at home
Mary Russell 2/12 NY at home

357  STEPHEN M. RUSSELL b Oct 830 (c) prob Delaware Co. NY as of Meredith as of 
27Nov1905 d 31Jan1915 m possibly EUNICE MUNSON  

U. S. 1870 Census Meredith Delaware Co. NY HH#74/76:
Stephen Russell 40 farmer 4000/1000 NY parents of foreign birth
Eunice Russell 32 keeping house b NY*
Mary Stewart 14 at home attending school b NY
William Russell 77 farmer b Scotland parents of foreign birth
Roxy Russell 61 keeping house b Connecticut**
*Note: Next door is a Peter Munson 55 farmer b NY with a Eunice 48 b NY. 
Possibly her parents?
** Widow of William Russell?  Wish could find out more about her. Cjmc

U. S. 1900 Meredith  Delaware Co. NY page 45a HH#179-188: .
Stephen   Russell            Oct 1830   69 married 31 or 38 years b NY father 
Scotland mother NY
Eunice Russell               Mar 1838    62 married 31 or 38 years 2 children 2 
living b NY father NY mother MASS
Susan   Russell   dau             1877        22 Single born NY as were parents
358 JOHN P. RUSSELL b 2Oct1832 prob Delaware Co. NY d 23Dec1915 of Meredith 
1870 U. S. Census Meredith, Delaware Co. NY HH#136/136:
John P Russell 37 farmer $7000 $2500 NY
Mary Russell 5 NY
Margaret Russell 1 NY
Mary Stewart 62 keeping house b Scotland
Jenny Stewart 27 house keeper b NY

Query: Has Margaret Stewart died and her mother taking care of the family or did 
census taker not record Margaret's name? Cjmc
1880 Census, Meredith, Delaware Co., NY HH#185-193
JOHN RUSSELL 47 farmer b. NY Father b. Scotland Mother NY
MARY RUSSELL 39 b. NY as were parents*
MARY E. RUSSELL 15 b. NY as were parents
MARGRETT RUSSELL 11 yrs. b. NY as were parents
CHAUNCY RUSSELL 3 yrs. b. NY as were parents

Query: Is this a second marriage and Chauncy of the second marriage? Cjmc

U. S. 1900 Census Meredith Delaware Co. NY page 53A HH#325-347:
John Russell          Oct  1831  68 married 27 years born NY father Scotland 
mother New York
Mary                      Oct 1841  58  1 Child 1 child living born New York as 
were parents
Chauncey              Feb 1877   23  Single born New York as were parents.

359 MARGARET RUSSELL b 18Aug1834 prob Delaware Co. NY d 31Aug1915 on 12Oct1859 m 
her first cousin 361 WILLIAM RUSSELL b 3May1823 Colchester Delaware Co. NY d 
3Mar1869 s/o JANE possibly BLAKELY* and 36 MATTHEW RUSSELL
Their children according to family tree purchased by Merritt Russell.  For 
details see 361 William Russell below:
3591/3611 Ransom R. Russell
3592/3612 William F. Russell
3593/3613 Matthew Russell
3594/3614 Robert C. Russell

35(10) FANNY RUSSELL b ca 1836 prob Delaware Co. NY living on 27Nov1905-06, date 
of brother William Taylor Russell's death m PHILO INGRAHAM

35(11) JAMES RUSSELL  b 11Apr1837 or 1838 Delaware Co NY living 27Nov1905-06 
date of brother William Taylor Russell's death and living in Franklin Delaware 

*[On the 1850 census for Delaware Co NY in Sidney is listed a Sarah Houghtaling 
16 with a Permilen and Joshua Houghtaling and in Davenport a Sally 7 years with 
a James Houghtaling. cjmc]

From the 144th book, In War Times, James Russell was the shortest man in the 
regiment at 5ft. 5in., the book says he was 24 when he enlisted in Aug. 1862.
His muster out address in was Franklin and the above seems to confirm  that he 
lived somewhere else for a while before coming to Meredith.  From Jeremiah 

U. S.1880 Census Town of Meredith Delaware Co. NY HH#241/253
James Russell 43 farmer born NY father Scotland mother NY
Sally Russell 35 wife kpg hse NY NY NY
Alice Russell 13 daughter at school NY
William Russell 5 son 

U. S. 1900 Census Meredith Delaware Co. NY Page 41B HH#115-122.
James W. Russell born Apr. 1838  62 b NY father Scotland mother NY married six 
Henryette Russell born Sept 1836  63 married 6 years  0 children born NY as were 
William J.  Russell son     June   1874 son single born New York as were parents

35(11)2 WILLIAM J. RUSSELL b June 1874 (c).  This is the Will Russell whom 
Jeremiah Palmer referred to up on Palmer Hill in Meredith with the following 

"For a couple of family stories,  Will had  a small crusher and apple 
pressthat each fall he would set up and make cider from the apples on his farm. 
There was a one-room school house nearby and all the kids would come at least 
once or twice to see the apples being squeezed and to help themselves to fresh 
cider as he was very kind to all.  He also had a farm dog as most did but the 
dog was smarter than most, not only bringing in the cows but when all was done, 
the dog stayed in the carriage barn for the night.  At that time no one had 
electricity, so Will would ask, are you in there Shep, and a Yip would be the 
answer.  Will would then shut the door for the night."

35(12) MATTHEW RUSSELL b 14Dec1839 prob Delaware Co. NY on 29Dec1869 m AGNES 
MOLE or MALE b 26July1849 d 3Apr1918 d/o MARY SMITH and WILLIAM MOLE or MALE
 Their children: (DH)
35(12)1 Andrew W. Russell
35(12)2 Charles Russell
35(12)3 Frank E. Russell
35(12)4 William Russell
35(12)5 Clinton Russell
35(12)6 Clarence Russell
35(12)7 John E. Russell
35(12)8 Wallace Russell
35(12)9 Willis Russell

35(12)1 ANDREW W. RUSSELL b Nov1870 on 5Feb1894 m MARY ZIMMERMAN

36 MATTHEW RUSSELL b 7July1795 Loudoun Ayr Scotland possibly married JEAN/JANE 
BLAKELY* b 1793 Scotland (c) probably deceased before 1870 census when Matthew 
is living with his son Matthew Russell Jr.  
*Note: [David Hoy and Fletcher Davidson believed that this Matthew Russell was 
married to Esther (McUmber) Blackman, a widow, and Jean Blakely, and also 
attributed the children of the other Matthew Russell, son of Sarah [ ] and James 
Russell Sr., to 36 Matthew Russell. See Chapter 2.  The Bible records sent by 
descendant Linda (Russell) Lohrum, record the children of Matthew Russell and 
only indicate two marriages for him being to Elizabeth Clap and Esther (McUmber) 
Blackman.  It is possible that the wife recorded with 36 Matthew Russell is this 
Jean/Jane Blakely.  Also, believe her name was probably Jenette or Jeanette. 

Their probable children according to census:
361 William Russell 
362 Robert Russell  
363 Matthew Russell 
364 John Russell 
365 James Russell 
366 Stephen Russell b ca 1830 NY
367 Isabel Russell b ca 1832 NY
368 Betsey Russell b ca 1834 NY
369 Mary Russell b ca 1838 NY
36(10) Gerrit Russell b ca 1833 a female and may not be a child as possibly a 
wife of one of the above males.

U. S. 1810 census Delhi Delaware Co NY Listed with father at page 430.
U. S. 1820* census Middletown Delaware Co NY  Listed on same page as father 
William Russell.  Page 75.  *[Unfortunately, I overlooked running the census for 
Matthew and will do so the next time I am able to get to the Family History 
Center. cjmc]

**[I found the following Matthew Russell listed on the U. S. 1850 census whose 
age matches 36 Matthew Russell's age and the Jane could possibly be Jean Blakely 
but the children do not correspond to those children David Hoy enumerated as  
being 36 Matthew Russell's children.  Remember, David Hoy did his research not 
knowing the birth dates of Janet Pomphrey and William Russell I's children.  
Edwin Russell traced them back to Scotland and found their birth dates in the 
Ayrshire Parish Records.  36 Matthew Russell was b 7July1795.  David Hoy wrote 
that James C. Russell was b 23Jan1808 and Matthew G. Russell was born 1806 thus, 
if so,  then 36 Matthew Russell would have been eleven and thirteen years old 
when his first sons were born.  Bible records sent by Linda Lohrum of her 
ancestor Matthew Russell born 20March1774 prove that the children named by David 
Hoy were not the children of this Matthew Russell.  See Chapter 2 regarding the 
descendants of Sarah and James Russell Sr. family in Delaware Co. NY.  
21October1998.  cjmc]

1850 U. S. Census, Colchester, Delaware Co., N.Y. #1089:
MATTHEW RUSSELL 55 yrs. farmer born Scotland
JEAN/JANE RUSSELL 57 born Scotland
WILLIAM RUSSELL 27 born New York
ROBERT RUSSELL 26 born New York
MATTHEW RUSSELL 24 born New York
JOHN RUSSELL 23 born New York
JAMES RUSSELL 21 born New York
STEPHEN RUSSELL 20 born New York
ISABEL RUSSELL 18 born New York
BETSEY RUSSELL 16 born New York
MARY RUSSELL 12 born New York
GERRIT RUSSELL 17 female born New York

U. S.1860 Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH# 111/114:
Matthew Russell 65 farmer Scotland
Jane Russell 67 Scotland housekeeping
Matthew Russell Jr. 34 farmer 1200/1100 NY
Janet Russell 24 housekeeping NY
John P. Russell 32  NY farmer
Maria Francisco 16 housekeeper NY

Note:  Son William enumerated at HH#109/112 and sons Robert and Stephen at 
HH# 110/113.

Note: [There are several Russell families enumerated in Colchester, Delaware 
County, NY on the 1880 census whom I cannot positively identify. Since the names 
are so similar in the families of the sons of Janet Pomphrey and William Russell 
and they were born so close together, am just going to include them here as I 
believe they are the children of 36 Matthew Russell as enumerated on the U. S. 
1850 census Delaware Co. NY.  This has not been proven but they are a good match 
and seem to belong here.  Need to do some more research on this family when I 
have time. 20Oct1998. cjmc] 

Merritt Russell. Box 599, Oxford, N. Y. 13830 purchased a framed family record 
which appears to be the family of 361 William Russell below and shows that 
William Russell was born Colchester May 3, 1823 on 12 October1859 at Bethel 
married Margaret E. Russell born Middletown 18 August 1834.  William died at 
Colchester 3 March 1869 and their children were all born in Colchester Delaware 
Co. NY and were enumerated as Ransom R. born 1 Nov 1861 died 11 April 1863; 
William F. born 18 April 1864; Matthew A. born 28 May 1865; Fanny M. born 24 
January 1867 and Robert C. born 20 Sept 1868 died 5 September 1872.

361 WILLIAM RUSSELL b 3May1823 Colchester Delaware Co. NY d 3Mar1869 Colchester 
Delaware Co. NY on 12Oct1859 m his first cousin 359 MARGARET E. RUSSELL 
18Aug1834 Middletown NY d 31Aug1915 d/o HESTER TAYLOR and 35 WILLIAM RUSSELL 
Their children:
3611 Ransom R. Russell b 1Nov1861 d 11Apr1863
3612 William F. Russell b 18Apr1864
3613 Matthew A. Russell b 28May1865
3614 Francis Fanny M. Russell b 24Jan1867 
3615 Robert C. Russell b 20Sept1868 d 5Sept1872

U. S. 1860 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#109/112:
William Russell 30 farmer 1000/200 b NY
Margaret Russell 26 housekeeper b NY
George Beach 24 Farm Laborer NY

U. S. 1870 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#370-397 page 75  Margaret 
is enumerated next to her brother Isaac Russell.  Her husband William had died 
in 1869.
Margaret Russell 30 farmer 1200/1100 b NY
Forest Russell 5 NY
Matthew Russell 4 NY
Francis Russell 3 NY
Robert Russell 2

U. S. 1880 Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH# 174, 204:
WILLIAM F. RUSSELL 16 yrs. son b. NY as were parents
MATTHEW A. RUSSELL 15 yrs. son b. NY as were parents
FANNIE M. RUSSELL 13 yrs. dau. b. NY as were parents

362 ROBERT RUSSELL b ca 1824 b NY (c)
U. S. 1860 Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH# 110/113:
Robert Russell 35 farmer 1200/400 NY
Stephen H. Russell 29 farmer NY
Mary J. Russell 22 housekeeper NY
U. S. 1870 Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#391/418 p. 76:
Enumerated with younger brother Stephen Russell as being 46 years old a farmer 
parents foreign born.

363 MATTHEW RUSSELL b ca 1826 (1850 census) and think this is correct because of 
the ages of his siblings and think age on 1880 census is incorrect, married 
Jeanette [ ] b ca 1837 Scotland.
Their children according to 1870 census:
3631 Isabella Russell b ca 1862 NY
3632 Ellen or Elaine [illegible] Russell b ca 1865
3633 Lillie Russell born ca 1870 NY

U. S. 1860 Census Delaware Co. NY enumerated with father as 34 and wife Janet 
U. S. 1870 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#393/420 page 96:
Matthew Russell Jr. 44 farmer 3000/1100 NY parents foreign born
Jeanette Russell 34 born Scotland
Isabella Russell 8 NY
Ellen or Elaine Russell 6  NY
Lillie Russell 1 NY
Matthew Russell 74 Scotland 250/

U. S. 1880 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#483, 541
MATTHEW RUSSELL 50 yrs. lumberman b. NY parents Scotland
JAENETTE RUSSELL 43 yrs. wife b. Scotland as were parents
LILLIE RUSSELL 10 daughter b. NY Father NY Mother Scotland

364 JOHN P. RUSSELL b ca 1827 NY m LILLAS [ ]
Their children according to the census:
36141 Charles Russell b 1866 NY 
36142 Jennett V. Russell b 1871 NY
36143 John H. Russell b 1878 NY
U. S. 1860 census enumerated with father. See above
U. S. 1870 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#394/421 p. 76:
John Russell 42 farmer NY parents foreign born
Lillie Russell 28 Scotland
Charles Russell 4 NY
U. S. 1880 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#484, 541 
Note:  [John and his brother Matthew are living in two different households on 
the same property. cjmc]
JOHN P. RUSSELL 52 yrs b NY parents Scotland
LILLAS RUSSELL 35 yrs. wife b Scotland as were parents
CHAS. RUSSELL 14 yrs. b NY Father NY Mother Scotland
JENNETT V. RUSSELL 9 yrs. b NY parents same as above
JOHN H. RUSSELL 2 yrs. son b NY parents same as above

365 JAMES RUSSELL b ca 1829/30 NY (c) on 20Feb1856 in Colchester Delaware Co. NY  
m RACHEL FULLER  b ca 1835 NY
Their known children according to census:
3651 Edwin Russell b ca 1857 NY
3652 Lilla T. Russell b 1860
3653 Theresa Russell b ca 1868 NY
3654 Ann E. Russell b ca 1871 NY
3655 Burt A. Russell b ca 1877 NY

U. S. 1860 census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH# 99/102:
James Russell 31 NY farmer 600
Rachel Russell 25 NY
Edwin T. Russell 3 NY
Lilla T. Russell 4/12 NY

U. S. 1870 Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#482/510 p. 82:
James Russell 37 farmer NY 800/320 parents foreign born
Rachel Russell 35 NY
Edwin Russell 13 NY
Theresa Russell 3 NY

U. S. 1880 Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#576, 578
JAMES RUSSELL 50 yrs. farmer b. NY parents Scotland
RACHEL RUSSELL 45 yrs, wife born NY as were parents
THERESA RUSSELL 12 yrs. b. NY as were parents
ANN E. RUSSELL 9 yrs. b. NY as were parents
BURT A. RUSSELL 3 yrs. b. NY as were parents.

366 STEPHEN RUSSELL b ca 1832 NY (c) m MARIAH [ ]  b ca 1841 
Their known children according to census:
3661 Levi Russell
3662 Ethel Russell
U. S. 1870 census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#391/418 p. 76
Stephen Russell  38 farmer 2500/1200 NY parents foreign born
Mariah Russell 28 NY
Levi Russell 8 NY*
Ethel Russell 3 NY
Robert Russell 46 farmer NY parents foreign born [older brother?]  
 [Note:  Also enumerated on the U. S. 1880 Delaware Co. NY census in Colchester 
at HH# 362,418 is the following family.  Evidently Maria was a widow of a 
Russell.  Wonder if she possibly was the widow of Stephen Russell who was born 
about 1830? The ages match up with those on the 1870 census and I could 
have misread Ethel or Effie.  Anyway, am leaving her here for someone else to 
identify. 20Oct1998. cjmc ]
John Hutton 30 yrs. farmer b. Scotland as were parents
Maria Hutton 39 yrs. b. NY as were parents
LEVI RUSSELL 19 yrs. stepson b. NY as were parents
EFFIE RUSSELL 13 yrs. stepdaughter b. NY as were parents
ARTHUR RUSSELL 8 yrs. stepson b. NY as were parents
Peter Hutton 8/12 born October son

3661 LEVI RUSSELL ca 1861-1862 NY (c) on 14Oct1885* Wednesday morning at eleven 
a.m. Downsville Delaware Co. NY m RUBY SIGNOR b ca 1864 NY (c) d/o SARAH DANN 
Their known children and order not known:
36611 Mrs. Leon Sanford
36612 Mrs. Walter McIntosh
*See Signor compilation for her ancestors. Cjmc

Carolee Inskeep sent me a copy of the handwritten invitation sent to her 
ancestors Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dan Walton New York.  See copy in Picture Section  
attached hereto.

Note: Ida Hanna identified a Levi Russell and his wife Ruby on the 1901 reunion 
picture.  Do not have another Levi Russell in my files. cjmc.

U,  S. 1900 Census Colchester Delaware Co. NY Page 38A:
Film has faded so that I cannot read anything except Levi Russell with a wife 
Ruby. One household away is Orson Russell with his father William T. Russell and 
brother Ferris T. Russell.  I also think it is a Dann family next to Ruby  
Signor and Levi Russell.

1264(10)31 [FNU] RUSSELL b 19Sept1892 Downsville Delaware Co. NY d 
Mar28???? Parshall Hospital Oneonta NY on 18Oct1913 m LEON 

Carolee Inskeep wrote, in part, on 12 Nov 2002:
My great-great grandmother, Mary Ann Grant Dann, pasted obituaries, and other 
announcements, into a black notebook labeled "Collegian Compact Binder 
Refillable."  When she died at the age of 101, in 1940, it passed to her 
grandson, J. Lewis DuMond.  When Lewis died this spring, it passed to me.  The 
pages are not numbered. No newspaper is named, but I'd guess that these all came 
from The Walton Reporter.  

MRS. LEON SANFORD.  From Franklin Correspondent.  Mrs. Leon Sanford of Franklin 
passed away at the Parshall hospital at Oneonta Thursday morning, March 28, 
where she had been taken ten days previously.  Mrs. Sanford's death was caused 
by uremic convulsions.  Mrs. Sanford was born September 19, 1892, in Downsville, 
the daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. Levi Russell.  On October 18, 1913, she was 
married to Leon C. Sanford and since that time Franklin has been her home.  Mrs. 
Sanford was active in church and social work in Franklin and had a host of 
friends.  Besides her husband she is survived by her parents and a sister, Mrs. 
Walter McIntosh of Franklin.  The funeral was held Sunday afternoon in the 
Franklin Methodist church and was one of the largest funerals ever seen in that 
village.  Her pastor, Rev. S. E. Sargeant, officiated.  Burial was made in the 
Ouleout Valley cemetery.

3662 ETHEL/EFFIE/ELLEN RUSSELL b May 1867 enumerated on 1900 census with brother 
Arthur Russell as being single

3663 ARTHUR RUSSELL b November 1871 NY 


13May1809 according to Bible records of their son MATTHEW RUSSELL Sr. born 
20Mar1774, of Delaware Co. New York. 

Mr. Hoy wrote that "There was another Russell family early in Bovina.  The 
family consisted of James, Matthew, Agnes (Nancy), Stephen and Elizabeth."  
Then in 1995 your compiler heard from Linda Lohrum, 120 W. Halliburton Ct., 
Independence, MO 64050-4432 who had the Bible of her ancestor Mathew Russell 
which probably named the parents of the following children, to wit:  Under 
"Deaths", the first names enumerated are "James Russell Sr. May 
13th 1809" and "Sarah Russell Relect of James Russell Sr. Aug 9th 
1813."  It certainly appears as if these were the parents of Matthew  born 
20th of March 1774 as set forth in his Bible.  I will assign #J1 to these 
probable parents. I will enclose copies of the Bible pages if I receive 
permission from Linda to whom we are indebted for sharing these Bible records. 

1JAMES RUSSELL Sr.  b prob Scotland d 13May1809 m SARAH [ ] d 9Aug1813.

Their children:
11 Stephen Russell
12 Agnes Russell
13 Matthew Russell
14 Stephen Russell
15 Elizabeth Russell

11 STEPHEN RUSSELL b ca 1763 Scotland (c)

[Could be the second male listed with his brother Matthew Russell in the 1800 
census in Colchester Delaware Co NY as being of the age between 26 and 45 b 
1755-1784. cjmc]  

U. S. 1820 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY page 47. Census was alphabetized.
Stephen Russell enumerated with only one male born before 1775.  The other 
Stephen Russell in Bovina was identified as Stephen Russell Jr. and he is 
probably Stephen Russell born 7Dec1784, the son of of Janet Pomphrey and 3 
William Russell.   

Note: [Sr. and Jr. was used earlier to distinguish between the younger and elder 
and did not mean they were father and son. cjmc]

U. S. 1850 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#1086/1134 page 223
James Thompson 72 farmer 2000 b Scotland
Agnes Thompson 64 born Scotland  (D/o Sarah and James Russell Sr.)
Margaret Thompson 32
Andrew B. Thompson 30
Lydia Thompson 25
Wilson McFarland 11
Stephen Russell 82 occupation none born Scotland  [emphasis added. cjmc]

12 JAMES R. RUSSELL b 1772 Scotland (c) d 1856 (DH) in 1799 Bovina Delaware Co 
NY m (first marriage in Bovina Delaware Co NY) NANCY RICHIE b 31Oct1780 [lls] d 
1876 (DH)*. 
*[Not listed on the 1850 census with husband James Russell. cjmc]

Their children:  (DH)
121 Nancy Russell
122 James J. Russell
123 Agnes Russell
124 Lydia Russell
125 Elizabeth Russell
126 Jane Russell
127 Sarah Russell
128 Margaret Clark Russell
129 Helen Russell
12(10) Alexander Cockburn Russell
12(11) Matthew Thompson Russell
12(12) Wesley Lewis Russell

From Biographical Notices of the Town of Andes at page 122 in Munsell's History 
of Delaware Co., in a biographical sketch of a grandson of James Russell, we 
learn that James Russell came from Scotland in 1790.

Probably the James Russel listed on the 1800 census in Colchester Delaware Co. 
NY with only one male 26-45 (b between 1755 and 1774) and next to Matthew Russel 
on page 270. 

From page 127 of MDCH in chapter regarding Bovina Delaware Co NY:

"In the early part of the present century some families from Washington 
New York, and others from Scotland settled in the district now the town of 

"...In October 1809, Dr. Bullions organized the congregation under the name 
of 'The Associate  Presbyterian Church of Little Delaware,' with the following 
membership, viz: James Stoddard, Isaac Atkins, Walter Doig, William M'Gibbon, 
John Elliott, David Henderson, James Russell, Mrs. Elizabeth Doig, Mrs. Isaac 
Atkins, Mrs. Christina Elliott, and Mrs. William M'Gibbon..."  [emphasis 
added. cjmc]

Not indexed on the 1810 census.

Again, from MHDC still on page 127:

"In the year 1810 Rev. Francis Pringle was sent by the presbytery to preach 
to the congregation.  He remained about four weeks and preached in a barn on the 
farm now owned by John T. Miller.  After this the congregation was almost 
entirely destitute of preaching until late in the fall of 1813, when Rev. Robert 
Laing preached a few Sabbaths at the school-house below the Lake mill.  Mr. 
Laing remained during the winter, and preached in the house of Adam Scott, and 
also in the barn of James Russel, near Thomas H. Johnson's woolen-mill.  About 
the 1st of February, 1814, the congregation elected as elders John Elliott, 
Walter Doig, David Henderson and James Russel, sen., and also united in a call 
for Rev. Robert Laing to become the pastor.  The amount of salary promised in 
this call was $250, and he entered upon his labors as pastor of the conregation 
about the 1st of June, 1814.  Immediate steps were taken to erect a 
meetinghouse, but it was not until the 10th day of May, 1815, that the first 
church building was raised.  This was a substantial frame building, 36 by 30 
feet, with a gallery, and stood on the south side of the 'old grave-yard lot,' 
about one-half mile from the present house of worship.  It was not unil 1824 
that this building was furnished with pews and pulpit; but on the second Sabbath 
of July, 1815, the Lord's Supper was dispensed in it for the first time; and 
then, and for years after, the carpenter's work-bench was used for a pulpit, and 
rough boards and blocks were used for communion table and seats.  At this first 
communion the following persons united with the church, viz.: Francis Coulter, 
Thomas Liddle, Matthew Russel, Thomas Hamilton, James Archibald, sen., James 
Thomson, Robert Menzie, James Hastings, James Rutherford, Walter Renwick, Samuel 
H. Dean and their wives; also Mrs. Ann Dean, Miss Elizabeth Russel and Isabella 
Stoddard. As none of the eleven persons who had united with the church at its 
organization had died or removed, the congregation at this time must have 
numbered thirty six-persons."

Probably the James Russell Sr. listed on the U. S. 1820* census Bovina Delaware 
Co. NY at page 47 with:
Two males under ten (b 1810-1820)  [Alexander b 1815 and Henry b ?]
One male 16-26 (b 1804-1810)  [Matthew Russell b ?]
One male 45+ ( born before 1775)  [James Russell b 1772]
One female under ten (b 1810-1820)  [Helen b 1812] Margaret & Sarah b 
Three females 10-16 (b 1804-1810)   [Margaret, Sarah and Jane b?]  
Three females 16-26 (b 1794-1804)   [Elizabeth b ?, Lydia b 1803 and Agnes 
b ?]
One female 26-45 (b 1775-1794)  [Nancy Richie ?] *
One female 45+ (b before 1775)  [Possibly sister Elizabeth Russell?]

[The 1820 census, in many instances, was alphabetized and consequently, we 
cannot determine how close the six Russells enumerated in Bovina Delaware Co. NY 
lived in relationship to one another.  There were five James Russells enumerated 
also on the 1820 census, two in Bovina, one in Kortright and two in Franklin.  
The only James Russell who was enumerated as being  born before 1775 is this 
James Russell enumerated as Sr.  The other four James Russells were enumerated 
as being born between 1775 and 1794.  

U. S. 1850 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY  Page 234 HH#1101/1134
James Russell (Sen.)     78   Scotland  farmer    $1500
Alexander Murray         28   NY
Ellen Murray*            38   NY
Nancy Murray              1   NY
Elisabeth Murray         17   NY   
Helen Murray             15   NY
*Daughter of James Russell Sr.

121 NANCY RUSSELL b 1800 d 9Dec1838 (DH) in 1818 m ADAM SCOTT b Apr1795 d 

David Hoy wrote that they had eight children and he would furnish information on 
their descendants.  Mr. Hoy died latter part of 1930.
Note: [The following is probably this Adam Scott and maybe a second wife and/or 
two sisters?  He is enumerated one household away from Andrew T. Russell. 
U. S. 1860 Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH# 108/108:
Adam Scott 52 farmer 3000 England
Isabella Scott 48 b NY
Elisabeth Scott 42 NY
George Currie 32 Scotland miller
Margaret Currie 20 Scotland

122 JAMES J. RUSSELL b 18Aug1801 NY d 2Jan1882 bur John Archibald Cemetery* in 
1828 m BETSY PATTERSON ARCHIBALD b 1808 NY (c) d 3Feb1865 d/o BARBARA HAWLEY and 
*David Hoy wrote:  "John Archibald Cemetery.  This cemetery is located 
about 2 miles above the Bovina Post Office on the John Archibald farm now 
occupied by Thomas Boggs. It is below the road just before you come to the 
house.  It is enclosed by a wall.  There are no headstones.  #6 and #7 
are not buried within the enclosure but nearer the house. [Nos. 6 and 7 are 122 
James Russell and his wife Betsy Patterson Archibald. cjmc]  I visited the place 
in June 1917.  David F. Hoy, Ithaca, New York."
Their children:
1221 Betsy Ann Russell
1222 James H. Russell
1223 Zella Russell
1224 John A. Russell
1225 Edwin R. Russell
1226 Nancy Jane Russell
1227 Hawley Russell
1228 Edith Russell

U. S. 1850 Census Andes Delaware Co. NY Page 485 HH#2631/3:
James Russell       49   NY   farmer    $800
Betsy Russell       42   NY
Betsy Russell       19   NY
James Russell       17   NY
Zella Russell       16   NY
John Russell        14   NY
Edwin Russell       10   NY
Hawley Russell       6   NY
Edith Russell        3   NY

U. S. 1860 census Andes Delaware Co. NY HH#356/359:
James J. Russell 58 farmer 500 NY
Betsy Russell 54 NY
James Russell 27 carpenter NY
Lillah Russell 25 NY
John Russell 23 NY
Edwin R. Russell 22 NY
Nancy J. Russell 20 NY
Hawley Russell 15 NY
Edith Russell 12 NY
Enumerated at HH#355/358 is Elisha A. McCumber 55 with wife Jane 54, Elisha 
16, Hetty 21, Julia 10 and Robert 8 and then on the other side is 139 Roswell B. 
Russell 27 with Betsy 29 and Arthur H. Russell 3. 

1221 BETSY ANN RUSSELL b 17Feb1831 NY d 27Feb1899 on 1Jan1856 m 369 ROSWELL 
RUSSELL b ca 1831 NY s/o ESTHER MACUMBER and 13 MATTHEW RUSSELL  See 13 Matthew 
Russell for children. 

1222 JAMES H. RUSSELL b 1832/1833 NY d unmarried a soldier in 1862. [DH] 

From Munsell's History of Delaware Co. NY, Chapter XII Company I, 72nd Infantry, 
the first to leave Delaware County - History of the 71st pp 81-83, we learn: 
"James H. Russell died in Yorktown in 1862."  and "Tuesday 
morning, June 4th, 1861, the first volunteer company, under command of Captain 
Robert T. Johnson, took its departure from Delaware county.  At 9'oclock A. M. 
the company was formed in line in front of Edgerton's Hotel in the village of 
Delhi, where it was met by the Delhi Fire Department, led by a band of music, 
who escorted it through the principal s of the village. During the march the 
sidewalks were lined with people, everybody determined to catch a glimpse of he 
noble soldiers of old Delaware.  Returning to the Edgerton House they were 
addressed in patriotic speeches by Messrs. Gordon and Hughston and Captain 
Johnson, and the national airs, Hail Columbia and the Star Spangled Banner, 
played b the band.  Prayer was offered by Rev. A. D. Benedict.  The company then 
took its departure amid the affectionate adius and hearty cheers of the excited 
crowd.  Before leaving the ladies provided each soldier with a 'havelock.'  The 
men were taken by teams to Hancock.  They were accompanied by; members of the 
Fire Department and a number of citizens.  They were met about two miles above 
Walton by the Fire Department of that village, who escorted them into town.   
The citizens of Walton provided them with a substantial dinner, and the people 
lined the streets and cheered them on as they passed through.  
  Their progress was one continued ovations until they reached Camp Scott, on 
Staten Island, where they were attached to the 3rd regiment, Excelsior Brigade, 
and designated as Company I..."  

1223 ZELLA RUSSELL b 1834 NY d 1911 m ELISHA MACUMBER No children.
1224 JOHN A. RUSSELL b 1836 NY d 23Feb1919 Shavertown Delaware Co NY m LOUISA 
BUSSEY of Andes NY.
Their children: (DH)
12241 Alfred Russell
12242 John Hawley Russell

12241 ALFRED RUSSELL d young
12242 JOHN HAWLEY RUSSELL b 6Jan1865 (DH wrote in 1920 unmarried and lives at 
Shavertown Delaware Co NY)

1225 EDWIN R. RUSSELL b 1838 NY d 1903 m JULIA MACUMBER d/o JANE [LNU] and [FNU] 
Their children according to the 1880 census:
12251 Oscar Russell
12252 Edwin Russell
12253 Edith Russell

U. S. 1880 census Andes Delaware Co. NY #HH253-260
Edwin Russell 42 farmer b NY as were parents
Julia Russell 32 b NY as were parents
Oscar Russell 14 b NY as were parents
Edwin Russell 10 b NY as were parents
Edith Russell  7 b NY as were parents
Jan or Jane McUmber 72 mother in law b NY father Germany mother NY

12251 OSCAR E. RUSSELL  b ca 1866 NY (c) d unmarried  (DH)
12252 EDWIN RUSSELL b ca 1870 NY (c) unmarried in 1920 (DH)
12253 EDITH RUSSELL b ca b 1873 NY (c)  m [ ] FINKLE (DH)

1226 NANCY JANE RUSSELL b 1841 NY d unmarried 16Aug1864 bur John Archibald 
Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY
1227 HAWLEY J. RUSSELL b 1844 on 13Apr1871 m MARY ELLEN DAVIS b 4Jan1850 d 
4Feb1917. (DH stated in 1920 he lived in Livingston Manor NY)

Their children:
12271 James Hawley Russell
12272 Herbert Addison Russell
12773 Arthur Herman Russell
12274 Ethel Mary Russell
"Hawley Russell, grandson of James Russell, who came to this country in 
1790, was born in Bovina in 1844.  He has been a carpenter and joiner since 
1859.  He opened a wagon shop in Shavertown in 1876.  He was married in 1871 to 
Mary E. Davis of Andes."  Page 22 MHDC 

Hawley J. Russell 35 wagon maker NY as were parents
Mary E. Russell 29 wife kh NY as were parents
James H. Russell 8 NY
Herbert A. Russell 6 NY
Arthur A. Russell 5 NY
Ethel M. Russell 4/12 b Aug 1879 NY

12271 JAMES HAWLEY RUSSELL b 15Jan1872 on 30Jun1914 m LORRAINE COLLINS
Their daughter:
122711 RUTH ALINE RUSSELL b 1May1915 Livingston Manor Sullivan Co NY.



1228 EDITH RUSSELL b 1848 NY d unmarried 3Oct1864 bur John Archibald Cemetery 
Bovina Delaware Co. NY.


124 LYDIA RUSSELL b 21Mar1803 d 7Mar1881 m ANDREW HAMILTON b 16Sept1801 d 
18June1867.  Again, Mr. Hoy wrote that he would furnish their many descendants 
of their seven children.

125 ELISABETH RUSSELL b 8Sept1804 
126 JANE RUSSELL b 9Apr1806 NY m ANDREW P. or T. McFARLAND b  1805 on the old 
homestead Bovina NY "...the only son of  THOMAS McFARLAND, who came to 
Delaware county from Ireland in 1785..."  Munsell's History of Delaware Co. 
NY at page 131.

Their children from U. S. 1850 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY: 
1261 Hiram McFarland [name not clear. cjmc] b ca 1833 NY
1262 Elisabeth McFarland b ca 1835 NY
1263 Emily J. McFarland b ca 1837 NY
1264 Morrison McFarland b ca 1840 NY [name not clear. cjmc]
1265 Eliza McFarland b ca 1841 NY
1266 Andrew McFarland b ca 1843 NY
1267 T. Russell McFarland b ca 1845 NY
1268 Ann M. McFarland b ca 1848 NY

"The resources of the town are well developed, and the farms and farm 
buildings are equal to those of any town in the county.
  The farm barn of A. T. McFarland is the best in the county.  The basements are 
all of cut stone from the farm. The McFarland boys drew all the plans and 
performed the substantial labor, including the stone cutting.  The building is 
one of the attractions of the twon, and the register in the observatory bears 
the signatures of many prominent men who have been the guests of this genial and 
hospitable family..."  MHDC at page 125 in Chapter regarding the Town of 

U. S. 1850 Census Bovina Delaware Co. HH#1083/1115
Andrew T. McFarland 44 farmer 2500 NY
Jane McFarland 44 NY
Hiram McFarland 17
Elisabeth McFarland 15
Emily J. McFarland 13
Madison McFarland 10
Elisa McFarland 9
Andrew McFarland 7
T. Russell McFarland 5
Ann M. McFarland 2

 U. S. 1860 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH# 123/123:
Andrew T. McFarlan 54 farmer 2000 NY
Jane McFarlan 54 NY
Hiram McFarlan 27 NY
Elisabeth McFarlan 25 NY
Madison McFarlan 20 NY
Louisa McFarlan 19 NY
Andrew McFarlan 17 NY
Thomas R. McFarlan 15 NY
Anna M. McFarlan 12 NY
U. S. 1870 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#70/71:
A. F. McFarland 64 7000/4800 farmer b NY
Jane McFarland 64 NY
Hiram McFarland 37 NY     200
Elisabeth McFarland 35 NY
Louisa McFarland 28 NY
Andrew McFarland 26 NY
Thomas B. McFarland 48 carpenter NY
Ann McFarland 29 NY
U. S. 1880 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#33 page 30b

BRUSH. Mr. Hoy wrote that they lived at New Kingston NY.
Their children: [according to Mr. Hoy they were Julia, Joel, Elizabeth, James 
and Emily]
Census shows Nancy F., Joel A., James R., Elizabeth H. and Emily and there could 
have been earlier who are not at  home.
Florence Prehn in her compilation  "Lumber,Shingles and Chips" wrote 
that their children were Joel, Jane, Esther,William, George, Robert and Nancy.

U. S. 1850 Census Franklin Delaware Co. NY HH#543/574
John M. Brush 37 carpenter 100 NY as were all of the family
Sarah Brush 42 
Nancy F. Brush 14
Joel A. Brush 11
James R. Brush 7
Elizabeth H.Brush 9
Emily Brush 3

128 MARGARET CLARK RUSSELL b 28Sept1810 d 1842 m as his second wife 132 MATTHEW 

Their children:  (DH)
1291 Nancy R. Murray m Edward Boggs
1292 Thomas H. Murray
1293 Jane E. Murray

Listed with her father 12 James Russell on the 1850 census at page 234 
James Russell (Sen.)     78   Scotland  farmer    $1500
Alexander Murray         28   NY
Ellen Murray                 38   NY
Nancy Murray                 1   NY
Elisabeth Murray           17   NY
Helen Murray                15   NY

12(10) ALEXANDER COCKBURN RUSSELL b 9June1815 d 17Ju1892 in  1849 m ELIZA 
Their children:
12(10)1 Helen Archibald Russell
12(10)2 Barbara J. Russell
12(10)3 James William Russell
12(10)4 Henry W. Russell 
12(10)5 Elizabeth Russell
12(10)6 Nancy E. Russell b 1857 Colchester Delaware Co. NY

U. S. 1850 census Andes Delaware Co. NY Page 485 (Enumerated living next door to 
brother James J. Russell)
Alexander Russell        35   NY   Mason
Eliza Russell            35   NY
Helen Archibald Russell  11   NY
Barbary Russell          1/12 NY

1855 New York State cennus Colchester Delware Co. NY 
Alex Russell 39 born Ulster Co. NY 3/12 in Colchester or Delaware Co. NY 
Elisa Russell 39 born Delaware Co. NY
Barbara Russell 4 born Delaware Co. NY
James Russell 3 born Delaware Co. NY
Henry Russell 10/12 Delaware Co. NY

U. S. 1860 census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#70/71:
Alexander C. Russell 44 NY farmer 500/350
Eliza Russell 43 NY
Barbara J. Russell 10 NY
James W. Russell 8 NY
Henry H. Russell 6 NY
Nancy E. Russell 3 NY
Hogan Teed 19 NY Day Laborer 

U. S. 1870 census Colchester Delaware Co. NY HH#40/43:
Alex C. Russell  54 carpenter   --540 NY
Eliza Russell 54 NY
James Russell 18 NY apprentice carpenter
Henry H. Russell 16 NY works on farm
Nancy E. Russell 13 attends school
Enumerated with them as a separate family:
James E. Vail 26 farmer NY
Barbry J. Vail 20 NY [daughter enumerated on U. S. 1860 census with family as 
ten years old]
Next to them at HH#41/45:
James Vail 61 farmer NY and family.

U. S. 1880 Soundex Colchester Delaware Co. NY Page 40 HH#6/7:
Alexander C. Russell     64   NY Fa b Scotland Mo NY widower 
James Russell            28   NY
Henry Russell            25   NY

12(10)1 HELEN ARCHIBALD RUSSELL b 12Sept1841 on 10Sept11860 in Treadwell NY m  
David Hoy wrote that they were living in Treadwell NY and have six children.
*Hogan Teed is enumerated with family on 1860 census but Helen was not 
enumerated on that census.

12(10)2 BARBARA J. RUSSELL b 10Ju1850 on 19Feb1864 m JAMES VAIL  Mr. Hoy wrote 
that they were living in Walton NY
See with father above on U. S. 1870 census. 

12(10)3 JAMES WILLIAM RUSSELL b 30June1852 Andes Delaware Co.  NY d 17June11935 
Delaware Co. NY on 9July1883 in Walton Delaware Co. NY  m  KATHERINE KATIE 
VIRGINIA [PIERSON] BENEDICT* [LLS] b 15June1858 Calicoon NY d 1Sept1935 
Binghamton Broome Co. NY d/o MARTHA A. YOUNG and JOHN "THOMAS PIERSON 
Their children:
12(10)31 Elizabeth May Russell
12(10)32 Alfred Carlton Russell b 15Feb1886 East Trout Brook Delaware Co. NY d 
12(10)33 Vessie Lee Russell
12(10)34 James Russell 

12(10)31 ELIZABETH LIZZIE RUSSELL b 25Apr1884 Walton Delaware Co. NY d 4Aug1939 
Walton Delaware Co. NY on 4Nov1904 in Walton Delaware Co. NY  m JOHN BENSON 

12(10)33 VESSIE LEE RUSSELL b 28June1888 Shinhopple Delaware Co. NY d 5Dec1961 
Walton Delaware Co. NY on 1May1906 Walton Delaware Co. NY  m CLARENCE EDWARD 
12(10)34 JAMES HENRY  RUSSELL b 20Nov1901 Downsville Delaware Co. NY d  9Feb1986 
Stuart FL
on 26Sept1925 Norwich NY m ALTA MAC DICKINSON 
12(10)4 HENRY W. RUSSELLb 1854 Colchester Delaware Co. NY m LUCRETIA CORA.
Their known son:

12(12)5 ELIZABETH RUSSELL b 7Sept1856 d 28Feb1876 on 2Sept1875 m GEORGE FULLER

12(11) MATTHEW THOMPSON RUSSELL b 28July1818 m CAROLINA ORR.  He was a 

12(12) WESLEY LEWIS RUSSELL b 25Oct1825

13 MATTHEW RUSSELL* b 20March1774 Scotland d 5Feb1831 NY on 17June1806 m (1) 
ELIZABETH CLAP b 12Apr1778 d 29Apr1825 [FB]; on 3Jan1826 m (2) ESTHER McUMBER b 
4Feb1794 Scotland d 8Feb1872/73 probably Delaware Co. NY, widow of ROSWELL 
BLACKMAN b 11Apr1793 and they married 11Sept1817 and had Harriett M., Adelia J. 
and Roswell Jr. Blackman.

*[The information on this family was furnished by Linda Lohrum, 120 W. 
Halliburton Ct. Independence MO 64050-4432  together with copies of Family Bible 
Records.  The date of birth of Matthew in the Bible indicates that it is this 
Matthew as census records show a Matthew Russell born between 1755 and 1774.  36 
Matthew Russell was not born until 1795. David Hoy mistakenly attributed the 
children of this Matthew Russell to Matthew Russell, son of Janet Pomphrey and 3 
William Russell. cjmc]

Children by Elizabeth Clap:
131 James C. Russell
132 Matthew G. Russell
133 William T. Russell b 1Sept1811 d 4July1814
134 Alexander C. Russell
135 Margaret A. Russell b 28Oct1816 d 20Dec1829 
136 John Grant Russell
Children by Esther (McUmber) Blackman:
137 Stephen Russell
138 Margaret A. Russell b 15Oct1829 d 20Dec1829  
139 Roswell B. Russell 

U. S. 1800 census Delaware Co. NY  Only Russel(l)s enumerated in Delaware Co. NY 
were found in Colchester and were James Russel with one male (26-45) b 1755-1774 
and Matthew Russel with two males (26-45) b 1755-1774 and one female under ten 
and one female (16-26) b 1774-1784.

Probably the Matthew Russell listed on the U. S. 1810 census Middletown Delaware 
Co. NY at page 401 with:
Two males 10- (b 1800-1810) One male 26-45 (b 1765-1784) one female 26-45 (b 
1765-1784)* and one female 45+ (b before 1765).**

*Note: Elizabeth (Clap) Russell was born in 1778 according to Matthew's Bible so 
this must be she.
**Sarah, the relect of James Russell Sr., did not die until 1813, who was 
probably the mother of Matthew Russell.  Is this she since James Russell, Sr. 
died in 1809, living with her son?

From Munsell's History of Delaware Co. N. Y. at page 126 in the section entitled 
Trade Centers in the chapter on Bovina, it is written, in part:

"In 1802 Robert Scott built for Matthew Russell the first saw-mill and 
grist-mill.  In 1833, it was abandoned and the building converted into a hop-
house, and finally it is the hay-barn of James Johnson.
  Thomas H. Johnson now owns and operates the woolen-mills where, in 1803, 
Robert Scott built a saw-mill and grist-mill.  Mr. Johnson's old mill is near 
the site of a grist-mill built in 1801 by Robert Scott for Matthew Russell a 
pioneer. [emphasis added. cjmc]

U. S. 1850 Census Andes Delaware Co. NY HH#23/51  Son Stephen is living in 
the same household.  See below:
Hester* Russell 56 $300 b NY
Roswell Russell 19 farmer NY
Margaret Russell 21 NY

Brother Stephen Russell is enumerated next door.
*Note:  The names of Esther and Hester seem to be interchangeable.  Know this to 
be true with my ancestress Esther/Hester (Taylor) Russell.

131 JAMES C. RUSSELL b 23Jan1808 d 10Dec1883 on 5Jan1832 m ELIZA DUMOND b 
19Apr1812 NY d 18Oct1883, both buried West Delhi Presbyterian Church Delhi 
Delaware Co. NY d/o ??? DeLAMATER and WILLIAM DUMOND  

Their known children:  (census)
1311 Rachel Russell
1312 Matthew Russell
1313 William Russell
1314 Andrew Russell
1315 Jeannie Russell
1316 Robert H. Russell
1317 Betsy A. Russell
1318 Margaret E. Russell

Kim DePew 2804 Whitewood Midland MI 48642 Tel: 517-837-9509, descendant of 1316 
Robert H. Russell, on 5July1995 wrote to your compiler that she thought they 
were all born in North Hamden at the farm now on Hoyt Road off of Eastbrook.

U. S. 1850 census Hamden Delaware Co. NY Page 283 HH#815
James C. Russell         42   NY   farmer    $2000
Eliza A. Russell         38   NY
Rachel Russell           17   NY
Matthew Russell         16   NY
William Russell          14   NY
Andrew Russell           12  NY
Jeanie Russell              10  NY
Robert Russell              NY
Betsy A. Russell             5 NY
Margaret E. Russell       1   NY 
Henry Scott                   22 NY
U. S. 1880 census Hamden Delaware Co. NY HH#220/230
James Russell 72 farmer b NY Father Scotland Mother NY
Eliza Ann Russell 68 wife kh NY as were parents
1313 WILLIAM RUSSELL m ca 1836 NY m MARY [ ] b ca 1841 NY (c)
U. S. 1880 census Hamden Delaware Co. NY HH#21/231
William D. Russell 44 wagon maker b NY as were parents
Mary Russell 39 kp b NY as were parents
(All children born NY as were parents)
Henry S. Russell 12 school
Thomas J. Russell 9 school
Clarence F. Russell 3 
1316 ROBERT H. RUSSELL b 12Aug1843 on 312Dec1868 m ELIZABETH SCHRADER d 
31Oct1874; on 13Jan1880 Bay City MI m (2) ELLA J. DURFEE 
Daughter by Elizabeth Schrader
13161 Carrie Russell b 1872 Utica Missouri
Daughter by Ella J. Durfee:
13162 Cora Armilla b 6Dec1880 Unionville MI*
13163 Ella May Russell b 19February1882 MI
*Great grandmother of Kim DePew

132 MATTHEW G. RUSSELL b 29Jan1809 NY d 1882 m (1) MARGARET WINTER m (2) 128 

U. S. 1850 census Franklin Delaware Co. NY Page 62b HH#544/575
Matthew G. Russell  41   NY   farmer    $2500
Margaret C. Russell  8   NY
Elizabeth Russell   46   NY
Nancy Scott Russell 21   NY
Abel Munson         18   NY

133 WILLIAM T. RUSSELL b 1Sept1811 d 4July1814

134 ALEXANDER C. RUSSELL b 19June1814 m MARY JANE. DUMOND b ca 1826 (c) NY
Their children:  (DH)
1341 Wilson Russell
1342 John Russell
1343 William H. Russell
1344 George W. Russell
1345 Matthew Russell
1346 Rachel Russell m Warren B. Edgar
1347 James T. Russell
1348 Robert E. Russell
1349 Elizabeth Russell b 26Feb1859 m Herman Archibald
134(10) James Russell
134(11) Henry Russell

U. S. 1850 Census Middletown Delaware Co. NY Page 453b HH#2174
Alex C. Russell     36   NY   carpenter $1000
Mary Jane Russell   34   NY
Wilson Russell      10   NY
John Russell         8   NY
William Russell      6   NY
George Russell       3   NY
Matthew Russell      1   NY
Note: They are enumerated near numerous Dumond families.  Several households 
down is Cornelius Dumond 62 3000 NY and Silva 42m Minerva 15 and Frances 3 who 
could be Mary Jane's father.

1341 WILSON RUSSELL b ca 1840 NY m ELIZA [ ] b ca 1842 NY
U. S. 1880 census Hamden Delaware Co. NY HH#194/206
Wilson Russell 40 farmer b NY as were parents
Eliza Russell 38 kh b NY as were parents
Charles Russell 17 works on farm b NY as were parents
Charles Fish 70 boarder b NY as were parents
Laura Fish 61 boarder b NY as were parents
Minnie Hotchkiss 16 servant b NY as were parents

135 MARGARET A. RUSSELL b 28Oct1816

136 JOHN GRANT RUSSELL b 25Apr1822 d 26Mar1902 on 25Dec1845 m (1) JANE CHISHOLM; 

Their children: (DH)
1361 Elizabeth Esther Russell b 13Nov1848 d 21Aug1911 m Sloan Archibald
1362 Margaret A. Russell b 8Sept18?? d 16Feb1872
1363 Mary Adelia Russell b 6Mar1855 d 5May1905 m Arthur H. Russell
1364 John O. Russell b 2Feb18??
1365 Alice J. Russell b 25Mar1847 m William F. Boggs

U. S. 1850 census Middletown Delaware Co. NY Page 434 1892:
John Russell   28   NY   laborer
Jane Russell   30   NY
Alice Russell   4   NY
James Russell  2   NY

137 STEPHEN RUSSELL b 20Sept1827 Delaware Co. NY d 14Mar1906 Walnut Grove 
Redwood Co. MINN on 15Mar1849 m HANNAH MATILDA WOODEN b 25June1828 Delaware Co. 
NY d 21Apr1894 Walnut Grove MINN d/o SALLY WASHBURN and RUSSELL S. WOODEN
Their children:
1371 Sarah Esther Russell
1372 Matthew Delos Russell
1373 Andrew Aylmer Russell

U. S. 1850 Census Andes Delaware Co. NY p 465 HH#23/50:
Stephen Russell 23 farmer $800 b NY
Hannah Russell 22 NY
Sarah Russell 1/2 NY
Mother Hester Russell together with siblings Roswell and Margaret living in same 
home but enumerated as HH#23/51.
U. S. 1860 Census Andes Delaware Co. NY HH# 118/121:
Stephen Russell 32 Carpenter NY
Hannah Russell 31 NY
Sarah E. Russell 7 NY
Matthew D. Russell 6 NY
Andrew A. Russell 3 NY
AND enumerated again at 318/320 as Stephen now 33, Hannah now 31, Sarah E. as 
10, Matthew D. as 5 and Andrew A. as 3.  

1371 SARAH ESTHER RUSSELL b 31July1850 Bloomfield Delaware Co. NY d 14Jan1941 
Ridgeway Harrison MO bur Eagleville Masonic Cemetery Eagleville MO on 23Dec1872 
1372 MATTHEW DELOS RUSSELL b 5Sept1853 Bloomfield Delaware Co. NY d 15Aug1948 
Jackson Hospital Independence Jackson Co. MO on 28Nov1877 m EVA JOSEPHINE NASH b 
19Sept1858 Fillmore MINN d 29Jan1903 Pawnee Harrison MO bur Eagleville Masonic 

Their children:
13721 Ernest Clyde Russell
13722 Harriett Elva Russell
13723 Stephen Webster Russell
13724 Carlos Delos Russell
13725 Melissa Cordelia Russell
13726 Alta Matilda Russell
13727 Margaret Ann Russell
13728 Charles Allen Russell
13729 Ester Eva Russell
1372(10) John Alymer Russell
1372(11) Rodney Matthew Russell

13721 ERNEST CLYDE RUSSELL b 22Oct1878 Etna Fillmore Co. MN d 7Sept1969 Bethany 
Harrison Co. MO in May of 1895 in Murray Co. MN m ALVINA CAROLYN COHRS

13722 HARRIETT HATTIE ELVA RUSSELL b 14Mar1880 Etna Fillmore Co. MN d 27Mar1961 
Etna Fillmore MN on 28Nov1899 m JOHN H. PHILLIPS 

13723 STEPHEN WEBSTER RUSSELL b 29Sept1883 Spring Valley Fillmore Co. MN d 
14Aug1966 on 2June1911 m CORA HENRIETTA FINSETH

13724 CARLOS DELOS RUSSELL b 16Dec1887 Redwood Falls Redwood MN d 5Apr1980 
Eagleville Harrison MO bur Eaglevile Masonic Cemetery on 1Dec1918 m MARY R. 

13725 MELISSA CORDELIA RUSSELL b 16June1890 Trac Lyon MN d 9Oct1959 Cassville 
Barry Co. MO on 28Jan1811 m ASA KELLUM

13726 ALTA MATILDA RUSSELL b 19May18932 Walnut Grove Redwood Co. MN d 17July1953 
Blythdale Harrison MO bur Eagleville Masonic Cem. Eagleville MO m MILLARD M. 

13727 MARGARET ANN RUSSELL b 6Oct1893 Walnut Grove Redwood Co. MN on 17July1912 

13728 CHARLES ALLEN RUSSELL b 17Dec1895 Slayton Murray Co. MINN d 31Dec1962 at 
home 552 S. Hardy Independence Jackson Co. MO bur 3Jan1963 Flora Hills Cemetery 
Kansas City MO on 2Feb1918 Independence Jackson MO m GLADYS IRENE CHIDESTER b 
29Jan1900 Ft. Scott Bourbon Co. KS d 2Nov975 at home 610 S. Huttig Independence 
Jackson Co. MO bur 4Nov1975 Floral Hills Cemetery Kansad City MO d/o ADA MAY 

Their children:
137281 Dorothy Virginia Russell
137282 Robert Eugene Russell
137283 Betty Louise Russell
137284 Charles Edward Russell
137285 Robert Martin Russell


1373 ANDREW AYLMER RUSSELL b 13June1856-58 d 8May1918 on 14Dec1885 m LILLIE 

138 MARGARET RUSSELL b 15Oct1829 d 20Dec1829

139 ROSWELL B. RUSSELL b 16Aug1831 d 13Jan1914 on 1Jan1856 m 1221 BETSEY ANN 
RUSSELL b 17Feb1831 NY d 27Feb1899 d/o BETSEY P. ARCHIBALD and 122 JAMES J. 

Their children:  (DH) 1391 Arthur H. Russell b 16Sept1856
1392 Alexander Russell b 3Feb1861
U. S. 1860 Andes Delaware Co. NY HH#354'357:
Roswell B. Russell 27 farmer 1400
Betsy Russell 29 NY
Arthur H. Russell 3 NY

14 ELIZABETH RUSSELL Mr. Hoy wrote that she was not married and was born 1876 
but he must have meant 1776.  There is an Elizabeth Russell buried in the Old 
United Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Bovina Delaware Co. NY according to David 
Hoy.  Tombstone reads "Elizabeth Russell native of Scotland d Sept. 20 1840 
aged 75 years.  This age does not match what David Hoy wrote in his Russell 
compilation but it could possibly be her. cjmc.

[In Munsell's History of Delaware Co. N.Y. at page 127 a Miss Elizabeth Russel 
united with the United Presbyterian Church on the second Sabbath of July 1815 in 
Bovina along with Mathew Russel and James Thomson whom, I believe, were her 
brother and brother-in-law. cjmc]

15 AGNES (NANCY) RUSSELL b July1780-86 Scotland d 30Jun1873 in 1805 m JAMES 
THOMSON b 1778 Scotland d 11Jan1867 s/o JAMES THOMSON  Mr. Hoy wrote that they 
had seven children and the youngest Lydia Thomson died 25Oct1916 nearly 92 years 

Their known children: (census)
151 Margaret Thomson
152 Andrew B. Thomson
153 Lydia Thomson
154 Elizabeth Thomson
[For full paragraph, see 12 James Russell above. cjmc]
U. S. 1850 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY  Page 233 HH#1082/1115
James Thompson Sen. 72   Scotland  farmer    $2000
Agnes Thompson      64   Scotland
Margaret Thompson   32   NY
Andrew B. Thompson  30   NY
Lydia Thompson      25   NY
Wilson McFarland    11   NY*
Stephen Russell     82   Scotland  no occupation

*Enumerated as next is HH#1083-1116 is the family of Andrew T. McFarland 
and his wife 126 Jane Russell and their children.  Jane is the niece of 15 Agnes 
(Russell) Thompson/Thomson.  At HH#1081/1116 is Janetta Thompson 30 b 
Scotland with Margaret 3 b NY and James W. 7/12 b NY and an Ellen Clavenah [name 
not clear] 17 b Ireland. Wonder if this is a widowed daughter in law?
Then on the other side of the Jane and Andrew McFarland and their family 
enumerated as HH#1086/1117 is Thomas Russell 79 farmer b Ireland with 
Joanna 47 and Sarah 40 both born NY.  Who is he?  Could he be another son 
of Sarah [] and 1 James Russell and they lived in Ireland for awhile or could it 
be that who ever gave the information to the census taker thought he was born in 
Ireland.  Approximate years of birth according to the census were Stephen 1763, 
James 1772, Matthew is a known birth of 1774, Elizabeth 1776 and Agnes 1780-86.  
This Thomas was born approximately in 1771 so he would fit in this family.

U. S. 1860 census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH# 119/119: James Thompson Sr. 82 
farmer 5000/800 Scotland
Nancy Thompson 80 Scotland
Margaret Thompson 42 NY
Andrew Thompson 39 farmer NY
Lydia Thompson 35 NY
Wilson McFarlan 21 NY
HH# 120/120:
Jennet P. Thompson 40 Scotland
Margaret Thompson 13 NY
James W. Thompson 10 NY

151 MARGARET THOMSON B ca 1818/1819 NY (c)
152 ANDREW B. THOMSON b ca 1820 NY (c)

At page 132 in the Munsell'sHistory of Delaware Co. N. Y. in the section 
entitled Biographical Notes - Town of Bovina, it is written:
  "Andrew B. Thomson is a son of James Thomson, sen., who was born in 
Scotland in 1798, and came to Bovina in 1801.  His mother was Nancy, daughter of 
James Russell, a pioneer of 1801.  The parents were substantial and respected 
people.  Andrew B. and two sisters occupy the homestead on the Little 

U. S. 1870 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#68-69
Andrew Thomson 50 farmer 9000 1200 NY
Nancy Thomson 89 b Scotland
Margaret Thomson looks like 51  500 NY
Lydia Thomson 45                500 NY

153 LYDIA THOMSON b ca 1825 NY d 25Oct1916
154 ELIZABETH THOMSON b ca 1806 NY (c) d 29Apr1892 (ts) bur Reformed 
Prestyberian Church Cemetery (Old Bovina Cemetery Bovina Delaware Co. NY  m 
GEORGE THOMSON b ca 1798 Scotland (c) d 1873 (ts) also buried Old Bovina 
Their children according to census and Old Bovina Cemetery records:
1541 Nancy Thomson
1542 Margaret Thomson d 10Dec1834 ae 2m 6d bur Old Bovina Cemetery
1543 Andrew Thomson b ca 1835 NY (c)
1544 James B. Thomson b ca 1838 Ny (c)
1545 Margaret Thomson b ca 1842 d 17Sept1848 ae 7y 8m bur Old Bovina Cemetery
1546 Elizabeth R. Thomson b ca 1843 d 19Feb1846 ae 3y 1m 25d bur Old Bovina 
1547 Mary J. Thomson b ca 1846 NY (c)
1548 Lydia Thomson b ca 1849 NY (c) 

U. S. 1850 Census Bovina Delaware Co. NY HH#1098/1132
George Thomson 52 farmer $2000 Scotland
Elisabeth Thomson 44 NY
Nancy Thomson 18 NY
Andrew Thomson 15 NY
James B. Thomson 12 NY
Mary J. Thomson 4 NY
Lydia Thomson 1 NY

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