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3rd row standing (left to right) - Briggs?, Briggs?, John Stiles, Fanny Allen Whitaker, John Vogt, Whitaker Briggs, Charles Stiles, Claude R. Clark, Edwin Stiles
2nd row sitting - Briggs?, Thomas Whitaker, Mary (Mate) Whitaker Stiles, Ellen Whitaker Dickenson Vogt, Sarah Marie Whitaker Stiles, Emily Stiles Tarbox, Edna Loder Clark, unknown
Sitting - Robert Harkness, Esther Loder, Maybel Clann Clark, Loretta Briggs, Martha (Molly) Elizabeth Loder, Louis Tarbox

from Carolyn Clark Hall, Pensacola, Fl

I have been going through the Delaware county historical website and found this photo where I believe some people have been mistakenly identified. As you look at the photo, in the back row on the far right side is Michael Clark. Immediately next to him with the hat is his oldest son, Claude R. Clark. Directly below Michael is his wife, Nettie Bailey Clark. The little girl in the front row—third from the left is indeed, Maybelle Clark, but her mother, Edna Loder Clark, is the woman in white with the white hat - 2 people to the right from Maybelle. Claude Clark and Edna Loder Clark were married in 1899 and Maybelle Clark was born in 1900. I believe this would put this photo closer to 1906. There is no doubt in my mind this identification. Nettie Bailey Clark was my great grandmother and I have numerous photos of all of these people. --Carolyn

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Standing (left to right) - Mary (Mate) Whitaker Stiles, Fanny Allen Whitaker, Charles Stiles

Seated (left to right) - Ellen Whitaker Dickenson Vogt, Thomas Whitaker, unknown woman, Edwin Stiles

I was recently given these two photos by my mother's cousin, Florence Schermerhorn Forney. Florence's mother was Esther Loder who appears in the large group photo 2nd from the left sitting on the ground. I would guess that the pictures were taken about 1904-05. Fortunately most of these people from Deposit are identified. The family tree has been published by Joyce Hansen on --Judy Coy, May 17, 2004

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