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Jabez & Polly Campbell

and their known children and grandchildren,
some with connections to Chenango Co., N.Y., and De Kalb Co., Ill.


This web page provides information about my great great great great grandparents CAMPBELL, their children and grandchildren, in hope that someone looking for their CAMPBELL connection might find something useful or can contribute information on them. My CAMPBELLs in N.Y. were connected to Delaware and neighboring Chenango Counties, which are located to the west of the Catskills. In the 1850's, my line went to De Kalb Co. Ill. to farm, settling in Charter Grove and Sycamore.

This is the third version of this page. I have added some on-page links (at right), added a link to the pages where some pictures are posted, updated a couple of the grandchildren, and added the section of Jabez's coat of arms.

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Jabez & Polly

Jabez CAMPBELL (1775/6-1854) and Polly (ROFF) CAMPBELL (1777/8-1863) were long-time residents of Delaware Co. In the 1810, 1830, 1840, and 1850, they were in Kortright Township; in 1820, they were in Delhi. From about 1830 on, they farmed just outside Bloomville.

Not too much is really known for certain about Jabez prior to 1810, except that he was born in New York. Jabez died on 2 February 1854. His headstone says that he died at 78 years and 4 months, which would put his birth in early October 1775. But, the 1850 census lists his age that summer as 73, which would put his year of birth as 1776. That, or they meant more than 4 months on the stone.

I have a question about if he was illiterate or not; he signed his farm's deed with a mark, but the 1850 Census indicates that can read and write. He smoked a pipe. Records may have his name spelled as "Jabish," as this is what appears on his headstone. He is buried in Horton Family Cemetery, just outside of Greene, Chenango Co, the connection to the HORTON's being established by one of his Grandaughters marrying into that family.

My many newfound cousins and I are try to learn who Jabez's father was. One oral source suggests that his father's name might have been Angus, but this is very not firm. I have been unable to turn up an Angus in the area.

His wife was the former Polly ROFF, and she was born in Massachusetts. Polly's father's name was John. She had at least one sibling, a brother named Henry. Polly moved in with her son Rufus in Greene, Chenango Co, after Jabez died, passing away on 9 May 1863. She is buried next to her husband at Horton Family Cemetery.

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Children & Grandchildren

The six known children of Jabez and Polly were James, John R., Maria, Rufus, William, and Dorcas, and they combined gave 32 known grandchildren. All of the children are believed to have been born in Delaware Co. Only one, William, the fifth child, stayed to raise a family there, indeed on Jabez's original property. Except for James, all the children have some connection to Chenango Co, contained in details below.

James CAMPBELL (1807-1837) married Sarah Ann LAKE in Andes, Delaware Co, 1830. No issue has been located to him and Sarah yet, and except for the date of his marriage and name of his bride nothing is known about his life. Sarah Ann Lake was a sister of Phoebe Ann Lake, who married one of Clarinda MARVIN's brothers.

John R. CAMPBELL (1810-1891) married Clarinda MARVIN. Clarinda' parents were Seth and Sally MARVIN, and they had come to Delaware Co from Connecticut when Clarinda was young. John and Clarinda moved from Delaware Co to Smithville Flats, Chenango Co, around 1833. Then, they moved to De Kalb Co, Illinois, in 1853. James and Mary Jane are born in Delaware Co, the other children in Chenango Co.

  1. James Leroy CAMPBELL (1831-1915) married Eveline CLEMMENS.
  2. Mary Jane CAMPBELL (1832-1869?) married David T. BLACK.
  3. Silas R. CAMPBELL (1833-1886) married Mary HAMMOND who died, then he remarried Phoebe Catharine WINANS.
  4. Abertha A. CAMPBELL (1837-after 1850).
  5. Abigail CAMPBELL (1839-1921) married John R. BLACK.
  6. Henrietta CAMPBELL (1842-between 1880-1891) married Isaac Coleman HINCKLEY in Ill., moved to South Haven, Mich.
  7. Jabez A. CAMPBELL (1844-1915) married Mary L. HUFFMAN. Jabez volunteered for service to the Union during the Civil War, serving with the 31st Ill. Vol. Infantry.
  8. Almira CAMPBELL (1846-1923) married Clark Amos WINANS.
  9. Phoebe A. CAMPBELL (1849-after 1860).

Maria CAMPBELL (1814-1888) never married as near as can be told. She shows up on the 1850 Census WORKING as a housekeeper in the Horton family house next store to where brother Rufus lived. She died shortly after being admitted to the Chenango Co House at Preston and is buried in Fly Meadow Creek Cemetery, Greene.

Rufus CAMPBELL (1816-1870) married Lovinia BURDICK. Rufus moved to Greene in 1843. Rufus and Lovinia spent time at the end of their lives at the Co home in Preston. Prior to goint to the Preston home, Lovinia lived Emily and her husband, Dwight LYMAN. The four children who died young are buried along with their parents in Sylvan Lawn Cemetery, in Greene. Rufus and Lovinia had ten known children, all born in Chenango Co.:

  1. Mary CAMPBELL (~1840, died young)
  2. Emily CAMPBELL (1843-after 1880) married Dwight LYMAN by 1880, when they are listed as still living in Greene for that Census.
  3. Elizabeth CAMPBELL (1846-after 1870) married Abraham HORTON by 1870.
  4. Mary CAMPBELL (1848-after 1875).
  5. Sarah CAMPBELL (1851-after 1875).
  6. Rufus Aaron CAMPBELL (1853-after 1875), married.
  7. Charles W. CAMPBELL (1856-1863).
  8. Adelbert O. CAMPBELL (1858-1862).
  9. Levinia CAMPBELL (1861-1862).
  10. Martha CAMPBELL (1865-1869).

William CAMPBELL (1818-1873) married Harriet DANIELS, both of Delhi, on July 1, 1850 by Rev. C F Barnett, in Greene, Chenango Co, NY. He inherited the family farm in Bloomville, Delaware Co, after Jabez died. William Alfred and his wife Ella McIntyre eventually inherited the farm but sold it around 1940 after leasing it out a few times. William and Harriet had three children, all of whom stayed in the area:

  1. James Henry CAMPBELL (1851-1872), probably didn't marry, went by Henry.
  2. Jane Ann CAMPBELL (1859-????), married David Clark MCWILLIAMS, had two daughters.
  3. William Alfred CAMPBELL (1864-1931) married Ella F. MCINTYRE.

Dorcas CAMPBELL (1820-1896) married Sam PHELPS. They moved from Delaware Co. to Chenango Co. around 1842, then they followed brother John R. to De Kalb Co, Ill., in 1856, and settled near her brother's farm. They had 11 children: Sarah Ann and James were born in Delaware Co; Mary, Mary Lavinia, Phoebe, and Caroline were born in Greene, Chenango Co; Cynthia was born in Binghamton, Broome Co; and the rest were born in Illinois:

  1. Sarah Ann PHELPS (1839-1921) married Nyrum BLACK.
  2. James A. PHELPS (1841-1922) married Sarah WILTSIE.
  3. Mary PHELPS (1842?-1849?)
  4. Cynthia PHELPS (1843?-1849?)
  5. Mary Lavinia PHELPS (1849-1934), married Hyrum Smith EWING.
  6. Phoebe Adelia PHELPS (1851-1910?), married John O. WESTLAKE
  7. Caroline PHELPS (1854-1942), married Col. FOSTER, Myron CORSER, and Lyman EWING (after sister Emma died).
  8. Emma PHELPS (1857-1915) married Lyman EWING.
  9. Clarinda PHELPS (1860-1918) married John R. CHATFIELD.
  10. Adelphia PHELPS (1862-1937) married Alonzo GORTON. Alonzo worked as a laborer on the farm of Silas CAMPBELL's stepson.
  11. Benjamin PHELPS (1866-????) married a Kate.
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Other families mentioned

LAKE (3)
MARVIN (3, 4)
ROFF (5)
  1. There are multiple marriages between the CAMPBELL and the BLACK, EWING, and WINANS families. There is even a case of a CAMPBELL daughter have a BLACK daughter who marries a WINANS.
  2. HINKLEY was also spelled HINCKLEY in some records. Or, if you prefer, HINCKLEY is also spelled HINKLEY in some records.
  3. James CAMPBELL married Sarah Ann LAKE, whose sister Phoebe married Jeremiah MARVIN. Jeremiah is the brother of Clarinda MARVIN, who married James' brother, John.
  4. Quite a bit of work on the MARVIN family has been done. Originating in Essex, England, they settled in Conn. before Seth and Sally MARVIN came to N.Y. with their many children. I am in contact with a couple MARVIN descendents if anyone is looking.
  5. The ROFF family originated in Mass.
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The "other" Jabez Campbell

Very early on in my research, I realized that there were two men named Jabez CAMPBELL in New York at this time. To make matters more confusing, the two Jabez's were born about the same time, although the other Jabez was born in Conn. and emigrated with his parents prior to 1800. Here is a chart of the two side-by-side:

This Jabez The other Jabez
Born where, when: New York, 1775 Conn., 1773
Name of Father: Don't know. Zuriel CAMPBELL
1800 and prior: Worchester, Otsego Co. (1805?) Plainsfield, Otsego Co.
1810: Kortright, Delaware Co. Don't know.
1820: Delhi, Delaware Co. Jefferson Co.
1830 and on: Kortright, Delaware Co. Jefferson Co.
Died: 1854 Don't know.

I believe the other Jabez was also in the War of 1812, as there is a Jabez CAMPBELL serving with the 55th N.Y. Militia (Sprague's Regiment), which was based out of Jefferson Co., where the other Jabez is settled in 1820.

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Coat of Arms

Americans with substantive, traditional arms - as in heraldry - are rare, but they do exist.

Being born in the Province of New York before the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783 by which Great Britain recognized the independence of the United States, Jabez Campbell was born a British subject and, having the surname of a recognized Scottish clan, so falls under the jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, an appointee first of the Scottish then British monarch after the Union of the Crowns in 1603.

In Scottish heraldry, there is no such thing as a family coat of arms. The rule is summarized as "one man, one coat of arms." There is such a thing as "base" arms,, which belong to a clan chief. If you look at the shield in the image at right, imagine removing the green band and wheat sheaves across the center then extend the lines so they meet at the center point. You'd have a shield divided into eight triangle pieces called "gyrons" alternating gold and black. That design is used only by the Chief of Clan Campbell. Each person who bears a Scottish coat of arms must have a unique shield which incorporates his Chief's design with a distinct difference to make it unique.

Back to the image itself, it shows the "armorial achievement" granted by the Lord Lyon to Jabez Campbell. At the top is the motto "PREVAIL" which is both a recognition of his success as a farmer and an encouragement to his descendants. The right forearm grasping the sickle is called the "crest." The crest rests on an "helm," a knight's helmet, with the "mantling" flowing to each side. Below that is the "coat of arms," a shield which has the design which uniquely identifies him. His arms have been further matriculated, i.e. made unique, to two of his Campbell descendants.

In accordance with the rules of Scots heraldry, these arms may only be used when suitably differenced by descendants of the surname Campbell but may be displayed by anyone so long as they are identified as belonging to Jabez Campbell.

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