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This is a timeline and record of proof documents in my possession for Gilbert Northrup of Franklin, Delaware County, NY. Maybe something in here will jog a memory of who his parents were. Parents that are listed on Gilbert's Death Certificate are Arastus ??? Northup & Elnore Preston ? I question if either name is right. Info given by Orpha Davis Northrup, Gilbert's second wife. - Annette Campbell


Gilbert Northrup born 26 Oct 1833 -Franklin NY (Death Certificate)

Elizabeth Northrup born 1836 (Source 1850 census

Gilbert Northrup 1850 Census age 17 living with Daniel Canfield- Oneonta NY

Elizabeth Northrup 1850 Census age 14 in school in Lyman & ALMIRA Betts house Franklin, NY

Gilbert Northrup 1855 Census age 21 living in Albert Taylor home in Franklin NY

Elizabeth Northrup 1855 Census Age 18 living in Albert Taylor home in Franklin, NY

Elizabeth Northrup 2 Sep 1855 marries Harry Lee Buell, Jr. (Bloomville News) Son of

Harry Buell, Sr. & ALMIRA _______, born 1833.

Elizabeth Northrup 1855/7 gives birth to Alice A. Buell (Source 1860 Census of Delhi, NY-Age 3 or 5

Gilbert Northrup 1858 marries Malvina Fitch in Walton, NY (War Records)

Gilbert Northrup 1859 has son George in Middletown, NY (source Death Certificate)

Elizabeth Northrup 1859 gives birth to Mary A. Buell (source 1860 Census of Delhi, NY Age 1 year

Gilbert Northrup 1860 Census living in Masonville with wife & son George & ALMIRA

Betts-then a grass Widow-meaning Lyman has left her.

Elizabeth Northrup 6 Jan 1861 gives birth to Laura Elizabeth Buell

Gilbert Northrup 1862 in Civil War-enlisted at Masonville-went from Deposit NY

Elizabeth Northrup Abt 1863 gives birth to Charlotte Buell

Elizabeth Northrup 1869 has Laura Elizabeth baptised in Franklin

Gilbert Northrup Between Civil War and coming to Steuben Co, NY in 1874, lived in

West Laurens, Otsego Co, NY, Also in Independence, Allegany Co, NY (source

Civil War pension application)

Elizabeth Northrup on 1880 Census of Franklin with

ALMIRA Betts keeping house. Elizabeth is single.

Gilbert's wife Malvina died in Hartsville, NY in 1881 (Burial not found-papers for town

destroyed in flood of 1972.)In 1880 they were with George in Canisteo (Census)

Gilbert Northrup 1882 marries his son George's wife's younger sister Orpha Davis Raymond in Arkport, NY (source-marriage certificate in my possession)

Gilbert Northrup lives for 39 years in Canisteo Valley in various places

Gilbert Northrup 1918 died in Cameron, Steuben Co, NY (death cert)

Orpha Davis, Raymond, Northrup 1919 dies, drowned in Well back of her home in Cameron

when found house was on fire and nearly destroyed.

Almira Betts, wife of Lyman Betts was born Almira GILLETT.

Elizabeth Northrup Buell secondly married Culver GILLETT.

These three individuals are buried side by side in West Oneonta Cemetery, West Oneonta, Otsego Co, NY. Elizabeth b. 1836 died in 1911 6 months after a stroke from the effects of the same.

Gilbert & Elizabeth Northrup were children of Emanuel Northrup and his first wife Elinora Preston. I think maybe Elinora Preston was a daughter of Justus Preston and his wife Lucretia Pratt, he is buried in Franklin but she is not or at least no stone showing. Justus had 4 sons and 3 daughters according to the early census. Justus was born in 1788 and Elinora would have been born about 1810 to be a mother to Gilbert in 1833 and Elizabeth in 1836.

Elinora died after the birth of Elizabeth on July 4, 1836, her husband Emanuel re-married in December of that year to Sally Betsey and they are buried together in Oneonta. No trace yet of Elinora ca.1810-1836 anywhere in either county.

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