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HARLO HAKES was born in Harpersfield, Delaware County, NY, September 23, 1823. He spent his time until about twenty-eight years of age upon his father's farm, attending school winters until he was seventeen, and was for eight successive terms a teacher. In the year 1851 he entered the office of RUFUS KING, of Davenport, Delaware county, as a law student, where he remained two years. He then became a student with Judge HARRIS, of Albany, and after attending one course of lectures at the Albany Law School, was admitted to the bar, in 1853, and in May of the same year settled in Hornellsville, where he has remained in the practice of his profession until the present (1896) time.

In the year 1855, Mr. Hakes married MARY, youngest daughter of J.D. CHANDLER, of Hornellsville. Their children are M. Evelyn, Hattie V., and Carrie M.

Mr. Hakes was chosen to represent his assembly district in the State Legislature for the year 1856, and served on the judiciary committee during the term. In 1862 he was elected district attorney of the county, which he held for three years. During the year 1865 he associated with him in the law business JAMES H. STEVENS, Jr., a gentleman of fine legal ability. This firm enjoyed a very large law practice in this and surrounding counties during the term of partnership.

In the year 1867, Mr. Hakes was appointed registrar in bankruptcy for the Twenty-ninth Congressional District. He has been somewhat active in political circles, and interested in questions affecting the changes in our nation's history. He was originally a member of the Whig party, and was a delegate to the Baltimore Convention that nominated Belll and Everett for president and vice-president, since which time he has been a supporter of the Republican party, and its representative of the Twenty-ninth Congressional District of New York, as a member of the Cincinnati Convention in 1876 that made Rutherford B. Hayes the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United States.

In addition to his professional and official duties, he has been thoroughly identified with the growing interests of the city of Hornellsville, and largely interested in real estate. In 1873 he opened "Hakes Avenue," connecting Nain and Genesee streets, and donated it to the then village, and since that time has purchased and improved that portion of the city known as "Riverside Place," connecting Main with Elm street, where he has built several substantial dwellings.

In 1883, he was elected to the office of judge for Steuben county, for the term of six years, and in 1889 the confidence of the people was again expressed by re-electing him by an emphatic vote to the same office. His keen perception, sound judgement, strict integrity and fair dealing have secured to him a large measure of success and the confidence of the community.

From "Landmarks of Steuben County NY" by Harlo Hakes 1896
submitted by Annette Campbell, March 24, 2001
NOTE: The Hon. Harlo Hakes was the author of the book, "Landmarks of Steuben County" in 1896. Hakes Avenue, Elm St., and River St. still exist in the City of Hornell, which is now a city of around 10,000 souls in the 1990 census.-Annette Campbell (born in Hornell, NY)

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