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The Chisholm Family of New Kingston,

Town of Middletown, Delaware County, New York

Anyone with more information or family members contact Kathy Russell Barnes, October 25, 2002.

1. Andrew Chisholm, b. 1776, buried: New Kingston, Delaware Co, NY. The Long Papers by Lincoln Long: Pg 22 Long found the tombstone of Andrew Chisholm b. 1776 on the Van Benschoten property. Another stone says "Ellis, wife of James Chisholm, born 1777".

He married Elsie Archer.


2. i James Chisholm b. 1812.

3. ii Jane Chisholm b. 28 Apr 1815.

iii William Chisholm, b. 1817, d. 12 Mar 1901, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY. Source of dates of birth & death are the tombstone of William and Agnes in Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY.

He married Agnes, b. 1830, d. 22 Feb 1901, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY.

Second Generation

2. James Chisholm, (1.Andrew1) b. 1812, d. 13 May 1859, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY. 7/2002 Source Jeanne Palen: Uncle Frank Russell told her that James, who lived at the "Old Place" left the house with his firearm after hearing a bird call and caught his leg on a shrub stump. He died of blood poison from the injury. Age 47 years

Tombstone found in Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY.

He married (1) Ella Delameter, b. 1823, (daughter of Abram J Delameter and Sallie Dumont/Dumond).


4. i Andrew "A A" Chisholm.

5. ii Margaret Chisholm b. 1844.

iii Sarah Chisholm.

She married James Archibald, 31 Mar 1862, in New Kingston. NY.

He married (2) Rachel Delameter, b. 1823, New York, (daughter of Abram J Delameter and Sallie Dumont/Dumond * she was Ella's twin sister) d. 6 Jun 1897, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY.


iv James Willas Chisholm, b. 26 Jun 1859, Tn of Middletown, New Kingston, NY, d. 1942, buried: New Kingston Cemetery.

He married Ella J Dickson.

3. Jane Chisholm, (1.Andrew1) b. 28 Apr 1815, d. 21 Mar 1886, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston Cemetery, NY.

She married John Grant Russell, 25 Dec 1845, b. 25 Apr 1822, Bovina, NY, (son of Matthew R Russell and Betsy Cummings) d. 26 Mar 1902, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY.


6. i Alice Jane Russell b. 25 Mar 1847.

ii James Russell, b. 1848.

7. iii Elizabeth Esther Russell b. 13 Nov 1848.

iv Margaret A Russell, b. 8 Sep 1850, d. 16 Feb 1872, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston,NY.

8. v Andrew M Russell b. 12 Aug 1852.

9. vi Mary Adelia Russell b. 7 Mar 1855.

10. vii John Oscar Russell b. 2 Feb 1858.

Third Generation

4. Andrew "A A" Chisholm, (2.James2, 1.Andrew1). Resided in Croton/Franklin, Delaware Co, NY


i Frank S Chisholm, b. abt 26 Jan 1868, d. 10 Feb 1868. Age 15 days

Source: Tombstone Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY son of AA and SW.

5. Margaret Chisholm, (2.James2, 1.Andrew1) b. 1844, d. 1928, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY. Tombstone found.

She married Robert W Winter, b. 23 Apr 1833, (son of Thomas Winter and Isabella Turnbull) d. 17 Apr 1900, buried: Archibald Cemetery, New Kingston, NY.


i James T Winter, b. 1864, d. 1958, New Kingston, NY, buried: Old New Kingston Cemetery. Tombstone found in Old New Kingston Cemetery

Never married. Lived with Frank Russell in New Kingston hamlet.

11. ii Frank Wendell Winter b. 27 Aug 1865.

12. iii Anna Winter b. 1867.

6. Alice Jane Russell, (3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 25 Mar 1847, d. 4 Jun 1923. DePew reports son as Harry instead of Henry.

She married William F Boggs, 16 Feb 1871, b. 17 Oct 1844, (son of William Boggs and Elizaeth McKenzie) d. 8 Jul 1933.


i Henry G Boggs, b. 8 Apr 1873, d. 16 Sep 1891. Age 14 years.

13. ii J Russell Boggs b. 25 May 1878.

7. Elizabeth Esther Russell, (3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 13 Nov 1848, New Kingston, NY, d. 21 Aug 1911.

She married Sloan Archibald, 16 Jun 1869, b. 5 Jan 1848, (son of James Archibald and Margaret Sloan).


14. i Jennie Alice Archibald b. 24 Apr 1870.

15. ii Russell Archibald b. 12 May 1872.

8. Andrew M Russell, (3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 12 Aug 1852, d. 14 Oct 1933, buried: New Kingston, NY.

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10th Section - pages 452 - 499

ANDREW M. RUSSELL, of New Kingston, in Middletown, NY, was born in Bovina, on August 12, 1852.

Andrew M., son of John G. and Jane (Chisholm) Russell, pursued his elementary studies in the schools of New Kingston, and finished his education at Stamford Academy. As a young man he worked on his father's farm, and taught school for seven terms. He then began selling farming implements for the firm of Wheeler & Mellet. He is now Postmaster of New Kingston, to which place he came in 1884. Here he met and married Miss Anna Winters, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Chisholm) Winters. Mr. A. M. Russell is a Democrat in politics, and has held several of the minor public offices in the town. His wife is a member of the United Presbyterian church of New Kingston, where they reside.

He married Anna Winter, b. 1867, (daughter of Robert W Winter and Margaret Chisholm) d. 1939, buried: New Kingston, NY.


i Frank L Russell, b. 26 Mar 1895, d. 1980, Margaretville, NY, buried: New Kingston, NY. Never married.

16. ii Lillian Marguerite Russell b. 18 Oct 1896.

17. iii Robert Winter Russell b. 14 Jul 1906.

9. Mary Adelia Russell, (3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 7 Mar 1855, d. 5 May 1905, Tuscola Co, Michigan, buried: Columbia Township Cemetery. Lived in Unionville, MI.

She married Arthur H Russell, 26 Oct 1882, b. 16 Sep 1856, (son of Roswell B Russell and Betsy Ann Russell) d. 1925.


18. i John R Russell.

19. ii Mildred Russell b. 17 Apr 1897.

10. John Oscar Russell, (3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 2 Feb 1858, d. 22 Feb 1923.

He married Belle O Thomson, 14 Jan 1885, b. 1 May 1861, (daughter of Walter Thomson and Jane Murray).


i Alice E Russell, b. 5 Jan 1899, d. 9 May 1990, Delhi, NY.

She married Earl G Thomson, 14 Oct 1919.

Fourth Generation

11. Frank Wendell Winter, (5.Margaret3, 2.James2, 1.Andrew1) b. 27 Aug 1865, d. 20 Jun 1953, buried: Old Margaretville Cemetery.

He married Jeanetta N More Ackerly, (daughter of John Wesley Ackerly and Emma A More).


i Margaret Jeanette "Peg" Winter, (details excluded).

She married Percy Bovee.

ii Mabel Ackerly Winter, b. 24 Dec 1907, d. 1995, buried: Old Margaretville Cemetery. Never married. School teacher in Hempstead, LI, NY.

12. Anna Winter, (5.Margaret3, 2.James2, 1.Andrew1) (See marriage to number 8.)

13. J Russell Boggs, (6.Alice3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 25 May 1878.

He married Margaret Coulter, 26 Oct 1904.


i Donald E Boggs.

ii Robert R Boggs.

iii JW Norris Boggs.

14. Jennie Alice Archibald, (7.Elizabeth3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 24 Apr 1870, d. 8 Mar 1917.


She married William S Thomson, 29 Jan 1890.


20. i Andrew Ralph Thomson b. 7 Apr 1891.

ii Archibald Millard Thomson, b. 18 Sep 1893.

He married Wanda Lathan, 17 Feb 1915.

iii Mozelle Elizabeth Thomson, b. 27 Jul 1897.

15. Russell Archibald, (7.Elizabeth3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 12 May 1872, d. June 1927.

He married (1) Carrie May Scott, 17 Jun 1903, b. 1878, (daughter of Edwin J Scott and Margery McNaught) d. 12 Feb 1918.

He married (2) Mary M Cammer, 27 Mar 1919, (daughter of John Cammer).


i Elizabeth Archibald, (details excluded).

ii Russell Archibald.

iii Mary Archibald.

16. Lillian Marguerite Russell, (8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 18 Oct 1896, d. 22 Mar 1968, New Kingston, NY, buried: New Kingston, NY.

She married Ruthven S Robertson, b. 1896, d. 1983, buried: New Kingston, NY.


21. i Jeanne Elizabeth Robertson (details excluded).

17. Robert Winter Russell, (8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 14 Jul 1906, New Kingston, NY, d. 25 May 1987, Albany, NY VA Hospital.

He married Frances Mabel Taber, (details excluded).


22. i David Jeffery Pendell SR (details excluded).

23. ii Vanessa Kathleen Gillman Russell (details excluded).

iii Jilleen Lorraine Gillman Russell, (details excluded).

24. iv William Robert Russell (details excluded).

18. John R Russell, (9.Mary3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1).

He married Anna McCormick.


i Marian Russell. 1999 resides Unionville, MI.

She married Don Streeter.

25. ii Donald Russell.

iii Betty Russell.

19. Mildred Russell, (9.Mary3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 17 Apr 1897, Unionville, MI, d. 28 Oct 1995, Caro, Tuscola Co, MI.

She married William Poppy, 5 May 1920, in Bay City, Bay Co, MI.


26. i Patricia Poppy (details excluded).

ii Son Poppy, (details excluded).

Fifth Generation

20. Andrew Ralph Thomson, (14.Jennie4, 7.Elizabeth3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) b. 7 Apr 1891.

He married Lulu Rice, Mar 19.


i Thomas William Thomson, (details excluded).

21. Jeanne Elizabeth Robertson, (16.Lillian4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

She married Gilbert Matthewson Palen, b. 26 Mar 1913, d. 17 May 1986, buried: New Kingston, NY.


27. i Gilbert Matthewson Palen JR (details excluded).

22. David Jeffery Pendell SR, (17.Robert4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

He married Edde Jean Fuller.


i Lewis Robert Soules, (details excluded).

28. ii Amber Kay Pendell (details excluded).

iii David Jeffery Pendell Jr, (details excluded).

23. Vanessa Kathleen Gillman Russell, (17.Robert4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

She married Gene Arthur Barnes, (details excluded).


i Brett Kyle Barnes, (details excluded).

29. ii Derek Keith Barnes (details excluded).

24. William Robert Russell, (17.Robert4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

He married Trudy Kelly, (details excluded).


i Casey Robert Russell, (details excluded).

ii Heather Marie Russell, (details excluded).

25. Donald Russell, (18.John4, 9.Mary3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) d. Oct 1999.


30. i Joan Russell.

ii Daughter Russell.

26. Patricia Poppy, (19.Mildred4, 9.Mary3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

She married Unknown Pomerville.


i Patrice Pomerville.

She married Unknown Arnold-Powell.

Sixth Generation

27. Gilbert Matthewson Palen JR, (21.Jeanne5, 16.Lillian4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

He married Cassandra Finnis.


i Katherine Elizabeth Palen, (details excluded).

28. Amber Kay Pendell, (22.David5, 17.Robert4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

She married Tito Endaya, (details excluded).


i Ryan Christopher Campbell, (details excluded).

ii Sean Endaya, (details excluded).

iii Adrianna Endaya, (details excluded).

29. Derek Keith Barnes, (23.Vanessa5, 17.Robert4, 8.Andrew3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1) (details excluded).

He married Sarah Elizabeth Herwick, (details excluded).


i Harrison Peter Barnes, (details excluded).

30. Joan Russell, (25.Donald5, 18.John4, 9.Mary3, 3.Jane2, 1.Andrew1).

She married Unknown Quade.


i Breke Quade.

ii Laura Quade.

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