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Baptist Church Records - Franklin, New York

electronic text for this website by Alice Geier, November 23, 1999

Joined in           James Webster                       Excluded                           
Fellowship          Asa Turner                          Dismissed by Letter                
Jan. 15, 1793       Gad Merrick                         Dismissed                          
                    Archelaus Green                     Dismissed by Letter                
                    Solomon Green Jr.                                                      
                    Levi Bride                          Gone                               
                    Abel Buel                           Excluded                           
                    Hugh Thompson                       Excluded                           
                    Polly Case                          Dismissed                          
                    Letty Clark                         Dismissed by Letter                
                    Isabel Turner                       Dismissed by Letter                
                    Sarah Tucker                        Dismissed by Letter                
                    Polly Andrews                       Dismissed by Letter                
                    Ruth Wattles                        Died                               
                    Lucy Hughston                       Dismissed by Letter                
                    Mary Thompson                       Dead                               
Jan. 18, 1793       ----------- Merrick                 Excluded                           
Jan. 20, 1793       Anna Williams                       Dismissed by Letter                
                    Betsy Buell                         Excluded                           
                    Sarah Webster                                                          
                    Abigal Bennet                       Deceased                           
Feb. 1, 1794        Reuben Bennet                       Excluded                           
                    Silas Bennet                        Excluded                           
                    Zilpha Bennet Foster                Dismissed                          
Mar. 15, 1794       Joseph Foster                                                          
May 3, 1794         John Bidwell                        Dismissed by Letter                
May 18, 1794        Ephraim McCall                                                         
                    Ira McCall                                                             
                    James Oles                          Dismissed by Letter                
                    Johathan Thompson                   Excluded                           
                    Nehemiah Rogers                     Dismissed by Letter                
                    James Hughston                      Dismissed by Letter                
                    Enos Parker                         Deceased Nov. 9                    
                    Sirenus Stilson                     Dismissed                          
                    Lucianna Bennet                                                        
                    Lydia Bennet                                                           
                    Lydia Rogers                        Deceased                           
May 3, 1794         Giles                               Excluded                           
May 18, 1794        William Potter Jr.                  Deceased                           
                    Olive Thompson                                                         
                    Polly McCall                                                           
                    Sarah Hodge                         Excluded                           
                    Damera Parker                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Elizabeth Sanders                                                      
                    Anna Famillor                       Dismisssed by letter               
                    Rhoda Turner                        Dismissed                          
                    Sally Belshan                       Excluded                           
                    Abigal Umphrey                      Dead                               
                    Eunice Munson                       Dismissed                          
June 1, 1794        Jeremiah                            Deceased                           
                    Isaac Howell Jr.                                                       
                    Timothy Green                       Dismissed                          
June 29,            Moses Morrison                      Dismissed                          
July 6, 1794        Caleb Bennet                        Dismissed                          
                    Vilet                               Dead                               
Jan 29, 1795        Jacob Riches                                                           
                    Joseph Brimhall                     Excluded                           
Feb. 28, 1795       Nathan Stilson                      Dismissed                          
                    Laban Crandal                       Deceased                           
                    Etcha Sipil                         Dismissed                          
                    Martha Griffin                                                         
                    Joshua Birdsell                     Dismissed by letter                
July 5, 1795        Charlotte Hamblin                                                      
                    Elizabeth M'Call                    Dead                               
July 12, 1795       Hannah Carroll                      Dismissed                          
                    Betsy Cray                                                             
                    Mary Stilson                        Dead                               
                    Anna Carroll                        Dismissed                          
                    Sally Vail                          Excluded                           
Aug. 16, 1795                                                                              
Joined by Letter    Elder James Brown                   Dismissed                          
from Colbrook                                                                              
Nov. 12, 1795       Moses Clark                         Dismissed                          
                    William Turner                      Deceased                           
                    Benjamin Hodges                     Dismissed                          
                    Thomas Wilbour                      Dismissed                          
                    Abigel Howell                       Died Oct. 13, 1816                 
                    Sarah Potter                        Dead                               
Jan. 30, 1797       Joseph Landers                      Dismissed                          
                    Page                                Excluded                           
May 4, 1797         Lydia Bicknall                      Dismissed                          
                    William Lathrop                     Dismissed                          
June 29, 1797       Elisha Lathrop                      Dismissed                          
July 8, 1797        Ebenezer Whipple                    Dismissed                          
                    David Austin                                                           
                    Hannah Thurber                      Excluded                           
                    Eliza Kneeland                                                         
May 14, 1797        Hannah Wilson                       Dismissed                          
                    Rachel Bennet                       Dismissed                          
Aug. 17, 1797       Welthia Tender                      Dismissed                          
Sept. 6, 1797       Ebenezer Ingram                     Dismissed by letter                
Jan. 4, 1798        Lara Lathrop                        Dismissed                          
                    Prudence Gates                      Dismissed by letter                
May 19, 1799        Sarah Lathrop                       Dismissed                          
June 28, 1800       Sarah Buckly                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Zilpha Buckley                      Dismissed by letter                
June 28, 1801       Daniel Buckley                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Michael Webster                     Dismissed by letter                
                    Sarah Smith                         Died                               
                    Elizabeth Webster                   Dismissed by letter                
                    John Balsom                         Dismissed                          
                    John McCarter                       Dead                               
                    Daniel Rowley                       Excluded                           
                    Truman Stilson                      Died                               
                    Ansel Ford                          Excluded                           
                    Elijah T                            Excluded                           
                    Tuttle                              Dead                               
                    Lynia Tuttle                        Dead                               
                    Taylor                              Dead                               
June 6, 1802        Jacob Bidwell                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Nathaniel Woolcoot                                                     
                    Leman Webster                                                          
July                Ichabod Brownson                    Dismissed by letter                
                    Jacob V. S m       r                Dismissed by letter                
                    Elder Daniel Robinson               Dismissed by letter                
                    Kesiah French                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Sibbl Foster                        Dead                               
                    Caty Lusk                                                              
Sept. 19, 1802      Samuel Osborn Jr.                   Excluded                           
                    Peter Buckley                       Excluded                           
                    Johnathan Sumner                    Dismissed by letter                
                    Susanna Wheaton                     Dismissed by letter                
                    Mary Robinson                       Dismissed by letter                
Oct.                John Carly                          Excommunicated                     
Dec. 3              Sibbl Dewey                         Deceased                           
Dec. 14             Orange Buell                                                           
                    Sally Buell                                                            
                    Margery Sumner                      Dismissed by letter                
May 27 1804         Hannah Brownson                     Dead                               
March 22, 1806      Eli Platt                           Dismissed by letter                
April 28, 1805      Aaron Dewey                         Dead                               
                    Jemmina Robinson                    Dismissed by letter                
May 26              Benjamin Root                                                          
                    Harriet Root                                                           
                    Ammon Bostwick                      Dismissed                          
                    Abigal Seely                                                           
May 26 1805         Sarah Brownson                      Died                               
                    Sarah Brownson 2nd                  Dismissed by letter                
                    Elizabeth Stilson                   Dismissed                          
                    Betsy Seely                                                            
                    Nancy Smith                                                            
Aug. 11, 1805       Joel Baldwin                        Deceased                           
Nov. 2, 1806        Sibbel Dewey 2nd                                                       
Nov. 27             Naoma Webster                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Deborah Webster                     Dismissed by letter                
Jan. 1807           Bula Rogers                         Dismissed by letter                
Feb. 1807           Clark Webster                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Lucretia Case                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Mindwell Case                       Dead                               
April 7, 1807       Herbert Rogers                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Julia Smith                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Sally Green                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Laura Beach                                                            
                    Sally Clark                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Betsy Buell 2nd                                                        
April 10,           Hannah Baker                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Roger Clark                         Excluded                           
                    Thomas Baker                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Walton                              Dismissed by letter                
                    Hannah Davis                                                           
                    Almnia Lee                          Dismissed by letter                
                    Daniel Bowers                       Dismissed by letter                
April 19, 1807      Abraham Howell                      Excluded                           
                    Polly Howell                        Dead                               
                    Simon Howell                                                           
                    Esther Parson                                                          
                    Polly Miller                        Died                               
                    Silas Fitch                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Clarissa Fitch                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Jabish Tuttle                       Excluded                           
                    Issac Seely                         Dead                               
                    Joseph Bissel                                                          
                    Polly Osborn                                                           
                    John Spalding                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Ephraim Call Jr                     Excluded                           
                    Jacob Howell                                                           
                    Polly Howell                                                           
                    Ira Davis                           Excluded                           
                    Dorias Smith                                                           
                    Issac Benedict                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Edward Brinhall                     Dismissed by letter                
April 15, 1807      Jesse Betts                         Excluded Mar 5.                    
                    Polly Rowley                        Excluded                           
                    Olive Rowley                                                           
                    Hannah Cash                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Thankful Webster                                                       
                    Charles Rowly                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Hannah Rowly                        Dismissed by letter                
April 20,           Elijah Scott                        Excluded                           
                    Robert Twitchell                    Dismissed by letter                
                    Anna Twitchell                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Zenas Tarbox                                                           
                    Phoebe Tarbox                                                          
                    Jeremiah Canfield                   Dismissed by letter           
                    Rhoda Howell                        Died May 26, 1820             
                    Polly Tarbox                                                           
May 3, 1807         George Pooler                       Dead                               
May 10.             Betsy Smith                         Dismissed                          
                    David Elliot                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Elie Smith                                                             
                    Eunice Elliot                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Eunice Smith                        Excluded                           
                    Pamelia Smith                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Betsy Green                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Benjamin Smith                      Excluded                           
                    Benjamin Chamberlin                 Excluded                           
                    Weltha Chamberlin 2nd               Died                               
                    Stephen Tuttle Jr.                  Excluded                           
May 11, 1807        Stephen Clark                                                          
                    Moses Rowly                         Excluded                           
                    Orin Ladd                           Excluded                           
                    Daniel Squires                      Dismissed by letter                
                    James Clark                         Excluded                           
                    Elisha Ladd                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Samuel Bowers                       Dismissed by letter                
                    William Loveland                    Died                               
                    David Loveland                      Died                               
                    Thankful Sealy                                                         
                    Sarah Bowers                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Ruth Webster                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Lucuia Todd                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Nancy Green                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Julia Webster                                                          
                    Thadeus Taylor                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Asa Todd                            Dismissed by letter                
                    Mahitable Loveland                  Died                               
                    Lotta Loveland                                                         
May 12.             Nathan Stewart                      Dismissed                          
                    Nathaniel Stewart                   Dismissed                          
                    James Valentine                     Dismissed                          
                    Miles Georgia                       Dismissed                          
                    Experience Brimhall                 Dismissed by letter                
                    Esther Baldwin                      Dismissed                          
                    Hannah Brimhall                     Dismissed by letter                
                    Nehemiah Smith                      Dismissed                          
                    Kesiah Georgia                      Dismissed                          
                    Sarah Georgia                       Dismissed                          
May 14, 1807        Chauncy Wattles                     Excluded                           
                    Gaylord Stilson                                                        
                    William Williams                    Dismissed by letter                
                    Hannah Sealy                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Phoebe Miller                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Laura Ford                          Dismissed by letter                
May 17, 1807        Timothy Parsons                     Excluded                           
May 18.             John Ames                           Excommunicated                     
                    Joseph Webster                      Dead                               
                    Elemnel Webster                     Dismissed                          
                    Cynthia Webster                     Dismissed by letter                
                    Clara Webster                       Dismissed by letter                
May 24, 1807        Asa Case                            Excluded                           
                    Eunice Stilson                      Deceased Mar. 5, 1803              
                    Jerutia Mott                        Dismissed                          
                    Weltha Rogers                       Dismissed by letter                
                    Anna Scott                                                             
                    Sally Gardner                                                          
May 31.             Noah O. Case                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Elijah Georgia                      Dismissed                          
                    Hannah Smith                                                           
                    Corrinna Stilson                                                       
                    Clarrisa Stilson                                                       
                    Rhoda Smith                                                            
                    Abner Todd                          Died                               
                    Sally Todd                          Dismissed                          
June 4,             Solomon Allen Jr.                   Dismissed                          
                    Tanna Webster                       Dismissed                          
                    Nancy Taylor                        Dismissed by letter                
June 7,             Cyrus Ames                                                             
                    Philunon Smith                      Excluded                           
                    Dameras Smith                                                          
June 14, 1807       Sally Gager                         Dismissed by letter                
June 24,            Jesse Scott                         Excluded                           
                    Mary Scott                          Dead                               
                    Thomas Lee                                                             
                    Annas Lee                                                              
                    Jerred Andres                       Excommunicated                     
                    Polly Andres                        Dismissed by letter                
June 28,            Anna Bowers                         Dismissed by letter                
                    Orange Stilson                                                         
                    Joseph Cook                         Excluded                           
                    Uriah Remington                     Excluded                           
                    Sally Remington                     Excluded                           
                    Silva Remington                     Dismissed                          
June 29,            Dan Todd                            Dismissed                          
                    Lucinda Bostwick                    Dismissed                          
                    Sally Chapman                       Excluded                           
                    Medad Jackson                       Dismissed                          
July 16,            Samuel Smith                        Dismissed                          
                    John Wildman                        Dismissed                          
                    Phoebe Wildman                      Dismissed                          
Aug. 9              Benjamin Sears                      Dismissed                          
                    Abigal Baldwin                      Dismissed                          
                    Aurmire Jackson                     Dismissed                          
                    Molly Smiith                        Dismissed                          
                    Nathaniel Stewart Jr.               Dismissed                          
                    Alnea Stewart                       Dismissed                          
Aug 16, 1807        Amos Sears                          Dismissed                          
8/26/1999           David Robinson                      Dismissed by letter                
Sept 6,             Lucy Smith                          Excluded                           
Sept 15,            Stephen Northrup                    Excluded                           
Sept. 27, 1807      Sally Noble                                                            
Oct. 11             Betty Robinson                      Dismissed by letter                
Oct. 18             Robert Miller                       Deceased                           
                    Nathan Stilson Jr.                  Dismissed                          
Oct. 22             Lydia Todd                          Dismissed by letter                
Oct. 25             Sally Northrop                      Excluded                           
Nov. 1              Anna Dewey Taylor                   Died Jan. 12, 1812                 
Nov. 8              Nancy Parson                        Excluded                           
Dec. 15             Jonathan B. Sumner                  Dismissed by letter                
Feb. 7, 1809        Philip Langdon                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Langdon                             Dismissed by letter                
                    Margaret Bennet Platt               Dismissed                          
Apr. 7              Bradley Bradshaw                    Excluded                           
                    Nancy Bradshaw                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Deborah Bradshaw                    Dismissed by letter                
                    Johnathan Bidwell                   Dismissed                          
Apr. 8              Lucinda Hadges                      Died                               
May 2               John Dewey                          Dead                               
July 17,            Thomas Fish                         Dismissed                          
Aug.                Esther Bragg                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Abba Butts                          Dismissed by letter                
Oct. 1              Rupert Curtis                       Dismissed by letter                
Nov. 3              Stephen Wakeman                                                        
                    Sarah Wakeman                       Dismissed June 28, 1840            
                    Elizabeth Bennet                    Dismissed                          
                    Sarah Denius                                                           
                    Elizabeth Alverson                                                     
                    Elizabeth Nicoles                                                      
                    Cloe Brown                                                             
                    Kiziah Gold                                                            
                    Mary Gold                                                              
Feb. 6, 1809        Jeremiah Alverson                   Dead                               
Sept. 2,            Brownson Wattles                    Dismissed by letter                
Sept. 2, 1809       Returns made to the Association                                        
Sept. 10, 1809      Mary Norton                         Dismissed by letter                
Dec. 14             Oliver Kneeland                     Excluded                           
Jan. 7. 1810        Mahitable Persons                   Excluded                           
June 4, by          Levi Hanford                                                           
                    Polly Hanford                                                          
By letter           Heth                                Dead                               
By letter           Deborah Light                       Dead                               
Sept. 3,            Returns made to the Association                                        
Sept. 7,            Anna Birdsall                       Dismissed by letter                
June 1,             Returns to the Association made                                        
Sept 1,             Alexander Wattles                   Dismissed by letter                
                    Marsha Wattles                      Dismissed by letter                
Sept 8,             Weltha Chanberlin                   Excluded                           
Oct 19              Hugh Thompson                       Dismissed by letter                
Feb. 27, 1810                                                                              
Restored            Polly Newton                        Dismissed by letter                
June 16, 1813       Returns made to the Association                                        
Nov. 15             Alexander Smith                     Died                               
Nov. 6 by letter    Lottie Bennet                                                          
Nov. 6 by letter    Sally Thompson                      Dismissed by letter                
Feb. 5, 1814                                                                               
by letter           Malichi Gates                                                          
June 12, 1814       Returns made to the Association                                        
Dec. 3, 1814        Hannah Miller                                                          
                    (formerly Sally)                    Dismissed by letter                
Feb. 4, 1815        Elijah Scott                        Excluded                           
June 20,            Returns made to the Association                                        
Sept 2, by          Benjamin Smith Jr.                  Dead                               
Sept 3, by          Abigail Howell Brown                                                   
Oct. 1, by          Sally Fitch Bostwick                                                   
                    Clarrissa Fitch                     Dismissed by Letter                
                    Celina Sely McCall                                                     
                    Anna Stilson                        Dismissed by letter                
Nov. 5 Baptism      Elijah T. Dunham                    Excluded                           
                    Jason Goodrich                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Philander Jones                     Dismissed by letter                
Dec. 3 Baptism      Maranda Lauren                      Dead                               
Mar. letter         Cornelia Huson                      Dismissed by letter                
                    William Wolcott                                                        
                    Abigail Cole                                                           
                    Prudence Bundy                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Nathaniel Wattles                   Dismissed by letter                
                    Derrick Hogeboon                    Dismissed                          
June 17, 1816       Returns made to the Association                                        
Aug. 4, Baptism     Nancy Persons 2nd                                                      
Nov. letter         Elder Silas Spalding                Dismissed                          
Jan 15, 1817        Polly Spalding                      Dismissed                          
Baptism             Choe Colegureo                      Dismissed                          
                    Lucy Canfield                       Dismissed                          
Feb. 2, 1817        Azuba Bowk                                                             
                    Letty Brown                         Dismissed                          
                    Christina Odgen Page                Dismissed                          
                    Polly McCall                        Dismissed                          
                    Marcia Elliot Green                                                    
                    Gideion Ferry                       Dismissed                          
                    Chole Todd                          Dismissed                          
Mar. 1, Letter      Thomas Green                                                           
Mar. 9              Olive Lake                                                             
May 14th 1817       Clarissa Twitchell                  Dismissed                          
                    William Fitch                       Excluded                           
                    Abuer Odgen                         Excluded                           
                    Susan Barnaby                       Dismissed                          
                    Sybell Williams                     Dismissed                          
May 4, 1817         Cynthia Howell Case                 Dismissed                          
June 14             Returns made to the Association                                        
July 6, 1817        Samuel Howell                                                          
                    Ruth Taylor                                                            
                    Sophrana Smith                      Dismissed by letter                
Sept 6,             Polly Wheat                         Dismissed by letter                
                    William Wakeman                     Dismissed by letter                
By letter           Polly Wakeman                                                          
By Baptism          Hannah Bostwick Burr                                                   
May 3 1818                                                                                 
Baptism             Nancy Stilson                                                          
June 7,Baptism      Ebenezer Hanford                                                       
                    Aurora Stilson                                                         
June 14, 1818       Returns made to the Association                                        
Feb. 4, 1819        John Hanford                        Dismissed by letter                
                    Oliver Abel                         Dismissed by letter                
Mar 6, restored     Sally Remington                     Dismissed by letter                
By Baptism          Jacob Frier                         Dismissed                          
                    Emily Howell Edgerton                                                  
By Letter           Sidney Hasting                      Dismissed by letter                
                    Israel Robinson                     Excluded                           
June 13, 1819       Returns made to the Association                                        
Sept. 5 Baptism     Fanny Drake                         Excluded                           
By Baptism          Mahitable Howell                                                       
1820 -- Letter      Rhoda smith                         Dismissed                          
June 4, 1820        Isaac Howell                        Dismissed by letter                
June 18, 1820       Returns made to the Association                                        
Aug 6 Baptism       Clarissa Bennet                     Dismissed by letter                
Sept. 30            Reuben Bennet                       Dismissed                          
Jan 2, 1821         Benjamin Bragg                      Dismissed                          
Jan. 6              Ashbill H. Curtice                  Dismissed                          
Apr. 6              Experience Bramhall                 Dismissed by letter                
May 13 Bapt.        Hannah Taylor                       Dismissed by letter                
June 17, 1821       Returns made to the Association                                        
June 17, Letter     Elder Benjamin Sears                Dead                               
June 17, 1822       Returns made to the Association                                        
Nov 9 1823          Johnathan N. Sumner                                                    
Jan 3, 1824         Electa Brown                                                           
Letter              Clarissa Seely                                                         
                    Aurelia Moore                                                          
                    Ashbill H. Curtis                   Dismissed                          
Dec. 13, 1824       Sophronia Titus                     Dismissed                          
Feb. 4, 1825        Restored Nancy Persons                                                 
Mar. 5, 1825        Elder John Sears                    Dismissed                          
June 7,             Noah O. Case                                                           
                    Lucretia Case                                                          
June 12, 1825       Returns made to the Association                                        
Aug. 7, 1825        Mary Hilbern                                                           
By Baptism          Ira Mc Call Jr.                                                        
                    Harty Foot                                                             
                    Rosetta Smith                       Dismissed                          
Oct. 2, 1825                                                                               
Baptism             Ichabod C. Foot                                                        
                    John Wedger                                                            
Nov. 5, 1825        Polly Cummingham                    Dismissed                          
                    Polly McCall                                                           
                    Maria Wheat                         Dismissed                          
                    Auria Wedger                        Dismissed                          
By Letter           Lavina Sumner                       Dismissed                          
                    John Goodwill                       Dismissed                          
Dec 4 Baptism       Slyverter Wheat                                                        
April 1, 1826       ------------Root                                                       
Letter              Alvina Frier                        Dismissed                          
                    Sally Clark                                                            
June 4, 1826        John F. Tarbox                                                         
Baptism             Betsy Tarbox                                                           
                    Phoebe S. Beuton                                                       
By letter           Anna Twitchell                                                         
                    Polly Brown                                                            
June 18, 1826       Returns made to the Association                                        
Oct. 18             Levi Persons                        Dismissed                          
Baptism             Elizabeth Brown                     Died                               
                    Sophia Stoddard                     Dismissed                          
Baptism             Louisa Dann                                                            
By letter           Mary Ann Sears                      Dismissed                          
Mar 31, 1827                                                                               
Baptism, Sept       Alexander Smith                                                        
Nov. 12             Fidelia Brownson                                                       
Dec. 18             Mrs. Goodwell                       Dismissed                          
Apr. 6              Eliza Smith                                                            
Aug. 25, 1828       Francis Trunsend                    Dead                               
Dec. 6, Letter      Charles H. Hubbard                  Dismissed                          
Feb. 1, 1829        Lucinda Welman                                                         
Apr. 5, 1829        Edward McCall                                                          
June 6, 1829        Sophronia Bissel                                                       
                    Returns made to the Association                                        
Aug. 2, 1829        Anna Lawrence                                                          
Oct. 3, 1829                                                                               
Letter              James Amner                                                            
                    Elizabeth Amner                                                        
                    Cynthia Case                                                           
Jan. 3, 1830        Alexander Bowls                                                        
                    Allis Brown                         Dead                               
                    Althea Howell                                                          
                    Ellis (Sweetlove?)                                                     
                    Betsy McCall                                                           
                    Cynthia kellogg                                                        
                    Ralph Hallock                                                          
                    Lewis Lake                                                             
                    Crommell Wolcott                                                       
                    Alferd Hubbard                                                         
Feb. 14             Cynthia McCall                                                         
by Baptism                                                                                 
                    James McCall                                                           
                    Marcus Mitchell                                                        
                    Ransome Bostwick                                                       
Mar. 13             Catherine Bemus                                                        
By letter                                                                                  
June 5,             Emeline Kellogg                                                        
Apr. 4                                                                                     
By Baptism          John Ferris                                                            
June 5,             Sally Ferris                                                           
                    Irena Ferris                                                           
                    Mary Case                                                              
June 6,             Auson Osborn                                                           
By Baptism                                                                                 
                    Horace McCall                                                          
                    William Pomeroy                                                        
                    William Wright                                                         

A List of Members in good standing June 4, 1830
prepared by a committee appointed for that purpose

Jan. 15, 1793       Solomon Green                       Dead                               
May 18, 1794        Ephraim McCall                      Died                               
Baptism             Ira McCall                          Dismissed                          
                    Mary McCall                         Died                               
June 1, 1794        Isaac Howell                        Died                               
                    Bathsheba Howell                    Died                               
July 15, 1794       Elizabeth McCall                    Died                               
                    Esther Ford                         Died Dec                           
                    Orange Buel                         Dead                               
                    Sally Buel                          Dead                               
                    Abijah Seely                        Died                               
                    Betty Seely                         Died                               
                    Sarah Smith                         Dismissed                          
                    Laura Beach                                                            
                    Betsy Buel 2nd                      Excluded                           
                    Simeon Howell                                                          
                    Esther Persons                      Died                               
                    Francis Wycott                      Dismissed                          
                    Joseph Bissel                       Died                               
                    Jacob Howell                                                           
                    Betsy Howell                        Dismissed                          
                    Zenas Tarbox                        Died Apr. 1840                     
                    Phoebe Tarbox                       Died Aug. 10, 1840                 
                    Polly Scott                         Dismissed                          
                    William Loveland                    Dismissed                          
                    Gaylord Stilson                     Died Apr. 1842                     
                    Anna Tuttle                         Dismissed June                     
                    Lydia Stilson                                                          
                    Sally Noble                         Died Apr. 9, 1841                  
                    Anna Taylor                         Dismissed                          
                    Lucinda Widger                      Died                               
                    Levi Hanford                        Died Oct. 1854                     
                    Polly Hanford                       Died Sept. 1847                    
                    Malachi Gates                       Dead                               
                    Lodenia Gates                       Dismissed                          
                    Abigail Brown                       Dismissed                          
                    Sally Bostwick                      Dismissed                          
                    Celina McCall                       Dismissed                          
                    Azuba Boles                         Died                               
                    Marsha Green                        Dismissed                          
                    Olive Lake                          Dismissed                          
                    Samuel Howell                       Dismissed Dec. 17, 1848            
                    Polly Wheat                         Died Mar. 1, 1839                  
                    Nancy Stilson                       Dismissed Apr. 29, 1849            
                    Ebenezer Hanford                                                       
                    Aurora Stilson                      Deceased                           
                    Jacob Frier                         Died Sept. 1838                    
                    Emelia Edgerton                                                        
                    Sally Brownson                      Dismissed                          
                    Jonathan N. Sumner                  Dismissed                          
                    Electy Brown                        Dismissed                          
                    Clarissa Seely                      Excluded                           
                    Aurelia Moore                       Dismissed                          
                    Noah O. Case                        Dismissed Dec. 1854                
                    Mary Hilborn                        Excludedd                          
                    Ira McCall Jr.                      Dismissed                          
                    Harty Foot                                                             
                    Ichabod Foot                                                           
                    Polly McCall                        Dismissed                          
                    Lavina Turner                       Dismissed                          
                    John Goodwell                       Dismissed                          
                    Sylvester Wheat                     Dismissed                          
                    Goodwell                            Dismissed                          
                    Epephas Root                        Dismissed                          
                    Alvira Frier                        Dropped June 3                     
                    Sally Clark                         Dismissed                          
                    John F. Tarbox                      Excluded                           
                    Betsy Tarbox                        Excluded                           
                    Phoebe S. Benton                    Dismissed                          
                    Anna Twitchell                      Excluded                           
                    Loiza Caroline Mann                                                    
                    Alexander Smith                     Dismissed                          
                    Phedelia Bronson                    Dismissed                          
                    Betsy Stoddard                      Dismissed                          
                    Eliza Smith                         Dismissed                          
                    Lucinda Welman                      Dismissed                          
                    Edmond McCall                       Dismissed                          
                    Sophrona Bissell                    Dismissed                          
                    Anna Laurence                       Dismissed                          
                    James Amner                         Dismissed                          
                    Elizabeth Amner                     Dismissed                          
                    Cynthia Case                        Dismissed                          
                    Allis Brown                         Dismissed May 1846                 
                    Althea Howell                       Dismissed                          
                    Delia Howwell                       Dismissed Dec. 17, 1848            
                    Ellis Sweetlove                     Dismissed                          
                    Betsy McCall Wolctt                 Dismissed                          
                    Cynthia Kellogg                     Dismissed                          
                    Ralph Hallock                       Dismissed                          
                    Lewis Lake                          Dismissed                          
                    Crommwell Wolcott                   Dismissed                          
                    Cynthia McCall Ford                 Dismissed                          
                    James McCall                        Died                               
                    Marcus Mitchell                     Excluded                           
                    Ransome Bostwick                    Excluded May 1, 1848               
                    Catherine Bemus                     Died                               
                    Emeline D. Kellogg Taft             Join the old Church                
                    John Ferris                                                            
                    Irena Ferris                        Dismissed                          
                    Mary Case                           Died Oct. 183-                     
                    Anson Osborn                                                           
                    Horrice McCall                      Dismissed                          
                    William Pomeroy                                                        
                    William Wright                                                         
June 14, 1830       Returns made to the Association                                        
Joined by                                                                                  
Nov. 5, 1830        John Fowler                                                            
                    Betsy Fowler                                                           
                    Charles Fowler                      Dropped Mar. 31, 1849              
                    Emeline Fowler                      Dismissed                          
                    Martha Fowler                       Dropped Mar. 3, 1849               
Nov 7, Baptism      Elenor Quackenbush                  Dismissed                          
Jan 1, 1831         Asa Dan                                                                
Apr. 2              Rosetta Gibbons                     Dead                               
Baptism             Samuel Fitch                        Died Dec 1842                      
                    Cynthia Robards                     Died                               
                    Mercy Goodwich                      Dismissed                          
May 1, 1831         Julia Howell                        Dismissed                          
                    David Chamberlin                                                       
June 3, Letter      Hannah McCall                       Died                               
                    Mills      -------                  Died Jan 1854                      
                    Polly     --------                                                     
April               Mary Whitney                        Dismissed 1848                     
June 5 Baptism      Abel Curtis                         Dismissed                          
                    Lucy Curtis                         Dismissed                          
                    Susan Howell                        Dismissed                          
                    Julia Widger                        Dismissed                          
                    Hannah Fridenbough                  Dismissed                          
                    Smantha Parish                      Dismissed                          
                    Adeline Pomeroy                                                        
June 15, 1831       Returns made to the Association                                        
                    Sister Sweetlove                    Dismissed                          
                    Sally M. Judd                                                          
July 30 Baptism     John Fridenbough                    Excluded                           
                    Nancy Fridenbough                   Died 1842                          
                    Eliza Seely                         Died 1843                          
                    Mary Thompson                       Excluded                           
                    Mary Ann Whitney Holmes             Dismissed Mar. 3                   
Aug 7 Baptism       Justin More                         Dismissed                          
                    Theorin Ford                        Dismissed                          
                    Harriet H. Wisivel                  Dismissed                          
                    Laura Laurence                      Dsimissed                          
Sept 4 Letter       James Cash                          Excluded                           
Baptism             Stephen Webster                     Excluded                           
                    Olive webster                       Dropped                            
Letter              Elizabeth Bennet                    Dismissed                          
Baptism             Alonzo Hawly                        Dismissed                          
Dec Baptism         Sophronia Mann                      Dismissed                          
June 1832           Returns made to the Association                                        
Baptism             Lucy Thomas                         Excluded                           
Letter              Jacob   ----------                  Died                               
Nov 3, letter       Thomas Gilbert                      Dismissed                          
                    Elizabeth Gilbert                   Dismissed                          
Dec. by Letter      Truman Smith                        Dismissed 1843                     
Baptism             Warren Green                        Dismised                           
                    Sterling Seely                      Died Mar.                          
                    William Weed                        Dismissed feb. 1, 1845             
                    Polly Weed                                                             
                    Edwin Howell                        Dismissed Jan 30 1852              
                    Alvira gates                        Dismissed                          
                    Polly Anabel                        Excluded                           
                    Alvira Spring                                                          
                    Anna Tarbox Barto                   Dismissed Feb. 4, 1844             
Apr. 6, 1833        Elder Alexander Smith               Dismissed                          
March by Bapt.      Ira Tarbox                          Dismissed 1848                     
June by Letter      Marsia McCall                       Died                               
July                Ismael Robinson (Restored)                                             
                    Elizabeth Thompson                  Excluded                           
June 1833           Returns made the Association                                           
July 6, 1833        Jane Roberts`                       Dead                               
Letter              Thomas Griffiths                    Dismissed                          
                    Catherine Griffiths                 Dead                               
                    Polly Yaples                        Dismissed                          
                    Jabish Tuttle (Restored)            Died                               
                    George V. Wallen                    Dismissed                          
June 15 1834        Returns made to the Association     June 15, 1834                      
Aug 1834 letter     Cornelia Billings                   Dismissed Oct 22, 1843             
Nov. 5, 1834        William Fitch (Restored)            Dismissed                          
Oct. 4, 1836        Lois Hugh                           Dismissed                          
Apr by baptism      Hulda Hanford                       Dead                               
June 3, 1837        Elder Hartshorn                     Dismissed July 25, 1845            
letter              Susan B. Hartshorn                  Dismissed July 25, 1845            
                    Lewis Raymond                       Dismissed Oct. 1843                
                    Anna Raymond                        Dismissed                          
                    Angeline Raymond                    Dismissed                          
Aug. 5              Arvilla Deforest                    Dismissed                          
                    Debora Seely                        Dead                               
                    Andrew Walker                       Dismissed                          
Aug 6, Baptism      Seely                                                                  
                    Thomas Caldwell                     Excluded                           
                    Zador Deforest                      Dismissed Apr. 4, 1846             
                    Julia Deforest                      Dismissed                          
                    Alvina Phelps                                                          
                    Cynthia Scott                       Dismissed May 1, 1849              
Sept 2, Letter      Ausyl Ford Stilson                  Died                               
                    Philip S. Hunter                    Dismissed Aug 25, 1847             
Dec 4, by           Reuben Stilson                      Dismissed Feb. 4, 1847             
                    Almiron Stilson                     Excluded July 2, 1853              
                    Sally Stilson                       Dismissed 1844                     
                    Eunice Green                        Dismissed                          
                    Ann Eliza Dan                                                          
By Letter 1838      Sally Boles                                                            
By Baptism Mar      Daniel Stilson                      Dismissed Sept. 16, 1849           
                    Avery Stilson                       Feb. 1847                          
                    Phoebe Cass                                                            
                    Abel Giles                          Dismissed Apr. 1849                
                    William Morenus                                                        
Mar. 18             Richard Barton                      Dismissed Mar. 1843                
                    Anna Daniels                        Excluded                           
                    Marita Brown                        Dismissed May 1840                 
June 3,             Mrs. Mary Ann Kingsley                                                 
Letter              Deacon Hiram Deforest               Dismissed                          
                    Mariette Pelton                     Dismissed                          
                    Roby S. Hunter                      Dismissed                          
Aug. 4              Horace McCall                       Dismissed                          
June 3, 1838        Returns Made to the Association                                        
Feb 3, 1839                                                                                
Baptism             Miss Elizabeth Ward                 Excluded                           
                    Weston Whitcomb                     Dismissed Oct. 1844                
Apr. 6 by letter    Elder Wheat                         Died Nov. 1841                     
May 4,              Bradford Kingsley, Jr.                                                 
by Baptism                                                                                 
                    Hannah McCoy                        Dropped Mar. 30, 1849              
                    Betsy Ann Birdsall                  Dismissed                          
June 1, by letter   Ira Willis                          Dismissed Oct. 15, 1850            
                    Caroline Willis                     Dismissed                          
                    P. Harris Howell                    Dismissed Jan 30, 1853             
                    Sybel Dewey (Restored)                                                 
                    Returns made to the Association                                        
Aug. 3, by          Jonas Walker                                                           
                    Abigail Walker                                                         
                    Jared Chase                         Dismissed Oct 28, 48               
                    Adeline Raymond                     Dismissed Oct. 1843                
Nov. 30             Abigail Newland                                                        
Feb. 1, 1840        Wm. McCoy                           Died                               
                    Betsy McCoy                         Died                               
Baptism             Philo Stilson                       Dismissed 1853                     
Apr 4, 1840         Sally Bostwick                      Dismissed Apr 14                   
by letter                                                                                  
                    Phoebe Johnson                      Dropped July 30/52                 
Apr 4, by                                                                                  
Baptism             Sallyann Pausler                                                       
                    Josiah Goodrich                                                        
                    Reuben Seely                                                           
                    Daniel H. Johnson                   Excluded                           
                    Matilda Chase                       Dismissed Oct. 28/48               
                    Marsha Johnson                                                         
                    Phoebe Jenett Fowler                Excluded Feb. 10/47                
                    Melissa Beach                       Dropped July 5, 1852               
                    Clarinda Taylor                                                        
                    Sherman Fowler                      Dropped Mar. 31/49                 
                    Jane Hitchcock                      Died                               
                    Olive Allen (Restored Jan 1840)                                        
Apr 11, by          Wm. Taylor                                                             
Baptism             Mrs. Lloyd                                                             
                    Miss Clarrissa Hanford                                                 
                    Dennis Lloyd                                                           
                    William Buell                       Dropped Mar. 31/49                 
                    Ralph Hanford                                                          
                    Rubyann Chamberlain Goodrich                                           
                    William Johnson                     Dropped Mar. 31/49                 
                    Albert Taylor                       Excluded                           
                    Ann Eliza Howell                    Dismissed Sept. 4                  
                    Patty Bisell                        Died Apr. 20                       
May 13, by          Isaac Hitchcock                                                        
Baptism             John Duntley                        Excluded Dec. 31/43                
                    Elijah Austin                       Dropped Mar. 3, 1849               
                    Harriet Thompson                    Dismissed May 26/44                
                    Amanda Howell Kent                  Dismissed Dec 17/48                
May 13, by          David Seely                         Dismissed                          
                    Jesse Seeley Jr.                                                       
June 6,             Ansyl Ford                          Died Aug. 1856                     
June 6, 1840        Wm. H. Chamberlin                   Dismissed July 2/53                
by baptism                                                                                 
                    Augustus Johnson                    Dropped Mar. 3/49                  
                    Phoebe Henderson                    Died Apr. 1851                     
June 13, by         Margand Morenus                     Excluded Mar. 4/43                 
                    Betsey Fowler                                                          
                    David Allen                         Died Oct. 5, 1850                  
                    Returns made to the Association                                        
July 4, Letter      Sally Ann Munson                                                       
Aug. 1              Richard Barto                       Dismissed Feb. 4/44                
Baptism             Maria Howell (married to Wheelock)  Dismissed May 8/42                 
                    Eliza Preston                       Dropped Mar. 3, 1849               
                    Hannah Seeley                       Died Jan 7, 1843                   
Aug. 2, Letter      Lorenzo Howell                      Dismissed July 3, 1842             
                    Betsey Woolcott                     Dismissed Oct. 6, 1855             
March 20, 1841      Homer Bostwick                      Dismissed Sept. 8, 1850            
Baptism             Elizabeth Bostwick                                                     
Apr 3, Baptism      Thomas M'Call                       Dismissed June 5, 1855             
                    Julia M'Call                                                           
                    Samuel Mitchell                     Excluded Feb. 4, 1854              
Apr. 25             Amarilla Ferris                     Dismissed Apr. 25, 1846            
June 5,             Warren Howell                       Dismissed Feb. 3, 1847             
Letter              Esther Bundy                        Dismissed Mar. 1855                
                    S. Thompson Palmer                  Dismissed Feb. 4, 1845             
                    Angeline Palmer                                                        
1841                Returns made to the Association                                        
Aug 6, 1842         Peter Winegard                      Dismissed Aug 29/43                
Letter              Julia Winegard                                                         
                    Sophia Wingard                                                         
                    Caroline Winegard                                                      
                    Harriet Winegard                                                       
Oct. 1, by          Gaylord Stilson                     Dismissed Nov. 1846                
                    George Bobock                                                          
                    David Buell                                                            
Oct. 1, 1842        Milo Rowley                         Dropped Mar. 3, 1849               
                    Louisa Barnes                       Dropped Mar 31, 1849               
                    Abby McCoy                          Dismissed Apr. 18/52               
                    Mary Chamberlin                                                        
Oct 8, by           Theadora Laugley                    Dropped July 31/52                 
                    Louisa Hunter                       Dismissed 1850                     
                    Hannah Seely                                                           
                    Lucinda Porter                      Died June 1, 1845                  
                    Emma Hartshorn                      Dismissed July 23/43               
                    Damon Hartshorn                                                        
Oct. 15, by         Chester Case                        Dismissed 1849                     
                    Chancey Meriner                     Dismissed May 1844                 
by Baptism          Mrs. Martha Wheat                   Died July 1857                     
                    Mrs. Eliza Wood                                                        
Oct. 22             Marsha Green                        Dismissed Oct. 1857                
                    Miss Ruth Gibbons                                                      
                    Miss -----Fowler                    Dropped Mar. 31/49                 
                    Miss Catherine Frier                Dismissed Jan 1844                 
Dec. 3, by          Elizabeth Raymond                   Dismissed Oct. 1843                
                    Phoebe Kneeland                                                        
Feb. 4, 1843        Lucia Stilson                                                          
Apr. 1, by          Eunice Ann Whitcomb                 Dismissed Oct. 1844                
June by Letter      Miss Ann Almira Benedict            Sept. 4, /52                       
1843                Returns made to the Association                                        
Feb. 3, 1844        Sybel Ford                          Dropped Mar. 31/49                 
                    Amanda Flynt                        Dismissed Apr. 5/46                
                    David Holmes                        Dismissed Sept. 21/45              
                    Catherine Springsteen               Dismissed Mar. 3/55                
                    Henry Robertson                     Dismissed June 2/49                
Feb. 3, by          Leander Failing                     Dropped Mar. 31/49                 
June 1, by          Susana Hitchcock                                                       
                    William Smith                                                          
                    Mary Smith                                                             
1844                Returns made to the Association                                        
Feb. 1, 1845        Thoron Ford                         Dismissed 1847                     
by letter                                                                                  
Feb. 2              Susan Robertson                     Dismissed June 2/49                
May 31              Eliza Green                         Dismissed Feb. 6, /47              
                    Wright Holmes                       Dismissed Feb. 10/47               
June 1845           Returns made to the Association                                        
Oct. 5, 1845        Samantha Bronson                                                       
by letter                                                                                  
                    Eliza Raymond                       Dismissed Mar. 1/51                
Baptism             William Hanford                                                        
                    Mrs. Eliza Hanford                  Died July 16, /51                  
Dec 6 by Letter     W. F. Raymond                       Dismissed May 1/51                 
June 6,             Pamely Thompson                     Dismissed Apr 23/48                
                    Hannah Hardy                                                           
June 1846           Returns made to the Association                                        
Oct. 3, 1846        Charles A. Dan                      Dismissed June 5/51                
by Baptism                                                                                 
Dec 5 by Letter     Lewis Raymond                       Dismissed June 1854                
                    Anna Raymond                                                           
1847                Elizabeth Raymond                   Dismissed Jan 31/52                
June 5 by Letter    Samuel Seymour                      Dismissed July 30/49               
Dec. 4              Huldah Seymour                                                         
Dec. 4 by Letter    Samuel Marshal                      Dismissed 1850                     
Apr. 23             Adison Phelps                       Excluded Feb. 4,/54                
June 25, 1848       Returns made to the Association                                        
                    Present No. 133                     Dismissed by Letter 11             
                                                        Dropped                  15        
                                                        Died                         2     
June by Letter      Johnson E. Colburn                                                     
Dec. 1              Elder Levi Morse                    Dismissed Sept.25/52               
                    Elizabeth Morse                                                        
                    Elizabeth Foot                                                         
Dec. 22             Reuben Stilson                      Dismissed Mar 30 1851              
                    Jane Cooper                         Dismissed Dec. 1854                
Baptism             James Hardy                                                            
                    Martha Hahford                                                         
                    Elizabeth Hanford                   Joined Cong. Church Walton         
                    Sarah Hanford                                                          
                    Flora Ann McCoy                     Dismissed Aug. 5/54                
                    Mary Blanchard                      Dismissed                          
                    Jane Seeley                         Excluded Feb. 4/54                 
Jan 5, 1850         Almira Stilson                      Dismissed Mar 30/51                
                    Mary McCall                         Dismissed May 1855                 
                    Lyman Stilson                                                          
                    Maria Stilson                                                          
                    Chancey Hawley                      Dismissed May 15/53                
Jan 5, 1850         Elizabeth Foot                                                         
                    Harriet Frail                                                          
                    Laura Frail                                                            
                    Esther Frail                                                           
                    Ruth Anna Frail                                                        
                    Robert G. Roberts                   Dropped July 31/52                 
Jan 5, 1850         Agnes (Osben)?                                                         
Letter              Susan Square                                                           
Feb. 2              Henry West                                                             
                    Sarah West                                                             
Baptist             Martha C+B1957. Miller                                                 
                    Esther Foot                                                            
Mar. 2, by          Lydia Cramer                                                           
                    Lysander D. Palmer                  Dismissed Mar 6/53                 
                    Adeline Palmer                                                         
Baptism             Frederick Wilson                                                       
                    Celia Gibbons                       Dismissed Apr. 1851                
                    Elizabeth Johnson                                                      
                    Juliette Wilcox                                                        
June 1,             Ambrose Cramer                                                         
                    Lucy Ann Gibbons                    Dismissed Oct 6/51                 
                    Lois Foot                                                              
                    Mrs. Tuttle                         Died 1854                          
                    Miss Harriet Fowler                 Died                               
Experience          Jane Foot                                                              
Letter              Mary Haxtell                        Dismissed Sept 4/52                
                    Returns made to the Association     Total No. 173                      
Oct. 15 Baptism     Miranda Stilson                                                        
Apr. 5              Alanson Thomas                      Dismissed Apr 6/57                 
                    Clarence Buell                                                         
                    Esther Buell Phelps                                                    
June 22, 1850       1851 Retuns made to the Association                                    
Died----4,  Dismisse                                                                       
July 5, 1852        Lorrilla cook                       Dismissed Mar 5./56                
Jan 11, by          Hiram Cogwill                                                          
Baptism             (Cogwin?)                                                              
                    Electa Cogwill                                                         
                    Isaac Amner                         Dismissed mar. 3/55                
Jan. 11, 1850       Harrietta Amner                     Dismissed Mar 3/55                 
                    Abraham Banker                      Excluded Sept. 4/52                
                    Mary Banker                                                            
                    David Hubbel                                                           
                    Daniel Smith                        Dismissed Mar 8/56                 
                    Michael Smith                                                          
                    Melissa Hubbel                                                         
                    Earned Haskin                       Dismissed Jan 5/56                 
                    Mrs. Jane Fogers                                                       
                    Miss Maria Haskin                                                      
                    Mrs. Maria Davis                                                       
                    Miss Louisa DeForest                                                   
Jan 30, by          George McIntire                     Dismissed Sept 3/53                
                    Harriet McIntire                                                       
                    Joshua Guild                                                           
                    Ezra Banker                                                            
                    Brazilla Banker                     Dropped Mar. 11/54                 
                    Ezekiel Haskins                                                        
                    James M. Elderkin                                                      
                    Mary Elderkin                                                          
Jan. 30, 1852       Sophronia Elderkin                                                     
June 5, by          Susan Mann                          Dismissed Dec. 16/54               
Letter              Sarah Griswold                      Dismissed                          
                    David Fogus                                                            
Restored            Hannah McCoy                                                           
                    Returns made to the Association Apr.Present Membership 183             
July 3 by Letter    Burbary D Muren                                                        
Sept 25/52 by       Catherine Babcock                                                      
Baptism             Mrs. Hubbell                                                           
                    Sarah Hubbell                                                          
Sept 26 Restored    Harriet Root                        Dismissed Sept. 26/52              
Dec 4 by Letter     Jacob Ford                          Dismissed                          
                    Eunice Ford                                                            
                    Mary Ford                                                              
Jan 3, 1853         Abigail Lindsly                     Dismissed June 3/54                
Baptism             Matthew Hitchcock                                                      
                    Mrs. Hitchcock                                                         
                    Miss Susan Hitchcock                                                   
                    Nathan Smith                        Dismissed Mar. 20/53               
Letter              Elder James B. Rogers                                                  
                                                        Dismissed Feb. 25/55               
                    Mrs. Jane E. Rogers                                                    
Jan 15, by          Sarah Kingsley                                                         
                    Shubald Walker                      Dismissed                          
                    Mrs. Eliza Walker                                                      
Feb. 26.            Juliette McLean                     Dismissed Dec. 5/55                
                    William Kingsley                                                       
                    Fanny M. Hardy                                                         
                    Sphronia McLean                     Dismissed Dec 1/55                 
                    Henry F. Bemis                                                         
Feb. 26 by          Emos B. Fisher                                                         
                    Mrs. Samuel McCall                  Dismissed Mar 6/53                 
Apr. 2, 1852        Elder A. B. Earl                                                       
                    Mrs. Lavinia Earl                                                      
                    James Earl                                                             
                    Mary Earl                                                              
                    Silas S. Slawson                    Dismissed Feb. 4/54                
                    Mrs. Sarah Slawson                                                     
Baptism             Sidney Babcock                                                         
                    Mrs. Maria Bavecock                                                    
                    Milton Aaron Babcock                                                   
                    Miss Cornelia Spoce                                                    
Apr. 2, 1852        Thomas Rose                         Dismissed June 26/53               
                    Edwin Taylor                                                           
                    Deliah Taylor                                                          
                    Henry Buell Jr.                                                        
                    Mary Buell                                                             
                    Betsy Buell                                                            
                    John L. Colburn                                                        
                    Catherine Udell                                                        
                    Catherine Hume                      Dismissed Oct. 1853                
                    John Henry Fisher                                                      
                    Hardin Wheat                                                           
Apr. 2, 1853        Lidia Jordan                        Dropped Mar 4/54                   
                    Betsy B. Colburn                                                       
                    Mary Verguson                                                          
Apr. 3,             George M. Johnson                   Dismissed Dec. 3/53                
Apr. 16             Adelia L. McPherson                                                    
                    Julia Vergerson                     Dismissed Oct. 1853                
May 1               Norman Taylor                       Dismissed Mar. 3/55                
June 4, Baptism     Mrs. Harriette M. Ellison           Died Dec. 1853                     
                    Miss Maria Buell                                                       
                    Asa Buell                                                              
June 4, 1853        James McLean                        Dismissed Oct. 5/55                
                    Hilichie McLean                                                        
                    Hunter Gill                         Returned to Scotland               
                    Returns made to the Association                                        
Feb. 4, 1854        William F. Raymond                                                     
                    Eliza Raymond                                                          
Apr. 1              Charles Bartlett                    Died                               
                    Harriette Bartlett                                                     
Apr. 16             Ann Eliza Dann                                                         
Apr. 16, 1853       Louisa Dann                                                            
                    James Hanford                                                          
May 7               Louisa Gardner                                                         
                    M. O. Lathrop                                                          
                    James Bartlett                                                         
Aug 6  Letter       Huldah Hopkins                                                         
Sept.2,             Sarah Bartlett                                                         
Dec. 1, Baptism     John Benedict                                                          
                    Mrs. Benedict                                                          
1855---Restored     Alvira Thompson                     Dismissed Dec. 1854                
Jan. 5, by Letter   Mary Pelton                                                            
Apr. 1, Baptism     Mrs. Bartlett                                                          
June 23, Letter     Elder George F. Post                                                   
                    Mercy Post                                                             
                    Returns made to the Association                                        
Oct 7, by letter    George Dezell                                                          
                    Mrs. Dezel                                                             
Nov 3 by baptism    Thompson Wheat                      Dismissed Dead                     
                    Floyd Wheat                                                            
Dec 1 by letter     Eugenia M. Benedict                                                    
Feb 2,  1856        Edmund Potter                                                          
by baptism                                                                                 
Feb 3, Letter       Julia Winegard                                                         
                    Susan M. Wood                                                          
                    Caroline Phelps                                                        
Mar 8, Baptism      William Wilson                                                         
                    Hezekiah P. Potter                                                     
                    Jesse Tuttle                                                           
                    Miss Hawley                                                            
Mar 8, 1856         Rufus Seeley                                                           
Apr 5,              Adison Phelps                                                          
Baptism             Mary Hanford                        Dead            

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