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Submitted by Annette Campbell, 23 May 1006

FRANK MELVILLE ANDRUS, one of the leading lawyers of the town of Roxbury, Delaware County, where he was born on the 8th of February, 1861, is of English descent, and seems to have inherited the traits of sagacity, thrift, and industry that have through successive generations distinguished the Andrus family. He is the son of Daniel D. and Catherine N. (Stratton) Andrus, and grandson of Daniel D. and Polly D. (Demmon) Andrus, both of English parentage. Daniel Andrus, the grandfather, a native of Albany County, where he was born March 26, 1786, came to Meeker Hollow, and settled upon a tract of land covering an area of one hundred and thirty acres. Later in life he moved to Victor, Ontario County, taking his family with him, and established himself there as a drover. In the fiftieth year of his age, while on a business trip in the eastern part of the State, he was taken ill, and died on the 20th of July, 1836, leaving a wife, who did not long survive him, and eleven children, who were born in the following order: Joseph D., born November 19, 1808; Alonzo B., March 19, 1810; Laura L., May 28, 1812; Justice D., August 8, 1814; Anna, August 29, 1816; Catherine, July 30, 1818; Polly D., September 10, 1820; Brazil, February 10, 1823; Maranda D., October 20, 1828; Daniel D., December 2, 1831; and Anna C., April 2, 1833.

Daniel D., the youngest son, was sent back to Delaware County at the age of five years, where he grew to manhood under the guidance of Mr. Ira Hicks. He was educated in the district school, and for some time was a clerk in Mr. Hick's store, but finally embarked in the cattle business, inheriting an aptitude in that line from his father, and proving himself equally successful. He married Kate N. Stratton, who was born March 17, 1839, a daughter of Lewis and Jane (Lockwood) Stratton. The grandfather of Mrs. Kate Andrus was one of the early settlers of that locality so famous for its beauty, and known as the Stratton Falls. Daniel Andrus was a Democrat in politics, and held the offices of Assessor, Supervisor, and Justice of the Peace. Socially, he was a member of Coeur de Lion Lodge.

Frank Melville Andrus attended the district school of Delaware County, and afterward went to Stamford, N.Y., where he pursued more advanced studies. He finally applied himself to the study of law, and, after reading with Mr. Henry C. Soop, was admitted to the bar in 1885, since which time he has practised his profession, in partnership with his former tutor, Mr. Soop.

Mr. Andrus married Nellie E. Pierce, daughter of Roderick and Olive A. (Peck) Pierce; and their union has been blessed with one child, Olive E. In his political convictions Mr. Andrus is a Democrat, and in his religious views liberal. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and is Past master of Coeur de Lion Lodge.

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