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Deaths occurring during the year ending June 1, 1875
Native= County, State or Country of Birth
C= civil condition; M is married; S is single; W is widowed
HK for trade is housekeeper

Some of these names were difficult to read. I tried to cross check the names I was unsure of with other census records, however, it was not always possible to do this. I did the best I could with the spellings. I would like to thank Shirley Houck of the Delaware County Clerk's Office for her assistance. --Clarence Putman, December 2004

Town of Andes-1st Election District

Name                 Age  Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death 
Jenette Ada Taylor   6    F   4/3     NY               Scarlet Fever 
William David Taylor 4    M   3/30    NY               Scarlet Fever     
James Black Taylor 2 7/12 M   4/28    NY               Scarlet Fever      
John Whitson         83   M   2/27    Scotland  Farmer Inflamation 
                                                       Of Lungs
Maude Benjamin    1 9/12  F   11/22   Del. County      Inflamation
                                                       Of Brain 
Benjamin Conner      63   M   10/8    Del.      Farmer General 
                                      County           Debility
Christina Miller     70   F   10/20   Germany          Inflamation 
                                                       Of Bowels

Town of Andes-2nd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Seely E Washburn     54  M   4/14  M NY        Farmer Consumption
Mercy R Baker        67  F   1/20  W NY        HK     Consumption
Samuel B Shaver      51  M   3/2   M NY        Farmer Found Dead
John Smith           63  M   3/5   M NY        Farmer Unknown
Elizabeth Barnhart   58  F   8/26  M NY        HK     Inflamation 
Sarah Shaver         71  F   1/3   M NY        HK     Rupture &
Adam Finkle          65  M   7/4   M NY        Farmer Lung Disease
James Seath          74  M   10/19 M Scotland  Farmer Bright Disease
Jessie Miner         18  F   1/11  M NY        HK     Spinal Fever

Town of Bovina
Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Jas. Archibald       31  M   9/20  M NY        Farmer Liver Complaint
Morris S Reynolds    63  M   3/29  W NY        None   Bright Disease
Phebe McCune         80  F   5/11  W NY        None   Billious Fever
Bartholamew McFarland 72 M   1/28  M NY        Black  Kidney and Liver
                                               Smith  Disease(Combined)
Hugh Leagan          31  M   11/5  M NY      Teamster Typhoid Fever

Town of Colchester-North of the East Branch of the Delaware River

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Jacob Fuller         62  M   10/3  M NY        Farmer Erysipeles
Minerva Hurd         76  W   4/23  W Conn.     ----   Infirmities of age
Erastus Fuller       44  M   2/20  M NY        Farm   Inflamation of 
                                               Laborer the lungs
Infant              1/12 F   3/7   S NY        ----   Inflamation of 
                                                      The bowels
Esther Ryant         76  F   5/23  W NY        HK     Inflamation of
                                                      The lungs
Mary P Baker         23  F   4/20  M NY        ----   Consumption
Rhoda Vail          1/12 F   11/19 S NY        ----   Inflamation of
                                                      The lungs
John McArthur        70  M   10/5  W Scotland  Farmer Infirmities of age
Timothy Fuller       22  M   5/8   S NY        Farm   Consumption
Elinor J Bogart      39  F   3/23  M NY        Toll?  Consumption
George Sickler       50  M   6/15  M NY        Farmer Stomach Cancer
John N Elwood        21  M   7/2   S NY        School Killed by a tree
                                               Teacher falling on him
Marcelia Finn        76  F   11/29 M Ireland   ----   Infirmities of age
George H Fuller      43  M   4/27  M NY        Black  Typhoid Fever
Conklin Washburn     49  M   7/25  M NY     Lumberman Inflamation on the
Hirman Fuller        70  M   12/26 M NY        Farmer Appopsley
Isabella C Montgomery 57 F   3/6   M Scotland  ----   Dropsy
Rebecca Fuller       38  F   6/29  M NY        ----   Inflamation of the
Ann Bassett          35  F   9/12  M NY        ----   Typhoid Fever
Nettie Knapp      2 3/12 F   2/24  S NY               Inflamation on the 
Benjamin P Bogart    46  M   6/30  M NY     Lumberman Killed by a tree
                                                      Falling on him
Henderson Fuller   10/12 M   4/17  S NY        ----   Inflamation on the

Town of Colchester-South of the East Branch of the Delaware River

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Jane Disbrow         78  F   7/23  M Putman    ----   ----
Ebin Jennings        23  M   8/10  M Delaware  Farmer Hart
Daniel Campbell      70  M   11/4  M Scotland  Farmer ----
Pheby Campbell       70  F   12/9  M Delaware  ----   ----
Liddy Bontton     1 3/12 F   11/8  S Delaware  ----   ----
Conklin Washburn     56  M   8/5   M Delaware  Mill Hand ---
Anna M Cochram       62  F   2/3   M Schoharie ----   Hart
Stephen Russell      43  M   5/1   M Delaware  Farmer ----
Charles Knox         24  M   9/8   S Sulivan   Mill Hand ----
Hellen J Jagger      28  F   2/26  M Mass.     ----   Consumtion
Sarah Barnhat        62  F   12/24 M Delaware  ----   Dropsy
Pheby Gregory        79  F   5/6   W Delaware  ----   ----
James Merrill       1/12 M   3/18  S Delaware  ----   Chicken Pox
Cathrin Fuller       48  F   11/22 S NY        ----   Consumtion
Elya Hendrson        71  F   6/13  M Scotland  ----   Dropsy

Town of Davenport-1st Election District 

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Nancy McLaury        58  F   2/14  M NY        HK     Cancer or tumor 
Wife of Geo. H McLaury                                on Liver
John Wright          16  M   9/12  S NY        None   Rheumation of Heart
Charles Hillis    1 1/12 M   3/14  S NY        None   Croup
Son of David
Delcina Blake        18  F   2/5   S NY        None   Consumption
Frank Sherman     1 8/12 M   4/21  S NY        None   Measels 
Son of Elbridge    
Smith Gordon         43  M   2/14  M NY       Retired Intemperance
                                           Hotel Keeper
Thomas H Oliver      25  M   8/30  M NY        Farmer Consumption
Nellie Pierce     1 6/12 F   1/28  S NY        None   Croup following 
Daughter of Benjamin                                     measels
Cora May Pierce   1 7/12 F   1/22  S NY        None   Congestion of lungs
Daughter of John S                                    following measels
Cora May Elwell   1 1/12 F   3/22  S NY        None   Scarlet Fever
Daughter of Julius
Sabun Crandall       54  M   1/1   M NY        Farmer Dyspepsia
Philip Becker        63  M   3/6   W NY        Farmer Billious Pneumonia

Town of Davenport-2nd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Jessie? A Blakely    23  F   9/20  M NY        HK     Bilious Fever
Lydia I White      7/12  F   6/2   S NY               Chronic Bronchitis 
Daniel Bemas         23  M   6/7   M NY   Day Laborer Drowned
Nancy Humprhry       89  F   10/17 W Ireland          Old Age
Henry Osterhout      81  M   3/16  M NY  Retired Farmer Old Age
Charlotte Shaver     67  F   4/22  M NY        HK    Inflamation on lungs
Daniel Young         79  M   5/21  W NY  Retired Farmer Old Age
William C Miller     66  M   5/23  M NY        Farmer -----
Alcina Polmateer     21  F   5/28  M NY        HK     Appolexy
Elizabeth Evans      56  F   9/22  M NY        HK     Water on brain
Clarisa Schermerhorn 86  F   9/6   W NY               Old Age
Polly Polmateer      65  F   1/21  M NY        HK     Dropsy
Adelbert Butts        9  M   1/23  S NY               Inflamation

Town of Delhi-1st Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Frankie Harder      5/12 M   8/20  S NY               Congestion of Brain
James Cavir          92  M   4/11  W NY        Farmer
Hugh Clark           68  M   8/10  M Scotland  Farmer Congestion of Lungs
John Lambrech       8/12 M   5/31  S NY              Inflamation of lungs
Alvid Burdick        68  F   11/12 M NY
Grove Webster        84  M   4/19  W Conn.     Farmer Congestion of Lungs
Elizabeth Young      60  F   6/5   M Scotland         Complaint Bowel
Mathew Dagg          23  M   11/20 S Scotland  Farmer Fall from a Scafold
Purdence Fisher      79  F   6/19  W NY               Infirmities of Age
Harriett Bennett*    22  F   2/2   M NY           Consumption(Tubercular)
Jonathan Knapp       70  M   12/11 M Conn.     Farmer
Mary Wheeler         17  F   5/20  S NY           Consumption(Tubercular)
Ebenezer F Hutson    56  M   12/26 M NY        Merchant Consumption(Tub.)
Cyrus Carrington     56  M   8/11  W NY       Tin Smith Heart Disease
Curanice Flowers     73  F   12/27 M NY                 Typhoid Pneumonia
Charles Nicoll     2/12  M   12/11 S NY                 Whooping Cough

Town of Delhi-2nd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Margarett Oliver     67  F   9/12  M Scotland      Consumption(Hemonhage)
Alice Patterson      20  F   3/28  S NY              Inflamation of Spine
Samuel Gordon        80  M   2/14  W Scotland  Farmer Paralysis
Mary L Jack          28  F   1/31  M NY               Brights Disease of
Robert Wight         51  M   3/7   M NY       Farmer Inflamation of Lungs
John McKnee          67  M   4/24  M NY       Farmer Cancer in Stomach
Jacob Rowe           84  M   7/15  W NY     Shoemaker Apoplexy
James Brown          76  M   2/8   W Scotland  Farmer Brights Disease of
Peter Niver          60  M   2/22  M NY        Farmer
Delsena Blake        17  F   2/5   S NY
Rachel McNaughton    94  F   1/31  W Ireland          Infirmities of Age
John Redman          75  M   2/23  W NY        Farmer Rupture
Jefferson Jackson    66  M   1/11  S NY    Farmer Inflamation(Congestion)
Philip Odell         88  M   1/29  W NY      Carpenter Inflamation
                                                       (Congestion) Lungs
Lydia Hablensack     51  F   4/8   S NY
George Plingh        56  M   1/7   W NY        Farmer Inflamation
                                                      (Congestion) Lungs
Alexander Smith      68  M   12/13 S Holland   Sailor Disease of Heart
Lewis McKnee         80  M   4/23  W NY        Farmer
Elizabeth Carrington 77  F   9/20  W NY
Lucinda Peak         75  F   2/3   S NY
Phoebee Davis        84  F   2/14  W NY               Infirmities of Age
Lorenzo Kniskern     47  M   1/26  M NY        Cooper Tumor on Brain
Agnes N Gildg?(Gilday)86 F   5/1   S Scotland         Pelvic Peritonitis
James B Malden       28  M   9/28  M Scotland Commerical Typhoid Fever
Helen Easton         29  F   7/18  M NY               Paralysis

Infant daughter    1/12  F         S NY
Of F.A. Browne        
Lydia f Payne        43  F   2/4   M NY          Consumption(Tuberculas)

Town of Franklin-1st Election District 

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
William H Noble      53  M   11/24 M Conn.   Merchant Congestion of Lung
Ebenezer Hanford     85  M   1/8   W Conn.  Shoemaker Diabetes
Alice Murphy         14  F   3/23  S Delaware         Billious fever
John Mollar          87  M   5/20  W England   Farmer Infirmities of age
James R Cobine       66  M   3/26  M Ireland   Farmer Apoplexy
Charles E Barnes     21  M   2/22  M Delaware  Farmer Billious Fever
James A Malloy       16  M   9/13  S Delaware  Farmer Typhoid Fever
Betsey Parmer        83  F   11/23 W Conn.            Infirmities of age
Thomas Middleton     69  M   3/5   S Scotland Merchant Consumption
Augusta Chamberlain  32  F   5/30  M Delaware         Erysipelas
Stephen Hine         51  M   2/24  M Delaware Merchant Rupture near heart
George W Briggs      52  M   10/16 M Maine    Teacher Diabates
Olin Allen           85  F   5/20  W Conn.            Congestion of Lungs
Alma Root            72  F   3/19  W Delaware         Apoplexy 
Mary White           68  F   10/1  M Delaware         Typhoid Fever
Otis White           73  M   10/8  W Delaware Farmer  Typhoid Fever
William Watters      66  M   7/31  M Delaware Merchant Apoplexy
Erastus Burdick      63  M   11/13 M Delaware Miller  Dropsey about lungs

Town of Franklin-2nd & 3rd Election Districts

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Eleanor Cook         73  F   11/15 W Delaware        Inflamation of lungs
Arthur G Knapp    3 5/12 M   1/11    Delaware        Erysipelas
Effie E Wheat        9   F   3/26    Delaware        Inflamation of lungs
Amanda Schermerhorn  44  F   3/1   M Delaware        Alcration of stomach
Charlotte Tupper     74  F   1/4   W Mass.           Old Age
Jennie Jones         30  F   3/23  M Delaware        Dropsy
Marion Hewitt        29  F   3/31  M Delaware        Liver Complaint
Polly Weed           74  F   8/30  M Conn.           Hart Disease
Lillie Underwood     3   F   12/25   Delaware        Scarlet Fever
Noah Phillips        55  M   1/3   M Delaware Farmer Dropsy
Angeline Potter      66  F   8/3   M Schoharie       Consumption

Town of Hamden

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
John S Signor        47  M   4/14  M Delaware  Framer Liver Complaint
Althea Dora Carman   15  F   9/10  S Delaware  None   Diabatis
James Russell        86  M   3/21  S Scotland  Farmer Heart Disease
Mary Terry       1 3/12  F   10/23   Delaware  None   Congestion of lungs
Frances M Williams   21  M   5/23  S Delaware  Teacher Meazles
James Duncan         35  M   4/27  M Scotland  Boot Maker Liver Complaint
Thos. J Tiffany      75  M   3/1   M Mass.     Farmer Exposure & Fatigue
Nellie E Russell   6/12  F   9/2     Delaware         Lung Complaint
John Henderson       77  M   1/30  M Scotland  Farmer Kidney Complaint
Agnes Ballatine      79  F   3/20  M Scotland  Farmer Influenza & Old Age
Peter Akre           45  M   Nov   M Delaware  Laborer Consumption
Archibald McAuslin   80  M   1/4   M Scotland  Farmer Cancer
Maragret C Munn      33  F   4/30  M Delaware  Farmer Dropsy
Margaret C Munn  1 6/12  F   10/4    Delaware         Cholera Infantum
James Renwick        65  M   3/8   S Delaware  Farmer Paralysis
Isabella Renwick     61  F   3/16  M Delaware  Farmer Paralysis
George Wight         86  M   2/27  S Scotland Farmer Infirmities old age
Jane Wight           76  F   2/23  M England   Farmer Influenza cold

Town of Hancock-1st & 3rd Election Districts

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Ann Van Pelt         59  F   11/19 M New York  HK     Consumption
James Baxter         23  M   10/6  M Delaware  Farmer Typhoid Fever
Elmira Lewis         64  F   8/26  W Delaware  HK     Dropsy
Aneilla Lewis        35  F   2/24  S Delaware  None   Disease of Heart
Franklin Fish        87  M   3/26  M Mass.Retired Farmer Inflamation Lung
Caroline Wilcox      47  F   6/15  M Chenango  HK     Disease of Kidneys
John Watson          75  M   1/19  M Scotland  Farmer Broken leg Gangrene
Martha Riekhart      46  F   8/26  M Dutchess  HK     Disease of liver

Town of Hancock-2nd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Harry Warren         8   M   7/3   S New York         cars run over foot
John E Dunn       5/12   M   2/28  S New York         Croup
Philomena Loupret    37  F   2/28  M Canada    HK     Sun Stroke
Bridget Tormay       36  F   10/13 M Ireland   HK     Consumption
Elizabeth Havers     47  F   5/9   W New York  HK     Dropsy
Johnny Leonard       13  M   1/19  S New York         Inflamation bowels
Francis Shimmer     102  F   10/9  W New York      Dropetd Dead(Old Age)        
Ezra Appley          72  M   12/14 M New York Shoemaker Paralysis
Martin Carr          53  M   11/15 M Ireland   Erie R.R. 
Edward Joice         48  M   5/22  M Ireland   Erie R.R. Paralysis
Catherine Imer       51  F   1/4   M Germany   HK     Sore Throat
Warner Crary     1 3/12  M   8/28  S Penn.            Cholera Infantum
Amos L Hull          52  M   5/8   M New York Carpenter Pneumonia
Eunice Thomas        19  F   5/8   M Penn.     HK     Consumption
Mary Currier         24  F   3/14  S New York Teaching School Consumption
Maria Eaqan          22  F   12/29 S New York  HK     Consumption
Charles Rodgers      6   M   5/30  S New York         Scarlet Fever

Town of Harpersfield 

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Mary Houck           85  F   4/7   W Delaware         Disease Unknown
Hannah Thomas        26  F   1/27  M Delaware         Consumtion
Elsey Titus          53  F   3/22  S Delaware         Lung Fever
Harriett Groat       10  F   9/22    Delaware         Diptheria
Latta B Kelley   3 8/12  F   4/8     Delaware         Measles
Edie Seley       1 5/12  M   3/24    Delaware         Scarlet Fever
Jesse Snyder     2 5/12  M   11/25   Delaware         Diptheria & Croup 
Maria Roes           68  F   4/30  S Schoharie        Cancer
Stephen Maynard      58  M   3/3   M Delaware  Farmer Disease of Kidney
Louis A Buck         23  M   2/19  S Delaware  Farmer Typhoid Fever
Elander English      44  M   10/8  S Delaware         Insanity
Ann Hume             81  F   1/21  W Delaware         Pneumonia
Polly S Wardwell     78  F   2/25  W Greene           Consumption
Hannah Hogland       33  F   1/2   S Delaware Tailoress Consumption
Wm H McClaury        92  M   12/2  W Delaware Rt Farmer Not known

Town of Kortright-1st & 2nd Election Districts

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Moses Stronoghon     51  M   5/17  M Ireland   Farming Heart Disease
Margaret J Harper    50  F   6/11  M           Farming Heart Disease
John Sloan           65  M   6/12  S Ireland   Farming Heart Disease
Elizabeth Shiland    82  F   10/15 W Washington Co.    Pneumonia
Sarah E Jobson       38  F   6/20  M Delaware Co.      Consumption
John Davis           27  M   1/12  S Delaware Shoemaker Brain Fever

Town of Masonville

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Arthur Wood          2   M   12/1  S Delaware         Scarlet Fever
Alferetta Hill       6w  F   11/16 S Delaware      Inflamation of stomach
Andrew Cook          22  M   4/21  S Delaware  Farmer Congestion of Heart
Harriet Darling      60  F   2/16  M Schoharie        Typhoid Fever
Florina C Stilson    16  F   3/30  S Delaware         Measles
Rebecca Wilbur       7   F   1/14  S Delaware         Spotted Fever
Thaddeus Gilbert     96  M   8/6   W Mass.     Farmer Infirmities of age
Olivia P Smith       17  F   4/9   S Delaware         Measles
Justin Smith         19  M   8/6   S Delaware  Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia
Adolphus Dewey       34  M   4/10  S Delaware  Farmer Measles
Ellis T Randall      1   M   10/16 S Delaware         Congestion of Brain
Emma Randall         29  F   5/27  S Delaware         Consumption
Minnie Darling       12  F   12/9  S Delaware         Typhoid Fever
Bertie Darling       9   M   12/1  S Delaware         Typhoid Fever
Adaline Parker       16  F   2/28  S Delaware         Consumption
Nathan Shaw          86  M   4/11  W Conn.     Farmer Apoplexy
Sarah J Head         86  F   5/16  M Albany Co.       Heart Disease 
Town of Meredith

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Catherin Myres       88  F   7/10  W New York         Infirmities of Age
Robert McMurry       85  M   7/6   M Ireland   Farmer Infirmities of Age
Elizabeth McMurry    85  F   1/19  W Ireland          Infirmities of Age
John S Graham        65  M   4/19  M New York  Farmer Heart Disease
Louisa Dales         57  F   2/27  W New York         Consumption
Hezekiah Brande      31  M   4/15  M New York  Farmer Chronic Diarrhea
Lillie Brown         1   F   5/9   S New York         Congestion of Brain
Jane Mitchel         83  F   2/22  W Ireland          Cancer
John Halsey          65  M   3/8   S New York  Laborer Consumption
Thomas Creig         82  M   5/6   M Ireland   Farmer Infirmities of Age

Town of Middletown-1st & 3rd Election Districts

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Patrick Redmond      71  M   11/5  W Ireland   Farmer Disease of Heart
Henry M George       25  M   6/4   S New York Mill Sawyer Consumption
Mary E Beadle        10  F   10/31 S New York       Inflamation of Throat
Bertha Slawson   2 1/12  F   3/11  S New York        Irritation of Bowels
Orrin Hewitt         64  M   12/8  W New York  Farmer Gangrene
Elizabeth A Hewitt   55  F   11/25 M New York         Apoplexy
Susan Mead           85  F   12/8  W New York         Apoplexy
Mary O Webb        7/12  F   11/19 S Mich.            Concussion of Brain
Clarissa Sanford     65  F   6/25  W New York         Suicide by Hanging
Mary Riley           80  F   2/26  W Ireland          Disease of Kidneys
Lauria Myers         59  F   12/26 W New York         Typhoid Fever
John O Kelly         56  M   11/4  M New York  Farmer Disease of Kidneys
Cora Kelly           14  F   6/3   S New York         Consumption
Ezekiel C Kelly      55  M   1/1   M New York Retail  Congestion of Lungs
Moses Smith          60  M   4/12  W New York Farmer  Concussion of Brain   

Town of Middletown-2nd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Ernest Chamberlain  8/12 M   1/22  S Penn.            Croup
Ella E Bellows     10/12 F   5/25  S New York         Putrid Sore Throat
Stephen Cunningham    29 M   3/27  M New York Shoemaker Consumption
Catherine Jaguish     42 F   12/3  M New York         Typhoid Fever
Peter Yaple           77 M   6/19  M Delaware Blacksmith Consumption
Bolivar Burr          49 M   4/4   M New York Carpenter Consumption
Alvah Simonson        61 M   2/26  M New York Farmer  Consumption
Emory J Sanford       47 M   2/1   M New York Farmer  Bilious Fever
Harriet Sprague       83 F   12/8  M New York         Old Age
John Slater           72 M   4/9   W New York Laborer Apoplexy

Town of Roxbury-1st Election District 

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Adline L Burcham     30  F   3/21  M New York        Infimation of Bowels
Hector T Burcham   2/12  M   4/22  S New York         Unknown
Melinda Ceary        54  F   3/16  M New York         Unknown
Antoinett Clark      42  F   1/2   M New York         Cosispetion
George Mondore*        1  M   3/15  S New York         Unknown
Boretta Mondore**     19  F   5/10  S New York         Lung Fever
Winfry Craig         59  M   11/26 M New York   Acidn't-Thrown from Wagon

Town of Roxbury-2nd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Nancy Morris         82  F   9/8   M Unknown          Unknown
Fletcher Mead     1/6D?  M   2/29    Delaware        Information of Lungs
Eliza J Faulkner     17  F   12/19   Delaware Information of Bowels-Lungs

Town of Roxbury-3rd Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Christian Kaltenback 64  M   6/16  S Bachen    Farm   Suicide by Hanging
                                     Germany   Laborer
Enos Carroll         76  M   12/11 M New York  Farmer Dropsy
George Cramer        45  M   11/20 M Bavaria   Farmer Meningitis
Cora Raeder     2 weeks  F   9/30  S New York         Spina-Bifida
Emma Meeker          19  F   10/6  S New York         Typhoid Fever
Sarah C Newkirk      34  F   11/6  M New York         Typhoid Fever
Infant Vandyke   2 days  M   5/25  S New York         Convulsions
Cynthia Meeker       74  F   3/20  W New York         Phetisis Pulmonalis
Sarah Day            96  F   5/6   S New Jersey       Old Age
William Sanford  3 1/12  M   5/23  S New York         Acute Hydrocephalus

Town of Sidney-1st Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Abbie Swart          63  F   5/24  S Otsego    HK     Paralysis
Emma Hitchcock       33  F   12/28 M Delaware  HK     Consumption
Cornelia Lawton      25  F   9/2   M Virginia  HK     Consumption
Peter Vandervort     79  M   5/7   W Schoharie Farmer Disease of Kidneys
Solomon Wheat        70  M   8/1   W Conn.   Farmer Inflamation of Bowels
Ruth Hoyt            98  F   2/15  W Conn.            Old Age
Laura Wood           58  F   4/8   M Delaware  HK     Scratica
David Whitney?       70  M   9/22  M Vermont   Farmer Consumption

Town of Sidney-2nd & 3rd Election Districts

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Souis? B Hughes      89  F   4/29  W Conn.     HK     Hart Disease
Elizabeth Whitney    73  F   4/22  S Vermont   HK     Bilious Fever
Garrett Quackenbush  92  M   4/25  W Albany    Farmer Infirmities of Age
Olive Perkins        84  F   12/3  W Conn.     HK     Infirmities of Age
Elizabeth Bissel     75  F   4/22  S Otsego    HK     Typhoid Fever
Daniel Bissel        73  M   4/26  W Otsego    Farmer Typhoid Fever 
Adolphus Dewey       34  M   4/9   S Delaware Farm Labor Measles
George Tansley       84  M   10/17 W England   Farmer Infirmities of Age
Rosillah Williams    67  F   1/10  M Otsego    HK     Dropsy on the Hart-
                                                      No Doctor
Eliza Andrews        79  F   11/23 W Delaware  HK     Infirmities of Age
Netta Hill           9   F   10/24   Chenango         Dyptheria
Bertha Winegard      10  F   10/26   Schoharie        Dyptheria
Fredde J Debois      7   M   11/10   Penn.            Dyptheria

Samuel Norton        53  M   2/26    Chenango  Painter Consumpion
                                                    (Congestion of Lungs)
Rebecca Garrett      63  F   10/17 S England Domestic Servant Dropsy

Town of Stamford

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
John W Stewart       62  M   12/5  M Delaware  Farmer Congestion of Brain
Lucretia Foote       48  F   2/28  M Delaware Farmer's Congestion of 
                                               Wife     Lungs
Elisha Bush          71  M   2/6   M Renslaer  Farmer Heart Disease
William C Grant      66  M   4/17  S Delaware  Farmer Puerperal Fever
Hape? D Warner        1  M   5/21  S Delaware         Dyptheria
Helen A Canfield     22  F   4/2   S Delaware        Consumption of Lungs
James B Keeler       1   M   4/23  S Delaware        Measles & Congestion
                                                     Of Lungs
George Telford       2   M   7/22  S Otsego           Cholera Infantum
Charles Foote        73  M   5/12  M Conn.     Farmer Typhoid Pneumonia
Edward Lamb          78  M   2/28  W Delaware  Farmer Fracture of Skull
Mary Lamb            35  F   3/8   M Otsego    Farmer's Inflamation of
                                               Wife     Womb
Fanny Barlow         10  F   10/27 S Delaware        Consumption of Lungs
Alexander Johnson    75  M   12/12 S Ireland   Farmer Old Age
Abigal A Blish       38  F   2/13  M Delaware Farmer's Convulsions caused
                                               Wife    by child birth

Town of Tompkins-1st Election District

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
David W Smith        64  M   1/27  M Conn.     Farmer Brights Disease of
                                                       The Kidneys
Harper Rogers        76  M   6/21  M New York  Shoemaker Consumption
Georgiana Bennett 2 days F   3/31  S New York
Anna Cuff            5   F   6/-   S New York         Cause not known
Lucy Lakin      1 5/12   F   3/13    New York        Inflamation of lungs
Samuel D Higgins     68  M   12/5  M New York  Doctor Unknown
Robert Wilson        18  M   11/29 S New York  Railroad Run over on Rail 
                                                Hand      Road Track
Helen M Bundy        32  F   5/4   M New York         Confinement
Clarence E Smith 6 days  F   9/27    New York         Unknown
Wealthy Sampson*     27  F   6/7   M New York         Consumption

Town of Tompkins-2nd & 3rd Election Districts

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Ira Moore            66  M   12/21 M New York  Farmer Heart Disease
                                                       Droped Dead
Margret Fletcher     54  F   5/17  M New York         Dropsy of Heart
Jacob Gordinier      54  M   7/11  M New York  Farmer Diabetes
John Thompson        79  M   2/23  W Ireland   Farmer Cancer on lip
Betsey Boice         34  F   3/7   M New York         Consumption
Libbie Boice         13  F   4/4   S New York         Inflamatory Fever
Harriet Niles        52  F   11/6  M New York         Dropsy
Ruta? Webster        65  F   4/8   W New York         Lung Fever
Mary Van Lone        31  F   12/27 M New York      Inflamanation of Lungs  
Elizabeth Frone      38  F   10/8  M New York         Typhoid Fever
Elmira Bard          67  F   9/20  M New York         
Lucy Ann Skinner     54  F   1/11  M New York        Inflamation of Lungs 
Lilly Rood           2   F   9/26  S New York  Unknown only sick 10 hours
Jessie Finch         78  M   1/22  W New York  Farmer Heart Disease Found
                                                       Dead in Bed
Edwin Mullinex       41/4  M   3/24  S New York         Hooping Couph
Thomas Patterson     82  M   1/20  M New York  Farmer Infirmities of Age
Ira M Dart           15  M   3/13  S New York         Congestion of Lungs
Esther Huyck         63  F   4/12  M New York         Liver Complaint
Abram Cole           41/4  M   1/14  S New York         Scarlet Fever
James Oliver         41/2  M   6/5   S New York         Drowned
William C Booth      20  M   3/11  S New York Farmer Consumption(Hemorage
                                                      From Lungs)
Benjamin L Carpenter 60  M   4/6   M New York Farmer  Heart Disease
                                                       Droped Dead
Cynthia Woodmansee   70  F   4/15  W New York         Typhoid Fever

Town of Walton-Northerly Part

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Mabel Miller        3 mo F   5/25    New York         Infl Lungs
Mabel C Swart      1y 0m F   3/17    N. Jersey        Whooping Cough    
Phebe Gregory    79 2/12 F   5/21  W New York         Inflamation of
                                                      Lungs & Fever
Robert Melville 21 10/12 M   3/22  S Delaware Farmer Inflamation of Lungs
Ann Middlemint   81 8/12 F   11/18 M Scotland         
____ Cole         7 days F   8/31  S Delaware
William Smith Fuller 1 2/12 M 5/16 S Delaware         Lung Cancer?
Ira Benedict   86 10/12  M   5/10  W Conn.          Asthma for many years
Sophia Steele        85  F   3/2   W Conn.
Maria Mason          77  F   6/12  W Ulster           Rheumation of Heart
John McLean          70  M   8/18  M Schenectady Miller Diseased Bladder
                                                 & Sawyer
____ Kinch         3/12  F   10/24 S Delaware 
Albert Signor        86  M   11/21 M New York
Ezra Baldwin         67  M   3/28    New York         Rheumatism 
William Bouton       68  M   4/13  M Ireland          Injured by 
                                                   Machinery of Bark Mill 
Polly Tiffany        74  F   7/8   W New York
Lucinda Simmons      30  F   7/8   S Ulster
Dora Schenck*         1   F  7/14  S Delaware
Edwin P Grover     1/12  M   10/1  S Delaware
_____ Pangburne  3 days? M   10/20 S Delaware
Phebe Ann Chaffer?   50  F   12/7  M New York
Lulie M Crawford 1 6/12  F   11/20 S Delaware
Francis M Close      27  M   3/3   M Delaware  Merchant ___ Spinal 
Herbert Smith      1/12  M   3/16  S Delaware
Archie Vroman*      4/12  M   4/6   S Delaware
Frank Vroman*         2   M   4/21  S Delaware
____ Doig           6/12      4/17    Delaware     
Town of Walton-Southerly Part

Name                 Age Sex Date  C Native    Trade  Cause Death
Mrs Mary Hoyt        43  F   2/19  M Delaware        Inflamation of Lungs
Jane Carr            70  F   4/11  S Ireland          Infirmity of Age
Effie Benedict       19  F   7/31  S New York         Fever
Sarah Chace          62  F   3/1   M Delaware        Inflamation of Lungs
William S Hoyt       61  M   8/15  M Delaware  Farmer Typhoid Fever
Alice Fitch          25  F   8/29  S Delaware         Typhoid Fever
Sinus Weed           52  M   9/27  M Delaware  Farmer Consumption
Silas Cable          64  M   3/19  M Delaware  Farmer Typhoid Fever
William Jones        26  M   1/19  S Delaware  Farmer Consumption
Charles Hawley?      84  M   3/4   W Ireland   Laborer Dropsey
Fanny Fitch          15  F   4/8   S Delaware      Inflamatory Rheumatism
Carry Drake          17  F   3/18  S Delaware         Congestion of Lungs
Matie Murrvin?     2/12  F   9/28  S Delaware         Spinal Fever
Jonathan Beers       87  M   4/3   W Conn.            Infirmity of Age
Abigal Barlow        40  F   1/11  M Delaware         Heart Disease
Smith Robison    1 6/12  M   4/20  S Delaware         Whooping Cough
Abey Case            88  F   4/28  W Conn.            Infirmity of Age
James Rosa           70  M   5/27  M Ulster           Lung Fever
Lousia Stewart       15  F   12/2  S Delaware       Inflamation of Bowels
John Wakeman         80  M   7/1   M Conn.            Heart Disease
Bidget McPherson     37  F   11/2  M Ireland          Child Birth
Irena Jenkins        70  F   4/11  S Delaware         Unknown
Alba Cable           64  M   10/20 M Delaware  Farmer Pallsey
Nora Beagle          3   F   3/22  S Delaware         Unknown            

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