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Transcribed by Shirley Brownson, February 15, 1998, from the original. Milton Brownson (b. 1/3/1865 in Croton, Delaware Co., NY; d. 1/24/1940 in Flint, Michigan) was living in the town of Franklin, Delaware County, in 1891. He was married to Minnie Maxfield and had a 1-year-old son, Edward (b. 1/7/1890 in Croton, Delaware Co., NY; d. 2/24/1945). He was the son of Hermon & Mary (O'Connor) Brownson.

Milton Brownson Croton

Memorandum of 1891


1 - Rained Snow commenced to go it is about 2 ft deep Borrowed $50. Dollars of Mrs George Wolcott, paid to Jackson Hunt

2d Rained George Reid had bobs to go to Station School Meeting tonight comenced making horns paid into a note Georg Houghliting (?)

3d Snowed in morning Royal Prime paid me $2.00 Mrs Myers Buried today

4th Sunday went to church twice Dominic Cutter called

5th Went to Franklin Station for coal for home com... snowed all day

6th Went to Station after coal for T..horn 2,240 pounds

7th Snowed very hard I went over home and helped Stet saw wood stoped snowing about noon

8th have got hard cold Fanny Reynolds stayed here last night I sawed wood alone and drew in afternoon took a load to S Saunderes

9th Drew lumber for M Hime $12.10

10th Drew lumber for M Hime 1793 feet

11th Sunday went to church the text faith in prayer rained all day froze up at night

12th Sawed wood over home Stet helped me snowed and blew very hard

13th Sawed wood alone in forenoon filed saw for Frank Strong

14th Drew wood for Dick & Seymor 2 cords very cold

15th Drew wood for D & S 3 cords wether fine. Drew a load from over home

16th Drew wood for D & S 6 cords Minnie and Miss Frost went over to Mrs Bourn's weather very pleasant

17th Drew wood for D & S 2 cords rained went over and cut 3 maple trees

18th Snowed all night and all day in all about a foot went to church

19th went over home and sawed wood filed old saw

20th Tuesday went over to H Denney after hay did not get any sawed wood in after noon

21 Wed went over to Denies and drew two loads of hay for C H Treadwell rained

22 Thurs Rained Sawed wood

23 Friday went up after Edith went over home and filed up wood

24 Drew two loads of hay from Deneys

25 Sunday went to church Miss Frost went to church very cold

26 Mon drew one load of hay went over home and sawed wood very cold

27 Tues Drew two loads of hay

28 Wed Drew two loads hay one for Baldwin (?)

29 Thurs Drew one load of hay bought a saw at Archon(?) Drew a load of wood

30 Friday went up to Robs

31 Went to Cancers(?) was nominated for inspecter of Election John Warfield got hurt


1 went to church very pleasant

2nd helped pa saw wood

3d chopped on the bank Rained in after noon Bain lectured

4th went over home and sawed wood for my self

5th Sawed wood in forenoon Went up to Alts to dinner went to Franklin with Tompson

6th helped Alt saw wood in forenoon Went to school in afternoon last day of school

7th Homer Wheat helped me saw wood in forenoon drew wood in after noon

8th went to church it snowed

9th Monday went to Franklin Station after feed Stormed awfuly

10th Town meeting day went down with a load was Elected inspector had prayer meeting up to Albert Stilsons in Evening

11th choped on the bank

12th Minnie & Ella went over to H... I drew a load of wood for Dick S and went over to H to dinner Rung the Bell for Sam

13th choped on the bank and drew wood

14th Choped in forenoon helped Alt in Afternoon Granma went to Franklin John Remington took H... to go to S... Hollow paid me $2.00 got 13 1/2 pounds crackers slid down hill

15 Sunday went to church went over home after church

16 Rained sawed wood

17 Rained sawed wood

18 Alt helped me saw wood on the bank went to Donohon(?) borrowed $15.00 of Edmond(?) Dr Huyck got run away with and hurt quite bad snowed blew

19th went up to W Himers after wood in forenoon split wood in after noon

20th rained and I sawed

21st rained went up to M Bostwicks Tom Wheat Died 67 years old

22 Sunday cold and pleasant

23 stormed Frank & Prudie

24 Went up to Jay Scro.. for A Jackson after hay fixed poles for Curton

25th went to Earl Meredith rained played the Drama at night Stayed at George Handfords

26th came home from E M

27th stormed all day

28 sawed wood in forenoon went to covenant meeting


1st Sunday went to church pleasant and cold

2d Trimed out on the bank and drew up some logs

3d Tuesday sawed wood went down to prayer meeting at Geo Kellogg

4th went to Walton with Thompson bought a set wheels for baby waggon

5th helped Alt saw wood over home

6th helped Alt in forenoon cut for my self in after noon drew load of hay for Br...

7th went to the Station after coal drew 1960 took over 11 tubs butter & two crates eggs for Ted

8th warm and pleasant went to church

9th Monday Neb(?) Georgia went to the assylum rained hard the snow most all gone

10th sawed wood over home in fore noon helped scatter buckets in afternoon

11th went over home and toped sap bush skirred old Dick

12th helped gather sap 18 barrels rained all day

13th Stilson helped draw wood across the crick snowed quit hard

14 sawed wood

15 went to church

16 Monday rained

17 went up to Ross helped him saw wood Mrs David Georgia died

18 went up to Uncle S.. Strongs

19 helped Rob saw wood and came home at night he gave me $1.00

20 sawed wood

21 sawed wood in fore noon helped our folk in after noon

22 went to church rained

23 sawed wood over home

24 sawed wood in fore noon rained

25th went up on Case Hill and cut down wood for Perkins

26 Sawed wood for Perkins F. Strong helped me

27 sawed wood for Perkins

28 Sawed wood in fore noon helped Stil in after noon boil sap

29 went to church pleasant

30 went down to G Kelloggs helped F Strong saw wood

31 sawed wood down to Kellogg


1 sawed wood down to Kellogg

2d sawed split and piled 22 1/2 cords wood for Kellogg

3 Friday Drew S. Soundiss (?) 2 1/4 cords wood R Thompson 1 cord

4 split wood and choped on the bank

5 Sunday pleasant

6th Charley Murphie helped me draw wood across creek in forenoon

7 helped Stet saw wood

8 plastered the kitchen went over to Mary Bournes

9 helped saw wood over home

10 went over home fixed churn machine choped wood rained

11 borrowed money of H... gave M M Groton note went to Franklin

12 Sunday went to church rained

13 finished R T Prines wood sawed on Solies(?)

14 worked for Geo Reid stoned up ditch

15 sawed timber for G Reid

16 sawed wood

17 went over home and sawed wood


19 Sunday went to church pleasant

20 went up to A Saunders

21 and trimed apple trees

22 dug sand for Irve

23 drew manure for Irve

24 helped Irve half of day

25 drew wood across the creek in forenoon and went to church in after noon

26 Sunday

27 went out with carpet stretcher sold 5 North Franklin

28 helped Thompson dig sand

29 went over to H Sanfords with carpet stretchers sold 4

30 went to Amos Woods with carpet stretchers sold 2


1 picked up around the house and cut wood

2 drew VanTassle 3 cords wood drew some home

3 Sunday

4 went up to Rob Primes(?) to work at mowing his house

5 was sick snowed

6 was sick the snow covered the ground

7 went to R Primes moved the siting room & tore down the milk house

8 moved the kitchen

9 split wood and piled

10 Sunday

11 went up to M J Woods

12 helped to trim apple trees

13 planted potatoes

14 went over and started the water went up to A Paynes

15 cut up E... helped put down carpet

16 papered went over home and helped shell corn went up to Robs and stayed all night

17 up to Robs

18 put in a new door sill for Rob come home in after noon

19 sold note to A Payne payed H Treadwell $10. packed trunk went up to Robs stayed all night

20 walked to Delhi took the stage for Arena got to Clarks Factory at one oclock stayed all night at Herbs

21 commenced work for Frank on T Castles house

22 ceiled up the grand army room starway

23 got out lumber for cupboard went up to toll gate and got trunk went up home with Frank

24 came down to Church Mr ... preached a memorial Sermon Mr Block preached in after noon went over and saw the cove in after noon went to C E society and church in Evening

25 planed boards and put up cupboard at Castles

26 finished geting out casings for cupboard in after noon came up to Garets (?) to work on house worked on cornice

27 Wednesday worked at Garets put on cornice had hard frost

28 Shingled on Garets house went to prayer meeting

29 Shingled and put on cornice Frank went off at noon rained some

30 Rained Everyone went to Decoration Frank let me have $5.00 and his horse and I went home started at 11 got home at 7 went over to our folks at night

31 Sunday started for Arena at 2 stoped at Andes went up by lake Delaware got here at 4 1/2 oclock took the horse home Ed Harkness was here


1st Shingled on house rained finished shingling

2 Worked for Hubble(?) on Hen house Frank slept in Blogets house caught Martin there this morning rained most of day

3d worked on Hubles hen house Walter worked there stayed at Uncle Wills very hot

4 finished Hubles Hen house to day went up and got trunk very cold

5 Went to work for Blodget tore down chimney and took out partition

6 Saturday put in door and partition for Blodget went spearing(?)

7 Sunday went to church and went up to Lewis(?) Hamilton

8 worked on Blodgets barn put up gable rafter

9 put in window casing and ... the roof

10 comenced shingling on gable went up to Lewis Hamiltons and stayed all night

11 finished shingling the gable went to church

12 Friday put on ridge boards and put up stairs went up to Lewis H

13 cased windows put up partition for horse stall Minnie came down with Lewiss'

14 I stayed home with Edward in morning went to Endeavor in Even

15 ceiled up in front of horse stalls for Blodget

16 Made doors and put in granery went up to Uncle Franks with Walters horse

17 got out posts for stalls and hung doors put up joice over stable

18 Thursday made stone b...l for Blodget and plowed ...

19 Built door for Uncle Will cellor patched roof on House and barn went up to Uncle Franks

20 moved briars for Uncle Frank went up to Grants (?) Mill and sawed out fish pole

21 went to church went up to the folks and climbed the rocks

22 cut brush in forenoon went down to Arena cut out fish pole

23 Tuesday started for Thomas lake went over afoot followed a blazed road through the woods 3 miles Frank John Walt and I caught 110 trout today stayed at Mr Haynes Frank paid me 2.00

24 Fished down the outlet of Thomas Lake and up to Beaver Kill across P Bankes and got 141 trout caught 5 in the lake at night

25 started for home fished actross Merwins was ordered off and Wevers(?) Sills bought some bread rosted fish for Dinner camped on an Island in the river above Jonses caught 90 trout had bread and milk trout for supper

26 had breakfast at 4 oclock of trout and bread I went on ahead and stoped at I Knopps and he gave me all the milk I could drink we came down to Jonses and had bread and milk at 9 oclock Frank and I went on ahead and slept in the bridge grove until noon then we started up Alder Lake outlet and came down the cats cradle got home about 4 oclock with 60 trout Rob came after Minnie she was up to Mr Edwards berying we all went down to Uncle Wills and had some music

27 Saturday Minnie & Edward & Rob went home I worked for Blodget laid stable floor and put up joice over cow stable and put up corn stalks helped Uncle Wills folks milk

28 went to Church had Exercises in church for Childrens day

29 Worked for Blodget tore out partition in kitchen Boarded with Walter went up Uncle Frank

30 Went to a raising up to John Wickhams


1 Wednesday worked on Blodgets house in forenoon went to Margaretsville with John Castle

2d put on base boards and cased corner of kitchen laid cow stable floor in after noon

3 laid floor over head in horse stable put up partition between cow stable and horse stable

4 put up horse stalls and shute worked alone in afternoon Walt went to Margaretsville went up to Uncle F at night

5 Sunday came down from Uncle Franks went to church very cold

6 worked on stables up to B Irve Harkness & wife came down here had a good sing at night

7 visited with Irve and wife they went up to Lewis rained all day Frank payed me $20(?)

8 started from Arena about 10 oclock Robert Winters rode as far as platkill (?) school house then walked up to Miles Falkners and saw ... had dinner then went up to New Kingston hired out to James Archibold for $2.00 per day bought ...

9th Thursday worked for John Russell put in horse stalls built a roll door and hung it

10 worked for Eleck Thompson put on cornice on barn in forenoon shingled in afternoon sick with sore throat paid me $1.50

11 commenced work for Mr Archibold drew in 14 loads of hay

12 Sunday walked down to Arena 9 miles and back attended CE society in Evening

13 Monday mowed by hand in forenoon drew in after noon

14 mowed by hand all the forenoon and drew in afternoon

15 Mowed in morning then comenced drawing it rained at noon in afternoon went down by Mrs B... had a splendid time

16 worked for John Russell hung a roll door made two window frames made a door for up stairs and hung that got a letter from home J Russell paid me 3.00 J Archbold paid me 7.00

17 Friday went up and called on R Archibold and wife came down to Arena then went up to Lewis H staid all night

18 Started for home afoot rained all day walked to Delhi rode home in stage

19 Sunday went over to our folkses in after noon

20 Went over home and picked peas Minnie picked berries I helped draw a load of hay rained paid C D Murphie 100. H.C. D...

21 Tuesday helped pa mow the bank across from Mrs Goldsmithes went up

22 went up to Alts in after noon helped Irve draw in 8 loads paid E M Kelley .80 cts

23 staid around home rained paid Wm Munn $1.00 Will and wife Emily ... was here to supper

24 went up to Robs and stayed all night

25 came home in forenoon helped pa finish haying Sillie Whitman was here

26 Sunday Arthur and his girl was up here Rob & Edith was down

27 Monday I was sick had a dress maker here went up to see R T Primes house went bering in after noon

28 went to Oneonta with Minnie bought a square pr shoes

29 helped pa draw in Mrs Goldsmiths hay he went to Kortright in after noon

30 built a waggon for Edward pa came home with Dr Mitchel and family

31 Dr and I went fishing in forenoon took a ... ride had turkey for dinner


1 Saterday pa took Dr and family to Oneonta

2 Sunday took care of Edward the rest over to church Rob & Edith were down went over home

3 started for Arena Minnie took Jack and ... to Delhi and I walked from there took dinner just above Andees stayed to Uncle Wills all night

4 Rained fixed my gun wound my fish pole went up to Uncle Franks stayed all night

5 Wednesday came down to Arena with Uncle Frank sawed out 3 fish poles and finished two

6 worked for Blodget on barn fixed cow and ox stansions went to prayer meeting

7 worked for Blodget on kitchen framed sills

8 Framed Studding for kitchen put up one end

9 Sunday came down from Uncle Franks went to church

10 Monday put up kitchen put on roof boards very hot

11 put in the ... and extended the piaza

12 planed casings roof boarded piaza riped window casing

13 Ripped door and window jams put on cornice comenced siding

14 got out window caps planed window jams and sided some saw Dominic Race

15 Saturday worked for Blodget sided up kitchen Minnie & Mother came over here went up to Lewis Hamiltons at night

16 Sunday Minnie and I went up to Halcotts ... after Minie Reynolds took dinner with E P Vail came down and stayed at Uncle Wills

17 Went BlackBerying up on Bryants hill got 28 qts Minnie & ... started for home about noon I went up to Lewis H and stayed all night

18 started out to get sub for Dairymen got 4 came down to Arena and Frank payed me $10. and I stayed with him all night

19 Started for home afoot went cross the lots over dingle (?) hill to Andes walked to Robs got there at 12 1/2 oclock cradled and raked & bound oats all the after noon came home at night

20 went over home and stayed most of the day

21 helped pa board the barn over

22 pa started for Arena after Ma I worked at the barn Minnie came over and we stayed all night

23 Sunday Came over home after Breakfast Rob & Edith Alfred Strong and wife were her to Dinner rained very hard

24 worked over home part of the day helped hose(?) company some paid Jackson Hurt $10.

25 Cut a door through from the kitchen to the dining room turned a door pole

26 helped draw in oats firemen held field day with Drama in evening pa & Alt went to Meredith Square

27 thrashed rye

28 Friday thrashed rye in forenoon cleaned up in after noon 16 bus

29 dug out stumps

30 Sunday Rob & Edith down rained

31 Pa went to Delhi mowed thistles in forenoon cut Buck wheat


1 Dug stumps in forenoon rained in after noon

2 Minnies father & mother went to the fair to Delhi gathered pears

3 went berying

4 helped dig stumps in forenoon come home at 3 o'clock rained

5 Rained in forenoon worked at stumps and trimed trees in after noon

6 Sunday Rob & Edith were down

7 Worked over home Mowed in after noon

8 Went to Oneonta Milton Bostwicks Golden wedding

9 Went up and helped Rob draw in salt

10 dug potatoes in forenoon and thrashed Buck wheat

11 dug potatoes

12 dug potatoes

13 Sunday went up to Robs

14 cut corn

15 dug potatoes

16 plowed and drew stone

17 plowed drew stick of timber for C Murph... finished diging potatoes

18 drew in corn and filled silo built wheel barrow fixed sandsive

19 Saturday drew dirt ... meadow and drew pine limbs dug sand in after noon

20 Sunday went to church in evening

21 Dug sand

22 HB went do apprisd(?) built fence dig sand

23 dug sand stil drew gravel up to the dom... drew a load of wood

24 cut corn finished

25 went to Sidney ... out on the bridge Minnie went with me

26 went to Arena after my trunk stayed at Lewis sold Uncle ... ...

27 Sunday come home got here at noon

28 Started for Sidney got here at noon worked in after noon hired board at Mr Woods boss on the bridge broke his crin(?)

29 Worked on the bridge put up staging and unloaded three cars of iron rained

30 worked on bridge put down track for the traveler unloaded two more cars


1st Thursday worked on the bridge built a traveler

2 worked for Mr Wood helped move a barn

3 worked for Mr Wood moveing a barn

4 Sunday went down and heard Mr Adams preach heard Mr Clark lecture in evening

5 worked on barn rained turned rollers

6 worked at barn

7 rained all day helped ...

8 Thursday finished barn worked on house ceiled up went to prayer meeting

9 worked on the house ceiled up last day of sidney fair

10 put on cornice and shingled Alt was down here

11 Sunday went to church went over to the Stone quary went to C E Wood payed one $5.60

12 Shingled and put on cornice very cold

13 shingled

14 Wednesday shingled on house put in some cornice

15 finished shingling put on corner boards

16 put on corner boards ceiled up ... went home in after noon walked from Olegs

17 Registered votes

18 Sunday stayed home took care of Edward went over home in after noon

19 started at 6 oclock for Olegs got there 8.20 to late for train had to wait

20 built stair steps and lathed rained all day

21 rained got out casings cased the parlor bought a pair of R boots $1.76

22 put on Mopboard and made window casings went to prayer meeting

23 put window frames to gether and put them in in forenoon worked one hour after noon

started for home at 3 oclock rode part way in stage

24 Registered votes was not much work

25 Sunday took care of Edward went over home in after noon

26 pa caried me to I Ogdens got to Sidney at 9 oclock worked for Mr wood put in window frames up stairs

27 dug cistern for Mr wood worked 8 hours

28 ... around all day and hired out to B... and ...

29 Thursday worked on Jamisons house shingled

30 worked on Jamisons house laid floor

31 worked in forenoon laing floor went home in after noon


1st Sunday stayed home with Edward Rob and Edith were down

2 helped pa husk corn

3 attended Election was chairman of the board

4 carried the returns to Franklin

walked to Franklin Station missed the train walked to Sidney worked 3 hours in after noon for BFR

5 Shingled BFR house and put on cornice

6 Shingled very cold

7 Shingled cold in morning hot in midle of the day

8 Sunday went to church

9 got out window frames

10 put window frames to gether

11 built window frames turned in afternoon

12 Thursday Turned in fore noon Sided in after noon

13 Sided on B... house

14 Sided and put up piazza posts

15 Sunday went to church five different sessions

16 worked on piazza

17 Rained very hard and wind blew worked in shop turned some

18 very cold Sided in forenoon worked in shop in after noon

19 Sided all day

20 Friday Sided and helped put on sills for the second house

21 sided most all day helped sheet up some ... night

22 Sunday went to church cold but pleasant

23 rained very hard worked in shop in after noon

24 Cold put up rafters sheeted up gables

25 put on cornice in fore noon came home in after noon recd $24 of BFR

26 Thursday went over home to thanksgiving dinner had Turkey

27 sick out some and set around home

28 went up to Robs Snowed quite hard for the first

29 Sunday Alt brought me down to Ira Ogdens I footed it over the hill in about 3 inches of snow stayed all night at Mr Frenches

30 Monday took the train for Sidney built my tool box in forenoon worked in shop in afternoon


Dec 1, 91 Tuesday worked on the house shingled warm and nice

2 put up gable on house put on base very warm and pleasant

3 put up piaza turned some in mill stayed over to Ashels all night

4 worked on piaza wind blew very hard rain drove us off in after noon

5 put up partitions up Stairs in forenoon commenced siding

6 Sunday went to church went up by the second house in after noon

7 Sided and tore down scaffolds

8 put on corner boards and sided

9 Sided all day

10 Sided tore down scaffolds and put on cove(?) very warm

11 Sided up front gable put in false gable hung one set Blinds put on 2 bunches lathe at night

12 Saturday Hung blinds put on 2 bunches lathe at night

13 very pleasant and warm went to church led C E at night sat up with Ashel

14 Hung blinds

15 finished hanging blinds on first house

16 hung blinds on second house

17 turned in forenoon sold carpet stretcher in after noon went to prayer meeting

18 Friday put in windows commenced casing

19 put on base board in five rooms Minnie & Edward came on train

20 Sunday went to church with Minnie & Edward

21 put on base and hung blinds a perfect day without a cloud and very warm

22 put on base

23 fitted windows

24 fitted windows in forenoon and worked in shop in after noon

25 Friday worked in shop in fore noon

26 rained very hard started for home at Eleven oclock got home at 7 very bad going

27 Sunday Rob & Edith and Ed Oliver here

28 piled up wood went over home

29 went up to Robs very cold

{he ended here}

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